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Answering GIRL TALK Questions You Don’t Want to Ask Your Mom #WithMe

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Kids Explain Periods

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answering GIRL TALK questions you’re too afraid to ask your mom

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Answering Period Questions You’re Too Afraid to Ask Your Mom (GIRL TALK) | Just Sharon

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Kids Talk Periods

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Puberty Questions Your Tween Daughter Might Ask. When Will My Period Begin? No two girls are alike, and that means that your daughter will begin her period when her body is ready. Puberty Questions your Daughter Might Ask “What is puberty?” Puberty is the name for the time when you start to change from a child into an adult, from a girl “Is it normal to gain weight during puberty?” As much as she might not want it to happen, yes it is.

Explain to your “When will I get. Period mishaps are bound to happen, so help your daughter pick a trusted adult she can ask for help if she’s away from home. It may be a coach, teacher, counselor, or a friend’s parent.

I think I’m getting close to starting my first period. When I go to the bathroom, I see whitish sticky stuff on my underwear. I’m scared to ask my mom if it’s starting. –McB I’m almost 12 and my breasts have started growing. I read that two years after this you should have your period.

Are there other signs it’s coming? –Period. Your daughter may start to feel too shy or embarrassed to talk about topics like her first period — even if she’s desperate to share her feelings or ask questions. It’s important to let your daughter know that you’re always available to chat. Here are some ways you can create opportunities that help get an open, comfortable dialogue going. Period is coming!

Sooner or later you have to get your daughter prepared for this. As mums of teenage daughters, we are always worried when it will start. Yes, that time of the month is not very easy and what bothers us is the fact that your little angel is about to face it.

If she asks something about girls bleeding or has heard another girl talk about her first period, ask her, “What have you heard about it?” You might find out that she’s heard something strange or. Excessive stress might cause you to skip a period. Stress and highly emotional times in your life may cause you to miss a period or two. If you are sick, you might also miss a period. If you miss more than a period or two (if you have been having regular periods previously), contact your.

How should I prepare my daughter for her period? Getting a period is a normal part of puberty. To help make the transition less scary, talk to your daughter about her period BEFORE she gets it. Let your daughter know: That a period is normal and nothing to be afraid of. How to use feminine products like pads and tampons.

How to deal with cramps. All the questions about your period that you’re too anxious to ask. 9 Embarrassing Period Questions You’re Afraid to Ask Your Gyno — Answered!

Prostaglandins may.

List of related literature:

She began menarche at age 12 years and normally has regular menstrual cycles of 28 days with 3 to 4 days of bleeding during her period.

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Many parents have asked us two important questions about period discussions: At what age is it okay to start teaching about periods?

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This combination of providing information and questioning may encourage an adolescent to discuss not only her possible concern about delayed menarche (the beginning of menstruation) but also other areas that will show her knowledge or lack of knowledge about reproductive health.

“Maternal & Child Health Nursing: Care of the Childbearing & Childrearing Family” by Adele Pillitteri
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Ask about the onset of vaginal bleeding, any related factors, the colour (pink, red, dark red, brown), the character (thin, watery, presence of mucus, size and number of clots), the amount (spotting, how many pads or tampons in a specific amount of time) and relationship to her menstrual cycle.

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It is important that your daughter be told about periods before they happen and given practical instruction, or the sight of blood emanating from her body will terrify her.

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You would advise her mother that menarche will probably start in:

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Even though I was comfortable with my knowledge about periods at the age of fourteen, I didn’t know for sure whether there was some universal unspoken rule that you never go swimming in the ocean while on your period, or if it was an old wives’ tale.

“Theology of The Womb: Knowing God through the Body of a Woman” by Christy Angelle Bauman, Dan Allender, Becky Allender
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Alarms on watches, PDA timers, or cues may help the adolescent change her pad every 3 to 4 hours or remind her that her period may begin this week.

“Case-Smith's Occupational Therapy for Children and Adolescents E-Book” by Jane Clifford O'Brien, Heather Kuhaneck
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During the months she is waiting for her first period, giving the child a box of sanitary pads helps put her in the right mood.

“Dr. Spock's Baby and Child Care: 9th Edition” by Benjamin Spock, Robert Needlman
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Then she and her mother have “the talk” about menstruation.

