Individual Hygiene Strategies for Women


Hygiene Tips Every Woman MUST KNOW!

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पर्सनल हाइजीन टिप्स और ट्रिक्स | Personal Hygiene Tips & Tricks In Hindi

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10 Feminine Hygiene Tips You NEED to Know

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7 Personal Hygiene Rules You Break Every Day

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Personal Hygiene Tips One Must Follow

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10 Feminine Hygiene Tips You NEED to Know

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Personal Hygiene Tips for Girls. Personal Hygiene. Marc Romanelli / Getty Images.

Knowing the basics of personal hygiene is the first step every preteen must make. Help your Know the Signs of Puberty. Girls and Shaving. Tampons or Pads? Understanding Acne.

Top Personal Hygiene Tips For Young Ladies And Adults 1. Cleansing Tips. According to the site KidHealth, your natural body oils and discharge are a good form of the 2. Cleanse Your Ears. Beside nail hygiene, mouth hygiene tips. Girls’ hygiene doesn’t require any special equipment – just some specialised soap and water. For a cost-saving intimate care tip, ditch the gloves, sponges, and loofahs when it comes to washing down there.

The skin in your intimate areas is very sensitive and can be irritated by the abrasive scratchiness of these implements. Our advice: Wash daily: Typically, you should wash your intimate parts daily with an intimate wash. If you’re exercising or Use the right product: Forget about scented soaps and lotions. Use intimate washes specially designed to care for your Dry off: Don’t forget to dry off with a clean towel. For most people, personal hygiene includes monotonous activities such as brushing, flossing, bathing, and deodorizing.

And that is all. However, personal hygiene is more than just keeping bad breath and body odor away. As a woma.

Touching the face can also cause the germs to get into the mouth, eyes, and nose. Thus, it is necessary for your teen to maintain nail hygiene. They can scrub the dirt out using a nail brush. Besides, a weekly clipping should help get rid of dirt and reduce the possibility of painful ingrown nails.

Soak, scrape, brush, scald, peel or wash all fruit, salad and vegetables. Do not wash raw meat in the sink prior to cooking as this spreads germs around the sink area. This is also not necessary.

Make good hygiene a responsibility. If your teen is resistant to basic teen hygiene like showering after practice or using deodorant don’t just nag or plead. The most basic of hygiene rituals — but somehow the old soapy routine doesn’t appeal to all tweens. A shower every day or two is a must, and always after a rigorous sports practice or outdoor play.

Equip her with washcloths and soap, or. No matter what age you are, there are few basic vaginal hygiene rules every woman should know about! 1. Keep the undergarments dry.

Not wiping the vagina after urinating can cause the panties to.

List of related literature:

Personal cleanliness should be maintained through daily bathing, frequent hair washing, daily fingernail cleaning, use of a hat or hairnet, and clean underclothing (45).

“Handbook of Food Science, Technology, and Engineering 4 Volume Set” by Y. H. Hui, Frank Sherkat
from Handbook of Food Science, Technology, and Engineering 4 Volume Set
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Besides cleansing, good hygiene prevents body and breath odors.

“Mosby's Textbook for Long-Term Care Nursing Assistants E-Book” by Clare Kostelnick
from Mosby’s Textbook for Long-Term Care Nursing Assistants E-Book
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Avoid the use of bubble bath, feminine deodorant sprays, perfumed sanitary products (sanitary pads, tampons, and toilet paper).

“Family Practice Guidelines: Second Edition” by Jill C. Cash, MSN, APN, FNP-BC, Cheryl A. Glass, MSN, WHNP, RN-BC
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It is necessary to maintain excellent hygiene, meaning that you must bathe regularly, maintain dental health, and prevent breath or body odor (Fig. 2-12).

“Business and Professional Skills for Massage Therapists E-Book” by Sandy Fritz
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Regularly shower or bathe, shave, brush teeth, care for hair, and use deodorant.

