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Of course, if your baby was particularly gassy after using a specific brand of baby formula versus another, then that particular brand should probably be avoided. But if your baby is doing great, then mixing or switching between brands is probably okay to do. Short answer? Yes!

We know it can be nerve-wracking to switch or mix formula brands, but it’s totally safe to mix them as long as you’re following standard mixing instructions. You can mix two brands, or switch to a new brand. Make sure to pay attention to the ingredients in the formulas you’re mixing or switching between; for most milk-based formulas, the ingredients will be more or less the. Likewise, if your baby is on a pediatrician-recommended soy-based, iron-fortified formula, switching to a different brand of soy-based, iron-fortified formula won’t harm her.

But if your baby is on a special type of formula, such as a hydrolysate formula, or you’re considering switching formula types, check with your pediatrician first. You may be worried that switching formulas will upset your baby’s stomach, but. It’s safe to mix and match infant formulas if you are following standard mixing instructions.

Really. Although spitting up or gassiness is usually not due to the protein in formula (cow’s milk versus soy versus hypoallergenic), sometimes changing formula helps new babies. In such case, do not switch between different kinds once you have found one that works. It is even worth bringing your own formula brand and type to day care, to make sure your baby gets what actually works.

For babies with cow’s milk allergy or lactose intolerance, the type of formula should not be switched, obviously. So in conclusion, yes, you can mix formula brands without harming your baby as. Have you wondered if your baby can be fed different brands of formula, or, if you can switch from one formula to another? The answer is that you probably can, as long as you’re switching between the same sort of formula, that is milk-based to milk-based or soy-based to soy-based, and your pediatrician is aware that you are doing so. Each infant was observed during a four-day interval followed by a three-day transitional period when they were fed a different brand of formula or the control formula.

During the transition, caregivers either switched each infant to the new brand or to the control formula and documented tolerance variables, such as burping, gas and crying. It’s always important to consult with baby’s pediatrician when you feel that you need to switch baby’s formula. If an allergy or significant intolerance is suspected, soy formula is often bypassed for a partially hydrolyzed formula or occasionally a different form (concentrate versus powder versus ready-to-feed) or brand. Can I Switch Formula Brands? Switching baby formula is definitely okay if it is something your baby needs.

But if you aren’t sure, then it is probably best to stay with the current formula. Never switch formulas just because you have a free sample or other incentives that have nothing to. Infants who have milk protein allergy have to switch to either a soy formula or an elemental formula such as Nutramigen or Alimentum.

The elemental formulas contain milk proteins that have already been broken down into smaller amino acids, which then do not stimulate an allergic response in the baby.

List of related literature:

If your baby does well with one type and brand of infant formula, stick with it unless your baby’s doctor advises otherwise.

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formula is usually the least expensive of the three types available.

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No one can determine which formula your baby will prefer, so don’t buy a huge supply of any one kind.

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Although there are some minor differences, most infant formulas are similar, regardless of which company produces the formula.

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If you’ve decided on formula, your next decision is which one?

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Formula does tend to be more convenient, since feedings are required less often on a routine schedule.

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You can ask your pediatrician for a recommendation, but he may very well tell you that all formulas are the same and you should choose what’s most convenient for you.

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It is not necessary for the mother to stick to one brand, and if she finds that one formula milk does not suit her baby she can try an alternative brand.

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Second, mothers in these areas often cannot afford to continue buying formula.

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Powdered formula is the least expensive ofthe three types available.

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  • Im feeding my daughter with Hipp milk but she’s not gaining proper weight? She’s almost four month old and is 5kg? I’m thinking of switching farmula?

  • Dr. Young how would you recommend switching new formulas when you are supplementing? What ratio of breast milk would be ideal while mixing formulas or would you breast feed first then supplement with the mixed formula after?

  • Hi! I’ve been breastfeeding for 6 months. every once in a while I’ll give her a bottle of enfamil since my wic program it to gave us. She barely goes through half of a can a month. I still plan on breastfeeding until she is 1 but I also want to add in more formula so it’s easier on us when we aren’t home. My problem is that I want to give her a better option instead of the enfamil. Do you have an recommendations? I am not able to pump extra milk. I’m only able to produce enough for her to eat, which is the reason I want to add formula.

