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Research Says Online Therapy Is Effective Studies have found that teens tend to be receptive to working with therapists using computer-based therapy, through mobile apps and texting, and over the internet via video chat. There are many licensed mental health professionals who treat children and teens online. For the most part, children can receive a similar level of treatment online that they receive at in-person appointments. Online therapy appointments may take place via video, live chat, phone, or messaging. Treatment has helped many teens with mental health issues.

Medication, therapy, or a combination of both can be effective. Many types of therapy focus on processing feelings. When it comes to teens, online therapy may help a teen express themselves in creative ways, such as art therapy. If you want your child to get better, talk to a child/adolescent psychiatrist today.

Teen Counseling. Substance Use Treatment; ADHD Overview. Ninety-one percent of teens use text messaging on their phones. A teen was sent to therapy because her mother thought she was constantly using. Online Depression Counseling: Deal With Depression Professionally.

With depression becoming a regular affair in our present day lives, it has also become essential to seek professional help to deal with it, and online. Live online counseling: Three times a week over ten weeks, group members meet online under the guidance of an experienced addiction counselor to work on addiction recovery. Teen Counseling is an online platform specifically made for individuals between the ages of 13 and 19.

The company’s professional therapists are equipped to discuss issues such as anxiety, stress, coping skills, self-esteem, bullying, depression, eating disorders, self-esteem and other mental health issues. 3 Narrative Therapy Worksheets. Narrative therapy is a type of therapy based on the idea that storytelling is inherent, therapeutic, and an important source of meaning for people. It is most.

Teencounseling.com is a therapy platform specifically designed to cater to teenagers 13-19 years of age. The therapists on the site are all licensed and experienced with.

List of related literature:

These studies suggest a role for such therapist support through videoconferencing, either directly to the teen’s home computer or at the local health clinic or mental health center.

“Telemental Health: Clinical, Technical, and Administrative Foundations for Evidence-Based Practice” by Kathleen Myers, Carolyn Turvey
from Telemental Health: Clinical, Technical, and Administrative Foundations for Evidence-Based Practice
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Therapists frequently are able to use technology to help parents and teenagers communicate.

“Popular Culture in Counseling, Psychotherapy, and Play-Based Interventions” by Lawrence C. Rubin, PhD, LMHC, RPT-S
from Popular Culture in Counseling, Psychotherapy, and Play-Based Interventions
by Lawrence C. Rubin, PhD, LMHC, RPT-S
Springer Publishing Company, 2008

Young people who have a preexisting disposition or psychopathology, such as depression, social anxiety, or substance dependence, are at particular risk.[14] Some young people become overly focused on their online selves.

“Born Digital: Understanding the First Generation of Digital Natives” by John Gorham Palfrey, Urs Gasser
from Born Digital: Understanding the First Generation of Digital Natives
by John Gorham Palfrey, Urs Gasser
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There are some teens, however, who retain their primary therapist and phone coaching with that therapist.

“Dialectical Behavior Therapy with Suicidal Adolescents” by Alec L. Miller, Jill H. Rathus, Marsha M. Linehan, Charles R. Swenson
from Dialectical Behavior Therapy with Suicidal Adolescents
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The youths are able to contact individual therapists by phone for support as needed between weekly sessions.

“Evidence-Based Psychotherapies for Children and Adolescents, Second Edition” by John R. Weisz, Alan E. Kazdin
from Evidence-Based Psychotherapies for Children and Adolescents, Second Edition
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However, this format risks the possibility for increased therapy-interfering behavior since there is an imbalance of teens and adults in the room (although at times, parents can engage in as much treatment-interfering behavior as the teens).

“DBT® Skills Manual for Adolescents” by Jill H. Rathus, Alec L. Miller, Marsha M. Linehan
from DBT® Skills Manual for Adolescents
by Jill H. Rathus, Alec L. Miller, Marsha M. Linehan
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In most studies, a very small proportion (around 5%) utilized chat forums and access to an online therapist.

