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How to (LEGALLY) Make Money Trading Penny Stock Pump and Dumps

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What is Pump and Dump in the Stock Market?

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How to Find Pump and Dumps

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Pump and Dump Schemes Explained in One Minute

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Spotting “Pump & Dumps” before the pump with Trade-Ideas & Bookmap (ORPN)

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How To Know When A Stock Is A Pump and Dump

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If you use recreational drugs in a one-off manner, it’s essential to pump and dump for 24 hours. It’s also necessary to find someone else able to care for and bottle feed your baby while you’re. If you are a regular drug user do not breastfeed at all and seek assistance.

If you use a drug on a very rare occasion, you should pump and dump until the drug has completely left your system. Unsanitary Areas: If you are not in a clean environment and you have to pump to relieve painful engorgement you may want to dump that breast milk. Breast milk collected in these conditions. There are a few general pump and dump rules to follow: Wait at least two hours after drinking to breastfeed your baby or pump milk that your baby will consume.

You don’t need to pump and dump before feeding your baby, but you may choose to do so to prevent engorgement and leaking. The pump and dump days are gone! June 10, 2020 Samantha I am not a doctor, nor a medical professional, and am writing this article based solely on my own experience, opinion and independent research regarding “pump and dump”. If you know in advance that you’ll have to pump and dump, consider pumping and freezing your milk ahead of time, so you’ll have enough stockpiled before you start taking your medication.

Have you ever needed to “pump and dump” your breast milk? Take our. A pump and dump scam is the illegal act of an investor or group of investors promoting a stock they hold and selling once the stock price has risen following the surge in interest as a result of. A Pump and Dump is a planned market manipulation on low volume coins, exploiting the possibilities the young crypto markets offer. Whilst many people believe that the financial markets move in some kind of randomness or are visualizing a certain mass psychology of investors, most of the prices are gamed.

In fact, check out our trade room where we cover penny stocks and how to trade them so you know how to avoid the pump and dump trap. Survival Tip #2: Find the Durable Penny Stocks in Order to Know How to Avoid the PUMP and Trap. Focus on the penny stocks with solid earnings and growth.

Ideally, those that are making 52-week highs. Still, there were plenty of telltale signs that a pump-and-dump might be under way. Watch for these if you ever get excited about a fast-moving stock, especially one with a low share price. Chemotherapy is, as a general rule, NOT compatible with breastfeeding.

2 It is sometimes possible to pump and dump to maintain production and resume direct breastfeeding or breastmilk feeding after chemotherapy is completed. Wondering when breastfeeding is.

List of related literature:

That’s why they call it “pump and dump.”

“Confronting Collapse: The Crisis of Energy and Money in a Post Peak Oil World” by Michael C. Ruppert, Colin Campbell
from Confronting Collapse: The Crisis of Energy and Money in a Post Peak Oil World
by Michael C. Ruppert, Colin Campbell
Chelsea Green Publishing, 2009

The first manipulation we examine is known as a ‘pump and dump’.

“Corruption and Fraud in Financial Markets: Malpractice, Misconduct and Manipulation” by Carol Alexander, Douglas Cumming
from Corruption and Fraud in Financial Markets: Malpractice, Misconduct and Manipulation
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Mothers should pump and dump during this time.

“Breastfeeding and Human Lactation” by Karen Wambach, Jan Riordan
from Breastfeeding and Human Lactation
by Karen Wambach, Jan Riordan
Jones & Bartlett Learning, 2016

What chart pattern does a pump & dump usually follow? a.

“The Complete Penny Stock Course: Learn How To Generate Profits Consistently By Trading Penny Stocks” by Timothy Sykes, Jamil Ben Alluch
from The Complete Penny Stock Course: Learn How To Generate Profits Consistently By Trading Penny Stocks
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Short-and-abort works on the same premise as pump-and-dump.

“Investing in Shares For Dummies” by David Stevenson, Paul Mladjenovic
from Investing in Shares For Dummies
by David Stevenson, Paul Mladjenovic
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Pump and dump.

“Investigating Internet Crimes: An Introduction to Solving Crimes in Cyberspace” by Todd G. Shipley, Art Bowker
from Investigating Internet Crimes: An Introduction to Solving Crimes in Cyberspace
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That’s the pump part of pump and dump.

