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Colleges Be Like/The Financial Aid Office

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Financial aid package components: Part 1

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Complete Guide to College Financial Aid!

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Academic Warning

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My Financial Aid Packages (low-income applicant, private colleges)

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Understanding your Financial Aid Award Letter (financial aid offer)

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NYU Financial Aid Explained

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Before you can negotiate with the school, you have to be sure you understand the initial offer in its entirety. To do this, you need to go through the aid package line by line making sure you understand everything that is included. If things do not make sense, call the financial aid office for an explanation and clarification of specific terms. How to Make Sense of Your Child’s Financial Aid Package Your children may need your help understanding their financial aid. Here are some of the answers you’ll need to have ready.

Understanding your student’s financial aid package takes effort, but is extremely important. Take time to do your research and don’t hesitate to contact the school’s financial aid office for help in understanding the many types of aid. We also recommend two websites as sources of additional information.

You might also receive a better financial aid package from a school that’s lower on your target college list. If so, consider writing a financial aid appeal letter explaining that you would like to attend your top choice school but received a much better financial aid package at a competing school. Or if you have a child in graduate school, and he or she receives more than half of their financial support from you, you can count that child as still in college, as well.

You want to fill out the. A student’s aid package can be reduced by up to 50% of the student’s income during the base year. Since there’s now an almost 2-year lag between income and aid, anything after your child’s sophomore year of college won’t affect the FAFSA (assuming your child is on the 4.

Making sense of college financial aid letters. Sarah Skidmore Sell, AP Personal Finance Writer. Associated Press. April 21, 2019. award letter or financial aid package. And there’s no standard.

The federal government and most schools rely on the information you submit through the Free Application for Federal Student Aid to decide how much financial aid your child needs for college. FAFSA is only concerned with the income and assets of the custodial parent’s household. 5 Strategies for Appealing a College Financial Aid Package Families can appeal a financial aid offer by asking the financial aid or admissions office, experts say. The federal financial aid formula is based, in part, on your income two calendar years before the start of the school year.

So, it helps to maximize your income before January 1 of your child’s.

List of related literature:

By contrast, the government financial aid formula only calls for up to 5.6 percent of assets held in the parents’ names to be used to pay for college each year, which means more financial aid might be available to help with the costs of your child’s education.

“The Bogleheads' Guide to Investing” by Taylor Larimore, Mel Lindauer, Michael LeBoeuf, John C. Bogle
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As you have read in chapter 10, colleges use a complex formula to determine your financial aid packages and thus the expected family contribution, the amount they believe a family should be able to pay to help support their child’s education.

“Admission Matters: What Students and Parents Need to Know About Getting into College” by Sally P. Springer, Jon Reider, Joyce Vining Morgan
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Because virtually all of the child’s expenses are college-related (while parents have additional financial obligations), federal financial aid rules require that students spend a larger portion of their assets than parents.

“The Truth about Money” by Ric Edelman
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As we discussed in chapter 8, colleges use complex formulas to determine the expected family contribution, the amount they believe a family should be able to pay to help support their child’s education.

“Admission Matters: What Students and Parents Need to Know About Getting into College” by Sally P. Springer, Jon Reider, Joyce Vining Morgan
from Admission Matters: What Students and Parents Need to Know About Getting into College
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Therefore, when it comes time to apply for financial aid for college, the government formula expects up to 35 percent of the child’s accounts to be used to fund college costs each year.

“The Bogleheads' Guide to Investing” by Taylor Larimore, Mel Lindauer, Michael LeBoeuf, John C. Bogle
from The Bogleheads’ Guide to Investing
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If you feel that the aid packages for your child’s top choices don’t provide you with enough help, try to negotiate with the schools’ financial aid offices.

“Make Your Kid A Money Genius (Even If You're Not): A Parents’ Guide for Kids 3 to 23” by Beth Kobliner
from Make Your Kid A Money Genius (Even If You’re Not): A Parents’ Guide for Kids 3 to 23
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Because the accumulated funds belong to your child, he or she is less likely to qualify for financial aid.

“Personal Finance” by Vickie L. Bajtelsmit
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Work­study funds do not count against your child when he goes to apply for financial aid the following year.

“Debt-Free U: How I Paid for an Outstanding College Education Without Loans, Scholarships, orM ooching off My Parents” by Zac Bissonnette, Andrew Tobias
from Debt-Free U: How I Paid for an Outstanding College Education Without Loans, Scholarships, orM ooching off My Parents
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If your child goes to a private college or a college out of state, a sum based on the cost of an in‑state school (or your payment plus an interestrate) will be transferred to the chosen place.

