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Baby Formula (Honest)

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Nutrition buzzwords like “non-GMO” and “grass fed” have made their way to the world of baby formulas. While organic options have been around for quite some time, parents are now looking for options that go beyond the lack of pesticide and insecticides. A great option for parents wanting to keep down the price of organic formula is Gerber’s Natura Organic infant formula. Made with lactose as its only sweetening agent, it successfully avoids the.

Starting with fresh milk from grass-fed cows, and containing no artificial growth hormones and no antibiotics. Pure Bliss™ by Similac® is a wholesome formula for your baby. The Plum Organics Baby Organic Infant Formula with Iron is made from organic non-fat milk sourced from grainand hay-fed cows. This non-GMO formula milk is made easy for a baby’s stomachs.

It is designed to provide complete nutrition for babies from 0 to 12 months. Earth’s Best Organic Low Lactose Sensitivity Infant Formula with Iron. My concern with this one is that while it is 100% grass-fed and non-GMO, it is not certified organic, which means there can be residual pesticides and herbicides from the plants used.

Happy Baby Organic Formula $25.49 (my first choice). Its dairy ingredients are organic, coming from grass-fed cows, and the formula also contains omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, lutein, and prebiotics to support your baby’s immune system. When using infant formula, always follow the instructions for use carefully, unnecessary or improper use may make your baby ill. Information about 100% Grass Fed Toddler Milk and other products is for educational and informational purposes only.

If you would like to proceed, please click “I understand”. Pure Bliss by Similac Toddler Drink with Probiotics, Starts with Fresh Milk from Grass-Fed Cows, Non-GMO Toddler Formula, 24.7 Oz, 6Count Visit the Similac Store 4.6 out of 5 stars 161 ratings Size: 1.54 Pound (Pack of 6). Happy Baby® Organic Infant Formula offers complete nutrition for your baby with key vitamins and minerals found in breast milk. Organic and non-GMO.

Made with milk from cows raised on organic farms. Made with DHA & ARA to support baby’s brain and eye development. Prebiotic mix helps support baby’s digestive health.

An organic gentle formula for baby’s first twelve months Designed for babies with sensitive stomachs or tolerance issues Includes Omega-3 DHA that supports brain and eye development Made from milk from grass and grain fed cows.

List of related literature:

If your family regularly chooses organic foods or non-GMO foods, you may prioritize an organic or non-GMO formula in your grocery budget to minimize your baby’s exposure to pesticides and other chemicals or to genetically modified organisms (GMO).

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A specialized formula may be used for the preterm infant (higher energy and mineral content), in infants with cow’s milk protein allergy, lactose intolerance (primary lactase deficiency or postgastroenteritis intolerance), cystic fibrosis, neonatal cholestatic liver disease and following neonatal intestinal resection.

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Many desire a natural formula without preservatives; without artificial flavors, colors, or sweeteners; made from milk produced by cows fed only organic foods, without pesticides or herbicides, growth hormones, antibiotics, steroids, or other harmful additives.

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The protein source is unspecified, but infant formula is defined as “a product based on milk of cows or other animals or a mixture thereof and/or other ingredients which have been proven to be suitable for infant feeding.”82(p2) b.

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But no research has found short-term or long-term differences in growth or in frequency of illness in babies who are fed cow’s-milk formula when compared with those who are fed soy formula.”

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In his study, 68% (13/19) of infants exhibited resolution of colic with dietary modifications that consisted of switching from a cow’s-milk protein-based formula to soy protein-based formula, or switching from the latter to a protein-hydrolysate formula.

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If there is no evidence of any underlying disease in formula-fed infants with characteristic symptoms, substitution of a protein hydrolysate (extensively hydrolyzed) formula is recommended because as many as 10% to 17% of children with cow milk protein allergy are also intolerant of soy protein.

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Other Types of Formula Special formulas are available for infants who are allergic to both cow’s milk and soy protein, those who are premature, and those who have rare defects in metabolic pathways.

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Milk and soy infant formulae containing genetically engineered (GE)29 proteins, canola and soy oils, and corn syrup are dehydrating babies who throw up and have severe diarrhea, the diagnosis being food protein-induced enterocolitis syndrome (FPIES).

“Chemtrails, HAARP, and the Full Spectrum Dominance of Planet Earth” by Elana Freeland
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Older infants with documented IgE-mediated allergy to cow’s milk protein can do well on soy protein based formula [20,21].

“Clinical Paediatric Dietetics” by Vanessa Shaw, Margaret Lawson
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  • Go get a real education. You have no clue what you are talking about. GMO’s are absolutely safe, and are better for the environment.

  • My mom started giving my three month old almost 4 months in one baby brother Emfamil non gmo to him now he look a lot skinnier is that bad and should we change back to the organic one?

  • Department of Health Guidelines on Sheep and Goat milk:

    “These should not be given to babies, this includes goats’ milk infant formula as they are not safe and do not have recommended amounts of vitamins and minerals. Claims that these milks are less allergenic than cows milk have not been proved. Goats’ milk protein and lactose content is similar to that in cows’ milk and therefore makes it unsuitable for the treatment of either cows’ milk protein or lactose intolerance.”

  • Haha wow Frank what a great source. You’re believing the same people who are telling you that GMO and formula is perfectly fine for your baby.