“Interventions for Addiction: Comprehensive Addictive Behaviors and Disorders, Volume 3” by Peter M. Miller
from Interventions for Addiction: Comprehensive Addictive Behaviors and Disorders, Volume 3
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It will also let professional therapists and counsellors to reach out to the users in need through the online therapy [4].

“17th International Conference on Information Technology–New Generations (ITNG 2020)” by Shahram Latifi
from 17th International Conference on Information Technology–New Generations (ITNG 2020)
by Shahram Latifi
Springer International Publishing, 2020

Even if the adolescent is lying or exaggerating reports of suicidal thoughts and behaviors and self-harm for personal gain, this approach to getting needs met is highly problematic, potentially dangerous, evidence that the youth is thinking about self-harm, and a sign that mental health treatment is needed.

“The American Psychiatric Association Publishing Textbook of Suicide Risk Assessment and Management, Third Edition” by Liza H. Gold, M.D., Richard L. Frierson, M.D.
from The American Psychiatric Association Publishing Textbook of Suicide Risk Assessment and Management, Third Edition
by Liza H. Gold, M.D., Richard L. Frierson, M.D.
American Psychiatric Association Publishing, 2020

Publications, 2005), the adopted teen population is seeking help in the form of clinical interventions at a far higher rate than non-adopted teens, with adopted youth representing 5–17 percent of teen mental health services although only 2 percent of the teen population is adopted.

“Inside Transracial Adoption: Strength-based, Culture-sensitizing Parenting Strategies for Inter-country or Domestic Adoptive Families That Don't
from Inside Transracial Adoption: Strength-based, Culture-sensitizing Parenting Strategies for Inter-country or Domestic Adoptive Families That Don’t “Match”, Second Edition
by Gail Steinberg, Beth Hall
Jessica Kingsley Publishers, 2013

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  • It’s put up so simply, easily digestible and doable, but so powerful, I know as a Psychiatrist with special interest in children and adolescents. Beautifully done. Thank you

  • Excellent video, explaining all the things one needs to know. The pros and cons of online therapy are really presented in this short video that seems really useful to all persons seeking mental health therapy. Possibilities offered by new technologies when carrying out therapies such as the ones mentioned on the video, should be used withoutt hesitation by those who need them. They should be able to receive the help they require. Thanks for your work.

  • I personally dont agree id rather suffer then not have a REAL face to face talk with someone that is real that you can connect to that person and not the cold fake pitch of video therapy and not have my family hear the things i have going on in my head even more so when it comes to my mental health it boils down to making money and i have the choice not to do it sense im the one paying. It’s a insult to the practice in my opinion and i tell my therapist the same. The fear from this is worse then the virus we live in a land of sheep pathetic.

  • oh dear Anastasia Piatakhina Giré badly needs to get some tips from everyday vloggers on how to make herself audible!! Not to mention improve lighting and focus!

  • I’m 11 I have panic attacks becouse I cant go away from my water but I cant tell my parents, they wont believe me… is there any way I can speak to you about it..

  • In my opinion, I think any psychological expert is good, but if it is far from our city, I do not see why it can not solve our remote concerns.

  • I am so happy I found your help im a selfharm cutter you have help me more then any doctor you speak from your heart and care thank you so much

  • Just think; you’re in confession, and on the other side of the black screen is the whole world watching and recording everything you say.


  • The clinic I work at has been using ZOOM for 1:1 sessions as well as group therapy for addiction treatment. It’s been a big success and the clients seem to very much appreciate that we can continue to offer services during this pandemic.

  • My question and worry about this new trend due to the pandemic is pulling us further and further apart. Will we ever be able to actually contacting or actually being with other people. I know that my Father God and my Savior The Christ Jesus will protect me in this time of need. Especially seeing as I have been saved 3 time’s that I should have or could have died from. Now why would they let me die from this. My trust and faith is in God and not this pandemic. On line therapy sound’s to me like way to much of a chance of being hacked, recorded, and then used against the client. Is this the new way of having relationship’s where people on going to have on line sex. The male sperm is collected and then sent to a Doctor for the female is then fertilized, get’s pregnant, and has the child on line for the male or sperm donor can see the birth of the child.