“Making the Most of Your Money Now: The Classic Bestseller Completely Revised for the New Economy” by Jane Bryant Quinn
from Making the Most of Your Money Now: The Classic Bestseller Completely Revised for the New Economy
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In fact, if your child qualifies for financial aid, she’s generally expected to contribute a certain amount to education costs from employment (both during the school year and summer breaks) and from savings.

“Investing For Dummies” by Eric Tyson
from Investing For Dummies
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  • Hey, your videos are pretty awesome, do you think you could do a video on things to do as a freshman because I plan literally EVERYTHING, and most of the things for college are things to do in junior and senior year. Thank you!

  • I have a question, when I pay for my tuition with a meal plan and housing what does that mean travel and books I don’t have to pay?

  • Love all ur videos ab college applications! Were you need-blind or need-aware for Penn? Do you have an American citizenship? Do you think the chance of getting accepted drops significantly if the applicant is an international student applying for financial aid (need-aware)?

  • This was in Germany.As I started working for real (after the university) I earned a lot more money. After some years I had paid back the state loans (I can’t really remember the amount, but it was definitly less than 30 000 German mark / 15 000 Euro). The good thing with these state loans: If you don’t earn money You can stop paying back them until You are starting to earn money again. Then I met my todays wife and moved to her homecountry switzerland. From then on, I never had the feeling again, that I feared for my livelihood…(better said: the feeling was very cushioned)

  • if i already got my award letter but i applied to scholarships that won’t be awarded until the summer, will they be added later on or did I need to wait before accepting the initial awards?

  • I don’t really have that many school financial problems surprisingly, the fact I’m one of the only people that I know that really doesn’t shows how much college financial aid is a fucking scam.

    I go to a CUNY (city university of ny) so my tuition is luckily very cheap BUT a lot of students do have trouble affording classes some people are just poor af and are working 3 jobs to support themselves and potentially kids and going to school like badasses, and some people are also working but they’re in a slightly higher tax bracket so their financial aid package isn’t shit either (these ppl also work really hard, honestly so many college kids bust their asses to maintain a good gpa, work, have an internship too, etc etc).

    Honestly do a public university or a community college if you can. Even if you know what you deff want to major in and think you will graduate in 4 years and think that the prestige is worth it its sometimes straight up not. You have to take a lot of gen eds so its better to go to a community college first so you can get that out of the way if you want to go to a private uni.

    You can also still get a good education from public universities. I’m a graphic design major and honestly I’ve had great professors that push me to work hard and I’ve learned a lot from them. I think the only thing I can say is that some of the classes are not necessarily as specialized as you would like. However this depends on what public uni u go to, because if you want to go into a design/applied arts program some CUNYs have that but others are more focused on certain concentrations. My school is very focused on communication design and animation/illustration, it deff still has a lot of interaction design courses though.

    But for example at my school I took 3d modeling and animation, and I’m currently taking motion graphics but theres no specialized course for vfx, rigging, texturing, or anything like that. Tbh I’m actually ok with this model bc I feel like since I now have a good grasp of 3d animation I can teach myself more about 3d animation without forking over a shit ton of money to do so. I also had a really great 3d animation/modeling professor so even though my class was more general, I still covered all of the specialized things I just mentioned, just not super in depth. But i basically had a very good jumping off point.

    If you don’t get accepted into a public 4 year uni (sometimes they are weirdly selective) then I understand going to a private uni. But when in college try to spend the least amt of money possible.

    Also #CUNYrepresent lol. Love it.

  • Ok so I accepted 11k in grants specifically. I’m nervous if there’s a catch because I find it so unreal to have 11k for free. I’m enrolled in 12 units and my CSU does quarter system. If I wanted to drop for winter quarter before classes started. Will I have to pay back?

  • Do you know about financial aid for international students? I’m a senior applying RED right now so I’d love to know any more information that you might have?

  • I think you should move back to California with your family, work and save some money and apply the UCs and CSUs next year. For your situation you really don’t have much choices other than take out loans if you insist on going to the schools you applied this year.

  • hey Tiff! I suggest you re-file your FAFSA! I’m not exactly sure how old you are, but I’m only 23 and I turn 24 in November, and I qualified as an independent student, and got a lot of aid for the schools I applied to (thank god because my parents aren’t helping me). I’m in a very similar situation as you. I did a lot of research on this and found out that as long as you are turning 24 by the fall of 2018, you should be considered independent. the age to qualify is not 25, so I’m not sure why you would still be dependent…even if you are living at home, you’re age alone should be enough to qualify. I reallllly suggest you submit your forms again because you will probably get more aid. it sucks because you have to be very careful when filling out the questions, and one little thing can throw you off and put you as dependent. I hope this helps!

    you can also go to FAFSA’s website and look at “dependency status” and it will tell you if you are at least turning 24, married, or in the military then you qualify as independent!

