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Causes of Low Self Esteem in Kids Comparisons With Others. Somewhere between six and 11 years of age, children begin to actively compare themselves to Feeling Incompetent. As Erikson noted, some children come to realize that their efforts are not as good as those of.

Studies show that there are increasing cases of children having low self esteem in modern times. The fierce competition and the mentality of the society cause the child to have a low self esteem. Low self esteem can be described as a psychological condition in which the child loses all confidence in. Low self-esteem in children tends to be related to physical punishment and withholding of love and affection by parents.

Carl Rogerswould describe this as conditional positive regard, whereby individuals only receive positive attention from significant others (such as parents) when they act in a certain way. Anxiety, Impulse Control, and Poor Self-Esteem My son has what’s called “combined type” ADHD (both inattentive and hyperactive /impulsive). When researching why he constantly. Causes of Low Self-Esteem.

Most of the time it stems from our childhood. Here’re some negative early experiences that lead to low self-esteem: [1] Frequent punishment; Frequent neglect; Chronic abuse; Harsh parental standards; Being bullied/boycotted; Being on the receiving end of someone else’s stress or despair; Lack of praise, warmth and affection. Possible Causes Of Low Self Esteem Negative Self Talk I am not good enough. I can’t do math. My grammar is bad.

I am bad at sports. I can’t talk with girls/boys. I can’t speak in front of a crowd. I am always badly dressed.

I don’t look good. Environmental Causes Education Unfair Comparisons Wrong. This finding is key–parents should recognize that even teenagers deemed physically attractive are vulnerable to low self-esteem and confidence. These can manifest in various ways, from inability to accept compliments to self-critical comments. When you have low self esteem, due to thinking negative (or not very positive) thoughts about yourself, you will naturally suffer from the following types of negative effects of low self esteem: Less happiness and enjoyment in life.

What causes low self-esteem? If a young person’s self-esteem is low, they think negatively about their own abilities and worth. The more often they have these thoughts, the lower their self-esteem is likely to be.

Some common causes of low self-esteem in young people include: Negative friends or peers. Unrealistic goals. Being bullied.

More Causes Of Low Self Esteem This generation, unfortunately, is at a disadvantage because it must now contend with two additional obstacles to internalizing self-worth: social media and parental over-involvement due to the increased competitiveness of college admissions.

List of related literature:

NURTURING SELF-ESTEEM There are several external factors that affect the development of selfesteem in all children.

“Teaching Social Skills to Students with Visual Impairments: From Theory to Practice” by Sharon Sacks, Karen E. Wolffe
from Teaching Social Skills to Students with Visual Impairments: From Theory to Practice
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For example, the psychologist Martin Seligman (1995b, p. 27) said in a book on child rearing that by focusing on self-esteem “parents and teachers are making this generation of children more vulnerable to depression.”

“Self-Esteem Research, Theory, and Practice: Toward a Positive Psychology of Self-Esteem, Third Edition” by Christopher J. J. Mruk, PhD
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Children with high self-esteem tend to have parents who themselves have high self-esteem and who are warm, nurturing, and accepting of their children while setting high academic and behavioral standards.

“Encyclopedia of Special Education: A Reference for the Education of Children, Adolescents, and Adults with Disabilities and Other Exceptional Individuals” by Cecil R. Reynolds, Elaine Fletcher-Janzen
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Young children often have an inflated and unrealistically positive self-esteem (“I’m Superman”) because of the constant verbal reinforcement that they receive from the adults in their lives and their lack of exposure to failure or frustration.

“The Motivation Breakthrough: 6 Secrets to Turning On the Tuned-Out Child” by Richard Lavoie
from The Motivation Breakthrough: 6 Secrets to Turning On the Tuned-Out Child
by Richard Lavoie
Atria Books, 2008

According to Harter, children with high self-esteem display confidence, curiosity, and adaptive reactions to change or stress while children with low self-esteem do not.

“Theories in Educational Psychology: Concise Guide to Meaning and Practice” by Alyssa R. Gonzalez-DeHass, Patricia P. Willems
from Theories in Educational Psychology: Concise Guide to Meaning and Practice
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  • I don’t remember my childhood at all. what the hell is that about?
    I only remember my mom was mean, and my dad would d3fend me, then they would fight.. help me?

