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Keep in mind that the timetable for language development is broad, and your child may run into small roadblocks along the way. For example, your toddler might repeat a word several times in the middle of a sentence as a way of holding your attention as she formulates the rest of her thought. (This isn’t the same thing as stuttering.). If your child is regularly exposed to more than one language (sign language or spoken languages), then she may be slower to speak. This is not generally a sign of a true developmental delay. Think of it as your child doing twice the amount of language processing and you can see why it takes longer for communication to develop.

Some of the more prevalent symptoms are: Not making jabbering noises by the age of 15 months. Not putting words together and speaking by the age of 2 years. The failure to communicate in relatively short sentences at the age of 3 years. Cannot follow the simple instructions given.

Unable to. A speech development delay may involve stuttering or mispronunciation of letters P and F. Language, on the other hand, refers to the words we use and how we use them to convey an idea or a message. A language delay can include having a limited vocabulary and not being able to express oneself or communicate what he needs or wants. A person can have a speech or language delay. As a general rule, trust your instincts.

If something seems wrong to you, ask about it. After all, you know your child best. Talk to your child’s doctor if your baby shows any of these signs: At 4 months. Doesn’t let you know when she’s happy or upset.

Doesn’t coo or start to babble. Doesn’t gesture to communicate (for example, wave bye-bye) Doesn’t let you know what he / she wants or doesn’t want. Doesn’t engage in social games (for example, patty-cake) Doesn’t imitate actions or attempt to imitate speech or songs. Does not play with a variety of toys such as blocks, books, dolls, cars, etc.

Sometimes delays may be a warning sign of a more serious problem that could include hearing loss, developmental delay in other areas, or even an autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Language delays in early childhood also could be a sign of a learning problem that may not be diagnosed until the school years. Speech delays in toddlers are common. In fact, language and speech problems are the most common type of developmental delay.

Speech refers to verbal expression, including the way words are formed. The following are possible warning signs of a problem. Newborn to 2 months after 2 months, doesn’t hold his head up when you pick him up from lying on his back after 2 months, still feels particularly stiff or floppy. Begins babbling but does not try to imitate sounds (by 4 months) does not use any single words (like “mama”) does not understand words like “bye bye” or.

List of related literature:

Development is normal in these children until 6 to 18 months, at which point language and motor milestones regress.

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Input and uptake at 7 months predict toddler vocabulary: The role of child­directed speech and infant processing skills in language development.

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Stage 1 has been characterized as early onset stagnation where there is loss of language and motor skills between 6 and 18 months.

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Unlikely normal development because of her delay in speech.

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Typically, development is normal until 6–8 months of age, but then there is regression, with slowing of head circumference growth, loss of language, development of stereotypical hand movements, and gait and truncal apraxia.

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In most cases they will likely get reassurance that their child’s language development is in that normal range, but if a problem is identified, early intervention efforts are important and can be very effective.

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Not every toddler who demonstrates delayed language production experiences a later language disorder.

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Refer to normal developmental milestones (see Chapter 2) and extrapolate warning signs of neurological development lag.

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It may be some months before the child starts to develop abnormally increased tone, appears microcephalic or shows a delay in acquisition of visual skills.

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Toward the end of the first year and into the second year, some infants may demonstrate signs of delayed language development and social unresponsiveness, which could be an early indication of the presence of autism spectrum disorder.

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  • I have autism and, I was diagnosed when I was 4. I don’t like it when someone yells at me when it happens, my feelings hurt easily. Once that’s done, I get violent by beating up that person but, I never got physical I ended up hating the person. If I see the person in a place like Walmart, Mall, Supermarkets and other places, I just turn around and leave which means, I held a grudge. Either weeks or months, if the person sees me I would just talk one on one. If the person apologizes, I’ll accept it. If there is a reconciliation, I will consider that. If not, I won’t bother to be friends so, I wish them luck and move on.

