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How to make DIY Baby Wipes for baby

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How to make your own baby wipes DIY natural baby wipes

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DIY Organic Baby Wipes (CHEAP AND EASY!)

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How to Make Baby Wipes

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Mama Joy’s Homemade Baby Wipes

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DIY Baby Wipes

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How to make baby wipes! | DIY BABY WIPES

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Instructions Cut paper towel roll in half with a serrated knife, a bread knife works great. Place one of the halves in the round or square container. Save the other half for when you are ready to make another Boil 2 cups of water for 2 minutes. Add liquid bath soap and baby.

1 1/2 cups Distilled or filtered water. 5-10 drops/ 2 tbsp of Vitamin E oil or 2 tbsp aloe vera gel. 5 drops of Lavender essential oil. 5 drops of Tea tree essential oil.

Many people like to add castile soap or other liquid baby soap to the mix, but I’ve done without and it’s worked fantastic without it. How to Make Homemade Natural Baby Wipes Cut the roll of paper towels in half using a sharp knife If using a plastic shoe box or old wipe container, accordion fold the wipes into the container. If using a Rubbermaid #6 In bowl or quart size jar mix the water, aloe, witch hazel, castile soa. Add 1 cup of isopropyl alcohol (or vodka, given availability). That’s it!

If using essential oils, add a few drops into the alcohol before pouring into the wipes package. These disinfectant wipes can be transferred into a different container as preferred. Start with one package of wipes Add 2 TBS. of Castile Soap to 2 c. water.

Place 1 pkg. (100 wipes) in a ziploc bag (or a reusable wipe container like this one) & pour your mixture on top. If you buy in bulk from the link above, you should get 5. This should be air-tight and made of glass, high-quality plastic, or metal; make sure it’s safe to use with essential oils and isopropyl alcohol. Measure out 1 cup of isopropyl alcohol. If desire.

Place cloth wipes in a repurposed baby wipe container and pour the solution over wipes until moist, but not drenched. (You may have some solution left over.) Add the solution to a spray bottle. Shake well before each use. How do I make my own baby wipes? First combine all the ingredients in the large measuring cup and give it a slight stir.

Then pour half of the contents into the empty container. It turns out you can make your own baby wipes! There are plenty of recipes online, and most parents who’ve made the switch to homemade say they’re saving money, too.

Best of all, many of the ingredients that you need to make the homemade flushable baby wipes may already be in your home. Tear a roll of biodegradable, flushable paper towels into individual sheets. Fold each individual sheet in half and stack them one on top of the other in a pile.

Place the stack of folded paper towels in a bread pan.

List of related literature:

In cleaning your baby after a bowel movement, you can use plain water on cotton balls or a washcloth, baby lotion and tissues, or diaper wipes.

“Dr. Spock's Baby and Child Care: 8th Edition” by Benjamin Spock, Robert Needlman
from Dr. Spock’s Baby and Child Care: 8th Edition
by Benjamin Spock, Robert Needlman
Gallery Books, 2004

Another recipe for baby wipes would be to use white Bounty paper towels (because they are stronger), and cut the roll in half.

“The Melaleuca Wellness Guide” by Richard M. Barry
from The Melaleuca Wellness Guide
by Richard M. Barry
RM Barry Publications, 2019

Helpful tips to parents include—use disposable nappies if possible: • If you use cloth nappies, use nappy liners to keep the skin dry and make sure the nappies are rinsed and dried well after washing • Change the nappies frequently—do not leave your baby in a wet or dirty nappy • Wash the baby’s bottom at every change.

“IAP Textbook of Pediatrics” by A Parthasarathy, PSN Menon, MKC Nair
from IAP Textbook of Pediatrics
by A Parthasarathy, PSN Menon, MKC Nair
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I used disposable wipes very judiciously.

“The Mama Natural Week-by-Week Guide to Pregnancy and Childbirth” by Genevieve Howland
from The Mama Natural Week-by-Week Guide to Pregnancy and Childbirth
by Genevieve Howland
Gallery Books, 2017

Any of these remedies may be used—change diapers as soon as possible when wet or soiled; wash the area gently with soap and water; avoid disposable wipes with alcohol, perfume, or preservatives; expose the area to air; apply a thin layer of petrolatum or zinc oxide cream.

