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Self-Care for the Breastfeeding Mother Nutrition. There are so many myths and old wives’ tales that circulate about what breastfeeding mothers should not eat, Weight Loss. Breastfeeding may help you to lose weight, 2  but postpartum weight loss will depend on your body and your Physical. It’s important to practice good hygiene while you’re breastfeeding, which includes taking a shower or bath every day and cleaning your breasts.

For years, nursing mothers were told not to wash their breasts with soap because it would dry out the nipple area. As a breastfeeding mother, know how to take care of yourself. Keeping yourself well is the best thing for breastfeeding your baby. Here are some tips about taking care of yourself.

Eat to Stay Healthy and to Feed Your Baby. Breastfeeding is important to both baby and mom so Breastmilk Counts wants to help new and expectant mothers with all their baby nursing concerns and needs. If you’re pregnant or breastfeeding and have questions about COVID-19, visit the CDC’s website for the most up-to-date information. When breastfeeding it’s important for mom to feel comfortable, secure and supported.

Discover our self-care tips for breastfeeding moms online at Lansinoh. It’s important to take care of yourself Mama!You know all about the benefits of breastfeeding—and there are lots of them.

But, you may not have expected some of the more uncomfortable aspects. Taking good care of your nipples will help prevent painful issues down the road. Hygiene. Self-Care for the Breastfeeding Mother.

Medically reviewed by Meredith Shur, MD Safety of Birth Control Pills While Breastfeeding. Reviewed by Rebecca Agi, MS, IBCLC Overview of Breastfeeding and Birth Control. Medically reviewed by Meredith Shur, MD Types of.

Establishing a support system is one of the most important things you can do to set yourself up for success in breastfeeding and new motherhood. When you create your support system, you’re creating meaningful connections with other people who will encourage you, care for you, validate you, and hear. Your breasts will go through normal changes while you are breastfeeding. Sometimes breast and nipple problems can develop while you are breastfeeding.

Learn about changes that are normal and those that may be a problem. Breast care can help you prevent and manage problems so you and your baby can enjoy the benefits of breastfeeding. The intervention, a breastfeeding self-care program, was created to improve mothers’ self-efficacy for breastfeeding.

This Breastfeeding Self-Care Program included: information on the advantages and basics of breastfeeding, a breastfeeding checklist to evaluate breastfeeding by mothers and midwives, and a pamphlet and audiovisual materials on breastfeeding.

List of related literature:

nursing the mother continues to breastfeed her own child in addition to the child she takes for a feeding or two per day.

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■ When a baby is not latching on to the breast, it is important to encourage skin-to-skin holding, feed the baby mother’s milk, establish the mother’s milk supply, find hands-on help to correct any problematic situations, and encourage family and friends to help out with household chores.

“Breastfeeding and Human Lactation” by Karen Wambach, Becky Spencer
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Some breastfeeding experts have reported when helping mothers with breastfeeding problems that just placing the mother and baby in unclothed, chest-to-chest contact and allowing time for them to relax together leads to the baby self-attaching and breastfeeding well.

“Supporting Sucking Skills in Breastfeeding Infants” by Catherine Watson Genna
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Gaining the ability to hand express, will help the mother to develop confidence and autonomy in relation to breastfeeding and will provide her with one of the ‘self-help’strategies if a breastfeeding challenge arises.

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• Assist mother with breastfeeding and assess latch-on.

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Mothers who breastfed or provided breast milk for their preterm infants, demonstrated increased self-esteem and maternal role-attainment.

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The woman may feel extremely ill for the first 24 to 48 hours of therapy and may find it difficult to continue breastfeeding, self-care, and newborn care activities.

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During taking-in, new mothers are passive and dependent, requiring rest and supportive nursing care to promote bonding and attachment.

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She will nurse them with her own milk if she can and harken to the voice of nature, which gave her breasts and a supply of milk for the newly born and seems to cry out, “Let her nurse what she has borne as other living things do.”

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The benefits of nursing, or breast-feeding, her infant that accrue to the mother include the feelings of relaxation and nurturing that come from the hormones released with breast-feeding, oxytocin and prolactin (Gotsch and Torgus 1997).

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  • Love love love this video! Thanks for reminding me to take care of myself too. Would you be willing to make a makeup tutorial? Just an everyday makeup ����

  • I just got my body analyzer from them in the mail the other day. Shipping was mad slow and I didn’t get the kitchen scale they promised but looking foward to using it to track my body goals.

