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Information and Treatment of Nipple Blebs Breastfeeding With a Nipple Bleb. A nipple bleb may not bother you at all, or it may cause extreme pain during Treat Nipple Blebs While Breastfeeding. Breastfeed very often and make sure your baby is.

A milk bleb or blister is a blocked nipple pore. This usually happens when a milk duct becomes clogged, causing milk to back up. Breast milk becomes thick and hard as a result, which blocks milk flow near your nipple opening. Sometimes, a small amount of skin can grow over the bleb, preventing it from healing.

Symptoms of milk blebs and milk blisters. Another treatment for persistent milk blisters: Once per day, spray breast and nipple area with a solution consisting of 5 drops of grapefruit seed extract, 1/4 cup vinegar, and 2 cups water. Vitamin E ointment – applied very sparingly and wiped off before feedings (too much vitamin E can be toxic to baby) – can also help. Nipple blebs are small white spots on the tip of the nipple.

They range in size from 1 to 3-4mm. They are often associated with sharp, deep and intense pain. These blebs are the tip of a clogged duct in which a very thin layer of skin has grown over the opening. The milk then bulges out against the clog, causing pressure and pain.

Treatment. 1. Using antibiotic and anti-inflammatory medicines: After the doctor ruptures the blister, antibiotics, and anti-inflammatory medicines compatible with breastfeeding have to be used.

If the blister formation is due to infection, then antibiotics will be the first line of treatment. At times, nipple blisters might recur even after treatment. A bleb (also called a milk blister or blocked nipple pore) is what forms when a little bit of skin grows over a nipple pore (milk duct opening), and breast milk backs up behind it.

According to, “A milk blister usually shows up as a painful white, clear or yellow dot on the nipple or areola, and the pain tends to be focused at that spot and just behind it. If it does not hurt, no treatment is necessary. If the nipple bleb is painful, try the following: • Before breastfeeding, apply wet heat to the nipple using a warm compress or by soaking in the bath. This will thin the skin to help your baby draw out the plug of thickened milk during a feeding. Place olive oil on a cotton ball and place over your nipple inside your bra.

Apply vinegar to a breast pad and place over your nipple (s). Soak your breast in 2 teaspoons of Epsom salts mixed with. We document the treatment and outcome of a patient who presented with left-breast dysbiosis and nipple blebs and whose milk culture grew multi-drug-resistant, methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus. She was treated safely and effectively with intravenous daptomycin and dalbavancin. The operation for bleb resection can be done via mini-thoracotomy or thoracoscopy.

The procedure is performed with general anesthesia using a special endotracheal tube that allows intentional collapse of the lung which is operated on. The procedure is performed through a series of small incisions.

List of related literature:

Nipple blebs appeared to be an inflammatory response to nipple trauma in some women.

“Breastfeeding Management for the Clinician” by Marsha Walker
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In addition, an eczematous or psoriasiform plaque of the nipple and surrounding skin can be seen in Paget’s disease due to epidermal extension of an underlying ductal adenocarcinoma of the breast (Fig. 53.13).

“Dermatology E-Book” by Jean L. Bolognia, Joseph L. Jorizzo, Julie V. Schaffer
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In early anatomic studies of the breast, which were done on autopsy specimens, the duct system was identified by pushing dye into the duct under pressure.6 The duct, being elastic, stretched to suggest ductal sinuses leading to the impression—the ducts had sinuses that collected milk in the areola.

“Breastfeeding: A Guide for the Medical Profession” by Ruth A. Lawrence, MD, Robert M. Lawrence, MD
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In 2010, Caviggioli et al. published a case series including 24 patients utilizing AFG for reconstruction of the nipple–areola complex following burns, a technique that they called “nipple resuscitation.”

“Evidence-Based Procedural Dermatology” by Murad Alam
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A reddened localised region may be indicative of mastitis and require treatment with antibiotics.The nipples should be inspected for damage if the woman is using a breast pump or breastfeeding.

“ACCCN's Critical Care Nursing” by Leanne Aitken, Andrea Marshall, Wendy Chaboyer
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Flattening, crusting, and retraction of the nipple can also occurs as the disease progresses [13] Unfortunately, most of the clinical characteristics associated with IBC are nonspecific, resulting in a significant number of cases being initially diagnosed as mastitis or breast abscesses.

“Management of Breast Diseases” by Ismail Jatoi, Manfred Kaufmann
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If the nipple shield is effective in correcting milk transfer problems in the hospital, its use should be continued after NICU discharge.

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Rees, Gravelle, and Hughes107 reported on a series of 30 patients (25 to 75 years of age; mean, 52 years) with nipple retraction associated with the mammary duct ectasia phase of MDAIDS.

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With the same remedy Skinner (ibid.) cured many cases of retraction or flattening of the nipple in nursing women.

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from A dictionary of practical materia medica: in three volumes. Penthorum sedoides Zizia
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(b) Treatment includes feeding every 1½ to 2 hours; cold applications between feedings; heat application shortly before feeding; massage to speed milk release; softening the areola by using a pump or expressing milk to begin flow or pressing gently on the areola to move swelling back.