“Investing Online For Dummies” by Matthew Krantz
from Investing Online For Dummies
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Keeping up with new pump manufacturers or with the constantly changing pumps already on the market can be difficult for busy clinicians.

“Breastfeeding and Human Lactation” by Karen Wambach, Becky Spencer
from Breastfeeding and Human Lactation
by Karen Wambach, Becky Spencer
Jones & Bartlett Learning, 2019

Knowing how to hand express ensures that the mother is not reliant on a pump in case one is not available at a particular time.

“Counseling the Nursing Mother” by Judith Lauwers, Anna Swisher
from Counseling the Nursing Mother
by Judith Lauwers, Anna Swisher
Jones & Bartlett Learning, 2010

A good pump is an investment that pays back many times over.

“Breastfeeding Made Simple: Seven Natural Laws for Nursing Mothers” by Nancy Mohrbacher, Kathleen Kendall-Tackett, Jack Newman
from Breastfeeding Made Simple: Seven Natural Laws for Nursing Mothers
by Nancy Mohrbacher, Kathleen Kendall-Tackett, Jack Newman
New Harbinger Publications, 2010

Oktay Kutluk

Kutluk Oktay, MD, FACOG is one of the world's foremost experts in fertility preservation as well as ovarian stimulation and in vitro fertilization for infertility treatments. He developed and performed the world's first ovarian transplantation procedures as well as pioneered new ovarian stimulation protocols for embryo and oocyte freezing for breast and endometrial cancer patients.

Mail: [email protected]
Telephone: +1 (877) 492-3666

Bibliography: oktay_bibliography

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  • Thank you for this video. There are concerns of the stock TOCA being potentially a pump and dump. I’m in with 335 shares. It went up 111% in one day Friday 2/21/20.

  • What is your opinion on INO? CEO sold 100.000 shares when SP crossed the 50dMA support and then the stock tanked. Pump and Dump or exception? Thanks.

  • When I see a penny stock being pumped, I can’t find shares available to be shorted. GLDLF is being pumped right now by this newsletter I subscribe to. I can’t find shares available.

  • This is so incredible how he is able to combine jokes and trading stocks, so that we, his students, can feel entertained while studying. Tim, you are the BEST!����

  • I have been watching your videos for a couple of weeks now, I never see these links to join any type of class.

    I would like more info to learn from you.
    Also, I would be new to the Penny Stock world, but I have been ghosting charts, learning SEC 8k files, and I feel like I need to learn from someone with actual live experience.

    So if you keep tabs on these comments please leave a link or something that I can get more info from, or we could exchange info by email.

  • beginners luck i guess….i am down 2k on both idex & mvis but up 5k each on both aldx & ontx holding qlgn & srne & uavs & boxl…not sure im doing the right thing here but i do love learning. starting w 100 in may im at 129 but was up to 132. hope to recoup on the 2. i dont short yet i dont now how fully. new follower.

  • Got tricked into spending 3.5k into OZSC… Wish I had seen this vid sooner. They are doing exactly just that. They spread news and shit on Yahoo forum, Facebook, and random websites. This is sad man I am losing 2k as we speak and it could go to 3.5 and I will have zero. Should I hold and wait for the next pump and dump to sell it? Or sell it right now to save the last?

  • I am a complete newbie to this. Currently watching all your videos and will definitely read “the complete penny stock course” book to fully understand the penny stock market. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with the world!!

  • I started with 1400 in March, in May I was sitting on 3500 all from trading. Then I started listening to my friend when he would say hurry and buy THIS because it’s going to explode…..I learned to just listen to myself and takes notes from guys like Timothy Sykes. I’m down to 1700, still ahead if my initial deposit. I’ll get it back and then some.

  • Pump means promoting the stock’s price not the products while dump means not promoting the stock’s price and the products.
    Thanks Tim

  • i like what I heard ” I NEVER HAD A TEACHER” means you learned to trade by yourself the way how you understand the market…with all your videos i watched i picked some precious stones i found usable for me building my path in trading…Thank you!

