Lockdown Drills at the Child’s School


SCHOOL SAFETY: LAUSD to require at least 2 school lockdown drills each year | ABC7

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What It’s Like Inside a School Shooting Drill

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Elementary School Security: Lockdown Drills

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Local school union collecting information on how lockdown drills impact teachers

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Police Practice Active Shooting Drill at Colorado High School

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When school safety drills weren’t so smooth, these students made a training video

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The purpose of a school lockdown drill is to protect the children and adults in the building from a potential emergency such as the presence of a school shooter. As with fire drills and other safety programs, the hope is to acclimate students and teachers to a procedure that they will be able to follow quickly, effectively, and safely. In general, though, school lockdown drills involve teaching children and adults how to barricade themselves in classrooms and hide from an armed and violent intruder.

States that have laws mandating lockdown drills in schools, such as Ohio, Rhode Island, Texas, and New Jersey, require schools to conduct a set number of lockdown and/or evacuation drills a year. To protect students in the event of an actual school shooting, schools hold lockdown or active shooter drills, where children learn to barricade themselves inside classrooms or crouch atop toilet. A lockdown drill is aimed specifically at protecting them from an active school shooter. Involves several steps.

Most fire alarm and evacuation drills aim at getting children out of the building. A lockdown drill keeps teachers and students inside the building until law enforcement arrives. Oregon law requires schools to have lockdown drills, but it’s up to districts how to conduct them. In Oregon and around the country, some schools have turned to scarily realistic drills, involving firing blank shots to simulate gunfire, masked intruders with plastic pellet guns, and students wounded with fake blood. As a pre-k child, he has never been in any structured environment so everything is new and scary at times.

Now when he does a school drill he can say, “Oh, I do these at home too!” Talk to Your Child’s Teacher. Find out what the game plan is. Go over the steps with your kids.

Throw it in with the other practice questions you give them. The Clark County School District tells 13 Action News: each school does five lockdown drills throughout the school year, not including additional fire and earthquake drills. It’s up to each. Lockdown drills are means of practicing preparedness in a business in the event of an intruder or criminal act. Generally an announcement is given that the building is going on an immediate lockdown.

At that point, all occupants present at the time of the drill go to a room and lock all doors and windows tight. All New Jersey schools are required by law to have one fire drill a month and one school security drill—which often takes the form of a lockdown. Lockdowns, of course, are designed to secure a school and protect students, but they can produce anxiety, stress and trauma in some students and even in some staff members. The safety and health of your child at school depends on access to care, diabetes supplies and equipment. horrific event of a school emergency or lockdown. Practice emergency drills are becoming the norm in schools.

It is important to include a lockdown/emergency provision in your child’s Section 504 Plan or Individualized Education.

List of related literature:

Lockdown drills involve securing the classroom(s) or building by locking the doors and requiring students to stay inside, rather than exiting the building as in a fire drill.

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School-age children need to learn about exit drills in the home and dialing 9-1-1.

“Fundamentals of Fire Fighter Skills” by International Association of Fire Chiefs
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If possible, warn the student about practice drills beforehand, give families and students the option to opt out, and reassure the student that the school is one of the safest places to be.

“Supporting and Educating Traumatized Students: A Guide for School-Based Professionals” by Eric Rossen
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The most popular drill seems to be a classroom lockdown, instead of exiting immediately from the classrooms and going outside.

“Handbook of Research on Mass Shootings and Multiple Victim Violence” by Crews, Gordon A.
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The fathers were agreeing amongst themselves to take shifts “guarding” the school during the day… lucky for my cousin, the school is in a residential area and the majority of the students’ parents live nearby—the whole area keeps an eye on the kids.

“Baghdad Burning: Girl Blog from Iraq” by Alia Mamdouh, ʻĀliyah Mamdūḥ, Riverbend, Ahdaf Soueif, Hélène Cixous, Peter Theroux, James Ridgeway, F. A. Haidar
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As in any public school in America, practice lock-down drills were now becoming as required as the fire drills of the past.

“Ethical Leadership and Decision Making in Education: Applying Theoretical Perspectives to Complex Dilemmas” by Joan Poliner Shapiro, Jacqueline A. Stefkovich
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Of course, switch up the drill so that the parents get a chance to attack while the kids assume the defensive role.

“Coaching Volleyball For Dummies” by The National Alliance For Youth Sports
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Many heightened security-employing metal detectors, surveillance cameras, and even armed guards—to try to protect the school setting from the latest threat.