“The Addiction Treatment Planner” by Robert R. Perkinson, Arthur E. Jongsma, Jr., Timothy J. Bruce
from The Addiction Treatment Planner
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If you are unsure about hygiene and want some help, ask a friend or an adult about how often bathing is recommended, and so on.

“Asperger Download: A Guide to Help Teenage Males with Asperger Syndrome Trouble-Shoot Life's Challenges” by Josie Santomauro, Damian Santomauro
from Asperger Download: A Guide to Help Teenage Males with Asperger Syndrome Trouble-Shoot Life’s Challenges
by Josie Santomauro, Damian Santomauro
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Reinforce good personal hygiene habits (routine bathing [preferably a shower], clean hair, nails, and mouth care).

“Lippincott Manual of Nursing Practice” by Sandra M. Nettina
from Lippincott Manual of Nursing Practice
by Sandra M. Nettina
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Good personal hygiene is essential.

“Diversified Health Occupations” by Louise Simmers
from Diversified Health Occupations
by Louise Simmers
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PERSONAL CARE Hygiene The adolescent needs personal hygiene information, because body changes require more frequent bathing and the use of deodorants.

“Introduction to Maternity and Pediatric Nursing E-Book” by Gloria Leifer
from Introduction to Maternity and Pediatric Nursing E-Book
by Gloria Leifer
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2018

Personal hygiene activities such as taking a bath or shower and brushing and flossing the teeth also promote comfort and relaxation, foster a positive self-image, promote healthy skin, and help prevent infection and disease.

“Potter and Perry's Fundamentals of Nursing: Second South Asia Edition E-Book” by Sharma Suresh
from Potter and Perry’s Fundamentals of Nursing: Second South Asia Edition E-Book
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Elsevier Health Sciences, 2017

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  • So um I’m here cause my mother wasn’t the best teacher on hygiene. Don’t get me wrong I love my mom, but she taught me to shave my legs and that is it. So thanks for this video.

  • Pro tip for sufferers of a high maintanance vagina: Try not to use tampons or cups if not needed(like during surtain acivities like swimming). Tampons are stuffed with bleach and other chemicals you do not want inside you. They also tend to cause small tares and cuts inside your vagina. Cups can cause irritation and a tilted uterus, if used only slightly wrong. It also stresses the vagina to produce more menstration(not the blood itself, but the discharge that comes with it), and it leaves you exposed for utis after your period. Pads that breathe are much more gentle for your ladyparts. Reusable and organic if you can, but if not, use what is best for you.

  • Have you ever gotten irregular periods? And have you experience no period over a year? If so what did you do to get your regular periods monthly? What’s your advise to help get regular periods?

  • Why did they use a thumbnail where its content isn’t even in the video?? (Like how it shows the wrong way to wash your face) For what reason are they unable to put what they are ACTUALLY going to show in the thumbnail??

  • Ik this was posted 2 years ago, but WHAT THE HELL?!?! You were 21 When this was made?! I thought you were so much younger!
    Like17 or 18 maybe 16 at the least ��
    This was a really helpful video btw! Thanks!!

  • What would you do if you can’t eat most fresh fruits/veggies; both for health and smell? (I’m allergic to everything except apples, oranges, and grapes; unless they’re cooked.)

  • Would u believe me if i tell u am 15 and i was worried cuz i got wet and it smelled a lil i was gonna go to the doc and embarrass ma self….GURL U SAVED ME!!p ������

  • Dear girls there is another advise from my side. Use V-wash. I use it when i feel uncomfortable after periods or after masterbation or sometimes daily as well to keeo the area fresh always. And it actually improves the smell. Even if you naturally smell bad down there kinda like fishy, it is something that will definitely help yoh out. Whenever you suffer from UTI etc like irritations, besides eating healthy you must use it. I’ve been using it since grade 7, it’s been 3 years and I’m happy about it that I take my vaginal health seriously not like most women who think it’s gross.

