Symptoms of a teenager Mistreating K2 or Spice


‘Bath Salts’ Causing ‘Excited Delirium’?

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Woman recovering from “spice” addiction shares warning

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Substance Abuse Focus: Early Warning Signs

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Dangers of K2 Spice

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Cardiologist speaks on the dangers of K2

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Signs of K2 addiction

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Terrifying Videos Reveal the Dangers of Synthetic Weed

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Warning Signs of Teens Abusing K2 The following behaviors are often exhibited by teens who are using K2. Parents are advised to be alert to activities and items commonly associated with the abuse of this substance, which includ. This makes it even harder for parent to pinpoint the side effects of spice or to detect spice abuse in their adolescent children. Immediate Effects of Abuse. Also known as “K2,” “fake weed,” “incense” and “skunk,” spice is readily available to teens through online suppliers and.

K2, Spice, and other synthetic marijuana variants are hazardous to one’s health, resulting in substance use disorders, psychotic episodes, overdoses, and even death. K2/Spice Overdose Symptoms Unlike with marijuana use, an overdose on K2 and Spice is possible. Symptoms, Signs & Effects of K2 & Spice (Synthetic Marijuana) Addiction Understanding the signs and symptoms of synthetic marijuana abuse can help you or a loved one make a decision about treatment.

Every experience with synthetic marijuana addiction is different, and if you or a loved one are struggling, we are here to help. Due to the drug being new, the level of addiction is not as known for experts as other, more-established drugs such as cocaine or heroin. According to the NIDA for Teens, Spice can be very addictive and causes people to experience signs of withdrawal if they abruptly stop taking the drug or attempt to reduce the frequency or dosage on their own. A person who shows signs of Spice use may not even be able to stop using the drug despite the fact that it is causing severe harm.

A person using Spice is at risk. These adverse effects can be as variable as the ingredients and can even be deadly. If you or someone you love have seen K2 or Spice use turn into a daily struggle, marked by an inability to cope without the drug, or a profound fear of withdrawal symptoms, it’s time to seek help.

Studies have found that the use of Spice is indeed likely to be associated with increased risks of symptoms such as agitation and paranoia. The use of Spice (and natural cannabinoids) is associated with other negative effects including: Emotional ‘blunting’ (e.g. Signs of Teen Drug and Alcohol Abuse. The immediate sensations associated with drinking or using drugs include relief, silliness, euphoria and happiness.

Those side effects are short-lived, though. The happy feelings are often followed by headaches, drowsiness, nausea, dehydration, exhaustion and fever. Other signs of potential drug use include discovering that you are missing money, prescription drugs, or even spoons from your home.

Likewise, if your teen smells like incense, uses eye drops, chews gum, or eats breath mints more frequently, these things also could be signs of drug use. Advice for Parents Dealing With a Troubled Teen.

List of related literature:

Parents 360; Synthetic drugs: bath salts, K2/Spice: a guide for parents and other influencers.

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Internet-marketed products such as Spice, K2, and Eclipse are a blend of various types of plant material (typically herbs and spices) that have been sprayed with one of these synthetic cannabinoids (as well as other non-cannabinoid psychoactive drugs).

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What is Spice or K2?

“Pediatric Emergency Medicine Secrets E-Book” by Steven M. Selbst
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This is a quote from a teenager who has used a relatively recent drug phenomenon called Spice or K2 and is concerned that Spice will be outlawed by the government, making it harder, and illegal, to obtain.

“Drugs and Society” by Hanson, Peter J. Venturelli, Annette E. Fleckenstein
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‘Spice’ and other herbal blends: harmless incense or cannabinoid designer drugs?

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K2, spice, and bath salts drugs of abuse commercially available.

“Family Practice Guidelines, Third Edition” by Jill C. Cash, Cheryl A. Glass
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Various synthetic cannabinoids (known by names such as Spice, K2, and Sky Incense) have become available to users in herb shops.19 The duration of symptoms has reportedly been longer than for naturally growing marijuana.

“Emergency Medicine E-Book: Clinical Essentials (Expert Consult Online)” by James G. Adams
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K2 ingestion has been associated with myocardial infarction and death.

“Andreoli and Carpenter's Cecil Essentials of Medicine E-Book” by Ivor Benjamin, Robert C. Griggs, Thomas E. Andreoli, J. Gregory Fitz, Edward J Wing
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Common synthetic cannabinoids are known as Spice and K2 and are sold as herbal incense marked “not for human consumption,” although they are often ingested for their purported euphorigenic effects.

“The American Psychiatric Publishing Textbook of Substance Abuse Treatment” by Marc Galanter, Herbert D. Kleber, Kathleen T. Brady
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Another finding was that Spice is a product line sold as a legal herb-based alternative to cannabis.

