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Does Bovine Insulin in Milk Trigger Type 1 Diabetes?

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For a long time, scientists have wondered if there could be a link between baby formula and type 1 diabetes. Type 1 diabetes, unfortunately, appears to be on the rise in children, and doctors and experts in the medical community have been trying to uncover if there could be a common link to explain that rise. Feeding infants who are at risk for type 1 diabetes a formula with proteins that have been broken down didn’t affect their chance of developing the disease.

The results disprove a hypothesis and suggest no change in current guidelines for type 1 diabetes prevention. HELSINKI – Choosing the right formula could stave off infant diabetes, according to a new global study distributed Thursday. Researchers have wondered whether infant formula made from cow’s milk might cause children to develop type 1 diabetes. Studies suggested that early exposure to the complex proteins in cow’s milk might lead the body to mistakenly attack the cells that make insulin. To test this idea, researchers used two formulas.

Infant formula made with hydrolysed casein not does not prevent type 1 diabetes in children with a genetic risk for the condition, a Finnish study concludes. In a follow up of 1744 new-born infants the absolute risk of type 1 diabetes was 8.4% among the 91 babies randomised to the casein hydrolysate compared to 7.6% of those randomised to conventional formula. CHOOSING the right formula could stave off infant diabetes, according to a new global study distributed today. The study showed that if a mother transitions from breastfeeding to “highly hydrolyzed formula”, which is broken down for easier digestion, the infant may have a lower risk of developing type 1 diabetes.

1) Typical cow’s milk baby formula increased the incidence of autoantibodies which are strongly linked to Type 1 Diabetes. Again, Baby Formula and diabetes are linked. 2) A hypoallergenic lactose free baby food reduced the frequency of Type 1 Diabetes by 60%, compared to the control group fed cow’s milk based formula. The researchers noted that neither regular cow’s milk formula, hydrolyzed cow’s milk formula, nor highly hydrolyzed cow’s milk formula given during the first 3 months of life were linked to an increased risk for type 1 diabetes. According to the protocol, all infants were supposed to receive either cows’ milk or formula for a minimum of two months.

Breast feeding was encouraged, and the mothers were asked to add cows’ milk or formula to their infant’s diet at age 6 months at the latest, although most infants included in the study had received supplementation much earlier. May 1, 2008 The reaction of an infant ‘s immature immune system to a protein found in cow’s milk infant formula may explain the suspected link between early consumption of cow’s milk.

List of related literature:

Formula feeding accounts for 2–26% of insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus in children [48, 49].

“Management of Breast Diseases” by Ismail Jatoi, Manfred Kaufmann
from Management of Breast Diseases
by Ismail Jatoi, Manfred Kaufmann
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This further supports and validates other research that has linked early exposure to cow’s milk and cow’s milk-based formula to the development of Type 1 diabetes.

“Timeless Secrets of Health and Rejuvenation” by Andreas Moritz
from Timeless Secrets of Health and Rejuvenation
by Andreas Moritz
Ener-Chi Wellness Press, 2007

Recently it was reported that short-term breastfeeding and early introduction of cow’s milk-based formula increased the risk of type 1 diabetes in genetically susceptible young children because of β-cell autoimmunity (Kimpimäki et al., 2001).

“Mucosal Immunology” by Jiri Mestecky, Michael E. Lamm, Pearay L. Ogra, Warren Strober, John Bienenstock, Jerry R. McGhee, Lloyd Mayer
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Dairy food has been linked to diabetes: Studies done at the University of Helsinki and the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto showed that babies fed dairy-based formula began to develop antibodies for diabetes.

“The Kind Diet: A Simple Guide to Feeling Great, Losing Weight, and Saving the Planet” by Alicia Silverstone, Neal D. Barnard, M.D.
from The Kind Diet: A Simple Guide to Feeling Great, Losing Weight, and Saving the Planet
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Parents with a family history of allergy or diabetes should be carefully counseled regarding the possible outcomes from the use of formula.

“Perinatal Nursing” by Kathleen Rice Simpson, Patricia A. Creehan, Association of Women's Health, Obstetric, and Neonatal Nurses
from Perinatal Nursing
by Kathleen Rice Simpson, Patricia A. Creehan, Association of Women’s Health, Obstetric, and Neonatal Nurses
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In addition, babies born with excess insulin have a higher risk of being obese children and of developing type 2 diabetes as adults.

“General and Oral Pathology for the Dental Hygienist, Enhanced Edition” by Leslie Delong, Nancy W. Burkhart
from General and Oral Pathology for the Dental Hygienist, Enhanced Edition
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There is very little quality research into the use of diabetes-specific formulas for people with diabetes who are enterally fed.

“Advancing Dietetics and Clinical Nutrition E-Book” by Anne Payne, Helen M. Barker
from Advancing Dietetics and Clinical Nutrition E-Book
by Anne Payne, Helen M. Barker
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Other evidence used to support the cows’ milk hypothesis is based on comparisons of the incidence of type 1 diabetes in children who were breastfed for a prolonged period with that of children where infant formula was introduced into the diet before 3–6 months of age.

“Encyclopedia of Dairy Sciences” by John W. Fuquay, Paul L. H. McSweeney, Patrick F. Fox
from Encyclopedia of Dairy Sciences
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■ The formula has not been validated in people with diabetes.

