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Reviewed in the United States on February 2, 2018 I am a father of three, and we’ve always used Pampers for our newborns. First thing you’ll notice is the nice and pleasant “baby” smell, and how soft they are made. They’re very comfortable on the baby. Pampers Swaddlers are soft to the touch and do have air channels that can reach the skin, which keeps babies dry and well-ventilated, but that’s about it. Again, they’re on the more inexpensive side, so this makes sense—you get what you pay for.

Pampers Swaddlers are a super comfortable diaper that feels good against your skin and doesn’t have any rough edges or abrasive parts. The diaper is durable and holds up well between diaper changes, but this averagely priced diaper had disappointing test results for leaking and absorption. We love these diapers because they are soft, and thin and seem to be fairly gentle on her sensitive skin (we also use Pampers sensitive diapers). They are also the diapers we got from the hospital, and how can you not love the blue wetness indicator??

5.0 out of 5 stars In love with Pampers! Reviewed in the United States on May 6, 2013 I was a Pampers baby and my son seems to take after me as he doesn’t have a reaction to these diapers from Pampers. Reviewed in the United States on April 20, 2020 Size: Size 5 (58 Count) Verified Purchase Pampers Swaddlers are nothing short of perfect. We have tried over 20 different diaper brands due to leak/ansorbency issues and skin sensivities.

Pampers Swaddlers are disposable diapers created for affordability, comfort, and convenience. Update on Feb 1, 2020 Note: it seems Pampers has released their new designs of Swaddlers. According to reviews of mommies who bought new Swaddlers, they’re thinner than the old product, although Pampers said the new design is 2 times softer. I love Pampers swaddlers.

My daughter was 5 pounds 7 ounces and pampers fit so good, we used the sensitive, scent free type of swaddlers for newborns. I don’t know if you’ve seen the newest diapers that pampers has made but theyre for preemies under 3 pounds, I do believe, the diapers are amazingly small. Pampers Swaddlers diapers are the number one choice of hospitals, based on, protection, comfort, dryness and more. Buy now at Pampers swaddlers are the ones we have the best luck with.

I found that some of the other brands leak more and with these we can easily go all night without having to worry about anything. 1.

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In the world of nappies, there are usually one to three brands to consider, and the job is to choose one brand.

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I have twin boys and these Pampers are the best.

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  • Luvs was the worst diaper I ever used it’s very cheap his pop and pee would leak out it didn’t hold much but pampers hold my sons pee over night

  • I use Huggies snug and dry in da biggest size cause I am parralized so.. I have to be in a wheelchair all the time cause I got injured in a bad car accident but I realy recommend the huggies snug and dry they realy comfy

  • What people should know about buying baby diapers. Pampers, huggies and luvs are all pretty expensive. You are literally paying for the name. New mothers everywhere do not keep in mind that diapers are there to end up thrown in the trash. All should buy parents choice as it is a good diaper and cheaper. I see so many waste their money on over priced diapers and I wonder why. I’ve used parents choice on both of my children and they worked out just fine. Also.. Buying overnight diapers that claim to be thick is a big no no. It is not alright to leave your baby soaking in their own urine and poop throughout the night because people want to claim that the diaper will absorb it all.

  • Luvs have been the only brand that works for my baby �� I knew they were good before getting pregnant but dang as my 2 month old sleeps through the night for 8-12 hrs, they rarely leak. (Before I’m judged for letting her sleep, I do check on her when I’m awake and will change her as she sleeps if I’m awake)

  • Logan is looking at you like she knows what you’re talking about haha. And how is she so good just sitting on the bed while you do this video? Mila is constantly squealing or making noises trying to get her way. LOL. I’ve tried HUGGIES and they were really nice on her. They were the swaddlers kind, I believe, and has same yellow line that pampers has. I think the higher in size you go the more expensive they are. Mila is still in size 2 and I think next month we are switching to size three. She uses seventh generation because its free & clear of chemicals. I am really impressed with that brand!

  • Did i missed something *(insert confused math lady meme) i thought that the swaddlers were the winner. My ds used pampers swaddlers until 8 months when he learned how to walk so we swapped to cruisers. His only diaper rash was one time my mother put him huggies on. I never tried parents choice though

  • The Huggies white box I hate it’s so thin I also don’t like pampers baby dry my favorite is either the pampers swaddlers or Huggies overnights or red box don’t give my son diaper rash and soft

  • im going to buy luvs this time around because its cheap and i think it was great just my son peed everywhere at night and i had to change his sheets a lot but hopefully with the new one arriving this month i can make it work every baby is different plus im pretty much on a budget right now at the moment

  • Why use an entire cup of water? I have 4 children and never NOT ONCE did my babies pee an entire cup into their diaper
    And if there’s a cup of urine in your babies diaper you need to be changing them A LOT more often ��

  • This blows my mind. Completely opposite for my child! Pampers and Luvs blow up when full and Huggies stays thinner when full. We always have blow outs with Luvs. I do like the smell of Luvs but it gives my baby rashes.