  • I killed it with IDEX. Idk if it’s a pump & dump or a bubble. I sold it too early maybe at 2.15 but I got it at 38 cents. It closed at 3.29 Tuesday. Got back in today. I think it’s going to continue to yo-yo

  • Short the first red day.. great but no one knows when the first red day will be. and you did not say any way to know when the first red day is..

  • I appreciate you sharing your wisdom and experiences. It is helping me in a great way to becoming a better trader. Studying hardcore on your series of DVD’s and youtube videos! I definitely have become a castrated choir boy trader..LOL

  • I luv the hell outta u Tim. Thank u for being fearless, bold n hella funny. I’m not profitable yet, but i bought ur Penny stocking silver n it’s been non stop studying for 3 days straight. I’m super stoked n can’t wait to apply all that I learn to real life trading…. “Thank u for keeping shit real”….

  • i blew my account by day 18 of the boot camp. its all good though, after 4 days of doubt and depression i’m back on day 19. ill see you one day Tim

  • This is exactly what I experienced. However, I read all the disclaimers and SEC filings and was able to ride the pump up, made a 60% ROI and walked away. I met my goal and now looking for the next one!;)

  • You look like an asshole at first who would take my money and run, but after this video you got my vote lol. I like you to be my teacher.

  • Ivd noticed the stock market is like playing Yu-Gi-Oh you have to play your cards right otherwise it could end in disaster or you could be victorious

  • Thank you for doing what you doing every day j am starting to see changes and sequences patterns that I should watch TLBT WAS a top play I went from 15 cents a share to shorting it at 20 cents woot 900 shares sold at 20 cents from 15 50 dollars is 50 dollars

  • started with $70… I’ve ran that up to $1100 so far (6 months). Excruciatingly slow! But, I WILL succeed! Yes, I am making a profit!

  • You never have said that you are proud of your students. It’s quite obvious you are so proud of the people that sacrifice their time(life) to do what you repeatedly try to teach. Thanks Tim

  • This was alarming from the beginning and high probability we see 10.00 tomorrow if it resumes trading. CSTR ran in the same way and is about dpt. dump the same way.

    First thing when you see a runner is check the chart. If theres was no liquidity before the run, it can disappear just as fast as it came. These microcaps can and often are HEAVILY manipulated and the money trading them knows how to work the new traders.

    20F reveals 11.50 was a generous price considering the assets. There were opportunities to make money but chances are, anyone in it right now will see an enormous loss when trading resumes.

    And if you think you want to short sell it, good luck. There won’t be any shares available at 90.00 and Shorting at 10.00 won’t help you much even if you could borrow shares. Chances are it crashes when it resumes and never recovers from the losses.

    I expect shippers to make a similar move but with substance behind it. (DCIX, PXS, TOPS). Trick is to have a seat before it runs but that was impossible with HUNT. It wasn’t even “a thing” until the manipulation play started.

    Your video was spot on and very good advice. Very fair. Very correct.

  • Yes I am becoming profitable.
    However I lost 1.2k the first month learning. It hurt so bad it was actually a good thing cause I recovered 1.5k of it within 3 weeks.

  • You know that you dont have to destroy jordan belfort’s reputation right? All I hear is shit after you judged him. Let the people judge, not you.

  • Your using think or swim.. what are you using to get all the bubbles on the left? Can you do a tutorial on it”? I am still new to trading….

  • I learn from Ricky Gutierrez and wow you have some really great words. I’m 20 and have about 10K and you now make me want to trade penny stocks.

  • I remember when doge coin was pumped and dumped this year and it was promoted all over tik tok and i knew the dream of it going to a dollar was some certified bs. And i like this cool dive into it

  • Cheers for the Video! Sorry for chiming in, I would appreciate your thoughts. Have you heard about Rozardner Broker Teaching Reality (search on google)? It is a good one off product for turning one thousand into two thousand five hundred dollars in a day minus the headache. Ive heard some pretty good things about it and my old buddy Taylor finally got great results with it.

  • 0:15 well like there are hydrogen cars you know? And water is 2 atoms of hydrogen to 1 atom of oxygdn mixture sooo.. yeah. Also you can electrolyze water to generate that hydrogen so there are cars which basically run on water already in existance.

