Indications of Autism in Infants and Babies


Signs of Autism in infants

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Very Early Autism Signs In Our Baby (5 to 12 months)

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5 Signs of Autism in Infants That You Need to Know

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5 Signs Of Autism In Babies

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Autism in Infants: 5 Signs You Need to Know

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Catching early signs of autism in infants

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Autism Spectrum Disorder in Infants and Toddlers

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Babies with autism sometimes fail to communicate through sounds or gestures, and may not respond to social stimulation. Here are other early signs of autism, according to the Centers for Disease. Every infant, child, and adult with autism will display unique symptoms. But there are several key traits that may point to autistic babies will not engage with their caretaker the same way neurotypical infants do.

A baby with autism might not respond to. However, some experts believe that many children with autism begin to show early signs of ASD well before their third birthday. Signs of autism in a baby include: 3. Not smiling by 6 months.

Not babbling, pointing, or using other gestures by 12 months. Not using single words by age 16 months. Signs of autism in children 2 years old and up. Has a language delay.

May struggle to express her needs. Some children with autism don’t talk at all, while others develop language but have trouble participating in a conversation. Has unusual speaking patterns. Might speak haltingly, in a high-pitched voice or a flat tone.

One of the earliest signs of autism is lack of eye contact with a caregiver. A study published in the journal Nature found that babies who went on to develop autism spectrum disorder showed. April 29, 2005 Canadian researchers say they can recognize the early signs of autism in children as young as 6 months old, and they hope their findings will lead to better early treatments for. Babies with autism may be lacking verbal noises, be slow to verbalize, or suddenly stop verbalizing after a point. Fixation on unusual objects.

Older babies who are later diagnosed with ASD develop fixations on unusual objects like fans, parts of toys. Children make several visits to their pediatrician during this period for well-baby/child check-ups, vaccinations and general developmental screenings. The American Academy of Pediatrics now recommends that the 18and 24-month well check-ups also include developmental screening for autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) for all children.

Signs in the First Six Months of Life By the time your baby is 6 months old, they should be able to engage in some basic social interactions with the people who are caring for them most frequently. Absence of these interactions is one of the chief signs of autism during the first six months of a baby’s life. Dr. Evans says even infants can show social difficulties. “Babies who don’t smile or who aren’t socially smiling show one of the earliest indicators there might be something off,” says Dr.

Evans. “Other signs might include when babies don’t like to be cuddled or they can’t be comforted.”.

List of related literature:

In one study, infants who later developed autism were distinguished from typically developing children at 6 months by slightly lower frequency of attempts to seek physical contact, vocalizations, looking at faces, and smiling at others (Maestro et al., 2002).

“Child and Adolescent Psychopathology” by Theodore P. Beauchaine, Stephen P. Hinshaw
from Child and Adolescent Psychopathology
by Theodore P. Beauchaine, Stephen P. Hinshaw
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Parental concerns about sensory behaviors and motor development as early as 6 months were found to be predictive of an ASD diagnosis at 36 months in high-risk infant siblings (Sacrey, Zwaigenbaum, et al., 2015), highlighting the importance of understanding and monitoring early risk markers in motor development.

“Handbook of Infant Mental Health, Fourth Edition” by Charles H. Zeanah
from Handbook of Infant Mental Health, Fourth Edition
by Charles H. Zeanah
Guilford Publications, 2018

Parents whose children showed ASD signs before 12 months reported concerns about temperamental issues, extreme irritability or passivity, and the absence of a fear of strangers (which is typically present in children at age 8 months; Chawarska & Volkmar, 2005).

“Diagnosis and Treatment of Mental Disorders Across the Lifespan” by Stephanie M. Woo, Carolyn Keatinge
from Diagnosis and Treatment of Mental Disorders Across the Lifespan
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Early parent concerns that predict a subsequent diagnosis of ASD include abnormal sensory behavior and motor development at 6 months of age and social communication deficits and repetitive behaviors at 12 months of age [5].

“Handbook of Medical Neuropsychology: Applications of Cognitive Neuroscience” by Carol L. Armstrong, Lisa A. Morrow
from Handbook of Medical Neuropsychology: Applications of Cognitive Neuroscience
by Carol L. Armstrong, Lisa A. Morrow
Springer International Publishing, 2019

General Development and Ability In infants and toddlers, the symptoms of an ASD may only be starting to become apparent, and any differences between an affected child and their peers may not seem too extreme.

“Handbook of Assessment and Diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder” by Johnny L. Matson
from Handbook of Assessment and Diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder
by Johnny L. Matson
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Children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) appear relatively normal in the early stages of infant development.

“Peer Play and the Autism Spectrum: The Art of Guiding Children's Socialization and Imagination” by Pamela J. Wolfberg
from Peer Play and the Autism Spectrum: The Art of Guiding Children’s Socialization and Imagination
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Autism Asperger Publishing Company, 2003

Infant behaviours such as reaching for something, changing gaze direction, laughing, smiling, vocalizing – even burping, coughing and sneezing – can often evoke specific relevant responses from the mother.

“Language Acquisition: Studies in First Language Development” by Paul Fletcher, Michael Garman
from Language Acquisition: Studies in First Language Development
by Paul Fletcher, Michael Garman
Cambridge University Press, 1986

Still other children with ASD don’t seem to have any difficulties during their first year of infancy, but develop autism symptoms later.

“An Early Start for Your Child with Autism: Using Everyday Activities to Help Kids Connect, Communicate, and Learn” by Sally J. Rogers, Geraldine Dawson, Laurie A. Vismara
from An Early Start for Your Child with Autism: Using Everyday Activities to Help Kids Connect, Communicate, and Learn
by Sally J. Rogers, Geraldine Dawson, Laurie A. Vismara
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For example, at 6 months of age, ASD infants showed abnormal motor development and unusual visual interests, but normal social behavior.

“Handbook of Medical Neuropsychology: Applications of Cognitive Neuroscience” by Carol L. Armstrong, Lisa Morrow
from Handbook of Medical Neuropsychology: Applications of Cognitive Neuroscience
by Carol L. Armstrong, Lisa Morrow
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The earliest signs of an autism spectrum disorder are verbal and nonverbal language delay (lack of response to name, absence of joint attention, pointing or gesturing to regulate social interactions) with impaired socialization and delayed or absent parallel or interactive play skills.

“Current Management in Child Neurology” by Bernard L. Maria
from Current Management in Child Neurology
by Bernard L. Maria
BC Decker, 2009

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  • Higher risk for autism for the younger siblings of children with ASD when these younger siblings have resistant attachment styles in the Ainsworth Strange Situation:

  • So I took the advice of so many of you and I actually remade this video minus my the experience I share in the first eight minutes. If you want this video with just the five signs, plus a little extra information because I have definitely learned a bit in these last few months, click here on this link and that is exactly what you’ll get. Thanks to everyone for the lovely feedback

  • My son is about 8 weeks old and still has a hard time making eye contact and responding to sounds. In the first weeks he also did not like to be touched, now that is going a bit better. He is sleeping at my chest when he is in a carrier. But further then that he is not really responsive and mostly crying when he is awake. I am literally going from feeding moment to feeding moment and hoping he is a little bit more relaxed the next time… a bit frustrated about what to do, how to help him, if we are right and seeing the “signs”…

  • My daughter is 8 months. Delayed in gross motor, makes monotonous sounds, does not make eye contact, does not respond to name. Does posturing, and chews her tongue, does not like pacifiers. She sleeps during the day and not at night. She ia fine being held, but also not interested in anyone around her. She is fine being alone..

  • My newborn daughter wants to be held all the time she cries like crazy if we put her down, I am so worried maybe she has something (not autism)

  • If I may add something else from personal experience I wasn’t diagnosed until waaaay late but my mom noticed things: 1) autistic babies tend to not smile back when you smile at them, and 2) I practiced talking on my own but didn’t want my mom to ‘catch’ me doing it. If she entered the room, I immediately went quiet. xD I was also waaaay behind on motor skills and couldn’t walk until I was 2 years old. I’d slide around on my butt, though. And now that I think about it, I also eventually practiced walking in secret. Didn’t want to be watched when doing it.

  • My baby is 3 weeks old and as a new mother I worry about everything
    I don’t know the signs but my brother has autism idk if there is anyway he could get it from that

  • Can anyone tell me how to know with my 16 month old how to know the signs because he bangs his head he babbles and is very much wont hold still its all hard to describe his behavior

  • I didn’t know the signs in babies so I didn’t worry until my son was 9 months but now some things kind of stick out to me ��everyone thought I was crazy so he didn’t get diagnosed until 3. My so has always had high needs.

