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They may prefer to dress alike, sharing the same taste in clothing or enjoying the symbolism of their unique status as twins. Or, they may wish to express their own individuality by creating their own style. Until that time, parents should go. Dressing Like Twins.

We would dress them alike for special occasions, like going to church or for pictures. However, each would have a subtle difference like a different color bow in their hair. In those early days when they really didn’t have any hair, we’d use head bands. You should help others identify your twins.

If you’re the parent of twins, you’ve probably had an earful about whether you should dress your twins alike. People notice when siblings of different ages are dressed alike. But dress your twins in matching outfits, and you’re in for a lot of comments, including compliments.

There are a lot of opinions on whether regularly dressing twins in identical outfits is good for them or harmful to their. Should You Dress Your Twins Alike or Differently? Most twins experts will tell you that you should always dress your twins differently. You want people to treat them as individuals, and you should encourage your twins to develop their own tastes and style. Through my informal research, I’ve found that dressing your twins (triplets, quadruplets, etc.) the same when they’re babies does not have a long term effect on.

Of course not, especially if they’re babies or toddlers. Dress is just one component to the whole identity formation package. Yet it’s the habit of dressing twins alike that can lead to challenges as it subtly conveys to friends, family, and the guy on the street that you don’t mind if they see your twins as one. The parents of identical twins Heidi, left, and Izzy ensure they wear different outfits But for some parents of twins, they have made a conscious decision not to dress their children.

The fact that parent’s choose to dress twins alike because it’s considered ‘cute’ does frustrate me and seems short sighted. It’s no wonder that the older they get, the more resistance comes from individual outfits when all they’ve known is the familiarity of matching. Without having the option to. Many psychologists recommend letting twins pick their own clothes once they are able too. It can also be a safety measure.

It can be hard for friends and even family members to tell your twins apartsometimes when they are dressed alike (especially if they are identical twins). I always dress my boys alike. They are fraternal and don’t look alike. There is also some weight difference so most strangers don’t know they are twins.

But I have told every since the day we found out we were having twins (they are almost 2 now) that I am the one dressing them, so I am dressing them alike.

List of related literature:

Twins should always dress alike.

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Let your toddler wear the same outfit over and over if that brings comfort—even if it means buying a duplicate (one to wash, one to wear).

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The decisions parents make, or decide not to make, such as whether to dress them the same or different, should they share the same room, and should they always participate in the same activities, really do impact the twins.

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In such cases, twins should be dressed differently to be individually recognizable by teachers and classmates.

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Do the twins wear the same clothes; or if not, in what way are they different?

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I have had clients whose kids will spend an hour switching outfits.

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About twins, says Landers, treat them as individuals and dress them differently.

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For the first few years Mum even put us in matching outfits, but as soon as we learnt to get dressed by ourselves, we wore what we liked, even though Mum still bought us the same things so there’d be no bickering.

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Don’t make them change just because you’re afraid other people might think you’ve got terrible fashion sense or are a bad parent.

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Twins can have identity problems, especially if they’re identical and are made to wear the same clothes.

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  • Day 1: Necklace, Earrings and hair ( same style different places in head), Makeup
    Day 2: Scrunchie, Necklace, shoes, Hair, Makeup
    Day 3: Headband, Necklace, Makeup
    Day 4: Hair, Shoes, Makeup
    Day 5: Earrings, Scrunchie, makeup

  • Malisa’s daughter:
    Day 1: hair day, 2: necklace and shoes day, 3: necklace, day 4:glasses, day 5: shoes, necklace, sunglasses ��!

  • I am a fraternal twin and both me and my sister are 18
    People say she look like a 9th grader, while other say I look like a elementary student
    Which I can understand when I am smaller then a majority of fifth and sixth graders

  • I think they should still do it during holidays. Its a tradition. A cute one. Makes you all unique and special. Dont be normal. Its boring.

  • I think it’s cute…hahahahaha. Let their mother do her thing but just as long as her adult children are happy with dressing alike

  • I’m an only child and was fascinated by this video. Lucie, where are both of your tops from?? They’re fabulous and I’m obsessed with Allie’s printed turtleneck!!!

  • I’m a fraternal twin too, and the most common question we get is “are you serious?” Idk if this happens to you, but ppl never believe us when we say we’re twins. We definitely look very different because she looks a lot like our mom and I’m more of a mix between our parents but ppl never believe us, and we never know how to answer that question. Just curious if other fraternal twins experience this too

  • You made me think about my dad. I’m in the US and he’s in Europe and I call him three times a day: when I wake up, when he goes to bed, and when he gets up/I go to bed. We gotta say good morning and goodnight. If he doesn’t pick up, I freak out.:D