  • Thank you!!! My supply has went down substantially since i started working. My son doesn’t take formula at all but this is giving me hope.

  • Hi I hope you can help me, My baby is 1year 14days I change her milk formula and her reaction she became cinstipated after changing her milk… I didn’t know how what kind of milk that I will give to her. What to do.

  • My pediatrician wants me to put my 10-day old on soy. I’ve been reading about it, and not feeling up to it. Since she isn’t sure what’s wrong, and she doesn’t have an allergy that we know of so far. She has been constipated, having hard poop, and not going as much. I’m breastfeeding and supplementing with Enfamil Neuropro, right now I’m trying the Gentlease to see if that helps. But I really don’t want to put her on soy, unless it’s really a necessity. I rather try something else before we go to soy, hopefully, my breastmilk comes in more soon so I can just stop formula altogether.

  • My son was on Gentlease and switch to Alimentum then Elecare then now back to Alimentum. No pediatrician or GI Doctor told me that it will take some time to get used to or baby will have reactions to change. I thought no formula was good for my son because I always switch cold turkey. It has been two days since I switch back to Alimentum, is it too late to slow transition or there is no point on even trying anymore?

  • I really appreciate your videos Dr. Young, SO helpful. My 6 month old baby has been on Earth’s Best Sensitivity(the purple can) for about 4 months or so and has been doing great until about 2 weeks ago when she started developing what looks like eczema. How likely is it that it’s due to the formula considering she’s been on it with no issues for so long?
    Her Dr. Suggested we try similac alimentum since she thought her break out was due to cows milk protein allergy. She did not like that at all lol. So instead, we tried a generic brand that is comparable to gerber start gentle, which she seems to like. I figured if she wouldn’t take the extensively hydrolyzed, the next best thing would be at least partially hydrolyzed. Anywho, it seems as though I have done things backwards, giving her an intact protein pretty much since birth, to now introducing a partially hydrolyzed protein at 6 months? Just trying to make sure I’m not going to mess up her gut or anything lol so sorry for such a long comment. First time mom ��

  • Question, so My baby is allergic to cow’s milk so basically every formula out there he could not drink. He was prescribed EleCare Amino acid formula and did great but now he is 1 year old and all the other dairy free milk don’t have enough fat or protein & I’m not sure about soy If it has hidden lactose in the formula can like the other ones that said hypoallergenic ��if I was to switch to soy milk or a formula of soy would that be OK?Because he is one year old the insurance isn’t covering EleCare �� It is just so expensive (55$ a can) & he’s older now… but the allergy is pretty severe. And Would i need to Substitute for any vitamins If I gave him soy from a carton? (He is 1yr)

  • I just purchase the enfamil prosobee. My dr hates similac due to the weak DHA.. I was also thinking of trying the enfamil sensitive. I’m a first time mom. This is so hard. I haven’t slept in over a week cause my princess stays up for hours straining. She doesn’t poop regularly either. She’ll poop every 2-3 days (sometimes). She’s 2 1/2 months.. my dr also gave me probiotics to ease her discomfort

  • My daughter is 7 months 1 week I’ve Strictly breastfed until now and need to supplement. I used honest company premium and she’s having blow outs after feds. Is this bc she can’t handle the lactose? Should I switch to honest brand sensitive or another brand entirely

  • Can i do this with my newborn? I just want to do it at night since my milk flow is very low and my baby is never satisfied, I still want to breastfeed during the day, but do formula during night that way hubby can help as well, my baby was born on July 4th by the way, hope I can hear from you, thanks for this video.

  • I switched formula cold turkey not realizing I should ease my baby into a new brand. I’ve noticed he has been grunting and seems to be having a hard time passing gas or irritated so doing it. I do primarily breastfeed but need to supplement since I don’t produce enough to keep him full. It’s been about a week and I think the new formula may be the cause. Baby is 5 weeks old, switched from Enfamil gentlease to Similac pure bliss primarily to avoid corn syrup. Small town gal so plum organic etc are not readily available. Help!