  • Lisa….I have been watching your videos and I purchased “the road back to me” all I can say is thank you for the work you have done because it has given me insight on things about myself I did not understand. I am beginning my journey to being the me I deserve to be. I am enjoying building myself… it is scary sometimes because I am learning to step out of my false comfort zone but I can feel a new woman emerging day by day. just wanted to say thank you for sharing your story. Maybe one day God will use me to share my own.

  • Thank you Lisa you say things no one else has figured out how to say. You make me laugh and cry all in one video. You give me hope, new understandings (like I am not responsible for how my parent feels, wow) you give me skills and you very possibly-saved my life. It’s getting easier and I am laughing more than I am crying thank you thank you thank you.

  • Love your topic of this. I watch this with my middle daughter everytime you upload. Can’t wait to the next topic. Thanks for sharing����

  • Hi. My friend dear. Love your topic of this. Thanks for nice sharing and supported everything. ❤️�� I wish you have a nice day ❤️��

  • I have to tell this short story because it’s so hilarious.  I was severely abused in every manner of speaking.  One of the things I would do to ‘cope & escape’ was the following, because I longed for a ‘home’ that never materialized, when my parents would leave the house for an extended period of time; I would completely clean the living room (like spotless) and rearrange the furniture, trying to create a ‘mood’ in the room (lighting, etc) that was conducive to a ‘real home’.  That is hilarious, yes? Imagine my parents thoughts when they returned to that?  Funny part?  They NEVER said a word. Nameste!

  • One of my son’s witnessed me getting abused and mistreated from the people in my environment. He suffers from very low self esteem. I am worried about him. How can I build up his self esteem?

  • I love your videos, you just described my childhood experiences as close as you can get to it!! Did I mention that I LOVE your videos? I’ll be watching more!!

  • I’m so grateful to hear you say that it’s hard to develop self-esteem when we never developed a sense of self. That has always been so hard for me to understand. I can I work on something like self-esteem when I didn’t even see myself as existing.

  • This is your most helpful video yet for me. Both parents are deceased now and yes it happened fairly early in my life compared to most my age. My Dad was an alcoholic. I’ve never typed that out before and he’d be mad as hell right now if he were alive. He’d also be 100% denying it. I can’t figure out whether my Mom was a narcissist or not because she def showed signs of worrying and caring about me. She was very critical, never apologized for anything and suffered from a high state of paranoia. Very confusing but I guess what matters is restoring myself. I’ve wasted too much time in zombie land. I also recently cut ties with a full blown covert narcissist which started me on this journey of recovery. Hey, nothing like a narcissist to make you realize there’s something seriously wrong! BTW, I also pull my hair. How did you stop?

  • I was a child genius im graduating at 16 im great in buisness and instruments i think im awful and unworthy of what ive done i had a few accidents along the line i suck at relationships and friendships its just so hard

  • Yeah, Self-esteem and Self-confidence are different, but the lack of it has the same cause. The lack of both have doubt in their core. Lack of Self-confidence is a doubt about your skills and lack of Self-esteem is a doubt in your worth.

  • all self improvement videos help me understand how shitty a person i am. all negative behaviors apply to me. none of the positive ones do.

  • If you acted out against bullies you have a big base of self-esteem. If you didn’t you’d curl up or run. Every time. If you have a partner as an adult you’ve conquered 50% of self-esteem issues. You have almost nothing to complain about…

  • Those words of a new concept: “Children are not supposed to take care about mommy and daddy’s feelings!”:))… I can’t imagine that! You gotta be wrong. You’ve made a wrong turn. That can’t be true.. cause, we are here to give THEM a sense of worth; we are here to fulfill THEIR image. Aghhhh….

  • Wow, we always finds little fault like the collar instead of the huge! i see, too much pushing and bulling, i learnt something today, always on point. thanks for sharing

  • Hi Lisa. Im going through some big changes inside right now and ive figured it all out and got to the point where i realise i need to love myself. Im doing all the right things, reading, learning educating myself.I feel like Ive hit a wall and you explained what i believe is my block. We had similar mindsets as I also was brought up in a negative environment with not a drop of support. Im now turning 40 and ive met the woman of my dreams but it fell apart due to this. I heard and felt her pain and that has inspired me to demolish this. How does one start this leap?