“Study Guide for Foundations of Maternal-Newborn and Women's Health Nursing E-Book” by Sharon Smith Murray, Emily Slone McKinney
from Study Guide for Foundations of Maternal-Newborn and Women’s Health Nursing E-Book
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At each diaper change, use a cotton swab (soaked in rubbing alcohol and then squeezed) to clean away the wet, sticky material that sometimes collects where the base of the stump meets the skin.

“Caring for Your Baby and Young Child” by Steven P. Shelov
from Caring for Your Baby and Young Child
by Steven P. Shelov
Oxford University Press, 1997

• Grab an old-fashioned cotton face cloth and a bar of facial soap – the perfect substitute for make-up wipes; that’s kinder to your skin, longer lasting and cheaper than a packet of wipes.

“How to Save Your Planet One Object at a Time” by Tara Shine
from How to Save Your Planet One Object at a Time
by Tara Shine
Simon & Schuster UK, 2020

Another alternative is wipes, although some babies react to the chemicals in wipes.

“The Harvard Medical School Family Health Guide” by Anthony L. Komaroff, Harvard Medical School
from The Harvard Medical School Family Health Guide
by Anthony L. Komaroff, Harvard Medical School
Simon & Schuster, 1999

At each diaper change, the parents should wash the skin with clear water or with a commercial alcohol-free diaper wipe (and perfume-free if an infant has sensitive skin), then pat or allow to air dry.

“Maternal & Child Health Nursing: Care of the Childbearing & Childrearing Family” by Adele Pillitteri
from Maternal & Child Health Nursing: Care of the Childbearing & Childrearing Family
by Adele Pillitteri
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You can buy a bag of cotton cosmetic pads at your local Walgreens or supermarket for dirt cheap, and you’ll use them to make the wipes in this recipe.

“Do-It-Yourself Herbal Medicine: Home-Crafted Remedies for Health and Beauty” by Sonoma Press
from Do-It-Yourself Herbal Medicine: Home-Crafted Remedies for Health and Beauty
by Sonoma Press
Arcas Publishing, 2015

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  • Does this still become cost efficient if using the paper towels you would normally use in the house for kitchen? Especially if bounty lol I want to do this I just want to make sure I’m not zeroing out the cost after all

  • Bacteria and mould will grow in these within a couple of days. Better to dampen paper towels with plain warm water just before using them.

  • Kathryn, I’ve been an avid fan of your channel for a few years now! I know this is an old video but I just wanted to say thank you for sharing your money saving tips to other mums. I enjoyed your recent video on making Clorox wipes too, which is so useful now during the coronavirus crisis. I made a video about how I make reusable baby wipes and other DIY baby things for my kids. I thought it might be helpful to people watching this video too. It’s here:

  • Will the soap not leave the baby skin soapy?
    Really looking forward to make these for my bday but I have that doubt.
    I hope you reply ����

  • I’m so glad i found this video. We provide wipes that when cut into 4’s can be used as baby wipes, wash cloths, etc. Also cloth on a roll, 75 sheets, will not tear and will absorb any chemical. Go to and find more info.

  • Congratulations MAMA JOY! (Great name by the way) love it…looking forward to seeing more videos on your social channels. LOVE IT! Keep going!

  • Wow this is amazing. I’ve been using pampers sensitive wipes and just became aware of the sodium benzoate in them and when mixed w citric acid, which they also contain, it becomes a carcinogen. I feel terrible that I’ve been wiping my suns genitals w literal poison. Thank you sm for this DIY vid! Definitely going to look into some unbleached cotton wool spun lace or some kind of natural ish towel. This is amazing. Thanks again ��

  • Geez these comments are crazy! Who looks into every aspect like some of these pathetic people?! Thanks for the video! It was helpful!

  • Your wipes are made of paper towels that are chlorine bleached. They are not sanitary because you didn’t use gloves and you don’t have a natural form of mold control. Finally, Burt’s bees doesn’t use all natural ingredients. Good try though

  • Horrible idea, because:

    1. Kitchen paper is not flushable.

    2. You should never flush any oil down the loo.

    3. Mold and fecal bacteria will grow there without preservatives.

  • I’m going to make my own wipes, but I’m going to use regular water, and use rosemary essential oil/extract as a natural preservative, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-infection….. I use baby wipes for myself!

