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Encourage your tween to spend time alone when she’s feeling particularly irritable. Time alone may help her adjust her attitude, or at least get through the worst of it before an argument or a fight erupts. If being alone doesn’t help, maybe spending time with friends will. Find what works for her, and stick with it. Tween Behavior and Emotions.

The tween years can be a challenging time. Find helpful parenting strategies to help you tackle behavior problems, set boundaries, and enforce discipline. Help Your Tween Manage Her Periods and Emotions. By Jennifer O’Donnell How to Motivate Your Tween for Their Goals.

By Jennifer O’Donnell. Chances are your tween girl is interested in music and enjoys zoning out with her headphones. You can help her use this interest in a conscious way to help her balance her emotions. This is always a favorite activity with my tween girl students. Challenge your daughter to create music playlists to help balance or inspire an emotion.

A girl’s periods can cause some uncomfortable symptoms. Most of the time, there’s no reason for concern. But some problems need care from your doctor. Here’s how to cope with most period problems.

Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) is when a girl has mood and body changes before or during her period. It’s. Depending on how bad your symptoms are, a healthy diet and exercise may help. This includes avoiding junk foods, salty food, caffeine, and artificial sweeteners.

Sleeping enough, drinking enough water, and reducing stress can also help. For the first few years after a girl starts her period, it may not come regularly. This is normal at first. By about 2–3 years after her first period, a girl’s periods should be coming around once every 4–5 weeks. Can a Girl Get Pregnant as Soon as Her Period Starts?

Yes, a girl can get pregnant as soon as her period starts. Dietary Changes. Including healthier foods and avoiding foods with high levels of salt, fat and sugar will also work to help ease PMS symptoms. Adding healthy fruits, whole grains and vegetables to the diet and limiting caffeine and alcohol will help quell the problems of PMS, notes Women’s Health. However, because your eight-year-old is more emotionally aware and and intellectually advanced, you can help him understand more about himself — including how he handles his anger.

In fact, these anger strategies apply to kids in the tween years between the ages of 8 to 12. When your child is angry, let him exercise more authority. Fortunately there are skills teens can learn to help manage their emotions and the many changes they are facing. Managing emotions is one of the most important life skills a person can develop.

Helping your daughter learn to track her period arrival dates is a great way to take some of the anxiety out of menstruation. When a tween or teen knows how to predict her period, she’s better prepared to handle the challenges that go along with menstruation. And she may even be in a better position to deal with some of the negative side effects of menstruation, such as cramp.

List of related literature:

Help her to understand that the reason these changes occur is because the menstrual cycle mirrors the creative process.

“Mother Daughter Wisdom” by Christiane Northrup, M.D.
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Alarms on watches, PDA timers, or cues may help the adolescent change her pad every 3 to 4 hours or remind her that her period may begin this week.

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Emotionally, the week before her period she can feel sad, angry, anxious, scared, Overwhelmed, tired, or a host Of Other emotions all mixed together.

“Guys Are Waffles, Girls Are Spaghetti” by Chad Eastham, Bill Farrel, Pam Farrel
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Before your daughter gets her period for the first time, try to prepare her for some of the physical sensations that she may experience when she begins menstruating.

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During adolescence, girls often undergo a marked decrease in physical activity,12 and a depressed mood may decrease this even further, setting off a feed-forward cycle of poor mood, reduced activity, and an even worse mood.

“Exercise for Mood and Anxiety: Proven Strategies for Overcoming Depression and Enhancing Well-Being” by Michael Otto, Jasper A.J. Smits
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from the time a young girl’s body begins to prepare for menstruation, through pregnancy, menopause, and the years beyond, a woman’s body and emotions are influenced by her shifting hormones.

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During the months she is waiting for her first period, giving the child a box of sanitary pads helps put her in the right mood.

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The appearance of menarche may itself present emotional problems for a young girl.

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These strategies work best when your teen is feeling well or experiencing only mild mood swings, and they may protect her from developing more severe mood episodes.

“The Bipolar Teen: What You Can Do to Help Your Child and Your Family” by David J. Miklowitz, Elizabeth L. George
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You would advise her mother that menarche will probably start in:

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  • Long story short

    our body is stupid and doesn’t understand that a 13 year old cannot get pregnant but still wouldn’t give up and try it every month.

  • My mom once told me she only had me so she could be period-free for 9 months. She told me she was kidding but I still think it might be true.

  • Fertilization when the sperm meets the egg actually occurs in the Fallopian tube (oviduct), not in the uterus like shown in the video. The zygote will then travel to the uterus and get implanted there.

