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Postpartum Care for Mom

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Topic 13: Postpartum Care

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Postpartum Care: DIY Padsicles, C-Section Care, and How to Eliminate Stress | Birth Doula

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Postpartum Care: Things No One Told You! My TMI Experience

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Rethinking Postpartum Care | Sara Reardon | TEDxLSU

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What is postpartum care? The postpartum period refers to the first six weeks after childbirth. This is a joyous time, but it’s also a period of adjustment and.

Make sure to look after yourself in the postpartum weeks, so you can recover more quickly and have enough energy to care for your baby. Here are some steps you can take to feel better after. Postpartum care.

Appropriate storage and management of oxytocin – a key commodity for maternal health. WHO/UNICEF/UNFPA Joint Statement. 28 March 2019. WHO recommendations: uterotonics for the prevention of postpartum haemorrhage.

2018 update. 20 December 2018. 17 rows · Oct 15, 2019 · The postpartum period, defined as the 12 weeks after delivery, is an important. Postpartum perineal care is cleaning and caring for your perineum after having a baby.

The perineum is the area between the vagina (birth canal) and the anus (rear end opening). In the first few weeks after childbirth, you will probably have soreness or pain in your perineum. You will also have discharge coming out of your vagina. Care within the First 24 Hours. Providing nursing care to a postpartum woman during the first 24 hours entails the following: Assess the woman’s family profile to determine the impact that the newborn would give to the family and to the woman.

During the postpartum period, the woman and her obstetrician–gynecologist or other obstetric care provider should identify the health care provider who will assume primary responsibility for her ongoing care in her primary medical home. Optimizing care and support for postpartum. Ease overall achiness with hot showers or a heating pad — or even treat yourself to a massage.

Stay regular. Your first postpartum bowel movement can take time, but don’t force things. Eat plenty of fiber-rich foods (whole grains, fruits, veggies), go. Postpartum Care and Complications 10/15/2019 Postpartum Care: An Approach to the Fourth Trimester 10/01/2019 Perinatal Depression: AAP Policy Statement on Recognition and.

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List of related literature:

In this chapter, postpartum care is addressed in an extremely organized progression, beginning with the first hour after birth, moving to the initial postpartum period (first 72 hours), and finally in the mid-postpartum period (from discharge to 6 weeks after birth).

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POSTPARTUM CARE Components of the Postpartum Visit Postpartum care is covered in detail in Chapter 24.

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Routine postpartum nursing care usually includes encouraging a healthy diet, adequate fluid intake, and self-care practices such as good hygiene practices, sitz baths, showering, bathing, ambulation, and exercise.

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Overview of postpartum care.

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The training of a postpartum doula includes CPR, lactation training, common infant health problems, knowledge of what to look for in the mother that may need medical attention, and communication skills often dealing with emotional concerns.

“The Doula Book: How a Trained Labor Companion Can Help You Have a Shorter, Easier, and Healthier Birth” by Marshall H. Klaus, John H. Kennell, Phyllis H. Klaus
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Instructions on postpartum care should be given to the woman and her family and a routine postnatal check on day 3–5 postpartum is useful to screen for babies with feeding problems, to encourage continuation of exclusive breast-feeding and to screen for neonatal sepsis.

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See also intrapartum care, postpartum care.

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After discharge, telephone follow-up, hot lines, support groups, lactation counselors, home visits by nurses, and teaching materials (videos, written materials) are all interventions that can be implemented to decrease the risk for postpartum infections.

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After discharge, telephone follow-up, hotlines, support groups, lactation counselors, home visits by nurses, and teaching materials (videos, written materials) can be used to decrease the risk of postpartum infections.

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Factors that may help to promote breast-feeding in the early postpartum period include breast-feeding on demand, rooming in during the postpartum hospital stay, and avoiding formula, pacifiers, and test-weighing after breastfeeding.”

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  • Reminds me of my last pregnancy 5 years ago. I didn’t use a nipple cream for the first few days. My nipples cracked and broke and breastfeeding was excruciatingly painful. I remember this one night when I couldn’t feed, milk won’t come out, the baby was screaming and I called the hospital in the night and the nurses pretty much looked down upon me through the phone for asking them if I could give my baby formula for one time. The next day my doctor wrote me a prescription for enfamil and said nothing’s going to happen to the baby, take a break and let your nipples heal. I did and then went on to breastfeeding my baby confidently for 1 year and 3 months. We need more understanding women like my doctor and less of the judgey types.