    I can talk and drive

  • My son of 5 understand few words like go get ur plate, am getting a cane, put on ur trousers properly, go and poop, go and wee, go and trash this etc…but he isn’t making any useful words. And he hears come, go, his name too. I just don’t know

  • it enlighten me when i watch this video, my son is 23 months and still not talking more on T sounds and mama, thats only he knows to say. A lot of people tells me not directly that maybe theres something why does he didnt talk like that blah blah and its getting me frustrated and sometimes thinking maybe yeah there something wrong like that im getting anxious. But my son he understand me already i can give him instructions then he will do it, and he can remember what our daily routine. its just he really doesnt utter a words alot, but there are times he follows what im saying but not often it worries me actually. sigh

  • May I ask how is your son now? My son is 2 years old now and mirrors your situation at the time. We were adviced by the doctor to go have him looked at, but we’re reluctant to go out to the clinic nowadays because of the COVID situation.

  • This video was so helpful! My 2 year old is currently going thru the same thing. Very encouraging to hear someone else’s story and definitely will be taking her to a speech therapist.

  • Am a nanny for a 2 1/2 year old who meets few 18 month or 2 year old milestones, but I dont know how to broach the subject with the parents. I was an elementary school teacher for 16 years and worked with a few students on the spectrum, so I am no expert on diagnosing. However, I do know something is not developing normally in this child. I’m just afraid the parents will not accept my input.

  • My son is 2.3 years old and no noise. But points and grunts. Grabs you by the arm and takes you to something communication by actions but no words. But has constant ear infections, tubes didn’t help, every 3 to 6 weeks. Doctors won’t do anything even the speech therapist is teaching sign language but did it once in a whole 6 months. I’m so aggravated. Any ideas!!?

  • Hi there. I’m so happy to come across this video. I noticed you uploaded this one day after my daughter’s due date who was actually born 13-14 days early on September 7, 2018.

    My question is, “How is your son doing now almost 2 years later? Is his speech up to par for his age group?”

    I ask because my daughter is about to turn 2 in exactly 50 days and I’m worried. To date, she has said (UP TO) 31-32 single words, with only one simple phrase in her second language. She doesn’t use these words all the time, only when she wants to communicate her basic needs. These are also only 1-2 syllable words consisting of the most basic consonants, “B,” “M,” “D.” She can’t roll her Rs or pronounce Z or P or S sounds or CH or SH sounds.

    She pronounces “arm” as “uhm.” And “nose” is “nooooo.” She has words like “baby,” “eye,” and “cat” down now, but for some reason, “cow” is still “gow.”

    She also just prefers to point and go “mmmm” for most of the things she wants. If we ask her where something is, she will find it for us or show it in one of her books if she learned it in a book, like an elephant or zebra. So her receptive language is about 300-400% of her expressive language. This is how we know she can follow most of what we are saying.

    Her pediatrician keeps assuring us that she is not on the autism spectrum and that she just needs more time to develop her speech. However, my grandmother keeps objecting to the fact that she is not actually “conversational” and mostly uses non-verbal communication like pointing or taking us by the hand (in a demanding way) to get us to give her what she wants.

    My daughter was already on a delay at 18 months with only 4 basic words, with the benchmark being 10 single words, but her pediatrician just kept telling us not worry.

    She is also demanding and impulsive. My husband and I are on different pages about how to raise her. He says we should give her whatever she wants to prevent her from crying as this can upset her neurologically. I try to discipline her, but it doesn’t go very well.

    I’m beginning to wonder if I should just bypass the pediatrician and the insurance and pay someone to privately evaluate her performance.

