Improve Your Milk Supply While Pumping



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How I increased my milk supply from 20 oz to 50-60 oz a day!

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Top 10 Tips to Increase Milk Supply While Pumping Babylist

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Power pumping can produce similar results. The idea is to pump more frequently within a set time frame each day so that your body increases its milk supply naturally. Other ways to increase milk. Increase Your Milk Supply Tip #9 Try Power Pumping To increase your supply, try power pumping. This means you pump for ten minutes, take a ten minute break, pump again, take a break and pump one last time.

Do this three times a day for two days and you should see a noticeable increase in your milk supply. How to Successfully Increase Supply by Pumping. Use the Right Breast Pump.

Use a hospital-grade pump or a high-quality electric breast pump. A pump that’s operated by hand or a small electric Use the Pump Correctly. Prepare Before. Here are a few things you can do to recover your milk supply after illness. Get back on your pumping schedule and stick to it as much as possible.

It may take a few days to a few weeks to see an increase, but the consistency should help. Do breast compressions. Breast compressions push the milk out of your milk ducts, helping you get as much.

Some women see a dip in breast milk supply around the time that they re-start their monthly periods, but increasing your number of daily pumping sessions during this time can help avoid decreased breast milk supply. When pumping to increase milk supply, to ensure that the pump removes an optimum amount of milk from the breast, keep pumping for 2-5 minutes after the last drops of milk. However, adding even a short pumping session (increasing frequency but perhaps not removing milk thoroughly) is helpful.

If your baby is not latching at all in the early days or weeks you will need to pump as often as your baby would be breastfeeding to build a full milk supply. Aim for at least eight to ten pumping sessions per day; try not to go more than two hours in the day and four hours at night without pumping. When pumping to increase milk supply, it’s recommended that you (double) pump for at least 15 minutes; to ensure that the pump removes an optimum amount of milk from the breast, keep pumping for 2-5 minutes after the last drops of milk. Feed your baby from your breast whenever you can. Get plenty of sleep, and eat a healthy diet.

Pump or express your milk. Pumping or expressing milk frequently between nursing sessions, and consistently when you’re away from your baby, can help build your milk supply. Tips to increase breast milk supply when pumping Beyond choosing the right breast pump, there are other ways moms can improve a low milk supply while pumping such as increasing pumping frequency, hydrating and eating well, having skin-to-skin contact with baby and creating a comfortable pumping environment.

List of related literature:

Another weaning strategy is to stop pumping before you get as much milk as usual.

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Each breast should be pumped every 2 to 4 hours, preferably with a double pumping system to enhance milk supply.133,150 Mothers should increase pumping

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Encouragement of a regular pumping and manual hand-expression regimen (8 times in 24 hr) promotes the best milk supply.

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Once you have established a generous milk supply—at least 24 ounces per day—you might invest in your own personal-use pump, such as Hygeia’s EnJoye, Medela’s Pump in Style, or the Calypso pump.

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Taking a hot shower or using warm wet compresses on the breast just before pumping or hand-expressing may also help the milk flow more easily.

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If you want to increase your milk supply, try massaging, then pumping for several minutes, massaging again, then pumping again.

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My milk supply was reduced already due to the infrequency with which I had been able to pump.

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Longer pumping sessions do not increase milk yield, though the mother can increase volume by pumping more frequently throughout the 24 hours.

“Counseling the Nursing Mother” by Judith Lauwers, Anna Swisher
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Timing pumping sessions may also help, particularly if some women find it difficult to obtain much milk immediately after the baby has fed.

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Pumping instructions should specify to continue pumping for 2 minutes after both breasts have stopped flowing to ensure the nondominant breast is adequately drained (Hill, Aldag, Zinaman, & Chatterton, 2007).

“Breastfeeding Management for the Clinician” by Marsha Walker
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  • Definitely this won’t work for everyone. Every woman is different and not everyone is able to produce milk. I tried everything and was not able to pump more than 6-8ml a day. What I want to say is, if you try all of this and still are not able to produce milk, do not get frustrated. You are not alone. Don’t feel too bad for having to supplement with formula, thank goodness we have that option in this age and time.

  • This video was very helpful! Can’t wait to try these methods this time around.. due in July with my second baby girl and hoping to produce more than the 2-3 oz on each side that I would get previously!

  • How much of the electrolyte do you drink in a day? Do you just have one glass of electrolyte water and then normal water the rest of the day or do you add the electrolyte powder to the whole gallon of water?