  • MGTOW!! I would rather play checkers with Satan rather than agree that it’s okay to be a hateful evil human being once a month!! Challenge; treat your friends, co-workers or society in general the way you treat your husbands this time of month, see if you have a job, or any friends left in 3 months time. Advice for men: realize your worth & never settle for being treated otherwise!!

  • The first thing that came on my mind when I got to the bathroom and then I saw blood on my (you know) “am I dying”….”theres b… blood” I didn’t even tell my mom about it first and I only have the guts to tell her on the 3rd day because I thought it was a disease but I put on what my mom takes with her when she goes to the bathroom but so dumb of me to be hella nervous it was just period������

  • ummm wonderful? incredible? fascinating?! all adjectives i do not want to hear when talking about my period. and also, who said i wanted to be responsible for the continuity of the human race? i don’t even want to be a mother. biggest human bug ever.

  • For me the biggest problem is BLOATING and it sucks cuz I was getting in shape and doing all these workouts to look good, but I look more pregnant than ever ����

  • My periods are pure hell. Bleeding so bad it looks like a crime scene. I already have depression/anxiety/ptsd. I’m dizzy, weak, mad, sad, rude. I barely feel alive.

  • Pms never come out for 6 years of relitionship, two of engagement, the moment we got married it shaw up like it was on sales at costco.

  • Girls I have a whole different level of respect for you after watching this…i thought it was 3 days of pain but almost the whole month revolves around ur period but you still manage to do a lot of other things…

  • The first time I had my period was at the end of the school year. I started having my periods quite late, I was 13 and in 9th grade. It was only six days tho, but here’s how it went:
    Hot weather all the time
    Final exams (2 day… Well more than 2, but with my periods it was 2 day)
    School activity = water park �� (1 day)
    School trip with A LOT of walking and standing + 6 hours on a bus to go there and 6 hours to come back (3 days)

  • So….

    Periods are just a pretend pregnancy?
    LOL when I got my first period I thought I was pooping on my self till I realized 2-3 days later that it was my period I was a little excited at first till I released I’m gonna be dealing with these cramps for another 40-45 years of my life! ��

  • This told me absolutely nothing. I get PMS up to a week and a half in advance of my period and it goes in phases. First is irritability, next is sadness, next is fear, next is desperation, and then it all ends with exhaustion, both physical and emotional. Anybody else? And if it comes in a sequence like that, what’s your sequence?

  • From nerd to a nerd…..the uterus is not where the sperm meets the egg (actually the secondary oocyte) it’s in the ampulla aka the widest part of the fallopian tube (oviduct)…..isn’t it?

  • I am 48 couldn’t live without anticonceptional pills…..not in menopause either no symptoms, PMS sometimes before the period or after the period which is every now and then very uncomfortable sadness moodiness angry…. thanks for sharing you are a PHILANTROPHIST Kate ������������������������

  • I fought with my mom today because Im really irritated with how she didnt ask me about the present I had to give my friend to. She just ordered it without my approval. I thought about it and that was a shallow reason to be so angry like this. Im really having a bad week. I cried and was angry because my brother didnt do what I asked him to. Im so pathetic.

  • I literally yelled at my whole family, told them they’re not my friends and started crying followed by door slam all because they called me lazy

  • Am I the only one who never gets mood swings during her period? I mean, I have a lot of mood swings, but that’s due to mental illnesses and they never get worse or better during my period.

  • Me:It ain’t happening because IM ONLY 14
    Me: sorry but put it away
    Uterus: Nah nah, you about to regret it
    Me: What do you mean
    Uterus: Proceeds to Punch me to the ground

  • I had a d&c and oblastion done they end of June I am going to be 38 this year and for the past 2 months after i now get extreamly hot all over expacially in my arms and cold chills at the same time and I can sleep. This is now the 2nd month doing this before my memstral cycle. I feel like their is something wrong so my doctor did a hormonal test but is this normal? Can this be pre menopause symptoms? Has anyone gone threw this or habe this at all. I have cut out caffien which helps but I feel like I’m lossing my mind

  • I’m cool with joining her in how the world is falling apart until it’s my fault that the world is falling apart. Here, let me reward your abusive behavior with a box of chocolates. How about, I understand you’re emotional right now but stop. That kind of behavior is in no way justified or acceptable. Is it justifiable for me to be abusive if I have suffered some kind of emotional childhood trauma? What if I’m just in a really bad mood and I don’t know why? Is it okay If, out of the blue, I treat you like shit? Of course not. There are support groups for those women. If my girlfriend reads this, I was hacked

  • Pms be gone tea REALLY calmed my daughter down by taking the week before her week. I thought I was going to ship her off somewhere prior to this supplement!

