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Sex and Dating Advice for Teenagers Mark Gungor

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The Truth About Teenage Boys: Dating and Sexuality

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Teen Dating Violence Part 2

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Teen Health: Sexual Health

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Sexual intimacy is a wonderful gift, but many people feel that the teen years are too early, due to potential emotional, physical, and health consequences. This is a time for trying to figure yourself out first and how you can be happy. Parents are a teenager’s primary source of information and guidance in matters of sex, sexuality, dating and love. “The Talk” should be an ongoing series of discussions that take place whenever your teenager has a question concerning sex or whenever a “teachable moment” presents itself. Teen Dating and Sexuality Teen sexuality has never been an easy topic of conversation for parents and kids.

Here’s how to talk about puberty, sex, and growing up with your teen. Healthy Children > Ages & Stages > Teen > Dating & Sex Dating & Sex Parents are a teenager’s primary source of information and guidance in matters of sex, sexuality, dating and love. “The Talk” should be an ongoing series of discussions that take place whenever your teenager has a question concerning sex or whenever a “teachable moment. According to the CDC, teen dating violence is defined as physical, sexual, psychological, or emotional violence within a dating relationship, including stalking. While teen dating violence is not the norm, it does represent a significant risk for teens. In the teen social world, sex is more visible, more acceptable, and more available, given the opportunities afforded teens in their social contexts.

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If your teen hasn’t already brought up the topic, look for a time when he or she is in a good mood and mention your willingness to talk about dating and sexuality when your teen is ready. Highlight that each person becomes interested in these experiences at different ages, and that’s okay. Teen Dating is the #1 teen dating site and mobile app for socializing with and meeting new teens near you. Join now and meet thousands of teenagers like you! Android App Already have an account?

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Dating violence and sexual assault disproportionately affect teens and young adults. Hundreds of thousands of young people are experiencing dating abuse, sexual.

List of related literature:

Gay, lesbian, and bisexual teens are as likely to be sexually active as their heterosexual peers, although the age of sexual debut is more likely to be during early adolescence, in part because of a higher risk for sexual abuse (Saewyc, Skay, Reis, et al, 2006).

“Wong's Nursing Care of Infants and Children Multimedia Enhanced Version” by Marilyn J. Hockenberry, David Wilson, Donna L. Wong, Annette Baker, R.N., Patrick Barrera, Debbie Fraser Askin
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Research suggests that some sexual minority youth may disclose their sexuality starting at around age 14 or 15, yet many wait until late adolescence or emerging adulthood (Calzo et al., 2017; Maguen, Floyd, Bakeman, & Armistead, 2002; Savin-Williams & Ream, 2003).

“Lifespan Development in Context: A Topical Approach” by Tara L. Kuther
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Another sign of acceptance is that the vast majority of teenagers were satisfied with the relationship between their progenitors and their romantic partners, which was increasingly rated as good or very good throughout adolescence (60% at ages 13 and 14, 81% at ages 15 and 16, 88% at ages 17 and 18).

“International encyclopedia of adolescence: A-J, index” by Jeffrey Jensen Arnett
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Lesbian and bisexual women sometimes met their partners at sexual minority youth meetings (22%), but more typically found those partners at the same venues as heterosexual youth—at school (24%), through friends (13%), and at events or recreational settings (27%).

“LGBTQ Cultures: What Health Care Professionals Need to Know About Sexual and Gender Diversity” by Michele J. Eliason, Peggy L. Chinn
from LGBTQ Cultures: What Health Care Professionals Need to Know About Sexual and Gender Diversity
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Moore and Rosenthal (2006) provide a comprehensive and accessible overview of the development of adolescent sexuality which is recommended for further reading.

“Child Development for Child Care and Protection Workers: Second Edition” by Brigid Daniel, Sally Wassell, Robbie Gilligan
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In another, longitudinal study on adolescents, a relationship was found between heavy exposure to sexual media (music, movies, TV, and magazines) at ages 12–14 and having had sexual intercourse by 14–16 (Brown et al., 2006).

“A Cognitive Psychology of Mass Communication” by Fred W. Sanborn, Richard Jackson Harris
from A Cognitive Psychology of Mass Communication
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Teens who date on the dl have a much easier time doing so if at least one person’s parents let them communicate freely.