  • Waaaaay overdue discussion!!!!!! I am so happy and thankful for this and I look forward to more insight from your platform as well as the day the medical community becomes receptive to and acts in the best interest of Mothers!!! You’re doing an amazing job!!! Thank you!

  • Well done Sara! Postpartum care needs to improve, you covered every reason why and more importantly, what new moms can do about it: pelvic floor physical therapy. Share your stories, share your challenges, share how you healed. Remove the stigma. Thank-you for this talk!

  • Thank you Sara, as another pelvic floor PT I have a mission to “normalize” talking about pelvic floor issues and make evaluation and treatment of the pelvic floor before, during and after pregnancy.

  • I give birth late Oct/early Nov and no one tells you this. I have my next appointment to talk about tying my tubes, this solidifies it for me. Birth control never helped my body and I could’ve died twice from taking it so after my little girl if she tells me she wants siblings we’re signing a paper like I wanted to before I got her as a surprise.

  • I tell all my clients to get a nipple shield or the hakkau. That way you collect all the extra milk rather than let it go to waste.

  • Omg I love you for this video!! I’m expecting soon and this is the big sister talk I needed. You’re brave and kind to share. So funny too.

  • Welp I’m officially nervous �� I’m due March & my boobs are already engorging and hurting �� I can’t imagine anymore pain. And pain down there I’ve slightly experienced but nothing can still prepare me. Help me ��

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  • after a year and 10 months of giving birth, i don’t know if i would laugh at this or cry cause everything was true �� Especially the part we’re my breast was leaking like crazy i had to put a bath towel when i sleep with the unbearable pain cause it was so full of milk �� Although im c section and i heard that doing number 2 is the most painful part and the pain in the vigina is very painful specially when sitting down. They would cry so much and i admit i was a liitle bit happy that i didnt have to go through that pain. but I tell you c section is so painful as well. �� its so scary to do anything cause i thought the stiches would just open up lmao.

  • I started having sex at 18 got pregnant a month before I turn 20 and I gave birth to a bouncing baby boy 3 weeks ago will bee 21 in a few months. I still can’t believe I pushed a baby out.

  • You are hilarious lmao! You had me dying with the Tempur Pedic mattress pads! I’m currently 26 weeks, and after seeing so many “fairies and unicorns” unrealistic postpartum videos it’s nice to see a REAL one. Thanks for the laughs lol

  • I have desperately been looking for a video that goes this in depth about post birth! Why don’t more women talk about this?? Thank you for your video!!

  • Best video love u tons,May God bless you,your family and generations to come immensely.

    sadly washable breast paďs dont stay in place.

  • Read my blog. Here is the link. It’s all about taking postpartum care.

    It’s for u people only, I m not getting paid if u read this. So, chill and read for ur knowledge

  • I can’t wait to give birth. It’s such a sacrifice & as a nurse myself I already knew this. But I’m kinda of nervous �� 4 more months to go till me & my hubby princess come.

  • Uhmm.. I’m currently 8 months and now I’m officially concerned.. And I’ve had a very easy pregnancy and have sworn I’m sure I’ll pay for it later. ����

  • You look so happily vibrant! I really enjoy watching your channel.Your videos are a wealth of education for young first time mom’s who doesn’t know and for those of us who does. Very informative. Keep up the great work.

  • Itchy stitches was the worst thing. Everything else wasn’t that bad and even the worst of the pain went away within a week, but the ITCHING stays until the stitches heal in a couple weeks.:’) the spray helps only a little. Warm baths and ice packs helped. Oof. I’d do it again though. When I look at my little girl, I can’t even remember the pain tbh

  • Crap im 2 months pregnant and I’ve always wanted to start my own family.
    But i don’t wanna go through all these lol
    But you make life choices for the life your going to love and cherish forever. Im recording everyday when im going through this and giving it to my son/daughter for there 18th birthday lol.