  • Cool ideaf! I’m gonna try this for my son w Autism,he’s 9,but won’t poop on the toilet. I use baby wipes to wipe his butt.I’ve tried everything to get him to poop on the toilet,but he cries & screams.It’s sad! I’m a single mom now,so I’m doing all I can for him.

  • This video saved me! Thank you! I thought I had another package of wipes, and realized this morning I’m out. Of course my son decides this is the perfect time to go poo. These diy wipes took me less than 5 minutes to make, and they worked great!

  • Clever and effective. Well done Mama Mittens. I will try your idea and tweek it a little by changing the solution to something that will clean my dirty hands while I am working in my wood shop. Something with a grease and grime cutting capability. Hmmm! Thanks again.

  • Don’t Flush them!
    Don’t Flush them!
    Don’t Flush them!

    If you want to save money, Don’t Flush them!
    They will back up and clog the pipes and the plumber will take all your supposed savings in one visit (or your landlord will charge you the fee!)

  • Actually VERY useful! Thought it would be really weird stuff like something hard to find, but no. So practical! I liked the video. Ima add to my favorites

  • Glad I found this tired of couponing for wipes now I can use whole roll paper towels last longer and cheaper I thinkaybe adding olive oil may help so one tsp olive one tsp baby oil and depending on size 1 half cups water

  • This is so fake. Clearly this doesn’t work, the final box she shows doesn’t look like what she just made. Just another video for the sake of getting hits and making money on YouTube…

  • I use wipes myself..thank you so much for this!! And yes.. not knowing how long this virus will linger..this will help so many people!!

  • This is very practical!! I am pregnant now and look forward to trying it. I want a wipes warmer especially for our cold nights to make diaper changes more comfortable. Will putting these is one affect how long they will last? Didn’t know if warming them made a difference. Thanks for the video!!

  • Very helpful…thank you for making that video.��
    I just made mine with coconut oil and baby oil and I put Bath & Body Works baby body wash and it smells great and it works awesome… thank you again

  • I love this recipe. I think it’s great seeing all these resourceful mamas online sharing their planet and money-saving tips. I posted a video a couple of weeks ago with a tutorial for how I make reusable baby wipes and other DIY baby products. I thought it might be helpful to some of you watching/trying to make things work when there is a lack of supplies in the shops due to the coronavirus. My video is here:

  • Wow, it looks like you’re about to slice off your fingers! Why are you being so rough? What body wash did you use? You put it up so fast and with your accent it’s hard to figure out what you said. Slow down!

  • People are ridiculous! Her baby is one year old and once they get to a certain age you don’t have to be so careful with sterilising things as their immune system is stronger. I’m not going to make my own wipes but I found the video interesting and if I was to make my own wipes I’d do it this way. Thanks for sharing how you make your wipes, and ignore all the negative comments! X

  • you can always invert you container to make sure it is saturated completely!!!Love your video… aren’t  LOCK AND LOCK containers great?? lol

  • I love this recipe, but I would cool the water before pouring into the plastic or use distilled water from a bottle. When heated, plastic releases a chemical known as Bispenol A in large amounts. We don’t want our baby wipes loaded with BPA. Thanks for introducing me to the idea of using coconut oil. I like the idea of a natural germ killing wipe! These will also be great for makeup removing and facial cleansing.

  • I have a question…
    Is there a chance the shampoo will remain on my baby skin if I use this on my baby after pooping? Is it safe?��


  • Thank you! This is working well for us. I just use reusable wipes instead of paper. People on here can be so nasty! Keep doing what you’re doing girl!

  • Joy, you are officially one of my most favorite people; are you from Australia??  You apparently have NO FEAR using that intimidating bread knife;; watch out for your fingers..