  • Thank you for this video!! It’s both interesting and helpful to know about other’s journeys in autism. Our Kairi has regressive autism. She did all of these things, then at 12 mos. she began to regress into non-verbal regressive autism. Great video! I learned good stuff today!!

  • Did you notice a glossy sparkle in their eyes? That was something I noticed with my son our first week home. He’s a twin and his sister didn’t have the same sparkle. I didn’t know what autism was at the time, but he was officially diagnosed at 6 with Asperger Syndrome. He was also a low needs child.

  • I’m autistic and I’m so conflicted on if my daughter has autism but I was told by a person that like talks to spirits and they say no but idk

  • Amazing video, very informative, thanks for sharing in a real and authentic way. May I ask all your inputs about at birth vaccinations and any knowledge of the side effects? Thank you everyone for your heartfelt comments.

  • My son has the same symptoms as Raiden but we have not had him diagnosed yet and he is 3.5 years old now. He has even developed his own language.

  • At which age did Tessie start responding to sound? Mine responded only at 5 months old. I was sure she wasn’t deaf because she was super sensitive during nursing and sleeping, however appeared deaf at all other times. So I knew it was major developmental issues

  • Ok everyone it takes about 10 minuets for her to finally tell u the signs she saw. The first 8 mins of saying the same thing over and over but doesn’t actually spit it out until literally 10 min!!!

  • I worked as a children’s social care worker for children with special and complex needs. To the parents of autistic children; you guys are incredible. Your strength and dignity is something that never fails to inspire me ����❤️

  • We are in the waiting list for OT, ST, FT and ABA.
    We too missed so many things related to autism when he was a baby. My son is 24 months now and we are really worried…please pray for us.

  • You seam like a wonderful patient mother ☺�� I watch a lot of moms on youtube with their kids (who are not autistic) and some mothers seam really impatient and annoyed and some even go as far to rolling their eyes, making annoyed sounds and yelling at their kid ON CAMERA and leaving it in the video. I get that its real life, kids can be hard! I know because i have a 3 year old but we all have to learn to have patience take some time alone time and take care of our selves mentally so we don’t lash out on the kids WE are supposed to teach, love and take care of. ����

  • She’s so adorable��
    Just look at her perfect hair, eyes and skin������. And love how’s she’s playful.
    You are a great mother by the way. Autism mums are super heros

  • Autism doesn’t look a certain way and the difference between children are as night and day!

    This is an Excellent video. Having two grand babies on the spectrum, their infancy was completely different. Aubrey slept through the night early, she was interactive young and the “perfect” baby but that changed just before her 1st birthday. JD follows these 5 signs pretty much to the max. Aubrey didn’t start showing sign until she was 11 months old. Aubrey always has had great eye contact, social interaction and never had to have something in her hand like JD does. Aubrey will line toys up by category and stack items for hours, she has since she was 11 months. JD lines things up and stacks occasionally. Both were non-verbal until extensive therapy. JD is still non-verbal but his therapy has increased to 5 hrs a week and he is now sounding out beginning syllables with an occasional bye, yeah, go. Aubrey would say a sentence like, Goldie and Bear or That’s stupid. And never repeat it again. Neither would say or signal more, up, down, done, bye, etc. before extensive OT, speech and ABA therapy. For this reason, diagnosis was key and therapy a tool to help them advance.��

  • Hi, I’m Christine and a mom of a 13 month old boy. He sometimes doesn’t react when his name is being called. Also, is Autism more on being focus with one thing or is it the opposite? My son can’t focus on anything and always doing something different. I am just concerned because he doesn’t like eye contact too.

  • For what it’s worth, I don’t think this child is autistic, he may be borderline. Also, a girl is usually more advanced than a boy, developmentally.

  • I don’t have an autistic kid, however I do have worked w/ autistic kids and thought this video would be more of a “straight to the point and facts” kind of video… But it drags quite a bit… (Still a good video though)

    Just maybe you might want to manage your subjects a bit better to make sure the video doesn’t sound repetitive and the main point gets crossed.

  • You are a beautiful mom. Sharing this all really helps.
    My baby boy signs were
    1. Crying continuesly in Crowd
    2. Cry when a baby cry
    3. Hand flapping when excited
    4. Cry on loud noice even a blender or vaccume cleaner viice
    5. Delay words milstone

  • My son was 4 when he got diagnosed with asd… i have a 5month old girl and i keep noticing her so far no signs.
    But babyhood of my son was very tough specially in public. Your signs are different than mine.
    But apart from therapies i gave my son Camel milk as a remedy. And believe me his mild autism is now gone… his teacher and doctor said his autism is 90% healed. His therapies still continue…to make him get along with normal kids. But majorly the biggest development is his speech. He can talk 60% now. Try Camel milk. U can search about it too.

  • Yes mama!! My daughter now 8 was diagnosed almost 3 years ago. My daughter was my first now I notice those things as red flags. My daughter was the same way I remember in the nursery at the day care they had to let her have floor time by herself or she would scream. She never was really smiley. Contact was not there we also tested hearing she passed. 2-3 is when we really noticed. I fought for three years. I remember I smiled when we got the diagnosis because I knew the therapy we had been doing was about to change and really be directed to pen point her specific needs. She started flourishing after being put on the spectrum. For years therapist and doctors said she was to smart to be autistic. She has an incredibly high IQ I say that not to brag but in case someone is reading this and your child is smart or you’ve been told the same thing but feel something is still missing keep pushing. Because in the end my momma intuition was right. Yours probably is too. I worked at a daycare with 3 year olds. Me and another three year old teacher each had a boy both three both non verbal autistic one kids parents excepted the diagnosis and he is thriving the other chose to not to until much later and he is still struggling. So keep pushing for that early intervention and you will see results. My one year son is night and day different than my daughter I’m pretty positive he isn’t autistic. I still watch for any sign. So just because you have one doesn’t mean all of your kids will be on the spectrum.

  • Does Dexter follow instructions? Like to bring something when asked or to throw something in bin or like go give the ball to dad etc if yes at what age he started following that and how did you teach him please share.
    My son is 2.8 and he won’t follow simple instructions. If any one can help please share.

  • 2 weeks after my son was born I felt something may have been wrong he was born at 41 weeks 9lbs, he never cried unless he was hungry sometimes I would have to check on him to make sure if he was ok, that’s how quiet he would be, or he would be constantly sleeping, I was worried but doctors kept telling me he was fine, he was late in everything, rolling,crawling,standing,,walking, he still was very quiet and would only cry when he’s hungry, I thought he was lay back and lazy, the older he got I notice he was walking fidgety, he would not give me eye contact when I would talk to him or if I give him simple task he would not remember, I got concern and took him to a Pediatrician at 3 and they still said he was fine, he was acting like a 3 yr old should but I still felt like something was wrong, he’s now 6, and he doesn’t sit one place, doesn’t follow instructions, and now he has issues holding a pencil, now he teacher told me I should get him check out for his fingers because he his going to have difficulty writing, I don’t know much about autism,but his uncle has ADHD on his dad side and my brother has a learning disability, I felt guilty for far too long cause I keep asking my self if it was something I did while I was pregnant or giving birth am so sorry this is long, is there any advice u can give me on this situation?

  • Sorry you had to go through all of that. I have a child with sensory integration disorder and being over focused. A lot of her problems were similar to autism. She didn’t want to be touched, she couldn’t handle noise, she hated bright lights, certain textures of clothes or food would set her off really bad, and she couldn’t stand to be in a crowd. She would have terrible meltdowns when we went anywhere. And with her over focused issues she couldn’t keep herself from focusing on everything at once and that makes her very upset. And she feels everything stronger than the average person does. A mosquito bite is like a gunshot wound to her. A small group of people talking in a normal voice sounded really loud to her and she would scream and cover her ears. It took almost 4 years for them to diagnose her and find a treatment plan. Doctors just didn’t want to believe that a baby could have those kinds of problems. I will keep you and your children in my prayers.

  • I have ultra high functioning autism (basically I dont do “hints” or read between the line… it is a spectrum disorder. Dx with that at 30. I had seizures at 4… my parents didnt take it seriously and… think at 2 I would randomly “throw fits” and throw myself from my moms arms.

    They were seizures.

    I complained of narcolepsy at age 16, was given klonopin (a cover all and annoyingly controlled medication)…
    Age 8 put on SSRI’S for OCD and anixety attacks I’d been suffering from since 3.

