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Types of Breast Pumps a. Breast Shield:. b. Pump:. The pump may be attached to the breast-shield or have plastic tubing to connect the pump to the breast-shield. c. Milk Container:. The container is. With so many breast pump options available, some people may find it difficult to choose the best one. The following are some of the best breast pumps based on the person and type of pump. The sole function of the different types of breast pumps are to collect milk from your breasts. The collected milk is either stored in the breast milk storage bags or fed to the baby right away.

Hand expression technique can also be used to remove your breast. The parts such as breast shields and bottles are similar to that of manual pumps. It takes most mothers almost 30 to 40 minutes to empty the breast off milk with a semi-electric pump.

3. Double Electric Breast Pumps. Medela-Pump-In-Style-Advanced-Double-Electric-Breast-Pump. If you plan to pump at work or do not have a lot of time to pump, you may want to consider a battery or electrically powered breast pump. A double pump (which extracts milk from both breasts at.

How to Choose a Breast Pump. 1. Electric breast pump. Considered the most popular of the three choices, personal breast pumps allow you to adjust both the speed and suction. A 2. Manual breast pump.

Types of breast pumps. There are four main types of breast pumps: Double-electric breast pumps: These powerful electric models let you pump both breasts at once, important if speed is a concern. Single-electric breast pumps: You’ll only be able to pump one breast. Electric breast pump have a single breast or double breast version. Compared to a manual breast pump, electric breast pumps saves you a lot of time and effort when doing exclusive pumping for your little one.

The most reputable and popular brands in the market now are Spectra and Medela. While a manual pump is quite inexpensive – typically $30 or less – a personal-use electric breast pump is a far pricier purchase. Expect to spend $100 to $150 for a fairly basic single-pump model and $150 to.

Some manual pumps have a small tubewhich is pumped in and out of a larger tube to create a vacuum that expresses milk and collects it in an attached container. Another type of manual pump, called a.

List of related literature:

Many types of breast pumps are available, varying in price and effectiveness.

“Maternal Child Nursing Care in Canada E-Book” by Shannon E. Perry, Marilyn J. Hockenberry, Deitra Leonard Lowdermilk, Lisa Keenan-Lindsay, David Wilson, Cheryl A. Sams
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Cylinder-type pumps, such as the Medela Lactina Double Breast Pump Kit and Hygeia Two-Hand manual pumps, generate a vacuum as a cylinder or plunger is pulled away from the body.

“Breastfeeding and Human Lactation” by Karen Wambach, Becky Spencer
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Squeeze-handle models (Figures 12-8 and 12-9), such as the Avent Isis, EnHande (Hygeia), Ameda One-Hand, First Years Breastflow Manual, Medela Harmony, Dr. Brown’s Handicraft (formerly Simplisse), Lansinoh Manual, and Evenflo SimplyGo Manual, involve squeezing and releasing a handle that creates suction in the pump.

“Breastfeeding and Human Lactation” by Karen Wambach, Jan Riordan
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Electric breast pumps are in general much larger than manual pumps, but portable versions are also available.

“Compendium of Biomedical Instrumentation, 3 Volume Set” by Raghbir Singh Khandpur
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Heavy-duty double electric breast pumps are produced for both hospital and consumer use.

“Counseling the Nursing Mother” by Judith Lauwers, Anna Swisher
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There are three basic types of pumps: handor foot-operated, inexpensive batteryor electric-operated, and hospital grade or near-hospital-grade.

“The Nursing Mother's Companion” by Ruth A. Lawrence, Kathleen Huggins
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Breast pumps are good options for most breastfeeding moms — though you’ll have to determine whether an electric or manual model works best for you.

“Your Baby's First Year For Dummies” by James Gaylord, Michelle Hagen
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Pumps that allow you to pump both breasts at the same time are the most efficient and the most expensive.

“Our Bodies, Ourselves: Pregnancy and Birth” by Boston Women's Health Book Collective, Judy Norsigian
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Today, spurred by the resurgence of breastfeeding, manufacturers are marketing a variety of breast pumps – ranging from simple hand­operated models that cost a few pounds to pricey hospital­grade electric ones (that are now more affordable for home use) – to make pumping easier and more convenient.