  • Looooooved it.thanks, I had nooooo idea about any of these!!!!! I am 6 months pregnant and now I think I I need to get ready mow. ���� thank you

  • I’m over fifty, when I had my babies the rule was that we couldn’t go home until we pooped. I still remember how terrifying it was

  • I just became a mom 10 days ago and everything you described is exactly right! I wish i had watched this video and been prepared. The last days have been painfull and scary. This video is really informative and a correct represenation of the days following the birth of your child. X

  • Ohhh God….you really speak out me! I go through every single pain that you go. Ufffff specially visiting toilet is the worst thing ever!

  • I have had at least some 2 years of EMT training (plus shadowing). WHY in the Fuck didn’t I learn about this sooner (this is both critically and valuably informal)? I have so many questions. Especially given that fact that I might possibly have to put my girlfriend through this one day.

  • Hilarious video, but so truthful! That’s exactly how it was, plus tongue tie issues with breastfeeding. I was totally unprepared wish I had seen this video beforehand…but it’s okay and we’re about to have our second��

    Note to new or potential mommas: Why allow pain to limit the number of children you have? Each baby is a blessing; each baby is beautiful; and each baby brings so much joy through their laughter, talking, and walking. Is the beginning tough? Absolutely! It’s every bit as painful as described, but those giggles are worth it in the end�� Life is beautiful! Getting through the pain (aka enduring the struggle) empowers you and makes you feel like you accomplished something worthwhile; something that a lot of women believe is impossible. Nothing is impossible with the right help and support system; God made us to share in the amazing capability of creating, forming, and bringing life into existence! How amazing that God made women able to do something so impossible!
    God bless you and your children!

  • I kept telling drs on the phone this hhrts really bad. I cant walk or sit up without terrible pain. They said it was normal. Turns out it was not normal. News to me: I was allergic to sutures and its was baaadddd. They found this out at 6 week apt. Once I got the antibiotics and meds I finally could feel no pain ������

  • I’m due MAY 2020(2ND). I hope all new mom who due soon or later on will have a SAFE delivery, baby and mommy all doing good.
    Thank you for your info on the spray bottle and pads, very helpful

  • Cesarean post-partum here. A couple of my things I think people should know: In case you’re wondering, yes, you still bleed afterwards. Your body has to get rid of the extra blood from pregnancy, lining, etc. I never did need the super big pads, just the regular size (could have just been me, not sure), but after about a week with those I was in liners for six weeks. Ugh. Bowel issues are common from all the anesthia and the surgery. I’m 11 weeks postpartum and just now starting to go regularly on my own. Before, I had been using Miralax, because without it I had rock hard poop that was soooo painful to pass. The soreness lasted for a while, and even once you feel better on the outside, it’s going to take you a year plus to heal on the inside. Stairs are not your friend. Be prepared to camp out on your main floor for a couple of weeks if you have stairs and don’t want to spend most of your days in your room. This may seem like common sense to some, but if you’re breastfeeding, make sure you also eat and drink at night. I was so used to eating during the day only, and this was a no-no for breastfeeding. You have to drink a ton of water b/c you use up even more feeding your baby, and you can find yourself dehydrated (no fun). Not intaking enough calories will make you really tired too. Which brings me to another thing breastfeeding can make you sleepy. FYI. Also, don’t be surprised if your libido takes a hit, and surprise! Even though you didn’t give birth vaginally, you may experience vaginal discomfort when you return to having sex due to hormones.

  • My epidural ran out right before it was time to push so I felt the pain, they also cut me because they felt I was going to tear regardless so I got 8 stitches which I felt because I had no epidural:/ when they start pushing your stomach to get the placenta out… that shit is painful. Postpartum was uncomfortable and all that she said is true but you just deal with it one day at a time. Now one thing I will say is your vagina will swell up A LOT! I felt like I was sitting on a football or something �� breastfeeding also brings its own pains, my son apparently had a high arch (roof of his mouth) so it caused a lot of pain, the doctor said it was like getting a rug burn, I also got a clogged milk duct which caused an infection and A high fever. I would have to take a shower and squeeze the milk that was clogged out. It got better after about a week I think so always remember to feed or pump both sides. also this was over 7yrs ago and Iam currently 31.5weeks pregnant about to go through it again lol just remember the pain will eventually go away.