  • please continue to motivate me, last year I finally made a decision to change my major to nursing, it took me awhile because I didnt feel that motivation on the field that i was going through, i was so sad and cried every day telling myself I’m so stupid I’ll never graduate. I love kids I just never thought on becoming a NICU. I never felt the drive as I do now I finished my pre requisite and about to take my admission so I’m nervous. the thing is I felt so worthless because my dad keeps telling me “you’ve been in school for 8 years, I can’t keep supporting you like this… when are you going to graduate!? I see kids around you already working at your age, you could’ve made money already…” he has a point but I have my own obstacles that he doesnt understand. if you can’t already tell my dad’s very strict and goes by the book. sorry for this long rant hehe.

  • What surprised me most (as a mom in general) was the vastly different experiences I could have. I am a mother of 2 boys, one is 9, one is 4. One was exclusively breastfed, the other had a mix of breast milk and formula. One I co-slept with, one was a crib sleeper. One I stayed at home with, one was sent to daycare. And yet, despite their different upbringings and personalities, they are both happy and healthy little boys! Also, for one birth I used an epidural, while the other was a natural birth. No judgment here, ever. ❤️

  • I’m so glad you’re taking care of yourself when you feel down. You’re such a great and strong role model for Sydney. ❤️ I want to paint my nails too, but it’s so tough! Great variety of self care ideas!��

  • I always look forward to your videos! You and Sydney are too awesome! Happy Mother’s Day! You definitely give me motivation for my 16 month old son. Thank you!!!

  • That salad in the opener made me hungry. I find it helps me to make sure I hit all the marks in self-care over the course of a week. Daily is not possible. Over a month can be too long a wait. Does she understand that you know it wasn’t an accident and that she cannot do it again and that it does waste food? She was funny trying to make excuses for herself. It is so hard not to laugh sometimes when you are trying to use the situation as a teaching moment. Oh hair. Oh woe is me. I have had thin, fine, poker straight hair all my life. As a kid my barrettes and bobby pins and ponytail bands would slide out of my hair. But the care I have to give it always makes me feel like Sisyphus because I do not come out of whatever I do looking like Julia Roberts with lush, wavy, dark hair. It remains thin, fine, limp, blonde, poker straight unless I put it in a bun or braid or chignon. It’s pathetic. I had strawberry blonde hair as a kid that has darkened into a honey blonde. But my mother had flame red hair in her youth that darkened into auburn and it was thick and curly and coarse and she could do anything with it. We always want what we didn’t get in terms of our looks, I fear. Food is one of my love languages probably because it is so important what we put into the bodies of our loved ones, especially developing children. HERE’S AN IDEA: when Sydney goes to school for first grade which is more like 8am-2pm daily, maybe you could do more recipes as a nutritionist/dietician (I forget which you trained for) and that could expand your channel because you’d have time to work on preparing foods on camera and not have interruptions. You could keep your weekends for family, friends, church, special events and maybe do a bit of Sydney here and there (depending on how she feels about being filmed at that age when she will be coming up on the age of reason @7-8yrs) and the other days of the week do recipes. And then your cooking would be done for dinner before Sydney even got home, so you could focus on her afternoon snack, catching up, homework and not have to do anything but heat supper. Don’t know what you’ll do about proteins if chicken, eggs, cheese et al are all you eat. But by then who knows if we will all be eating the artificial proteins and plant proteins due to the mess in our abattoirs and meat packing plants and food chain. Her being at school all day will give you time to experiment. What brand was that sugar-free French vanilla syrup? Is it your birthday? HAPPY BIRTHDAY! You are a good example to others. We cannot offer ourselves to others if we are not whole within ourselves. We cannot expect others to complete us if we have not found ways to be the most we can possibly be with what God gave us. We cannot expect others to make us happy since happiness is something that is always fleeting and shared, perhaps amidst ongoing contentment. We must offer sharing our good life fully developed with spouses and children and cannot expect them to provide what we cannot manage. We are all a bit sad for what was lost. We are going through a grieving in understanding what will never be as it was again. You are showing people how to live into that with its moments of sadness and give full effort to the creativity to make life the very best it can be with what we’ve been dealt. We are still way better off than most people throughout history have been and we are not sacrificing anything compared to what people in WWII did. Your remaining honest and positive about it all is a help to others to live with these conflicting tensions in life. Perhaps by the time Sydney is in first grade we will live in a much better world that will be more secure for her future because of the lessons we have learned during the pandemic. Not all of the way things were had been good. You are right: self-care is like maintaining a healthy metabolism all day everyday. I take it that it did not occur to Sydney’s father to do anything for your birthday or Mothers’ Day even if on her behalf. He could have planned something with her to begin teaching her and left it outside.