“What To Expect The 1st Year [rev Edition]” by Heidi Murkoff, Sharon Mazel
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Hand­operated pumps are slow and tiring to use; good motorized pumps are expensive but can be rented, and many hospitals have programs that rent out pumps at low cost.

“Dr. Spock's Baby and Child Care, 9th Edition” by Benjamin Spock, M.D.
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  • I had the Medela Pump in Style with my daughter and it worked great. But when I tried to use it for my son 3 years later I was barely able to get an 1oz and had to switch to formula since I didn’t have another pump. Will definitely be trying the Spectra S2 this time around!

  • Hello! I clicked on your link but it wont show the free bags on my cart when i proceed to pay. Can you help me with that? Thank you!!!

  • I didn’t have luck with the spectra ����, I got way more for the same amount of time with medela pump, and the spectra flanges where too short and my nipples would hit the end of it. But for those that want to use the medela flags with the spectra they sale adapters for that on Amazon

  • Can you make skin care routine with basil leave or neem leave for acne and pigmentation? Please reply! Please reply! Please reply! Please reply!

  • I’m expecting my second child in the Spring and I am considering the Spectra over my Medela. Are the Spectra bags and accessories sold in stores like Medela or only online?

  • DO NOT BUY THIS UNLESS…you are ok with spending $.50 per bag because the containers absolutely do not work! I bought two sets because the first set went haywire on me, and started saying I was pumping 4 oz in three minutes, which of course I wasn’t. Then, the second set started doing the same thing. Now I have a set that don’t work at all! I have low milk supply so spending $.50 for one oz of milk is absolutely not worth it. I regret buying this, and I recommend you REALLY consider all this before spending thousands of dollars on this, because you will! You’ve been warned.

  • You never clarified the strength on the spectra, it sounds a lot weaker. My fear is I won’t be able to produce milk, or enough of it and I’d have to pump for hours to empty myself, which is something I cannot do. I’m really stuck on finding a good, solid, strong suction pump. (First time mom)

  • I just got the willow gifted to me! I am so excited and so nervous because of the stories that I hear! Will you be doing a review on the containers soon? I want to purchase those as well but would love to watch a review from you first!

  • insurance won’t cover the spectra for me and I’m not going to lie, I am a little sad about it. I had the freestyle for my last baby and I did not like it at all.

  • You’re pumping backwards! The quick sucks mimic a baby encouraging let down and the longer suck mimic the actual feed. The spectra only goes up to a vacuum level 5 on the let down function (quick sucks) but goes up to a 12 on the expression mode (long sucks)

  • Just ordered mine today, looking forward to saving all that liquid gold instead of using a blanket to dry it up. It seems I’m always leaking, my baby is two weeks old. We are still working on our latch but this will definitely come in handy for milk storage! Thanks for the review!

  • Thank you so much, with your code and amazon savings I ordered my Haakaa for only $15! My sister is also I a new mommy, so I. had to order her one this morning too lol

  • This video was so incredibly helpful, thank you! The fact that you turned on each device and explained all it’s features made this a much easier decision for me. Wonderful video!

  • My wife just got one of these and I have to say it was an ABSOLUTE waste of money… as in if you think you can in ANY way use this at work without looking like your breasts are ridiculously to big… (she saw adds where yeah you can wear your scrubs… well yes you can.. but they look absolutely blown out of proportion). Of course how can ANYONE know this until they are opened to actually see it for themselves…. of course opening them voids all chances of a refund… what kind of company is this!!!.so now we are stuck with this damned expensive thing that she cannot use at work…. she literally has a harkaa which works faster and is more compact at $12.00 freaking dollars. I would caution anyone who has not seen one of these working in person to consider other options. She is now in tears as we are not wealthy and feel so ripped off.

  • Selling my willow! Used it maybe 5 times…its practicallynew….just not workingnfornme and I have a whole thing of bags if anyone interested let me know!! 400 obo

  • Super informative and straight to the point! Loved your video and now for sure know which pump would work best for 1st time mom!! Thank you

  • Wow thanks for sharing!! I’d rather watch this than read the directions ���� more of an audio learner to be honest. Thank you so much for also sharing two breast pumps so the viewer can then choose which one they want to go through with buying. You really took the time to go in detail about using both �� great job!!! Just subbed ��

  • Personally I really like how quiet the Spectra is, the only issue is, they don’t carry my flange size so I had to Jimmy rig madela parts on my Spectra

  • Hey, I just stumbled across this video because I have the Willow 2nd generation on the way to me. Do you have any insight on why the website description for the new reusable containers says they need replacing every 3 months? Would that make them close on cost to just buying bags? Did you find they actually needed to be replaced every 3 months?