  • Also your edit on the last clip should be shortened by a second. You hold pose for too long.

    Loved the vid, thanks for the helpful info ����

  • But if the “invention” is largely advertised by the owner of the shares looking to pump the stock, couldn’t the actual company potentially issue a statement that the reports are false? In this case, how would the owner(s) of the other 60% of the company benefit from this to the extent that they would remain silent?

  • Yeah i remember the alt coin pump and dump situation going on, and turned my 0.10 btc i mined into 3.4 btc daytrading for 2.5 months by buying some random altcoins. Alsmost daily some new shitcrypto was released on the broker and all of them got pumped and dumped soon, everytime like clockwork.
    Each time an altcoin crashed i bought some crapcoins on the lows and sold them on the smaller bouncebacks.

    It was a lot of fun until i lost my btc at mtgox when that exchange went bankrupt, we all got fucked in the end.

    Sure it sucked seing a few months of awesome daytrades go poof, I’m just happy i never put real money into crypto.

  • “A totally unrelated shady thing the Times found in Trump’s tax returns from the 1980s is that he used to parlay his celebrity status into a kind of pump-and-dump stock scam.”
    EVERYBODY KNOWS Parody of Everybody Knows by Leonard Cohen | Don Caron
    Verse 123:
    Everybody knows what “shall furnish” means 
    Everybody knows about IRS audits 
    Everybody knows China doesn’t pay for tariffs
    They’re paid by those who import Chinese products
    Everybody knows to stonewall is to suppress
    Barr grappled with the word “suggest”
    Trump’s pump-and-dump exposed 
    Everybody knows

  • check this pump&dump group,

    they even have a channel dedicated for posting pictures of rolex watches, gold stuff, expensive jewelry with money made from pumped cryptocurrencies

  • As long as you dont have to go to prison, they do this very likely. Because creating something real is hard work. Selling ideas is free money for nothing.

  • Ye me thinks all crypto is a pump n dump, Wall Street needs to eat, and the North American market is sinking, people are want to invest, but crypto is fake, money continually gets pumped.into the cyptoconomy (ye I think I coined.that ) product yet it rises and falls on speculation/hacks/pulls/pumps and dumps and various communities vying for. control, and those that wish to become vultures and middle men. Until the plurobus unum luciferus coin comes out to rule as the sole crypto it is all a game.

  • i have a question. if ur fooled into buying penny stocks but at 10 cents or less per share and u buy a 1000 dollars worth, are you even losing money? because what are the chances that it will go lower than 10 cents? arent the people who first start out buying shares at very low prices in benefit because it is likely that it will always go up?

  • WATER OF TIME!! Completely useless, we know what a pump an dump looks like no need to show that. Title does not match the video. WASTE OF TIME!!!

  • Thanks Ricky! It was very helpful. Can please do live trading for penny stocks? From pre-market and the way, you select the stocks? Please!
    God Bless you bro!
    Thank You for all the knowledge you have shared.

  • What if a person continuously promotes a stock so the stock price stays up, such as a dividend yield? (Not pump and dump, only through truthful means, such as telling people to buy it so their dividend will go up if everyone buys it)

  • Tired of getting screwed by pre-pumping and unfair advantages? Look no further than our group made FOR THE PEOPLE!!

  • best thing to do at the moment is to pump and dump join us on the 35k members now so you can play the game right

  • CRYPTO PUMP COMING, this group knows when, huge profit chance give it a chance. you only have to sign up

  • This discord,, is where 35,000 whales plan their pumps!! Wtf!! Join to buy before they pump!! Ez money easy to join.

  • Just buy it, hold it, sell slowly over time and enjoy a steady stream of income until you spend your coins.. Don’t be a wannabe trader Douche.. You cause the value to crash cheating a few dollars from people, and then spend it all back in fees. Yuck..

  • Say Jude! Nice content. Keep it coming. I’m subing. Any advice besides the obvious on learning to trade? Any suggestions would be helpful.