    So my mom is mentally ill I have forgiven her and no I am not a 10 out of 10 on that scale I don’t understand the testing they don’t explain it to me very much but I am also I have an IQ of 126 given that it’s only 140 basically I have a hard time keeping friends to and II feel like I’m a useless information in book that people keep in their bathrooms or whatever and I had explain it I know a lot of things but… Street smarts I have 9 I have been kidnapped so many times in Ireland unfortunately rake because I was due trusting now I am full blown agoraphobic and afraid to leave the house alone
    (I do have a wife and she knows my issues and she loves me anyways)
    But if I go out alone… iij take my “reborn” with me.
    I am so scared that I won’t be able to be a good mom that I got him he wears 0 to 3 month clothes and most people think hes real his eyes are closed to us which I thought was a better idea than having open eyed doll hes waited he weighs 7 pounds I have already bought some of the things you’ll need because I’m also going through artificial insemination but I’m getting how hard it is to take care of baby and I can do it…. I only take it better care of myself when I have somebody else to take care of if I don’t have that I feel like I have no purpose in life.
    I’ve been told I was a in path and nurture before rice so many psychologists but now the high functioning autism diagnosis makes sense but I’m crying right now because I am so grateful and a little bit jealous that there’s mothers out there like you and I don’t understand why I wasn’t given that.

    Your daughter is absolutely beautiful.
    I’m not religious but I believe there is a God and I feel like he is very vindictive to me on if you are or spiritual as you could pray for me to become pregnant soon because this is a very emotional process every month that I am not and my mom suggested to me that I am infertile I don’t know why that would be I have a normal. I am only a 102 pounds because I stopped growing at 13…
    This was found out because a 30゚ curve in my spine was discovered and I was sent to a hospital and they did a bone density scan of my hipbones and I was full grown at their teen so I was not eligible for a brace it is nearly 60゚ now.

    I was on disability I didn’t claim all of these things I hired an attorney who took advantage of my disorders and did nothing I went to court and he gave me a miracle answered the judge did told me basically to come back when I get a reset day should be 75 days and to hire in other lawyer which I did on contingency and they jumped all over it.

    I just want my back pay and I know that raising a child is expensive but I also am smart enough to know what to get used which is pretty much everything said the car seat.. I’m going with a pack and play that run 65 to a $100 have a bassinet attachment and the manufacturers claim that it as long as you keep all soft things out of the crib if you use the crib lifs like I am planning on that it is just as safe.
    I know that my wife’s brother had their kids sleep in a car seat which she is having issues walking now I think that is so stupid.
    I probably sound like a nobody or whatever about your video made me cry and you and your daughter are beautiful and you’re such a good mother.

  • I don’t know if they can not help it I’m talking about low autism where they just scream invite people and rip up their diapers at 14? Can they truly help it if they’re nonverbal I don’t know I mean there’s really no true diagnosis to say that they can or cannot but they can understand they just can’t speak you say car ride they know exactly what that is what food means what do you want for dinner or you can pick the point they understand what you’re saying they speak amir own way and communicate but just know I’m verbally. But when they screaming a.k.a. stemming I don’t know how I feel about that. As in can they truly help it if so I don’t know how people do it I really don’t my heart goes out to all of you

  • I think doctors are afraid to diagnose babies because a lot of the “typical” autism symptoms everyone looks for are things a lot of “neuro-typical” babies do. But they usually grow out of them around 2. Like arm flapping, head banging or other kinds of stimming, lack of eye contact, sensitivity to noise, to name a few. On my online mommy groups there are like 2 posts a day of anxious mom’s asking if their babies are autistic because they flapped their arms once. Obviously that’s not the case here.

  • I knew when my daughter was 18 months old. She got diagnosed when she was 2yrs and 11 months and a few weeks old. She was almost 3 years old. We found out a week before thanksgiving. So we just got it confirmed for us in 2019 the week before thanksgiving as I said. My daughter hated loud noises at 6months old. She would be happy sitting in her little rocker watching tv. She never notice if somebody came in as she got older. She wouldn’t answer to her name at all. My family that she was deaf but I knew she wasn’t cause if I told her no she would get mad at me and start crying. She is know 3 yrs and 2 months old and she still doesn’t really talk. She will say bye, hey, wove wou. ( love you). So she doesn’t say much at all. She goes to speech, occupational and physical therapy. We have good days and we have bad days.

  • Beautiful little girl and amazing mom!!! Thank you so much for this video and your wisdom regarding babies and autism. This video is priceless!!!♥️♥️♥️

  • Oh thank you soo much. I’ve felt so alone all these years because I have been telling people these exact same things about my son since the day he was born. I had to feed him next to me, hated to be held, hated sounds and stopped when put down there were many more symptoms.
    etc. what a relief. I constantly tell people it’s a load of garbage about this vaccination thing as I knew from the day he was born. btw: I used to do volunteer work at the autistic centre when I was a teenager so I guess that was what helped me recognize the signs. He also had/has severe ADHD. Thankfully back then I was able to get a lot of help and therapy and he can now pretty much do every thing on his own.

  • I was never diagnosed growing up but I always felt “different.” I struggled with social interactions, never got “jokes,” seemed to be the only one bothered by noises/smells/textures of foods, always would study people to figure out how I was “supposed” to act. However, though I struggle with executive functioning and a lot of social things I have excelled academically. I applied for a high school program that only accepts the best of the best from my state, I met my husband there, I finally felt like I found people who were like me, achieved the highest academic honor available at my college, completed the honors program and now live a happy life with my husband and two sons (my husband is also on the spectrum). I was diagnosed as an adult with high functioning ASD and finally felt like I understood myself. We are both high functioning and I hear all the time “I would never have known that you were on the spectrum.” We have found other people who we interact with and a few of them are on the spectrum themselves (they all work in the computer science field). I definitely have the “strong interests” and can go on and on about things in my interest but freeze up with “small talk.” This has fueled my career choice and I have turned it into a positive. I work as an outdoor educator with kids. I teach kids about nature, insects, trees, soils etc and can go on and on about specific topics. Life is definitely different than that of a neurotypical person but it’s just a different life not a lesser one. Just some insight for all of those who have a high functioning ASD child and don’t know what their life could look like.

  • I knew something was wrong with my son the day he was born and I spent the next 2 and a half years fighting to get doctors to listen to me. Day 1 he didn’t like being held or touched. He didn’t turn his head to my voice. Slept more than normal and wasn’t very interested in eating. I just knew something was up. We had no other autistic children so I didn’t know that’s what it was but I just knew in my heart something was different. He was diagnosed at 2.5.

  • Hi. I just want to say I love this video and have shared it on my FB page. It was really great hearing about your experiences with Tessie and trying to get her diagnosed from infancy. My youngest granddaughter is being evaluated. She’s probably going to be diagnosed as being on the spectrum. She’s 19 months old and her only word so far it’s dadadada, although she seems to be trying to capture a couple more words but she’s not quite there yet. She was also a late walker at 15 months (late for our family although on the later side of normative). She has other symptoms too, she doesn’t like to be held much although she does love her daddy and mommy. But when being held she scrambles a lot. She does some stimming.

    I just want to say that your discussion at the beginning was helpful and eye-opening. For those who don’t have the patience to watch your whole video then yeah leave the timelines of the different sections. But there seem to be many of us that appreciate your experience. It’s very valuable. Thank you! ��

  • I knew my grandson was autistic before he was two weeks old! He NEVER made eye contact. If we got in his way when he was staring at the ceiling fan or the window blinds, he screamed. He was not like any baby I’d known before. It took me eleven years to convince my daughter to have him evaluated! Of course I was correct. His brother has just been diagnosed, too! They’re 13 and 7.

  • For me my 2nd born is the one with autism looking back it was obvious now but then I wasn’t sure. I knew something was off but I couldn’t pinpoint what it was and wasn’t able to really explain to the drs what I was seeing. My son isn’t a typical ASD child he has always been more sensory seeing wanting to be touched constantly and even from birth would only be calm with fluffy things the only way I could put him
    Down was to wrap him with something fluffy touching his skin he couldn’t handle baths but would be calm and content in a shower. But he was typical with the not looking or seeking out people’s faces. He was also delayed with communication and never baby did the babble. Even now as 5 yr old he is obsessed with fluffy stuff and has to be completely covered he loves in tight clothing and doesn’t like being uncovered

  • I used progestin supplements early in pregnancy to stop threatened miscarriage and I suspect this was cause of my older son’ s autism. I ve found a few published articles supporting this theory and I m curious if you were put on progesterone therapy for any of your pregnancies?

  • It’s weird….I knew something was different about my son the min he was born. He didn’t show signs when he was an infant, but it was just mother’s instinct. ����‍♀️

  • what is your necklace? it reminds me of the oxytocin ones ive seen in my homebirth world stuff, but i cant really tell if its the same as those or not.:P

  • My son was completely the opposite. I knew something was wrong since the beginning too but the signs were that he wanted to be held 24/7. I could never put him down, he would sleep on my chest, never used his crib. Yeah I know is not safe but that’s how it was. He was really uncomfortable if he was not held. He would want to nurse for comfort 24/7 too. I would be always with him attached to my breast. He would look at me but he would not sustain.