    Lots of questions, thanks for reading��

  • I was trying to breast feed and found myself slowly loosing my breast milk. Do you think this would be a good option to have to help me to produce more milk since i don’t have a lot of time to set aside to pump?

  • Thank you SO much for this clear and concise comparison review. And I’m going to register for that bag right Now. I’ve been looking for a good one that fits everything.
    Thank you!

  • I’ve heard spectra is better for sensitive nips but you will get used to the pulling sensation of medela. Spectra is more of a vibration.

  • I have both of these pumps. I even have the exact medela bag! I like them both but I feel like the suction on the medela is much stronger even on the lowest setting it’s really strong. I prefer the look of the spectra and I like that it’s not attached to a bag. I also prefer the spectra bottles because I pump and feed so I like to feed from the same bottle I pump into and medela bottles feel cheap and the nipples collapse. Overall I think I get about the same output now that I am using the right flange sizes. But medela is better for travel.

  • Got SpeCtra from my insurance at the hospital.. I didn’t think I’d use it.. stay at home mom. But my nurses at the hospital didn’t do to good teaching or helping me get her to latch. Didn’t have a consultant until I was almost ready to discharge. At this point my nipples were horrible. She gave them one look and instantly was pulling out her phone for calling my Dr and asking her to order me medicated cream.

    Anyways I got home and couldn’t get her to latch well still. By the end of the night even with all the tricks and bits I was crying right with her. She hardly ate all day. My depression was acting up.. and I looked at my hubby and said with a face somewhere between depression and anger I don’t think I can do that again.. he said ok.. and at 2 am ran to the store for emergency formula so we could feed her something while trying to figure out my boobs. Still haven’t gotten anything from using the pump.. gonna keep trying.. I’m so upset honestly. I wanted to straight breastfeed for a year, and wean till 2.. only have others bottle feed her. Now if I want to feed her I have to use a bottle.. Hopefully get an appointment with my therapist soon.. I was not thinking good thoughts last night..

  • When do you know when to use the let down button after stimulation? What should you look for in terms of knowing when your body is ready for let down?

  • For me it really comes down to which one has the STRONGER suction. I need a pump that has a strong pull or its nearly useless for me. Most pumps are weak and leave over half the milk in the breast.

  • My insurance only offers this madela pump or I can pay more and get the freestyle small portable one. Has anyone ever just ordered the free one and resold for help with buying a spectra?

  • You can use the valves interchangeably. I used duckbills all the time with my medela pumping kit. You can get adapters to use medela kits with the spectra (also work with ameda mya).

  • I like the Madela pump it’s smaller it’s portable with the battery pack, yes it takes 8 AA batteries but they last a very long time. I have the backpack for it as well. I’m a nurse and I do 12 hour shifts on a very busy floor. I’m always running especially when I need to pump, the Madela works great because it pumps 6 to 7 ounces in 6 minutes sometimes 5, yes I time myself. The Madela pump is a little louder but that’s ok.

  • On the Willow site it says you have to replace the reusable bags every three months. That seems excessive considering they cost $50! What has your experience been so far with that?

  • Thank you so much for this video. These are the two pumps Im trying to decide between and it helped me a lot. I used the Medela with my first two babies. Both had pretty bad feeding issues so Im determined to have a better time this time. The Medela was fine but given my anxiety around nursing and getting enough milk for baby, Im going to switch this time. My lactation consultant said you cant go wrong with either but that maybe switching would yield better results. Im grateful for this conversation from other mamas about it. Thanks again.

  • can you send me a link to your video on how to get breast pump through insurance company please? I’m planning to get one this week.

  • The faster speed is the stimulation mode, to initiate letdown and the slower speed is for expression to allow for a full spray to be completed.

  • You can check out for more breast pump details and reviews in 2020 on

  • I got the evenflo though my insurance & I hate it. I now have the pleasure of paying for a pump out of pocket & was considering the medela since I used the symphony in the hospital & loved it. I saw alot of YouTube moms used the spectra and wanted a comparison of the two. This video was so informative!! Theres obviously clear winner for me so Thank you!