“Extreme Killing: Understanding Serial and Mass Murder” by James Alan Fox, Jack Levin
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The discussion then shifts to what we do know works—door locks and associated lockdown drills—and why it is necessary for schools to have each in place.

“Columbine, 20 Years Later and Beyond: Lessons from Tragedy” by Jaclyn Schildkraut, Glenn W. Muschert, Frank DeAngelis
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Teachers drilled anxious children in “duck and cover” exercises, huddling them under classroom desks or herding them into school basements.

“Divided Highways: Building the Interstate Highways, Transforming American Life” by Tom Lewis
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  • Don’t school shooters know school drills? because 99% of the time school shootings happen because the shooter was being bullied at school:| I’m kinda scared now

  • If me was teacher
    Get prepare for a gun or knife and kill me rip jk imma say get something hide Close lights and go to the window escape go outside and we will be safd

  • in like the 3rd or 2nd grade they put gory effects on someone who pretended to be dead in our clasroom and the teacher said even if their is a dead body in the clasroom be quiet and hide just dont look at it…i have ptsd now…

  • Me: hears gun shoots welp am died calls 911 before the gun shooter can come in my room me gets karate clothes on
    Gun shooter: comes in
    Me: i called the police and time to get karate chop
    Gun shooter: ok come on come get me!!
    Me: karate chops him
    Gun shooter: OWWW then police comes
    Police: arrests the gun shooter and awards me
    News: so how did you save the school from danger?
    Me: I got my karate clothes on and did karate
    News: wow good job


  • On day it was my birthday and there was a lock down and I was turning 8 and it was my first lock down So I didn’t know what a lock down is I was asking People what was a lock down and some boy said it mean that a person has a gun or a knife and I got really scared but I had my friend next to me and we were kind of funny friends so weren’t that scared we hid under the table and we got a glue, books, scissors, water bottles, to kill him LOL god was with me and nothing happened so we were safe we got out of school and I told my other friends what happened they laughed Hope you like my story!

  • If someone with a gun in my class I would sharpen a pencil and aim for his eye and shoot then I would kick him in the shin my class would hide away and tell me to get back

  • When my sister was in SK the teacher had her close the blinds lock the door and get everyone to his incase of a shooter like yeah let’s get the 5 year old to do everything

    I live in Canada by the way

  • I grab a school computer and I ask my math teacher if this a weapon and he said yes and this one got big white board and long ruler stick and I was like wtf

  • The second amendment,says the right to bear arms..Shall not be infringed..
    Most American county’s don’t even have a murder of any type on average from year to year,please check…The violent crime rates in America,have been going down for decades….My family and I travel much,places like London and Luton  should have skull and crossbones on all exit ramps to warn all the unknowing foreign tourist that are unfortunate to stop in their city’s..I think they would keep going..

  • Wtf is crowding in the corner gonna do. like when the shooter breaks in, tackle him down as a team and rip the gun away from him or something.

  • We used to huddle in a room all together with the lights off. Now we barricade and grab stuff to throw at the intruder.

    The first idea is so dumb. Like that just makes it easier to harm the students ����‍♀️

  • I once had a real lockdown I was in the hallway and the police found at first they thought I was the bad guy then they checked me and I was not the bad guy.I was scared half to death

  • Can’t imagine how loud the fire alarm would be at my school, its really annoying when every class has their door open when they are going out AFTER 10 MINUTES SITTING IN A CORNER like really, a corner makes us invisible.

  • So I made a plan if it happens in my school… If I’m at the 3 or 4 floor, I would: 1) Go to the library on the 4 floor and take the secret stairs that I know, or 2) hide in the classroom. If I’m in the caffeteria, I would 1)go out by one of the window that goes directly outside or 2) take the door near the music classroom that takes us outside. If I’m in the gym, I would go outside even if the teacher says otherwise because the door is really close. If I’m in my science classroom, i would, 1) if the shooter isn’t near, run outside or 2), if he’s near, encourage all of my classmate to break a glass erlenmeyer and attack the shooter. Why? Because we have two big windows in our classroom, which wouldn’t protect us of the shooting. If I’m in my English class on second floor, 1)i would jump out of the window or 2) attack the shooter. Why? Because it is the first classroom he would encounter and could easily open the door. Finally, if I’m in the lockers, I would take the secret exit near my locker and run outside to alert the police. If I’m writing this, it’s to encourage you to think of the places you’re most likely to be if it happens and make a plan. This could save yourself if it happens because you’ll act faster and be less stressed

  • All you need to do is carry a bunch of deadlt weapons around with you everywhere you go…
    The shooter would be outta there in a nanosecond when I pull out my chainsaw.