  • My baby was diagnosed with Hirschsprung’s disease shortly after birth while he was in NICU and had surgery for it at his 3rd week. He has been hospitalized 3 times after for enterocolitis due to not pooping, now I am irrigating him every at home until he is pooping normal or otherwise instructed by his surgeon. However, I found he couldn’t keep down any of the formulas from most brands except soy and breast milk. I am deciding between Gerber and Similac can you help with a wise choice given his health history

  • We have really been liking the gentlease formula but I realized how much corn syrup is in it and was wondering if you think the inspire would be a good option. We were on gentlease due to lots of gas, spit up and a grumpy premie (who was on breastmilk/ the enfimil for premature babies) since switching we haven’t noticed any difference on the spit up and not sure if the gas was helped by the new formula or the new bottle. baby is now 3 months old.

  • How to properly mix powered infant mix?
    We tried to changed from ready mix similac pro advance to the same brand just the powered version of it seems like we throw away a lot of the ready mix formula and also the cost. We found that it constipated the �� was told we should use a blender to mix up the powered version?
    Any suggestions or advice

  • My husband was fed soy formula 30 years ago, his mom said it was from “constant spit up”. Hes fine but I wonder if he truly had milk issues or maybe a tongue tie…��

  • My son tested positive for egg and milk allergy but not soy, we were breastfeeding didnt find this out till 5 months and my diet is 90 percent egg/milk based. Now I’m trying to figure out how to switch while also incorporating first foods.

  • Im on my fifth formula. My baby is 2 months old with colic and silent reflux. Shes been crying after every feeding with really bad gas pains. Her fathers side is lactose intolerant so now trying this new formula just in case she is. We have tried kirkland formula, similac sensitive, honest formula sensitive, nutramagen, and now babys only lacto relief. Each formula shes been on we would try for 1-2 weeks. She’s also taking a probiotic every day (klaire labs infant probiotic). If this doesn’t work the only thing that I can think of is that she’s allergic to dairy and possibly might have to go on soy which I’m not crazy about.

  • Thank you for your videos, they are a great help. Do you believe formula, can cause or aggravate eczema in newborns? ( I believe it would).
    I only BF for 2 months (Not by choice) had to begin to supplement. Feeding my son gerber good start RTF. Canada.:) Also purchased happy baby new formula (havent recevied it yet) not sure if this will help at all. Prefer to use organic from the beginning but that didn’t happen. I was also thinking of trying nutramigen +lgg to help with his eczema. He’s never had colic or gas, only his skin is really suffering. I don’t know if that would be a milk allergy or a lactose allergy. Doctor said he was not allergic to the milk because he only has ezcema not any other symptoms….I cant say I beleive it. (My family history doesnt have ezcema but my husbands does. Thank you!
    Any help would be great!!


  • Oh,thank you I found this video,because I am worried for my 3wks bby, I couldn’t stop her to suck my breast,even she done drink a formula milk,i’m thinking if this is ok…? Formula and breastmilk mix,

  • When you say one quarter new formula n 3 quarter old do you mean one oz old 3 oz new? Im having to switch to allimentum cuz my baby is allergic to milk..he refuses to drink the new milk.. OR TASTE N SMELLS SO HORRIBLE..IM TRYING A 4 OZ BOTTLE WITH 1 OZ NEW N 3 OZ OLD N HE STILL REFUSES TO TAKE IT CUZ THE NEW FORMULA IS SO STRONG HE STILL TASTE IT..HES ONLY 7 WEEKS PLZ HELP

  • My baby is 5 months and has been on enfamil from birth we just relocated to germany and only formula i see so far is aptamil is that a good brand to switch too?

  • Hello doctor! Can you help me how much ml breath milk mix with 2 oz Enfamil formula.My baby is new born.she drink 40ml formula every 1.5 or 2hours

  • hi, i am currently using HIPP HA hypoallergenic formula, i am going to try regular HOLLE formula tomorrow because of her eczema. Do you think i can mix these formulas for the first few times?

  • I am learning SO MUCH from you, thank you! I’m passing all this information on to my friends, and saving it for when I have kids:)

  • Very good advice! Not only are u a doctor giving sound advice but u are also an unshowered, kid wrangling mom who all us other moms can relate to…which makes me love you even more! Thanks for all the great info!!!! I’ve learned so much about formula thru your website and videos.

