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2017 Personality 18: Biology & Traits: Openness/Intelligence/Creativity I

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Openness Personality Trait of The Big 5 Unwrapped and Uncovered

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Personality trait: Openness to Experience (Intellect, Creativity & Madness)

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The Six Facets of Openness to Experience (Five Factor Model)

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What is Openness to Experience?

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Features of Extreme Personality Traits (Five Factor Model)

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Openness to experience, or simply openness, is a basic personality trait denoting receptivity to new ideas and new experiences. It is one of the five core personality dimensions that drive. Openness to Experience Personality Trait A ‘Big Five’ Factor. Along with four additional factors conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness and neuroticism Measuring Openness. Each of the ‘Big Five’ factors of personality, including openness, are often measured using Openness and.

The Openness trait assesses how open-minded, imaginative, creative, and insightful a person is. Those who are more open tend to be more willing to listen to multiple viewpoints or try new things. Those who are lower in openness tend to be averse to change and skeptical of new ideas.

Openness to experience is one of the Big Five Personality traits and the first which we will focus on in this mini-series on personality. Openness is much less known than many of the other traits and was not recognised as its own distinct trait for years. The Big Five Super Trait: Openness to Experience Openness to Experience is one of the super traits belonging to the Big Five model used to describe the major drivers of human personality.

The other four are Conscientiousness, Extraversion, Agreeableness and Neuroticism, which you can read about in separate posts. Openness to experience is one of the domains which are used to describe human personality in the Five Factor Model. Openness involves six facets, or dimensions, including active imagination (fantasy), aesthetic sensitivity, attentiveness to inner feelings, preference for variety, and intellectual curiosity. A great deal of psychometricresearch has demonstrated that these facets or qualities are significantly correlated. Thus, openness can be viewed as a global personality trait.

The personality trait that best reflects the lay concept of open-mindedness is called “openness to experience,” or simply “openness.” Open people tend to be intellectually curious, creative and. Openness to Experience Openness, as it applies to this trait should be interpreted as something like receptivity, as in the sense of being open to trying a new experience or being receptive to a new idea. N ow we come to the fifth and final trait of the big five: openness.

Or sometimes researchers call it “openness to experience.”. Openness is one of the five personality traits of the Big Five personality theory. It indicates how open-minded a person is. A person with a high level of openness to experience in a personality test enjoys trying new things.

They are imaginative, curious, and open-minded. The Big Five personality traits are openness to experience, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness, and neuroticism. Each trait represents a continuum.

Individuals can fall anywhere on the continuum for each trait. Evidence suggests that personality is highly stable during adulthood, although small changes may be possible.

List of related literature:

Openness We know that openness to new experiences is an adaptive personality trait because it opens up more opportunities for learning and personal growth.

“The Human Quest for Meaning: Theories, Research, and Applications” by Paul T. P. Wong
from The Human Quest for Meaning: Theories, Research, and Applications
by Paul T. P. Wong
Taylor & Francis, 2013

Openness to experience is defined as someone who is intellectually curious and tends to seek new experiences.

“Effectual Entrepreneurship” by Stuart Read, Saras Sarasvathy, Nick Dew, Robert Wiltbank, Anne-Valérie Ohlsson
from Effectual Entrepreneurship
by Stuart Read, Saras Sarasvathy, et. al.
Taylor & Francis, 2010

Openness to Experience Narrow interests and incurious versus wide interests and curious.

“The Handbook of Narcissism and Narcissistic Personality Disorder: Theoretical Approaches, Empirical Findings, and Treatments” by W. Keith Campbell, Joshua D. Miller
from The Handbook of Narcissism and Narcissistic Personality Disorder: Theoretical Approaches, Empirical Findings, and Treatments
by W. Keith Campbell, Joshua D. Miller
Wiley, 2011

Openness: Make an effort to put yourself in the company of others who appear to be quite different from you and open yourself up to new experiences.

“Hope in the Age of Anxiety” by Anthony Scioli, Henry Biller
from Hope in the Age of Anxiety
by Anthony Scioli, Henry Biller
Oxford University Press, 2009

Openness indicates person’s openness to new experiences, receptiveness to new ideas, approaches, or experiences,90 and it is a major personality trait that can be directly linked to creativity, innovativeness, and sensitivity.

“Brand Hate: Navigating Consumer Negativity in the Digital World” by S. Umit Kucuk
from Brand Hate: Navigating Consumer Negativity in the Digital World
by S. Umit Kucuk
Springer International Publishing, 2018

Openness to experience pertains to intellectual curiosity, imagination, conventionality, and the willingness to try new activities (see Expanding Ideas, “Trait-Based Personality Models”).”

“Juvenile Delinquency: An Integrated Approach” by James W. Burfeind, Dawn Jeglum Bartusch
from Juvenile Delinquency: An Integrated Approach
by James W. Burfeind, Dawn Jeglum Bartusch
Jones and Bartlett, 2005

Openness to experience measures how open and curious an individual is for new ideas and experiences, versus how cautious and wary of change he or she is.