  • My daughter hated being held and cuddled. She was content being in a swing or bouncer. She also had far less eye contact then my nephew who was the same age.
    At 4 weeks old she started sleeping all night. And then at 6 months she stopped sleeping much at all.
    Also she started zoning out constantly.

    Addie is almost 8 with level 1 ASD.

  • There are always signs and moms know best, I have 4 kids and have taken care of and taught all kinds of kids in my family and through various groups, you can tell and you can see they also attract each other, just watch in playgrounds. Kids who have any challenge will display symptoms it is just if you are sensitive enough to know and knowlegeable to be objective as well. Good nutrition that is organic and wholesome along with lifestyle affects babies before and after birth so frequently there are co-morbidities. And then you have the question what came first or is it the combo. Like many kids that are on the pdd and add spectrum have gut issues, allergies, intolerances and EDS, so the question is what is the root cause, as autistic behaviors can result from the brain being constantly challenged, in the end you will want early inervention even before you have an exact diagnosis as good health is pertinent. Good food, good counseling that is family focused, good medical team the is evidence based and will listen and work with the patient and family closely and respectfully. Keep an eye on dificiencies and if you don’t get your answers you may have to travel from time to time so plan and work as a family and of course pray on it all. Thank you for sharing your story, shairng =caring, many prayers to the journey and find the blessings and joy daily especially in this new year! pscan you tell me if Tess was given any shots of any kind as a newborn or any medications or ivs? I ask around here because I an my friends noticed that the newborn vit K shot that was given immediately affected the baby and made them inconsolable, along with any other genetic issues the child would then lean in that direction, so one had autistic and heds issues that were mild and the bipolar / focal seizures became prominant and so on. Today I know doctors who are testifying against vaccines as they have seen the problems. What I would do is detox with thuja and see a naturopath and hold off on any vaccines and medications and only live organically with nursing as long as possible with natural fabrics tolerated in the environment and as much interaction as possible. I would also detox Mom and use pine needle tea in drops which is super high in nutrients in fact thuja is made form the pine arborvitae. I have learned so much through my holistic vets and rescuing dogs I just wished I could have known this before. I struggle with illnesses from vaccines and formula feeding and poor food quality that is processed so now the genetics along with gut issues is worsened with each generation. By the way the autistic cases that were settled were because they could clearly show the gut issues. Please share what they did with Tess while in the hospital, I think they have poisoned our kids. You can get all the records to be sure. In fact now we ask for all the details on vaccines and only take them when necessary and with a protocol to prepare and recover and only one at a time. Prayers to the journey, blessings and joy.

  • My son just turned two this month…Around 1/2 I started noticing a change in his personality, I can’t explain exactly every sign I saw but my intuition as a Mom is telling me he is on the spectrum…he has not been diagnosed yet but I’m preparing to hear those words. I have a 10 year old who is thriving I haven’t been in this situation before but I know whatever the outcome is, my son is strong, he is loved and he is undeniably smart. I need help knowing what steps to take to diagnose him and how to go about it

  • I listened to the entire video, found most the information useful as trying to figure out the whole spectrum thing is better as a collective experience rather than focusing on a YouTube comment section with a couple old ladies come to say how short their attention span is

  • I’ve often thought that my 9 yr old has aspergers or autism ever since he was really small. I’ve brought it up to his doctor but his doctor kept saying no. I don’t really know where to take him to get him tested or if I really want to. I’m not sure I want my son to feel like he’s different or that there’s something wrong with him. I don’t want him to be treated different either. Ever since he was born he’s been different though. He’s never liked being cuddled, he doesn’t like affection in general, although when he was younger I could get him to give me kisses and hugs on occassion. He hates saying I love you, he’s had no interest in riding a bike or scooter, and when he was a baby he never held his own bottle. He’s pretty smart though.

  • My youngest Daughter is 19 now but I too knew she was Autistic at 1 month old. She would go stiff when held, then relax when put in her Moses Basket. She cried for 10-12hours at a time etc, no-one believed us either inc our GP & Health Visitor.

  • I do not know why all autism videos pop up as recommends for me. I do not have autism. Neither do my children. They r neurotypical brats. �� Though ASD is very interesting to me.

  • In CA you can self refer to the regency center. They start at 2.5 months. For extra assurance I asked my pediatrician for a letter of recommendation. The regency center called me back the same day.

  • If I were you I would have also known from day 1. I didn’t know what the word “autism” meant before my first child and I knew it when she was 3 months old already.

  • Oh, this had to be so heart breaking for you when your baby would avoid eye contact, especially during breast feeding….. I could never imagine…. �� good info to know…. Thanx so much for sharing….

  • We found out that our son had Autism at 3 years old..He is now 18 and is a very happy,and well adjusted young man. There is hope no matter how hard it may appear in the beginning..

  • What do they think is the cause of autism? I know people say vaccines, but non vaccinated kids get autism. Is it a hereditary disease? Your little girl is precious! That really is amazing that you could tell when she was a newborn.

  • I’m not sure if you’ll reply but I have nobody to talk to who can relate or give me any good advice. My son is 7 almost 8 months old and I am convinced he has autism. Of course I don’t want that.. and it makes me very anxious. But I just have a feeling and have since he was 4 months old. He is not like an average 7 month old at all. He doesn’t respond to his name at all, or really any words.. he constantly does hand flapping on toys and textures. He isn’t very affectionate, he likes to be held but only one certain way.. he doesn’t want to cuddle or anything. He’s also VERY VERY behind on motor skills. He’s not hitting any of his milestones. He doesn’t crawl, scoot, roll or move. And he also doesn’t say anything. He babbles but no vowels.. only like the “ehh” sound. I don’t understand! His ped does not take me serious at all. He smiles, makes eye contact, laughs. But I just can’t get rid of this gut feeling that something is wrong �� any advice even if it’s just your personal opinion would help a lot. He was also born 5 weeks early.

  • Thanks to everyone taking their time to read this testimony on how my son was saved from Autism.
    He was diagnosed four years ago, and he’s just 6, I have tried several treatments and medications, nothing was working out, this got me frustrated and depressed. I kept praying and finally God answered my prayers when someone from youtube introduced me to this doctor from his home country and gave me his contact details.
    I called and explained my son’s condition after which I made an order for his herbal remedy, he asked for my address and the next day I got a tracking number for a parcel sent to me through DHL and after four days I received my order.
    It was a liquid herbal medicine and a letter containing the instructions on how to use the herbs, I called him again to confirm and the next morning I started giving my son the herbs as instructed and after one week I noticed great improvement on my son and I continued until the herbs got finished and everything lasted for just one month and now my son is totally free from Autism, he can now talk clearly, behave normally and has no more seizures.
    If you’ve been searching for a genuine solution for Autism, connect with this honest Doctor on WhatsApp
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    or ( [email protected] com )

  • Can I ask my pediatrician for that even if my baby Is 5 months? He barely makes eye contact w. Me I try calling him or tapping him &’ nothing No matter how much I try nothing it’s rare he’ll look at me &’ smile �� #firsttimemom

  • Thank you very much for the information, but 3:55 minutes of repeating same thing over and over bit much, just get to it!
    Just trying to give pointers hopefully next time you will consider. Much love ❤️

  • Thank you for information, and respect! i want to ask somting i m schearsching for anket sorry for my İngilish i want to ask before the birth intil youre prengnent tie did the doctor say somting about that youre Child have a cyst in he ‘s head? And after the birth it wil be gone? Beacese i m doing anket thank you veryy much

  • Thank you so much for this video!! I keep getting suggestions for “Signs of Autism” the first video I watched made me feel like maybe my baby is autistic because she moves her arms and legs in the same motion as I thought was “flapping” but my mom says it’s just excitment? but after watching you, you put my mind at ease. Thank you

  • When you say social babbling do you mean like out in public or all together? My son constantly babbles but when out in public with strangers he tends to be more quiet

  • Great video,thx,I’ve healthy 3 yo girl,but have concerns about small one,he is 2 months old,he looks at our faces but seems like not enough,he likes to be coddled but he is ok to stay in his swing for short time,he is smiling, following people with eyes,just not a big fan to look at faces for ling time,or doesnt do it much…can it be a sign or I’m just too concerned and trying to find problems?thx

  • I was diagnosed with autism Asperger’s syndrome when I was 12 which is much later than it should have been I wish I was diagnosed a lot easier it would have helped me socially so much

  • Baby never respond their names may not be a significant character some are responding their names ।As s special educator I observed babling is absent । Some were as normal as till two years then they gradually isolated themselves ।

  • Hey went through all this 24 years ago. Drs are all different now. Dominic was non verbal and started talking and graduated with honors and now talks to kids with autism. My uncle is in the State senate and pushes for ppl that can’t afford all the therapy. I’m glad I recognized the tantrums from meltdowns fast!! I watch a lot of videos and all kids are different. I hope ���� she keeps progressing.