  • Everyone in that clip with the kids, they don’t know what it’s actually like to watch someone get SHOT through the chest! We had a real lockdown, with an active shooter, if never hit big news but it was stillterrifying, 10 minutes felt like hours, listening to gunshots. I witnessed someone get shot within those minutes, it sucks! Those kids don’t know anything of what it’s actually like. Yet they laugh, smile, talk during these very serious drills..

  • The Sheriffs are the danger. The Sheriffs departments are creating tomorrows active shooter by disrespect, stalking, harassment and indignity. My message to the next shooter. Adjust targets accordingly. #United States of Aterrica

  • The truth is you are WAY MORE LIKELY to get hit by lightning then die in a school shooting. Btw there is always home charter schools.

  • At my elementary school in California all of the kids inside would hide under desks and all the kids outside would run in zig zag while screaming to the classrooms. then the outdoor staff would bang on the doors and pretend to be an intruder. The never told us it was a drill till after.

  • Honestly my dad works at Manhattan and I got to school in Staten Island. Once there was a practice drill and they didn’t tell us and I texted my dad he went 156 miles per hour �������� and got 17 tickets but don’t worry he didn’t have to pay them����������

  • Okay yeah the practice intruder at training was resisting but I think a real shooter that wants to hurt people would probably like hit her or something so I’m not a hundred percent sure this would help

  • In my school we have a room in the next classroom and we can lock it but there’s a window in the door but it is covered with black paper.

  • I go to the middle school by columbine high school and im so scared of it my friend was in sandy hook and my mom was in columbine im so scared of it

  • Shooter: walks into a room and sees a clear large huddle of students in a clearly visible spot
    Principal: wait u weren’t supposed to see our hiding spots
    Shooter:.. uNdErStAnDaBlE, hAve A NiCe DaY

  • My 7th grade history teacher was a former Marine. so he always told us if a shooter was to enter our room, we’d throw chairs/desks on the shooter while he was fighting him!

  • If my military was the owner if my school there wouldnt be a problem u know why hell call for back up but still i feel bad for ppls loved ones dying at school shootings:( god bless them al in heaven

  • Douglas County Sheriff’s Department are ALL awesome. I worry about ALL of our Officers, all of our students, teachers, all staff members, and first responders. My heart goes out to ALL of them ❤️❤️������������

  • I went to that school and I remember during my 7th grade year, there was law enforcement activity going on near the schools. I think it was a car jacking pursuit or something. Also, this happened almost a month after the Parkland shooting and since we didn’t know the reason behind the lockdown at the time, we were really scared

  • This really made me think about the day there was a shooter on my campus with a loaded rifle(I was a Junior in HS). School had just started and was only in session for about 20 minutes when we got an announcement. All of us students thought it was a drill because we were due for one… until they said it was not. I sat and silently cried under my desk texting my Mom and Dad. One of the students in my 1st period class started vomiting from anxiety and I ended up going home for the day after the guy was taken into custody.

  • When u going to school and later u have a lock down I was in a real on

    Man kills wife and comes to get son 3 schools on lockdown real lockdown I was in the real lockdown super scary!!!��

  • This isn’t what we do at my school. They don’t play, they tell us to RUN if we can, or to HIDE. No if, and, or buts about it. You already know Imma take a mf chair to the window and crawl my ass all the way to Applebee’s. I’m not sticking around to lay on a floor.

  • In my class we turn off the lights run to the corner and curl up.If the shooter comes in Our teacher gets a chair and tries to hit the shooter. If the teacher fails, we get pencils or scissors to protect ourselfs. In my art class our art teacher is Asian so She has sticks and rakes��.

  • At my school a lock-down means school shooter/ a threat to our safety
    But in a medical emergency we call them “holds” meaning no kid is allowed out of the classrooms

  • Im not lieing But, If there was a predator and he threated tp shoot my teacher or a student, i would stand up and i say,”you can kill me, nobody else”

  • Once are school did a fire drill and then like an hour later there was a fire! It was small and didn’t spread but the fire department came!

  • I go to McFadden school of excellence and if it wear rill my teacher has wasp spray and she said the she wold spray them in the eyes with wasp spray I have a good techer

  • Wait if the shooter strapped the bomb to the hostage he probably put his gun down at some point. So the hostage sat still and waited patiently to be exploded��

  • The cops literally just stood outside columbine with the library back door open and they could hear everyone being murdered and they just sat there and listened and THEN decided to hit the library last even though they knew that’s where everything was happening so lids that could’ve been saved were left to die

  • I can imagine, huddling up in a group? Your all dead. Dropping 12 shots while moving right and left is gonna get all of them killed. You aint gonna hide under the desk. Lock the door, because that idiot cant go through. (matters on your door, dead lock is the victory.