“Desi Land: Teen Culture, Class, and Success in Silicon Valley” by Shalini Shankar
from Desi Land: Teen Culture, Class, and Success in Silicon Valley
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Many teenagers begin to make a shift from relationships with same-gender peers to intimate relationships with oppositegender partners during middle adolescence (Fig. 17-8).

“Wong's Nursing Care of Infants and Children E-Book” by Marilyn J. Hockenberry, David Wilson
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Some research on gay, lesbian, and bisexual teens’ experiences has been conducted, but more emphasis has been placed on early sexual rather than on romantic relationship experiences.

“Encyclopedia of Human Relationships: Vol. 1-” by Harry T. Reis, Susan Sprecher
from Encyclopedia of Human Relationships: Vol. 1-
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Research suggests that some sexual minority youth may disclose their sexuality starting at around age 14 or 15, yet many wait until late adolescence or emerging adulthood (Calzo et al., 2017; Savin-Williams & Ream, 2003).

“Lifespan Development: Lives in Context” by Tara L. Kuther
from Lifespan Development: Lives in Context
by Tara L. Kuther
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  • I saw “Laugh your way to a happy Marriage” and it was awesome. I definitely recommend it. Truly enough, his explanation of men’s and women’s brains is so true, it’s incredible. It may sound funny, but fundamentally, it so true.

  • Getting married is not a cure for lust!! Actually way more married men are addicted to pornography than single men!! There is lots of divorce because of married men’s addiction to pornography!! There is nothing wrong with getting married later in life!! One of the fruits of the spirit is self control!! One of the problems in the world and also the church is we have become obsessed with sex and marriage and it has become an idol!! You don’t get married because you just want to have sex!! You will end up divorced for sure!!

  • At 21 minutes, she says all 50 states will have both the mom and dad’s social security numbers on the birth certificate of every baby born? Really? How do they know every dad’s identity, if there is suspicion or it’s not known? How is this enforced? Also… social security numbers are NOT a valid form of ID. That’s not what SS cards and numbers are for. It’s not for identification old cards even say so.

  • Yet the culture says it’s ok for girls as young as 13 to have responsibility to have sex get pregnant and go have an abortion without telling their parents.

  • thank you very much for this valuable video. i need to re-synchronize the audio, but thanks all the same. are you uploading part 2? i noticed you only did 1 and 3, but i think i understand why…

  • First person I hear that haves some brains been a Christian. I do whish people understand, but no they comment stupidity like if God was telling them what to comment. Stupid fanatics.

  • I like a lot of other of Mark Gungor’s videos, but I don’t like this one. It’s aimed at people who want to achieve this stereotypical “perfect” life which involves being happily married with kids etc. But why is that the “perfect” life? Why is sex with multiple people so frowned upon in society? It sure feels great, so if two consenting adults want to have casual sex then what’s the problem!?

  • Always carry pepper spray and pay attention to the red flags of bad aggressive behavior and walk away from abusive relationships. We’re worth more than we know. Listen to your intuition and don’t stay silent about abusive behavior towards you. Tell someone. Tell your friends. Tell your parents. Tell your teachers. God did not give us a spirit of fear but one of power and love and of a sound mind.

  • Thank you so much. Guys, we are the generation that can change this. Let’s not be quite anymore, let’s not be afraid. God gave us a Sprite of Love, Power and of a Sound mind. Let’s seek Jesus, and change this Nation

  • I like alot of Mark Gungors stuff but I don’t like the equation of Masturbating = masturbating to porn/fantasy’s. Masturbation isn’t sinful. Lustful thoughts including porn is sinful. 

  • If I was her best friend I would of got u got right back up and punch him in is face and be like leave her alone or I am going to give u a black eye

  • This video hits close to home… My friend died from drug violence domestic violence and mental health violence. My friend lost her life. I would’ve told her about my friend and my story. We are all survivors here. Love is love. Love is kind and patient. And filled with hope. Not hurt or pain

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  • No seriously, cut down the masterbation, only time creates sperm, you can’t ejaculate air from a boner, that’s not how your body works. As for sex before marriage? From personal experience, breaking up with my first girlfriend I had sex with was ten times worse than a family member dying. Sex is a serious drug. People commit suicide over this stuff, just be aware that if you have sex before marriage you are not only putting yourself at high risk, you are also putting her at risk if that relationship fails. It’s very easy to get over a kiss or a slap on the butt, you can’t get over sex, it’s that powerful. It never hurts to save it until marriage. Never.