  • Psychology..the bastard child of a used car salesman and a tarot card reader….every founder was a junkie,womanizer scam artist…its in every psyc 101 book! The APA has admitted over 80% of all “research ” has been fraudulent, supposed doctors have no clue as to how their famous meds work but they make tens of thousands off prescriptions, retarded “therapy ” like past life regression, lost memory recovery, or PC changes to diagnosis in order to keep the cash flow going! And the absolute best? Turning rapest, arsonist, killers and pedophiles LOOSE ON SOCIETY hiding them in group homes in residential neighborhoods where they are free to prey on kids and others….

  • Good video regarding the differences, however, comparing online counseling to traditional face to face therapy is like comparing acute inpatient and residential care. They are both a way to provide mental health care, but different as in level of care.

    Online counseling is just another level of care, and it’s the newest member of service we have been providing for years. When we stop trying to defend, we will experience acceptance.

  • I have tried both online and offline counselling and I can confidently say that for me personally nothing compares to offline counselling. But online counselling is a solution when offline therapy is not possible.

  • It is key points that you put forward in this video, It is important to consult therapist only when it is appropriate, totally agree.

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  • 21st century is heavily overwhelmed with depression, having therapy sessions is very important. Thanks for the video, very useful.:)

  • This vid raises a range of important questions I would have never thought about myself. More importantly, it actually fees a lot of answers as to the circumstances in which online therapy and counseling are appropriate. I will definitely bear what I’ve just learned in mind.

  • Having an option between online counseling and offline counseling is really great. In certain places in the world counseling is really frowned upon and when you visit a professional you are viewed as a lunatic. Online counseling can give you help with the anonymity you need. Great job once again betterhelp

  • So tell me why i am not normal because i think you are full of shit! She is right off the planet! could you please ask her if the planet is round or flat???

  • This is an informative video, betterhelp really helped. Online therapy and counseling can change and make life easier. You really share a video that has a sense and learning. Keep sharing videos like this. I’am looking forward for that. Thanks!

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  • Online Therapy & Counseling have the ability to understand what you are going through and to help you make positive change in your life. This video can change your life for good!

  • I definitely agree with you. Depending on the problem, online therapy can sometimes help, and sometimes it is not enough. By the way, great video!

  • Online therapy surely works… Mental health is something people are afraid to talk about but its nothing big you can get help and get past your worst. Better Help counselors look really ready to help.

  • these people called a “the rapist” for a reason, no one should ever believe that these snake oil sellers do anything good for you, this is a pseudoscience nothing more

  • Message SilencedVictims_ on Instagram they help people get through depression, anxiety and other feelings like them. They offer therapy for 10 times cheaper than a Therapist that you would have to go to and speak to face to face(£40/$52) and you only have to pay once!!. They help you through text because many people may not feel confident going out and seeing a therapist. This also gives you time to think and really express yourself, they are there to listen and assist.

  • Honest words, full of sense and encouragement. Possibilities offered by new technologies when carrying out therapies such as the ones mentioned on the video, should be used withoutt hesitation by those who need them. They should be able to receive the help they require. Thanks for your work.

  • So when is YT going to stop pushing these garbage tier videos? I keep hitting “stop showing me this crap” but they don’t stop.

    Is this just going to have to be a situation where the comments need to turn into nothing but spam bots and porn links before these finally go away?

  • So i have to ask is there really any benefit to therapy at all. Ive tried it and it more annoyed me largely because i want answers and the therapist in question gave me “and how does that make you feel” confused ” why does it make you feel that way” i dont know fucker thats why im asking you ” why do you think you feel this way ” can i change my answer to ripped off and pissed

  • What a quite interesting video I’ve found! The pros and cons of online therapy are really presented in this short video that seems really useful to all persons seeking mental health therapy. Thanks for sharing this with us! I’ll be looking forward to watch your next videos.

  • Thank you for for sharing this honest and unbiased review! I found it very helpful as I’ve been considering online therapy. I agree with you that it’s not a replacement for in-person counselling, but I think it’s a good complement. And it’s so convenient when a specific issue or problem comes up and you can’t see the therapist right away. thanks!