  • I was never taught how to care for my self by any females in my life, so this video is sooo helpful. I’m going to follow these tips.����

  • I’ve got a daughter that refuses to keep her self clean wish I had the answer to getting her to keep clean She says she get worse if she showers it’s a big fight to get her in the shower or just keep her self clean dose anyone have any suggestions that might get you to lesson ooo yah she’s 40 years old and refuses to take advice for the ones that love her.

  • Does the natural deodorant work for people who sweat excessively? I swear really bad so I’ve been using men’s deodorant for about two years and it’s the only thing so far to keep my shirts dry

  • Cutting out refined sugar stopped my thrush issues. I used to have really severe cases of it, and now I cut right back and only have a little sugar here and there and it’s amazing.

  • The wipes which made of viscose are extremely soft and comfortable to use. It cleans and refreshes with no hassle and free of Alcohol, Paraben and SLS.
    Just check the link

  • Recently discovered your channel looking for minimalistic tips and I’m in love…
    Just curious on why you say hi “Hola Muchachos” coming from a native Spanish speaker I loved it and felt home immediately lol

  • You do NOT need to take a hair wash every day! It strips the scalp of it’s natural oils. One only needs to take a hair wash twice a week or so.

  • Can you make a video of tips for clear skin? I’m a teenager and my face is always filled with pimples. I tried eating healthier but it didn’t make a difference AT ALL! Please help me

  • I’m so grateful to have stumbled upon this video. My 엄마 never told me much about girl hygiene and I’m going to boarding school soon so I was a bit worried about taking care of myself in certain parts of my body. This vid almost made me feel like I had the mom I sort of wished for in terms of sharing lady information? Idk but thanks ��

  • Omg I have been waiting for this moment for many times ��✨✨many many congratulations ��✨✨ dear glamers may God make you more successful I am very happy for you and luv u ������������

  • The fact that she said Wash your hair everyday she must not know I’m African American I can’t wash my hair everyday because it take the nutrients out of my hair and The moisturizer you use to grow your hair with not grow it because your not giving your hair enough time to grow

  • Its good to know that have an Indian people know how they do the proper hygiene because most of our Indian guest its have a terrible smell.��

  • Also if you have blood stains because of your period, use cold water! That way it will go away sooo easy, don’t use hot water or don’t throw it in the wasmachine guys <3

  • Thank you!!! I use to watch you back in the days and glad this popped up. (Oldest is always on youtube lol) i keep learning new things with u! 30 and 2 kids later and this makes me feel relieved! I think i have yeast infection and glad to hear its normal. First time ever!! Thank you thank you!

  • I needed a girly big sister to talk about things like this! My big sister isn’t girly and we don’t talk and I don’t talk to my 4 brothers about this so watching this is so helpful!

  • I wish you would’ve added that a “funky” smell for no reason is often caused by bacterial vaginosis or other infections. Excessive use of those wipes will probably only do harm ��

  • Dear Glamrs,

    I’m so thankful for the tips about being hygienic..

    Actually, there’s a small request..

    I’m a student and I stay in a hostel.. Though I try to be so careful and hygienic.. I don’t know which factors is making me fall ill and the result declared by doctors is ” Maintain good food and try using hygiene products”��‍♀

    And I’m not only the one I have seen.. So

    Dear Glamrs ❤

    Please provide some tips to the girls I mean to the hostelers regarding hygiene or food or about being healthy or any natural remedy tips so that it would be helpful for students staying in hostels like us too…

    Thank you Glamrs.. ❤����

    Lots of Love ❤��

  • Hy i’m 16 and plz suggest me which face wash i will use and my skin is normal and don’t have more pimple bt some time 2 or 3 pimple has come

  • A lot of hair also is a breeding ground for bacteria, so shaving is not a bad thing and also reduces bacteria and risk of infection

  • Omg finally someone else who wears wireless bras! I wear wireless and no or light lined bras and I love them. I am never going back to wired
    Also I thought for a second it was bad because I get a lot of discharge like after my period for a few days. I don’t think I’ve had an infection before or UTI? I drink like 5 litres a day though of water luckily I only wear cotton underwear ��

  • Anti-bacterial soap is NOT needed.
    Intimate washes are NOT needed
    Depilation is NOT needed.
    Mouthwashes are NOT required.
    The whole video is Covert Marketing, and nothing else.