  • Because none of those besides the eating difficulties and food textures. Very good Nd
    Fast learner. I didn’t notice much autism
    Signs…. from what I’ve read
    About it anyways.

  • children with autism play differently. My so who has ASD did smile as a baby and smile in social settings, but he did not like strangers much

  • Hey I was wondering if anyone could help me. I’ve always felt like something was a bit off with my 2 and a half year old son.

    He always holds his woody from toy story doll in his hands or has his blanket. He doesn’t play with other kids and is generally pretty shy, when people are around our house he usually jumps and sits on me or will cuddle me. He does however make good eye contact and responds well to his name.
    He doesnt share with other kids and frowns alot.
    He sleeps well tho all through the night and walking and talking quite alot. The red flags have me worried.

  • Also, in the reverse, if your baby is doing these things does not mean they aren’t autistic. My son was a baby happy responsive baby, gVe eye contact, he responded well to his name etc. it’s like he turned 1 and just changed.

  • You sound like you’re describing my 10 month old. I’d love to hear more about the sleeping difficulties. My boy DOES NOT sleep. Autism doesn’t scare me. Never sleeping again does. Lol

  • I’m absolutely terrified my son will have something wrong with him but that’s just bc I so badly just want him to be perfect and happy and healthy and I know he’ll be perfect no matter what and I know he can be happy and healthy but I hope you guys know what I mean

  • I have Della, 7yo, she was social to ceiling fans! So cute! We got early intervention before 3 yo because of an amazing pediatrician.:)

  • When my little one was 3 days old, I asked my husband if he thought our son was autistic and he thought I was crazy. And I asked again at 6 months. And 9 months. And 12, 15, etc. He was finally officially diagnosed at age 3. Sometimes moms know things before doctors.

  • Just started following your page not too long ago. #FromMaassSquad and my 2nd son is 9 and has Autism. When we had our 4th baby, she just turned 2yrs old now in November and she has developmental delays. She already has early intervention Speech & developmental therapies. No longer has physical therapy, but had that around age 13/15mo til around 19/20mo. She just went to her 2yr checkup and I’m thankful that he gave us a referral to my son’s autism Dr. She has had signs early on and that’s why we have intervention. It is very important �� love to you guys and Ella ��

  • This is my biggest fear. Our son just turned 4 months old. He waves his hands around and kicks non stop. We just tried to feed him oatmeal over the weekend for the first time and puréed bananas and he screamed his head off. He’s very interested in toys and tries to figure out how to make them make the noises he wants. He put himself on his own schedule by 2 months old and he knows if shoes go on or we start messing with his bad it means he’s leaving the house and he’ll get very quiet and watch us. By the time he was a month old if he was crying because he was hungry and heard the water start running in the bathroom, he would immediately go quiet and just stare at the door because he knew that meant we were making bottles. We laid down on Saturday and watched Cars on Disney+ and he was so enthused, quietly watching until he fell asleep about 40 minutes into it. He doesn’t roll over yet though. We had to go through dozens of pacifiers and nipples to find the exact shape of ones he’ll use and it’s ONLY those.
    Everyone keeps saying they’ve never seen a baby so young so engaged and so smart but it’s worrisome to me. His pediatrician doesn’t think anything’s wrong with him but I’m scared to death.

  • Oh… so we’re in Canada do you live or were have you lived.. my husband is with the RCMP and when my children went to school we moved twelve different times… I’m going to tell you that my sister has two children and we’re in Canada she lived they wouldn’t have done it until she was @ least 5, they got testing done earlier because they paid also twice because they have two children with autism,, also my sister is a public health nurse, also my niece is 11 years old.. so the province she lived in didn’t test for free until older, under 5 they had to pay for

  • In Canada they will not test until 5.. if you want a private one it’s very rare that they will do anything until after one.. I have four daughters & am single mom since my youngest was a year old and my girls are 15 months apart.. they are young adults now but my sister has a daughter and son they are both have autism and all those red flags were true for both.. six years later it’s been a real struggle but they are amazing and have good support love to you and your family ����❤️����❤️

  • As a newborn/infant mine were
    1:poor eye contact
    2: no smiling
    3: wouldn’t hold our fingers
    4: didn’t coo or make noises
    5: didn’t like to cuddle or be soothed by cuddles and affection or a pacifier

  • I totally knew my son was autistic. I swear I knew when he was born. Even though I didn’t know anything about autism…i just knew something was different. I noticed my son stimming as an infant. Lol. He did hit nearly all his milestones as a baby but by 2 yrs old we started early intervention for his speech delay. He was diagnosed right after his 3rd b-day. The doc said, “you don’t seem surprised.” I already knew! The diagnosis was a relief. Now he’s 4 and doing great. He’s talking and so smart. They’re the best kiddos. Always surprising you!

  • Early Intervention is amazing. Even though my son didn’t display the ‘classic’ signs of autism (he didn’t receive a diagnosis until 6), he did have a speech delay which we picked up on at the age of one. Early Intervention was so important from 18 mos to 5 years old for us because he ended up having behavioral problems that he was also treated for. It wasn’t until he was in K that we could see the social side of things that made it possible to diagnose autism (before that he was given a ‘general development delay’. At this point he only receives socialism therapy at school, but early intervention did a lot for him.

  • Untill an infant is at least 20 months no parent should worry about Autisum. All these so called ‘red flags’ can easily been seen in neuro typical infants at a young age. It’s not till they reach at least 2 years old you can really say the differences are real ‘red flags’ for Autisum. Parent’s should not stress themselves out worrying about looking for signs before then. Research has been carried out to prove we really don’t know till 2 years old. By professionals who set out to diagnose Autism in babies and they found that you can find autistic behaviours in babies, which disappear by 2 years of age in neuro typical toddlers. Therefore diagnosis should not be attempted till 2+ years of age. It puts families through needless stress and expense.

  • For me and my sons calling of the name and pointing to objects was definitely the red flags. Another red flag is when babies don’t look or stare at strangers.

  • I would luv to see a video on signs you noticed from 2-3 yrs, We are in process of getting our son an assessment and he is 19mnths, Once we get the referral its a 10 mnth wait where we live:/

  • I would love autism 2-3 video. We’re waiting for my dibs appointment and he’ll be 3 in October. He scripts all day long and we are getting it checked out.

  • When you say never slept, do you mean naps and nighttime sleep? Just curious when that started or if it was from newborn on? Thanks.

  • Here are some things my mother noticed about me when I was a baby: I did not like to be held by anyone including family, I liked to bounce excessively back and forth when sitting, and once I could move I would move away from the sound of voices. The not wanting to be held is particularly noteworthy because physical contact is usually soothing for babies, not stressful. When I became a toddler I would actually be combative towards people trying to pick me up. Caregivers had to pick me up from behind or I would take a swing at them. My mother did eventually teach me to be able to tolerate and appreciate physical contact by the time I was about 5 or 6, so don’t panic and think some of these extreme reactions are insurmountable.

  • My daughter responds to her name 80% of the time. If she doesn’t feel her mom she wakes up. She screams all day!! Lol. The dr today told us he sees early signs to watch because she always plays with her ear but she also has her teeth popping out from the back. Her mom is so worried because she is a little delayed on some stuff. She’s 11 months today and just started crawling but for the last month she did the army crawl. She could be screaming and the second we out on Elvis Presley she shuts right up!! Music is her thing.

  • I noticed about 3 months with a child in my care. And then for the next 3 years while this child when in my care in became very evident something was off. No milestones were being met and many more flags. Unfortunately the parents did not want to listen to my concerns. It wasnt until the child moved on to preschool they were finally forced to have him diagnosed. I tried desperately to have them address my concerns early:( it’s so hard having concerns and parents who refuse to accept

  • I just came across your channel and I just wanted to applaud you for following your instincts, despite who thought you were crazy! Your message is important for several reasons, but one of the most valuable is to be your own advocate, even when a doctor tells you “there’s no way your baby has autism”. Great video!

  • My son will be 4 in October and as a Baby he displayed 4 of the 5 you mentioned! He also had and still has an obsession with watching the washing machine go around using random objects as trains etc and an obsession with lights and still does with what I’ve mentioned. We are trying to get him assessed for autism but the weight list to see anyone in Ireland is ridiculous ☹️

  • My son will be 9 months next Friday and he will not respond to his name I know he can hear. And he rocks back and forth when sitting. When nursing him he waves his arm back and forth and depending on the side he will hit his head when nursing.

  • Thanks, Lauren.It must have been difficult and confusing for you to have your first baby behave like this.If you haven’t had other babies to make comparisons,it is even more confusing.

