Questions Regarding Indications of Adolescence in Women


These Are The Signs That You Are Going Through Puberty

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This Quiz Will Tell You When You Will Get Your First Period!

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How to spot the first signs of puberty in girls

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What is Puberty? Decoding Puberty in Girls

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Top Signs Girls are in Puberty

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Am I Normal (Girls and Puberty)

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Early or Late Onset Puberty

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For both boys and girls, there are somewhat predictable patterns of development. But both the timing and the outward appearance of puberty can vary for girls. This means that parents and girls may feel confused about some of these common issues. Here are some of the frequently asked questions about puberty for girls. Stages or signs of puberty in girls.

1. Body growth: One of the first signs of puberty in girls is growing faster than they did during childhood. This is known as a growth spurt 2. Breast development: 3. The growth of pubic and underarm hair: 4. Body sweat: 5. Skin and hair change. Hair growth is usually one of the first signs of puberty.

Hair will grow in your pubic area (the area between your legs) and armpits. At first, it may be scattered and light-colored. As you continue through puberty, your armpit and pubic hair becomes darker, thicker, and curly. The following are the signs that your girl has attained puberty (3) (4): The most significant sign is the onset of her menstruation cycles.

Development of breasts, as the breast tissue that lies dormant within the chest, starts to increase in size gradually. A rounded belly and hip area due to increased fat deposit around these regions. For most girls, breast development is the first sign of puberty, but others might first notice pubic hair.

An increase in hair on their arms. If your daughter is experiencing puberty problems, her symptoms may include: Lack of breast development by age 13 Lack of pubic hair by age 14 More than 5 years between breast development and first period. Breast development is an early sign of puberty in girls. This can happen before age 9 in some girls, but later in others. If you are self-conscious, you might want to start wearing a “training.

Moodiness is very common during puberty. You may see changes in your child’s personality. Your child may be less willing to spend time with you, may be much less interested in talking to you, and may develop new interests. All these changes are normal.

Stages of Puberty Sure, most of us know the telltale signs of puberty — hair growth in new places, menstruation, body odor, lower voice in boys, breast growth in girls, etc. But we may not fully comprehend the science behind all of these changes. Here’s a quick look at how it works.

Body sweat:This may be one of the earliest signs of puberty in girls, even before breast development. Once this happens you will want to wear an antiperspirant/deodorant to help reduce sweating.Increased sweating as the sweat glands become more active than usual. It causes the girl to sweat noticeably more than before.

List of related literature:

In general the four signs of puberty in most adolescent girls are an acceleration of growth, followed by breast budding (thelarche), and followed by the appearance of pubic hair (pubarche) and finally the onset of menses (menarche).

“Textbook for MRCOG-1: Basic Sciences in Obstetrics & Gynaecology” by Richa Saxena
from Textbook for MRCOG-1: Basic Sciences in Obstetrics & Gynaecology
by Richa Saxena
Jaypee Brothers,Medical Publishers Pvt. Limited, 2019

The signs of puberty in a girl are the development of external and internal genitals, including a healthy ovulating ovary, the appearance of menstruation, growth of hair on the pubes and axillae and the development of breasts.

“Textbook of Forensic Medicine & Toxicology: Principles & Practice e-book” by Krishan Vij
from Textbook of Forensic Medicine & Toxicology: Principles & Practice e-book
by Krishan Vij
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2014

The first sign of puberty in girls tends to be breast development, followed by the development of pubic hair and changes in the vagina, uterus, and ovaries.

“Sex and Society” by Marshall Cavendish Corporation
from Sex and Society
by Marshall Cavendish Corporation
Marshall Cavendish, 2010

Female signs of puberty and potential problems Increase in height and weight, female body shape – breast development, widening hips, hair growth pubic, underarms with increased sweat gland activity – odour, and sebaceous gland activity – potential acne; particularly linked with menstrual cycle post menarche.

“Children and Young People's Nursing at a Glance” by Alan Glasper, Jane Coad, Jim Richardson
from Children and Young People’s Nursing at a Glance
by Alan Glasper, Jane Coad, Jim Richardson
Wiley, 2014

In females, the first signs are breast development and the appearance of pubic hair.