  • I think if you use the original vaseline as a barrier..not the immitation ones..your baby never gets rash as it stops pee and poo from hitting their skin directly..

    .I think every baby is different when it comes to diapers. When my son was newborn huggies little snugglers was the best although pampers markets theirs better. Then later i had to switch to pampers when he was 4 to 6 months. Now that he is 1 and his poo is more solid it is not that important except at night. I use some store housebrands during the day and they are fine. I think pampers active baby dry is the best night diaper. Every diaper has the potential to leak..nothing is fool proof. Just try them all. However i must say i absolutelu hated Huggies snug and dry. They were horrible. Leaked all the time. I never finished the box.

  • New mommy’s don’t go stock up just yet. Remember every child is different and many babies can be irritable to certain diapers. I’m a new mom and my daughter does fine with both huggies and pampers, but my sister’s son has a problem with certain diapers in the pampers brand and huggies brand.

  • Huggies Snug & Dry version are the worst of their lines. The Huggies Little Snugglers (Huggies version of Pampers Swaddlers) are softer and far less blow outs/ better absorption than the Pampers swaddlers version. And don’t have the weird net like Pampers.

    Huggies Little movers are the in between Id say of the Little Snugglers and Snug & Dry; meaning they are so very soft with the super absorption (like could be overnight diapers) but with the more in a box thing. Oh and rarely any blow outs as they’re super conforming.
    Pampers has a weird netting on the inside that sticks to babies and they don’t absorb as well as Huggies, easily getting babies clothes wet. She literally chose the worst Huggies to test/review; and I wish she tested the outsides of the diapers for leakage.
    The Huggies snug & dry would’ve been appropriate to test vs Luvs for example.

  • A baby is not going to pee the same amount as a full cup of water, and if there is enough pee equivalent to a cup of water you should be changing your baby more often

  • I am from Brazil and I loved your video, dear! I always used the pampers diapers a lot on my little girl( she is almost 3 year old now, and she still in diapers to sleep), but now, their quality( I think is only here in my country), has dropped since some months. And also, their prices has increased. Now, my favourite diaper is hugguies supreme care( it’s the best one of the Brazilian Hugguies, I don’t know what is the US version).

  • Everything you said about the pampers swaddlers being softer and more stretchy vs the baby dry is true! However Iv had the exact opposite problem with leaks and blowouts. My baby poops out of the swaddlers as soon as he goes potty where the baby dry we haven’t had any blowouts! I think the baby dry is just better for my little man but every baby is different. Also, my baby dry have the wetness indicator so maybe that’s been changed? When i held up the baby dry to the swaddlers, the baby dry seems to run a bit smaller. So I’m going to buy a size up and switch to those altogether ❤️

  • thanks for sharing your thoughts on this. I’ve been wondering about the difference between them as well. from one mom to another, please please be careful letting her sleep on her stomach! it increases the risk of her getting sids…which is no joke. my baby boy is 4 months old. thanks again for the review! I love the swaddlers and will not be switching. (I considered it because the baby dry had more in a pack/case)

  • I came here looking because walmarts parents choice gave my boy a bad rash. I figured I’d switch to Pampers but I had 3 blow outs and I’m not even half way through the box. I am not an expert but I think it’s because it doesn’t have the stretchy backside.

  • Being the pampers baby dry doesn’t have the elastic band in the back do you have an issue with blow outs? New mommy in 2 months and I just can’t decide on a diaper ����‍♀️����‍♀️

  • I’ve also learned that if a good brand of diapers start to leak or poo comes out, just go up a size! Never change brands!��

  • The baby dry diapers do absorb quite a bit. The only problem with them is if you plan on using them for overnight and if you baby is a heavy wetter they tend to leak. In many cases they’ll also explode and the little white gel pellets will come out. Happens to us at least a few times week now.