  • That’s another problem she has she won’t wash her hands never and with this virus makes it where she’s putting us all at hight risk she sucks her thumb right after gone to the bathroom. Or she picked her nose and then go touch the food in the frigid then no one what’s to eat the food she touches we all get so grossed out

  • U forget to tell one thing, after pee wash ur private area with water,i heard some people don’t follow this,
    Anyone heard abt this?

  • You mostly stink because toxins come out of our bodies. So not using more natural things are good, but most important is our diety. Cooked food, spices, meat, eggs, dairy, sugar are not doing us a favour.

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  • Thnx for post it n also plz up a vedio on best way for removing underarm hair removing at home….plz do it soon…cz im so confused bout it..

  • Concerning the ‘sleeping naked’ part, what to do with natural discharge down there? I’m not talking about period or ovulation, just regular days, there’s always something coming out of that femininin area:’)

  • i thought all baby wipes still have chemicals in them?? i am a breast feeding mom and thought of using them, but i heard there are chemicals which is why it’s good to be light using them on baby too. i can’t use perfumes either,so great to hear someone encouraging ppl to avoid it!!!
    also,thanks for sharing about that study,wow! i have multiple chemical sensitivity.. my mom was exposed to pesticides from a farm they lived near (she was on a farm too) and it made her sick, and my brother she was pregnant with died at 6 days or so of age..and i ended up sick too when she had me (i guess since it was in her body already) fibromayglia mcs and chronic fatigue syndrome

  • Can’t we talk about our genigals without calling them “parts”… At first it might bé uncombfortable but why jeep such a dumb taboo…

  • This is such a non professional advice and can be harmful to young girls… V washes shouldn’t be used unless prescribed, same goes with mothwashes… All these can have adverse effects on your body.
    Rest about bathing all days is fine and nothing new.. Plus not to be washed with soaps everyday as it can dry your skin out of the natural oils and make your skin dry and flaky

  • Hygiene Tips that every WOMAN MUST KNOW!


    I really love your vlogs, it’s very helpful. ��

  • we need more videos considering feminine hygiene down there. No one actually teaches us this and that and those, so we panic when something’s seems odd or feels odd.

  • Me*
    Before watching this video: I’m the most hygeinic man on this Earth!
    After watching this video: I’m the most dirtiest man in this whole universe!!

  • So, girl talk. I actually had trouble finding a deodorant that didn’t make me break out in a rash. I eventually found that my dad’s plain Old Spice was the only brand that didn’t make me break out in a rash.
    Also, thank you for your comments on being hairy. I tried shaving my legs and I got the worst razor burn. I don’t mind waxing my legs once in a while, but I’ve never removed the hair “down there.” I’ve always felt a bit self conscious about my leg and armpit hair.
    I hate bras, so I wear sports bras all the time. They’ve been stretched out over the years, so they don’t mush my boobs. Also, I have small boobs. Last time I tried on bras, I couldn’t even fit an A cup. Then again, I don’t really have a clue how a normal bra is supposed to fit.

  • I constantly have problems that I didn’t know how to properly deal with like yeast infections and eczema down there and it shatters my confidence and it made me feel inhumane. I think I needed this video to let me know that I’m not alone so thank you:)

  • Wash after you pee, after you poo, regularly. But for places without a bidet installed or accessible “tabo” (��), you can use wet wipes + dry tissue. Never leave your coochies damp as that produces bacteria as well:) I always carry wet wipes and normal tissue with me wherever I go because it I don’t feel clean enough just wiping with normal tissue. Washing it with water is still the best tho.