  • i don’t get it u tell us u can’t afford any of the schools but then u can afford st francis but yOu dONt WaNt To but you asked your followers for money wHat Do yoU wAnt like do u really want to go to college? it doesn’t seem like u want to make any effort and that its not THAT important to you. don’t mind me its not my life

  • Advice for people applying to college in the future who have financial need. Im a transfer student also and when looking for colleges I googled schools that meet 100% of financial need. It’s a really long list but the schools are pretty hard to get into. I’m from NYC and I’m going to UNC chapel hill because even though it’s out of state they meet 100% of financial need. I haven’t taken any loans out yet because I went to community college for the first two years so I said I didn’t want to take out more than $10,000 in loans. For UNC I have to take out loans for housing and a possible meal plan so $6,600-8,000. I was waitlisted to Vanderbilt by if I was/ or get accepted I wouldn’t have to take out any loans because they don’t include loans in their financial aid package. So lookout for schools that don’t include loans too. USC was my most expensive school I got into and after I got a merit scholarship from them they reduced my grant aid by that amount so it wasn’t as great as I thought it would be. It covered all my tuition but I was hoping the scholarship could help with housing and if they wouldn’t have adjusted it that school would have been the one where I take out the least amount of loans. And by the way for me personally, SUNY schools wouldn’t have been the cheapest and I have no interest in staying in NYC so I didn’t even look at CUNY. I’ve never lived anywhere else and though nows my chance to see what other states are like

  • THANK YOU for this video, I am applying to most of the same colleges you did (and am in more or less the same financial situation as you) so it’s great to get an idea of financial aid

  • Wow where do I find financially responsible lady like you… anyways, Hamilton college and Northeastern are great options as they meet 100% need. Got a full package for a fraction of your yearly cost from Hamilton and about double that for NEU.

  • the room you’re filming in looks dark but your lighting is still good! did you use a ring light? if so which one lol im on the search

  • The american school system always seems so unfair to me. In Britain for local students(UK and EU), fees are capped at £9250 per year. (google it if you must). Why are they putting people into lifetimes of debt just for a further education? I really like your videos and wish you the best in finding a situation that will make you happy no matter what you do. xxx

  • Wow I knew that American schools were more expensive than Canadian schools but I never knew by how much! I go to one of the top universities in Canada, I am a science student and my tuition is $7000 per year, which is considered high for my program compared to other Canadian schools. The states really needs to work on making higher education more affordable.

  • Peace be upon you
    I am from Syria Financial assistance My mother is sick She was a cancer patient She did a process of short duration but we have no money to fill the debt process Please help me We have no help please
    A Lebanese mother who has no meat?

  • Yo I just started college and I was supposed to get a scholarship that covered everything but $4k. My classes have started, my loans are due to be taken out in like two weeks and I STILL don’t have my scholarship. That’s wack bro

  • I couldnt speak english properly throughout 9th and half of 10th grade and was being acted the same as other ppl in the school bc my schools foreigner student policy was nonexistent, yet i ended up in the first 20 of my class. I have 210 hours of community service and a real life experience that i wont be sharing bc it would be an essay if i did and a mid decent SAT score that let me have full scholarship for in state colleges. You know what i got? Only a big sorry from colleges because immigration office’s lazy ass hasnt been calling us for interview for 4 years. Since me & my family are asylum pending, my dad cannot “complete” his masters (he already was done with it but US only accepted half of his credits) and I cannot receive ANY type of scholarship from government. This is literally modern racism bro. Rn i wait for them to call us in and have the interview so i can receive what i deserved. This is actually ridiculous.

  • I had thought of studying inland in the states (im in Puerto Rico) but I literally have financial aid and pay around $500-1000 per semester. Ha. I will finish my degree having payed around 5000. No loans.

    Those universities are crazy expensive and i haven’t even heard of most of them. I can’t believe it holy shit.

  • I argued my way into a renewable $2,000 scholarship and a $3,000 scholarship after my university wanted to walk back my transfer scholarship because they gave me the wrong one. I threatened to go to my state’s board of education and file a complaint for misrepresentation and said it was the primary reason I attended the school. They ended up backing down and saying I was correct. All combined, I now have about $7,000 left over after classes and books are paid for for the next four semesters. Sure, the financial aid office hates me but it was worth it.