  • This was a wonderful message and I thank God I found it. Praise be to His name, Amen. God bless you Mark Gungor. Keep on being a light for Jesus that shines to the world. Amen.

  • Wish I’d seen this when it had come out… I’ve definitely got a bit of work to do, which I already knew, but at least now I have a bit more motivation, conviction, and insight

  • It’s called “muscle memory” and it is acquired by doing the same things over and over until it becomes second-nature.  Goes for anything you do.

  • Besides her sister, Natalia has the worst support system. Her mother “He brought you flowers!” and brother “And maybe chocolates!”. Yes materialistic things will make domestic violence disappear.. right

  • Sex before marriage is forbidden in Islam. Women should Atrechs the same for transient relationship is the need safety and the family with a husband who offers her happiness

  • The most chocking straight message I ever heard i don’t agree with everything but yet I believe if these young people is truly converted they will walk by the spirit not by the flesh and if they are really y dead to self they wont have to rush to get get married that young unless what god want them to do…..

  • I think this kind of girls deserve every bit of that abuse because they enjoyed It they love the sympathy that they get from others

  • Finally. An honest pastor who isn’t afraid of stepping on a few toes to educate the youth. No one ever speaks about the things we need to hear the most. The irony.

  • Why not tell them how to handling being in their 30’s and 40’s And still NOT married. How would Mark’s advice change. This is where we are today in America.

  • Christian or not, it’s good to listen to this wise pastor, in fact, Islam teaching similar and teaching us this advise. I really like listening and even sharing to friends on FB etc for them to hear his speeches. Apart from making all the good points he is also very funny and in his message, there are lots of jokes, we like most of his videos, I really have a good laugh when listening to most of his videos. Thank you!

  • Just yesterday 3 of my friends and I are sitting near a pub having a beer and catching up as we don’t see each other much. None of us have kids and all of us nearly 40. It’s not so much about waiting to have kids or not having a serious relationship It’s a lifestyle choice. Today its tough having kids. It’s expensive. It limits your opportunities. We’re all in relationships or married and very happy. This, I suppose, is also a new thing in today’s era. Nearly 7billion ppl on this planet, none of us feel not having kids is a bad thing.

  • He’s a 100% right so much truth that all young people should really listen to. Society promotes sex and promiscuity what they don’t tell you is if you live a promiscuous life as a teen and young adult your marriage will be just another divorce statistic or a very shallow marriage. God’s design is the best plan for long lasting bond and love story with your spouse.

  • I imprinted on my first sexual experience. I’m a woman. I wish so much that I could go back and undo that, but I can’t. It was good, it was loving and incredible and I thought I would spend the rest of my life with him but he had such terrible emotional trauma from his family life that he couldn’t trust me and it eventually ended. I saw the signs long before it ended, but I had already started having sex with him. That’s why it’s important to wait. I know that now.

  • I was amazed how he was able to explain the REASONS behind the guidelines so well in just half an hour. I want to dedicate my life to spreading this message. That is how important it is. I showed it to all of my kids over the age of 10. (7 of them) Ages 23, 22, 18, 16, 14, 13, 11. They are all out in the world. Going to school, working, living on their own. I am so happy that I was able to show this to them!!!! They have renewed comitment to these values!

  • I married young. We were both virgins but it was a disaster. I was only 23 years old he was 25. He was emotionally immature and self-centered to the core to the point where he was controlling everything about my life he pretended to be a Christian but I should have known better because he never read the Bible or had any desire to pray ever. The only time I saw him in church was when he was hunting for women to date. Outside of that he was never in church.
    I was the Young born again Christian and I trusted other women in the church to guide me and they said to pray and put a fleece before God and of God answers the fleece the way you prayed then the answer is yes so I put a fleece before God that was answered about a week or less later. I felt this must be God’s will for me. It turned out that the devil is the one that answered the fleece not God. Now I know better but I went through hell to get out of this marriage. Never marry because you think nobody else will ever ask you. Never let low self-esteem be the one that makes the decisions for you.