  • I came in here thinking I was going to learn something new but I’m surprised and glad to know that I actually practice everything you mentioned in here lol

  • God bless people who are not ashamed of talking about such important things! Like I really found out about some problems that I have thanks to this video

  • There’s actually nothing proving that going commando helps with “breathing”. But YES GIRL the cotton underwear is so important! Might check out those face razors ooh.

  • Thank you so much for this video!!
    I’ve noticed some months ago that I had a pretty strong odor down there and thought it was naturally caused by discharges (which I also thought it was normal to have them between your periods?), then my mom told me it could be an infection and it needed to be treated so I started taking probiotics and it seems to work. But I was wondering how can I be 100% sure that the infection is gone?
    Also, is it possible to have discharges without it being an yeast infection? Because I don’t have any irritation/burning sensation nor pain, it’s just normal watery discharges

  • Very useful video…. Thank you for this…. Please make a video on hair removing…. Becoz I have allergy to waxing…. Is there any other way to remove body and facial hairs….. As I do shaving of my hands and legs,, I have small dark spots where the hair growth is there

  • I don’t have a duvet on my toilet. I just use a squirt bottle. I’m really particular about making sure I’m clean after number two. Also using the squirt bottle during my period really helps with the mess.

  • i own 2 wireless bras and i prefer my wired ones. i think it’s just that since i have a D cup im pretty self-conscious about them moving around a lot and my wireless ones do just that. maybe i don’t have the right pair?

  • This is not very scientific.
    Body hair is actually a vital barrier against infections, and removing it leaves the skin vulnerable to rashes, chafing and potential infections. Women have been conditioned into thinking of body hair removal as hygienic whereas this does not at all apply for men. Why?
    Moreover intimate washes can cause massive changes in healthy microbiota in and around the vagina and vulva. The healthy female genitalia (yes, including the hair) is good at self cleaning, and the kind of products which actually help and don’t disrupt this are not well understood.
    It’s important to give such advice to the general public after consulting a doctor, or at least put a disclaimer.

  • I wear breathable underwear. when I wore cotton my discharge smell would be bad n when I watched a video about you gotta wear breathable so your vagina can breath n cotton just absorb sweet n smell n it’s not healthy. so I changed breathable n it help alot more:)) but everyone’s body is different it helped me but maybe cotton would help you:)

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  • It’s so uncomfortable to wear a bra when you sleep..I don’t know how girls do it. You’ve got to let the breasts be free for 8 hours at least to allow circulation.

  • Thank you so much for this tips, i recently got in contact with a dynocologist and this information helps me better understand my body

  • I’m so glad I came across your channel because you are truly wonderful! Continue making honest, helpful, informative videos. You’re so beautiful inside and out! ❤️

  • I tried dental floss and now gaps between teeth have increased.what to do? This is because I have used it improperly. What can I do now?

  • If you are Muslim u wash in it all the time when u go to bathroom with pure water and u dry it with bathroom tissue no left residue what so ever.

  • For blood discharge, she was talking about Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2). Make sure to use it while the blood isn’t dry. It is great to remove blood.

    For the shower head rinse method. At least once weekly, wash the shower head thoroughly. But always always always check after each wash �� But again, paper wipe then water rinse.

  • Rarely do I see a girl being this real or candid and still sound feminine I Guess biracial magic (I don’t watch girls hygiene secrets I like keeping girls enigmatic so it was a challenging to watch)

  • This is my fist time watching your channel and when I heard 34th birthday I said WHAAAAAAAT. I honestly thought that you were in your 20’s.

  • I was used to having uti sometimes but it got really serious one time that infection from uti got into my blood and then kidneys.. uuh that was PAINFUL ��
    So you got to be careful about hygiene down there ��

  • Honestly it’s refreshing to have someone openly talk about hygiene. I have been looking for videos, articles and books on it but I couldn’t find many. I like your channel and I am subscribing to it.

  • As a teen I had sometimes infection and once even was hospitalized because of it, then I decided to wash hands before using bathroom so it helped a lot, no infection for 10 years!

