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Middle school is a time of major social growth. Going from being the oldest students in elementary school to the youngest in middle school can be scary. Your child is expected to be more independent than he was in grade school.

At the same time, he may deal with cliques or. Hormones and changing bodies, locker combinations and changing classes, bullies and crushes: No wonder some kids have trouble adjusting to middle school! But even the most flustered kids can succeed when they receive a little extra help at home and school. Middle and high school years are often tumultuous times for people. Problems like family situations, friend difficulties, academic trouble, and challenging dating scenarios are commonplace for.

Not surprisingly, the main issues facing middle schools align with the main issues facing middle school students. Bullying is a large issue for middle schools because it may lead to self-imposed. Growth Changes in Middle School At least during the first year or two of middle school, most students go through times of feeling socially insecure and emotionally vulnerable.

Consider three. Children although a blessing, can be challenging as well, especially if they have started school. We get the experts to share some advice on dealing with a few common issues your child might face. Text: Esther Au Yong/ Simply Her April 2016/ Additional Reporting: Shenielle Aloysis.

Adolescence problems in school: Bullying, absenteeism, learning difficulties, fear of going to school, emotional issues, or social issues are some of the most common problems faced by pre-teen and teen students in school. As a parent your concern is natural so learn how to. Poverty has a significant impact on student learning; there has been much research to support this premise.

Students living in affluent, well-educated homes and communities are far more academically successful, while those living in poverty are typically behind academically. Poverty is a difficult obstacle to overcome. Divorce, single parents, poverty, violence and many other issues are all challenges a student brings to school every day. As a teacher, you will likely have impoverished students in your class. Homelessness is another step down on the ladder of poverty.

It is a very real problem faced by 1.5 million children. Many homeless families live in shelters in rural or urban areas.

List of related literature:

A: A lot of the issues for younger kids haven’t changed as much as the ones that preteens confront.

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Most of the kids, if they’re playing rap or rock, play it softer than they like, but then they can listen at recess and not get caught.

“Songs in Their Heads: Music and Its Meaning in Children's Lives, Second Edition” by Patricia Shehan Campbell
from Songs in Their Heads: Music and Its Meaning in Children’s Lives, Second Edition
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The aggressive ones in some schools yell in class, make jokes, throw things, come late, leave early, walk around the classroom during the hour, listen to rock music on walkman stereos, eat in class, don’t do homework, hire others to write their papers, etc.

“A Pedagogy for Liberation: Dialogues on Transforming Education” by Ira Shor, Paulo Freire
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Of the 5 girls who never went outside, 3 said that there was often teasing/fighting/leaving people out during recess.

“Play and Educational Theory and Practice” by Donald E. Lytle
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The urgency for kids to know where they stand in the group is a huge concern; tweens are strongly affected by clique rejection and exclusion.

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Recess, lunch in the cafeteria, hallway socialization, and arriving on time

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Throughout elementary, middle, and high school, overweight youth report being teased and bullied by their peers because of their weight.

“Encyclopedia of Body Image and Human Appearance” by Thomas F. Cash
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Given a chance, they sit together at lunch, play with each other at recess, and go over to each other’s houses after school.

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Bullying experiences and compromised academic performance across middle school grades.

“Keeping Students Safe and Helping Them Thrive: A Collaborative Handbook on School Safety, Mental Health, and Wellness [2 volumes]” by David Osher Ph.D., Matthew J. Mayer, Robert J. Jagers, Kimberly Kendziora, Lacy Wood
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This often involves large amounts of time spent each day talking with peers during the school day while changing classes, on the bus to and from school, at the lunch table, or in the locker room—or after school as small groups of friends gather on a corner, at the home of a classmate, or at the local mall.

“Attention Deficit Disorder: The Unfocused Mind in Children and Adults” by Thomas E. Brown
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  • Lol im the middle child and when i get my grades, for example like 92 (green card highest is gold) in the overall they would say do better
    But then my younger sis, gets like a green card too they would just: eh thats fine.
    I get SO pressured to have good grades… so ya my middle child story

  • I’m a middle child my older brother like sometimes demotivate me and sometimes punch me so and I dont get any attention so I say it’s even because I’m the favorite actually

  • This slaps hard but why does logic be looking like a kid in uniform at the start tho lol! While joyner looks all grown up soldier��

  • Dude I want to be forgotten!! The only time my Mum talks to me is either shout at me for something small/ not important or either just shout at me to take all her anger out. Like I get the yelled at the worst!! Wtf!?!

    Even when I do nothing! She treats my older & younger sister differently then me. She barely shouts at them, don’t blame them for things & is always calm, but with me she’s a whole another mood.

  • Jackson Wang (Team Wang ) recommended this song!!! OMG!!!! I love it, soooooo…………. good!
    Absolutely love the lyrics! DOPE!

  • I’m the middle child of two brothers and I’m always getting in trouble alot and my Aunty telling lies about me stealing her yogurt……. I’m done being in the family I wanna run away from home and be in an orphange

  • Oh when to a family restaurant with your family and your elder and younger brother order everything without even caring to ask u
    And ur mom’s like: it’s not a big deal
    U can order next time
    Bish like that’s gonna happen


  • We’re 8 in number and I’m no.4 but why do I’ve to do all the work at home and I’m a male I’m not even a female this stuff really made me become angry.

  • Today I asked my dad if I could buy a hand cream and my dad said “your so spoiled” and after he’s like “what’s up, are you okay”, he doesn’t understand that things he sais, breaks my heart

  • Lmao my mom never showed up to any track meets or cross meets… it was always cool to see my friends parents though. She was working most times but it would have been nice.

