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My Child Won’t Go Potty in Public Restrooms Take an Insert or Sit with Your Child. Sometimes you can make an unfamiliar place feel more friendly by bringing Avoid the Splash. Another obstacle can come from the splash of water when a child is going poop. This can be a big issue Go Somewhere. Among the toilet training challenges that you might be dealing with is a child who, despite using the potty regularly at home and in public, refuses to use it at day care or school.

As frustrating as this is for you and your child’s caregiver, it is not uncommon. Q: My daughter is 4 yrs old and has a real fear of public restrooms. When she realizes that she has to go she will start to cry and scream, making a huge scene.

As if potty training isn’t hard enough, there is also the challenge of having your child go to the washroom in public. Many children have increased anxiety when it comes to using a public restroom. There are several reasons that might cause your child to display this anxiety resulting in avoidance of using the bathroom. Later toilet-training, like late walking, may be your child’s normal developmental pattern and one shared by mom or dad when they were in training. The nerves and muscles involved in potty training may not be mature yet.

Suspect this cause if your child has been on the late end of normal in other developmental milestones. After a pre-determined number of successful days, have a celebratory potty party. Run the faucet while your child is on the potty to induce the urge to pee. Visit the potty after each snack or drink, when they wake up in the morning and after naps, and at bedtime.

Visit the potty after running, climbing or jumping activities that stimulate the urge to pee. Place a potty chair where your child is most comfortable—in. Pack some tissues or wipes in your bag, in case the bathrooms are short on supplies, as well as a change of underwear.

And just before you head out the door, try to get your child to sit on the potty or toilet. Don’t say “You have to go to the bathroom before we leave,” because most children will tell you they can’t or don’t need to. Some children fear public bathrooms, so prepare for that, too. It can also help to make changes to your child’s diet or use fiber supplements or stool softeners. However, you should check with your doctor first for specific advice.

My daughter will be 3yrs old in Oct. Shes great at home going potty she wears toddler undies and everything. But when we go to a store she’ll say she has to go potty. But once we get to the bathroom she starts screaming and cry. She is afraid of the tiolets flushing cause they are too loud. Idk what to do. Cause i cant control how loud they are.

Past kindergarten, the bathroom is most likely located outside the classroom, so kids might be shy about having to raise their hand to ask to go or worried about finding their way there and back. They may be grossed out by the smells coming from multiple stalls, embarrassed by the sounds they make or anxious about a noisy toilet or hand dryer.

List of related literature:

These fears are usually seen in toddlers (18 months and older) and are focused on fears of the toilet, or more specifically, fears of falling into the toilet.

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Some children have developmental conditions that make toilet training more challenging.

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If this behavior continues past four years of age, it’s reasonable to consult a pediatrician or psychologist with experience in helping families with toilet training

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If toileting refusal continues past four years of age, it’s best to consult with a pediatrician or psychologist who is experienced in helping families with toilet training problems.

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Unfortunately, many people stop their toilet training when their child is successful with scheduled trips to the bathroom.

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If child is fearful, have him or her open door for escape, then flush.

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Parents or caretakers, or both, need to be educated in making the toilet a pleasant place to visit and should stay with the younger child, giving encouragement and praise for appropriate effort.

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Provide a quiet activity for the child and make sure the toilet is comfortable and in a nonthreatening environment.

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Access to a toilet or potty, with privacy for older children, daily at this time may be beneficial.

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Some kids with ASD have a hard time with public bathrooms at restaurants, theaters, and other places.

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    I love your positive encouragement and thinking! I can tell you’re doing a great job and your a good mom and household manager.

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