“ECCWS 2019 18th European Conference on Cyber Warfare and Security” by Tiago Cruz, Paulo Simoes
from ECCWS 2019 18th European Conference on Cyber Warfare and Security
by Tiago Cruz, Paulo Simoes
Academic Conferences and Publishing Limited, 2019

Openness to experience is the way an internally congruent individual meets new experience.

“The Handbook of Person-Centred Psychotherapy and Counselling” by Mick Cooper, Maureen O'Hara, Peter F. Schmid, Arthur Bohart
from The Handbook of Person-Centred Psychotherapy and Counselling
by Mick Cooper, Maureen O’Hara, et. al.
Palgrave Macmillan, 2013

Openness to experience was the only personality measure that positively correlated with learning proficiency.

“Performance Management: Putting Research into Action” by James W. Smither, Manuel London
from Performance Management: Putting Research into Action
by James W. Smither, Manuel London
Wiley, 2009

Openness to all experiences should not be diminished by the need to categorize them.

“The Wiley-Blackwell Handbook of Schema Therapy: Theory, Research, and Practice” by Michiel van Vreeswijk, Jenny Broersen, Marjon Nadort
from The Wiley-Blackwell Handbook of Schema Therapy: Theory, Research, and Practice
by Michiel van Vreeswijk, Jenny Broersen, Marjon Nadort
Wiley, 2015

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  • What is someone good at who is high in openess, very low in conscientiousness, high in neuroticism, high in agreeableness and very low in extraversion?

  • Extremely high on openness.
    Extremely high on conscientiousness.
    Extremely low on extroversion.
    Extremely low on agreeableness.
    Low on neuroticism.

    Maybe that explains why I’m an alien XD

  • Thank you for this. I recently had my “scores” established through Jordan Peterson site. It turns out that I have to dedicate a lot of time to working on myself since my results are almost all outliers. If I can allow myself to share for the sake of our common curiosity. O: 93% C: 0% E: 97% A: 90% N: 61%. It is worth mentioning that I have a bipolar type II-diagnosis.

  • Your descriptions are always so very accurate.

    I often experience this back and forth struggle between being extremely productive and having very strict guidelines (probably from my high conscientiousness) and yet getting constantly distracted by abstract ideas or fantasy (due to my very high openness). This bothers me very much and it is a daily battle.

  • What about people with high openness, but everything else pretty low. That would be me. My psychologist says I might have autism. And honestly people think I am pretty weird, even though I am quite happy usually.

  • I don’t know if I am an extreme introvert. I want to eat alone, cannot stand people talking loudly in cafes etc. I want a relationship but also like my own space so much. Try not to share my private life people yet I can look very friendly and cheerful sometimes (it makes me damn tired and the next day I have to recharge myself). How do we measure introversion?

  • @drgrande what about low agreeableness, extreme extroversion and extreme openness to experience. Low neuroticism and normal to high conscientiousness? Career advice?

  • The fact that everyone keeps repeating the same thing about the 5 traits ad nauseum instead of trying to analyze COMBINATIONS of the traits and personality matrix beggers belief

  • I’d say that very high in openness also equates to bad leadership skills (that is, if you’re not extremely low in agreeableness). Because the openness trait makes you more intrigued and able to shift and change opinions regarding issues debated. When in fact leadership means making and sticking to a lot of decisions, even though they might be wrong. Just to move the ship forward in one direction

  • I scored 4% in conscientiousness and 98% in openness and I’m having severe difficulty coping with life… how do I seek help? Psychoanalysis? (and I scored 50% in Extraversion, 27% agreeableness and 29% in neuroticism, and I’m 23 years old so hopefully conscientiousness will rise as I age..)

  • Dr Grande you have to smile more. You don’t seem like you enjoy anything!?
    Your OCEAN: assess you as moderate openness, high conscientiousness, low in extraversion, moderate agreeableness, and low neuroticism. How did I do?

  • I did not know too much about openness to experience before viewing this video. I think it’s interesting that it’s the biggest predicts of success out of all of the personality traits and that it is the most heritable.

  • Good explanation of openness to experience. My score on openness to experience was low indicating that i think in plain and simple terms. I would be described as down-to-earth, practical, & conservative

  • Different combinations of personality traits seem to fit well with different skills and different careers. I can see why it is beneficial to take a personality test, especially if you are choosing your career path.

  • Early childhood education programs also,dont change IQ to psychologists great sorrow in the 60s, 70s and 80s, we wanted it TO! SO much we wanted it to…but no. Inherited SORRY! WE WANT people to be equal because we are democratic in our thinking. WE want equality of opportunity to,translate,into successful lives. RE character, thatmisma totally different construct…character or moral development. THere are high IQ psychopaths and sociopaths, but especially psychopaths sitting in prisons all over America…people can and do use their high IQ to do horrible things.Yes re linguistics…..learning lannguage… there is so,much research on these topics because in the 70s onwards we psychologists so desperately DID want to,discover how to,raise IQ. FAIL!

  • It makes sense that individuals high in agreeableness demonstrate poor leadership skills. I imagine that individuals high in agreeableness in managerial or supervisory positions may appear as though they’re trying to be friends with their subordinates rather than be their supervisors.