“Nephrology Secrets E-Book” by Edgar V. Lerma, Allen R. Nissenson
from Nephrology Secrets E-Book
by Edgar V. Lerma, Allen R. Nissenson
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rotavirus infection and pancreatic islet autoimmunity in children at risk of developing type 1 diabetes.

“Williams Textbook of Endocrinology E-Book” by Shlomo Melmed, Kenneth S. Polonsky, P. Reed Larsen, Henry M. Kronenberg
from Williams Textbook of Endocrinology E-Book
by Shlomo Melmed, Kenneth S. Polonsky, et. al.
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  • nothing is better than black breast milk. even the slaveowners knew that. mammies would feed their kids!!!! nectar of the gods!!!!!

  • I guess that the symbolism here is that;
    Taking God away from humans is like switching a child from breast feeding to powdered milk.

  • When my mom started going back to work, I basically had to be formula fed the rest of the time. It didn’t help that I liked feeding from a bottle better than mom’s breast, even though Apparently I liked the natural taste better….I just wanted it in a bottle, and she couldn’t pump while she was working
    I believe the aversion was because I was born with autism, and touching people even at that early age made me feel uncomfortable. Even now, I hate kissing, and anything to do with my mouth touching anything on another person’s body.

  • I understand the motivation behind this video but that was sloppy. Your bar for breastmilk being beneficial was way higher than your bar for formula being fine (repeatable well validated studies vs a single study and comparison to history). You should be as rigorous with research on both sides. Also fell into the framing trap of evaluating breastmilk as an intervention and not as the biological norm.

  • Why you say “people who breastfeed other people’s babies” or “lactating person” why “person” instead of “woman”? Is it some pc thing? For me it sounds strange…

  • Not surprised. The best milk is the milk Yahweh blessed us women with. Breastfeed your babies and eat a plant based diet while nursing.

  • Two of my closest friends were never told that not being able to produce enough milk was a possibility (basically their breastfeeding classes implied that if you just kept doing it, your supply would be enough), so they both went through a great deal of misery for the first couple months one of them was basically trying to breastfeed the entire time the baby was awake (and giving an ounce of formula every few hours to make sure he was getting enough calories), and the other wasn’t told by her doctor that she wasn’t producing enough until the baby was two months old turns out, when your baby isn’t hungry all the time, she also doesn’t cry all the time either.

  • This kills me! We’re trying to find a daycare center for my child and the first and only one that we have had a tour with so far told my husband and I that we would not allowed to bring our own homemade baby food there due to peanut allergies and that my child would have to eat their Gerber baby food. No way! I’ll quit my job before subjecting my child to that garbage. I bust my ass nursing her and pumping at work and I’ll be dammed if I throw it all away by giving her food containing high levels of arsenic, led, and cadmium. ��

  • My mother could not breastfeed me she didn’t make enough milk. I was already a small baby, c section very mildly premature, and only weighted 5 11 pound and before she started me on formula I dropped to 5.7 pounds.

  • And there is one more thing to throw in the breast is best motto: jaw growth.
    The mother’s nipple has evolved to guide the growth of the baby’s craniofacial complex through muscle use, which is a part of Wolff’s law (stating that bone grows in the direction of the forces applied to it), and artificial nipples are not accurate substitutions for human nipples because of their differences in liquid delivery. Babies use a combination of muscles, like the buccinators, labia etc. to draw out the milk, but as the mechanics of delivery change, so does the muscle usage in the baby. Through habit, the baby will continue to use an inoptimal swallowing pattern that would influence the growth of their jaws badly, like not creating enough space in the jaws to house the teeth, causing crowding later in life.
    Also as the baby grows up, continued use of the bottle instead of weaning the baby to masticating food will fail to give the baby stimuli for mature swallowing patterns with the tongue and growth of the masseter muscles, which would fail to support the maxilla and mandible. Again, Wolff’s law states that forces influence bone growth, and the force of gravity is always present; it will pull the maxilla and mandibble down and crowd the teeth more, as the tongue and masseters fail to support the jaws.
    As the baby grows up, the tongue and masseters support the jaws to grow horizontally, forwards and outwards, so the jaws do not obstruct the airway as well as to encourage nasal breathing. At this point, there’s more focus on the respiratory system.
    If you’d like to know more, there’s the books 6′ Tiger 3′ Cage, Jaws: The Hidden Epidemic, The Oxygen Advantage (this book tis in the respiratory aspects) and a whole YouTube channel called Orthotropics, dedicated to the titular topic, which is branch of orthodontics that addresses growth of the face instead of just the teeth. I find the knowledge provided to be very important for parents, as it addresses issues that have undergone centuries of scientific disinterest but are now found to play a major role in the growth of a human body (the concept of orthotropics was founded in the late 20th century).

  • You should delete this because this is false information, and I would expect better from you to research these things before posting them, we already have a lot of false information out there the last thing we need is someone with your amount of influence not researching and spreading misinformation.

  • “Breast feeding is only free if the parents time means nothing”. Interesting perspective, I would argue that means her time’s value is even greater because she is taking it to bond with her baby. Also, it’s faster and easier to breast feed than to prepare formulas. Breast milk is on demand. The only way it’s time consuming is if she isn’t pumping so the father can feed while she sleeps or works. Seems this video is lacking a lot of nuance and research. As long as formula is made with cow milk proteins it will be harder to digest than a mother’s milk. Plus there are two stages of breast milk, which for the first 48 hours is not true milk and even more beneficial.

