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The Mountain Buggy Nano Travel Stroller is here to fix that. The Mountain Buggy brand is known for maneuverability, durability, adaptability, and simplicity. My 10.5-month-old son and I tested the foldable travel stroller, which is said to be compatible with all infant car seats, to see if it ticked off all of these boxes. Read on to find out!

The Mountain Buggy Nano Travel Stroller has a plastic frame, EVA (ethylene-vinyl acetate) wheels, a retractable sun canopy (covered in weather-proof fabric), and a cushioned seat with plenty of storage underneath. This stroller also has a convenient carrying handle, a shoulder strap, and various safety features (more on that below). 5.0 out of 5 starsThe Nano helped our European travel dreams become a reality (with our 18 month old in tow) Reviewed in the United States on December 9, 2016 We brought this stroller to Europe with our 18 month old, and I haven’t gotten more jealous stares in my life. The following things actually happene. Mountain Buggy Nano V2 was designed for parents who are often on the go or travel with their children and need a stroller that is compact, quick to fold and portable.

This stroller meets all of those need! Mountain Buggy Nano V2 weighs only 13 lbs which makes it easy to lift to put in a car trunk or just carry. I have found in my Mountain Buggy Nano stroller review that this stroller has great maneuverability and is easy to push on flat surfaces.

However, the small wheels definitely make it tougher to push on uneven surfaces. We have some cobblestones. Luckily, in this case, I am writing because I LOVE our new Mountainbuggy Nano stroller.

I did a TON of research on lightweight strollers before we bought the MB Nano, but what ultimately sold me was the ability to strap in almost any infant carseat, without buying extra adapters. For the record, our baby just turned 1 but he is a very long boy. For a pram that is ALMOST an umbrella stroller (it’s not quite a stroller, in terms of size, but it’s pretty close – sort of umbrella-stroller esque) I think the shade cover on the Mountain Buggy Nano is really good – so in terms of a review, I give that part of this pram. Mountain Buggy Nano is the ultimate travel companion that promises convenience, longevity, an authentic Mountain Buggy experience of ease and maneuverability with first class safety innovation.

We mainly needed a stroller fit for our international air travel but as an on the go mom on the in the city, the Mountain Buggy exceeded my limits for a stroller that was small and multifunctional. The Nano has really been a lifesaver that folds small enough to bring on the plane and placed in the overhead bin. “We can’t imagine travelling anywhere without our nano it’s been a game changer for us. It really is the perfect travel buggy.” It’s stylish, light weight, comfortable and it fits in the overhead compartment on the plane.

It gets a big 5 stars from us.

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Select a double buggy to meet your needs (if you will be traversing narrow grocery aisles, for example, a back­to­front model will be more practical than a side­by­side one); you will probably find a pram a waste of money.

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I loved mine, and found it particularly useful on airplane trips, because I could stroll the baby right up to the door of the plane, pop out the carrier (with baby, of course,) and ask the flight attendant to stow the folded stroller frame for me or put it in the luggage compartment.

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So the maker of the high-concept Bugaboo stroller designed one with a sleek design and tyres

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  • Fantastic informative review! Thank you for not wasting my time, it was great to have the footage of the stroller when you spoke about each feature.

  • Best vid on this stroller & the only one including vids made by Mountain Buggy that show how to pop the back wheels off, you rock! Got this specifically for air travel, wish us luck! ✌

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  • Hi. Have you ever had any problem with the rear wheels falling off the stroller? I have used the stroller for 1.5 years, absolutely love it, except for the fact that the rear wheels keep coming off. Am currently using the 5th set of rear wheels already.

  • I just got the nano 2016. I just hope they would allow me to take it in the cabin or else it defeats the purpose. Nice review guys..thanks…I think this is one of the best travel strollers cause it has almost all the features required. The only thing that the other strollers like the yo-yo & Qbit has better is the wheels don’t stick out from the sidewhen you fold the stroller. I am going to travel tomorrow, fingers crossed.