  • This video ties in well with the video on how the different traits are associated with mental disorder symptoms but goes ahead to show the different characteristics of people who score low or high on the 5 domains of personality trait

  • Test subjects who are given magic mushrooms have been shown to rate significantly higher in openness over a substantial period of time. Shrooms cause neurogenesis in the brain (“opening more connections” as I understand it). Maybe openness is directly related to how well “connected” your brain cells are.

    I don’t really know much about all this, just throwing it out there.

    I believe it was John Hopkins University that conducted the experiment.

  • Thank you for publishing this! Enjoying the series immensely! Really awesome, wow. <3 I do have a question though. Correct me if I'm wrong please. Shouldn't the answer in the last example (at 1:29:06) be 7 in stead of 3? I can’t really draw it out here (can only use text as response). My reasoning: every line of triangles has all three colors (so, the triangle at x must be black). That leaves answers 3, 5, 7. The vertical stripes in each line have only two colors, one instance of one, and two instances of another (1st line: yellow, blue, yellow; 2nd line: yellow, black, x; 3rd line: blue, black, black), so vertical stripe at x must be either yellow or black. This leaves answers 5 and 7. The horizontal stripes also have only two colors per line (1st line: black, yellow, black; 2nd line: black, blue, x; 3rd line: yellow, blue, blue). It can’t be 3, because of the vertical stripes, which leaves answer 7. Doesn’t matter if you check from left to right, or up-down. Thanks!

  • Do you all agree that the mathematicians are the most intelligent students??
    Because i think that everyone “roughly speaking ” worked hard and practiced enough exercise… can be good at math, and get good degrees at it!!

  • Number of digits I’ve bounced between some jobs one of them require numeral memorization when I start each time my quantity is around 4-5 by the time I leav between 7-8 numbers.

  • Hi, doctor. I’m so excited to talk to you about this topic ( the five factor model of personality) in personal. I did a research one years ago about this topic that’s why I want to be keeping research in this topic that’s why if you like it please answer me to doing more research about this topic?? I am waiting for your answer!

  • I think I am high in openness but I like routine and I am pretty unflexible, I don’t take risks and I don’t disrespect authorities or laws etc… I guess I am mid range but more on the high side since I am very intellectually curious, always in my imagination, pretty creative etc

  • Isn’t Openess to Experience characteristic of all children which doesn’t change since it is so basic to survival? After all without it no child could be promoted into achieving a step into more independance or the next level of their education. When it comes to seeing an increase in the characteristic of openess to experience in what areas of respects could some people increase in that characteristic as they grow older besides being ‘nonconformity’ like spending too much time in the imagination when there is less freedom to move about while living in a nursing home?

  • Gently Dr. Grande leads to understanding old wounds, or family issues. Ex. Someone in my family was open to some experiences, but their war experiences shut them down to getting further medical help. I just realized that it is because the concentration camp his military unit was sent; had the German word for “Medical Hospital” over the ovens. Who in their right mind would want to voluntarily go to a hospital after that? Thanks for being so gentle Dr. Grande I get it now.

  • I heard you say around 1:55 that openness tends to increase a little bit with age; don’t you mean decrease, or am I misremembering the literature?

  • wow! I scored so low on emotionality (emotional expressiveness) so the next time someone complains about not receiving a gift or compliment from me at least I will know why. Again great video

  • This video was very interesting to better understand how the extreams may effect ones careers the positives and negatives of each extreams of the different personality traits

  • Hi dr todd, so i actually i want to have an “openness personality trait” or “absorption (psychology )” and “fantasy prone personality”. I find it really interesting and really usefull to my work as an actor, can you tell me what triggers these traits???

  • Well I can tell,you which professors score highly…mathematicians and physicists yes, and their intellectual productivity peaks well before 40…if they havent come up with something highly unique that contributes to their field of study by then, they very likely wont. The all the other hard sciences come next in IQ rankings, followed by computer sciences, engineering, next comes psychology followed by the general humanities English, history,foreign languages, at the bottom of the humanities professors are the ones in sociology and things like gender studies, all the post 70s politically correct quasi degree programs universities came up with post 70s to,shut critics up,that there was not enough cultural diversity in universities etc, followed last by EDUCATION…yes professors of teachers which may in part be why education at the public school level is,so much WORSE than in the1950s immediately post WWII…. professors of education are then followed by athletics and physical education. I CAN say it only because I am retired….this is exactly,why the Left hates IQ…they hate any standard of measurement where they dont come out on top or that points out that there really ARE hierarchies of abilities where they do not shine…of course they dont mind that with basketball or football or other professions where people form other cultures have HIGHER abilities than whites, perfectly fine to point that OUT! Sybil Francis PhD psychologist ret.

  • I find a lot of highly open people tend to have underlying boundary issues. They dissmiss people who aren’t as adventurous and interested in ideas as “not having a life” and “boring” and then complain about being ostacised by regular people. It’s very hard to feel sympathy for people like that.