  • I had three children an still didnt notice there was something wrong with my 3rd until she was 2 an it was then it hit me she wasnt a normal baby. She never wanted held, she lost skills, she stopped talking, she always held two of any item an she got very picky eating. I think autism is something not many are prepared for, I know for me I never thought I’d face it with mine until it happened. Sadly no matter what age theres just lack of resources in our area but it has taught me to watch closer even from birth with my other 3 after her. It’s all about awareness:)

  • Not for my baby but my little sister who’s 9 has some type of disability that hasn’t fully been diagnosed yet. Once when she was probably around 6 she had an extreme meltdown in a bank because I tossed out her empty plastic cup. She goes from happy to extremely aggressive in seconds, has things that set her off, hates germs (no one can touch her stuff), didn’t crawl properly (not sure if that matters), had an obsession with her soothers where she was like 4 y.o and had to have 3 of them at all times etc. I hope that she can soon get a diagnosis so she can better cope:(

  • Totally learned a lot that my grandson may be autistic, but please slow down when you talk. I swear, it’s not me being negative. I couldn’t keep up with you. You were very informative. It was like you were talking 90 miles per hour and it made it hard to follow. I’m sorry if anyone takes my comment as offensive. It wasn’t at all. I learned a lot but I had to rewind multiple times to understand what you were saying. That’s all.

  • Wow!! Thank you!! I have never heard of the holding one item…then I watched this and now I am seeing it everywhere!! My daughter held a spatula for one year…no other interest. Then till now…shes almost 6…she is obsessed with AV cords so we made her some that were safe! I agree that it’s about the JOURNEY!! Woah momma…I have had to run her out of a store like the lady in the Ikea commercial… “Start the car!! Start the car!!” Now, I am finally learning that its literally minute by minute but what you will learn and how you will connect with your kiddo…it just makes it all worth it;) Totally subscribing and passing the word!!

  • This is my situation right now, but I feel like the services in my Country aren’t taking me seriously. Its very disheartening. Thank you for posting, it’s encouraged me to get back up and keep fighting until someone listens.

  • I ended up here on accident I have a 9 month old and have never even thought about this but once I was here I paid attention because you never know

  • I think a few of these signs didn’t jump out at me because we adopted our youngest son on his first bday. We had changed his name (so, I figured it would take awhile) and he cried all the time from day one. No smiles, babbling or eye contact…I thought, came from his trauma before adoption. He’s fifteen now, and I’m just now figuring this new diagnosis out��Thank you!

  • Great video! I am a speech therapist and we are constantly battling with pediatricians writing off these symptoms and wanting to wait until age 2 or 3. Like you said that’s critical intervention time to tap into neuroplasticity. Research shows that in cases in which parents suspect speech language delays and follow the wait and see approach, the child continues to present with deficits a year later in 2/3rds of cases.

    Having a diagnosis opens doors. Many insurance companies won’t authorize therapy for a general developmental delay, but may be state mandated to provide autism services (ST, occupational therapy, ABA).

    If you don’t have insurance and are not satisfied with ECI or school based findings there are appeal processes depending on the agency so read your manual and know your rights (ie independent educational evaluations at school expense). Be your child’s voice and advocate. Sometimes public programs are limited in funding and the squeaky wheel gets the grease.

  • It took us walk in clinic doctor to notice our son we just went to clinic bc our 22mts old had a cold, the doctor is like why is he not walking,why does he have pot lid and spins on floor,does he say any words no just grunts, so he made us go see another doctor were that he referred us to help.
    Like you say if it’s your first how do you know doesn’t run in either our family s.and bk 23 yrs ago autism wasn’t really known about too much

  • My son also have these traits. His 16 months, he does the same thing everyday. He shakes his head almost all the time, and bangs his feet while shaking his head. He likes banging his head on pretty much anything, whether its back and forth or side to side. He uses one hand to pick his toys or anything, the other hand is always on his forehead flicking it, he doesn’t like eat food if its not on his spoon, he gets irritated with being held, cuddled or picked up, he loves his space, the car and his pram. Doesn’t like to be held for too long. He late with all his milestone. It took him pretty 10 to 13 months to hold his head up, at 17 months almost, he still cant walk, nor sit and crawl. he recently started rolling, he sits with support until he slides down, loves to stand but he can only stand with support. He doesn’t have speech, terrible sleeper, cant hold his bottle yet and he has his preferences and comfort. Dont like people that much and has very bad eye contact with everyone but me the mother.

  • my son as a baby is so fussy and doesn’t sleep a lot wake up at 2:30am always screaming and its hard for him to stop crying maybe he cries for 30 mins even you give him a bottle or carry him its so frustrating maybe its his sensory issues im glad that he overcome those issues and he’s a happy healthy kid rn

  • What about the opposite, my niece really scrutinises people, there are other signs, no smiling or laughing, no babbling or noises. Shes only 6 months

  • thank u for this videos
    very helpful
    I like to ask u if that’s ok how to make her sleep at night because my niece has autism and it’s very difficult with her?

  • Thank u thank u sooooo much u have been so very helpful and a blessing to me I love u for ur detail of sharing ur knowledge and ur family I’ve always said to myself I know what I’m looking at but I know people will think negatively of me but i feel sooo much better now ❤️

  • You guys I’ve grown with autism from childhood to now adult hood this is so in accurate nice try of him labeling him as autistic when he isn’t because I certainly didn’t do this stuff

  • You mentioned a lot of things my DD did it when she was too young like Tessie. We waiting her evaluation and hoping she will be on mild side. Can you tell me what the level she was diagnosed?

  • I love your videos and I so understand what you guys must be experiencing as much as I can being me and not you of course, but our two boys are asd and I enjoy your videos at first simply cuz I didn’t feel alone. Your personality feels quite similar to mine lol and I’ve been diagnosed with adhd and then add. And my therapist thinks I am asd as well ((I’m using a weighted blanket and wheelchair lap blanket at times on a daily basis and at night and it’s the first thing I’ve been trying recently that helps at all…..))
    but I’m honestly too tired and stressed to try to go through the trouble to get a diagnosis right now with our life at the moment, plus the social current with isolations etc due to this virus……so anxiety reigns �� but I feel you very likely understand what I’m feeling and going through, regarding the kids and even my own self to an extent and I find that comforting… a huge thank you for all the effort You put your videos out here for those of us whom need and appreciate them! You are really a fabulous mum and person in my opinion �� stay strong and keep up your awesome work!

  • We are in the process of having my son evaluated for autism. His pediatrician and his teacher see signs of high functioning autism. Watching this, I look back and see my son doing many of these signs. I know that it doesn’t mean it’s for sure, but its kinda like putting puzzle pieces together.
    He always carried a white towel, and I thought it was just a baby thing too.

  • I have a four year old autistic.can these be cured and will he be able to talk or not?its very expensive i can not afford for treatments and therapy.can i get any ideas which can help at home.

  • I was always a different kinda guy. I had not learned to walk until I was 3 years old yet had learned to read before then. I also did not cry very much. So, I was diagnosed with autism when I was 3. I had also begun hand flapping(often flicking my fingers)and did not really socialize as a child. Even at 20, I don’t quite have that drive to go out and socialize like others my age, though I’m somewhat better at it.

  • When your son was playing with the construction toy, his hand movements, were one you see lots of autistic children do. Not every child uses those hand movements. Now on the note of jar food…All parents should try the jars of food. They taste awful!! Except some of the fruit, and desert ones. My Oldest would spit the jar food out at me. So I wondered.. why?? So.. I tasted it. It was awful!! I also spit it out. Then I bought one of those hand held manual blenders, and what ever we were eating, I blended up, and fed to all of my kids. They loved it. First time, i did potatoes, chicken, and gravy. My daughter couldn’t get enough. I wondered.. why?? So.. I tried it. It was very Yummy. Lol. Children do have taste buds, and do know what their taste buds like, and don’t like. But a lot of those jar foods are gross. Better to make homemade.

  • I always thought babies started crawling around the age of 6 months old. All 3 of mine did. I wouldn’t think 7 months was early for crawling. One of mine didn’t like crawling, and was walking around the age of 9 months. Now that is early for walking. Most don’t walk till 12 months. Just saying. I also thought every child should know how to ride a 2 wheeler, without training wheels by 6 years old. So.. I do not see early crawling, walking, or cycling, as a sign of autism. Just normal child development.