“A Comprehensive Textbook of Midwifery & Gynecological Nursing” by Annamma Jacob
from A Comprehensive Textbook of Midwifery & Gynecological Nursing
by Annamma Jacob
Jaypee Brothers,Medical Publishers Pvt. Limited, 2018

Girls starting puberty need to know that during the next two years their breasts will develop, hair will grow in the genital region and under the arms, they will grow rapidly in height and weight, and their skin will change its texture and may become prone to pimples.

“Dr. Spock's Baby and Child Care: 9th Edition” by Benjamin Spock, Robert Needlman
from Dr. Spock’s Baby and Child Care: 9th Edition
by Benjamin Spock, Robert Needlman
Pocket Books, 2011

Puberty in females is characterized by accelerated linear growth, development of breasts, thelarche, axillary and pubic hair, adrenarche and eventual onset of menses, i.e. menarche (Figs 16.20 and 16.21).

“Essential Obstetrics and Gynaecology E-Book” by Ian M. Symonds, Sabaratnam Arulkumaran
from Essential Obstetrics and Gynaecology E-Book
by Ian M. Symonds, Sabaratnam Arulkumaran
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2019

The first signs of puberty in girls are breast development and the growth of pubic hair.

“Advanced Pediatric Assessment, Second Edition” by Ellen Chiocca, RNC, MSN, CPNP, Ellen M. Chiocca, MSN, CPNP, APN, RNC-NIC
from Advanced Pediatric Assessment, Second Edition
by Ellen Chiocca, RNC, MSN, CPNP, Ellen M. Chiocca, MSN, CPNP, APN, RNC-NIC
Springer Publishing Company, 2014

In most girls, the first sign of puberty is thelarche (breast budding) which is the beginning of breast development, and occurs at an average age of approximately 11 years.

“Advanced Practice in Endocrinology Nursing” by Sofia Llahana, Cecilia Follin, Christine Yedinak, Ashley Grossman
from Advanced Practice in Endocrinology Nursing
by Sofia Llahana, Cecilia Follin, et. al.
Springer International Publishing, 2019

In most young girls (approximately 80%), the first sign of puberty is an acceleration of growth, followed by breast budding (thelarche), and the appearance of pubic hair (adrenarche).

“Clinical Gynecologic Endocrinology and Infertility” by Marc A. Fritz, Leon Speroff
from Clinical Gynecologic Endocrinology and Infertility
by Marc A. Fritz, Leon Speroff
Wolters Kluwer Health/Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, 2011

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  • I Dont Know abiut Mood swings
    All i can think of being depressed because my crush is now ignoring me at first we were like Bestest Friends!! But now after an art project and a confirmstion day, he started to ignore me

    Anywasy HALP ME!

  • Is suddenly craving for food a sign? cause I always go downstairs to get a snack or make myself a cereal in the middle of the night.

  • I have not hit puberty at 13 and I’m really anxious about it. When my brother was at my age he had already gotten deepend voice and looked manlier. It may be because I sleep to little per night which I have done the last 2-3 years. I hope I will hit puberty soon

  • Hi amaze i dunno if u saw it but i put a comment earlier today on here and its gone, i cant find it anywere. If it has been removed, its alright, i felt like i just needed to tell you cuz i get anxiety talking about it with mother��, send me a feedback amaze if u saw it and if it has been removed becuase it was too much information, thank you xxxx

  • I hit puberty when I was 9 years old so it’s.normal tho but now I’m 10 I have pimples coming out of my face BTW I’m a boy so my voice does not go deep yet but I have Puberty

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  • This is why I wish it was a boykinda

    I mean hey boys have two types of cancer they can get that girls cant get. But girls only have one cancer a boy cant get

  • I just realized you could’ve done a video about girl puberty and then boy puberty in different videos I didn’t want to learn about boy puberty I wanted to learn about girl puberty

  • ummmm I’m 12 and my mom got her period when she was 12… my period has not come yet is that normal I already started to hit puberty so

  • I breast bud, grow armpit and some public hair, my face is different, same with my voice, and I have been getting more pimples, and sweat.

  • Points:


    I got thirty points!

    I got 2-5 months!so it should come bye next year (2021) the year I turn 13

    Like to remind me!every 10th!