  • I previously associated openness to experience with adventurousness more so than intellectual curiosity and artistic appreciation so I appreciate this clarification. Interesting video!

  • I think personality traits can be adaptive as well, as you experience different things and grow into your own mindset as opposed to going along with what others have set before you to follow, as in when the individual was young.

  • Yep,I am high in openess. It is very lonely. I never been in a relationship because no one where I live is interesting. In other words, no girls wearing band t shirts. Mix openess with MDD and you have me. It is terrible.

  • I appreciate this video as it goes in depth to describe an individual with this trait as well as what it means to have high or low scores in openness to experience

  • I’m curious about the heritability of openness to experience, since I am 91% open, but my younger brother (a world-traveling, self-taught musician) scored in the middle range, and our parents were quite stodgy and conservative even when they were the age I am now. Some of my aunts and uncles are more artistic/philosophical than average, but I’ve always felt that my creativity and intellectual curiosity put me at odds with my immediate family.

  • It is not the most respected model, but for sure most pushed in the past 20 years into the throats of psychologists… In reality is a rather useless test… They took 2 scales from temperament research, 1 scale from intelligence research and 2 from social compliance characteristics, a bit here, a bit there… So poor model but advertised using all social power of McCrae and Costa, simply was pushed onto the market… Results thousands were tested with rather empty outcomes, and predictive power is very weak, it can predict only what people already know. Big Five was used by Cambridge Analytica using the Facebook and dating agencies, to collect massive samples, without any consent of participants… Not very professional… But very efficient to promote the academic career of Big5-vers…

  • With IQ tests, can you account for intelligent people who just aren’t interested? I can imagine a lot of smart people will just put any answer to get the test over with because they want to focus on something else. Same goes for memorising numbers or pushing a button quickly; what if you’re busy thinking about the third act of a play you’re writing, or a lyric in a song?

  • I’ll say I found it interesting! I’ve been skeptical of the OCEAN model to this point, but your description of “openness” has just explained my entire life. Thank you. I shall spend more time on this model.

  • ▶️ 4:36 Liberalism / Values

    ❤️ Dr. Grande, indeed, this is a very interesting facet of the openness to experience trait. Thank you for explaining.

  • Answer to ques at 1:29:30 should be no. 7, 3 does not fit in the pattern of bars.

    black horizontal, yellow horizontal, black horizontal
    black horizontal, blue horizontal, blue horizontal
    yellow horizontal, blue horizontal, blue horizontal


    yellow vertical, blue vertical, yellow vertical
    yellow vertical, black vertical, yellow vertical
    blue vertical, black vertical, black vertical

    while triangles are all different colors, the bars have a pattern that is 2 same color and 1 other.
    Answer no. 3 is simply selecting different colors of bars for each row.

  • Just want to thank you for all of your teachings. Iv bin listing to you at wrk for past few have tought me so much..thank you!!:)

  • This was a great review of the openness to experience personality trait and how it is linked to positive outcomes such as success. It was important that Dr. Grande pointed out that there can also be downsides to being at an extreme end of a personality trait.

  • Interesting about the light-switch example. I have this weird ability (which my grandfather had too) to catch something coming at me, say someone without mentioning it throws an object to me, to send if I will react fast enough to catch it I always catch it. Same with things, say an empty coffee mug standing on the table side gets pushed over, I’m always super fast in my reaction to it, and I am able to catch it before it hits the floor. This seems to something baffle people and it certainly has baffled me time and again. ��

  • This was a great video explaining the six facets of openness to experience in comparison with the NEO-PI-R and the International Personality Item Pool.

  • Dr. Todd what would be the best tests/evaluations for a person with PDD/NOS. The person is considered high functioning mostly because of his IQ however, he cannot function at all independently and requires repeated promoting even to eat and drink. He is extremely introverted, fearful and doesn’t seem to understand or process alot that goes on in a typical day, like if you say hi to your neighbor he wants to know why you are saying hi. If you go into the store he wants to know why you are going into the store and what you are going to buy.

  • Peterson fell for the “materialist rational” explanation of everything. God is True, ancient people interacted with Him and with angels, false gods, fallen angels, devils demons… People understood how nature works even if they did not understand why. Some say that gods were invented to have an explanation for “why”? Peopke were the same as they are now. They were not interested in why, very most of them did not have time for it. They were interested in supernatural events, getting an edge against nature or enemies. There were lies as well, mistakes, illusion etc but the main thing was true. Scientists say that there was a certain moment when our universe came into beeing, a singularity exploded (which is a placeholder for nothing, saying nothing exploded is rather funny) They say there are possible dimensions of the univers we can’t access, even other universes with rational beeings, material existence is not the only possibility. But there cant be Heavens and Hell coz we can go peek into them? There is overwhelming evidence of aliens. There is evidence they were freely living among people for a while and tried to modify humanity with some kind of giants, they genetically modified animals. But gods, angels, demons they must have been invented?

  • Dr. Grande, does having very little routine actually constitute a type of routine? Also, if someone regularly engages in activities that are fairly adventurous, but stays within those select activities, not often pursuing other challenges, how is their level of Openness to be measured?