  • Women wearing black (especially near face) REALLY need additional lighting. Lighting only overhead (as in this woman’s picture) will make you look older as shadows are harsher.
    To brighten up: wear a light colored jacket. Change your focus; your background uses up too much space. That, the black rimmed glasses and hair over your face are not flattering with the lighting you have. Consider a makeup light on your desk.

  • i want real life therapy but my mom said its ridiculous that im deppresed, she told me that im only like this because i keep watching internet stuff and comparing myself to the deprreion things, while the truth was:

    i am lonely
    i have no friends (REAL)
    i had no friends ever since i was on Grade 4
    Im so insecure
    i have anxiety
    i feel emty or im just used to the feeling so i feel nothing at all all the time
    my feelings come back suddenly when im with someone
    when im akone, i feel myself breaking inside
    i wanna escape reality and go to a fictional world because there even if hardships strucks, even if you have no familt there your friends will always be there to support you and all those friends there are real and everytime i watch, i feel.. jelous, lonely, broken and i feel like i wanna dissapear sometimes not existing anywhere nor the earth, real of the dead, heaven, hell anywhere just like i dont exist.

  • i can’t believe people still afraid of being helped when they struggle, it’s so important to be able to talk with someone competent.

  • Hey doc! Can you enlighten the sheep that they have Stockholm syndrome and that the propaganda machine has them addicted to the fear tactics that the M.K. ultra media is bombarding them with!?? I’d appreciate it, thank you!

  • Love you BetterHelp for all the counseling you do. thanks for sharing what we should keep at the back of our minds concerning online therapy

  • personally i think Online Counseling could be the suitable option to those who have social anxiety associated with their mental issues. thanks for specifying the right situations for which Online Therapy is more appropriate.

  • Excellent video my friend. Without a doubt I will share it in my social networks. There are many truths in this video that people do not yet know and that are very important.

  • So thoughtful information in this video. You always comes with so interesting topics which we face in our daily phase of lives. Thank You:)

  • It is so sad that in a world of billions of souls that we are so disconnected. the COVID Pandemic just has heightened the awareness of this disconnect the modern age has taken from humanity family social and religious bonds and replaced them with soulless digital flashes and false realities. We now have to hire a stranger to listen to our problems over the internet who offers very little other than being a sounding board. This medical hoax is the worsed kind of quackery the proof in the pudding is how long will the scammers listen to you if you stop paying them. Only you can change your situation and some situations can’t be changed to know the difference is all the therapy you will ever need.

  • This is wonderful! Thank you so much for sharing and for taking the time to put this together. It’s super helpful to see the techniques applied in-vivo!

  • Since I live far away from any therapist, online counseling is great for this. Instead of driving for miles to get to therapist i can just seek my therapist online and do it that way

  • Its so good to have online counselor.. Many people are ashamed of admitting that they visit counselors and therapists..its very helpful for them!

  • I have seen video ads about Better Help in Facebook, and this is the first one that i see on YouTube and i think it is a very good organization that helps people who need emotional help and are going though hard times. I just like!

  • Helpful hint. Angle your camera so it looks like you are looking at their face. Otherwise it feels disconcerting to talk with them but appear not to be looking at them. In this video Anastasia Piatakhina Gire’s camera isn’t. Hopefully when she works with her client the camera is angled differently.

  • I have always hated FaceTime and video visits. They feel very invasive and there are always glitches. I am a therapist in outpatient substance use clinic for 15 years and I have to do telehealth to keep my job and benefits. I don’t want intimacy with patients. It’s not working for me at all and triggering ptsd that never got in the way of my job in an office. I want to get off this train. This positive spin is forced, unrealistic and totally unhelpful

  • I don’t understand how anyone could dislike these videos I have to chalk it up to the fact that sometimes people accidentally touched the dislike or they’re just cynical������

  • Therapists must develop protocols to treat the severe paranoid delusion that is the coronavirus “PANIC-demic”. Many of our citizens have deteriorated into obsession with paranoid fantasies that are promoted by the media and politicians. They think that other people are out to “infect” them, and they avoid other people in an obsessive-compulsive manner by crossing to the other side of the street and wearing flimsy cloth masks that do not prevent virus dispersal.