    September:so far not yet!like later this month!i might just get it sooner

    Also been getting a lot of discharge the post few months






  • is very easy to spot puberty in little girls when they start becoming pubescent they become bigger bitches they become more spoilt they become more self-centered and their imagination runs wild and they start telling lies and stories and they become stupid

  • I’m 12 and I dont think I’m going through puberty yet, and I dont wanna, I dont have my period all, I dont have boobs at all, what I do have is thicc thighs because I’m fat and need to lose weight LMAO

  • My birthday is in 4 days sep 14 and I’ll be twelve I have been getting discharge for so long so I’ll do a monthly update

  • I got 8-12 and I know it’s still a long time but I’m still doing a check in from the beginning of school I guess
    Augusta lot of usual discharge and some moody days pretty emotional but that’s normal for me
    End result: not yet
    Early Septemberagain, more stretchy, crusty discharge and I’ve been using panty liners more
    End result: not yet

  • I got 2-5 months
    Like to remind me!
    September: discharge, occasional cramps but for like 5 min, yellowish discharge, leg hair

  • I’m nine.. have my period and breasts but no growth spurt.. smh. Also is it bad to have this stuff at nine? Tbh I’m worried cause my mom got hers at thirteen, and my grandma twelve.. but probably just an early bloomer can somebody answer me though?

  • The first time I had my periods I told my mom about what was happening to me she explained everything to me but I cried because I thought that I was the only one who had them at school.

  • Heres me!
    11years (12 in august)
    Pubic hair? Yup!
    Boobs? Yes i wear bras ( no sports bras nor actual bras )
    Vaginal discharge? Kinda..
    Tall? Taller then my mom-

  • Heres me
    I’m 11
    I have a cups (36)
    My theighs are big
    And I’m around 4.4
    Just a reminder puberty dosen’t happen to everyone at the same age

  • I am getting taller,started growing hair more than before,and having every thing except the acne cause I think I have a really good type of skin and i take care of it

  • Oh no I don’t want my period I am to scared I got 0-2:(
    September: nope just a lot of discharge
    Please like to remind me

  • my mom had her period when she was 16. will i also get mine late? im almost 13. please answer!! 16 considered “late” for a female?

  • 3 truths and 1 lie
    Lie: puberty for girls lasts 2 to 5 years and it starts at 9 to 14
    truth: we do experience physical changes
    truth: we do have our menstrual cycle truth: we do suffer from acne

  • I took the test even tho I already have my period and I got 2-5 months. Girls, chill. It’ll come at it’s own time and this test isn’t necessarily accurate (obviously).

  • U guys gere are so kind im 12 and i just had IT and i didnt know what to do!!!! So i looked it up and u guys really helped me thank u for being very kind aboit ��������

  • I’m 12 years old almost 13 but I don’t know if I have gotten my period I see and reddish/ yellows stain on the back of my underwear

  • everyone says that puberty is like a
    “troublesome time” or like a “tough stage to go through” But for me it really isnt. Whats so scary about getting hair in weird places

  • i’m like 8/9 and and my chest is already a bit big, hairs are coming in my armpits, my mom says im most likely to get my period at 9 or 10, like her, anddd im getting a bit of bumps/idk, acne? on my nose and sometimes on my forhead

  • I’m 10 and a few months ago and noticed my breasts hurt. A few week ago I realized my breasts were getting larger and that brought me here! ☺️

  • I’m 9 almost 10 and my older sis got her puberty when she was 9 and my mom when she I was 14 and my lil sis isn’t near at all she is 8mso ya! ♡☆♡☆♡☆

  • Dear boys (and others),
    People don’t really talk about this but it’s super helpful when you have an extra pad or tampon in your car or backpack for your girlfriend. Even just a jacket she can tie around her waist in an emergency. It shows you care and your girlfriend will be really grateful when she’s in trouble. If you’re afraid of it being awkward, it won’t be! She will totally appreciate it and not make a huge deal out of it. It’s a small and easy gesture and it will show you pay attention and care about her issues. If you don’t want it to be weird, then don’t make it weird! Now go be amazing s/o’s!

  • My mom was really chubby when she was younger, and so am but she lost all of her fat at 12 im 12 and im still really chubby is that bad, will i never lose it?

  • Hey i got my first period in September and I was 13 year old now i am 14 i still didn’t got my second period.. please explain why???