  • Im sorry. Im glad to hear i am just paranoid. My baby has been saying letters since 4 months i thought my little girl should be saying sentences she just turned two. She says 4 or 5 word sentences. Like she loves to say cow go moo. And doggy go ruff. I think her longest sentence can i have milk please daddy

  • Hai mam… Hope you are good…my son is a 7 month premie born @1.34 kg.. now he is three years old.. his development is slower only.. he [email protected] his 18 th month… He had seizure last February.. now he speaks very little.. saying appa Amma papa thaatha vaa.. when Im saying these words he repeats it.. understand what am speaking.. point out his needs.. and things like flying aeroplane.. etc.. but the problem is sometimes throwing things,biting, not speaking, spitting food when I feed him. HE DOESN’T CALL US.. is main problem.. WHEN WE ASK HIM TO SAY THIS WORD.. THEN ONLY HE SAYS.. MAMA,vaa,etc.,. I am afraid it may lead to autism…. plz mam reply whether it is a speech delay or autism mam.. plz

  • My son will be 2yrs old next month. When he was less than a year old he started to say mama, dada. After a yr old he started to sing, clap to whatever he was watching. He used to say quack quack. All those that i have mentioned he no longer does. Sometimes i cried and feel bad that he’s not talking. He is seeing a speech theraphy but i dont think that it is working. I just want my son to talk.

  • My 2yrs 4months old is not talking yet,she can sing her rhymes very well,know colors shapes,number 1-10,alphabets, call mummy and daddy but won’t say words like water,cookies, milk. When she wants something,she just points to it.

  • just came home today from my 2 yr old son pedia visit.and the pedia is suggested me on going to have hearing test for my son and accessment for speech son says few words only like head,nose,mouth,byebye,hello,hi. but he does all i asked him to do like go close the door etc.

  • My daughter is 2.5 and she is not speaking in sentences but she can say and recognize all of her ABC’s, colors, cmand count to 10 but shes not speaking in sentences I dont understand

  • If your doctor sucks immediately leave and find a better one, word of mouth is sometimes the best way,ask moms you know if they know of a great paediatrician, sorry but I’m really upset at the fact your doctor did absolutely nothing never heard of that, so yea please fined another,when a mother is worried she is almost all the time right…excuse my bad English too��good luck ��

  • Hello, my son will be 3 on August 18th and he only speaks, and he’s really only is himself at home. He’s in daycare and we have a speech therapist to come atleast once a week. Kyrie is so smart and understands most basic terminology…but as far as him repeating what you tell him to say, he tries to say it but it’s where u can’t understand him! He still does a lot of babbling.

  • It’s so unfortunate that you had to go through that with your son, sometimes doctors really misguide us, and we put all of our trust in them. My son just turned 13 months, and he still doesn’t talk. He babbles a lot, but isn’t saying “mama, papa”. Our pediatrician said by 12 months they should be saying 3 words… so I’m getting worried.. I’m going to consider taking him to a SLP!! Thanks for such an informative video:) New friend here!

  • Oh my goodness she’s adorable! I’m glad it went well, my toddler started speaking more towards the end of her 18 months. I’m sure she’ll have a growth spurt and start talking soon enough. I just subscribe, can’t wait to see how she does in the months to come:)

  • My son just turned 3 he talks a lot but can’t understand some Of the words he said. And he just keep climbing and running back and forth,he’s also screaming and crying everytime he doesnt get what he wants,tantrums everday but can understand some of what i said. Is there anything should i be worried about him not talking clearly? He also dont like to practice writing and just want to play everytime. Im really desperate for advise,hoping you could give some. Thanks a lot!

  • This is so much like my son! Thank you so much for this video. I have been feeling so much guilt because I got pregnant when he was 8 months old and was so sick and unable to get around well at the end so things didn’t happen. But my son has so many of these signs. He turns 2 next month and so many people think I’m overreacting about his speech. But I decided I’m going to push the doctor for an evaluation at his 2 year check up because I keep saying having him checked out doesn’t hurt anything. Well I’ve started doing some research on speech and teaching him because he does things like won’t point to body parts and I found this video. It makes me feel so much better. My kid before him just turned 17 and I’ve been thinking I don’t remember how to teach my kids things because he’s just not doing it yet. I’m not one to worry too much if my kid is a little slower at picking things up but at the same time know it’s important to get heap early for problems.