  • Thanks for the upload!  So gonna use this for my teen Bible class on Wednesday.  We’re in 1 Cor 7 now, and some of them just don’t get it.  Gungor explains it so well, and makes so much sense.  I appreciate his frank and honest approach!

  • You don’t even have any evidence that your invisible god exists, and yet you are going to PRETEND that you somehow have the authority to give advice on dating… Stop PRETENDING to know things you do not know.

  • I’m sorry but although I’ve so much enjoy Mark’s talk with regard to “The Tale Of Two Brains” (really folks, check that video out it’s most excellent), in this talk with teenagers, he’s just so, so off the mark and his Christian dogma here has now just trapped him into talking silliness. And it’s nothing against religion, you understand, but rather this notion of no sex before marriage and so folks either have to abstain until they reach a better level of emotional maturity (around age 30) or else, yes, you can have sex, but only if make a life long commitment with someone.  And that’s the silliness of the Christian trap. So of course, being caught in that trap, Mark has then rationalize that of course those in their late teens and early twenties are ready for marriage and a life long commitment.  And that is just so much bull (sorry, but it is).  The fact of the matter is that maturity wise, we need our teen years to rebel on those things we’re against, and we need our twenties as a single person to gain the foundations of being an independent person and to figure out those things we actually stand for.  And so it is that in the most practical of terms, the core of our personality does not start to solidify until about age 30 (and for the rest of our life after that we might polish up the outside of our character to better refine ourselves, but the core of who we are probably isn’t going change much after that).  And that’s the problem with gettting married at some earlier time in our teens and earlier 20’s we’re not yet full solidified in character ourselves and neither is anyone else our same age. We are, to some degree still a sort  of “unknown quantity” as it were.  And so, for example, at 23, your character hasn’t fully solidified yet, and the person you’re thinking of marrying who’s the same age their character hasn’t fully solidified yet, and so by that time you both hit 30 and been in this life long committed relationship with each other, you wake up to discover you’re married to someone where the two of you aren’t a good fit for each other at all!  And therein is the stupidity of what Mark is talking about here in terms of making some life long marriage commitment before age 30, or at the very least before age 25 you just don’t know who you’re getting married to at the time because both you and they are still “unknown quantities” to each other.  So I’m sorry Mark, but your own Christian beliefs have now trapped you into a silliness where you don’t even realize that what’s there in The Good Book is altogether very different than the reality of what human nature and natural human maturing is in the real world and in the most practical of terms.  So any of this talk about being ready to make some life long commitment of marriage to anyone else before we hit age 30, or at least at 25 is altogether a bunch of silliness. And so what do we do about our sexual urges in the meantime? Well far be it from me to suggest we just sleep around with anyone we can.  But nevertheless, for folks who fall in love with each other and exclusively date each other in a serious manner, then yeah, pre-marital sex really isn’t such a bad thing at all, and this notion of having to be a virgin by the time we get married might have done well in mid-evil times when folks might be getting married at ages 12 or 15, but these days it’s very much an outmoded idea, particularly if we’re of the mind to advocate that folks not commit to any married life before they are 30, or at the very least 25.  Seriously folks, first get yourself out of your parents home and established as your own independent self complete with job and home of your own before you jump into marriage.  Otherwise, you just go from being a dependent in your parents home to a dependent in your marriage, without ever having experienced being in your 20s and establishing yourself as independent so that by the time you actually do get married in your late 20’s or early 30’s, you and your partner can each enter that relationship as interdependency, not dependence folks who are in a long term relationship because they want to be, and not at all because they have to be.   And I’m sorry Mark, but this talk you’re doing in this video is just altogether so, so off the mark.  With all due respect.  And again folks, do check out the other video he did “The Tale Of Two Brains” because that one is spot on, and most excellently presented as well.