  • liked the video, some stuff to think about. but I would also say to ‘research’ yourself personally, I never had problems with ingrown hair due to tight clothing, nor my body hair or lack of it worked against my lady parts. A lot of people are sensitive to it, a lot of people aren’t. so, do your research, read and explore. and just a note, try to avoid ‘permanent’ solutions on anything before going through with it.

  • Thank you for this, I’m 12 and don’t have a mom to talk about this with since she passed away last year ����

    edit: hey guys im almost 15 now actually, im doing good ◡̈

  • when the bloodstains are kinda fresh and not already dry, wash them with COLD water and per hand. It works every time for me. and use her tipp with the backinsoda

  • Who else is scrolling through the comments and finding lots saying bout her voice we all get it she is ANNOYING!!
    Like if agree

  • One of my biggest tips is vaginal steaming. If you can get some medicinal plants (mugwort, rosemary, chamomile are great) to add while steaming it feels amazing. I do it at least once in two weeks.

  • Hi glamr pls give me one information after urination generally we clean our vagina orelse some use wet toilet papers and clean vagina without spreading any infections, so it is good but when wash with plane water panties become wet.This is the main problem pls tel me if panties become wet means it leads infections right?so, pls tel me which one is better to clean the vagina

  • Hi,Thanks for your video, I’m muslim, we use a small water pipe that you can find most of the time on the right side of the wall in the toilets and wash with that, it feels good

  • Hi my face is very dullness…. now I wl follow ur one of the beauty tips,gram flour and raw milk face pack…can u tl me it removes blackness of face and whole body

  • Do you prefer regular soap or shower gel?

    Btw, here’s smth interesting about public toilets

  • I wish the womens body didn’t have to be so complicated ��

    Having to deal with a Ph and having to buy specific soaps for it and not even being able to take bathes to not risk messing up the Ph balance

  • I got a UTI when I was only 5… I don’t remember much from it but my parents told me that I got a fever and that it was really serious… MAKE SURE Y’ALL HYDRATE AND PEE AT THE RIGHT TIMES OR YOU’LL END UP LIKE ME

  • I sleep naked lol!!! But I am a mom and when I wake up and take my covers off I have my robe so I can roam around on my days off and on my comfy days!!!.i also love sports bras now vs regular bras so much more comfortable!

  • I’m in love with your channel. I just discovered it today and it is BIG help. Thank you for your work, you’re so inspiring and interesting! You got a new follower for sure ❤️

  • For big boobed women like me who can’t find wireless bras: Vanity Fair has so many awesome options, I buy mine at Kohl’s lol I’m cheap

  • very important to stay hygienic not just for healthy well being but also for our personal growth because if one maintains hygiene, people like interacting with that person.

  • I smell worst then most people I take shower’s all the time and it’s not my breathe because my breathe never smells since I’m always brushing my teeth and chewing gum but I have bad BO I take showers okay and I wear deodorant and purfume but a few Hours later I smell horrible I sweat a lot and so I never take off my jacket cause I’m scared I might have sweat stains under my arms and I would re apply the deodorant during school but we’re not aloud to take book bags in the bathroom and I’m not just going to put it on in front of everyone and I used to put it on after gym since the locker rooms bUT now I don’t have gym so no more lockers rooms and idk what to do BTW I’m in 6th grade

  • There’s a peppermint mouth wash I use. Its called Dr. Tichners. Works better than regular cause it burns a lot, kills all types of germs

  • I sleep completely naked every single night and I have two children and one is a toddler so I’m up multiple times a night also…… And what I do is I keep my robe literally right beside my bed so close that I don’t even have to get out of the covers to grab it and anytime my daughter wakes up or I need to get up I just grab my robe put it on and then get out of the covers and go do what I got to do…… but me personally I cannot stand the way it feels to sleep in clothes and I would like to because I have so many cute nighties but I just can’t I feel like they are constantly twisting around my body and I just don’t like the way it feels……. anybody else like that? Or is it just me?����

  • @beautifymeeh I found that drinking citro-soda help with uti and thus I don’t need to drink antibiotics which causes me to get yeast infection.
    Thank for the other tips.