  • Thank you, now I know that I would score high on intellect and I don’t know many people who value the deeper philosophical debates & discussions. They avoid them. I wondered why I was so different in this way. That helps a lot. Also, I used to be less liberal but as I get older I find myself becoming increasingly more liberal.

    Thanks for differentiating it from the political terminologies. This was very interesting. I think I’ll watch it again.

  • This was helpful information in trying to understand the facets under openness to experience. I sometimes get confused between intellect and intelligence and this video helped to clarify.

  • Well then how will he explain that the biggest Creative minds ( Art, Creativity, Novelty) in human History are Men, NOT Women????

  • i’ve been watching one of these lectures a day for the past few weeks now and its one of the greatest things i have come upon. if any other people see this comment i would appreciate some recommendations that are great like this content wise. I know its not likely but giving it a shot!

  • Knowing there are six facets for each spectrum of OCEAN makes it more interesting than I previously thought. I might bounce over from my in-depth study of the 16 Myers-Briggs types. Thank you.

  • So I have a question.
    On your complexity of the world design, what if you viewed all the images and “determined” that it was a community or housing lay out or design. I knee jerk reaction was “ Oh, he drew a bunch of houses yards, plumbing, etc. layers of the same community just different, slices of the cake.

    Aside, I have been wading through your talks. I have been having a very difficult time, actually figuring out where I sit respectfully on the 5 or 2. I can’t determine if I am being honest or lying to myself to achieve the outcome I want, or wish to be. I guess it would just be easier to say. I’m confused about my personality compared to others.

  • Honestly, if you watched enough lectures of JBP, took notes and did revisions and asked yourself questions about the material from each lecture, making sure to memorize it after you’ve understood its implications, you’d probably end up a far more educated person than before. (Like by a huge margin)
    Even if you had a decent amount of education prior, he’s simply on another level and can only boost you further. And so far everything he’s talked about; I have understood his points and ideas because he’s a great teacher. You don’t have to be a genius to follow the ideas, but you just have to be motivated to learn.

  • Being given descriptions both the high and low ends of how the personality traits are presented was helpful in understanding each trait better.

  • Just look at all of that student loan, while we out here half naked in our room watching youtube getting the information for free lmao

  • Very good explanation on Openness to experience. I scored high on the emotionality facet and low on the adventurousness facet. This means that I am aware of my feelings and don’t mind sharing them with others. I scored low on the adventurous facet indicating that I prefer routines and feel uncomfortable about change. Even though I may feel uncomfortable about change I know that change is sometimes necessary.

  • But wouldn’t you as an employer rather have some one that could figure out something from scratch rather someone that can recall something quickly that was nuclear engineers in the Navy they could recall anything they had read about but couldn’t figure out any thing they hadn’t read about if it was a new inexperienced or read about issue they were completely lost!

  • I only found out about the Big Five Model recently. I definitely related to “openness to experience”. I took the test and scored 92%. It was high as I suspected. I do not like routine. I’m more chaotic, spontaneous and imaginative. It’s weird though. I’m reading some notes taken about me by psychiatrists when I was a teenager and they refer to me as imposing “strict routines” on myself (something which never happened). This was stated throughout the first few months of the treatment. I never, ever, imposed any routine on myself until they told me to do this after I suffered severe insomnia. The psychiatrist I dealt with were morons. They seemed to have total blind faith in their assumptions. I even challenged them for taking their own presumptions, assumptions, and weak inductions too seriously. I didn’t have “induction” in my vocabulary, but I had a good intuition for what it was. Entertaining an idea is perfectly fine, but, when you start believing such loose logic to be true.. you’re a fucking moron as far as I’m concerned. They rarely seemed to look for confirmation (other than chasing confirmatory bias). If something contradicted them I was often simply dismissed with lines like “you’re just ignorant” (failing to understand that they were ignorant to all of my problems). I was diagnosed with “autism”. It seems so fucking ludicrous to me. I debated the psychiatrist in one hospital for about 10 minutes one day about how I didn’t believe I was autistic and how his reasoning made no damn sense. Anyway, I was admitted to a second hospital and discharged soon afterwards. The psychiatrist there was just as ignorant to my problems and wouldn’t talk to me much (he preferred talking to my mother, reading files, and talking to others). He discharged me eventually since I didn’t fit the legal criteria of mental illness. Little did I know… he claimed I was autistic. Three morons. Both psychiatrists of both hospitals and the consultant psychiatrist calling me autistic and giving wildly inaccurate descriptions which seem completely absurd now reading them. Do you think that autism might be over-diagnosed? I’ve been watching a lot of videos and reading a bit about psychiatric disorders and the only one I can relate to is post traumatic stress disorder and complex post traumatic stress disorder. I definitely don’t have “autism”. For a while I stopped questioning it even though I knew it was untrue. People would always tell me that “being in denial is a symptom”. Bullshit.