  • breastfeeding exclusive for the first [6 monthes].. what is the wrong if still breastfeeding exclusive for the 8 monthes or one year? Why???

  • This is absolutely absurd-homosexually is part of nature since the dawn of time. We should learn to respect and have empathy for others who are different from us. Not just homosexuality, race, religion, etc. Enough with the hatred and trying to “fix” people. Do not try to fix something that is not broken-fix your perception instead.

  • Just came back from a woman who was quite happy to let her baby starve for a few days until her milk came through more plentiful.
    When I told her the dangers of this she shrugged and told me; “It’s natural for this to happen, we’ve survived thousands of years doing it this way and so will my baby”.
    I don’t know what’s happened to the human population, but I’m going to quit my job (nursing) as I can no longer tolerate the lack of common sense.
    I give it less than 5 days before that baby is in intensive care, and guess who’s going to have to pull miracles out of our arses to save the little tyke? No mention of medical assistance being un-natural then…oh no of course not!

  • I’m so happy to see this! My wife wasn’t able to breastfeed our daughter as often as we were pushed to and we had to supplement formula after our baby was 1-2 m/o. By 3 or 4 months, we had to feed her formula exclusively. My wife felt really bad about this for a while understandably, considering the societal, familial, and medical pressure to breastfeed.

    But our daughter is now almost 13 m/o and remarkably healthy. She’s 95th percentile in length (didn’t get that from her mom, that’s for sure, haha) and 60th in weight. She’s never had any health issues or concerns, is always remarked upon by, well, everybody as being really intelligent, focused, interactive, and happy. I’m admittedly a little biased 😉 but I can’t deny all the evidence that, in our daughter’s case, she’s suffered no adverse effects from drinking formula exclusively since 3-4 m/o.

    Our pediatrician told us that you can get at least most of the benefits exclusive to breastfeeding (those beneficial bacteria, etc mentioned at the end of the video) without having to breastfeed exclusively. He said even just once a day or less is fine. And so my wife breastfed when she could but we didn’t lose sleep over it.

    (Just please don’t take what I’m saying at face value. Like Hank said, ask your doctor not strangers on the internet haha. Obviously research online is super important as well, just check your sources! But I hope our experience (and that’s all it is) can be encouraging to other overwhelmed, overworked parents who just want the best for their kid.)

  • I didn’t produce enough and had to switch to formula exclusively. I just dried up. I was literally formula shamed. It’s a thing and it’s awful.

  • Great and informative video! Also, I love the fact that you never once linked breastfeeding to soley mothers! #guysgalsandnonbinarypals

  • I am super happy that he ended with “Formula is fine”. And not with a ringing endorsement of either. Of course modern formula isn’t going to harm your baby, especially with all the regulations in most countries. I think there is something to be said about the bonding that occurs though when breast feeding. To me, it makes sense to breast feed if you can just for that factor alone. Of course, there is a small percentage of women that can’t for various reasons. To those that don’t produce enough, some of them can produce more by changing their diet, etc. So, there are options out there for everyone really.:)

  • Pretty much everyone in my family was fed with formula, we are all fine, healthy and beautiful, we all went to University also. <3

  • I breastfed and formula fed my son and he turned out wonderful. He is very intelligent and smart at just 5 years old. Doesn’t matter which method the baby will be fine.

  • You didn’t mention the bond that increases between mother and baby because of breastfeeding. Babies who breastfeed are also held more than formula counterparts. Babies looooove the breast. Mine literally gets excited when I nurse him to sleep. The bond is priceless and I think it will help them develop emotional intelligence in future.

  • Dr. Greger, Looks like you lost your hair cause some one worried you.
    Was that a COW or was she a GOAT.
    Did she took you to court for Child support. And now you make videos to pay back.

  • Not mentioned is the diet of the mother, if she’s deficient or loaded with toxins, it’s all passed on. I read recently that in some areas human milk wouldn’t meet quality standards, partly because of fertilizer, insecticide, drugs (traces now found in tap water) and heavy metals found in it.

  • you know that all babies should be breast fed because babies that are breast fed are much more healthier and don’t suffer from childhood illnesses but what you said about parents not producing enough milk is true but that does not make a excuse not to breast feed. so if you are a healthy parent to give your baby the correct amount of breast milk then breast feeding is an option

  • grass-fed healthy cow raw milk??? what about other animals? What about
    the cleanest most nutritious milk from humans other than your mother?:o
    and difference in effects at varying ages?.. PLEASE ANSWER!

  • Thank you for using the word ‘parent’ instead of simply ‘mother’. Not only mothers feed the baby, and not everyone who lactates and nurses may identify as a woman. A small detail, but appreciated.

  • if you’re a stupid person, you probably watched < the first minute and assumed the video claims formula is better than breast milk.
    the video says breast milk is best, except when it’s not. we don’t need parent-shaming out of ignorance. don’t be that person.

  • Fact is milk from another animal irregardless is not normal behaviour no matter how much anybody likes to argue for it, no other species on earth does it. It its not nature’s intended way. It cant be justified from a sane perspective, its purely sold to the sleeping masses as a, for profit commodity and they believe it it like santa clause.

  • If only you would have made this two years ago it would have helped me so much. Thank you! I failed to breastfeed my baby because of reason (really, really big, health-related reasons) and I felt like I had failed as a mother and had ruined my baby’s life. It was a really hard period of my life and I had felt so much better if someone would just have told me formula is fine. Today my child is a healthy, happy toddler and I love him more than anything. Thank you again! You have no idea how much this video means to me.