  • thank u and your awesome cuz a year later and I still make and use your fantastic wipes for our Queen and she’s never had rashes… thank u for your inspiration xo

  • Or I think it’s helpful because because if you’re a mom of one, if you’re a mom of 2 babies, then basically it’s going to be very helpful in the way how it is very helpful is, you do have to make sure that its honestly been put in there correctly and you have to do it automatically have to do it so good. And I like that idea I like that idea so that’s good and I got one kid on my own that’s good atleast vanessa

  • @Alexsis, how long do these last without getting moldy? Jw. & also, I just made some wipes from your video, but I poured hot water into it since I did not realize you wait for the water to cool. How will this affect my wipes? I also had to transfer them to a different container bc my container was too small. Lol but otherwise I know how to do it now and I thank you so much. I used bounty but may look into organic wipes. either way bounty or not these wipes are 1,000x better than any you buy. thanks a bunch my baby will be here in 2 short months and I’m trying to be as organic as possible.

  • i am thinking about trying this katherine. baby wipes are so expensive i have 4 little ones and me and hubby use baby wipes as well. we do not use toilet paper at all! so i am going to try this!!!! we spend $15 a week on Wipes. and i think IT BE CHEAPER TO DO THIS! lol❤️

  • Worst way to make wipes caused rashes and the worst ones at that! you are not suppose to put baby shampoo on a damn baby’s ass to clean unless a bath. I just did an olive oil baby wipes Had to remake mine

  • Thanks for an uncomplicated recipe, but one of my concerns would be mold growth. Hopefully, the natural antibacterial properties of coconut oil help to stave this off.

  • hi there. i really wanna make these. i have some questions.

    Firstly do you have to use soap? what is the purpose for it? i prefer not to use it most of them are not natural and i dont know if i like the idea of leaving soap on their bottom.

    Secondly how long do the wipes stay good for? do they go mouldy at all?

    Also how long does a roll last you 2-3 days?

  • Some folks mentioned don’t flush. True! even the ones that say flushable. don’t even flush q-tips! a plumber told me you’d be surprised!
    one more comment, but will type separately.

  • Thank you Alexsis… I use babe wipes for myself, because I feel I am cleaner with them… but I have come down with the terrible ‘itchies’ and now I realize that even though I am using ‘so called Natural wipes’, that it’s probably from them. I will make these up tomorrow!!!

  • Horrible idea, because:

    1. Kitchen paper is not flushable.

    2. You should never flush any oil down the loo.

    3. Mold and fecal bacteria will grow there without preservatives.

  • bounty wipes are DEFINITELY NOT organic. they are loaded with bleaches and other chemicals. we use an unbleached variety to avoid this. just saying. thanks for the vid

  • This is gross! Poor baby has this crap all over there most sensitive parts! People are nuts! And proud of it!
    Their so cheap!
    Get some wash cloths!

  • New subscriber here…I love this! Thank you for making this �� I have a puppy, so constant cleanup lol and I also use baby wipes to remove my makeup so this is great!

  • I’m sorry I had to dislike this video. I felt it was so wasteful. You can make reusable cloth wipes using flanel and you could still use the solution you made here. I think when trying to save money we should also consider the environment. There are tones of things we could swap for the reusable option. You could save even more money by not even buying the paper towels if you swap to diy reusable wipes. They can be made out of any soft flanel shirt or blanket you have laying around. Can be sewn by hand or machine. Please check that out ladies.

  • I commend you on wanting to make organic baby wipes but those bounty paper towels are far from being organic essential oils coming from a grocery store or drugstore are not going to be very pure

  • Paper products, such as paper towels can contain dyes, inks, fragrances, chlorine bleach, formaldehyde, adhesives, and other chemicals.

  • Now that my baby is not one, I still like to keep baby wipes, aka “personal wipes.” Same principle, except I’ve always used distilled water. I’ve recently switched from baby soap to a mild, grown up soap called fruitboost. so if you have a mild shower gel with a really nice scent, give it a try! or find a lavender baby soap!
    my favorite paper towel is viva. some disagree with me, but I like it. it feels like cloth and is thick.

  • Does anyone know if that small amount of soap being used might cause itchy skin? I feel like you’d need a rinse after using the wipes.

  • I’ll be making these baby wipes to use on my granddaughter �������� this will save me a lot of money, thank you so much for sharing this video.

  • I like liquid coconut oil and peroxide and any essential oil, and natural as I can find paper towels. Paper towels have lots of chemicals, softeners, bleach, etc.