  • How is ur son doing now?I m a mother of almost 4 yrs old late talker. He is doing ok.but every thing is closed these days preschool and all that. Plz tell how is ur doing?

  • I lived with a speech therapist. He had some demons (not literally figure of speech)
    One day he went off on me when I came back from a trip with my son. He made my son cry I got a hotel because I was so frightened by how he spoke to me and my son. I know he knew better too. After I blocked him he texted my dad saying my son has a speech delay. I am so angry in my heart that someone would ever come after my son. He speaks so much I watched this because I hate to admit it but his comment really hurt me. My son has played with him before. I’ll never trust anyone to be alone with my son:( he was so crazy and horrible. Yet he was so educated graduated from Berkley!

  • Hello mary,good thing to found your son is 3 years old and he can’t barely speak but he can say dadi or dede (milk here in the Philippines ����)he points if he want something but most of the time he would reach my hand to pick those things especially when he cant reach it..the good thing here is..when you give him the wrong thing..he will not accept until you handed him what he that a sign of autism..he can express himself but cant speak..thank you so much..

  • We are a bit worried to my 2 years old nephew. He can’t even speak mama or papa. Can’t even do hand gestures for 2 or like this ✌. When we ask him to speak like dog or cat he will just say “aw aw”. And when he sing twinkle twinkle all the lyrics was T. Is it normal?

  • Hi Doc. Just like to ask your opinion regarding my friends son. He will be turning 6 this November but still cant communicate and cant construct sentences well. Do you think this is a type of autism? Thanks

  • Oh girl. My 2 year old girl is going through this too. I wanna cry I have a teacher coming from speech therapy and she stopped coming because of covid19 in the world. I just want my lil one to start talking. This made me cry because I’m really trying. I feel like I’m a failure. ����

  • I knew children before who had speech delays until they reached four and are now on their puberty stage and they all are living normally. This means that even if signs and symptoms of autism become manifest when they were young, they may all be gone eventually as they grow older.

  • Never let guilt consume you! I am glad that you are recognizing those areas that you deem as lacking and flawed and working on making it better!

  • Literally left the doc office so upset and almost in tears. My son is 2 1/2 and displays everything you have dealt with. The insane tantrums. The saying sounds the refusal to talk. I mean your spot on. My doc says I should get him checked for autism and I was so offended. My son is sooo bright and clever and understands everything. He’s such an avid reader with books always wanting to learn new things and learn it himself so he can be independent. I truly believe he will talk when he’s 3. It’s like a mom gut feeling in me. I’m switching docs cause I need to find a doctor that has seen more babies. My son was crawling at 5 months and walking before his birthday. I’m going to have him see a speech therapist and see what they may think of if he’s able to grow with that. I tell my doctor if he could talk everything would be perfect. My son just refuses to talk he like screams, barks mumbles if we do something that he doesn’t want we try it encourage him to say a word and word. But he’s rather make the sound of the object than say it. Thanks for this video this doc was making me feel like I was crazy. I know it doesn’t hurt to seek help esp if there’s nothing wrong but I just am so bothered how healthcare professionals have kids wanting to be mini adults by the time their 2-3. Like not every kid is on that timeline. Give me a break.

  • This whole video is everything that’s going on with my life right now. He’s sees a speech therapist for one hour once a week and I don’t feel like it’s helping. I still have to get his hearing checked but truly don’t think that’s the problem. I feel lost as to what I should do for him.

  • My son is almost 2 and he’s developmentally delayed. He babbled a lot and started talking but around 14 months, he stopped. he went from about 5-6 words to none. We got him evaluated and they’ve determined that he is developmentally delayed, he gets therapy three times a week. He doesn’t have any words on a regular basis but we’re very hopeful it will improve.