  • One Minute Economics needs your help! Please give me a minute (heh) of your time by watching the following video if you find the channel useful, literally anyone can help (either financially or by spreading the word about my work):

  • I love pump and damp
    I get in when the pump start then I get ready to exit
    It’s easy gain.
    I bought 40 k shares of Ammj stocks for 0.10 then sold 2 weeks later 0.65 a total of $22 k profit in 2 weeks
    Just don’t get fucking greedy price goes up dum right away and don’t go back in find not pump and dump and get in at the begging,be patient it will get pump.
    Easy money $$$

  • so true. So rather go long using fundamental analysis if less than 25k. Then you can do these kind of trades in video when over 25k. Or what do you think? most pump and dump stocks are high votality.

  • That was great! You always have great advice and lessons. Well now I finally understand what happened with my position in BCCI and their Super Bowl ads, now I’m sitting in red for weeks. LEARNING!!!

  • There is a group on telegram which called Crypto Trading whales, Beware from them guys, they will steal your money and then they block you, again don’t trust them please, they stole from me more than $2500 and also entrance fee to their group $600, I swear it is scam group.

  • Join this new pump and dump group on telegram to get in on huge % returns and never miss a pump and dump again! We want everyone to make money here and we are fair and simple, no pre pumps or ranks, just fair. Join here

  • it bothers me more than it should when i see hateful comments towards sasha he is a genuine person who actually cares and gives great advice. Keep up the good work sasha!

  • Genius mate. Teach me to do what you. Im committed and want to learn. I want to help me but others also like you are. We could contribute to something much bigger together in numbers. Even the playing field by creating an unexpected wave for those too busy to notice whilst they are busy creating their own unexpected wave where they attempt to drown. But end up being the only ones who drown and its because of their own involvement. We could help the planet. Ask me what I mean?? How, right?? Believe me you’ll be as impressed with my perspective as I am with your unique ability to see something invisible to anyone else. You asked the right questions and you’re answering them for me now that I asked the right question I discover this very video. Its how I got here. But I never thought to search for it specifically, however you can follow one indicator than nobody else does. Its boring like you said. Nobody usually wants to read the shipload of info they discover when they ask the internet. A sea of lies and a few diamonds in the sand from time to time. Hard to find and see for most fish in our sea! Good on you bro. Get in touch asap, let’s explore how you can help me and then once you have lets use twice the processing power to help you. How helpful would it be if you could decide yourself into two or even multiply. What do you prefer, multiplication or addition when it comes to making money. [email protected] / +61 455 216 858

  • hi sasha another question.. since the OTC stocks are so cheap.. buying around 1 million shares of 0.003 would that be a problem? when the volume is around 8 million

  • You going to love Uruguay Sasha! I recommend you Punta del Este (where I live) it’s very nice and beautiful. Cheers, and thanks again for your great lessons.

  • Hey Sasha, can you take a look at CHUY and RNO for a few seconds and tell me your thoughts on it? I bought 270 shares of CHUY at 20.82$ and I could sell it and make the profit now, but I have a strong feeling it will rise to the 25$ mark

  • I’ve been at it for 15 months… I’ve had some hard lessons and am breaking even now but getting better every day. Thanks for your help!:)

  • Seriously, I did this several times (with just $100 invested) right before I joined LPP. It’s such a mind screw haha. You’re so right. Thanks Ricky:-)

  • So I can come across this honesty trustworthy vendor dumpstravis on telegram this is my second time of getting Cc from him and I’m so glad to make deals with him������

  • All stocks that make big moves like that are pump and dump. Being hard to trade isn’t the main factor here, it’s possibility of being halted for days, weeks, months is the major problem! Having your money tied up in that, no good!!

  • Avocet Mining ASA is another example of a recent pump and dump. It’s a gold company and yes, gold is going up but the company has basically stated that it will most likely go bankrupt in 2019. There’s no value there!

  • Great advice Ricky! and to follow up, HUNT just got hit with a T 12 Halt from SEC. You should do a quick video going over what that is for people. Thanks!

  • Do people know when a stock will rise in price or do they just take a chance? I was wondering if there was anyway to know what kind of cheap stocks are good to invest in

  • Wow they halted the trading of this stock because the SEC realized they haven’t shared any news since last week. Major pump and dump and I’m glad I shorted it!!