  • Formula: The science is in! Formula is better!
    Whoops turns out that was a lie brought on by capitalism.
    Formula: No really this time! The science is in! Formula is better!
    Whoops turns out they were trying to starve African babies to make a buck…
    Yeah sorry no. The only place “formula is better” comes from is desire to sell a product no one needs.
    Fool me seven times, shame on you. Fool me eight or more times, shame on me.

  • I don’t get why colostrum wasn’t mentioned as well as the antibodies that are passed to the baby, and the fact that the vitamin D in formula is not as easily absorbed as vitamin D in breastmilk. There are actual benefits that you can’t get with formula. I don’t think that mentioning those things would have taken away from the driving point that it’s ok not to breastfeed, because it is, and formula is better if the mother can’t produce milk or is taking needed medications, etc.

    I went to a one-time intro to breastfeeding class when I was pregnant, they discussed the benefits over formula, but also emphasized that you aren’t a bad mom if you can’t breastfeed. One of the things that stuck with me I’ve repeated to people who felt guilty about using formula: “if you can breastfeed the first day, that’s great! The baby will receive the colostrum you produce and get a great start. If you can breastfeed the first week, that’s great! Your baby will benefit by having your antibodies passed to them during that time and have a great start…” She went on to praise a month, 3 months, 6 months and so on. The message was that regardless of what you can do and for how long, any of it is beneficial and you’re doing a great job. I wish more women were told the same thing. I especially needed it because at the time my husband (now ex) told me if I didn’t exclusively breastfeed then I didn’t want what was best for our baby, and threw out any sample formula I received. I was really afraid I wouldnt be able to breastfeed until I went to the class. He was a colossal douche lol

  • I think that there may be a point in this, I am not a scientist but my research does show that soy milk does affect estrogen in children. I believe that if baby formula has soymilk it can create a hormonal imbalance in babies. Lots of baby boys in my family who have breast growth that never went away into adult hood.

  • Formula babies have to use more blood in their gut to process the artificial powder. More blood in the gut means less blood in the brain.

  • Soy. I’ve read that some countries have limited the amount of formula that male babies can ingest due to soy causing feminine traits.

  • In 2008, when our boy was born, the mantra was more like “breastfeed or die!” I did my own homework and decided the evidence was flimsy. But that was after we’d been through the severe trauma in order to get breastfeeding working, lest we become evildoers of formula. So much pain and suffering for parents and babies trying to force breastfeeding when it’s not working. It’s so great that the truth is coming out. If you can breastfeed, great. If you can’t, don’t worry about it.

  • I breastfed my daughter and had enough milk for twins. I pumped when I went back to work. When I switched her to formula I had to switch her three to four times to get one she could tolerate. If it was for the WIC program I wouldn’t have been able to afford it at all.

  • We still don’t know way too much, but i’d say go with what worked for a few millions of years over what’s been invented less than a century ago. Also, this is kind of ignoring the whole bonding and closeness aspect of the issue, babies aren’t toys you need to occasionally feed and wash, and the modern mindset, especially of those pro formula, converts them to exactly that.

  • Thank you so much for this! The ‘breast is best’ was pushed so much when I was pregnant that I felt so much shame and guilt that I couldn’t produce after birth. I already felt like a bad mom because I already couldn’t provide the best for my child. Thank you so much

  • My mom didn’t have milk and the deranged doctors told her formula is horrible and that she should wait for her milk to come however long so I spent 1st 3 days of my life on chamomile tea… Yeah, end of 80s in Europe, doc should’ve known better. Thankfully I ate formula after that and have 0 health issues. So don’t fret, other factors are way more important, like playing in dirt

  • Since my mome lactated a lot, she would secretly give my dad breast milk with chocolate, and after 2 years of drinking chocolate milk, my dad diabetes disappeared, (he was starting to have diabetes, and didn’t need insulin shots yet.). He stopped drinking breast milk bc he descovered her scheme xD I don’t know why people get so disgusted for human breast milk if they drink milk from a cow…. and its better milk.

  • Formula is fine if breastfeeding isn’t working out for whatever reason but most research I have seen suggests that only 2 to 4 percent of women can’t make adequate milk.

  • Best time of my life, I finally had decent size breasts & a reason to have them out in public! Was a bit ahead of my time in 1982.

  • My younger sister ate so much when she was born that at 2 weeks my parents were having to feed her formula with mashed up soggy corn flakes just to keep her full for a minute.

  • Disappointed in Bro. Karama. This story is a fake and it’s easy to research. The website EMPIRE HERALD is a “Satirical site for satirical folks” according to the website. That means FAKE/COMEDY (satire). That plus, mis-pronouncing every damn word in the news story. We want news brother. Research your shit and then rehearse it.

  • That’s interesting. I know in my family my grandma didn’t want to use formula because of the cost… But she just couldn’t breastfeed. It was impossible due to a condition. Which was bad because they didn’t have a lot of money and formula is $$$. So I am definitely pro helping women do it properly but just pushing one or the other with fear tactics and ignoring the mother’s reality is in itself dangerous. Imagine if my grandma had been made scared of formula! She had no other options.