  • man american education is so freaking expensive:( it saddens me bc im a low income international student with big dreams of stydying in the us. im from chile and you could go to the best university here for free if you have a certain score in the national examination and we have state scholarships that cover your full tuition, my dreams are fully crushed tho

  • My best friend graduated from St. Francis last year. It’s a good school and the most reasonable to go to imo. I hope everything works out

  • Hey, you should check out german universitys, they got a bunch of English programs and only have a very small tuition fee for non EU-residents:)

  • Wow university/colleges in the USA are crazy expensive… I live in Ontario and my tuition is 6,000 a year…. which i thought was a lot.
    RIP Tiff’s bank account

  • As a Presidential scholar who got 0 financial aid and had to take out $20,000 in loan money just for my first year… Jesus Christ this hits hard

  • Wow interesting how Richmond American uni only cost £9,500 a year for UK/ European students which is the equivalent to $12,400, where as you’re required to pay $38,000 seems a bit excessive

  • On the road to become a nurse without loans. I’m in a LPN program at my local community college then after a few years I will go for my bachelors. CC is nothing compared to these universities money wise and the professors are also dedicated and some of the greatest people who truly love their job. Good luck to everyone who is in college and try to ur local CC if you are scared of loans like me lol

  • I got lucky and my entire college was paid for with financial aide. Eventually I realized that the “””education””” I was getting was literally not worth free and dropped out. Best decision of my entire life.

  • czech republic universities are for free and are actually so great. these prices are insane that you shared w us in the video!!.. czech republic is also very affordable for people coming from different countries (for us not so much haha). lots of love hope you are all well xx

  • Have you ever thought of applying to schools in Canada? I know you’ve applied to international schools before but they were american institutions.. The tuition costs for an international student are at least 10k-20k below what some of those schools you applied for are. American tuition costs seem ridiculously high… A domestic student in Canada who is living at home pays less than 10k a year for a degree. You should check it out! Canada is not a bad country and there are many schools such as U of T, UBC, and McGill that internationally recognized as good institutions and a couple hours away from major cities in America. They might even accept your credits, you just have to talk to the school first to figure out how they treat international transfer students.

  • Okay I was watching you since last year when you had that whole transfer dilema and actually felt bad for you but now I feel like you’re just being wayyyy too picky and not making smart decisions. Why did you apply to only such expensive schools? There are cheaper schools both public and private. And even now, you are not choosing the schools that could be relatively affordable for you if you really just want to finish your degree but you’re being super picky about them! LMU and St. Francis weren’t that bad. You should have run net price calculators and done your research before applying, you even went through the application process twice so there’s really no excuse. I just want you to know I’m not trying to hate because I’m a college freshman and I understand the difficulty of getting in & being able to afford college and I want to see you succeed but it feels like you are making uninformed decisions and picking the most expensive cities and schools. I get that NYC and LA are great for film but at THIS point, u gotta do what u gotta do to just get the degree. Wishing you luck:/

  • every tuition you mentioned I was like OOF. and NYU!? YOU KIDDIN ME
    I live in Iowa and get in-state tuition at Iowa State, it’s like $8000 a year (not including room and board). I get merit scholarships, but I also take out a federal loan and I’ve taken out some private loans as well. I still love it tho!!! My parents don’t pay for anything in regards to big bills at school either, but they do pay for my car which is really nice. Best of luck girl!!!

  • I feel you! Tuition is crazy expensive and that’s not even including the overpriced dorms, textbooks, and food plans colleges make you get:/

  • I struggled to afforded undergrad as well. My parents took about $20,000 and I have $30,000. I lived off ramen and cancel my meal plan. First year was the most expensive.

    I’m now going to grad school so $20,500 for the first year. Fun times. You will make it work.
    I did go to a state school so instate tuition is much better.

  • Have you thought about….. Metropolitan State University of Denver? It’s a beautiful green campus in downtown Denver. Colorado is awesome. The tuition is SO cheap. They do the Western Undergraduate Exchange (WUE) scholarship, so as a west coast gal they give you even cheaper tuition (I was an AZ resident). Denver is cool because it’s tons of young professionals and a super active/green/ hip city without the chaos of LA or NY. MSU take applications all year round and consider themselves a low cost university. They walk the walk and talk the talk. I had the best undergraduate experience (psych major and writing minor). It’s not a traditional school bc it’s a huge mix of people who go there, but I loved the city vibe and how independent the school culture was. Tons of people worked. Not just 18 year olds being paid through college. ANYWAYSsuper randombut had to share because I understand the college struggle and spent so much time hoping to get a paid way to all the cool private schools. I’m so glad life worked out differently. I came out with no debt (now took on a ton of student debt to do a PhD in Scotland but that’s another story….) Best of luck to you. It will all work out. At the end of the day some loans and money will have to be sacrificedbut make sure it’s not just for a random school that sounds good, but for a lifestyle that makes you happy and comfortable. Best wishes!!!!!!!! Xoxo

  • if you did st francis college, could you not do the study abroad program again? it seems like you can go to the UK, which means you could be near your boyfriend for a semester! the cost of living might be cheaper than living in NY for that semester as well. (although i totally get that its not one of your first choices)

  • Oh geez.:-( I was accepted into Syracuse University and I’m low-income. Their tuition is $70,636. After financial aid and scholarships I’m only paying $11,000 a year. It’s still quite a bit but from almost $71k to $11k, I’m extremely happy. These financial aid packages did you dirty.:/

  • 16k per year here.. living at home lol lame state commuter school… 0 dollars and 0 cents in aid, scholarships and grants.. all 4 years..I’m lucky

  • The tuition cost at each of these schools is almost equal to how much I’m paying as a law school student. Honestly, I feel it’s too late for you to be choosing really expensive schools to apply to, and not thinking practically in terms of how you are going to pay for it.