  • Horrible idea, because:

    1. Kitchen paper is not flushable.

    2. You should never flush any oil down the loo.

    3. Mold and fecal bacteria will grow there without preservatives.

  • There are definitely a lot of particulars like that to take into consideration. That could be a great level to deliver up. I provide the ideas above as general inspiration but clearly there are questions like the one you convey up where crucial thing will likely be working in trustworthy good faith. I don?t know if best practices have emerged around things like that, however I am positive that your job is clearly recognized as a fair game. Both girls and boys really feel the impact of only a second’s pleasure, for the remainder of their lives.

  • You’re not considering ALL of the ingredients that are in them. The paper towel itself has bleach and who knows what else. Just keep that in mind when you say you know “all” the ingredients that go into your child because you don’t. That’s why I opt for cloth.

  • thank you soooo much! i’m in 5th grade and too cheap to get wet wipes or baby wipes, so i thought i could make them instead and this is the perfect answer! I sweat a lot in my underarms, and so before applying deodorant i need to cleanse them and clean them to get rid of the sweat and then put on the deodorant, because putting it over sweat just makes me sweat more and only keeps my armpits smelling good for 10 minutes. but tysm making these for myself is gonna be funnnn

  • today i made this.this is realy waste. tissue paper is too sticky.and waste my money and more time. i felt too disp..because waste my money.

  • Thank you! I have become kind of obsessed with baby wipes. And I like to keep atleast one packs in my bookbag at all times. I can’t wait to make them. #Respect

  • Thanks for the reminder. I use to make Baby Wipes Before they were invented! Man, I could have been a Millionaire! I eyeballed everything ingredients so I found your video and there were the same ingredients I use to use! I was only shy about 1/2 of a teaspoon! I added Witch hazel you can also use Chamomile. The Witch hazel is Great for those with Hemorrhoids. So Soothing!
    I thought since there is a Booty Frenzy I post my old-time Recipe. Thanks for the Great reminder that us, old Geazzerets still got it!

  • Now that my baby is not one, I still like to keep baby wipes, aka “personal wipes.” Same principle, except I’ve always used distilled water. I’ve recently switched from baby soap to a mild, grown up soap called fruitboost. so if you have a mild shower gel with a really nice scent, give it a try! or find a lavender baby soap!
    my favorite paper towel is viva. some disagree with me, but I like it. it feels like cloth and is thick.

  • all the products that you bought to make the wipes are surely more expensive than just buying a pack of wipes… surely they aren’t that expensive. you can still afford to go out and spend a tenner on a container to make your own in and another tenner for a bottle of baby oil.. haha seems backwards for a saving of $5 a month. thats like £2.50 over here in the UK. I’d save my time and just stop being a cheap ass and buy a pack of bloody wipes haha

  • wipes are not as expensive as buying paper towels. take an old receiving blanket and cut it up and put them in a container with baby soap and water voila.

  • Paper products, such as paper towels can contain dyes, inks, fragrances, chlorine bleach, formaldehyde, adhesives, and other chemicals.

  • Thick 100% cotton paper towels..the organic ones…which hazel,aloe Vera, distilled water and if u need a lil suds…a teaspoon of Dr bronners and ur good to go…this is the best/ safest/ gentlest option…if you want some germ protection…get the tea tree option..or just a few drop of the essential one n ur good..or like she’s using coconut oil with the mixture

  • You will also be surprised by how fast these homemade concoctions will grow mold and mildew, dont make more than you can use fairly quickly

  • how are you saying you have organic wipes when you used bounty paper towels that use bleach and tons of other chemicals. also the lavender from the video just said natural, not organic. A lot of essential oils aren’t made for internal use, yes there may be a slight chance of that but still.

    I’m not trying to knock your method butt you state you’re licensed and with that you should state the correct information.

    Other then that I liked the video.

  • And it’s cheaper to buy baby wash clothes in bulk and reuse. But good idea just the product you have is not good for babies. You should look it up

  • When I make my wipes I usually remove the paper towel innard the brown harder paper in the beginning verses the end, which is super easy to do and on quality PT it is not over-glued and so this way I save a lot of good liquid, which would have been otherwise waisted if I had removed the inner roll at the end. I hope this helps everyone, including our good earth. And thank you for posting this awesome DIY video.

  • This lady talks like such a white girl lol “make sure its organic” not everything has to be organic. Essential oil is just Petroleum, which is bad for your skin, if you didn’t know.