  • Well for some. one with a little brains and IQ… The name is enough to decide… “Formula Milk”…. The best thing for baby is mothers brest milk or milk not these dirty chemicals…

  • Not true! The more you breastfeed the more milk you have!!! It’s a simple Demand-Supply relationship. If you feed your baby formula additionally, they’ll drink less of your milk, so your body will produce less milk. So if you want to breastfeed, don’t give formula (or only minimum very rarely) But if you choose formula for whatever reason, no judgement here, do what’s best in your opinion:))
    I’m just giving a tip to those who want to breastfeed (like I did, and I was given this valuable tip when I was a young mommy).

  • The depopulation clique want their childen and descendants to have more and more land, room, and space each generation. So the Rockefellers and other megalomaniacal divine right billionaire clans have been using hormones to increase homosexuality for decades. These hormones are in plastics, toiletries, food packaging, and the food itself.

  • Are you using “parent” instead of “mother” to refer to the milk-producing parent just in case it’s ever happened that a man fathered a child, then underwent sex-change procedures that took effect so quickly that by the time the child was born, he was now a she and could breast feed the infant? I’m an old man. I try to be tolerant, as the times now demand, but that scenario just seems wrong to me. I consider that only mothers can breast feed, not “parents.”

  • I can’t stand it when I look in the comments section and STILL see black people say this needs praying on or we need to pray about this. Only a fool would say something as weak as that. Pray when there needs to be actions taken in the ralm of REALITY!
    I’m not putting down anyone’s fath but I’m not gonna apologize ether because too many Black people keep saying the same’ol �� for decades now. Get MAD and let’s make moves!

  • Every time Hank mentioned “parents mak(ing) milk” I snickered. Last time I checked ONLY THE MOTHERS make any milk! (I nursed our 3, 44 months total.)

  • Oooh please this is just a shame to even here,like why can’t they just make safe food I make my own baby food with organic vegetables and fruits

  • OF course they doing it,im not surprise…and whats sad if you tell a gay person this they would swear up and down they born that way.. im like no it was done to YOU


  • Main Stream Media, CDC and FDA are such HYPOCRITES. Oh they are all
    outrage by heavy metal in baby food but have no problem with injecting
    heavy metal and other TOXINS straight into the bloodstreams of New Born
    Infants, Children, and Pregnant Woman. Injecting heavy metals into your body vs
    digesting heavy metal is different the circulation system is a close
    system there is no where for the metals to go but the brain,organs and
    tissue. 72 vaccines by the time your 18 will BIOL-ACCUMULATION. 26
    vaccines by the time your 7 years old will cause damage or even death.
    Digesting it there is a chance you will just shit it out. HYPOCRITES

  • Thank you for this video! My baby has an aggressive appetite. He only lost 4% of his body weight in the first week of life instead of the usual 10% and he gained it back plus an extra pound by his third week of life which his pediatrician was very impressed by. My right breast has stopped producing milk and the lactation consultants I’ve seen (plus my OBGYB) don’t know why. Lastly, my son was diagnosed with dysphasia with laryngeal penetration. He quite literally inhales his food and therefore needs to be on thickened liquids to feed safely. This means I can no longer nurse my baby and I have to thicken his food. The thickener needs to be added to a liquid at 100 degrees to mix properly, sit for at least five minutes to fully incorporate and is only stable in a breast milk bottle for 3 hours after mixing. Prepping a breast milk bottle can take up to 25 minutes and I can’t leave it out for up to six hours like a normal breast milk bottle if he doesn’t finish what I am able to produce. I can’t prep bottles ahead of time because it’s not recommended to reheat breast milk. Plus all that time spent pumping, prepping and then finally feeding my baby is extremely time consuming so we’ve resorted to formula for half of my son’s feeds. My husband and I formula feed at night, breast feed during the day and supplement with formula when he’s still hungry after a breast milk bottle. I’m constantly chastised by family and friends for not exclusively breastfeeding my baby and random people seem very entitled to give me their two cents on the topic, too. It’s extremely frustrating because I feel like I shouldn’t have to explain our circumstances to people and even when I take the time to do so, people still have this disapproving attitude to them.

  • Good companies?? Do no kid yourself these companies are part of the establishment. It is alot easier being king in a land of fools. When is the last time you looked at your food? Monsanto was not a accident or the same neurotoxins in your vaccine. Compromised immune systems create the medical industry and legal system. Why do disabled have high rates of neurotoxins in their hair folicles.

  • The reason this is happening comes from the supplier of the reagents for these foods. They come from China and there is no requirement to be listed on the label. It’s the same as strawberry jam. A frozen strawberry slurry is purchased from China and made into jam in a plant in the United States. The label then claims it is a product made in the USA. If your strawberry jam doesn’t seem to have any whole strawberries in it that is a sign the reagent (in this case, strawberries) of the product comes from China.

  • My oldest son was allergic to breast milk so we raied him on Soya Milk formula, for about 3 years ( called Wysoy) he was feminine from the start and grew up totally gay and as camp as a camp thing. Total drama queen to be Frank, almost as bad as his mother.

  • This story is a hoax, I can’t believe how many black news outlets are running this story. Do your due dillegence and confirn claims before reporting them. As far as the emasculation of the black man, dont blame the white man. How many of are children are left to be raised by single mothers? How many of our entertainers rap about gaining material junk as status symbols? Fendi, Gucci and the like. I saw a video where 2 rappers were arguing in a mall and they were holding big pink bags of designer clothes while acting hard.