  • I exclusively breastfed my first 4 and noticed by the fourth I wasnt making enough I am going to have my 5th next month is this something I should start using immediately at birth if trying to build up a supply or is this just for collecting

  • aku pake Mooimom bisa baca reviewnya di sini

  • i am so glad this video is on youtube! i personally use and love the spectra s1 but i wish i had a video like this when i was doing research! i think you can’t go wrong with either tho (:

  • I wish I had seen this before I ordered my Medela from insurance. I’m disappointed with my pump and have heard great things about Spectra pumps since receiving my medela pump. Now I know lol.

  • My insurance (NC pregnancy Medicaid) is one of the few that doesn’t cover pumps. But WIC will give you one if you work or go to school after you’ve breastfed exclusively for a month. But that doesn’t help us mamas who’ve had to EP from birth. They will give out the symphony if your baby’s in nicu (they let me have it for a year after I had my 32 weeker). I just bought a motif luna and ameda mya for baby #3.

  • Wow babe you have beautiful huge breasts and stunning dark nipples so firm and very heavy with lots of milk���� your video is just amazing video x x ⚘��

  • Thanks for this review! I used medela with my first and wasn’t impressed, been thinking of making the switch for this new baby instead of getting another medela… diff think I’m going with the spectra this time!

  • Thank you for making this!!! This was super helpful! I’m expecting my first baby in July and I’m a little clueless when it comes to things like this. I need to register soon, and wasn’t sure what pump I wanted. The bag you use is adorable as well. ☺️☺️

  • I have this Spectra S1, the features are so cool.but at the end of the day it doesn’t get my milk out and make my breast clot. Not sure what to do. I have to go back to hand pumping.

  • I prefer the medela faster cycle rates… Stimulation mode is 120cpm vs spectra’s 70. Expression is 70 vs 50-30 something on spectra. That being said, I’ve only used medela symphony and swing, then a disastrous experience with the evenflo double pump…

  • Just had a baby! She’s having SUCH a hard time latching, has specialist come to the house a few times, working with the pediatrician & she’s still having issues, but I’m still super passionate about her being able to get only breast milk. I’m also a hairdresser and I think something like this just will be the game changer! But before I buy I REALLY wanna see your review of the new technology! Can’t wait for that video!

  • i used medela for my first baby I think did the job pretty well no complains! is it worth it to switch to Spectra for baby number 2? would I be able to use any of the medela stuff?

  • I’m getting an ameda mya and maybe a spectra or PISA (if I need to EP again). I was given a symphony from WIC for a year after I had my 32 weeker so I never needed to purchase a pump. I had a medela swing that I used on the go (which I tried to avoid since it was just a single pump). I’m worried a spectra might not work well for me bc I had my symphony almost maxed out in stimulation mode regularly. I’ve heard it’s not the best pump for moms who require more suction. I’m unsure how different a symphony feels compared to PISA. I loved the symphony but I couldn’t afford to rent it. I don’t qualify for a free pump unfortunately.

  • Thanks so much for the side by side comparison! I purchased both the S2 and Medela PISA and have used the S2 so far but am debating whether to keep the Medela for when I return to work or if I should return it and exchange it for an S1 (or gift card towards other baby necessities) instead. I’ve used the Ameda Purely Yours in the past from my insurance with my first pregnancy, but decided to change this time around because I seemed to have stopped responding to that pump. I think my main concern now is how the Medela’s suction style feels in comparison to Spectra and I’m hesitant to open the Medela just to find out. Your video helped to give me a little bit of a glimpse in how the pump sounds it seems significantly louder than the Spectra, would you agree?

    Also I’m not sure if you already heard of this, but I wanted to mention that you can get storage bags that screw directly in for the Spectra as well to avoid having to transfer milk after you’re finished pumping. I use the Kiinde storage bags/system and they provide adapters for almost any available pump that allow you to pump directly into their bags and they have a screw top instead of a ziplock type seal. You can find the bags online as well as in store at Target, Buy Buy Baby, etc. Just thought I’d mention this in case anyone is wanting the Spectra but was hesitant about whether there were direct pump storage bags like what Medela offers.