  • I’m a boy and I’m going through puberty as a boy, obvs I’m here because I want to know what the girls in my class are feeling like lol

  • Im 21 and here are some things that the video didn’t mention:

    Periods may be shorter than a week or longer than a week.

    Cramps are painful and can hurt so much you pass out or barf. You should talk to your doctor about birth control if you cramps are bad enough t h at daily living is too bad.

    Birth control is perfectly safe and will not increase your risk of cancer.

    If your doctor is concerned about you getting blood clots, they will tell you how to prevent them.

  • Sooooo i am 11 and i get really bad pains under my stomach and i am growing but i don’t have my period and i have been having pains like this for like 1 and a half years

  • I’m a transgender masculine person and I take a pill every day to prevent my period. Also my acne is OUT OF CONTROL and I’m gonna start testosterone shots in two years which makes acne WORSE!

  • I got 8-12 months umm dont blame me but i want my period i feel left out in class cuz mostly everyone have periods:(
    August: nope
    Like to remind me plss or I forget;(

  • I’ve developed some hair pubic hair
    My breasts have somewhat developed
    I’ve gotten taller
    My body shape has changed
    I still haven’t gotten my period
    Is this normal
    Btw I’m 12

  • I Know All Girls Are Born With Ovaries, Didn’t Know Their Ovaries Start Pumping For Pregnancy, Girls Breasts Start Growing At Puberty Time (Age 8 And 13 Between), And What Does She Mean By Welcome To Womanhood?

  • I’m 13 and still sound like I’m 5 and I’m short and I don’t have any hair all my best friends hit puberty before me and I feel really bad and sad and I don’t know what to do

  • I’m nine and i have a blackhead and my cousin got her period when she was twelve so i think i’m probaly gonna get it when i’m ten.

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  • I don’t get why girls are so depressed about it I just started my period and it only lasted THREE DAYS the only things that was bad is that, it was annoying and that’s only bc it was new annnd I got sick the same day my period started sooo… but yea it’s really not that bad to me.. lol sorry for you guys

  • I got 23 8-12 months… I have a little while yet… like to remind when to post when I get it…
    New year:

  • Everyone is doing this so..

    I got 2-5 months!
    Please remind me!

    September –
    October –
    November –
    December –
    January –

    I did get the result of 2-5 months about a month or 2 ago though so it’s probably more like.. 1-4 months now.

    Who knows though.

  • I’m in 7th and my age 12 but mujhme inmese bas 2-3 I have noticed in me but the period is come in my all friends left me I’m worried

  • Well I already got my period and at first I was scared because my moms period is really bad I’m talking bad cramps but mines I barely get them but my stomach does hurt like the day before my period and then the rest is a breeze and my stomach usually hurts at night and then it kinda starts to hurt towards of end of it i realized I take like 10 minutes in the bathroom which I hate!!!! Then I usually bloat and man I hate the most of all because when I’m on my period I don’t eat like that because it just doesn’t sit right

  • I deadass just turned 18 and i just came here to see if im still in puberty (laughs in 5’8 when my brothers are like 3 inches taller than me)

  • im 18 and my puberty is late,,, grow spurt ✔ mood swings ✔ but my breast aren’t growing i know why my puberty are late because my aunt said her puberty is late when she was 20 years old and her daughter are also late but I’m nervous

  • I have developed a lot but I’m kinda nervous when my period comes cause all of this has happend to me but know period cause I’m having a lot of cramps so guys wish me luck cause I do not want it to come when I’m in school or church more like home my own home and I wish the rest of u good luck to

  • I think I was pretty prepared for pubing.
    My mom is a nurse and so am I……………….now.
    The period thing vexed me the most I think.
    TY for posting this important information.
    I hope some guys read and listen also.
    That way when his 13 YO daughter turns crazy once in awhile he might understand.
    My dad wasn’t around during this time and I can’t quite decide if I’m glad or sad about that.

  • I don’t get why some teens get nervouse when their body is Changing I never even noticed my body was going through changes until people started saying it and I began shaving my pubes lol!