  • Formula is a tough situation…it is worth going back to the drawingboard to check these things!!! We can improve, but do not beat oneself up in any percieved shortcoming, Grace may be found in our Good Father!

  • I would have to agree with this because our food is so “tainted” I would not be surprised they put it into baby formula. This is an “effective way” to decrease the population. Without the male, you cannot procreate. At the same time, many ask why would God send homosexuals to hell, when it was not their fault for turning out this way due to these factors.

    There must be some other agenda…I do know that Hollywood, and the entertainment industry is mostly “transgender” people (FTM’s and MTF’s)…

    Many boys are lusting after so-called women who are actually men disguised as women vice versa. Couples in the media area supposedly transgender, too, (a biological female with a transgender male) “to make one think” that homosexuality is normal. God have mercy on us…Revelation 21 KJV

    Humans question homosexuality, but how do you explain bestiality? These two issues go hand in hand. Also, how do you explain many “converting” back to heterosexuality?

  • This is totally false such a study has never been done. There has been done studies on breastfed vs Baby formula but only lasted couple years and had nothing to do with homisexuality. Just a quick research would have stopped you from making a stupid video spreading controversy

  • Ive done alot of reading that suggests its the soy in these products is the culprit for increasing homosexual behavior in men and women… Soy is only good for us in a fermented form, eating it in its natural state can cause changes to our hormones especially in babies… All that infant formula has high amounts of soy in it… Also, the soy we get here is mostly GMO, either way, it was never meant to be consumed unless fermented, the way the Japanese people eat it… They figured it out a long time ago…

  • they say this is satire but make no mistake the Devils in high positions have gay and effeminate agendas.. and have chemicals that can manipulate brain activity of a baby and child and make one think they were born gay..

  • Hey everyone, someone I know has type 1 diabetes.. I need help on how to cure it. She is not vegan by the way but she is willing to go vegan if it helps cure it. Any information and/or doctors you can link me or refer me to would be amazing. Thank you very much

  • from what ive seen, “breast is best” is used almost exclusively to shame mothers who for whatever reason cant breastfeed. my mom got it a lot, even though she didnt breastfeed me because she just couldnt produce enough milk. she switched me to formula because she would nurse me for hours and i was still starving, yet other mothers (and of course a quite frankly ridiculous amount of men) who assumed they knew what was best for both of us shamed her for not breastfeeding me.

  • don’t use fertilizers either use your waste from left overs are fertilizers. cultivate worms etc. stop the stupidity please it’s killing us!

  • grow your own food they don’t only put it in baby’s food but in the food you eat as well. too lazy to grow your own food. groceries are the results of short life span.

  • I’m gay and I was fed formula so maybe there’s truth to this. Either way I’d like some of that KOH for my college classmate. Hopefully it works on guys in their 20s as well.

  • It doesn’t matter that Empire News is a fake news website. Some folks are just going to believe that this article is based on an authentic study even if you show them Empire News produces works of fiction/satire.

  • So much homosexuality in Ancient civilization without a drop of Similac, this is hilarious though. As one of your probably 10 white followers, Boyce you’re making me lose it.

  • At minute mark 8.51 onward, it was expressed that people shouldn’t be told that “they have to breadfeed”. I have three breastfed children, and no one ever told me or reported that they were told, you “have to breastfeed” for any reason. I am a “breast is best” mama, as long as the mechanisms of breastfeeding for mama and baby are well functional. In addition, if for some reason my sanity and life is in observable jeopardy, then I do not have a justification to not provide nature’s best food for the youngest members of mankind. If needed though, I would turn to substitute milks that are from nature, but not from a manufacturer, if avoidable!

  • I’m not saying that it caused it or didn’t cause it but we need to be mindful of all of the chemicals that we are putting in our bodies as adults as well as our children because our children depend on us for their health until they are of Age to understand and depend on themselves… God’s word says my people perish for lack of knowledge so let us educate ourselves instead of pushing information away because it sounds unrealistic

  • some of my best friends are “white”. we calls each other “human”. what a company may do not do and know or not know is a seperate ishoo. we are all sinners and some sin more than othas for our 30 silvas

  • These videos are interesting but I’ve noticed that he mispronounces a lot of names. Like Kaepernick & now Cambridge (I thought it was pronounced, Came-bridge).

  • Breast fed encourages bonding. Baby formula is so unattached and cold. They feed and destroy people at birth. They manipulate us for the worst.

  • That’s why I had a natural birth and now breastfeeding my three month old baby but I still give him formula I’m going to try to work on my milk supply so I can cut the formula out

  • That’s why I had a natural birth and now breastfeeding my three month old baby but I still give him formula I’m going to try to work on my milk supply so I can cut the formula out

  • Arsenic in the rice grown in this country is higher than other countries. So if a baby is being said any food that contains rice or rice cereal that comes from the USA, it would stand to reason it would be full of arsenic.

  • Super-rich clans put these synthetic hormones in their products because they: Are fearful of retribution for their deeds, and want population control so should people get fed up, there will not beas many; Are just plain greedy and want more room, power, everything; just like doing dirt on a large scale.

  • Take a trip to a whole foods market, and look at the labels. When you see phrases like “NO BPA’s”. Write them down. Google those chemicals and see what they can do to a baby in the womb, a child, and an adult. Look up “BPA’s” and Xenoestrogens. Synthetic hormones can and do cause lesbianism and homosexuality.

  • Formula, a heavily processed milk is fine for newborns? Next, this dude is gonna tell us that cola is safe as replacement for water.