  • I use water, soap and then pat dry with toilet paper. Most clean way. Like Japanese toilets or Indian ones where there is a hose nearby.

  • Just so you know, your channel has really helped me. I already exercised minimalism and buying more consciously but your channel helped me shop and be more appreciative of thriving and being aware of scented items such as lotions and candles. Thank you!

  • instead of using the showerhead, id suggest using a lil tub thingy thats often called a ‘lota’ (not sure the word in english terms), but its like a mini tea pot and easier to wash that way than going into ur tub!

  • Stopped watching as soon as she said baby wipes help you minimize funky smell in your lady parts. Really? That only makes things worse leaving you moist. Worst advice ever.

  • Love the tips! Just a point of clarification: silk is a natural and breathable fabric. SilkY is manufactured and non breathable:)

  • I like coco butter Soap it help wash away dead skin it have a little acid and It make my skin feel squeaky clean. I put too much oil on my hair sometimes my scalp is very dry. Hey Bright Side which is the best vitamins or combination for the hair both inside and outside the body.

  • glamrs! ur my second mom..! imma teen..n i found awsome changes im my hygiene! its affordable, its easy, its quick, its for girls..its GLAMRS!❤❤❤

  • I’m so thankful for this video. I’m not quite sure how I survived 44 years doing everything the wrong way. Here’s to my next 44 years doing everything the right way!�� Just kidding. Some of this was informative.��

  • For me I’m a 38 DDD and it is really hard to find wireless bras that don’t make me look saggy or are not built to stand up to a very active lifestyle. I live on a farm and my bras tend to pay a price. I was just wondering if anyone knew of some good companies that will stand up to an active lifestyle.

  • A little tip for people who can’t really sleep naked: try sleeping without underwear but with an oversized shirt or a sleeping robe (I guess that’s how we call it) this way it allows your private parts to “breaths” but not being naked if you have to get up for whatever reason

  • Use “Certain Dri” antiperspirant. Trust me. I have a sweating problem that was just getting worse and antiperspirants weren’t working for me. I saw fantastic reviews on certain dri and decided to try it out. It’s clear so it’s perfect its like a little roller ball you put some on at night and in the morning if you feel you need some in the morning. If you take a shower, shave, etc in the morning it will still work. I swear on this stuff. Plus, it’s over the counter! I’m 13 years old by the way so you might be able to relate to my story:). But please try it! I’m happy to help anyone I can because I know the level of embarrassment sweating profusely comes with.

  • Omg ID HATE TO SUBSCRIBE TO THIS CHANNEL WTF ITS COMMON SENSE AND WHAT 30 yr old calls a vagina a cookie wtf!!!! Shes annoying and its recommended ����

  • Summary:
    1 Undewear
    Wear cotton underwear. If silk underwear, find one with cotton inner padding
    Wear “granny” underwear during period.
    2 Pajamas
    Wear loose clothes or dress to sleep to let your vag breath (less odor, less infection
    3 Bras
    Wireless Bras are more comfortable
    4 Washing underwear
    She likes to hand washing Underwear and air drying
    For blood stains, use baking soda and hydro peroxide
    Important to wash your washing machine (once a month)
    5 Wiping yourself
    Front to Back
    Carrying feminine wipes
    6 Pooping at home
    After wiping with toilet paper, washing it off in the showers (if you don’t have a bidet)
    7 Washing face
    Wash your hands before your face
    8 Discharge/Yeast Infection/UTI
    Drink water and cranberry juice. Wear cotton underwear. Taking probiotics

  • I do make lavender water myself, lavender is naturally gentle antimicrobial and after a while using it you smell as flowers, how cool is that? I use it for splash on my face, as a toner for body and hair even under arms. Here is how I prepare it.
    How to make lavender water?
    Bring 100ml water up to a fast boil.
    Pour this over 2 tablespoons of fresh or dried lavender flowers in a (non-metallic) bowl.
    Cover the bowl and leave at room temperature at least until it is cool.
    Strain the mixture using a fine piece of muslin.
    Decant into a very clean glass bottle (ideally dark coloured) and I like to keep it in the fridge for around 5 days.