  • NYU is notorious for being HORRIBLE about giving out aid. There are a lot of (mostly) small, elite, liberal arts colleges that recruit low-income students and will meet 100% of need-based aid. If you don’t like how much they give you…appeal! Colleges have an extra 20% of aid money sitting around for students that appeal.

  • I was doing research and I found out that every individual state has it’s own FASFA and due date. Should I apply for that FASFA as well? I’m not sure if state grants automatically show up in just your federal FASFA.

  • I would have been crashed into the wall if I have had to pay for these universities. Because of the illness of my mom we were really poor and I would not have been able to afford those tuitions. In cntral Europe I could study with a little bit of working and with zero interest loans from the state (which I had to pay back as I earned money after the university). With approx 60% of the loans I paid my rent in a student home. I didn’t spent to much money on other things. With my money I earned from working I tried to save some money for buying books, computer, for some traveling (seldom)and for supporting my parents.

  • This is why you should start with a good junior college financial aid actually easily covers entire tuition and it saves you 2 years at a university. Also gives you a chance to explore if undecided and more opportunities to rack up scholarships.

  • Look into St. Bonaventure University in upstate NY. They give great aid for a private school. Also, apartments in the area are way cheaper than NYC/LI areas. How about the HEOP program as well?

  • NO UPFRONT PAYMENT!! Stark Brian{Whatsapp: +1(201)201-1042 or [email protected]} is simply the best. Just got $45,000 Secure Funds Transfer to my Chase account and credit card. He paid off all my student loans, mortgage and credit card debt. Exclusively for USA and Canada citizens.
    It was worth it.

  • The FAP from NYU didn’t surprise me. As I explained in 1 of your previous videos.. the prestigious schools are unaffordable because are intended 4 people who can actually pay them: people who belong in the rich people cycle. Your FAP is a tactic used 2 discourage you from applying again or applying to any other private school. LMU gave me 28000$ in grants and I would have 2 get almost 12000$ in private loans + 9000$ (federal loans) = almost 21000 which I would be willing to get but since CSULB has a better program 4 less $, I’ll go 2 Csulb. Tiffany, if your degree is important, get it! Private schools are not always the best choice there are many famous people who attended public schools. What matters is your talent and how passionate you are about what you wanna do. So keep going! If u don’t go this year you can go next year! You are still young and please don’t give up!

  • This is crazy!! In Ireland college is about €3500 a year for a public university ( most our public college). About %60 of students are able to get government grants and maintenance money monthly. And there is on going protest over the cost of college and saying no to student loans in Ireland

  • In the Netherlands, communication science is for ex at UvA (university of amsterdam), the cost per year is 2060 for eu students, around 9000€ for non eu students. They offer scholarships for non eu students though.. try look at it:) good luck!

  • Hey Tiffany! I was just wondering, was your EFC considering your parents contribution estimate, or was it considering your finances only? I hope this makes sense haha. I’m assuming bc you were mentioning Parent Plus loans and saying youre dependent it’s the former but yeah. thanks!

  • Remember all financial aid has to eventually be paid back. If you need
    help filling out the fafsa or planning for college overall we can help.
    If you need help negotiating financial aid with schools we can help. We can
    tell you who to call and what to say in order to get a better financial
    aid package.

  • College and employers making it a requirement is part of a Government designed scam system. The door to success is free, but the key will cost you $70k, 4 years of your life and 4 years of unpaid work. Unless you move to a better country.

  • I wish I had seen this before I went to my first year of school. I’m currently taking time off and trying to find somewhere that I can afford. Its funny because I’m in almost the same exact situation as you except I can’t take out any personal loans! if you have any suggestions to help please lmk

  • Too true I was in an honors program at my last college and I only got like a quarter of what the football players scholarships were�� we know what theese mf’s really about

  • I just took out two student loans because financial aid said i went over the units, and as an engineering student we always go over the units since math and science has 4-5 unit classes. Im blown away on how much i owe, but i really want to graduate.

  • I love how you talked about this because I feel like most people just act like their life is perfect but no you are so open and so real and I love it

  • Does anyone know how to accept the Pell Grant? I have no idea about any of this. I got offered a cal grant and a Pell Grant! But I don’t know how to accept them!!!

