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The first few months with twins or multiples can be a trying time for families. Juggling the care of several newborns is a round-the-clock job. Sleep deprivation adds to the physical strain while postpartum hormonal swings heighten out-of-control emotions.

1  Even experienced parents can fall into these common traps when their twins, triplets or more are born. In this depleting stage, it is common for parents to make mistakes that will affect the well-being of their infants and theirs too. Below we discuss some common mistakes made by new parents of twins and tips on avoiding them. 1. Not Resting.

Once the twins are home, it is advisable to get them on a. But wait! There are some common mistakes new parents of multiples (and singletons, too) often make that you can avoid with just a little bit of forethought: Running Out Of Supplies.

No one wants to make a midnight drug store run for formula, diapers or nipple cream!Mistakes I’ve Made As a Parent of Twins I spent countless hours nursing my singleton and perusing Pinterest on my smartphone with my extra hand; Pinning nursery room decor ideas, infant photo shoot ideas, first birthday themes, and DIY decorations. I actually attempted some of them, too. The stress and financial costs of having twins or multiples puts marital strain on a relationship.

Studies suggest a risk for divorce for parents of twins and other sets of multiples. Mental health risks also exist for parents of twins and other sets of multiples. Parents of twins and other multiple-birth children experience increased rates of depression, anxiety and other mental health problems, particularly during the first three months, according to a new.

Being too “Fair”. Even identical twins sometimes need to be parented differently. When misbehaving, one twin may need a parent to take a more firm tone of voice, while the other may find such a tone of voice distressing to the point of tears. 33. “Twins have so much energy, because they siphon it out of their parents.” Anonymous. 34. “Twins by chance, friends by choice.” Anonymous.

35. “That awkward twin moment when you see a picture of your twin and are convinced it’s you until you realize it isn’t.” Anonymous. 36. Luckily for parents on a budget (isn’t that all parents?), there are some special freebies for twins available. All of the freebies for twins listed in this article were verified by yours truly.

This information is up-to-date as of June 23, 2014 and is probably the most current information on freebies for twins available on the Internet. Twins and Multiples. Expecting twins, triplets, or more? Learn the ins and outs of raising multiples, from pregnancy to parenting, so you’re equipped for any and all situations.

Mistakes Made by New Parents of Twins and Multiples. Fact checked by Sean Blackburn Omphalopagus Conjoined Twins. Medically reviewed by Joel Forman, MD.

List of related literature:

The most pressing issues with twins or triplets are the seemingly nonstop work for Mum and the need for her to make the time to be with each of the babies separately.

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To be sure, this doesn’t mean that caring for multiples is easy, or that all parents of multiples will have the same experience.

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Your pediatrician can advise you on how to cope with the special parenting problems involved with twins.

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Twins Magazine (http://www.twinsmagazine.com) is a place to seek and give advice about parenting multiples.

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What would you want another mother expecting twins to know?

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One baby is a lot for new parents to manage let alone twins or triplets!

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Twins may be so small that they look premature; handle them very carefully, and keep them warm.

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This may require more than one examination and sometimes is impossible, particularly when the initial diagnosis of twins is made late in pregnancy.

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Problems – what problems are associated with twins in pregnancy, birth, and early months?

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I applaud Herranz’s interest in telling the most truthful story about twins’ earliest prenatal days.

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  • I don’t understand why there are 6.2K dislike as of this comment. Who wouldn’t want loving parent and seeing kids going to a loving family who loves them for who they are and judge them based on the color of their skin. I just don’t get it. The fact that there are adoptive parents in this world that can open their hearts to love and accept children that are not biologically theirs such a wonderful and beautiful thing. All these parents that have so much love to give to these children are hero and heroine in my mind:)

  • God bless you and your family color doesn’t mean a thing your a beautiful family listen to world wide Beautiful by Kane Brown this song is how world should be

  • White & White cannot make black/copper coloured/afro looking babies…only black and white can make those kinds of babies….It’s been scientifically proven…..she had an outside affair…his genetics are not that dominate….

  • Your children are BEAUTIFUL! God has blessed you. I’m having my second set of girl/boy twins in two months. They make #5 & 6. All naturally conceived. My husband says God only gives him a son with a daughter LOL. My son needs a brother. His 3 sisters are bossing him around daily LOL.