  • No it’s not what I expected because I’m figuring out shit that people “quiker”smarter than me can’t seem to figure out all the time it’s kinda what I’m known for “I’ll figure it out”

  • Don’t know if you or any of your staff will ever read this but allow me to give you some inside to introverts. I’ve been labeled introverted most my life I’m a rather large man and was a rather large boy. Besides being “introverted”I am considered Lerning Disabled or LD if you will, as will become more and more evident as you read this due to my inability to spell worth a dam despite or even because of spellcheck sometimes. On top of this my exposer to the use and expression of proper punctuation in and the use of literature english was compromised by a western NC school system that was just coming out of the dark ages but in all fairness trying.
    The way that the trying of NC school system expressed its self was to start separating the LD and the Dyslexic from the Emotional Disabled and Down Syndrome and although that helped them with their confidence many still had problems. Now why do I bring up confidence introverts are ostracized as are kids that are separated from the other students for their special classes in english math and the such and this is quite important to the point to be made. So here I was 8th grade, a Navy brat (meaning I moved around my hole life), in a new state and town and in a barely functioning school system,for me at least. Being ostracized for my introvertedness, LDness and “yanky condition” per se. My confidence never wavered clear to my current 54 years of age. For reasons pertinent to my story but not the point at hand.
    Sorry I’ve taken so long to get to the point here it comes. The reason that you have trouble testing /classifying introvertedness is because what you are seeing is not the person, what you are seeing is the conditioning from society introverts are extremely agreeable so that you will like them. Introverts are not shy they don’t whent to be left alone because of their conditioning they are comfortable being alone but go in to any bar you will find those people sitting/standing on the edge like me for instance. This has nothing to do with the common beliefs of introverts I and people like me have nothing to say to you our thoughts are on other things not that we don’t want to be around others and partake in conversations with others, so we watch the “extroverts” going from person to person talking about nothing this is what’s exhausting conversations about nothing we don’t do it well we are thinking about things that are important to us constantly. Don’t believe me get an introvert in a conversation that you know interest them it’s easy just get them to teach it to you, they will go on for hours to your exhaustion get them to teach it to a group of people the same result will occur this is because we want others to like us we want to be around others but we don’t understand them I liken it to an extremely lite autism because of our confusion of an extroverts behavior we find ourselves watching trying to understand the mechanism in witch to partake but it escapes us so some of us give up trying and stay home some of us stand on the edges some of us actually learn a compensatory form of socialization and some of us go off the deep end.
    If you made it through all of this rambaling thank you for your sticktoitivness. I would love any insight to my untrained thoughts so feel free in telling me I’m completely ignorant or spot on thick skin so don’t be gentle.
    P.s. as I continue watching this lecture I see that reading fiction helps with interpersonal relations this explains the introverts obsetion with fantasy fiction trying to fix themselves.

  • Why didn’t I learn about this, when I was in high school? This should be like standard reading of the future..
    I am 35 and I went to a private high school and would always score in the 98-99 percentile in standardized testing.. I always have been someone that didn’t take notes and very rarely “studied “ for exams, which was great until about junior year in hs.. I have learned a lot about the type of person I am, that I never understood, before… This is GOLD! Free “audit” of university classes! I wish you the best, I have struggled in my past with a substance abuse and I still have to treat it like day one, every day… I can’t even articulate how grateful I am to you, for your life’s work, for free, for anyone who cares to try and better themselves.. Thank You, Dr. Peterson! You are incredibly loved by all that enjoy your own artistic expression, speaking… Don’t underestimate the power of your poetic expression of your expertise!
    You have already incredibly influenced countless people, and encouraged us to better ourselves.. You give us the tools to make something of ourselves, and that is incredibly powerful! I wish you the best and am encouraged to hear you are seeing some light in your incredible, heroic, journey to enlightenment millions of people.. Or at least 10s or 100s of thousands of people.. Thank you Dr Peterson..

  • 25:30 I think it is because the fantasy games allows an introvert to exist in a world that is predictable and orderly, it reduces anxiety and the introvert gets a chance to be in control, at the top of the hierarchy where as in real life, that is next to impossible for an introvert.

    At least that is my thought on it as an introvert but I don’t play fantasy games anyone, not since 2006

    But I do play chess, which also gives order within a set of rules, it is predictable to the extent a drunk person isn’t going to randomly stumbling into the game

  • @ 1:29:34 it’s 7 not 3. the vertical lines and the horizontal lines are found twice of the same color, in each row and each column. No.3 breaks every rule.

  • So did I eh. I mean, roughly speaking. At least that’s one way to conceptualize it, and there are many. It really depends on which sub personality is dominating my perceptual/motivational schema at that precise moment. Of course that’s just on one level of analysis.

  • If the ability to retain a certain string of numbers helps judge someone’s intelligence/IQ, then having strong memory loss after having children means an individual has become….less intelligent?
    That sucks. lol
    I feel like if my normal memory capabilities were at 100%,before having children, then after
    First child = Down to 75%
    Second child = Down to 40%
    Not an exaggeration, I’m afraid.

  • I don’t know what it is about kids and chimneys with smoke… Well they see that the functionality of the fireplace is to make fire, and they don’t see the object so much as it’s function.