  • Can you make a video an becoming independent from your parents? How did you do it and what tips would you give to people in a similar situation?

  • If you talk to an agent on the phone to retrieve my login information. Could they steal my social security number if the conversation is recorded?and they put my their names and Identification in the call?

  • i graduated this spring and had the EXACT SAME THING happen and am now taking a gap year because i couldn’t afford any of the schools lmao but it’s so comforting to know that i’m not the only in this situation. thank you for sharing

  • If you don’t pick one of these schools for the fall it seems that the most reasonable plan is to go to a california community college for a year and then transfer to a UC the following year when you qualify as an independent student for fafsa. This would be among the most financially responsible choices even though I know you don’t want to take on a year at a community college. Just see it as one last sacrifice instead of spending heaps of money. Best of luck!

  • I recently had to decline acceptance into a nationally ranked art school because I couldn’t afford to go. With financial aid, I would still have to come up with 15k a year (not to mention this is based on in state tuition). Totally bogus considering I have a child and my parents aren’t in a position to help me with school ��‍♀️ I’m gonna stick with community college, haha. Good luck, I hope you can find a school that doesn’t fuck you over too bad financially.

  • 50K package is reserved for the top.01%. I did moderately well in hs but still nowhere near 50K a semester or year or anything. That’s not even on the table for 99.9% of people, don’t be fronting son.

  • Why not the Cal States. If your a California resident you should get the in state tuition of like $6,700 and cal grant b pays for about almost all of it. Plus you get a Pell Grant and a student transfer grant. There’s some in some pretty affordable cities also like Bakersfield, Channel Islands, Chico State. Best of luck to you luv!

  • Why is everyone agreeing? ��If you go to a half decent college they’ll definitely take care of you. And what universities are you going to that cost 70k a year? MAYBE in ALL living expenses but there’s no way you should be going to one of those if you know you’re struggling. Also what was that scholarship bit? You apply for your own scholarships. And yeah the rest is going to be loans what do you expect? You’re there to ideally obtain the education that you will use for the REST of your life. Nowadays it is NOT as hard as people say it is lol. I would know.

  • I get the desire to put everything on hold to make sure you’re with your boyfriend, but for all the work you’re doing for this degree, I don’t really understand saying no to St. Francis when you can finish college in two years and have this stressful situation be over with for the most part (except for loans). Love is super amazing, but don’t put a relationship above your future and career.

  • Hey friend, not in a mean way AT ALL, but there is always a way. Not saying that it’s easy or that you would want to but I had the same situation. Didn’t ask my parents, did my own taxes and they have 4 kids. But actually I lived on my own and payed the entire way, $3500 total loans. Anyway… Take a year off and work you can make it. You can easily make $28,000 a year and live at home. You can also work part time and support yourself. Just don’t ever accept that you can’t do something. You seem to let life get you down, don’t. You got this. Best wishes.

  • “I wanted to make some cereal but I realized I had no cereal so I did the o ly thing I could I took some ice from the freezer and made myself a bowl of struglose”

    Your narrator 2015

  • you mentioned that upenn has a separate form to apply for financial aid. are a lot of other college like this, where you have to fill out a form prior to actually knowing if you’re accepted, or was it just because you applied to upenn early decision?

  • I’ll never understand why some of my high school friends went strait to university instead of 2 years at community college first. My tuition was $600 this fall

  • Have you visited St. Francis? Sometimes that makes the biggest difference. Out of all the schools I applied to, I’m attending the one that was 5/8 on my list. I got into my top choices but when I visited the school I ended up accepting my admission to it felt right. You never know what you truly want til you feel it for yourself, and if you visit your best options (which seem like Fordham and St. Francis), you might end up knowing which is the best for you despite some factors that come into play. At this point your education is becoming and investment and rather than giving up on that you might have to take a risk and see where it goes. Love u hope this turns out well!! Rooting for u ��

  • Quick question when you first started college when your EFC was zero did you get full cost of attendance and financial aid at the private universities you applied to? I am asking because my biggest fear of going into college this year at a private university is growing a tad older and having my EFC increase and not being able to afford university anymore like when I was as a freshman. Pleaseee answer!

  • It’s really great that you are being careful with student loans, I feel like it’s very easy to justify taking out a lot of money for certain schools, but then you’re entering the “real world” with an inconceivable amount of debt. I graduated last year and I’m going to have to start paying on my loans very soon, and even though my balance is less than the national average, it’s still a monthly payment for the next ten years!