  • a few days ago i tested and it said, 8-12 months now it says 2-5 �� imma do that thing everybodys doin

    august: every sign but armpit hair. have a little bit of acne but nothing to worry about

    september: few blonde armpit hairs. still the same with the acne

    october: n/a

    november: n/a

    december: n/a

    pls update me when its october, november so on so forth

  • Well,I am 11 (what just cause I have a youtube channel doesnt mean i do it on my own,sheesh)and I have seen most of the signs but alas,nothing!

  • I got… (I’m gonna continue it)

    The first sign.
    The second sign.
    The third sign (I cringed while reading it, XD)
    The fourth sign (Mostly on mah legzzzzz, yes I know it’s “legs”)
    The fifth sign (I thought I was getting fat, xp)
    Not sure about the sixth sign. (I haven’t checked.)

  • Ok so I’m gonna go slowly on this test and on the edit I will show what I get
    Edit: I got 8-12 months!�� Every week I will update
    Rn: nothing bad but I saw what looked like acne��

  • 2-5 months ok remind me when it’s the end of the month
    September: waiting till the end of September.

  • Soooo i was watching this video on July 22 and i answered all the questions. It said i had 2-5 mouths EXPLAIN TO ME WHY I GOT IT EARLY IT WAS ON -> August 18 ��

  • I started growing breast since the end of first grade. Got my period in third grade. I wear adult sport bras. The size is large (L). I’m just 11 years old.
    Am I normal or unique? ( P.S. I’m in fifth grade)

  • Here’s some advice for periods:
    1: Be patient! I wanted my period for years and once I got it I wish I could go back! Enjoy your period free days cuz once you start there is no going back!
    2: Be good to yourself. Do lots of self care and take a shower often. Make sure you always feel clean and fresh.
    3: Always be prepared. About a half year before you start your period bring along a kit. You never know when your first period may come, or if you started already, when your next one comes you want to be ready.
    4: Get enough sleep. The more sleep you get, the better your mood will be and the better you’ll feel!
    5: Don’t be embarrassed about it! All girls go through this and you shouldn’t be ashamed of your period! Take it as a sign your moving from childhood into womanhood!
    I hoped this helped you out!
    I’m on my period while writing this so just remember you are not alone!

  • 2-5 months.

    mid july early september:
    weird cramps in abdomen, starting to go lower as pain intensifies
    breasts: half grown
    very very slight back pain

    like to remind me

  • I got 2-5 months
    September: nothing but I have a lot of discharge/ Getting cramps every once and a while
    I will keep you guys updated like to remind me!

  • I’m 11 I’ve always had biggish thighs because I’ve always been chubby, I have hair everywhere but I’m to scared to shave my legs and yk�� and either way I’m not going to shave yk�� until I’m older or whatever but I don’t have my period and my boobs are like Hi HELLO but not as ti loud because my mom never buys bras my size so yeah here my little rant����.

  • 36 stars, monthly check in
    info: I’m pretty young but I started puberty at 8 1/2 pubic hair, underarm hair and discharges. soo I’m pretty sure I will get it soon. fyi, I have discharges daily.
    remind me! ✨

  • I have finally started my Puberty channel for tweens you can subscribe to it here And please don’t forget to submit any questions for me to answer here I’ll do a video answer about periods tomorrow!

  • Every month I’ll update you guys on my puberty cycle lol
    I started around 2 months ago so I’ll update from there

    July: not much a bit of acne and I’ve started using more deodorant

    Augustus: I’ve started getting really bad cramps and my body aches all the time

    September (now): Omg the breasts nooooooo
    Also I’ve started shaving:( I have really bad growing \ lower back pains

    Edit: discharge:( ewwwwww
    Guess I’m getting my period soon then �� excited but like not really. Apparently it hurts like HELL

    (p.s not begging for likes but I need at least one to remind me in my feed lol)

  • I got 2-5 (updating every month)

    July: a lot of discharge, mood swings, bloating, lower back pain, sugar/chocolate cravings, fatigue, headaches and muscle cramps

    August: a lot of discharge, less symptoms, feeling easily irritated, some lower back pain, cravings and headaches





    Like to remind me!

  • Okay I’m a girl and I think I might start my period soon, here’s what I’m having. 1. Boobs getting bigger 2. Discharge multiple times and every day 3. Starting to get acne 4. Armpit hair and pubic hair 5. More smelly and odor 5. Very moody

  • I dont have a period and i’m 10… BUT I have breast buds my nipils feel like a nickel is inside and MY MINI BOOBS HURT! No joke..