  • This is ridiculous have you ever even looked at the ingredients on a formula can?! The first ingredients are corn syrup and oil it’s no wonder that it causes obesity it’s like sugar poison for babies. And that’s not even considering the organic formula that have been shown to have arsenic in it

  • You know studies are strecthing it a little bit when they relate breast feed with SALARY, there are so many variables to track on that.

  • THINK people, they put this info, ( That’s actually TRUE) on a “Parody” website so YOU won’t take it seriously, THINK about it……

  • I wasn’t breastfed and my IQ is above average guineas. I was allergic to breastmilk. My mom tried though sadly my parents found out three days later I wasn’t growing so they had to give me formula I was in the hospital for a weak having to be treated for severe allergic reactions to the breastmilk. I am very lucky to be alive today. I am very grateful for modern medicine.

  • Lol dumb felon can’t research to save his life. Quoting satire websites running with story. Boyce Watkins finally put disclaimer because all this trash being posted to channel.

  • did this mam go to school? the way he constantly mispronounces simple words is bothersome and quite frankly annoys the phuck out of me. why isn’t he practicing first. geez, I’m trained to read and it is a talent enhanced by practice. get it together before you mispronounce another flipping word. “CAM-bridge” or is it pronounced “Came-bridge”? come on man, dammit!!!!

  • I don’t wanna be THAT person, but I’m going to be THAT person anyways and say: parents that breastfeed???? As far as I know, only MOTHERS have the physical ability to breastfeed ��

  • i did here way back when that the formula is based off of the nutrition thats not fit for people of color, but ive always had a lil suspicion about the formula….. the whole powder and just add water thing didnt sit well with me………..but good vid and topic bro, my wife and i are going to have a good discussion on the way back home to the s.s of the chi form the burbs

  • Slow news day? We are reporting news from fake satirical sites now? What’s next onion news? There is no such study at Cambridge and the doctor credited with the find isn’t even on the faculty list nor is it published on any reputable medicine/science journal. Longitudinal studies like the one proposed would need strong statistical correlation and controls which I was expecting to find. Does he just rely on self reporting a la kinsey scale again? I wanted to see how they addressed confounding factors to end the correlation does not equate to causation quip people like to say.

  • Diabetes in babies is not prevented by breastfeeding, it’s the ridiculously high amounts of sugar in formula. It causes predisposition for obesity. How on earth do people feed their babies some powder that they don’t even know what it has or how it is made. People are wired to trust their doctors, nestle and other know this and abuse this to have them recomend formula for a kickback.

  • It is INSANE how much mothers tear each other down on the internet. Your not a “real” mother if you don’t breastfeed, if you don’t have a vaginal birth, if you used any sort of pain blockers, etc. I was doing research on C-sections about a year ago for something completely unrelated and found a blog written by a mother who had to have one. She wanted a natural birth, but there was a medical complication and she had to have a C-section to save her life as well as her baby. PEOPLE WERE LEGIT TELLING HER THAT SHE SHOULDN’T CALL HERSELF A REAL MOTHER OR A GOOD MOTHER, because she “put her own convenience and comfort ahead of her baby’s needs”, right there in the comments. Saying that she didn’t “really” give birth. It was DISGUSTING. Every birth is different, and every baby is different. There are some horrible stories out there, but for the vast majority of the time, EVERY mother does what’s best for her baby and her circumstances. Full stop. Trust that Mommy has her baby’s interest at heart unless you 100% have reason to suspect otherwise, and stop putting your nose where it doesn’t belong.

  • Do you ever do any research or you just believe anything that you read on the Internet
    This story is not true. It is from a hoax/satire website.

  • I can understand that Bovine Insulin trigger Type 1 diabetes. But Icelandic cows also have bovine insulin in their milk, don’t they? Why the low incidence of T1D in Iceland?

  • Dr. Phil Valentine told us this fact years ago I’m glad my wife and I breastfeed as much as possible. We also bougt formula as a emergency back up to breast milk. Juice plus is a great addition to childrens nutrition, its expensive but seems to be well worth the cost.

  • Dude, fact check. You can’t be embarrassing your brand like this. You just lost a lot of credibility for regurgitating bad information. This is a problem in the black community. Lack of critical thinking and buying into what ever caters to your victim hood complex.

  • Please take this video down for your own credibility. You should have done more reaearch before running this story, as it is very much fake. You can clearly see what studies Cambridge has done online and this was not one of them.

  • This very formula was invented in 1865. So what your saying is Homosexuality has only been around for 151 years? You can’t be serious. We shouldn’t consume anything that’s not natural or modified. GMO’S & Vaccines


  • sorry i dislike you:( this is not deadliest and this is not for yours this is for nestle and why you keep deadliest they also delete it because of you

  • Um… They do know that dirty water isn’t so good. They just don’t have access to fresh clean water. And they have to walk up to 8 kilometers to fetch water. That’s not ignorance. And in Poland we have running water and electricity and no bears running down the streets. We’re middle Europe and I wouldn’t call us third world exactly…

  • I’m curious why it is offered up that some people need more protection from advertising than others?  Its capable of being pernicious but shouldn’t everyone be protected from that?  What are the advertising standards authorities doing in these countries?

  • Hey thanks, im doing a project on this atm for my business ethics class at uni, would you by any chance have your references that i can go over? since this information is brilliant but useless if i cant back it up with references, thanks:)

  • Well I was formula fed. My husband was breast fed till he was 3 and he and his brother get sick worse then I do������ so idk bout this.