  • Thank you I’m a PNP but being in a
    Adolescent Medicine I forget about the babies and people are gonna call and ask questions. They care not about your specialties ���� Thank you for the refresher

  • My name is Lisset Alfonso I am 39 years old,
    I live in Miami Florida USA, my baby is 2 months old, and next month, I have to get up to work and I need to have a lot of milk, to leave my baby, while I’m at work, I’m extracting milk but I know it is not enough I need advice or tactics to increase milk production, I am very worried because I am incorporating small doses of milk (formula), if in the future I can not give my breast anymore, and because of the taste I want to take it, and that is why I need to increase my milk production, not to give the formula to my baby since he does not like it, I apply the machine (milk extractor), every 3 hours approximately, I am doing wrong or well, it takes a long time to fill my chest to be able to give milk again to my baby, that worries me, I appreciate your prompt response, greetings and thanks

  • So when making up bottles for daycare could I mix the breastmilk and the formula ahead of time the night before? Or does that damage the breastmilk and/or formula at all? Is or it best to keep them separated and feed two bottles at each feeding?

  • How much breastmilk do you need to add to make it “worth” adding to formula? A few drops, 1/4 of the bottle, etc? I have a frozen stash. My daughter’s 8 months and I only give her 4-6oz at night to maximize the stash. She snacks on her bottles so she’ll finish a 4oz bottles in 2 hours (I know they say toss it after an hour, but some say there’s a 2 hour max). I would just hate for her to reject her bottle with formula and breastmilk. The beauty of boob juice is you can have fresh milk sit out for 8ish hours (depends on the mom). I’ll express a few mls into her bottles.

  • My son is 4 months and his pediatrician believes he has a cow milks allergy due to him having constant phlegm and eczema. He has no issues with pooping. She suggested he start taking enfamil prosobe their soy formula. I have read that soy is bad for boys due to high levels of estrogen. I don’t know if that is true but I’m so scared to give him this formula. I’ve considered holle goats milk, but after watching your video I decided it would probably wouldn’t be the best option. Is there any formula that you can suggest I try? I am a first time mom and super worried for my sons well being.

  • Currently stressing out �� my 3 week old has been on gentlease from the get go and is now both spitting up often and having a hard time passing stools. Would you recommend reguline enfamil formula? Or something else? Please help ����

  • I think it’s incredibly selfish for vegan parents to impose their nutrient deficient diet on their kids (no fat soluble vitamins, D3 doesn’t exist on that diet bc it’s strictly an animal hormone). Soy formula is incredibly toxic and if vegan moms can’t breastfeed then she really needs to do what’s right for her baby and give him animal based milk. Babies would never survive without animal milk unless they put a TON of artificial crap in SF to keep babies alive. No infant in nature would survive on strictly plants. They NEED milk. They need the fat soluble vitamins. Soy formula has 4000x the phytoestrogens than dairy or breastmilk. That has a major negative impact on both males and females.

    I cringe when I see WIC immediately put babies on soy if they don’t tolerate the standard formula (unless they offer more options that aren’t prescribed).

  • Hi, I am a fist time mom. My baby is 5 weeks old. He’s been having a lot of gas and he hasn’t been pooping everyday. I started giving him mylicon drops but that seem to not help because he’s still in pain. Recently, I gave him gripe water and it seems to calm him down a bit. Then, later he’s in pain and gassy again. I YouTube how to massage baby stomach. I changed bottles to Dr. brown, I try to burp him at every ounce when feeding. The pediatric nurse told me to give him glycerin suppository which it did help him poop bc he had not gone for 2 days. It gave him some relief but now he’s hasn’t poop for a day in a half now and the pain is still there. My baby breaks out sweat bc he’s in so much pain. His doctor even told me to change the milk to soy milk. It’s been 5 days using soy milk and nothing’s changed. He was on enfamil gentlease before I used soy milk. I don’t know what to do?!? Please help.

  • sad facts: all those products you have mentioned are not available in my country Philippines. amazon or any online sites does not ship to Philippines. any recommendation?