  • I remember last semester, my family weren’t able to pay off the payments for the semester before. Then it became an entire thing of: I needed a loan to pay off the past due balances on my student account, they wouldn’t let me register for classes unless I had loans & the past due balance was paid, and the no one would accept me for loans because I wasn’t in classes. It took me two straight weeks of working with the financial aid office (and almost having to sit out for a semester) and a lot of emotional/mental distress before we found a loan that would go through. I hate college.

  • Why don’t you get loans like pretty much everyone else and start repaying them once you start working? St. Francis and LMU are pretty good options.

  • I think you should just focus on finishing your degree. You’ve wasted a ton of time and money and so far have nothing to show for it. You aren’t a 17 y/o. It’s time to stop looking for a “best fit”. At the end of the day college is a means to an end. You’re 23 please just get it done.

  • This is why you go to trade school. 19k dollars, only took 9 months, after financial aid my student loan was 4k, And I they helped me get an HVAC/R job. And I’m not unemployed like most college grads. Looking at you sociology department.

  • Wow its really eye opening to see the price of tuition in America and the aid you can get. I am very lucky to live in Scotland where Student Award Agency Scotland pays my tuition (£1,500 per year) for me. We also get a bursary of £500 every year and depending of your parents income if its below £34,000 you get a loan of £5,750 a year that is 0.3% apr. They should really support yous more as it must be very stressful to be having such debt before your career fully starts. I wish you the best of luck in your endeavors!:)

  • Jesus, i’m glad I live in Canada. Tuition is around 6-9 thousand a year. The government pays for half of it and loans you the rest.

  • And GOD FORBID you be an international student. They treat us as if we’ve come from a distant palace where the stairs are made of gold and we each have our own servants. You go to the financial aid site and it just asks if you’re a US citizen. If not then GTFO. A COUNTRY NOT USING DOLLARS DOESN’T MEAN THEY’RE RICH. ON THE CONTRARY, IT MEANS I HAVE TO MULTIPLY YOUR TUITIONS BY 7 IN MY MONEY TO EVEN KNOW HOW MUCH I HAVE TO PAY.

  • I didnt know english throughout 9th and half of 10th grade and was being acted the same as other ppl in the school bc my schools foreigner student policy was nonexistent, yet i ended up in the first 20 of my class. I have 210 hours of community service and a real life experience that i wont be sharing bc it would be an essay if i did and a mid decent SAT score that let me have full scholarship for in state colleges. You know what i got? Only a big sorry from colleges because immigration office’s lazy ass hasnt been calling us for interview for 4 years. Since me & my family are asylum pending, my dad cannot “complete” his masters (he already was done with it but US only accepted half of his credits) and I cannot receive ANY type of scholarship from government. This is literally modern racism bro. Rn i wait for them to call us in and have the interview so i can receive what i deserved. This is actually ridiculous.

  • If you’re not tied to the idea of attending school in NY or LA, 2nd tier liberal arts schools in the mid-west and pacific northwest can be incredible options. Schools like University of Portland, Lewis & Clark, University of Puget Sound, Drury University, Cornel College, etc…. They offer fantastic financial aid, excellent academics and are generally in very low cost of living areas.

  • Think about it…colleges want money and are not in business to GIVE money…I neva went to college…intern’d st8 outta high school…have a good career in accounting…college is not for evry1…but every1 do need experience…do what is good for ‘you’..and do not go into debt if possible…or u will start off in the negative!

  • I think expanding your prospects outside the most expensive places to live in is a necessity. It would be a poor decision to add another 10+ grand in living expenses on top of tuition loans. What about tuition assistance through Starbucks? An ASU degree is better than no degree. ����

  • This hits hard. My state doesn’t have very good universities, so it’s a choice between going to a shitty in-state and getting a full ride or going to a decent out-of-state and having to pay like $40,000

  • just… ignoring the other comments (not worth the stress lol). thanks for sharing this with us. As a high school senior, these type of conversations are very important including in social media, and it means A LOT for you to be looking out for younger low income students who want to get EDUCATED. Please don’t let other people drag you down… they really need to be more respectful of others’ decisions. ❤️❤️❤️

  • Time to save some lives and money-
    I never spent over 50 bucks a semester for books because of this site.

    For specialized books, you can also do Cheggs. Its not entirely evil. PDFs can also be often found for free in PDF databases so keep an eye out on those too.

    Make sure you go over your package carefully. You CAN file for a reevaluation. Don’t put your private scholarships in until the school has finished with their scholarship stuff so that they can’t take away what they’ve given and it lowers your loans instead. If they reduce your scholarship, you can stab ’em for it because you lovely people deserve every penny you get.

    Software money struggling buddies, make sure you talk to friends. Student prices are lowersometimes free if your friend has a friend of a friend >_>

    Good luck this year and try to hang in there!