  • DDD is not a super good range in my opinion…. I was a DDD my freshman year in high school and only grew more. And it has been a struggle to find bras ever since.

  • For washing blood solid bar soap and cold water before throwing into a washing machine should be enough to remove almost all stains. That way you wont have to use peroxide on panties if you wear black/dark ones every day

  • My classmates told me that I smell like something sweet, I don’t use perfume or anything like that, I just have very good hygiene.

  • My brother was watching this in our Tv.
    While he was doing that I was just sitting on my sofa minding my own business, and he came to me and said.

    “Being a woman is hard and complicated. I’m glad I’m not you lmao.”

    “Screw off you piece of shit, you came here to tell me that like I didn’t know.”

    And we got into a fight

  • Hi! Would you say that it is necessary for women to shave their legs in the summer/bikini season? Is there like a technical reason behind it, or is it just for looking cleaner?

  • I’m am literally not doing the nose thing because it makes you like sneeze �� or stuff like that and if you put that in your nose it would just feel uhhh like disgusting and weird and uncomfortable �� and stuff.

  • Letting your vagina breathe makes you more confident �� sis me and my friends have done that for years but it doesn’t boost any of my confidence im 100% insecure and thats why I hate going places in public

  • Just wanted to say that my 4-year-old just passed by (he was actually running)and stopped when he saw the video and said “Elle est belle. Sa figure, elle est belle” which means her face is beautiful.:)

  • Wer can i find that glass u used while making the mouthwash… I am looking for a glass of that sort from a long time… Pls help… N btw good video!!! ����

  • You know how “everything is there for a reason”, well I wonder if even the stink when it is that stink that is there even when you are cleansing daily, is there to say “leave me alone”. It would make sense in the case of women who just had babies! And I find that it happens to me at the time of the month when it is too late to conceive.

  • It’s very much informative and all
    But where do I get the stuff you’re describing
    Like where would I get the stuff you show in this video
    Which online/supermarket should I go to??
    Please tell us that too. It really helps.

  • I really love how you’re not embarrassed at all to talk about any of this. I’ve always had trouble talking about these sort of things, especially with doctors. I hate that I can’t be like other women and just be able to put on a pair of pantie’s and that be it. I have to wear a pad 24/7 because of constant discharge. My doctor told me it was normal and other women have it but it’s so annoying and frustrating, especially when you’re just sitting there or standing and you can just feel it. It makes you so subconscious about yourself and wondering if you smell and stuff. I hate wearing one all the time. My mom had the same problem and she only finally got a break when she got menopause (if you can call that a break, it was miserable for her) I wish there was something that I could do to stop it but there’s nothing.

  • would love to buy in this shop but only US shipping:( I really wish that more companies would ship internationally… #LivingInEurope

  • I can’t go without underwear I’m embarrassed but I uhmmmmm I dribble at night I only go without underwear for a few nights it’s always a sepific nightttttt but I now know what the problem was I drank to much water before I went to bed XD

  • I really wish you would be more inclusive when you speak. Labia/vaginas aren’t just for women. And not everyone has “pink parts” These things should really be common sense in today’s world. Think when you speak.

  • Pro Tip for Bloodstains i lerned from my mum:

    Let ur panty soak in cold water for a bit and then throw it into the washing mashine.
    Gets the stains out everytime

  • Gynecologists and proctologists actually advise you to stay away from wipes. The best thing is to clean yourself with water and maybe some soap, but those wipes have for the most part unnatural ingredients and disturb your own ph balance.

  • Hair down there causes a lot of bacteria build up. If i don’t keep myself trimmed, i get bad yeast infections from that hair soaking up moisture.