    Such persons are mentally ill. They should be told, “seek help”.

    They also think they will be “saved” by a vaccine developed by Bill Gates.

  • Learn something about working online,??? Just tell us how to get motivated during lockdown to get up off your A and get something anything or even one thing done,!!!!! I would much appreciate to know why all I talk to or email can’t get anything done and I’m in the same boat, all this time in the world and can’t do a thing! Everyday the same!

  • The pros and cons of online therapy are really presented in this short video that seems really useful to all persons seeking mental health therapy.

  • Very useful review of Online Therapy & Counseling with much relevant information and details. And this segmeng is really helpful to me and many more. Thanks a lot for sharing a fascinating review

  • I would definitely STAY AWAY from any so-called mental health practitioner, which includes psychologists, psychiatrists, and psychiatric social workers. That’s my personal opinion. I’m a retired writer-editor with a B.A. degree (1982), and I was a certified EMT for a couple of years right after high school. My first wife in the late ’70s was/is a psych nurse (RN). Unfortunately, she’s also a real nutjob who became a fat slob after we split up. She blew up like a balloon. Her body weight more than doubled. The vast majority of mental health providers are definitely BAD NEWS, and many will deliberately screw you up with psychiatric drugs you don’t need. Those drugs make you stupid. They prescribe drugs you don’t need because they make money off it. The longer you get any type of mental health treatment, the more the public will have you pegged as a mental patient. Eventually mental health providers will have you LOCKED UP and imprisoned for weeks or months at a time. They will lie to you and everybody else, saying that your confinement is for your own good and for treatment. Why? They do it to make money off you, or to illegally confine you for some reason. Maybe your relatives or so-called friends think you’re a loser or a burden. However, in order to legally commit you against your will, in most states a mental health practitioner must demonstrate that you are a danger to yourself or to other people. Some will lie to judges in a courtroom in order to commit you. Some will make false sworn statements on legal documents for the same purpose. That includes false statements of fact that can be checked. It’s supposed to be illegal, but they do it anyway. There are no consequences for it, so why not. Healthcare providers in general often disregard privacy law and give out your personal and medical information to the public, usually verbally. Once you begin seeing a mental health provider, don’t be surprised if some nurse with your family doctor makes cracks or insults you about it. They’re doing it everywhere. They will also disregard your instructions and communicate with people you have not legally authorized them to speak with, maybe somebody who hates you. You might be surprised that some mental health practitioners will take their instructions about how to medically treat you from laymen or nondoctors. Maybe that mother-in-law or other relative who hates you thinks you need to be heavily sedated, indefinitely. Turned into a vegetable. Put down. That’s not a joke. In addition, there is the very real possibility that law enforcement will begin to harass you and discriminate against you as a known mental patient, even if you’ve never even had a traffic ticket. Don’t show them any shiny object. Employers will discriminate against you. The American government and foreign governments can refuse to issue you a passport or visa because you’ve been a mental patient. And there will be more nasty surprises in store I don’t have time list. Don’t count on being able to get an attorney for it though, because now they will avoid you. I would maintain that most people can’t get a lawyer anyway simply because lawyers refuse to help them. They’re not required to work for anybody, so many of them just sit on their arse or play golf. Much of practicing law is filling out forms, glorified clerical work any secretary could do. They’re too lazy to do even that for you, even when you pay them. My own deceased parents were both attorneys, lazy thugs and child abusers. They raised two older brothers of mine who are real charmers, Bill and Paul. They’ve both assaulted me multiple times, causing physical injury. They boast about beating up gay men and strangers in bars. That’s learned behavior from my child abuser, LAWYER parents. I don’t see my brothers anymore. I wouldn’t make this up because it doesn’t make me look any better. The US has more people in prison than any country in the world. That’s not counting persons committed to mental institutions, many of which are abusive, run-down facilities. More people in prison than China, more than Russia, more than any other country. America is a jailer state, and many Americans—mostly lawyers in state legislatures—love to lock people up. Of course there are individuals who should be locked up in the interest of public safety, but that’s not the point. Slogans we frequently hear such as “land of the free” and “it’s a free country” are nonsense. If you have psychological issues or personal problems, talk to a variety of people about it. And it’s mandatory that you get out every day and walk or exercise. Talk to academics and college professors. Talk to the members of the opposite sex locally and online. If you’re male, don’t just talk to other men for example. Talk to fitness experts. Exercise will almost always make you feel better, especially if your problem is depression, anxiety, or hyperactivity. DON’T see a shrink.