  • Peeing postpartum is definitely more painful than delivery ugh I delivered an 8.10lbs baby naturally, I can say this!! I survived the first week of postpartum as of a few days ago ✌

    Ladies natural birth is not as bad as you might think lol postpartum and breastfeeding is WORSE be prepared for that, take care of your body!!!

    Best advice I have for postpartum: regarding number 2 get some colace, its a mild stool softener only 50mg, start popping those babies like 3 times a day after d day, and then gradually go down to 2, and then to 1 as your pain level goes down in the following days (or weeks)…. and screw the spray but ice, ICE, ICE, baby get REUSABLE PERINEAL ICE PACKS buy them on Amazon, they stay colder for longer than padcycles or the frida mom insta packs which are honestly wayyyy too expensive for how many I used lol, but by all means absolutely try them out, there is a cheaper generic version on Amazon of them too and targets up&up brand witch hazel wipes, they are bigger than the tiny tucks, they stay in place better, and they are like 3.50 for like 48 wipes. Lastly. If you can’t pee in the toilet… literally fill the tub with a few inches of water and sit in it to pee. I had to ���� it was definitely not something anyone told me to do or I was prepared to do, all I knew was that I was desperate lmao.

  • Currently pregnant and I’ve been binge watching so many pp videos. I feel like I’m definitely more anxious about the after birth stage vs labor/giving birth. Thank you for posting! <3 I listened to the most amazing podcast recently (The Mom Room Podcast) about postpartum realness and one women said she felt so much pressure in her pelvic floor area that she was worried everything was going to fall out her butt! lol. and she also mentioned that for the first couple of weeks it felt like her butthole was inside out with how much swelling there was. I'm just preparing myself for the worst case scenario and if it ends up not being too bad, that's great, but GODSPEED to all the first time mamas out there and to the healing stage afterwards. Women are freaking Warriors!

  • Lol I would have been scared of doing vaginal birth if I saw this video But everything is real and true. Thank you very much. I had a tailbone inflammation as a result of vaginal birth and it took some time to heal. Vaginal birth is not easy

  • Girl this was the most helpful post partum vid ive watched yet���� i appreciate the honesty about everythingggg! I feel like too many ppl don’t wanna mention the nitty gritty. Im due any day and just found out i have to do natural after being told im doing a c section my whole pregnancy, so now im freaking out trying to get all this info in me days b4 birth�������� idk what id do without these videos!!!������

  • 4 births and one on the way the epidural makes recovery hurt more. It’s like a shock to the body when it wears off. Natural I didn’t hurt as much and recovered more quickly

  • That spray water bottle are what dreams are made of after peeing! Whew! This was a very real and informative video. Glad to hear you are feeling better ��

  • OMG!!! This is a good video with great suggestions. But all of these comments are scary! My experience was similar with my first lol. However, by my second child things were different and I was more familiar. By my 5th child the process became such a breeze I almost had her at home. Was rushed to the hospital @3am where, with one nurse in the room, she was born 15 minutes later. Oh and with each child my stomach went down tremendously. That proves how everyone is different.
    Blessings to the mothers of the Earth…�� ��

  • YES Sara! Loved every single word of this. I feel so passionate about this subject and I thank you for making your voice and opinions heard and sharing the stories of others.

  • Oh wow! I’m in my first pregnancy. Not a single thing here anyone has weakened me of. Totally freaked out now! These are awesome tips and I think I’m going to save this video lol. Thank you for sharing!

  • My oldest daughter is due in 2 weeks with my first grandchild (it’s a boy!!) I shared this video with her because despite me trying to remember all the important things to tell her, I figured it was best for her to hear it from someone who had recently given birth. Thank you for making this awesome video and congrats on your little one! ��

  • I had my baby a week ago vaginal with epidural and I didn’t even use any of the pain crap… I used secret adult diapers and used readyflush wipes for down there patting. I hated the pain though as soon as you stand it’s a waterfall of blood

  • FYI start using the nipple cream 3 times per day when you’re around 8 months pregnant. Also don’t use soaps on your breast. They make you skin dry and it will be more painful. Using the cream before birth will ensure your skin is well hydrated and will make it a bit better. Oh and start the stool softener before while you’re still pregnant. It helps before and after.