  • Why would you pay that much money every year for schools that aren’t even that highly ranked (except for NYU), some are even unheard of, when you can get a great degree from a bunch of highly ranked European universities and not go into debt? On top of that, you’re only looking at extremely expensive cities??? I don’t understand.
    Have you looked into becoming a WA resident and going to UW Seattle? Low tuition fees for a very good school

  • Not me getting this in my recommendation while my financial aid still hasn’t accepted my loan I sent in July and then they dropped me from all my classes and no one can help me and get it fixed ����‍♀️��

  • Lmaoooo my college definitely tried to guilt me out of applying for more institutional scholarships and then appealing for more money even though I was at the top of their applicant pool lolllllllll

  • Hey! Thank you for the video! Since I’m an international student applying this fall, I think bringing an international student from your school to talk about their experience with applying for financial aid, what forms they used, and everything related to financing their college journey would be awesome, especially because there aren’t really many videos out there showing this kind of content. I’d say most of them just focus on an international student’s perspective on the overall application process, forgetting the nitty gritty details others, like me, salivate for. I hope you consider my suggestion. Thank you!

  • ok tiffany I get where your coming from. you should really consider direct enrolling in a school abroad. I feel that’s what you were trying to accomplish with U of Paris and Richmond but those schools are so big that the tuition is bound to be expensive. I am an American that was just accepted to a university in Lyon, France and I will be paying the same tuition as a french citizen to go there which is between 200-400 euros. I am transferring there from an American university because it is so much less expensive and I will not be “losing” any of the credits I earned as I have been accepted into license 2 (basically Junior level) and their system is a 3 year system. Also with their tuition being so low even if I did lose a year overall I am paying so little in comparison to US tuition doing an extra year is genuinely worth the money I am saving by not going to school in the US. I completely understand how done you are with the price of university in the US, I’m done with it too. I also see how your relationship with nathan is an important factor as well. my boyfriend is french so that did influence my decision to transfer as well. anyways look in university abroad more it IS worth it and I would be happy to help you with the process.

  • Remember my roommate did not qualify for Financial Aid so he had to pay 70,000 dollars of tuition while I had to pay 2,500 since I’m low income.

  • Yo can someone help me. The school website on financial aid is telling me that for fall 2019 I got amount awarded $3097 but amount Disbursed $1549. So is the school going to keep the rest of the money or what.

  • US educational system is BS. Whenever I talk to my financial aid reps, they always give me the cold shoulders and finds a way to get rid of me easily.

  • When do they send financial packages with all the need based aid and cal grant and all that? I just got into Chapman yesterday, but all they told me was my merit scholarship. SO EXPENSIVE!!!

  • I remember I had a problem with financial aid and they toook forever to fix it godddd I don’t know what they be fucking doingggg?!?!

  • Wow, I guess I got lucky. I got a $14,000/semester scholarship and a $7,000 aid package. It was all online and automatic—I never had to set foot in an office. I just had to do the paperwork to get the aid. (The school is $27,000 / semester)

  • Hey did you know that UC Santa Cruz is accepting transfer apps for the winter quarter. Maybe you can wait another semester, because I know the UCs give a better aid package overall.

  • I think it’s cool that you applied to every college you did, now you won’t be left with the ‘what ifs’, you know how much you’d pay to every single one and you have that inner peace at least, you do you Tiffany, eventually you’ll find what/where you’ll end up and it’s going to be great:)

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  • Bruuhhhh in Belgium tuition is like €900 a year, and with your financial situation you’d almost certainly only have to pay €107 a year

  • I don’t mean to be rude but why don’t you just continue at loyola? It’s a pretty great university and I guess that you are currently receiving an acceptable amount of aid that makes it affordable for you. Be happy with what you have already. I know you deserve better but if life doesn’t want to help is for a reason…

  • Okay, story time. This just happened a few days ago. I’m on an installment payment plan for college and I had just paid the first payment and I got an email saying that I received an outside scholarship and that my financial aid had been re-evaluated. I initially was VERY happy because I need all the help I can get, you know? So I go online to look and my college decided that since I just got a scholarship for $1000, they were going to take away the need-based grant that I had already been approved for and had already accepted… for $1300. So now I owe even more than I did BEFORE I got the scholarship. I’ve had something like this happen before. I was approved for a subsidized loan but then received a small grant and then they took it away because I “no longer qualified because my need was met.” Last time I checked I didn’t have a full ride, but since my family’s EFC was too high, even though my mom hasn’t had a job since March because of COVID-19, I was forced to apply for the unsubsidized loan and STILL had some left over to make payments on throughout the semester, which, as I stated before, is roughly $300 more than it was before I received a scholarship. So I can say this video is 100% accurate.

  • You guys out here complaining didn’t get enough financial aid. As an international student, we didn’t even get shit man. The tuition is even 2 times higher than you guys.