  • Paper products, such as paper towels can contain dyes, inks, fragrances, chlorine bleach, formaldehyde, adhesives, and other chemicals.

  • maybe use organic paper towels or ones that have not been bleached or maybe recycled paper paper towels. just a thought.and distilled or reverse osmosis water.

  • How bout no microwaving due to health issues by Mhz but instead warm the ingredients over the stove or fire? I’m an all natural kinda guy.

  • Great idea. Before removing the cardboard in the middle of the paper towel first pour the liquid over the paper towel then the cardboard will come out easily.

  • Be careful with essential oils from local stores! The FDA only requires 5% of the oil to be in the bottle in order for the company to say it’s 100%. A good indicator that it’s not pure is if it says aromatic use only or has an expiration date. I use Young Living oils only company that shows you the whole process and allows you to come to their farms and be apart of the process!

  • Dry, disposable baby wipes are also an option if you can’t find paper towels. I didn’t even know dry baby wipes existed until recently. I bought a box of 800 dry wipes online because they’re so hard to find in store. Because they’re dry they’ll last a long time since you’re only wetting maybe 50 to 100 at a time depending on your container.
    I also bought a reusable baby wipe dispenser too which is great at keeping your DIY wipes wet.

  • question! I only have baby oil GEL, do you think that this would be effective to? thanks in advance and i love your video, thanks for sharing!

  • Much, much too expensive and bothersome. The fewer ingredients, the less chances a baby will develop a rash. Water wipes are the best, but I’d add coconut oil to inhibit mold growth. Where in the world did you get this recipe, and have you tried it on your baby??

  • Heads up to anyone watching this after today…… Paper towels have chemicals in them most the time, you want to double check the brand you are using to make sure they are bleach free and binder free, and to make sure there are no other chemicals.
    Also paper towels are not flushable so never put them in your toilet, always throw them into a trash. Or even find biodegradable flushable bamboo diaper liners that some will use with cloth diapers to safe poo cleanup, as they are flushable and work well for these types of recipes.

  • Hi! Totally loved your video but did notice you had a bottle of Honest Co. Organic Baby Powder on your baby caddy. Just FYI, they made a voluntary recall on that product. See their website for more details.

  • If you do plastic containers it’s suppose to be warmed first. For glass hot because hot isn’t good for plastic and the chemicals!

  • Thanks Alexis! I will admit I also wondered about the problem of chemicals in paper towels, and I like Alexis’ note about opting for organic paper towels. After searching on google and amazon, there seems to be a lack of organic options (at least I didn’t find any advertised as organic). It’s generally considered a disposeable cleaning product so most people probably aren’t concerned about organic since they’re not eating it! I wonder if anyone has found low-chemical brand that holds up like Bounty…or a brand that claims to make organic paper towels at all… doesn’t appear to recommend any particular paper towels beyond “unbleached” and high percentages of “PCW”…which mean post-consumer waste. Since most “eco-friendly”/”healthy living” discussions of paper towel-use seem to focus on reducing paper waste by using recycled products or cutting paper out altogether as opposed to avoiding chemicals it makes sense that they are recommending this, but I wonder if PCW is actually a less good option than the non-recycled bounty-type variant but like I said not an expert on any of the above here, let alone the risk of chemicals in PCW versus non PCW paper products! In general, this seems like a great money-saving and chemical limiting idea, and then maybe opt for organic store-bought wipes or organic cloth homemade wipes if baby has a bad rash or broken skin just to be on the safe side. Thanks for posting Alexis I love your videos!

  • This is a horrible idea!!! First lavender oil is toxic to skin cells, and the toilet paper contains thousands chemicals along with it being bleached and you are pouring hot tap water which contains chemicals!!! ��

  • Unfortunately, paper industries use chlorine and chlorine dioxide to bleach it. This process creates cancer-causing chemicals such as dioxins and furans, which are in the air and pretty much everywhere else. Also contain formaldehyde

  • This looks SOOO FAKE!! The towels out of the red container look like any other wipes if you can see they look very squared and line up inside and the way she tore it out seems just like what you would buy anywhere. Why didn’t she pull them out of the one she just made????

  • Okee This doesnt make sense….�� how do you get a wipe out, without rolling the rol everytime?? Better to pick from the centre 😉