Individual Hygiene Strategies for Women


Hygiene Tips Every Woman MUST KNOW!

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पर्सनल हाइजीन टिप्स और ट्रिक्स | Personal Hygiene Tips & Tricks In Hindi

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10 Feminine Hygiene Tips You NEED to Know

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Personal Hygiene Tips One Must Follow

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10 Feminine Hygiene Tips You NEED to Know

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Personal Hygiene Tips for Girls. Personal Hygiene. Marc Romanelli / Getty Images.

Knowing the basics of personal hygiene is the first step every preteen must make. Help your Know the Signs of Puberty. Girls and Shaving. Tampons or Pads? Understanding Acne.

Top Personal Hygiene Tips For Young Ladies And Adults 1. Cleansing Tips. According to the site KidHealth, your natural body oils and discharge are a good form of the 2. Cleanse Your Ears. Beside nail hygiene, mouth hygiene tips. Girls’ hygiene doesn’t require any special equipment – just some specialised soap and water. For a cost-saving intimate care tip, ditch the gloves, sponges, and loofahs when it comes to washing down there.

The skin in your intimate areas is very sensitive and can be irritated by the abrasive scratchiness of these implements. Our advice: Wash daily: Typically, you should wash your intimate parts daily with an intimate wash. If you’re exercising or Use the right product: Forget about scented soaps and lotions. Use intimate washes specially designed to care for your Dry off: Don’t forget to dry off with a clean towel. For most people, personal hygiene includes monotonous activities such as brushing, flossing, bathing, and deodorizing.

And that is all. However, personal hygiene is more than just keeping bad breath and body odor away. As a woma.

Touching the face can also cause the germs to get into the mouth, eyes, and nose. Thus, it is necessary for your teen to maintain nail hygiene. They can scrub the dirt out using a nail brush. Besides, a weekly clipping should help get rid of dirt and reduce the possibility of painful ingrown nails.

Soak, scrape, brush, scald, peel or wash all fruit, salad and vegetables. Do not wash raw meat in the sink prior to cooking as this spreads germs around the sink area. This is also not necessary.

Make good hygiene a responsibility. If your teen is resistant to basic teen hygiene like showering after practice or using deodorant don’t just nag or plead. The most basic of hygiene rituals — but somehow the old soapy routine doesn’t appeal to all tweens. A shower every day or two is a must, and always after a rigorous sports practice or outdoor play.

Equip her with washcloths and soap, or. No matter what age you are, there are few basic vaginal hygiene rules every woman should know about! 1. Keep the undergarments dry.

Not wiping the vagina after urinating can cause the panties to.

List of related literature:

Personal cleanliness should be maintained through daily bathing, frequent hair washing, daily fingernail cleaning, use of a hat or hairnet, and clean underclothing (45).

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Besides cleansing, good hygiene prevents body and breath odors.

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Avoid the use of bubble bath, feminine deodorant sprays, perfumed sanitary products (sanitary pads, tampons, and toilet paper).

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It is necessary to maintain excellent hygiene, meaning that you must bathe regularly, maintain dental health, and prevent breath or body odor (Fig. 2-12).

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Regularly shower or bathe, shave, brush teeth, care for hair, and use deodorant.

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If you are unsure about hygiene and want some help, ask a friend or an adult about how often bathing is recommended, and so on.

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Reinforce good personal hygiene habits (routine bathing [preferably a shower], clean hair, nails, and mouth care).

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Good personal hygiene is essential.

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PERSONAL CARE Hygiene The adolescent needs personal hygiene information, because body changes require more frequent bathing and the use of deodorants.

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Personal hygiene activities such as taking a bath or shower and brushing and flossing the teeth also promote comfort and relaxation, foster a positive self-image, promote healthy skin, and help prevent infection and disease.

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  • So um I’m here cause my mother wasn’t the best teacher on hygiene. Don’t get me wrong I love my mom, but she taught me to shave my legs and that is it. So thanks for this video.

  • Pro tip for sufferers of a high maintanance vagina: Try not to use tampons or cups if not needed(like during surtain acivities like swimming). Tampons are stuffed with bleach and other chemicals you do not want inside you. They also tend to cause small tares and cuts inside your vagina. Cups can cause irritation and a tilted uterus, if used only slightly wrong. It also stresses the vagina to produce more menstration(not the blood itself, but the discharge that comes with it), and it leaves you exposed for utis after your period. Pads that breathe are much more gentle for your ladyparts. Reusable and organic if you can, but if not, use what is best for you.

  • Have you ever gotten irregular periods? And have you experience no period over a year? If so what did you do to get your regular periods monthly? What’s your advise to help get regular periods?

  • Why did they use a thumbnail where its content isn’t even in the video?? (Like how it shows the wrong way to wash your face) For what reason are they unable to put what they are ACTUALLY going to show in the thumbnail??

  • Ik this was posted 2 years ago, but WHAT THE HELL?!?! You were 21 When this was made?! I thought you were so much younger!
    Like17 or 18 maybe 16 at the least ��
    This was a really helpful video btw! Thanks!!