  • Amazing people heart of gold… May the Lord continue to watch this abundant family & bless you all each & everyday with the of joy & embrace… LIVE,❤️LOVE,❤️LAUGH.. for tomorrow it is never guaranteed☝��❤️��

  • This is three times + two times joyful for this family!!!!!!! I wish I could be there as they grow up!!!!!!!!!!! God bless you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I feel that the only racist people are ingnorant, uneducated and unloved, they are also usually the trouble makers when it comes to race. They are the ones who commit a crime and then cry racism or predjudice. Live, Love and enjoy this beautiful world with open minds and hearts. Stay safe everyone.

  • this was extremely heartbreaking, but still so fascinating. the human mind can be so exquisite and so beautiful sometimes. I hope Aimee and her mother fight these differences and continue to live a beautiful and happy life ����✨

  • And this is why I believe being a surrogate is not of God. If you can’t conceive then adopt or be content with it. But I do believe if you have faith you can conceive without all that scientific stuff. Most people don’t do it as a gift anyway it’s all about the money and some women can conceive but don’t want to “mess up” their body

  • Yea we have a 6 years and two sets of naturally conceived twins. First set is 4. Second set is 1. We want to try again and are curious to see if it’ll happen again!

  • People, relax! No amount of social distancing will save you from Corona Virus. No need for jealousy as I have seen on some comments or getting all so scared. We do not operate under fear. Yes, take precautions, but family is everything. Many people are committing suicide just because of this social distancing. It’s what the devil wants. I stay with family and am grateful to God for that. Coronavirus doesn’t scare us. Have faith you are protected with the precious blood of Jesus. And this family came together to worship and pray! What a blessing indeed! It’s what I always want but don’t have that. God bless and protect your family.

  • Good thing he got a “closer look” because that title is COMPLETELY relevant to the story. Seems like a big channel, so I’ll wait for a 2nd instance of click-bait before blocking.

  • So lovely that they got their baby and the couple who used her as a surrogate got their baby as well. The most important thing is that those two lovely kiddos are loved and cared for.

  • This is fucked up. Those parents are…horrible people who didn’t deserve a surrogate. They’re not the type who deserve a kid. They’re selfish, pieces of garbage. That is HER CHILD. They are not entitled to that child. It’s not there’s. She conceived a biological child, by chance, at the same time. It’s not their child. It’s hers.

  • This is a story about a couple that knows what being a parent really means loving, caring, and naturing human beings, unconditionally. The neighbors that mock them are probably the same hypocrites that protest against abortion……the selfish, egotistical, self-righteous people that think their DNA is scared and that everyone should look like them. Bravo to this young couple! Let’s hope that by the time these children grow up, the shade of their skin will be an inconsequential feature and not a definition of who they are.

  • Surrogacy should be banned. Motherhood is a gift from God and starts from conception. Even before in their hearts. God gave her both children, sold both, but both are still here. The belief that DNA makes you a parent is how rapist sue for custody. DNA is not a patent for ownership of offspring. Parentship is a verb, the adoptive couple was parent to both children, they should have kept BOTH, again God gave two. These twins should not have been separated. Children should not be sold.

  • Wait if one of them is her biological child THERE SHOULD NOT BE ANY ARGUMENTS.. Give the woman her chile and you can have your child also.. The fuck��.. Like bitch you should be GLAD she wanted to carry the child the fuck��.


  • As a mother of three grown bi-racial children (black and white) I must point out that the parents need to know black history and black culture. The children need black roll models. If not, these kids could have problems when they grow up identifying with black people and handling racism. Also, white people have always been allowed to adopt black children and babies but black couples are rarely given white babies. Congratulations to the parents.

  • There was a family in my former hometown in Utah who had a baby girl. Two years later twins, two years after that, another set of twins. Two years after that she had a set of triplets, and finally four years later one daughter. She was amazing and ended up writing a book called, “FAMILIES ARE FOREVER….if I can just make it through today!”