  • I just don’t understand how women in these rural areas, surrounded by community and maternal culture, don’t opt to breastfeed especially when they simply can’t afford the formula. Breastmilk is perfect free milk for your baby. All you have to do is nourish yourself and frequently nurse or express from birth. Yes, easier said than done, there’s a learning curve but impoverished moms have to deal with a lot harder stuff than nursing struggles. The formula companies have been pulling this stunt in developing countries for decades. Ladies, your milk is far superior but don’t feel ashamed if you have to formula feed. I’d only suggest trying to pump instead if it’s still early days.

  • Drinking soda pop makes you age fast and it damages your DNA. Pop also makes you gain weight,decays teeth,lowers the immune system. The Aspartame in diet pops can give you brain tumors,seizures and it destroys brain cells.

  • Is there anything actually wrong with baby formula? Is there something in baby formula that should not be there? Everything else is just hype bait.

  • Not only the dirty water. But all the chemicals and shit they put into formula. No one bothers to check ingredients. They’re caked in GMO’s. They are selling poison to babies at a high price.

    I live in the U.K and it’s all promoted on bottle fed babies. The plastic in the bottles. The latex on the teat.

    It’s all about money. Formula milk isn’t cheap and definitely not kind on the tummy.. Breast milk has way more benefits than formula. You are creating the babies body to fight against infection.

    This is part of the hidden agenda. They’re poisoning us in many ways. Vaccines, the sky, tap water, microwaves, WiFi, 5G……Agenda 21 2030, Depopulation. Research it. And let’s not allow the corrupt government to kill us.

  • babay “formula” is chemicals which no developing infant child should have.
    sisters stop being vain and lazy. im sure many of yall lets ya man drink from your breast but wont feed your own damn child. shame on you trifling heffas.

    and it’s herbs out there to increase your milk supply so don’t come with no “i couldn’t produce” bullshit.

  • Please Dr. Greger reply to my question:
    My nephew is 15 and has type.1 diabetes. My question is… theoretically if he stops consuming milk protein for ever. the autoimmune reaction which kills beta cells will never occur again? since he is only 15 he can still grow some beta cells and theoretically not inject any insulin in the future?

  • In 2008, the NEJM reported that they know the 4 components (w/possible 5th) that cause Type 1 Diabetes in infants. They describe the following as the “perfect storm”.
    1) genetic predisposition
    2) intestinal permeability most likely passed on by mothers with gluten (gliadin) intolerance or celiac spru.
    3) bovine protein from the introduction of milk. (the bovine engages the immune system, collateral damage occurs because of molecular mimicry (the immune system mistakes your beta cells for the targeted bovine.
    (auto-immune 101) (they did not call out Similac but it is a milk substitute that is made with both gluten and milk.
    4) Chromium/Vanadium deficiencies
    5) MMR vaccine is linked to the onset of type 1 diabetes (see multiple studies in NEJM and
    I slipped into a 10 day diabetic comma 4 days after my first MMR vaccine at age 13 months. I had the genetic predisposition, my mother had Celiac Spru while pregnant with me and I was only given Similac.
    That is what led me to do 5 years of research on the cause and how to reverse it by addressing and eliminating the cause. I had the perfect storm and only 1 day after that first MMR vaccine I stopped walking and talking (signs of a major vaccine injury) On the 4th day after the MMR is when my mother found me unresponsive. You piece it together for your self. There is a big reason that these studies never hit the alphabet news, it would impact three major multi-hundred-billion dollar industries: grain, milk and big Pharma. We will never hear about this in the good old USA because the FDA will not allow this information to get out.

  • Interesting When I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in 1977 human insulin was not yet available and the first insulin they gave me was…….bovine insulin, at each injection site I came out in huge hives and the insulin was not absorbed. When they switched me to porcine (pig) insulin the hives stopped.

    I am not suggesting this proves the hypothesis just making an observation that bovine insulin was certainly triggering an immune response in me.

    As a side note I was and remain highly intolerant to dairy products.

  • Dr. Greger, Are you a FAKE Doctor?

    You should be Ashamed that you fear monger the common public about everyday foods. Did your mom not feed you the Cows milk. Do you get paid to do this kind of dirty work.

    Don’t you have a better thing to do.
    Go wash the damn dishes if you don’t have any thing better to do.

  • The Jersey and Guernsey dairy cows produce the highest amount of A2 casein milk then all other breeds. Some Italian breeds of dairy cows are also very high. The bovine insulin is a good idea to study. Thank you Dr Greger for discussing this subject.

  • Yes!!! So many women are shamed for not wanting to breast feed or feel guilty for not being able to! It’s also really hard for moms going back to work, depending on their jobs, to keep a regular pumping schedule! The shame has to end!

  • I love your videos and your wisdom Dr.Greger, but I honestly think that popping up on them makes it less likely for the video to be credible? It’s just that from that point on it looks like it’s more a video of your personal opinion instead of a research based share of information.

  • Body type too. I was told that it didn’t matter if I had flat nipples, it did. I had to stop nursing both my kids because my flat nips were ripping off.

  • im unable to pull up the empire article referred to. says webpage not available. anybody else having this problem? or know where to find the study itself. im not saying its true or not true, i dont put anything past these ppl, but i need some facts. i like to do my own research

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