  • @3.11 and this is wat i and my sibling did whole our childhood..
    Dad beating momy
    Telling her to move out
    Not letting her in room even in cold nights
    Mother crying and we trying to calm momy, make faces, take selfies as to How momy feeling

    And damnnn our fear coz of violence, things breaking we crying, trying to pretend BRAVE” bt scared all day and night…bcoz u nvr know that uncertain fights starts before going school, or back at home when we r school, or at 2am. Suddenly waking up to the cries of mother

    Now guess what i figured out after 30 years this lady is covert narc.and doing all tactics of a classic covert narc mother does to gaslit, provoke, etc to her daughter..

    WHO SHOULD i blame…wasnt possuble she was provoking my father too??
    Moreover my fatyer was neglected by his parents too…always chased love of her two sis and one bro… And nvr got.

  • Hi Augustus,

    I just watched your video today and I got a very strong impression of it which I would like to share with you. My initial impression of this video was “Wow. Little kids who struggle with low self-esteem would really connect with this guy and his message”. I say this because your use of very simple language, your friendly and sincere bedside manner, along with your gentle tone of voice is sooooo very nice and soothing.: ) Kids would love you!

    My very own inner child loved and appreciated this video and its message. And I only hope that you will be able to make more videos like this, but instead of making them prodominately for adults with low self-esteem (I’m assuming you are), you may want to consider making videos that include and welcome people of all ages (different stages in life kids, seniors, adults and teens) and all levels of diverse abilities (i.e. people with Aspergers, with physically disabled, even people in hospitals (or housebound) who are sick and have no one to talk to or cheer them up). Cuz if we had more grown-ups like you (someone “normal”) making videos like this reaching out to our most vulnerable and forgotten members of our society, our world would be a very different place to live in.

    Other than that, I would’n change a thing!!!

  • Low self-esteem is not a good thing when we bring kids in the world we have to know how to nurture them and brought them up the right way and we have to always be there to protect them because they need that

  • This is me! It’s so bad it’s causing problems in my marriage! I was lied and cheated on a lot by my ex husband. Now I think that my husband is doing the same thing. I feel like no one could possibly love me enough to never do those things to me!

  • omg this is exactly my experience! i was reactive too and hence not liked. i feel like still in my thirties noone likes me. it makes me so depressed. im still struggling with feelings of inadequacies. my mom and dad are still c**

  • WOW, my chin is on the floor, you have said and touched on things that I was always told to “get over”. Thank you for your videos they are game changers!

  • My Mothers Cover was her working at the church and then her only droning sociallyI was supposed to over understand and accept abuse as being normal. She is a Narcissist. She abused me and used my older sibling to inflict more pain while she was off on her own being only concerned with herself.

  • Lisa, I can’t tell you what your presence here on YouTube has meant for me. We’ve never met, but for the first time in my life, someone hears me. You definitely speak my language, and I can hear you. You are such a Godsend. I just can’t thank you enough for your drive, persistance, perseverance to get to the other side and willingness and ability to share back with all of us. My inner child responds to you. Thank you. Please don’t ever stop sharing. I can’t afford therapy and this has helped me so much.

  • I can usually tell when a woman has low self-esteem, she’s talks a lot, picks around too much has to be center of attention convince people she knows everything, smart ass bossy attitude won’t keep hands to herself flirts a lot

  • I have very very low self-esteem so low that if somebody abuse or call me with bad name I can’t even stop them. Most of them they are people closed to me or colleagues. I have no idea what to do. I feel so hard to forgive myself. I want to move forward. I am afraid I will lose people of I stop them. ��

  • On the national scale, one might entertain the notion that the way the public has been treated is indicative of a narcissistic alcoholic government.

  • When you have low self esteem…you’ l.p. do anything for love and acceptance. There’s things that God has put in you..others see..thst they wish they had or could be like.