  • I kept wanting to use luvs so bad because of the inexpensiveness, but they always caused a rash. the only brand I can use on him, without him having a rash is pampers, and I didn’t need cream. I didn’t care for the fit of huggies on my boy, and his rash always persisted with those too. I don’t have an issue with the absorbency of pampers, or smelling pee, but everyone’s different. I liked everything about luvs except the rash (of course), and the smell (to me) was very strong. I wondered if the fragrance or absorbency chemicals were his cause of irritation. I’m not sure. Just sharing my own experience. obviously, luvs are usually cheaper, so I guess if they work for your baby.

  • Pampers baby dry & Huggies snug & dry are literally a joke. They leak after one piss. Huggies little movers are the only leak proof ones I found

  • I use pampers swaddlers and I can’t use Huggies because my baby gets rashes from those diapers. I also use Kirkland diapers(Costco).

  • I’ve tried so many diapers. My little one did try baby dry diapers and they were great when she was a little baby! But now that’s she’s walking and moving around a lot, the cruisers have been awesome, she loves the comfort of them. Potty training is still in the making but for right now my 23 month old loves the cruisers.

  • omg don’t get me started on luvs lol they LEAK solo bad for us! All 3 of my kids have used huggies movers and they were are top. I have tried pampers with my first but that wa back in 2001 and i was finding her to leak with them also, maybe they were just the reg one though. every child is different and if it works for you jess don’t switch. oh also you might want to check out amazon for diapers, i have found they carry bigger packs of diapers and i don’t buy for up to a month and a half sometime, just a thought. Logan is growing so fast and is so cute!

  • We love Pampers Swaddlers as well! We started with huggies…my LORD what a mistake. From the get go he peed through them. The diaper would be totally dry but his onesie would be soaked. Not b/c the diaper couldn’t absorb more but bc the diaper didn’t absorb ANYTHING. Ugh. Huggies are BAD. Found Pampers swaddlers and never went back! We also had the leaking issue with the pamper dry and I agree that the cut of the diaper causes it to be less effective. We recently bought a box of swaddlers “sensitive” b/c the regular swaddlers were sold out. Exact same diaper as far as I can tell except the tape is white not yellow.:) good review!!

  • As an added bonus to the baby drys, they now have the wetness indicator on them! I think the cruisers do too but only up to size 3

  • Try use a changing pad liner underneath during diapering. Life saver! Here is a quick link to get:

  • I love how in depth you went to describe each one! Thank you for the video:) I learned a lot! My baby has been having lots of blowouts in Huggies so we are switching to Pampers. Very helpful video!

  • I’ve found that the baby-dry diapers do not absorb urine as well as the swaddlers. It just stays wet, although doesn’t leak.
    I would also like to thank you for your review. You did a great job!

  • Pampers pure are good, so are Huggies. Honest, target brand, and luvs did NOT work for our baby. We just switched to this company and LOVE them! Get a DYPER Subscription for $64/month! Clean • Eco • Soft • Absorbent • Convenient Subscribe Now & Get a Free Diaper Bag!

  • Ok you can’t compare Huggies Snug and Dry with Pampers Swaddlers. You gotta compare Huggies Little Snugglers with the Pampers Swaddlers. They are the premium selections of each brand and I have used them all and have stuck with Little Snugglers through kids #3 #5!

  • I think it really depends on your baby. I’ve been using swaddlers since I gave birth but my baby developed diaper rash as I’m breastfeeding and he poops pretty much after every feed. So I went ahead and tried the pampers DRY (I don’t know why your pampers DRY don’t have the line but mine does have the line. I guess they changed it now?) I LOVE the pampers DRY. After just using it overnight, my baby’s rashes disappeared! �� And he definitely is very dry down there so I believe it absorbs more moisture compare to swaddlers. It really doesn’t make any difference to me when it comes to the texture. I actually think that the pampers dry is somehow smoother on the inside. So for me and my baby, we prefer pampers dry. ����

  • So my babys 19 months been using Pampers since birth but I notice when he wakes up and I change him they fall apart I’m gonna try luvs

  • i know things have changed since I had my daughter (she’s 10 now) but when she was a baby I used pampers swaddlers and then LUVS when she got a lil bigger. they actually worked really well, very similar to pampers, and were cheaper.

  • Thank you so much for your comparison video on the diapers!!!! It was so very needed!!! �������� By the way……how old and how much did your baby weight in this video? I would like to know to get an idea of when to buy size 3 diapers for my baby? He is almost 5 months old now and wearing size 2 diaper in the pampers swaddlers, but I think he may be a size 3 now, not sure though? Please help!!! Thank you!!!!!! ☺️��������