  • i have known people that feed there kid formula. gerber baby food made by nestle that is full of processed ingredients. I have noticed the gerber foods have age ranges: baby, toddler, walker, etc. and the older the kid is the more processed the food is. its like gerber graduating to GMOs and high fructose corn syrup. Read the labels M-f-ers.

  • I know this video is old but I’m hoping for some direction. I have one on out of 5 sons that I gave organic soy formula. This child is now 12 and has had, what I consider to be large breasts for a boy since he was 9. He also has had dimpled fat on his abdomen which all occurred at same time. All the rest of my children are very slim in build and my other sons have small breasts even for men’s

  • Hipp formula from Germany get it online organic and wonderful. 4 days delivery poops will be same as bf. Plus Germany has the strictest guild lines for organic

  • I loved honest until it’s gave my baby severe constipation had to switch to gentle ease Gerber but he loved the sugar in that brand LOL

  • really no different then sending their children to a school that teaches evolution knowing evolution it a lie. And they let their childrn learn other lies like the globe vacuum space lies,

  • Satan controls the 1%, the 1% own everything that controls our entire food supply (e., g., government), as well as the media, the 1% wants you out of their way and Satan wants your soul.

  • Goats milk is not close enough to humans mothers milk though science has shown this.Any powdered milk is highly processed.Goats milk is for not goats not for humans.Goats milk is missing minerals and vitamins your baby requires in the first twelve months..

  • YouTube viewers, Also be aware that palm olein is found in several of the baby formula mixes and has been proven to somewhat inhibit the absorption of calcium in babies.

  • As an adoptive mother with limited resources, this video just one more thing to worry about. Solutions, including for those of us who do not live in ‘green’ cities and have limited income would have been helpful.


    Since the govt. committed 9/11, why arent truthers demanding the release of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed who is on trial for his life for a crime truthers claim he did not commit?

    If there was no flight 93, please explain how 95% of the plane debris was recovered?

    If there was no flight 77, please explain how 130+ witnesses reported seeing a plane?

  • If you are going to use goats milk then make sure you are adding more nutrients to it because it can have serious effects on your child’s health if you don’t.goats milk will not give you baby all that it needs to grow into a healthy toddler.Goat’s milk is no more appropriate to give baby than cow’s milk.

  • This is “why” we spent the money and went with Holle Goats Milk… Yes @ $300 for 10 boxes which lasts about 3 weeks, if that’s the only thing you are feeding baby, it’s expensive, but can you really put a price on your babies health? Besides, you are only going to be bottle feeding for about a year or two tops…At least you are giving your baby a good start and getting good nutrition…better than the alternative mentioned in this video that’s for sure!!!

  • Butter is so good for you…. I wonder if butter and or Beef Talow would be good for a baby…if it could be put in a formula…
    Based on Keto.. what are your thoughts?

  • pediatrics.aappublications org

    I would read this before you harm children indirectly by suggesting that goats milk is safe for babies.

  • goats milk comes from goats for a reason, and it simply does NOT have the brain-building vitamins needed to supply your child with proper development.You should really do more research before you go feeding your baby something you would feed your pet.Everything in grocery store has GMO corn syrup in it.So what are you going to do, feed your children cat food for the rest of it’s life?

  • Thank god I breastfed my baby before I knew so much about GMOS! But this still really upsets me! I have so many friends and family that didn’t breastfeed their babies and gave them this because they thought it was the “best formula & just as good as breast milk”! Yea fucking right! If they knew, they would be so upset. My two 1/2 year old has only been sick once (once we took him to day care and was exposed) My friends & fams babies are always sick! They have no amune system and they wonder why!

  • very very very sad most mothers today do use this crap and trust crap doctors with crap needles into their children..They would rather risk their childs life then to think a negative thought THATS why they cant even look at what is truth theese days,, its not a happy thought so they would rather believe lies that make you THINK the world is all cherry blossums.

  • you said “formula is mostly sugar and oil”
    I am trying to tell you that the reason they put so much sugar in Formula is because there are the same amounts of natural sugars in breast milk.High fructose corn syrup is artificial sugar.I don’t support the use of formula though.I just find that a lot the people commenting on this video are ignorant as to what ingredients are found in breastmilk.People commenting here seem to be shocked to find out that there is sugar in formula.

  • Frank Viviano if a woman cannot breastfeed for other than vain cosmetic reasons the alternative is goats milk. This can be found in powder form in a similar can and there are no additives, just the dehydrated milk. The only issue I see I mother having is that this is found in the pet section. If 8 couldn’t breastfeed my child I’d rather give them something from the pet section, that is safe, rather than this expensive excuse for “nutrition”. Goats milk is the closest to human mother’s milk.

  • It depends on how you buy it. The Similac 12.4 oz we were buying were around $16-17. The honest formula cost $120 for 4 and a bottle of DHA. Shipping was included. So it was definitely cheaper and more beneficial for our situation.

  • Today, I noticed a gallon of whole milk by the company Hood has vitamin C(from GMO corn) as one of it’s ingredients. Pretty much all processed foods in the U.S. have GMO corn and/or soy in them unless it’s certified organic by the U.S. government.

  • I have been suspicious of how they have been pushing soy for twenty years, to everyone, I remember constant magazine articles, radio tv, segments, soy soy soy,