  • Meh, I honestly can get his points, but honestly, I could not relate to this fully. I don’t know if I am just having a different upbringing, but I can’t really get all his points, sort of reminds me of this pastor that URGED people to just “go out and get married” completely insane, “THEY DON’T NEED TO BE THE SAME ‘TWO NEGATIVES ATTRACTS.” It doesn’t. Marriage is not a must in love or life, so I respect his view there, it really is just a trap most of the time. And it loops as well, as people that have been divorced before tend to get divorced in other relationships, which I find insane. And one of the reasons I likely will not be married for the entirety of my life, it is not only a governmental sham, but it is insane.

    The point I did not get because it has not affected me is the masturbation part, it is not out of lust I do it, it is simply out of releasing pressure from the hormonal build-up that gets set in your blood, but thanks ya for the advice churchman, I haven’t changed, then again I feel empty though that is because of a bad relationship, so not my real place to comment of that as the joy of relationships have been taken from me.

    I would not condone getting into relationships earlier than must, that being once you love someone go for it, but take your time before asking don’t go blindly into the arms of another, as a person that has done that I can tell you it can be the worst experience of your young life, besides you don’t need someone to love fellow young ones 😉 you can power yourself if you need love your friends are really all you need in life as an existential love… unless you can’t feel love that might be the case then just have fun and be a good boy and or girl.

    Don’t be a fool and do NOT feel like being with someone is something you need, you honestly don’t, people love you enough if you show love to everyone. But then what do I know I am just 15 and has lived through my own demons.

  • Great talk for our youth. Rather than let the culture indoctrinate our kids let’s tell them the truth early! I’m twice the age of these kids and learned something myself. Great content.

  • Without Christ, I’m grinding to a halt, my bowels are clogged and my nose is dripping.  I’ve got some sperm stuck in my throat and my fingers are covered with “SIN” if you know what I mean?!  Help me, O LORD, and while you’re at it, please repair the toilet!  THANKS!! and by the way, that last teen chick?  bad news, but at least her brother gave me some good head.

  • I don’t think that a person can completely complete you. You have to find someone who you fundamentally respect and love with all your heart, especially when you don’t agree with you regarding EVERYTHING or ANYTHING.

  • Im a survivor of domestic violence it took me 3 and a half yrs to get away but i finally did and i moved to a different state and met an amazing guy

  • I don’t agree that this is the only possible paradigm… but you bring up interesting points, and i like the way you relay it.
    I think that the world truly can not go backwards to the reserved place you lay out… and obviously is working for you.
    A few lucky ones… maybe can benefit from this perspective practically.
    The othersmay take in some of it, and figure out something NEW of their own…

  • I really needed to hear this… I pray many more teenagers find this message soonest because we rarely find intense revelations like this…

  • How can Christians listen to a so called pastor who deludes women into thinking they still have a right over their own body in the marriage bed and encourage them to withhold sex from their husbands?

    I’m no liar. I pefectly know what i heard from that ‘pastor’ in a few videos.

    That man teaches on sex and marriage but intentionally ( God knows why) avoids the core of marriage, 1 Corinthians 7

    Because modern Christians have a Bible on a shelter but not in their hearts (like David ), they let themselves be deceived by such charlatans.

  • you know i thought christianity is a religion that allow having sex before marriage but now i realize that it is not, true christians are really struggling in their bad culture, we as a muslim are encourage to not have sex befor mmarriage, but we have the same stupid culture that you have, that delay marriage by making it difficult. love and respect to all of you, i really love this man he is honest and funny

  • Too bad there are no men that don’t masturbate or watch porn.
    Such people are extremely rare.
    Yet, still people get into happy marriages.
    I think he’s drawing relation lines where there aren’t any.

    To put it shortly: The cause of divorce is not that people slept around before marriage. These two things are different events that have one cause Valuing sex more than relationships.
    I really don’t believe in this whole “Don’t sleep with her until marriage” stuff.
    Also, masturbation is good for you. There is no such thing as sin.
    And thank porn we are not getting as much rape victims as we could. That is statistically proven.

  • Marriages today fall apart because people are more willing to discard a bad relationship, instead of sticking it out in an unhappy marriage.

  • What did I just watch? Fake laugh tracks, rad teens and “we’re breeding ourselves out of existence”??? I’m sorry, but these Christians really have to stop acting like they are the victims when they make up a majority of the U.S.