  • Can you make a video for pumping and going back to work�� I got a stay at home job but after baby is here I wanna know how to juggle pumping and working ��

  • Can u plz tell how can I reattract my baby to my 3.5 months old baby he’s away from breast for almost 1.5 months even bfr he was not v fond off as I hv v less supply n he was not latching and I had c section and it was even not second month I slipped from stairs n hit my hand badly n whole body hurting badly n I m still having splint on

  • My baby wasnt able to latch either due to some problems with me and the hospital would not help me. And i was devistated. I wanted to give him milk. I pumped and gave him colostrum but it wasnt enough:( and he has problems with formula. It really hurts as a parent when you can not feed your child as nature intended. Ha tears in my eyes as i write this. ��

  • Impressive stash, Abby!!! I never got that great at pumping. I am happy to say due to Covid-19 I lost my job and I become a stay at home mother. Now I stopped pumping and I feed on demand. My daughter’s name is Six Victoria she will be 1 this year and how do I wean her off the boob?

  • I love the tips in this video, I am trying to pump diligently for my daughter in the nicu. I found it interesting about switching up your pumps and then how the hand pump increased you milk supply, and good to know the vitamins to keep up on

  • You don’t want to squeeze or pull on your breasts. That can lead to complications. You simply want to support it while you bring baby’s face to the breast not vice versa.

  • Do i need to feed my baby then pump or pump then feed so i can over load
    Cuz my baby is 12 days old she drinks every 2 hours how can i save and increase if i keep pumping 60ml every time i pump and she drinks it all i dont breastfeeding directly from my breast cuz my baby have issues with sucking any tip please

  • Thank you so much for all the information and all the links below. My baby is allergic to formula. I have no choice but pumping. Your video helped me so much.

  • Wow I could have used this when I was pumping for my twins! Towards the end I had a very hard time keeping a supply stocked! I definitely agree that oatmeal was one of my biggest helps, the all natural rolled oats with flax and brown sugar was my go to! I never heard about switching up the pump, I only used my spectra, maybe a different pump would have helped a lot. I’m glad you told what you do with your hand pump, I hated using it, but I will definitely try your method with holding it down until the milk stops. Great tips!

  • Hi Abby! I want to build up a stash and I am following your 2 hour feed then pump rule! My son is a week old. Does the amount you pump start to increase as the weeks go?
    Can I start exclusively pumping once I have a large stash? So he will just take a bottle and I will always pump when he takes the bottle? Is that what you did after 2 months?

  • For some reason my milk didnt last long in the freezer. I found after 2 weeks in the freezer, after defrosting it doesn’t have the same taste. Even my baby realized that it had a freezer bite taste. Why you may think this is?

  • Omg I needed this video sooooo bad. My first child I ran out of milk after 2 months.My second child I ran out after 3 months. I felt so bad,frustrated,and defeated.But it goes back to not knowing any better. I have gotten sooo much advice from other moms and you are up there with top youtube moms giving me advice on this topic. Now pregnant with our 3rd child I feel so prepared, happy, and excited to start and have a breast milk supply. Thank you sooo for the advice.

  • My baby is 3 weeks I was about to give up completely on breastfeeding. I will try pumping often. Coz at the moment I can only pump 10ml per breast ����

  • I wish I would’ve seen this before giving birth, you gave alot of great info! ���� At 8wkspp I’ve already done a few things wrong �� but idk guess trying to give it my last shot….

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  • NEEDED this!!!! I get about 10 extra ounces a day & it’s been going up and up and filling my freezer makes me so happy!!:) love being able to give my sweet girl liquid gold!

  • Can you please do a video on manual pumps? I tried 2 different manual pumps with my 1st baby and didn’t have a good experience nor was able to effectively empty.

  • Guys remember that your breast milk changes as your baby grows. Thats the beauty of it. So after 3 months your nutrients have changed, and perhaps stored milk won’t satisfy certain nutrients for baby after 3 months from day pumped.

  • How do you know when your breasts are empty though? I struggled with mastitis several times my first pregnancy and it scared me away from breastfeeding. I’m due in February and I’m just wanting to educate myself ahead of time! Thank you. ♥️

  • My baby don’t latch on my beast, so I pump. But my milk supply is low, what can I do to get more milk. She stop breastfeeding in two weeks from the hospital.

  • With regards to the willow pump, I got it so I can pump hands free after breastfeeding to increase supply. But turns out it’s not really helpful for that. It does not switch to expression mode until there is good flow of milk, which never happens in my case because my supply is low. So it just keep on going on stimulation mode. But with my medela swing maxi I can switch manually to expression mode. Do you have any tips for how to hack willow to go to expression mode because that will help me.