“Exploring the Dimensions of Human Sexuality” by Jerrold S. Greenberg, Clint E. Bruess, Sarah C. Conklin
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  • Boys please read this (I’m a girl:3 so please don’t question how I know this if you think I’m a boy)
    My way of explaining periods:
    1) uterus wants baby
    2) uterus doesn’t get baby
    3) uterus gets mad
    4) uterus get revenge >:)


  • There’s one called MyDaysX where you can track your periods and you can track your ovulation times and if you are pregnant it’ll show you your due date. My mom & I use it and it’s great

  • The Boy in the orange t-shirt is ready very wise and smart and intelligent I can’t believe he’s not embarrassed to talk about that

  • The kid in the orange shirt that is how boys need to be They need to understand we don’t control over having a period his mom raise him right

  • I think it’s a bit wrong when a kid so young expectedly a boy knows about a woman’s period. I thought they learned about that in middle school

  • Im 14 and have the rod too ive had it for a year and ive only had my period 3 times this year and its august when i do get it its lasts for 1-3 days i want it out because i dont feel normal i want my period back and im very close to cutting it out myself because im sick of it

  • Please don’t spread boys that are mean like u stuff.. that’s why women stick to in domestic violence relationships coz they think it’s normal

  • Bruh it’s totally not true about India I am India yeah I accept there are some myths that should be removed but we are not drop our children oit
    I am a girl

  • Being from Nepal and having period is really really hard.
    most of the people dont even know what a period is…
    and nowadays most of the girls are getting their period on the age of 10,11,12 and im sure most of the people are getting on these age.
    i still remember my friend getting her first period she didnt came to school for whole 2 weeks and also my other friends didnt came for more than 5 days.
    this happend when i was in grade 4,5,6 i didnt knew about period until i was in 6th grade. all the girls in our class had already got their period accept me and my best friend but she got hers also on 7th grade and i was only left.
    I was really scared of having period cause my friends said that it was just so dirty and painful. My friends would often wet the bench with blood stain. and i would always had to ask for pads with the teachers.
    im in 9th grade now but i havent got my period. its because i have “Amenhorrhea”. And i will never get my period. Well im still happy. My mom is the happiest lol. Cause she dont have to waste her money on period products.
    i feel like a lot of girls hate their period but having period means your body is working great and just to let you know that your not alone:)

  • I’m literally so glad we aren’t using lockers at my school this year so we get to carry out backpacks around meaning we don’t have to sneak tampons and lads

  • I’m 12 and I think I had my period, but I’m not sure… I was an emotional roller coaster 2 days ago and when I went to check if I was on my period all I saw was yellow in my underwear. I thought I maybe just peed a little in my sleep bc I had to go to the bathroom, but I might’ve had my first ever period… I don’t know… what do you think.

  • …I started my period yesterday (for the first time) now me watching this, this morning I at a fast food…
    ( Btw, a new sub. U-U )

  • I don’t know how to use their tampons bc in Germany it is pretty common to use the other type without the insert help…����‍♀️ edit: I use Cup anyway

  • Omg… I got it when I was 9 �� my friend had they’re period before because she was… leaking and i was the second to get my period and I was the youngest to get my period ��

  • Me: Mom, I got my period but whatever you do, PLEASE DON’T TELL DAD!!!
    5 mins later
    Me: ��

  • Thank you Brooklyn and Baily! This has really helped me especially when I just turned a teenager! These tips help me now and in the future. ��

  • Girls (or guys whatever you like to be called)
    Drink lemon water it has vitamin C water it can reduce cramps and headaches clear your skin and some more

  • Y’all I wanna tell a story ok my mom and dad got divorced when I was young & I was living with my dad becuase of family issues and sooner later I got my period and I didn’t know how to tell my dad that I got my period so I told him dad I got something that a girl gets when they grow up & he said wdym? I said YOU KNOW GIRL THINGS he said huh? i said I GOT MY PERIOD OK he really said oh ok go back to your room please I��

  • I thought only Indian parents felt uncomfortable talking about periods but after watching this I finally concluded all the parents are same����

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  • I feel like if your going to talk about it is very good however there might be some younger ones on her so maybe try not to swear. I know I can’t tell you what to do but it might be better if you just don’t:)

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    Even though you have told the truth about your mistakes you still feel bad because you can’t go back in time to change that mistake

  • “…lasts of up to five minutes to 1 hour”

    Boyyyyy I wish

    But seriously, everything that comes out of that boys mouth is so cute and funny

  • My school taught me I’m sry for the poeple who have to. Go though the pain me. And my friend she started. Crying quietly and me my friends like I’m so sry

  • Hi babes! What period questions do you have? Answer some if you can help! Also make sure to follow me on Instagram (@sharoncancio) to win my giveaway! �� love you ❤️

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