  • Circuit breaker halts aren’t necessarily pump and dumps. If it goes up or down more than 15% in 5 minutes, that’s a halt. It’ll usually gap in the direction of the price action. PCG got halted in the $8s and re-opened around $14 several weeks ago. It had a very strong news catalyst down and up (California fires, bankruptcy, apparent exoneration). The on and off with multi-billion liability kept me out of that one on the upside.

    Watch out for T12 halts on these kind of penny stocks.
    It can lock up your money for months.

  • NASDAQ has halted trading for HUNT for today, Weds March 27th until the company can provide more information about its trading activity. I made money on BPTH but honestly, would stay away from this one.

  • Mr. Ricky Gutierrez, I want to say this to you & hope you get to read this personally…… So i think its funny when people out here in the “Stock” world or “YouTube” world actually take the time in their day to HATE on a young, successful & motivated Entrepreneur like yourself. I served my country in the Army & after getting out its been my journey to mold my own future & build my own success through trial & error. Without making this super long, I super respect the way you express yourself, always positive & not giving any attention to negative crap anyone says about you. I have personally observed you and how you present yourself and its with class and a humble approach! Just alone in this video you are always being kind enough to warn newcomers to this world of potential dangerous situations that will crush their spirit in this market. I commend you for that and i only hope to network with you one day! Keep pushing forward my bro and i wish you continued success in everything that you do in life! Realology777 keeping it 100% real. Any feedback is welcome.

  • When trying to define a concept, could you please refrain yourself from using the same word to describe it. For example: “what does pump and dump mean..pumping up the stock.” Thanks

  • I think it was predicted for it to get back around the high’s again because of the halt, it gaped down meaning it was most likely going to fill the gap especially because if it’s a daily gap, than after filling the gap just wait to see if it’s a gap fill and go or reversal. Wouldn’t say this is a beginner strategy, but definitely not a super hard strategy.

  • Good stuff brother, only started Robinhood around last February. Learned a big lesson with IGC last October. Everything you’re saying here is important and relevant.

  • It’s like you buy when it crosses high of the day if you miss that then there is no setup until there is a bearflag pullback… setups are most important….

  • You know how you can take advantage of pump and dumps? Shorting it if you know what you’re doing. Still extremely risky but less risky than trying trying to catch it in a bull.

  • I believe it’s a short cover rally. To wear becomes a short squeeze. And yes the waterfall will fall but who knows at what price. This is where the shorts blow their accounts

  • Why is that a pump and dump? It is a steady uptrend that broke out when buyers had to give way to sellers and the market swung in the sellers favour. As the price goes up there will always be those who want to buy in and make a profit and those that bought in that want to sell and get out. It didn’t dump and wipe out the value, it stopped at resistance while the buyers gain a foothold again. The market is always a scrap between the bears and the bulls. The actual trend is set by the fundamental value of the stock ie. the integrity of the company. If a stock tanks either the company has less integrity or the market had little sentiment for it.

  • It’s called a short squeeze you try to short it you will lose your account look into it. You must wait till the crash begins. And even then you need to understand the risk in shortening a stock. Istock can go all the way to 300 like TLRY. So you better know what the f*** you’re doing. On either side of the coin. This is where investing goes wrong. You must understand the rules of trading. I don’t care how right you might be. The stock don’t care just like bitcoin. It will have its own time cycle.

  • How do they pump and dump? Is it like a thousand traders getting together and buying at the same time? Is this even legal because it happens all the time?

  • I need some advise, what if I buy the stock before the pump and sell as soon as gains are made, will you be able to sell ASAP I’m new to this

  • here is my real comment…. why is it that there are only “millionaires” trying to share their knowledge for a fee? i can learn too if only i pay a fee with your “system”. why are there no billionaires? Why is Jim Simmons of renaissance tech making people sign NDA’s and not just sharing his insights on youtube, even for a fee. I’d bet he could get a sizable fee for his insights. the answer, anyone who has a golden goose does not sell it. the closest thing is the following tip. read buffets share holder letters. they are free and they give real insight.

  • sometimes there are not shares to short? really? very few brokers have inventory of OTC pink sheets to short. so i find it interesting that you say you can short these penny stocks. Also shorting penny stocks can get a margin call as loss is unlimited, especially when the stock can move with a few thousand dollars.