  • Could you make a video analyzing an individuals behaviors with high openness to experience and relatively high conscientiousness.

    the rigid nature of high conscientiousness seems to contradict the free nature of individuals with high openness. How would their train of thought be compared to their counterparts

    Ps I’m not sure if you have a video discussing this but yeah I haven’t slept and I’m just curious like your videos as always have a good day/night

  • YAy, hooray…he said it if you dont buy IQ you throw out all,of psychology…The left hates discussion of IQ. No such thing as street smarts predicting success in life. An ability to scan the environment for threats may determine whether you live,in battle or after midnight on the bad streets of cities known for crime but it wont get you through med school! SYbil Francis,PhD psychologist

  • notes:
    13:50 Temple Grandin
    15:36 autism and structure
    17:24 autistic people don’t like abstraction
    1:10:05 poverty & male homicide
    1:11:44 working memory
    1:14:52 intelligence John Carroll
    1:20:16 discovering psychology
    1:34:43 < 87 iq

  • If a person has OCPD traits and Bipolar Disorder would you consider it possible for them to appear at both ends of the spectrum at different times? Obviously such an occurrence would or could potentially confuse matters.
    For example a usually conscientious person becoming uncontentious when they are manic but either not recognising it or believing they are extremely superior to their workers etc (when usually they don’t) or when depressed recognising a change in their abilities or becoming forgetful etc and then the personality style of holding themselves to high standards which they at baseline are capable of attempting to achieve, and the depressive perception making them feel like they are terrible at their job, confused as to why everything seems so difficult etc

    Thank you for doing these videos, I was just wondering if you had an opinion on this? however I completely understand if you choose not to answer.

  • This is the fundamental concept of the game pictionary. My husband and I are the same age. We shared a frame of reference so completely that we out scored any opponent. There were people that thought we were cheating. Actually we shared our icon database!

  • In my opinion as someone who is an introvert, we are way more interested in abstractions, meaning behind all things and ideas, rather than people. There are introverts who spend a lot of time gaming, there are also other introverts who spend their time making great works of science, technology and mathematics. Introverts seek social approval, and mark our significance in the society in a very different way, not as explicitly as extroverts do by socializing and influencing people, but by dedicating to work on areas that solves the big problems of humanity, that has never been solved before, and push the society way ahead of the current bubble, be it physics, chemistry, vaccines, arts or philosophy, anything that impacts society in a big way. If extroverts love to be fully present with others in the present moment and connect with others, the aim of an introvert is to transcend their identity beyond their own timeline to do something unimaginably amazing, in a way to live beyond death. Introverts too like to talk to people but on deeper topics with one-on-one or small groups, not general small talks like “How are you doing?” to 100’s of people. One thing common among all introverts is that the constant feeling that the society does not understand them or appreciate them, or offer the motivation that is easily available to extroverts via social media. If someone is caught in that sentiment, gaming is definitely a great escape. My guess is that If game addicts are introverts then most social media addicts are extroverts, both unable to channelize their strengths. I am making very rough generalizations though.

  • I really like how you mentioned how the different enviorments reward and punish certian personality traits. Certain times, extrovertion is rewarded while other times being quiet may be beneficial, esp when your extroversion makes you a target. I personally think that the sophisticated human being can adapt their personaility to different rewards and threats to maximize their utility based on their given situation so they can no longer be considered extroverts or introverts, agreeable or disagreeable. I guess the innate traits what rarely change are neuroticism, conscientiousness, and openness…

    Another intesting speculation that I have is that personailty may vary based on what language one is speaking. I am bilingual, and I believe I portay a different personailty and have a different way of thinking when I speak and think in English compared to Korean… This may be due the the culture associated with the language, the language structure, language mastery, or the enviorment in which the language was learned that influenced the memories imbedded in these languages

  • I believe that anyone can be encouraged in the arts with results. Iwonder if Saint Valentine had all 6 facets of Openness to |Experience so outstanding that many people with Narcissistic tendencies couldn’t stand having him around. Saint Valentine was a kind of person who probably could not be pigeieon holed much on any outlier from the norm. How can a professional advocate for someone like that trapped in a situation they had no control over? Like a professional stuck in a nursing home who shouldn’t be there after having enough time to recover from whatever. How can you convince other professionals feeling harried more all the time in a Universal |Health Care System breaking down because of underfunding that someone no longer belongs in a nursing home with a security braclet on?

  • Introverts can’t process the spectrum of pop culture. They resent what’s popular today changes it’s name tomorrow, and then next week changes its reference. They can’t follow conversations with multiple words/references for the same context at the pace culture moves at. Fantasy/video games gives them a world with stability. I think Introverts aren’t really introverted, I think they hate culture as a collective.

  • I think 7 is correct and here is my reasoning:
    -in every line there have to be 3 differently colored triangles from left to right and from top to bottom
    -horizontal bars: always 2 colors stay the same from left to right and from top to bottom
    -vertical bars: always 2 colors stay the same from left to right and from top to bottom
    these conditions leave the following combinations open:
    black triangle black or blue horizontal yellow or black vertical
    this means only 7 fulfills all criteria and NOT 3

  • Understanding that scoring low on extraversion does not necessarily mean someone is unfriendly, rather that they are just more shy then someone who scores higher on the extraversion scale.