  • I just want to say, from my own experience, he’s right: sex before marriage DOES make you ‘stupid’. I couldn’t see the reality staring me in the face: that the guy was very wounded, hated himself. He presented himself as the ‘strong, stoic type’ who would NOT talk about his feelings or what happened to him growing up. He would end up trying to kill me in the marriage, and then, mad that I didn’t die, trying to burn the house down (twice), after I left him.

    Now, 18 years after leaving him, my kids still are estranged from me. He did the ‘parental alienation’ thing. That was to make me out to them as being a selfish slut-, breaking up our home-when all I wanted to do was LIVE and survive him. The kids knew there was tension in the home but I tried to keep it hidden from them, how bad it was. They never saw the blow up coming, so it was a real shocker.

    Mark is SO RIGHT! No sex before marriage keeps your brain perceiving clearly, your eyes seeing clearly. One thing I would add is that if you are having sex before marriage (or pulling Bill Clinton and doing everything but ‘the act’) you start committing to the person prematurely because sex BONDS you to them. You are TRYING not to see reality.

    Please, please listen to Mark. My kids are paying the price (at 32 and 30 years) for having a stupid mother pick an awful father. They are afraid of commitment after seeing what a mess their parents made. I was a
    christian at the time. He was not a believer but claimed to have accepted the Lord after we met and he started going to church with me. I DID NOT MAKE myself look closely at that. The sex had made me want to ‘make it work’.

    God bless you. Don’t do what I did.

  • https://youtu.be/CxjO3uCEx7w

    Have begun this esp for the Youth in my nation KENYA & am so glad to bump into this great teachings. God bless you sir for speaking the TRUTH; More of this is so much needed in out generation. Pray with me guys for schools to open up their doors, God’s breath upon this teachings & provision.


  • As much as I enjoy the minister’s work, this is some of the most irresponsible advice to teenagers I can imagine short of doing a similar but equally destructive cheerleading to do serious drugs and experimental sex. Both approaches have the same problem, assuming kids whom we know their brains don’t settle in by the mid-twenties to make decisions even our elders would think carefully about.

    His example of the military is the worst possible. The miltary makes soldiers who follow orders, and those orders don’t always mean everyone makes it home. We make kids make these decisions and guess what, even when they come home they don’t ever really grow up and become locked in PTSD and other dangers. That is NOT the model we should apply to all kids talk about live or die…

    Looking in the rear view mirror, judging child marriages based on people who grew up in a simpler time, doesn’t map well to most industrialized countries. The worst part, again I like this guy and share his videos, is all the made up completely unjustified “numbers” he starts tossing out halfway through.

    His “numbers” are completely opposite of what we do observe. Evangelicals actually have higher rates of divorce based on adultery, not because of their faith but because of unrealistic expectations from young people living in a much more demanding life than fifty years ago..

    Getting older at least gives the possibility people will learn to see potential partners first as people, not business partners. There has to be room for a person to grow in today’s world before they make life changing commitments that can cause issues for generations to follow.

    I love his other stuff. This sequence though is way off base.

  • This man just made me open my eyes for real! good thing he’s straight up and honest its truly refreshing, and he made some valid points. Too bad we live in a society where sex sells.. literally and there are a million different people telling us that in order to have a healthy relationship, a healthy sex life is necessary. What kind of BS is that? sex shouldn’t be a building block to your relationships people. It’s more of a bonus. I think his video “wait until marriage to have sex” was way clearer though as far as keeping it short and simple. In that video he made it pretty near impossible to disagree with what he was saying

  • I am sorry Sir. The days before Rosh Ha-Shanah, the Hebrew month of Ellul and the constellation Play a major role in finding your partner in life. He or She can be your soulmate… Christians have lost touch with the universe as an ever moving upwards spiritual spiral towards G-d by performing acts of kindness and justice.