  • My cousin suffered from Premenstrual Syndrome it includes number of symptoms related to the menstrual cycle such as Severe abdominal pain or cramps, Abdominal bloating, Indigestion, Tender and swollen breasts, Increased appetite and food craving, and Mood swings, etc. I used various medicines but got no relief. Then I used PMS Care Pack of Planet Ayurveda and got relief from Premenstrual Syndrome.

  • My pms comes 2 days before my period, this pms affects a lot my relationship with my husband coz I feel all the emotions in the world when I have it and he can’t understand how does it feel and so we have arguments coz he always think I’m just doing some drama ��

  • How can I explain this to everyone in the house. I tried to tell my mom last month about it but it seems that she didnt think i was serious. I am crying right now bc of this PMS

  • I quite liked the video because of Dr.Annie’s tone of voice and reassuring words telling us that we, as women, are kind of in this together. Anyway, working out really helps me and I try to keep irritations at a distance. I’ve got quite a lot of pet peeves which I’m still working on and the most irritable one is when I hear sounds/voices I don’t like. It used to be orders and instructions from my mum so I let her know and if the people around you care and love you, and you explain it in a way that’s not offensive, it should all workout. Other times, cold beverages have helped, too. The BEST way to deal with it is by inhaling some wonderful earthly herbs.

  • I thought i already understand her, until this video. This helps me a lot,most of the time,i am a “fixer”, sometimes i take things personally. I was so wrong. Thank you!

  • I become rude af and cry every single minute, I want to do everything loud but when I can’t when people are sleepi

    Me: (`0`) silent screeeeeeech

  • “Dude, if I’m having an off day it’s for the sake of humanity.” Bullshit absolute bullshit what about guys having off days? We are the ones who make the baby and we don’t get any excuses like that so until one is found ladies that excuse is off limits

  • I get acne on my PMS.. During PMS I wants to do breakup with my bf on stupid things… Want to cry for no reason.. Reacting on little thing too much…. But now I came to knw i m not d only one��.

  • What if your s/o instead of supporting you has his own meltdowns once a month and you not only don’t get support, but have to deal with HIS issues too on top of it?

  • this is the reason why I LOVE asap science.. seriously like two guys making a video about periods that almost all men get unnecessarily awkward about…LOVE U ASAP SCIENCE..❤

  • I find it funny that people think that PMS is the same as your period cause bro its in the word *PRE*menstrual cycle how dumb can people get

  • I’m 51 years and still have period every month and have all moods before comes, bloods 2 first days, have anxiety and depression but still here, what’s yours advisor?

  • Day one: I cry so much the whole day, like I’m mourning someone’s death, I get really sensitive over small things
    Day two: I get really angry I go into random rages
    Day 3-7: nothing really happens emotionally, just back pains, food cravings, and a dull emotion like I’m just in so much pain that I don’t even feel anything anymore

  • Wait so pms occurs around 28 days before the period…. so almost every single day we have things messing with our minds except those two days a month…. so that’s why I’m always crying ��

  • Yeahwhen I started my period, I started getting more moody. I got really upset and stared crying because I didn’t wanna change and become moody ;_;

  • My wife is different person when she in when off pms she always call me honey…when pms she shouting my name…when on her pms i even canot touch her..its like she constantly on angry mode…even some time she treathening to deforce me…but when off pms she is a lovely, care and nice women…she drive me two different side of coin….

  • I’m having all the symptoms of pms, but I just don’t fully understand what it is. Is it bad? What do I do? Somebody answer my questions please

  • Know more about Man PMSING, trust me you will be amazed.

  • Today out of nowhere I just had cramps, I’ve been really sad, trying to cry not on purpose but like idk but my body wants me to cry please someone explain and I’m acting really tired so tell em when I’m having my period:(

  • I do this thing which is really weird where I will try and not get emotional and I try and be emotionally strong then I’ll watch something and it will make me break down into tears literally. sometimes I don’t even know what I’m upset about

  • I get angry at my family members and my stomach start having a bad really bad pain and I take trash and put hot water in and get to bed put it on my stomach it’s so stupid.thank you period, I really hate you if you can hear me I hate you for ruining my life I really hate you

  • Mia period tracker works great as well it gives you daily insight on what’s happening in your body you can also log symthoms also its great

  • I’ve noticed that this cycle both in PMS and during my period my anxiety has been at an all time high, having anxiety attacks for almost 2 weeks, hopefully once my period ends I’ll feel myself again

  • I been severaly depressed sad anxiety up the roof for 2 months now so baddddd that I Missed my period second month comes by Wich Feb came I got my period for only for 4 to 5 days and in the same month of Feburary I got my period again for only 1 to 2 days in that same month now it’s march and i don’t no it haven’t come yet so I need to breath and meditate BC stress levels are really stressing my hormones big time ugh I need prayer

  • I lost my period I thought this video was going to help me understand what I’m going through. I’m young like I am old enough to have had a regular period and I did but I lost it and it’s been four months. I don’t know what’s going on in all honesty I’m anorexic but like I still have a BMI of like 18 so I’m healthy still. How much of a risk am I running?