  • My daughter who is 2 years old doesnot respond to her name,yesterday I visited pediatrician and he said it’s not normal and he adviced immediate BERA audiology test
    She was IUGR baby. delivered on 34 weeks and was 1.5 kg weigh.she took her first steps when she was 18 months and she showed delayed milestones like sitting crawling
    If she is doing anything and I said No. she immediately stops and started crying.if we put on music in car she started dancing
    Is it just delay development Or she could have any hearing disability

  • hi.mam. my kids age 1year and 8 months. still she doesn’t talk even one word.we did ABR test. she can hear well.and also she doesn’t give attention to us.but eye contact is good. she like to rotet when she was happy.
    pls advice

  • Hi son is 5 yr old.he is very good in academic.he knows alphabet,all shapes,colors,numbers,rhymes,and some movie dialogue’s too.and some time he ask what he want, and he is fully potty trained. If he want to go poo or pee he will come to me and tell. But he holding some toys all the time which one is spinning. And he is spin the toy and shouting. He is not socialised all the time. But some time he can. I am so worried about that can you please help me. Thank you.

  • My oldest son was an early talker and hasn’t stopped since! My middle son was a little later but still on track. He’s still a little quieter but I think it’s more that he gets embarrassed easy because he is shy and he does have a little bit of a speech impediment. My baby babbles tons so I think he’ll be a little more like his oldest brother!

  • wow, this is really helpful. I no idea that these were signs of a delay. It is very hard sometimes not to compare kids. I have two daughters and I find myself comparing my youngest to how my oldest was developing at that age, and I had to tell myself that these are different kids, and they develop differently so I agree with trying not to compare. Sometimes moms notice things before anyone else. Thanx for this video very informative.

  • My son is 2.5 and a lot of the things you explained are exactly him!! I’m so happy I found this video. It is SO hard to not compare! I love my boy so much and it hurts me when people think he is slow. He has a cousin who is 2 months younger and saying way way more than my boy. But my son has always been more advanced with his motor skillsbalance, coordination, etc. he’s much more focused on physical aspects and running around than trying to sound stuff out and practicing words. My son’s word for car was always the Brrroom sound, and just recently he’s changed it to “CAH”. He calls cats “Now” because they go “meow”. Sheep are “baas”— and so on. He can say his colors, but struggles with orange so he makes up his own word. He can recognize numbers, and count, but he calls EVERY number “Two”. It’s like he’s nervous to try sounding them out. I had him evaluated right before his second birthday and speech eval ladies came and said he was advanced in everything including social skills, no signs of autism, but speech was in the average range so he didn’t qualify for their services. His doc thinks I’m a loony mom when I bring up his speech because he’s still “only 2”. I like his doctor and his doctor has like 18 grandchildren and has seen plenty of kids grow at different paces and he seems confident my boy is fine. I still find myself comparing my son to other kids and feeling guilty though �� Thank you for the reassurance at the end of this video it really helped me snap out of it

  • Hello, I noticed that you made this video last year. My 27 month year old son is not talking at all, he babbles when he feels like it, mostly grunts/hums, he knows what we are saying to him but just doesn’t repeat when we talk to him. He can say bye, hi, shark, bath but ONLY when he wants to. He has yet to say mommy or daddy. It is very hard because I cannot help but compare to his older brother at this age, who was talking in sentences at 2 already. I was referred to early intervention but I thought to wait it out but now I am desperate. How is your child’s progress since this video?

  • My son is nearly 18 months and isn’t really speaking much (he makes sounds) or walking yet. I think I’m going to insist on a hearing test after this video. Thank you so much for sharing:)

  • Great video! Thanks so much for sharing. My son does a couple of things the same as what you have mentioned. Will definitely look into it with a gp for piece of mind. Thanks so much and don’t feel guilty you are doing something about it now and that’s all that matters.

  • As an ECE who runs a home daycare you have no idea how many parents I suggest their child get an assessment and they refuse! They just want to wait and see which is really frustrating. Like you said and like I say to parents, there is no harm in seeing an SLP!!