  • I really needed all this explained….. This is actually gonna help me get through my period?? I was always scared of it since my sister hit her period in THE MIDDLE OF CLASS I was full on panic and nervously awaiting the day that happened to me

  • I was 9 when I started to grow armpit hair. And then when I started to grow hair in m y a r e a. And I haven’t gotten my period yet…

  • 2-5 months im kinda scared but heres some updates
    April:still no
    May: no!
    June:not at all!!
    July:were is it!
    Agust:no again
    September: i give up were is it!!!!

  • Hi! Im 13 and my mom got her period at 15. I have all the signs of puberty from a preatty long time. My breasts and my pubic hair started growing 3 years ago, my armpit hair 2 years ago. I know that everyone is diffrent but is it normal that i still dont have my period? ( sorry this is a very stupid question and sorry for bad english)

  • I got 8-12 months.

    Please comment or like to remind me to check.

  • The most stupid question is why haven’t you hit puberty? And do you know what I say back, why can’t you change your eye colour. If have ever asked someone why they haven’t hit puberty your an idiot you can’t change something you have no control over.

  • Omg l got 32 stars so l got 2-5 months so excited
    July-a lot of discharge
    August-started wearing pentiliners
    December-getting my period I think����

  • I won’t reveal my age but here’s my case, the top part of my body is super small and flat event tho it’s been two years that my boobs hurt I am still flat for my legs, I have big thighs and a bumpy butt (from my mom) I also have a operation to do when I am older but it’s personal. I have had hair on arms and legs since I’m 8 a lot and I have had pubic hair since I’m 9-10 I have had greasy hair since I’m 11 and when I was 10 I would sweat a lot I have had white discharge for months now and the period test says it in 2-5months my mom was 17 when she had her period but both my sisters had it at 12-14 I also have hair on my armpits but enough to shave on the right side and a little on the left side, I also have a side of my body that has more puberty I think because my right nipple is mor développed

  • I’m going to update
    Ok so 2-5 months I will update every month:3

  • I got 2-5 months
    September: lots of discharge
    Boobs: halfway grown
    Legs: just started shaving

  • I’ve had discharge for a year. O my GOODNESS! Can you just come? It’s so annoying! It’s making me self-conconsious
    sry i spelled it wrong too lazy to change it.

  • Puberty just makes me plain out hate myself. My mom is always telling me to put this alcohol crap on my face and it’s making me mad. I’m being harassed because of my deep voice and am sometimes being asked if i’m a boy. Literally hair grows everywhere and it’s making me so insecure

  • 10 yrs old me:I want to have period
    11 yrs old me when I got period:ur sure?
    13 yrs old me now to my cousins that want to have periods:ur sure?

  • I got 0-2 months so imma just count down for fun since everybody else is doing so.

    September: not yet��




  • Wow this actually worked. So I did this test exactly a week ago, and it said I had 0-2 months. And I just got mine. This really works!

  • I’m sure we all have embarrassing memories about those times involving friends, girls, parents, teachers, “the talk” etc. Can you write an embarrassing puberty short story in 10 words or less?

  • I think I’m going through puberty because I’m getting hair on my coconuts and I’m getting taller almost taller than my mom and other puberty stuff

  • I started wearing a padded training bra at age 6 1/2.. started period at 10, started puberty early….. very developed now, I used to be shorter than most people, now I’m taller (but won’t grow anymore)

  • I think you don’t talk about a lot of things here compared to the video you did for boys, for example, like girls have changing moods and we are horny too and we also have wet dreams and we masturbating and also sometimes wanting time alone in our room
    Its a shame,you don’t Talk about it because it also happend for us just like, for boys it happening

  • I dunno what to do i think I am hitting puberty but I havnt told anyone cuz even tho it’s normal I’m kinda embarrassed I have got acne and hair under my armpit

  • My dad was pretty short at age 17 like 1.60m wich doesn’t seem that short for some ppl but the was the shortest in his class etc
    At age 21 about to get to age 22 he just exploded �� in 4 months he just gained 30cm he suffered a lot cuz like the whole body was stretching and stopped at 1.90m and as I was 13 I got pretty tall but everyone started growing and i left behind now at 15 I’m blasting to em clouds ����