  • Haha I totally didn’t know about the mesh and cover at the back or the foot rest adjustment! Glad I watched now �� and seems like the jumping/freezing issue has been resolved thankfully xo

  • Hi! Question I know this video is from 2016 but how long did your child fit? I have a 2 1/2 yr old that’s 35lbs now and I’m looking good for a new stroller thanks

  • Would have been nice to see the buggy and you do a talk over while showing the buggy off. In my opinion video is a waste of time as it also kept freezing.

  • We got the nano 2 years ago because we were flying overseas and it was way more expensive. We have the red one as well, we absolutely love it.

  • Thanks so much for the fabulous review Sarah! How are you liking it still? I’m just now discovering this stroller and wanting to get it. Hopefully you’re still loving it and haven’t had any real problems with it. I know all strollers have a few cons but I mean no real problems. The only things I didn’t like when I saw it in buy buy baby was the basket was too small for my jujube brb. I am worried about the stroller staying folded as well. Some have mentioned the food isn’t great. Thanks again for the review! Love your channel…pink lady here.

  • Hi I just wanted to let you know if you don’t already that this video is being used on another Radom channel. When I went to click on to subscribe it does not come up under Pretty in pink mama (I was just searching for Nano videos)

  • Just found your channel last night. PUrchased this stroller. EEEEEK. You are not going to help my shopping addiction. Not one bit. You are adorable:)

  • Hi. Have you ever had any problem with the rear wheels falling off the stroller? I have used the stroller for 1.5 years, absolutely love it, except for the fact that the rear wheels keep coming off. Am currently using the 5th set of rear wheels already.

  • I would love to see how this buggy holds all the jujube’s you have? I have the bff and am looking for a compact stroller that will sadly hold my jujube’s without tipping over

  • We actually got this bnwt at a discount store minus the travel bag and we are absolutely in love! We’re taking it to our trip next week! I love it more than the pockit stroller

  • Great review! Thinking about getting this stroller, does it tip over with drinks in the organizer WITHOUT baby in the stroller?:)

  • i bought this stroller last year and used it on two holidays. The first the rear wheel kept falling off upon our return in contacted mountain buggy who sent out a new wheel locking system and this rectified the problem. However on our last trip the buggy appears to collapse going up and down steps. I have tried to have the stroller returned but due to the length of time it has been since i bought it they want video and more evidence of the fault. This is proving harder than i had imagined. I do not feel it is safe or fit for purpose so am going to try to have it replaced or refunded. I do not trust using the stroller again and would not recommend purchasing it. Precious little ones the online shop where i purchased the stroller have not been very helpful in this matter so i would not suggest using them either

  • Just saw your review and I am looking to buy this for my 18 month old. We need something more compact to move around. Can’t you take the wheels off? Also your twitter name is @ hungarianhc? You and your family are Hungarian? My husband and his family are

  • Would this work as a regular stroller for suburban and occasional city use? A lot of people have said travel strollers are not good for every day, but I really want something that’s nimble and easy to get in and out of the car. I can’t see something like the Uppababy Vista being useful since I have to drive everywhere I might use it.

  • Thanks so much for the videos inside the airport and plane, I couldn’t find another video like yours. It helped in my considering to purchase this stroller!

  • Hi, thanks for watching! At the time of posting this video, YouTube is having an issue with videos freezing. This is affecting many creators’ videos including mine. Hopefully this will be fixed soon x

  • Hey there Pretty in Pink Mama! Crazy dance moves….challenge…. ; D J/K You’re too cute in all your videos! It looks like the Mountain Buggy Nano is a really great compact & light weight option for travel. I have the Mountain Buggy Duo & it’s a beast! We used it to hike up Mountain Ranier �� Thanks for the review!

  • Ru guys using a stroller organizer? It looks like the Ethan and Emma organizer but I’m not sure. I just bought the same stroller and wondering if I can put an organizer on it without the stroller tipping over whilst baby isn’t in the stroller

  • This was a really thorough review! Thanks:) It’s amazing it folds up to take onboard a plane too! When we went to Sydney we took a travel stroller but we had to check it in as it was bulky.

  • Hi Kevin,
    Thanks for the great review. Im just wondering what is the stroller bag/organizer you are using in the video? It looks like you can even fold the stroller with it on.

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