“Drugs and Society” by Glen Hanson, Peter Venturelli, Annette Fleckenstein
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  • why the fuck do people think legalizing weed is the solution? Imagine if just anyone could smoke weed whenever they wanted, it would be a huge mistake. I know some stupid motherfuckers who would ruin it for everybody. Truth is, any drug is bad, and is made only worse by people who lack discipline.

  • If real weed was legal for recreational use ppl wouldnt be dying like this. We want to smoke weed and we have to jump through loopholes to get it and its killing us! Just legalize recreational marijuana in all of the United states especially north carolina

  • you think the mother and dad who are doctors would know to take the kid to the ER wear they can watch him and give him valum or sum to bring him down but no even after they knew he was on bath salts they let him be on his on even after he tried to kill him self the first time, dont make since

  • Really? I guess my week of cold sweats, vomiting, headaches, dizziness, depression, anxiety, and not being able to eat at all were just my imagination.

  • K2 is for people who don’t know how to find quality 420. I used to smoke it and it made me hallucinate, like I’m talking seeing the fires of hell and Satan staring me in the face kind of hallucinate. I switched back to pineapple kush and I’ve never had that problem. Legalize mary J and this crap will be dropped like a hot potato.

  • Ok, well I assumed people could rationalize drugs versus necessary medicine. All I am saying is that there are people who would ruin it for everyone. End of opinion.

  • I think it usually takes a month or two to become addicted. I quit and went through horrible withdrawals for about a week. Please think about quitting before you have to go through that. This stuff is not good.

  • For all the people who are going to leave comments that this is bullshit and it’s just another thing that the government wants to control are fooling themselves. This drug affects everyone differently and eventually anyone who uses it whether short term or long term will more than likely experience issues with it.

  • I am day 5…smoking it for 5 years…had no idea what I was getting myself into….They said it was just like weed…I started ordering it from cali…every week Id get 5 bags of Joker 10 gram bags. I am NOT giving up…this shit has got stop being sold! To Anyone suffering…PLEASE STAY STRONG!

  • It’s a three day kick. Not a fun three days. Cynics need to get their fucking act together. This is a harrowing drug to find yourself chained to.

  • hello my name is Danny Reynolds I have seen propaganda films like this before YouTube videos Mark’s about bath salt and other similar things like it I can tell you one thing it’s all horseshit you ever think a man just hungry because he was starving to death hell if I swing enough and I’m close to starvation I be after someone myself it’s a crazy world out there and people are starving like I told my grandfather and I done the war in the North Koreans of the anime with to start me I find a first SOB out there and he would be lunch not because I’m on drugs or anything else just because a man’s got to eat that boy got to eat but nonsense behind think about this more people would step up and fight or what’s right in legalized marijuana and other cannabis there would be no more b***** out there or should I say BS people need to wake up and fight for what’s right I never wanted to eat more than just nice healthy food when I’m on cannabis I just want to get some tow food sit back watch a movie and relax all right out here and Raven like they drunk SOB and I would if someone pisses you off so I’m pisses you off you’re going to go after me regardless it’s just downright irritating I said I smoked a joint when you’re all pissed off that’s priceless

  • It’s not “spice”, its spike. 13 years ago, someone I knew came to me with a pack and we smoked it and it was ok at first but I had bad feelings after I read the ingredients. After that it started BOOMING around the city (I’m from Syracuse, ny) and we named it SPIKE because the very first pack we had was called “spike”. I dont know where spice came from.

  • some of these vids aren’t bathsalts. the guy who ate the guys face wasn’t high on bath salts either! bathsalts are bad but all this be I just that bs!

  • Im reading the comments, but you guys really dont know how powerful some of this shit is. I use to smoke 3-5 j’s of this crap a day. Even when I overdosed on it, I kept smoking it. It took until my girlfriend at the time overdosed on it for me to stop. Please don’t think that k2/spice isnt addictive, because it is and i was hooked. Now that im off probation I can proudly say that I’m done with that shit forever and am finally reunited with Mary-Jane. If you are on probobation, do acid, not K2

  • Isn’t this the same clips they showed to put people off PCP? Also Rudy didn’t use bath salts he was just another disturbed individual

  • Nah you’re good, just stay off it. I smoked it every day for like 2 months and it was hard quit. Don’t fuck with that stuff anymore.

  • Trying hard fighting the withdrawal after three weeks of heavy usage and i still cant eat, think straight, depres, sweating, suicidal and taking weed was not helping either dont take any of this it’s very dangerous

  • Only people who are mentally sick end up in the hospital after, or if your really scared don’t smoke it because it will cause shorten breath and may pass out, but if u feel comfortable doing it with np then u will be fine, I’ve been smoking k2 for past 2 years and I think if marijuana was legal there would be none of that k2 spice shit. It’s a very addictive drug that has bad influence on certain people

  • sooo… spice,fake weed is leagal and makes people violent. and marijuana is illegal and chills people out. can the government use some logic please

  • my friend went batshit crazy cause of this, i’ve tried it and yes it does make you extremly high but it is not worth it. i felt like i was going to die

  • I agree with Felderos, although I have been smoking synthetic weed for about a year now, I’ve noticed that the worst times are when I was drinking, so I had to give one up, good bye alcohol,since then I havn’t had a problem, but it is very addictive the buzz only last about 20 minutes so you crave a hit constantly
    -Warning do not use alcohol with these products it will mess you up bad –

  • so what happens to you if you stop smoking it then? i thought the whole point about addiction is that there are negative consequences to stopping, like nausia or anxiaty?