  • Love this video. I’m currently an LPN, going on for my RN. Self care is so important working as a nurse full time. There’s so much burnout at my job and I’m definitely trying to avoid that from happening to me. I love watching your videos and I’m actually thinking about starting a channel to document my life through my RN education and career. I look forward to continuing to watch your channel!

  • Happy Mother’s Day! Just wanted to let you know that I feel so let down and sad when I have to do everything alone…all household jobs, looking after the baby with my husband being super busy at work and not having any time for us. At those times I think of you..the way you do so much being a single mom…and then I muster up all the energy and get back to work and try not to feel bad. You are really an inspiration. More power to you������������…and to all the moms out there❤️❤️
    Sidney is so so sooo cute. ��I so wish she and my daughter could play together…my little one just turned two��

  • I commented some time ago that I was applying for my nursing program and I actually got accepted! I’m super excited and have been binge watching your videos again. I am slightly nervous though because I was informed that I’m one of the youngest accepted (19 years old) and I was wondering if you believe my age will affect anything?

  • I’m literally in the verge of a nervous break down after my exam yesterday!! All I do is study everyday! And I’m not getting the grades that I should be and everything in my life is neglected �� love life/family/friends I forgot about my life and I’m not passing I don’t know what to do but after watching this video you helped 100%!

  • I’m a few days late but wanted to wish my favorite vlogger Happy Mother’s Day! �� I just think the world of you & enjoy all your vlogs. Sydney is blessed to have you as her Mom. You are doing an amazing job. Take care & sending hugs to both of you.��

  • mam meri baby 4 month ki hogyi h mai breast feeding hi deti hu but kuch dino se milk kam bn rh h pls Koch solution btaiye muje tablets nh leni h iske liye

  • I think a big thing, not as a nurse but as someone who has had stressful jobs is to have your thing. If your idea of a treat is to dine out, save during the week and for a couple of weeks and cook and then now and again go spend it on a nice ass dinner. Balance it so when you splurge it is a real “treat yo self” moment.

  • Absolutely love watching your videos you have inspired me not only with my nursing career but also to be a better person and I am all the way from South Africa

  • This is so good to watch! I’m currently trying to get pregnant but I’m also a career woman and apparently I’m crazy to do both! But I’m ready

  • When i hear “girllll”… in the break room. im just like damn it why did i choose this profession… look at all the smart, tough ladies in the field, i take it back. But all in all nursing is awesome. Just a team setting of helping people. Homies are missing out…

  • Happy Mother’s Day �� self-care to me means waking up before my baby every morning and do my time alone with God (prayers and devotional).
    Take care:) and thanks for your videos

  • Hi mam my baby is 2 month old..i like ur vedio i got my ans bt i have hypo thyroid problem.. that is why my weight in increasing during this maternity..plz suggest me wat i should do

  • Happy Belated Mother’s Day to the most amazing mama on YouTube!! I am also a single mother to my 2yro and I look up to you ����❤️❤️ thanks for sharing this wonderful footage xx

  • My self care is a long hot shower,then cream my body, at night. Finally jumping in to a nice clean bed. My favourite thing ever. Love your videos, can’t wait for your next video. She is so sweet God love her little heart, your a good mom.

  • Hey beautiful mamas! Question for you…what surprised you most as a new mom? All your advice and mommy stories have meant the world to me! So grateful to be on this journey together �� xxo Kat

  • Happy belated Mother’s Day! You are such an amazing mama and I’m so glad you took time to also take care of yourself. You deserve it

  • This Mother’s Day was extremely hard for me also. I had a miscarriage last month. Even though I have four living children who I love more then anything Mother’s Day was so difficult. I cried a lot and felt so empty cause the baby I was supposed to be carrying was no longer with us. You are so strong and doing an amazing job raising your beautiful daughter.

  • Self care is maintaining a tidy house, eating well with some delicious treats thrown in, waking up before my toddler in the mornings, and getting to bed at a decent time.

  • Thank you for keeping up with your videos, Hayley. You really keep my life going even if I’m not as put together as you or as most moms.. but you’re a big help to me. You keep me feeling good and atleast try on the daily

  • A mixture of taking care of myself, exercising, and a clean and organized house makes me feel so happy!!! The messy house makes me the most anxious!!! Lol

  • Shopping and time alone makes me happy! I want to cook like you but it’s so hard with a toddler. My daughter constantly grabs at my leg and wants me to play. How do you cook so much with Sydney?

  • Please apne saare sawal hamari website par pooche to Dr. Surabhi Gupta jaldi answer de payengi…

  • Great advice! I start my prerequisites for nursing school in January. I love your videos and they are extremely helpful. Thank you so much! ❤

  • Very very helpful tips I need to start doing some of these tips because I get frustrated at times I need to take of me instead of taking care of everyone else.