  • I have a twin brother…it’s SO INTERESTING we’re exact opposites! Obviously we like sort of the same things, but it’s almost always the exact opposite reason. For example: My brother likes to make salad to eat it whereas I don’t really care if I eat the salad, but I enjoy making it. And he enjoys saying jokes rather than just listening and enjoying them, like I do (I do NOT like telling jokes, so awkward). But I’m more creative than him and he is more academic than me… (like I’m the one who like bombed the psat and he was a national merit scholar sort of academic…it’s crazy (but that was a real example))
    BUT the thing we are both the same on is our selflessness I guess you could say, he wants to go into civil + Environmental engineering because he really wants to make the planet a better place and I want to be a nurse practitioner.
    But we look exact opposite! we’re both tall and skinny, but he’s like half a foot taller than me (no joke, people think i’m twins with my 2 year younger sister because we’re closer in height than i am to him, but I am still tall for my age, he’s just taller:\), I have brown curly hair and green eyes and he has blond straight hair and blue eyes.
    But I loveeee having a twin! We aren’t competitive at all, like my older identical sisters. So refreshing, we just talk about our interests (or should I say he just talks about his interests and I listen…we’re both introverts but at home he’s ExTRoVErTED and I’m still introverted)

  • My husband is a fraternal twin and I was really surprised when he explained me, that his DNA is more similar to his brothers DNA than with his twin sister….

  • Day 1: necklace? Brooklynn has lipstick
    Day 2: shoes, hair, necklace: Bailey has one
    Day 3: hair, Bailey has a necklace
    Day 4: hair
    Day 5: hair, Brooklynn has lipstick, necklace, shoes

  • I know a family that dresses alike for holidays and pictures. The grandmother likes to do it. Same color schemes basically. I love to see it. It’s a sense of unity. The children and spouses, the grandchildren and great-grandchildren. More power to this family!!

  • I have female nieces who are fraternal twins. They look nothing alike. I was watching your video the other day wondering if you were fraternal.

  • I’m a twin, but mine is a brother and everyone I mean everyone asks if we are identical. My last name starts with Fink, and everyone calls me Fink.

  • Wow you guys seem to have a really good relationship. I’m a fraternal twin as well, BUT it’s not good. She gets on my nerves. I’m also 1 minute before my twin as well. I’m going to be done with my associates degree in Surgical technology soon

  • My mom use to do that to us as children, sort of a tradition we had dresses that we called three sister dresses, but now that you grown ���� come on

  • if i had twins i’d prolly dress the complimentary to each other. wait why am i telling you this you don’t care about my nonexistent children.

  • Allie videos are my fave! I admire your relationship it’s so evident how close you are and how much you love each other. I see how you truly are each other’s best friend. ��

  • Day one differences: Necklaces, hair (same style, different places on head) and lip color.
    Day two differences: Shoes, Brooklyn has no necklace but Bailey does, and the lip color.
    Day three differences: Brooklyn has earrings, no necklace, and a scrunchie in her hair, but Bailey has no earrings, no scrunchie, and a necklace.
    Day four differences: Brooklyn has earrings and a different hair style from Bailey. Bailey also has a necklace on, but Brooklyn doesn’t.

  • i’m a twin and people always ask us if we have have the same thoughts ��and my sister is a minute older than me and like 3 inches taller!

  • I think the main thing that makes you two look a lot more different than someone would expect, are your eyebrow shapes. They’re very different and Lucie’s eyes are bigger.

  • Everyone who sees me and my twin sister ask my Sister:“is this your little sister?“
    We‘re two minutes apart and everyone thinks I‘m ten and my sister is 16 but we‘re both 14����
    Little funfact: my best friend has an identical twin sister and her sister is best friends with my sister��

  • I have a twin brother and I can related to you. He is more extroverted like lucie and I am an ambivert like Allie. I ama older by 1 min than him.

  • So, Allie is an Ambivert. She is not an extrovert, she is not an introvert. She needs to balance her human battery and alone battery

  • They do it cuz they have to show respect. Lol that’s a good thing. And I’m sure she’s an awesome mom. I do agree that she might need some grandbabies to dress up. Idk shes just a sweetie who loves her babies and kids will always be their mamas babies. T hats just how it works. When you have your own kids then you’ll understand…. Maybe lol

  • +Lucie Fink I would love to know more about Allie’s career and her choice to be a trader? Like how she got into that and is working that cool job! Such a finance boss!

  • Watching this during quarantine. Im Zambian�������� and my baby brothers always had chitenge print shirts that matched my dress or skirt. I find it cute�� they obviously love their mama����❤❤��������

  • My grandma was a seamstress, so all her children had the same clothes sewn. When the grand kids came on, she would buy one fabric and sew us matching outfits. That meant we r family. It was also money saving. I’m not mad☺those throw back pictures are epic����������

  • I think she was kinda wanting an “Ask Steve and Receive” with the professional picture because memories typically aren’t pro photos

  • When you are born being the youngest twin and there will be sometimes those people that say I was package or the unexpected
    this is hurt ��

  • Day 1: necklaces, hair style, and shoes Day 2: necklace, shoes, hair style, and scrunchie on wrist Day 3: necklace and hair style Day 4: hair style, and different glasses Day 5: hair styles, necklaces, shoes, and backpack also their makeup is different but it is almost always