  • before people continue saying why it has to be like this instead go to that one kid try to talk to him be a friend https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=azRl1dI-Cts

  • Lockdown drills are stupid af.
    the shooter could literally just open the door, see 50 students stacked up, shooter sprays left to right and thats 50 dead

  • For some reason I like lockdowns, cause it’s kinda cozy-
    But for now on I’m not gonna like it anymore ;-;
    I mean, I at least wanna die in a comfortable place-?

  • I’ve never really understood The procedure for shootings. Like You put the class in a corner and turn of the lights and close the blinds and the shooter comes in and the teachers say it’s so “The shooter doesn’t know we are here” but what if the shooter is a Student? And I’m sure they would know about the drill so I really don’t see how these would work like the cars in the parking lot say otherwise ��

  • Yo one of my 7th grade teachers used to let kids leave their sports bags in his room for after-school stuff. He said that in case there was a shooter, he would be either right in front or just behind the door with a bat, ready to send a head over the fence

  • You have to be aware if there are more than one shooter active. Never panic, panicking will only draw attention. Arm yourself with whatever you can and fill you backpack with hard covered books and textbooks, also binders so the backpack will have a less chance of a bullet penetrating you when the shooter enters your room. If you’re more of a fighter, arm yourself with a sharp pencil or the sharpest scissors you see, and when the shooter comes in, throw anything you can. Chairs, desks, anything that you think will stop him.

  • There is this weird kid in class that got punished and said “y’all wonder why i wanna shoot up the school” they checked his bag and found a list of names lol

  • Shooter: starts shooting in the school
    Me: leaves room-
    Teacher: are you done with your test?
    Me: wtf no

  • So uh….I’m realizing that if I had to get out of my class room…I would not be able to get out of the building. All the exits are really open hallways….if there is a shooting, I hope im in gym class….that’s the only way I’d survive at my school….but where would I go after the shooting? To my friends house probably. Ok so now I have a plan…all I have to do is get out of the school, cross the busiest road in my area, cross the railroad tracks, then go to my friends house. IM ALL SET. Also, I sit in the front for two of my classes so….if they come into those classes first, then I’m dead. Legit…the first row of my class. I’m the closest to the door. Maybe I should keep like…scissors in my pencil pouch? Idk….

  • They need to teach the kids and teens how to do those tactics to take down the shooter, because not just the teachers and staff should know. Imagine if a mugger was near a child or teen, they’d need to do something to not get killed or hurt. Not just teachers can fight, but minors can too.

  • if I were a a teacher I’d tell the students to grab scissors/sharpened pencils and hide in the corner. if the shooter comes in I’ll jump on him and tell the kids to separate the gun from the shooter, put a trash can over it and sit on it

  • these drills dont work 90% of the time. if ur class is stacked up in a room the shooter could easily open the door, spray left to right and thats a whole class down. playing dead wont work as some shooters tend to shoot them a 2nd time to make sure they’re fully dead.

    if this was to happen in my school. i would straight up break a window to get away, if a window isnt an option then use your ears to find the location of the shooter. if the shooter is far then find an exit door to get yourself/class out the school.

    well if this was to really happen, my class would think im dumb/suicidal for doing something that isnt taught on the lockdown drill. The lockdown drill is designed to teach people to run, hide, and fight guns bare handed. you know how dumb that sounds? these drills are nothing but to hope for sheer luck. a 10% chance of surviving with police taking 20-40minute to get to you which reduces it to a 5% survival rate

    well i guess i’s be the only one to survive and have a brain here.

  • I think in a way that the older ones are better, it truly prepares them for anything but trauma is not good and overall maybe the guns and fake blood way a bit much. Just an alarm and maybe a ‘Shooter’

  • If I ever hear a gunshot, i will whip out my Apple iPod * Well if this was around this time were im a kid * then text my parents that were going on lockdown and i might die… or something like that idk and i will hide inside like a cubby thing

  • My mom missed a mass shooting by minutes even seconds… someone shot up a mall that my mom was at, she was just leaving when police just showed up

  • All I’m saying is that I’m running to one of the bathroom stalls, putting an “Out Of Use“ sign on it and then camp out for the next hour or so…

  • I would be pissed off if I found out these assholes did this to my children. This is how they are training kids to FEAR guns instead of respect them.