  • Lol omg you are describing everything im going through right now. Especially the fear of pooping and not wanting to eat so I don’t need to poop. Lol I’m definitely going to buy the donut pillow!

  • I had to have “corrective surgery” because they sewed up my tear too tightly. 3 months unable to sit. Another version of padsicles is a newborn size diaper torn open on one end and filled with crushed ice. Absorbs the blood and keeps it cool down there.

  • You look stunning postpartum!!!
    I finally had my baby girl today at 40 weeks and 5 days. 5lbs8oz 16 3/4 inches. Her name is Jenasys Clarity

  • After watching this video I understand why people get surrogates to carry their babies, and also why Mother’s Day is more celebrated than Father’s Day.

  • Just a reminder that the vagina is internal and the vulva and sometimes labia, depending on your anatomy, are external. It’s good to try and get in the habit of owning our anatomy and naming it accurately. ☺️ Excellent tips!
    Thinking about the birthing people out there who don’t identify as mama. ��

  • I have a question though. How are you gonna prevent the padsicle from sticking into your private area. Isn’t it sticky when the aloe very and everything become ice? Also, will it cause infection? Infection is my biggest concern.

  • I’m going through post partum recovery now and it is a lot of stress since you have to wake up in the middle of the night to feed your baby and tons of demands place on you blah blah blah. It’s crazy. I thought once the baby is out (my pregnancy was a lot of stress too, I had GDM and baby was breech, had to do an ECV, thankfully I was able to give birth naturally) Anyways, I thought it was gonna be easier, but nope, it’s getting harder. Lol. I want to stay positive but nope, it is harder. I want to try out the padsicle since it sounds very nice and looks like a lot of people are doing it. Thanks for the tips.

  • Thank you so much, this video was so helpful! I’m 36 weeks and 2 days and I’m rather worried about the recovery part. I’ve suffered from hemorroids in the past and I know I’ll probably tear too so I’m trying to gather as much info as I can. ��

  • Can padsicles and sit baths be used while having stitches? Where I’m from they usually make the cut manually to avoid tearing in an unwanted direction what do you think about that as well?

  • Hi! Love your videos ❤️ thanks for sharing! About padsicles, can i use witch hazle tea? Can’t find a liquid version where i live ��

  • Hi Bridget! I have been reading about how good calendula officinalis tincture is for postpartum recovery. How can I include that in your DIY padsicles? I was thinking about mixing it with the witchazel…can you recommend me the amount?
    Thank you so much and I LOVE your videos! Waiting on my little bundle of joy to put your advices into practice ��

  • Been loving all your videos this week! I’m due in a week and a half, after a stillbirth last year. And your tips and information are really helping maintain my anxiety through this time. �� I’m lucky that in South Korea we have postpartum care centers to stay at for a couple weeks, with nurses, cooks, masseuses, and yoga classes all available. It’s luxury. We usually have maternal grandmother come stay at home for a while. Since my mom is in the States, my mother-in-law will come stay with us to help with cooking and cleaning for a couple weeks. Anyway, thanks again for all your effort!!! ❤️

  • Get close friends and family to bring food, not flowers! Mamma will really benefit from not having to worry about feeding her and her family in a healthy way.

  • Hi Sam, thanks for the video. Also do you mind posting the links of the items you’ve used and presented? It makes it much easier for the visual and personal research. Thanks

  • I am SO glad that you are talking about postpartum care in a positive and supportive light! Too many people make jokes about it and people talk about how nightmarish it is, so this is truly refreshing. But I also need to know that you are relaxing, healing, and being loved by the family…I would not be upset if you took a maternity leave ��

  • A new baby is an adjustment for the entire family and can change the dynamic you have with your partner. During the postpartum period, you and your partner may also spend less quality time together, which can be troublesome. This is an overwhelming and stressful period, but there are ways to manage. Get as much sleep as possible to cope with tiredness and fatigue. Your baby may wake up every two to three hours for feeding. To make sure you’re getting enough rest, sleep when your baby sleeps. Seek help. Like the way I seek help in Bio tex clinic. Don’t hesitate to accept help from family and friends during the postpartum period, as well as after this period. Your body needs to heal, and practical help around the home can help you get much-needed rest. Friends or family can prepare meals, run errands, or help care for other children in the home.