  • My big sister is mommy’s favourite, my little sister is daddy’s favourite, I never get to talk to my parents, my sibling are best friends and I never get included..

  • Im crying cuz they oldest is always right my mom say look at your sister everyone like her try to be like her (she didn’t even know im not that outgoing)

  • I worked for a strong knowledge of tanks. I even built a very accurate model of M41 Walker Bulldog and the M48A3 Patton in a Vietnam War Scene. And they just said “cool” they didn’t even ask me any questions about it. I was so close to end it all for a little attention bro. I just want respect and attention. ��

  • Are you still technically the middle child if the grandchild is only 3 years younger than me? My older brother is 16, im 13 and the grandson is 10

  • I’m always the one having to pay for my little sisters mistakes example one We share a room I always keep my stuff organized but her stuff is all in the floor and when we have to clean it she says”
    Oh that’s not my mess that’s your mess” and she hits me and kicks me and calls me a mess and when I defend myself I get in trouble and she is loved on me and my big sister are friends though

  • The sad part of being a middle child you aren’t even living the best or worst life! You are just stuck in between��‍♀ also you dont even know your parents love you or hate you! Some kids say out of bluff “my momma hate me” meanwhile you are like “she gives you food!!!!! Isn’t that enough!” ����

  • Am i the only one here who isn’t a middle child? Also to all middle children out there sorry! (i am the youngest and yeah i actually am the most doted on so yeah can’t really relate to a few of them and actually the gap between me and my siblings are quite high so they didn’t really feel like a middle child because everyone had the responsibility of looking out for the youngest, I think my brothers never really complained about being the middle children)

  • Something good about middle children is that they usually outperform there siblings

    (I’m the the middle children of 3 sibilings I’m the smartest)

  • I once got everything right in every test I had for a month and just “that’s great.” When my sister gets 70% in maths they start freaking out..

  • I have a younger brother and older brother making me the middle child and like ever middle child out there I get forgotten a lot especially at my dads house since I have an older step brother and a younger step sister:P

  • does any other middle child get into fights alot with their older sibling?
    i get into fights with my older sister but it feels like i can never win

  • I am the middle child wait why is mom not annoying me because they don’t care I have so many things to face my dad is mayor and my sister has a disability

  • Idk if anybody is here right now or maybe is reading this or what but i just needed a space to talk about this and i just wanted to talk here (i’m not doing this for likes and etc. i want a space that none of my family will ever reach or know to find out about this text). i’m 17 r/n and i just found out by myself that i might have ADD or ADHD and i’m ok with this but i saw some topics on internet that i should go to a doctor to run some tests about it or fix it but i’m afraid to tell me family we live in Iran and parents mostly don’t understand the child needs or problems and they say like ” get over it” or “you just Indoctrinate” and etc. they mostly don’t care about this stuff or what there children might say or the problems they might have cause they have a lot of problems and they don’t have space for other problems. idk what to do i just wanted y’all to prey for me i don’t want this ADD or ADHD to vanish or go away. i just want a life that my ADD or ADHD would not be a problem to my future love life or job. thank you if you read till the end it really means a lot to me:)

  • am I the only one who is the most responsible and I do the most activities but independently? Bc my siblings get all the attention I have to do deal with the fact that the person who will truly take care of me is me, so if something interests me I will go for it,alone.

  • In this post, I explore the idea that the chaos and setbacks that occur regularly in the lives of many carriers of the syndrome are not necessarily the result of ineffective brains!


  • Heard this from Jackson Wang, he danced to it, I was immediately hooked!!!
    LOVE it….. the beat, the lyrics. Some songs just grip you when you hear it, this is THAT song!!!!

  • I hate my life being a middle child lmao ����
    I’m forgotten about and get treated like crap compared to my older brother and younger sister.

  • Great insights and relevant/practical suggestions. Good for all school staff, including support staff such as paras, cafe workers, bus drivers, facilities managementto watch.

  • I hear the similarities in this and overkill by twisted insane but insanes version destroys this one dont get me wrong tho ts right here nikka ts right here heat

  • Me as a middle child: Ok, so I’ve…
    My little sister:… Yea whatever, So today I blah..blah blah

    Ok so my point is; My sister gets listened to because what see says is so funny, and my brother gets listened to because he says smart things….And me? Nah..

  • Oldest: does something talented.

    Middle: does something talented.
    Mom: cool now go do the dishes

    Youngest: does something talented.

  • So Once, My dad brought me and my 4 siblings to a family reunion on his side.And My dad brought his best friend who he works with(this was a few years ago and he still works with him and is still best friends with him) and what happened was he started with youngest to oldest and He started with my youngest sis”This is (insert name).She is 5 years old”.And Then went to my brother and said,”This is (insert name).He is 6 years old”.Went to my younger sister and said,”This is (insert name).She is 7 years old”.Then SKIPPED me.And Went to my older sister and said”This is (insert name).She is 19 years old”.And His best friend said,”Who is that cute, tall, skinny girl?” (Side bar: Yes, he was talking about me, I was quite shy and tall for my age and skinnier than all the other girls in my class).And Then my dad said”Oh and that’s Chloe.She’s 9 years old”.And he whispered in his best friend’s ear I heard him btw.I had recently got an iPhone for my bday in December and he had the nerve to say”She always on the fing phone”.Uhm.. Excuse me