  • It looks like BetterHelp is very helpful organization, I recommend them and this clip to everyone who are dealing with a challenging situation. Please, visit their webpage for more info

  • So how does a patient know if they have a ‘clear cut case’ of mild depression, mild anxiety, etc… and that CBT is a modality that would work for them. Isn’t that knowledge the purview of the professionals? How often do you say “No. here’s a referral to someone in an office near you” or “No. Here’s an appointment with a psychiatrist for meds” or “No. We are sending an ambulance to take you to an inpatient clinic?” Also, if lighting conditions, the camera or the camera direction on the patient’s end is not showing them, or all of them clearly, how can you actually see the things that might hekp you in a differential diagnosis in person? (a tremor, tics, a jittery foot…) This technology seems limited in ways that are likely disruptive to the things needed in providing accurate assessment and diagnosis.

  • In my opinion betterhelp online therapy is 100% genuine, which meets complete satisfaction. Wonderful explanation about online counselling. Its really helpful.

  • The parent you interviewed describes quarantine perfectly everything all at once. Thanks for this presentation, Jackie! You’ve been an awesome support through all of this. <3

  • Are you available for online counselling as iive not commoditized with all 6 of my family’s salaried options due to clmpatabilituebissyes. My spelling is atrocious as stress makes me short sited or im self fisgnised ubyil eye test tomorrow. Apprivisre a response as snkindhop seems a possibility for a girst

  • You therapists are absolute pieces of shit. I feel alone and you’re just pointing out that yeah, I’m alone. I fantasize about killing my self in a zoom meeting with my therapist. Just to punctuate how useless “tele therapy” is. I hope someone does this to you scared pieces of shit

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  • I think that normaln people need to talk to someone in order to not get into troubles. Nowadays there is an option of finding an online counseling, which is of course, not a replacement for a real talk to a real person, but we should adjust to new rules.

  • Online therapy is not a replacement for face to face,personal consultation. However, it is of very useful for mild cases such as mild anxiety, mild stress or agoraphobia. Online therapy is also useful for the clients who are not able travel to consultation office.

  • Thank you so much for these information about online therapy​​​​​​​…I really need it. I am looking for info about it and the best videos I watched came from this channel!.. Continue your good work…��✌

  • Hi, can you please make a video about Obsessive-Compulsive Personality Disorder… thanks… and Good job! Keep it up I like your videos:)

  • Dr. Sonja Bruer, l have had CPTSD all my life. I have frozen moments starting at age four. I am still standing by a car, wrapped inside my first foster mother’s coat. I was only in her home for twenty-four hours. I didn’t exist before that night l spent with her. The hug she gave me was the only hug l received as a child with love and security. I now know l had to have went inside the brick building. But my mind won’t let me leave her coat. I don’t know what happened before that night l spent with her, but l know what came after. I didn’t remember that hug and how it felt until a counselor helped me remember that hug so l could hug my 12 and 10 year old daughter and son. There are other frozen moments. Your voice is what caught my attention. I wish l could talk to you.

  • I have had the same thought about how our experiences now, during the pandemic, may change our behaviour in the future as therapist and as a society. My hope Is that employers will be far more open to provide flexible work arrangements and I certainly think this will shift my practice as a therapist.

  • I am behavioral analyst student and have ethical concerns with online or video conferencing. having been DNS attacked and hacked in the past there are ethical concerns as to confidentiality. I have also had a class in ethics for professionals in counseling and psychotherapy.