  • The Viet Nam War had the universal draft and then those with low IQ were called and actually were cannon fodder.And yes, people who cant fit into society do abuse drugs and alcohol…yes they dev chronic pain and substance abuse absolutely correct!!

  • Life planning students…do it and it pays off! Reading biography teaches you that life in all times and all places for both genders is challenging and you can actually learn from the past mistakes that OTHERS have made so you dont have to go through life making every single stupid mistake for yourself..that ability to learn from OTHERS mistakes puts you lots higher in the hierarchy as Jordan would say. Why not live your life as an evolved human? An examined life is a more successful life.

  • Protein deficiency in infancy and early childhood reduces the proliferation of cortical cells in the cortex and pre frontal cortex, our highest level brain functions…the brain is both anatomically and functionally suppressed by protein deficiency and IQ then is impacted to the level of close to one standard deviation…one standard deviation below normal is a huge hindrance in modern countries….HUGE!,Sybil Francis PhD

  • For me,this is the BEST lecture by Jordan Peterson bec it is about IQ, the very FIRST complex construct we researched to the point we could say psychology IS a science because,WE CAN MEASURE IT! General intelligence g, is,measurable, quantifiable and,its measurement turned psycholog into a science instead of hocus pocus, useless congering. People with below average IQ cannot understand the concept, the,data, how we determine items etc etc and just say nah I dont “get it” so it just doesnt exist!

  • Trained psychometrician here…yes we have studied IQ for over 100 yrs, in hundreds of countries in thousands of studies….guess whatmwemactually KNOW something scientifically about the subject! It really,isn’t voodoo. It’s called the scientific method……used not just in psychology but ALSO in psychology research.

  • To the how you think about how you would pick up the cup. Sadly I think stats support that Americans have issues with the pre motor cortex and the frontal lobe in regards to their actions and lacking the ability to recognise the consequences of their actions and then act dumbfounded when the consequences hit them on the arse.

  • So I scored low on openness to experiences as I don’t like change and many other factors associated with this trait. However, I have not struggled professionally. Can this personality trait differ depending on the individual?

  • Now that is a value laden term…income “inequality”..why not just say what it is… low income and low status in the,social hierarchy correlates highly with male violence and frustration for certain.Likely true in ANYsocial,or,economic system, communist societies with apparatchiks on top, feudal Britain with warrior knights and on the top…the peasants unarmed at the bottom but very likely not as pastoral in their homes as in idealized literature.Frustration at ones status in the hierarchy.

  • Agar 5-6opness log ek sath ek painting ko dkhegae toh kya chance h ki woh similar ho aur kya ho agar woh alag hi jizz dkhne ki kosish kare ausme

  • Maybe people with less than 87 of iq, and this is gonna sound pretty distopic and probably cruel or “late stage capitalism” or whatever, can become “paid blood donors” or something like that. Get paid something to give their blood to people who need it and will pay for it.
    Still leaves the hole of preventing them from using drugs and deteriorate their health I guess…

  • WOW, this literally hit home, i live south of Chicago, i injured my knee at my old factory job in 2011 never got a cent and got fired. they fought me the whole way and i never got work comp or anything. i had 2 arthroscopic surgeries in 2012 and 2014 last one he did a micro fracture and they both just made the pain worse. here i am over 8 years later i have seen several different orthopedic drs since and they all turn me down and tell me there is nothing they can do. i have been on prescribed pain killers for 8 years now and i haven’t worked since. the only experience i have is in labor jobs. i can barely even walk anymore without ending up suffering in pain and i’m 33 now. i have medicaid to and the only help i can get is pain pills. and now that covid 19 came my pain dr that i have had this whole time left his practice and i have to get a new pain dr now if i don’t get one by the end of this month my pain dr has to start weening me down. i’m at the point where i cant even do anything no matter what pills i take or i still suffer its such HELL… i get horrible pain in my legs to now, ITS hell if it wasn’t for my parents my dad passed away just my mom now and me..i promised my father before he passed that id take care of the house, property and help take care of my mother. i got denied disability 2 times and just gave up. i started playing online poker tournaments, always had a passion for poker. been doing pretty decent with that so that’s good but just so you guys know DR PETERSON WASN’T LYING. hes spot on. its pretty messed up whats going on here now. the corruption in dem states specially Illinois has gotten so bad.the medical system is horrible, medicaid is soooo bad..they don’t even pay for my pills anymore…with all i have learned from dr Peterson and his lectures he woke me up from my ideological possession. and now i see all the Marxist manipulation going on here from the infiltration and Marxist subversion,,,antifa and blm its crazyyy times….

  • On children drawing smoke from chimneys:
    It is the most simple way to demonstrate the house is lived in. In a sense, it’s imbuing character on something inanimate by bringing human presence to it.

    How are kids in the modern world even aware of the function of chimneys? I would say that has a lot to do with teaching them about Santa.