  • how am i a hypocrite? man friend has smoked this for a year and half ever second he can get his hands on it. he is so idotic now hes like a zombie! well ill rest my case and let you fuck your shit up:) ill smoke weed like a normal person! hahah you’ll wish you would of listend later when your addicted to this shit

  • This is age restricted? This is an episode of inside edition it was okay to air on tv but not here.. its the young people who need to see this

  • I use bathsalt microdose 3 5 times a day. I gotta say it works really well for me. I’ve a family, work 40 hours a week and I am a very loving caring family man.

  • It’s not true my x boyfriend still smokes it and it does nothing for him all it does is relax him? He went back to Florida and smoke that shit I would never smoke it I did one time and I did not like the experience but I don’t know how he’s been smoking for years?

  • All I can say is if you love life if you love your body then dont smoke it if you want to die a slow and painful death then feel free

  • Another manufactured product that companies can get rich off of. Yet its still illegal to smoke something that is safely and organically grown…Like that SOuR DeeZ. which is way better than K2 hands down

  • hahahahahahah you kids in america are stupid. k2? thats some weak shit why cant you people stick with pot? why you kids snorting gas inhaleing airfreshners, eating your grandparents pills, drinking mouthwash…. you kids cant get pot or something….. for crying out lowed you people even made bath salts hahahhahahahaha whats wrong with you people and chemicles. hahhahaha just role some real weed and chill. you dont need to get wacked out to enjoy your short life.

  • I didn’t know how dangerous this was, I smoked it a solid year constantly it drove me crazy I became extremely violent, I hallucinated that people were out to get me so I attacked them no matter how big they are. I destroyed friendships my relationship and the best paying job i ever had. It took 3 years just to start to get my mind back. I was that person who almost fucked my whole life up & all my friends & family that use to smoke it stopped it when they seen how crazy it made. You never get your mind back 100% I beg people to stay away from this poison

  • I have some grade AAA TOP SHELF k2 paper 910-622-2022. I have all the proof that you would wanna see to purchase my product we have pictures or we can video chat w/e you want….&&we have a consistent business… contact me soon if you wanna check us out

  • The anger comes from the withdrawl/ comedown. Makes you feel so shitty that you fein so hard for more. Once you get through the 30 minute come down youll be fine.

  • courageous? you people are hilarious… what the fuck are you talking about… this are dumb people acting dumb and that’s it

  • This shit is the worst of the worst, it’ll destroy your me mental health. I couldn’t think straight for years from only dabbling with the stuff. I had anxiety for about 2 years and the depression was horrendous. Stay away from the stuff! It could kill you.

  • Stop while you can, I used to be hooked on this shit. It’s like the worst migraine x100 until you get that first greens hit. Just stop smoking this shit and go get yourself some dank

  • k2 is NOT going to send you into some kind of rage to go rob people its going to turn you into a lazy sack of shit who wants to eat and sleep

  • just like fet and carfet is synthetic heroin that’s 10 and 100 times more potent than heroin, synthetic cannabinoids are the same concept. there’s alot of misinformation. when you smoke too much weed people tend to pass out. imagine smoking 10 to 100x that amount at once. without the social ability that’s stigmatized with smoking weed, people are going to fallout… people are going to have strokes and seizures on this crap, the mind wasnt made to be altered to an extreme like that.. if heavy weed smokers are at risk for developing dependence and psychosis, heavy K2 smokers are at an extreme risk from the gates. the withdrawal and cravings from K2 are the worse I’ve ever experienced, to any drug withdrawal across the board. I’m off the shit after years of feeling trapped in this bs and I’d like to see others find their way out too. the government won’t stop heroin from being distributed so this epidemic is not going to stop either, don’t let laws fool you into believing things are being done to stop it at the source, there’s more K2 now than I’ve seen in 4 years. it stops with addict that’s trapped in this and the kids who they can handle it. I started when I was 15 years old. im 21 now. I’m not letting k2 me anymore and don’t let that crap kill you either.

  • I think I smoked weed that was laced with k2. It was terrible. I blacked out and fell and was screaming at the top of my lungs because it felt like my skin was being ripped from my bones. I was in the woods and I had fallen and a vine of thorns wrapped itself around my neck during all of this and I was kicking up dirt and twigs and one landed in my friends mouth and she was choking on it. Worst experience of my life.

  • i only took four hits and freaked out…weed doasnt cause seizures spice does spice really is a problem..i cant beleive your standing up for tht fucked up shit.