  • What would you do if you can’t eat most fresh fruits/veggies; both for health and smell? (I’m allergic to everything except apples, oranges, and grapes; unless they’re cooked.)

  • Would u believe me if i tell u am 15 and i was worried cuz i got wet and it smelled a lil i was gonna go to the doc and embarrass ma self….GURL U SAVED ME!!p ������

  • Dear girls there is another advise from my side. Use V-wash. I use it when i feel uncomfortable after periods or after masterbation or sometimes daily as well to keeo the area fresh always. And it actually improves the smell. Even if you naturally smell bad down there kinda like fishy, it is something that will definitely help yoh out. Whenever you suffer from UTI etc like irritations, besides eating healthy you must use it. I’ve been using it since grade 7, it’s been 3 years and I’m happy about it that I take my vaginal health seriously not like most women who think it’s gross.

  • I was never taught how to care for my self by any females in my life, so this video is sooo helpful. I’m going to follow these tips.����

  • I’ve got a daughter that refuses to keep her self clean wish I had the answer to getting her to keep clean She says she get worse if she showers it’s a big fight to get her in the shower or just keep her self clean dose anyone have any suggestions that might get you to lesson ooo yah she’s 40 years old and refuses to take advice for the ones that love her.

  • Does the natural deodorant work for people who sweat excessively? I swear really bad so I’ve been using men’s deodorant for about two years and it’s the only thing so far to keep my shirts dry

  • Cutting out refined sugar stopped my thrush issues. I used to have really severe cases of it, and now I cut right back and only have a little sugar here and there and it’s amazing.

  • The wipes which made of viscose are extremely soft and comfortable to use. It cleans and refreshes with no hassle and free of Alcohol, Paraben and SLS.
    Just check the link

  • Recently discovered your channel looking for minimalistic tips and I’m in love…
    Just curious on why you say hi “Hola Muchachos” coming from a native Spanish speaker I loved it and felt home immediately lol

  • You do NOT need to take a hair wash every day! It strips the scalp of it’s natural oils. One only needs to take a hair wash twice a week or so.

  • Can you make a video of tips for clear skin? I’m a teenager and my face is always filled with pimples. I tried eating healthier but it didn’t make a difference AT ALL! Please help me

  • I’m so grateful to have stumbled upon this video. My 엄마 never told me much about girl hygiene and I’m going to boarding school soon so I was a bit worried about taking care of myself in certain parts of my body. This vid almost made me feel like I had the mom I sort of wished for in terms of sharing lady information? Idk but thanks ��

  • Omg I have been waiting for this moment for many times ��✨✨many many congratulations ��✨✨ dear glamers may God make you more successful I am very happy for you and luv u ������������

  • The fact that she said Wash your hair everyday she must not know I’m African American I can’t wash my hair everyday because it take the nutrients out of my hair and The moisturizer you use to grow your hair with not grow it because your not giving your hair enough time to grow

  • Its good to know that have an Indian people know how they do the proper hygiene because most of our Indian guest its have a terrible smell.��

  • Also if you have blood stains because of your period, use cold water! That way it will go away sooo easy, don’t use hot water or don’t throw it in the wasmachine guys <3

  • Thank you!!! I use to watch you back in the days and glad this popped up. (Oldest is always on youtube lol) i keep learning new things with u! 30 and 2 kids later and this makes me feel relieved! I think i have yeast infection and glad to hear its normal. First time ever!! Thank you thank you!

  • I needed a girly big sister to talk about things like this! My big sister isn’t girly and we don’t talk and I don’t talk to my 4 brothers about this so watching this is so helpful!

  • I wish you would’ve added that a “funky” smell for no reason is often caused by bacterial vaginosis or other infections. Excessive use of those wipes will probably only do harm ��

  • Dear Glamrs,

    I’m so thankful for the tips about being hygienic..

    Actually, there’s a small request..

    I’m a student and I stay in a hostel.. Though I try to be so careful and hygienic.. I don’t know which factors is making me fall ill and the result declared by doctors is ” Maintain good food and try using hygiene products”��‍♀

    And I’m not only the one I have seen.. So

    Dear Glamrs ❤

    Please provide some tips to the girls I mean to the hostelers regarding hygiene or food or about being healthy or any natural remedy tips so that it would be helpful for students staying in hostels like us too…

    Thank you Glamrs.. ❤����

    Lots of Love ❤��

  • Hy i’m 16 and plz suggest me which face wash i will use and my skin is normal and don’t have more pimple bt some time 2 or 3 pimple has come

  • A lot of hair also is a breeding ground for bacteria, so shaving is not a bad thing and also reduces bacteria and risk of infection

  • Omg finally someone else who wears wireless bras! I wear wireless and no or light lined bras and I love them. I am never going back to wired
    Also I thought for a second it was bad because I get a lot of discharge like after my period for a few days. I don’t think I’ve had an infection before or UTI? I drink like 5 litres a day though of water luckily I only wear cotton underwear ��

  • Anti-bacterial soap is NOT needed.
    Intimate washes are NOT needed
    Depilation is NOT needed.
    Mouthwashes are NOT required.
    The whole video is Covert Marketing, and nothing else.