  • I have Bipolar and my period would give me bad mood swings. But I got a contraceptive called the Mirena. It’s an IUD which stops your period for 5 years (which is how long the IUD works) and this sounds crazy but your body still goes through the entire natural monthly menstrual process and hormonal changes, the only thing that’s different is that you don’t bleed. It has changed my life and my moods are far more stable than it used to be. The Mirena is also known to be the best contraceptive in the market and in our scientific discoveries so far.

  • Thanks for explaining. I have no idea that women suffer so much every month. I daily see them friends, sister, mother. They were always positive, i got to know they hide their pain to keep us happy guys. RESPECT women Atleast this thing in our hand.

  • Women: I wanna go swimming!:)
    Uterus: And I want a baby!
    Women: No, I don’t want a baby.. i’ll go swimming and-
    Uterus: NO BABY YOU SAY?? fine…

  • Hey I know this is old but I wanted to comment. I was diagnosed with MDD. I am now depression free (TMS). I noticed crazy mood swings but didnt understand why because I had an IUD. I also had horrible acne suddenly. I found out I was low on progesterone. Make sure you differentiate between hormonal and psychological. It could be the difference between two different specialists.

  • Soo I have a hormone deficiency since 13 so I’ve been on hormone replacement (and I don’t get my period) but recently I went on a higher dose of estrogen and progesterone and I’m sooo emotional �� I’m basically going through puberty at 20 so Here I am lol

  • I can sometimes have a brain fog during the end of my period were I tend to forget what’s going on around me or something I needed to do. Is that normal?

  • Everything is dark and everyone is evil on the fourth day before my period. I read women r likely to break up with boyfriends week before the period too…?

  • I didn’t have my period for 3 months. It’s back with a vengeance and it’s torturing me.
    I started crying earlier because my brother took my bowl of soup I left in the fridge:c

  • Have it right now. I had a headache last night, felt such rage for no reason. Plus I had a few breakouts on my neck and jaw which made me so depressed. This morning, again feeling extremely angry. Have shut myself in my room so I don’t lash out on anyone, I don’t feel this way every time before my period but when I do, it’s not pleasant.

  • It’s crazy how this only has 2k subscribers, shows you that people invest their time in mostly entertainment and garbage, instead of taking the time to evolve their wisdom. As a man I appreciate the advice you have provided in this video. Thank you!!

  • My paranoia issues become so bad during my period. I already have Paranoid Personality Disorder as it is, but it skyrockets during my period.

  • I am estrogen dominant. I am on progesterone pills. I cried in frustration a week before my period. 3 days before my period I ate excessively every night from feeling extra hungry. Now I feel so unmotivated and weak on my 3rd day of my period. I am old so I am also in perimenopause. I don’t feel like getting dressed today.

  • Background: I have a super irregular period. I could not have it for half a year, then have it for two weeks. Or, I could not have it for 3 months and have it for 1 week. And everything in between.

    Story: I’ve been paranoid for this whole week about getting my period because I’ve been getting PMS, cramps, back pain, increased headaches, etc. I want to get it ASAP so that I don’t get it during class. I’ve had something to tie around my waist all week, as well as a liner and tampon with me. One more day before the weekend. I had my period last month (about 30 days ago), so, logically, I should get my period soon. The problem is, it isn’t regular, so I never know when it’s coming. Helppppp

  • Does anyone else ever feel really tired, emotional, paranoid, and anxious like the day or two before your period? Also my lower back and down will ache all day ����

  • I absolutely hate it and I find it so crazy how different it makes me. Like everything in my life is well so far, but it makes me feel like life is awful and im awful too

  • the only problem I have is extreme nausea without throwing up. I feel horrible the whole fucking time. it goes until 2 days after the actual period.

  • My boyfriend brought me cupcakes as a peace offering after I snapped at him. I started to laugh, cry and then laugh while I was crying because I was crying. It was the first time he really got to see what PMS does to me.

  • I feel so overwhelmed the three days before my period, I can’t leave the house…. it’s hard not to resent men who have no clue what we go through, and we have to act like everything’s fine. It feels pointless saying I’m in hell PMS when they have zero compassion.
    Girls, I send love xx