  • My baby is almost 2 months and I’m going to start breastfeeding now by just pumping. I tried when she was born but I barely had any milk she would get frustrated and cry so I stopped. I tried to pump for a week or two and only got 2 oz everyday after pumping 5-6 times a day it sucked!! Any other advice?

  • You seem lovely thanks for the tips!
    I just want everyone to know studies and tests have shown brewers yeast or nutritional yeasts do not help yeast candida grow in the body, It help sugar levels and can improve glucose tolerance. ❤

  • My baby is 2 months old and I make about 34oz a day. I am always pumping every 3 hours and I just got over mastitis. I thought I wasn’t making enough milk but i am making enough to feed him and put some away. I do eat oatmeal 2-3 times a week. I switch between my lansioh electric pump, lansioh hand pump, and ameda electric pump. I use it as a single pump while I have a haakaa on the other boob

  • I only pump 2oz each session.. That’s nothing compared to this. I just started letting her latch but she does drink formula as well.. idk how to increase my supply. I was exclusively pumping but it’s so time consuming..

  • Hi mommy shark, do you have another discount code for the Elvie pump? I tried mommyshark15 but it already expired. Thank you so much!

  • I had watched 100’s of pumping videos but you’re the best of all definitely �� because you have made the video being so so cheerful ❤️ even i smiled several times during the video. Thank you for the information so simply explained.

  • Those happened to me in the hospital, so much pain���� the second day and no nurse or doctor said anything but gave me a silicone for my nipples which did not help then they gave me pump so that I can heal ��thanks for your video, this time around I will watch out and know what to do, 4 months I stopped bc of stress not enough milk.

  • Do you think I could increase my supply enough to feed another babe. I currently pump 20oz a day ontop of ebf. I need to increase my milk atleast 10oz a day. I pump 3 times a day right now

  • I had to triple feed like this because my baby was jaundice. It was so exhausting that I went to exclusive pumping to give myself a break. Then we transitioned back to nursing. Now we do a little of both. I have a stash of like 400 oz, but I would NOT suggest triple feeding for a long term at all. It was dangerously exhausting, This is a short term routine.

  • You said start pumping day 3.. so what did you do in the hospital, I mean don’t they get you to breastfeed once the baby is born, or did u do formula?

  • Where you get the cup from? ����Too crazy of all the comparisons we have…married with 2 girls and 3rd a boy. We have the same name (same spelling too) n my husband wanted to name our son middle name Sevyn or Seven as well. Too crazy lol new subbie btw ����

  • If you want to increase your milk supply eat salmon.You’ll see a big increase and your breasts will feel full.
    This is based on my personal experience.
    I’m exclusively breastfeeding, when I feel a decrease in my milk supply I eat salmon.

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  • I’ve only ever pumped 2 oz from each side with my boys. But i had a crummy pump. This is amazing the human body is so beautiful. My oldest son was tounge tied and was missed so i couldn’t nurse him i tried pumping with the large blue beast from WIC but that monster tore me to pieces. Thank you for being so honest and helpful. I so understand a brutal journey. I have heart failure now from my last baby and i have sooo many fears about literally EVERYTHING this time. What if my heart gives out, what if im rushed away and can’t be with her to nurse right away or pump.

  • I don’t eat meat, so I will have to up my veggie/nuts for protein? I don’t eat tofu, mushrooms. I can’t have dairy but maybe a tablespoon of cheese. No milk at all, I eat coconut milk yogurt dairy free.

  • This whole video is how to do it from the beginning lol. I started when my son was first born and I stopped for like two weeks or so and now I’m not pumping as much as I was and I’m not sure how to build my supply he’s 7 weeks so if you could give more information for a month + old on how to build supply

  • I am sorry but people make breastfeeding complicated just eat what ever you eat drink your water milk will flow like crazy simple.