  • This is nonsense. Moms, if you want to pay for frida (15.99) for an irrigation bottle then go ahead and buy her nonsense too. There is nothing better than the hospital products and I’m so disappointed to see moms being taken advantage of like this. This women is being paid by frida to stop you from making the best decision for yourselves and to benefit herself. Some of this persons descriptions are verbatim from the frida website too! Shame on you

  • I went on Amazon and put in search “post partum essentials”. You can find most of the items from this video on there. Because I definitely want that water bottle wash thing lol and that was the first thing that popped up

  • Wow I just had a thought what if I purchase all the post partum after care products I need cuz I been making a list, all just to have emergency c section ��

  • You are amazing and such a blessing to me. I am 29 weeks pregnant and have a doula I’ve paid for through the birth center I am giving birth at. I haven’t even met her yet. You have helped me so much already.

  • My name is amazing chris and beautiful bella we love your baby shower theme and we love all the things and we love all the clothes and all the big things to your friends amazing Chris Martinez and beautiful bella Jimenez

  • The most I gained with 3 different pregnancy was 22lbs and 8lb babies and only after the first one, was i back into all my clothes in 5 weeks. The other 2, took months. �� also, don’t miss walking around topples airing my nipples. And women give yourself time for sex. Just because your doctor may give you the ok, that doesn’t mean you have too. You might be ready in 6 weeks, 6 months or maybe even a year. you’re in control and the only right time, is YOUR time.

  • You just reminded me of my first postpartum experience with my first and those circular pads really do SUCK! Lol thank you so much for recommending rectangular witch hazel pads. What a game changer! Gotta get them this time round. I’m due May 29th with my second, and can’t wait for him to get here!!

  • I’m actually past my due date (03/28) so I think I will make these items an essential for tomorrow before I go into labor at some point. Kinda scary with this Coronavirus out in the community here in Maricopa, AZ. Love your videos lots of information. ����‍♀️��

  • Man this is so helpful. And the newborn must have vid.
    Wrote out my list, thanks to you.. I’m a new subscriber and first time mom❤️ they gonna think imma a pro.

  • I’m attempting a VBA2C at my local hospital here in Germany in a few weeks. I’m so grateful I found your videos! Thank you for sharing all this advice for free! ❤️

  • After you give birth and wear pads, what exactly is leaking? is it like pee, blood, discharge? No one talks about these things so thank you for the video!!!

  • I never heard of the frieda mom stuff. Definitely going to have to grab those! Those depends definitely make a big difference for sure.

  • You are glowing, congrats once again mommy soldier because you pushed through and got little princess here, and this is very informative ��

  • You young women are lucky. We didn’t have all this stuff 30 years old. We only had the same stuff that the hospital gave you. The stuff you went out and bought yourself wasn’t available. Lots of time, messy and ruined clothes and sheets.

  • Very practical video. Thank you You guys have amazing products available in the States. Yes I know we can get most of it from Amazon but just to be able to walk into a store…

    BTW… your braides still look bomb.

    As always, sending you love from Africa ❤❤❤

  • 3rd time mom… soooo accurate only this is my 1st experience with night sweats, I was not prepared and with COVID-19 going around, I was also very paranoid.

    I nursed all three kids and thisbis mybfoest time experiencing lain while nursing… I’ll pass this along. Breast shields works wonders, I almost stopped day 3 due to the pain, but this saved my ta-tas. I also discovered manual silicone breast pumps… you I put this on the boob you’re not nursing from to catch the leaking milk. Tried both the Haaka and NatureBond brands from Amazon, I prefer the NatureBond brand.

    Hope this helps someone else… wish I would’ve known about this with the other 2 kiddos.

  • 6 months along here! How is showering postpartum? I swear the shower and being clean and warm is literally my safe heaven. I feel 10 times better after showering no matter what im going through. I even want to just take a shower after i give birth just to rinse myself into the next chapter in my life. Is that doable? Or am i waiting a month to get in a shower

  • Even though you just gave birth you are still making videos that’s what I love about youuuu love you always and never give up!!!!!!!!! ����