  • Thank you so much for this video. Lots of good information and how to use system. My S1 is on it’s way. I went with the S1 mainly because I will be returning to work afterwards and the chargeable feature I’m sure will come in handy. I have noticed in my research and as you mentioned Medela seems to have a lot more compatible options for bottles and such because of its popularity.

  • Insurance has always given me the Medela, but I honestly haven’t had great luck with it. Definitely going to be checking out Spectra. Thanks for the info!

  • Thank you for posting this video! I am getting ready to order my breast pump and was a little intimidated by all the options. I had heard that the Madela or Spectra were the ones to go with but your video was very helpful!! ��

  • I purchased the hakaa on Amazon. Can’t wait to use it with my baby due in March! Thank you for this video. So informative on how to use it with ease and congrats on the sponsorship!

  • At risk of asking a stupid question here: do you have to hold the pumps on or do they stay after suctioning? Also are they portable (charge and go)? Thanks.

  • Hi, i just got my willow 3.0, you saied it hurted you so much but you managed to get through the pain and make it work.. please can you tell me how? What did you do? I used it few times and stoped.. can’t handel the pain:(

  • Can I lay down in bed while I’m using this? I am so close to buying this to make night time pumping bearable, but I wanna know if I can sleep through pumping.

  • Thanks for this review! I had the Medela with my first child and it was somewhat painful and I always wished that I could adjust the speed and suction. So I think this time around I’m going with the Spectra!

  • Does the haakaa empty your breast? My son eats on both sides right now. I really want to try this because I leak alot when he is eating but I just dont want it to empty my one boob.

  • So glad I watched your video today, I ordered the pump this morning and I’m mad I didn’t add the container to my cart but I will be going back to purchase that item, and also having the bags for later will help. Thanks love great video.

  • If you haven’t tried the milk containers yet…do it!!! They are GOLD. Thats what finally made me get them. The containers are so much better for an overproducer. I also get less errors.

  • Can you use this while sleeping? It’s looking like I might have to pump exclusively, and for me the worst part is that it interrupts my sleep. I was thinking it would be amazing if I could get one of these and have it set to start pumping at a certain time automatically while I sleep, so I wouldn’t even have to wake up to pump.

  • Can you use both brands of bottles and storage? Or is it only the corresponding bottles and storage to be used with each machine? I got a lot of Medela bottles and storage bags for my shower but am more interested in the Spectra, hopefully then work because if not that is a lot of bottles and storage bags to not be able to use! ��

  • Just had my baby July 3rd. The lactation nurse suggested I purchase this to catch my letdown. My breast’s are always leaking. I ordered mine a few days ago on amazon amazon sells them fur 12

  • Great video!! If anyone is looking for more information about parenting tips and tricks, motherhood, breast feeding, and reviews, I have found that the Mom 101 youtube page is AWESOME! She is just starting to make videos and so far they are all super informational and helpful! Here is the link!! Enjoy!

  • When you first started using the haakaa, did you start off with a stream of milk or drops? If drops, how long did it take for you get the suction to build volume to stream? How often do you use the haakaa? My haakaa was recently delivered and I’m getting drops.

  • I have twin newborns and I love the spectra, I get the same amount of milk (1200ml a day) as I did with the Madela without the pain.

  • So the Spectra you can only pump one breast at a time and the Medela you can pump both at a time? Is it safe to do both?? sorry for all the questions!!

  • Great video, I think I’m going to take the splurge. can we all agree that it’s absolute bullshit that there are only two pumps like this on the market when we are nearing 2020?? Being connected to a wall these days is the equivalent to rocking a landline telephone ����

  • I really wanted to try the willow with my first son but didn’t end up taking the plunge. I’m pregnant with my second and I’m so so happy they came out with the reusable feature! That changes everything because the bags were so expensive.

  • The link to the free bags doesn’t work, the error message I get is “Oops! Sorry, your offer has expired. Please ask your friend at [email protected] to share the offer with you again.”

  • Im going back to work after 7 months pp. I have a spectra and i love it. But i want the willow so i can be able to pump while driving before and after my shift. Also i would like to be able to pump for a long period of time while at work.

  • Wait so women shame other women for having sex without a “licence” (which is normal as breast feeding) but they don’t want to be shamed and called dirty for this?????? ����

  • Feeds baby..
    Pumps milk..
    Narrates for youtube…
    Women multi tasking taken to the next level! Thanks for the video me and my partner are trying to understand the system