  • There’s a lot of dogma and opinion in this video masquerading as something valid which it is not. People are paying this speaker to scare their children away from sex, but abstinence pledges and coercion don’t work. If you want your child to delay having sex the best way is, counter-intuitively, to give them access to contraception and adult information, and discuss issues like gender identity, sex, girl/boyfriends, marriage, etc with them from a young age. The hang-up on masturbation belongs in the Bronze Age. People masturbate it’s nobody else’s business. Those that obsess about it the most just come off as being closet masturbators who hate themselves. The bit about “imprinting” is bogus. I don’t want to sex again as poorly as I did when I was 16, thanks very much; sex isn’t about “imprinting”. Men chase quantity of sex, women go for quality. That’s how life has evolved on this planet for millions of years; it’s biology. However, a faithful man in a loving relationship can overcome that primal age with other qualities, like loyalty. Age of first sexual experience and number of partners do NOT predetermine later sexual fulfillment that is largely dependent on the relationship as a whole. In short, mostly every opinion in this video is contradicted by evidence and the experience of professionals.

  • We need to be talking about this in church. Kids aren’t hearing it at home from their parents, except don’t do it, the schools are so liberal they are telling kids anything goes and is acceptable as long as you protect yourself. what about the spiritual aspects of sex and intimacy

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  • “The correct treatment of a girl does not always preclude courtesy and gentleness no more than it always involves them. There is a time for courtesy and gentleness, and a time for harshness. The master must remember that he owns the girl; if he keeps this in mind he will generally treat her correctly. He must be strong, and he must be capable of administering discipline if she is not pleasing. Sex in a woman, as in a man, is not only richly biological but psychological as well, and the words suggest a distinction which is somewhat misleading. We are psycho-physical organisms, or better perhaps, thinking, feeling organisms. Part of the correct treatment of a woman is treating her as you wish; she has genetic dispositions for submission bred into every cell of her body, a function of both natural and sexual selection. Accordingly, what might seem brutal or quick to a man can be taken by a woman in the dimensions of her sentience as irrefutable evidence of his domination of her, her being owned by him, which thrills her to the core for it touches the ancient biological meaning of her womanhood. He simply uses her for his pleasure, because he wished to do so. He is her master.”
             John Norman
    So sad when pagans make more sense than supposed Christians who never open a Bible.
    Male dominance is central to female arousal but those wishy washy pastors just hide the truth and make marriage a thing of “courtesy and gentleness” only. No wonder why so many are totally turned off.
    Isn’t it the right balance between female submission and male love and consideration that John Normal is stating here? And this is exactly what the LORD advocates and commands!!
    A woman who does not feel “under the joke” will never respond to a man afraid of himself and of his own sexual desires (like most of wimpy western men today ).
    Notice how he says ” her being owned by him”
    Doesn’t the Bible say that the wife does not own her body but her husband does?
    The thrill lies in there. And even pagans get it better than dumb churchians who do not obey what the Lord says but rather listen to so called pastors who have been led them astray for decades.

  • Yea man… wont explodeeeee. Nvm bad females wanting grosss that is badd…… Woa now 40s w tears in eyes do, not havin so soon. Don wan b disappointed. Yep serious trouble

  • Is she stupid? Or what he kicked her out of the car and left her on the middle of no where And then through sand in your eye �� and he was talking to this other girl I would have fought her and him lamoooo

  • I stumbled across Mark’s videos and it makes so much sense. I too have clients that complain about the same things and now what Mark has said makes sense i feel i have found the missing piece of a puzzle. Sexual urges if we focus upon them then they will grow and multiply. What we focus on becomes our reality. If our thoughts are constantly upon sexual things then those thoughts will grow and multiply. Change the focus and you will find that sexual thoughts seem to diminish until we shift our focus back onto those sexual thoughts again. Sex is constantly being thrusted into our faces through every media outlet available to the public. There is so much direct and subliminal sexual messages being projected out there in music, videos and adverts on the TV and in the cinema making sure we focus our minds on sex all the time. Why is that? What is the purpose of all of these sexual messages? Why are we constantly bombarded with these messages?  There is no need to suppress any thoughts because what we resist will just persist but its about shifting your focus onto something else like Mark stated try shifting your focus off sex onto something else for 30 days and see what happens. 

  • Women run out of oxytocin by sharing it with multiple sex partner before reaching the man she reaches to the man she chooses to marry. No bonding hormones left.

  • Okay first off… Yubo is not a dating site well it is but some people use it for looking for firends mostly not hating just correcting