  • Such nice parents. I hope that parents with a child or children with autism understand that they are not failing at being children, their brains just work differently. Speech as well as anything really should be encouraged but never forced. If they want or/and are able to talk they will talk. Nothing should ever be forceful when helping them as they grow up, they should of course learn how to function and be useful in society just like everybody else but also learn that it’s OK to be who they are and they don’t have to stress out trying to be like everybody else. “Normal” is boring anyway:3

  • Thank you for this video. This is such an eye opener! My son is 31 and second child and we always knew him as a child he was not like the normal baby and child. Even to this day he is a strange kind of person with all kinds of quirks or social behavior. He would also not sit long in a high baby chair and even in a stroller. Sadly no one could help us identify his condition. And we took him to many professionals including a professor, school psychologist, medical examiner, and Doctor in education. He also did not talk at three years, but as soon he went to the speech therapist he learned very quickly. Even the speech therapist was amazed at how fast he learned.

  • I am an SLP on a diagnostic team for toddlers and preschoolers in the US. I love your videos. You give parents and families so much wonderful insight, accurate information and beautiful encouragement. I can’t get enough of your videos. God bless your family. Thank you for all the help you are providing to so many families!

  • Then my all 3 children have autism,i did’t know.. come on now everything that children do is autism. No is not! Super intelegent children are not ill ��

  • You seem like such wonderful parents! Both of your boys are lucky to have you! When times get tough & they will as we all have our time just stick together & be kind to one another, always. Loved your video!��������

  • Hi Fay,
    I wanted to ask about Dexter’s bowel movements as a baby/toddler. I have done some reading that suggests autistic children have a gut function /brain function link. Did you find that he was more constipated as a baby, and have you ever been told about the importance of giving probiotics to children with autism?

  • I have realized that in the old days when they didn’t have as much information, Those signs would have passed as simple as just a slow development. Just late speakers. But now things can be noticed earlier, we have more info to relate about. Thanks for sharing

  • We have that experience, too. My eldst daughter is autistic. I knew what sings to look for early on since I took child psychology in school. I realized early on she was exhibiting some signs and I suspected as much, but there were SO many subtle signs I missed that we only realized AFTER my second daughter was born and we got to see the actually difference. Little things, like the amount of engaging my second daughter did compared to my first. My second daughter was always looking at us, copying exactly what we did, interacting with us and snuggling and engaging and communicating in her own baby-type way. But my eldest did her own thing. She wouldn’t copy us or necessarily even look at us if we said something like, “Hello!”. She didn’t like being touched, either. Right from birth she hated people touching her. At 8 months she no longer let me hold her to feed, and at just before two years she refused to ever let me pick her up again. All hugging was done backwards. She didn’t smile for the first four months. To us, all of it seemed “normal” except the not smiling. But to further throw things off she had 20 words when she hit a year old, and by the time she turned two she was regularly using 2000 words in full scentences. (When she hit 200 words at a year and 8 months we started writing them down because it was sort of crazy I wanted to remember what they were, then as more and more got added on we just kept making the list). She didn’t seem autistic in that sense, but in others things started to become clearer, such as the fact she couldn’t use those push-toys that you ride on with wheels. When on playground equipement she would randomly “let go”, and fall. She had no gross motor skills to speak of. She didn’t learn to ride a trike until she was 4, and not well, either. And she couldn’t ride a two wheeler until she was 8. But what really made us get her diagnosed was her interactions with other kids. In preschool her teachers pointed out she handled social situations very oddly for a child her age. She would ask groups of kids playing if “they would mind” of she joined in. In return these other 3 years olds would look at her like she was nuts. They said it was odd she didn’t just start playing like other kids would. Then in junior kindergarten when she was 4 I knew it was time to get her tested when it was clear she wasn’t acknowledging other children. They’d say hi and she’d just ignore them. They’d give her a birthday invite and she’s look at it and put it down and keep walking away. She COULD engage if she was asked to, but she didn’t seem to realize on her own that people and friends were a good thing to have. And what’s even more amazing is that years later when she talks about her experiences as a young child she remembers starting school and thinking all people, everywhere were like just objects that were there for her to use or interact with if she wanted. She didn’t see them as people, like her. Now she does, of course. She’s made leaps and bounds over the years in terms of her ability to be social. But at the beginning it was like pulling teeth to get her to realize that people talking to her meant she should talk back. But our second was a natural social butterfly from very early on. It’s funny how having something to compare it with (and no ‘compare” as in comparing the children, but more the experience) made all the difference in finally understanding what subtle symptoms were there from the beginning.

  • Do you think your kids will have a problem in the future with you showing their lives without consent? I know social media is big now and having a kid in the spectrum it is great to have the help of what other parents went through but I just think a lot of parents in YouTube don’t realize their kids didn’t have any saying on their lives being share with strangers…

  • Did you have any thing different between pregancies well other than with your first one the for both them!you have same housenot knowing and stress of that also did you take anything when you were pregant even natural did you use same hospital did you live in same house with both preganies?Sorry one more what did you crave alot of when you were pregnant any wine oranything done different between preganancies?ALSO HIGHLY RECOMMEND WATCHING THE GOOD DOCTOR!

  • My first born is autiste. I knew it already when he was only 3 hours old. I felt that there was something wrong with him. I have had a hard time until his 16 17 years. He’s 18 now, almost ‘normal’. He’s got a job and has his salary. Proud of him…

  • BTW: I’m sure you have heard but Your husband looks like George Clooney.

    Anyway, your little boy is adorable and my son did not start developing signs until 2.5 years old. He was an early talker, he potty trained very early and simply did stuff early. He was a later onset and diagnosed at the age of five. He is now what we consider high functioning and every day his behaviors are getting better. I often wonder what made things change. Good luck in your Journey 😉

  • Your channel is so inspiring! I have family members on the autism spectrum too. We found out how much weighted blankets helped them be calmer and sleep better. We chose for our weighted blankets because they are custom made, washer and dryer safe, and besides the deep pressure stimulation, they are made of fabric that helps with the sensory input as well. Hope this is helpful for you all!

  • Thank you for posting. I always love seeing you guys. My little guy just started pre-school in August and he’s surprisingly doing well.
    I’m still not getting any therapys yet so we’re still waiting. But they have been doing a lot with him at school. So I guess that’s better than nothing lol

  • So adorable!! It’s so true being a first time parent you really wouldn’t know. Nicholas being my fourth child I knew very early that something wasn’t quite right. I had three daughters first so I did question myself if it was just the difference between boys and girls and or being the baby… but something kept tugging on my gut that something was not typical

  • just wondering if either parent is on the spectrum? i am especially curious about the possibility of fathers on the spectrum impacting baby boys. thanks

  • His mother talking in that high affected voice gave me autism too. The reason Raiden didn’t respond when his name was called was due to the fact that he hates his name. What a stupid name. I wouldn’t answer if someone named me that.

  • Jaden is an amazing child. He is beyond average smart, seems happy, and relates with his parents very well.
    My suspicion is that if he is autistic, he is a very functional autistic child. You have no worries!

    Remember, everyone is different. We are all born with our distinct personalities and there is a place for all of us in this world.
    As a former teacher of 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders, just know that in my 35 years of teaching, I have had quite an assortment of
    children. Sadly, if any of my children were autistic, I didn’t know it. I merely accepted each at their own level and worked with them
    to accept themselves and their abilities. I taught in Fairfax, California and had terrific parents. That is the key with autism: good parents and good teachers.

  • all of the comments under this video saying “i knew something was ‘wrong’ with my baby”… there is nothing “wrong” about a child with autism. they are different, yes, but if you seriously view it as some “problem” or something “wrong” with them, that’s ableist. the father of my baby has autism and he is the smartest, most caring person i know. i could never look at him and think there is anything wrong with him. and when my baby is born, if he is also on the spectrum, i’ll never use that word to describe it. it’s sad how unaware so many mothers can be with the words they choose to use when speaking of their own children. i hope your child or children with any disability never has to hear or see you referring to them as something being “wrong” with them.

  • Hello dear, don’t worry about autistic child. Efficient treatment is there in homeopathy. A good homeopathic physician can give medicine based on mother pregnancy history and child behaviour and gestures.

  • It is often mentioned that some of history’s greatest minds were autistic but went undiagnosed. The interesting thing about Autism is the overall spectrum itself. I work with both “high functioning” and “lower functioning” individuals and have seen amazing things from both. If you have concerns for your child the best thing to do is voice them to your medical professional and get them tested. Early intervention is extremely beneficial in some cases. Either way, being able to find the best way to communicate is key. Having a child with Autism gives you an opportunity to see this world differently. Best of luck parents.

  • Maybe I’m wrong but I’ve always been told babies don’t typically make eye contact or really even know how to use their eyes until well after just two weeks.

  • Autism presents differently in different people. A tell tale sign is the lack of interaction and interest in other people. I was diagnosed as an adult and made all my milestones. Very high IQ. The only signs were my over inteeest in books, not talking or interacting.