  • Also i did this trick in the beginning to help build my freezer stash…I pumped all day making sure to always keep 8-9 ready to grab breast milk bottles in the refrigerator at all times. I have a cutoff time for pumping at 10:30p…if baby gets hungry at night, I will make a formula bottle…then in the morning at 8a for my first pump session I will pump 17oz or more because my breasts are so full from the night before but this takes me 45 minutes to get all the milk out….this helps me get a jump start on making refrigerator bottles for the day and any extra breast milk will go into my freezer…I did this for 1-2 weeks to help build my supply….keep in mind I’m storing away in my freezer any breast milk that exceeds the amount I keep in my refrigerator (8-9 breast milk bottles are stored in my refrigerator at all times)…so this method has helped me basically get ahead…NOW at night I breastfeed if baby is hungry…no more formula, that was only used for about 1 week, because I’m now able to pump 44-50oz a day and store at least 18-24oz in the freezer a day. My first pump is 45 minutes and then every pump after that is for 30 minutes. I also breastfeed on demand, my baby eats a lot, so sometimes I have to breastfeed in between feedings to help her go down for a nap. Also I’m only pumping 5 times a day, every 3 hours, for 30 minutes (except first pump for 45 minutes)…always pump until breast are empty and for an additional 5 minutes to trick body that baby is starving for more…I hope this isn’t confusing, best of luck ����

  • I have low milk supply from the beginning. Baby was not gaining enough weight. I started pumping 8 times a day for straight 3 weeks but still I was able able to produce only 18 oz to 19 oz a day in total. I’m healthy person and I don’t have any health issues. I believe some ppl will have low milk supply regardless of whatever they do

  • Hello. I feel you. I am a first time mom and I was so traumatized by birth I didn’t even try to make my baby latch right away. I didn’t know better. Now he cries when I put him on breast. I am exclusively pumping now. I am debating to get spectra S1 vs willow? Which one would you suggest. I have been using the evenflo electric pump and that sucks. Please guide if the willow is worth it? All I see is spectra reviews and not willow. It would be nice not to be stuck to a machine and get my life back. My baby cries all night because formula makes him bloated.

  • Wow I have made a lot of mistakes with my 1st child unfortunately around 8 months I had to switch to formula but I am so glad I watched this video because I am pregnant with my 2nd child and I want to be able to feed him breast milk till hes at least 2 years old if I can do it longer probably till hes 3

  • I’m 4 months too late:( my supply was good, I only work 2-3 days a week. My supply would only last those 2 or 3 days. But recently, I’m starting to notice my baby gets frustrated while feeding, and I’m only pumping about an ounce every 2 hours. Idk why my milk dropped all of a sudden but I wished I watched this when my baby was a newborn:c if anyone has tips on making more milk please let me know:-) I don’t want to switch to formula yet, not for a long time.

  • Hi Soror! I am a new Mom and exclusively pumping for my baby! Power pumping really helped me. I currently have an oversupply. I pump about 50-63 oz a day. My supply seems to keep going up. I also drink body armor every couple days. I look forward to seeing more about your journey!

  • Hi to hero Mommy.. I would like to ask about relactation with more milk.. is that possible to produce breastmilk almost after one and a half year..? toddler of my sister gets too skinny and paediatric suggests her own breast milk for her kid’s betterment. It will be so pleasure if You gonna help.. She has hakka pump.. I am waiting for your reply..��

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  • Hai abby just wanna know one thing. I did nothing in the first 2 months like pumping or taking supplements. I just fed my baby directly but she won’t suck for more than 10 minutes and i was also giving her formula milk as she had lost weight in the first week of her birth due to poor latch. So now this is the third month i have started pumping and feeding her every now and then and reduced the formula milk to 60 ml. And i have also started to take a supplement called lactare. So i just wanna know is it possible to double my milk supply in the third month with pumping, feeding and with supplements? Please give some suggestions

  • hey,i’m a mother of 2&a half month baby in starting she was unable to latch milk…after that my milk flow slowed bcoz of that she is on formula my milk supply is less…now is it possible for me to produce milk…yet i haven’t used any pump…please help me out

  • Sometimes herbal supplements have the opposite effect on your body and may actually hurt your supply. I only add oatmeal to my daily diet, massage while pumping, use both flanges and the letdown mode as often as needed. Massaging helps loosen up the milk in your ducts while pumping which leads to more milk production. Exclusively pumping here and pumping just over 70 ounces at 8 weeks postpartum. With my last baby, it went down to mid 60s after dropping the overnight/motn pump session. Oh, I also rub my breasts or hold my baby close to my chest between sessions to stimulate your nipples. I can feel it working because it causes a light stinging sensation. Hope this helps.

  • Are you just taking the Goats rue or are you still taking the Fenugreek along with the Goats rue. I have just placed my order, cant wait to start and get more milk. I have tried everything possible with just a little luck. I hope this helps me. Thanks.

  • I’m exclusively pumping with willow pump. I do it every 2 hours. I need tips as I want to fill the container but i get at most 2 oz out of a breast.