  • why would people buy from peter for the 1000 shares at $1 each. Couldn’t they just buy the shares online at the same price Peter bought them for?

  • Anybody that thinks this guys a scam is full of shit I’m just sitting here listening to this guy and he is filled full of so much information and knowledge about the stock market it just blows my mind. I wish his stock alerts were free because I can’t afford to pay for it per month but I would sure love too. Because he knows what the hell he’s talking about. ����������������������

  • Hi Timothy, you are talking about shorting a stock when there is a pump and dump. Only issue with that is you can’t short a penny stock.

  • Hello from France!

    Does Pump and Dump work only for Penny Stocks or can I also use it for weak small caps (bottom end of the Russell 3000 for instance)?
    Keep up with the good work dude!

  • Let’s say I own 60% of the stock for a company. If I sell all my stock does that mean the company pays me or does that mean other investors buy it from me and give me their money?

  • Only trust Bernie Madoff: “Gimme all your money! I´ll burn it all.” Happy days in N.C. county jail for 115 years. Well, he´s not running on water, but has a secret formula that extends life to the age of 250 years. YOU can buy it now at Sears. 😉

  • So would it be wise to start young. Get a degree in the field and start working as a stock broker. Then instead of being sold or following hype trends, do your due dillegence in every company you invest in. Travel to their headquarters. Talk to their people. So you KNOW what you’re working with, not just what it looks like?

  • Amazing. You said about pump. What about dump. If the pumper is pumping money then who is selling at those points? Can you please elaborate complete pump and dump exactly how and what happens.

  • Okay, thanks for such an interesting video. However, my only concern is that surely shorting all these penny stocks is risky. What if the price just carries on rising and the lender recalls the stock?

  • Great video….I agree… hard to know everything about a pump and dump….buy the shares low while its beginning to be hyped up and then sell all your shares before the real scam artists “dump” all there shares and make the stock dead in the water

  • Tim I agree on SEC and EDGAR company files i believe in the patterns I believe in the financial health of the company along the way! Im a big follower and hopefully one day I own a scholarship with you x D, regards from a Colombian! (y)

  • I’ve watched a lot of your videos and they definitely have me motivated to learn..just like what he said I’m already broke so I got nothing to lose ��… I’ve even started dreaming about your videos in my sleep

  • Tim you are so down to earth, love your bluntness, watching all videos,I’m a slow learner but I will get there, with your help. Thanks for all the information.

  • Thank you for your honesty on your wins and losses. My question is aside from starting with 1500 to 3000 to trade. How much is the maintenance fees for your software and mentorship monthly? Ideally, I would like to put some money on side for time I will commit to.

  • Interesting video. I am curious and want to learn about penny stocks. I’ve been trading for about 10 years, so quite an experienced trader. However penny stocks are something I have chosen to avoid, and know nothing about.

  • Appreciate Video! Forgive me for the intrusion, I am interested in your initial thoughts. Have you researched Rozardner Broker Teaching Reality (do a search on google)? It is a great exclusive product for turning one thousand into two thousand five hundred dollars in a day without the normal expense. Ive heard some super things about it and my close friend Aubrey finally got great success with it.

  • No, not profitable yet. I have suspended all trading in order to study the patterns, specifically buying dips/panics, buying breakouts over recent highs, and first green day OTC plays. I’m now in the process of completing the 30 day bootcamp as well. Things are starting to slow down for me now, and I am starting to anticipate good opportunities. I have no doubt that continued education and constant adaptation will push me into consistent profitability!

  • Hey Tim, I have a question. How do you know how long a pump and dump is gonna last and when it is gonna end? ( 6:00)
    I have learned a lot from your video’s. I make notes in english so I am allowed to watch your video’s in my english class:)

  • Thanks Tim. I’m beginning to underatand! I enjoy when you tell it like it is. Looking forward to having fun with penny stock strategies. Peace and joy.

  • It’s funny reading what people post on OTC market message boards. Longs who got in late and are brimming with hopes and dreams. It’s sad even though you cant take anything they’re saying literally.