  • Im terrified. My son turns 1 in a month. He doesnt wave or clap or point or smile. He doesnt play. He womt respond to his name. He doesnt babble he just ocassionally growels. He has flapped his arms like a bird almost constantly sense 5 months. He will only eat if he can hold one of the item in each hand. He randomly just screems and throws himself on the floor… I really think he is autistic… Im so scared and dont know what to do.

  • He seems normal to me. He is way ahead of his time hehe he is an intelligent baby. Pls don’t label his uniqueness. He does not have autism. He is simply unique. Pls don’t put him on medication if doctor’s advised. He is clearly fine.

  • Mr. Clooney looks a lot like your husband! Thank you for the information. My 7 year old is high-level autistic and my 1 year old daughter is showing signs…

  • Thanks to everyone taking their time to read this testimony on how my son was saved from Autism.
    He was diagnosed four years ago, and he’s just 6, I have tried several treatments and medications, nothing was working out, this got me frustrated and depressed. I kept praying and finally God answered my prayers when someone from youtube introduced me to this doctor from his home country and gave me his contact details.
    I called and explained my son’s condition after which I made an order for his herbal remedy, he asked for my address and the next day I got a tracking number for a parcel sent to me through DHL and after four days I received my order.
    It was a liquid herbal medicine and a letter containing the instructions on how to use the herbs, I called him again to confirm and the next morning I started giving my son the herbs as instructed and after one week I noticed great improvement on my son and I continued until the herbs got finished and everything lasted for just one month and now my son is totally free from Autism, he can now talk clearly, behave normally and has no more seizures.
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  • So many people just don’t understand autism and that’s okay. If you did understand autism, you would stop with these incredibly insensitive insinuations that autism is not only overly diagnosed, but not even real. Your opinion about this child and his autism has absolutely zero significance because he has been diagnosed by a DOCTOR. This will help other autism families because trust me, you have NO IDEA WHAT THEY ARE DEALING WITH.

  • To me Your son seems fine. Counting to 100 by 2 and knowing the months of the year at that age is awesome. Watching your videos i saw my son and he’s perfectly normal and smart and as far as I can see you child is as well. My son did the hand thing too and walking in circles but it went away. As far as using utensils he looked fine food was going in his mouth.. thats a lot more than i cN say for my son and hes going to be 4. Lol But he’s a savage when he eats like his dad.. lmao.. You seem like your doing a great job mom keep up the good work.

  • May God bless your beautiful child. He looks so bright and he is adorable. The behavioural difference seems to be very minor and he seems to be extremely intelligent.

  • Cut it out!!! Stop trying to self diagnose with Autism, let these kids fucking grow my son flaps his hands and he’s 2 he doesn’t have autism he’s just a regular 2 year old

  • Vaccines are toxic and is known to cause neurological disorders. Please stop poisoning your babies. Research is out there for vaccine injured children.

  • It would be very unusual in UK to have a diagnosis at such a young age. With the Covid immunization seems to have rekindled the autism concerns, was this something you ever considered. I am not on that team as I have a friend with two boys on the autistic spectrum, that were never vaccinated, and many members of our family have never had MMR. Thanks for posting always a worry, but making the world a better place for everyone is the way forward and Aspergers young people will show us the way. Thanks.

  • It’s so sad you had to apologize to people for maybe talking too much in the previous video and justify it with your ADD condition. The fact you’re sharing your experience in hope it might be helpful to someone else and doing it for free is amazing. You shouldn’t apologize for that!!! I’m thankful for your videos and I wish you and your family all the best ❤️

  • My soon to be 3 year old just got diagnosed with ASD last week. Everything was a shock at first and I’m still processing it but the more I look into it as long as we as parents educate ourselves on what it is it we can help our kids and help others that are going through it also. We’re booked for an appointment with a specialist to see whereabouts my son is on the spectrum. But seeing other parents go through the same thing does comfort me knowing that we’re not alone. thank you for your video ❤️

  • He has mooooooooore iq nothing else
    If he is able to get memorize then he is not autism

    Please ���� �� don’t label any child
    My sister was also called like that, but she is abnormal in intelligence and remembering things!!!

  • Hi folks help me out here. So I’ve been observing my cousin’s son and I have long suspected that her son is showing signs and symptoms of an autistic child. Can you kindly give me tips on how to open this topic to the mother, in such a way that she won’t be offended? Some parents may not take it seriously and they may take it negatively.

  • To add to the signs mentioned here (I am an adult with Apergers) my mother observed the following behaviors when I was an infant: not wanting to be held by anyone including family, and crawling away from the sound of my mother’s voice.

  • I had most of these symptoms while young. Delayed speech, didn’t read til I was 6 or 7, eye contact…I ended up with Asperges while my little sister is non-verbal and on the more severe end of the spectrum. She had some of the same signs as you point out in the video like I did at that age. But she actually “progressed” better in infancy.

    Dunno what I’m trying to say, just that it is a wide spectrum. And the earliest you can understand what is happening with your baby the better, especially with autism. Thank you for this video, it helps many parents. My parents didn’t have resources like this, or communities to be a support due to it being the 90s. Love the progress being made as a whole in the autism community.

  • Would you like to explore..
    Are you ready with open mind to understand Autism from a totally different angle?

    Autism From Understanding to Solution Action

  • “Raiden would be fascinated by spinning wheels for 20 minutes straight without losing interest”

    Sounds like a dream child lol
    If only I could get my children to be entertained by something as simple as that for 20 seconds.

  • Guarantee the vaccinations caused his autism!!! They are filled with poisons, one of which is mercury. This is Bill Gates’ way of trying to depopulate the world! Its a crime what vaccinations cause! Also many cancers in children!

  • I totally agree my niece and nephew also at birth! I did work with them right away. My niece is graduating from college and engaged. My nephew is turning 4 next month and I’m still working with him. He has meltdowns but still improving.
    Early intervention is key.
    If you want help contact me.
    I am writing a book on my theory and therapy.
    I will explain it to you and you can do the therapy yourself.

  • My brother is high functioning. Will be 21 soon. Super smart and very popular. This kid got his small plane flying lessons. Don’t be discouraged

  • I didn’t understand why they call him this way. Healthy kid. What’s wrong, mama? Mine was doing all of this and what? He is a great man now

  • Kindly detox him with plant based and organic foods,fill his food with nutrition and exposure to sunlight n nature,cut off dairy n gluten foods and say no to gadgets.. Stay blessed

  • some similarities to my son. my boy had difficulty swallowing foods and would take off running. but I mean he’s eye contact was on point up until it wasn’t…he’s six now and has improved drastically. some minor concern still hang over my mind. all in all just like any other family out there we take one step at a time and love our kids unconditionally

  • My nephew never made eye contact. I knew right away something was wrong but his mom was in denial. He was not diagnosed till age 5. He is now 17, has come a long way but will never be able to be on his own. I will pray for your son.

  • Check it out our educational YouTube channel for Early Childhood Education. Subscribe if you like the contents.
    Thank you

  • Raiden is a brilliant and beautiful child and perhaps very affectionate too. He is different yes but our systems and attitudes are rigid and need to be much freer and far more flexible.

  • You have just described my child to the T. I knew by the time he was 13 months that he was autistic. But it took until he was 10 and a half years old to finally get a diagnosis. He also has high functioning autism. But that’s him and I wouldn’t want him any other way. People feel it’s the end of the world when they hear ASD, but our kids think differently. It’s this different thinking that can change the world. Take Einstein for example. So intelligent but could never grasp the concept of tying his shoelaces.

  • Wow I work in ABA and I had no idea the behaviors started this early! I see this with children that are 5yo, but I don’t work with babies. Thank you for sharing, love it. Raiden will continue to thrive with your guidance ✨

  • I’m not seeing anything abnormal in any of these clips except for the clips of the baby watching TV… TV causes brain damage in babies.

  • Have you had any vaccinations before age 2? I’ve heard that some of the vaccinations cannot be tolerated with some infants and causes autism

  • More parents need to learn that this condition is Not mental retardation and isn’t something to be ashamed of because honestly I think at times I wouldn’t have low self esteem if instead of arguing about weather or not to test me as a child and went through with the dignious I wouldn’t be fighting for the proof I need to an idapendent life

  • Absolutely none of this stuff is weird. I’m an honors student in philosophy… I still like zoning out (meditating) on spinning circles
    … I remember enjoying the SENSATION of circles and fidgeting also is a way to self soothe….. Your son is emotionally deep, implicit, and INTROVERTED but none of this means he’s autistic. It’s frustrating to me when parents or doctors call someone autistic just because they’re introspective….. Please give your son more credit. ����

  • Non capisco,o forse lo capisco,come mai negli ultimi 20 anni ci siano sempre più bambini con l’autismo nel mondo.Cosa c’è che no va?Datevi una risposta.