  • My husband never buys me nothing for mother’s day. He said I’m not his mother ��‍♀️. So I buy my own mother’s day gift.. mother day is every day

  • Mam maine 3 months tk baby ki breastmilk hi diya hai, pr ab baby kbi-kbi weak sa lgta hai, meri mother-in-law kehti hai k baby ka pait sirf breastmilk se nhi bhrta hai, use formula ki bhi jrurat hoti hai, to kya muje ab formula bhi start kr dena chahiye? Plz jaldi reply kre.

  • Mam mera name sharmila h meri delivery 24oct 2017 m hui h m feed krati hu to chakkar aate h mere baby k face pr funsiya jyada hi ho rhi h uski puri body or face drdra rhta h roj uski malis bhi krti hu phle to Olive oil se krti this or ab rogan badam oil se krti hu iske face pr bal bhi jyada hi h jb ye funcia MIT ti h to us jagh white Nisan Ho jate h aapka ye video bhut hi aachha hor body pr thodi km mene malish aapke btaye gye video m dekhkr krti hu please mam report Katie dena

  • Some more tips for your hair care: use a natural wooden brush for your hair. And you can put some coconut oil on your ends and sculp before you go to bed, so it can nourish your hair at night

  • Girl this video is helpful beyond belief! You are wise beyond your years & so blessed you learned these tips so soon in your nursing career! I am 6 years in and I feel like I only started doing them the last two years and I’ve noticed such an improvement in my life & well being. We must remember care for ourselves first so we can care for others ���� love you & new subbie here!

  • Happy belated Mother’s Day and happy belated birthday! You deserve the best, girl! You’re such a positive inspiration and a bright light for all of us mamas. I loveeee your videos. They keep me uplifted, for sure. You and little girl are the cutest mama daughter duo ever. ❤️

  • Bought some plant starters and indoor plants for Mother’s Day. And did some cleaning inside the house made me feel relax this week.
    Your a great Mom Hailey!
    Hugs to Sydney. Take care. ❤️����

  • Happy belated birthday! & happy Mother’s Day!! You are an inspiration and thank you for reminding us to take care of ourselves to feel good;))
    Love your treats.. that salad looks so refreshing and I will need that caramel for my coffees too!!��

  • Oh ladies, thank you so much for this video! I am positive that the trajectory of my career is where it is because I’m a mama! I am a health educator for child care programs, and I know my personal experiences as a breastfeeding mom and one who’s needed child care have informed my work and my passion for improving the lives of young children….so, as always, thank you and you are an inspiration…xoxo from South Carolina!

  • I am not even a Nurse, however i used to be a tech in the ER, and to be honest i love your CHANNEL �� i work in corrections now, but you have me so wanting to get back into the medical field!! Keep up the great #work

  • Mam mera baby 2 month ki hai.. Use bohat gas ki prblm hai…uske upar aap ek video banaye plz???ur baby ko kynu gas hota hai ye bat b bataye….

  • I am a domestic violence practitioner and find the increasing workload completely unsustainable long term. As a perfectionist it’s hard to let the small stuff go but I’ve found this video helpful.

  • Thank you for all your tips I’m finishing up nursing school and feel like I get trapped in nursing life and forget that it’s a whole world it here so I appreciate those and I definitely love praying and meditating before my day because your right it helps so much looking forward to more of your videos ❤️

  • Arent there 5 love languages? And what is food under? Cause its like touch, acts of service, gifts, etc.. did you mean your love language is gifts?

  • I’m 18 and going to the 2nd year of nursing in Brazil, it feels really good to see videos about nurses and stuff and im loving your vídeos and binge watching all of them.

  • Dont feel so down, hayley! Thats true mom life doesn’t stop. Even if I have a husband, I still feel lonely and so tiiiiired! Hahaha.

  • Great tips. I especially resonated with not sweating the small stuff and protecting our energy. That’s SO important to me. This advice can be used in different work places and in life.

  • I’m not even in the medical field but I love watching all your videos. The advice you give goes a long way & outside of just the life of nurses. I recommend you to my two best friends in nursing school all the time lol Love you��

  • Us with husbands also feel lonely and sad. I think is a feeling that everyone has once in a while specially during these difficult times. Hugs! You are a great mom and woman ❤️

  • I was just thinking of uploading a self care video as my first post! And now I will. You reminded me that I have to care for myself in order to care for my children. Thank you.

  • I love watching your videos.Thank you so much for saving lives everyday!!! You are such an amazing person, giving tips to others and amazingly important information to other nurses/nursing students. When I am older I am going to become a nurse and you have made me want to become one even more with all of your information from your videos. Thank you so much������