  • my son’s ex fiance went on to marry someone else down the road. she had one son, then identical twin boys, then was pregnant with triplet girls. sadly she lost them but did go on to have another single girl. just amazing how often it occurs 1, then 2 then 2 again or 3. thought it was rare but holy cow 4 sets of twins? thats nuts. I had 4 kids in 5 yrs all singles but can’t imagine 9 under age of 7. phew makes me tired now just thinking about it. LOL

  • Adoption should be strongly considered by couples. If they can afford IVF….they can afford adoption. To avoid these very complicated situations.

  • This only matters to bigots. Normal human beings can care less about the color of the children. talking about Xtianity and double standards. > Good for the family

  • To all who reads this, I just want to remind you of God’s good news message of Salvation. Acts 2:38 “Then Peter said unto them, Repent, and be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins, and ye shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost.” Guys, God loves you so much but he hates sin. The Bible says unless you repent you will perish in hell… hell is real.That’s no place to spend eternity. Salvation is free, all you need to do is accept it.Praying for you. Love & Peace

  • They would’ve killed this poor woman and called her “possessed” back in the day. How tragic. I wonder how many people were unjustly murdered over the course of human history because of a mental illness?

  • Psychiatry and psychology don’t fully understand because they’re not factoring in the spiritual side of what this is about. Demons are real.

  • That’s beautiful! I do hope that the parents learn in-depth about black hair though. It’s super important to know how to take care of curly hair since it’s a way different process than for straight hair.

  • Their Saturday morning are indeed ruined���������� love this story…always wanted twins but God knew I would probably lose my marbles…lol

  • if skin color isn’t an issue then why would it be a problem if some of the kids happen to be white or even Latino wouldn’t they want to pass on their rainbow mentality? it is a known fact, black adopted children are better off with black parents, white or Asian with their own etc etc it’s about assimilation. But some people have to make it all about themselves instead of what is best for the child, as if being adopted isn’t challenging enough.

  • How does Ken not realize he’s a woman? I don’t understand how someone could get to that level of denial. What if he saw a darkened/blurred image of himself that he couldn’t tell was himself but that he could tell was a woman, and then the image was enhanced to reveal it was him? How would he react? Or what if Bonnie was wearing a dress and then changed to Ken. Would he still say he wasn’t wearing women’s clothes? I’ve seen videos of people with DID but this is a whole new level.

  • Ok I thought my mom was the only one this happened to. My mom had three sets of twins. We are all two years apart. She had 2girls, 2boys, then a boy and girl. Every which-way you can have a twin. So 3 girls and 3 boys. She had no pregnacy meds. We were all naturally conceived. There was never a dull moment growing up. She went back to school and became a nurse. My mother raised all six of us by herself. Fast forward… We are all grown now with children of our own. Only one of us had twins.(lol glad it wasn’t me). My mom is a nurse first as a labor & delivery nurse(omg..for 20yrs)and now he has changed to dialysis nurse.

  • That fake blackcent is not the business, she needs to drop “tge act” and face it, SHE’D NOT BLACK AND NEITHER IS HER KIDS

    Their all different looking white race children by the white woman eggs.

  • How do y’all know she broke the rules? Was y’all in the bedroom to witness her breaking the rules? All we know is she said that she and her husband waited and her and her husband had no sexual contact during the time being ����‍♀️ believe it or not that stuff can happen and even the doctor told them it was true but I’m disgusted at the other couple for using that baby against them to get the damn money back (All of the money at that). At least one baby came back to be theirs so the extra 5 grand they could’ve asked back ����‍♀️ some may disagree, some may agree but that’s how I feel and this my opinion ��

  • Sometimes I kinda wish I had had boy/girl twins. Healthy, of course. ☺ My kids are over 8 years apart and don’t even have the same dad, kinda the opposite of this. ��

  • I’m 1of 3 sets of twins, plus 5 singles. We had a wonderful childhood. We travelled all over the world and lived in many different countries.

  • Saw this on Snapchat it’s a shame how selfish people can be God blessed a woman to help give you a baby and you try to keep hers and that’s sick and what you give will come back to you that’s cold hearted

  • Fraternal twins run in my family. My grandma was a twin and she had a brother. I also have fraternal twin cousins ( both boys) that are younger than me. It skips a generation in this family which I have to admit I’m happy about. I don’t think I could handle a set of twins in addition to the children we already have.