“Study Guide for Foundations of Maternal-Newborn and Women's Health Nursing” by Sharon Smith Murray, MSN, RN, C, Emily Slone McKinney, MSN, RN, C
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  • mba, kalo di pria normal gak kalau ada jerawat di puting? aku tiba2 muncul yang jerawat, gak sakit sama sekali, udah 2 bulanan ga ilang2 jadinya parno

  • Waduhh bnyak yg ngalamin dan rata2 makin parah aku buka coment karna lagi ngalamin… Kog ngeri Yaa ada yg smpe brbulan2 saya baru liat td pagi dan pyudra saya juga bengkak ke asi GK keluar gmna ini?? ��

  • Aku skr mengalami milk blister, apakah saat terus kasih menyusui bayi cairan jerawat keluar dan terminum bayi apakah aman buat bayi..??? Sy kwatir…???

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  • Jadi black niplle pore itu bukan jerawat yg seperti pada wajah ya? Istri saya mnegalami dr semalam.dia takut saat mengurusi pecah dan tertelan anak..

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  • Hai, selamat siang, salam kenal dokter Christysiyorus, saya Lilis, saya seorang working moms. Masih mengASIhi bayi yg sekarang usianya 20bulan, namun sejak usia 18 bulan baby saya sudah tdk mau menyusu langsung. Jadi semenjak usia 18bulan itu saya selalu lakukan pumping krn asi msh berproduksi.

    Saya sering kali mengalami milk blister, dari usia baby krg dr 1th smp dg br2 ini.. dan skrg pun msh ada.

    Awal2 memang kayak ngilang dengan sendirinya karena sesering mungkin menyusui langsung, nah stlh kjdian yg PD kiri bgkak krn blister (wkt itu sy mmg slh sy kutak katik pk tgn sndiri krn penasaran knp sring skali blister tp eh malah jd bgkak), kmudian sy cr2 dokter laktasi slma 1 bulan (krn d daerah sy jarang sekali bahkan tdk ada dokter laktasi, itu pun dokter yg sy tmui sbnrnya dokter anak yg merangkap jd dokter laktasi) Alhamdulillah ktmu, krn PD sy bgkak, puting sy titik asinya jd berkurang, nah krn udh 1 bulan br bs ktmu sm dokter tsb jd titik asi sdh trtutup lapisan kulit yg bengkak itu. Kmudian sy ditindak, wah mantap sekali rasanya, krn utk mengembalikan jumlah titik asi, tindkannya itu d tusuk tusuk dg jarum tanpa bius. Alhamdulillah nemang titik asi bertmbh tp tdk kembali k semula, krn dinding kulit puting yg msh menebal jd agak sulit utk mncari titiknya.

    Ok, stlh beberapa bulan smpe usia baby sy 20 bulan sy ktmu lg sm blister, dan rasanya udh gk bs tahan tiap pumping kayak ada jarum yg merayap, ngilu d beberapa bagian salurn asi. Tepat sminggu yg lalu sy mncari bidan utk breastcare krn klo k dokter tkut d tusuk2 lg. Dan trnyta d bidan pun sm tindakannya dg jarum, tp bukan d tusuk melainkan d congkel blister nya (tanpa bius), mantap sekali rasanya. Utk beberapa saat memang rasa sakit ktika ada blister itu hilang, kmudian stlh drhnya ng deep krg lbh 12 jam stlh tindakan br saya pumping kembali.. agak nyaman tp kdg kluar drh dr bkas yg d congkel blisternya itu.

    Nah dr kmrn titik putih itu ada lagi dok d tmpt yg sm.. kenapa y dok, tdnya aq mw hubgi bidan lg. Tp stlh aq searching d yuotube sy ktmu sm video ini, jd sy ragu utk k bidan lg… ingin coba tutorialnya. Knp ko rasanya itu kayak ada jarum yg lg berjalan? stiap habis pumping ngilu d PD kiri sampai gk bs tdr..

  • Alhamdulilkah nemu ini, hallo bu saya ibu baru mw tanya, saya sedang menyusui tp dengan pumping krna anak saya tidak bs nyusu langsung dan baru hr ni bintik putih di puting terlihat, awalnya kecil seperti Asi yg mw keluar, setelah oumping makin besar seperti asi yg mengeras itu termasuk jerawat puting gk ya???apa saran dr dokter menggunakan air hangat dan garam bs menghilangkannya???

  • Sir,
    My age 28 yrs I have one baby. She is 7yrs old but I am planning second pregnancy. So without pregnant breast milk leaking for me please tell in Telugu

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  • Hallo mba
    Saya kenak bleb 2 x Tapi tetap gak teratasi. Besok saya mau ke konsultan laktasi nya mnta utk di kluarkan dgn menggunakan jarum. Uda gak tahan 3 blm gak hilang2

  • Saya masih umur 19 thn dan juga belum menikah tapi saya mengalami hal itu tpi tdk diputing di pinggiran nya, sakit bgt jika tersenggol ��awalnya gatal sekali 3 hari kemudian jdi muncul seperti itu bagaimana mengobatinya

  • Ha ha why do i watch this? Well because i stopped nursing and got sore nipples and i had never heard of it before so i had to search. My nipples have actually almost gotten better already on their own so no treatment necessary for me ��