Identifying a feeling of Self being a parent


Development of a Strong Sense of Self

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Self concept, self identity, and social identity | Individuals and Society | MCAT | Khan Academy

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Peter Fonagy: How Does One Develop Sense of Self?

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The True and the False Self

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7 Signs You’re Insecure About Yourself

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How To Know Yourself

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10 Signs Your Parents Are Manipulative

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You should call your doctor immediately if you are experiencing symptoms such as: Excessive sleeping or not being able to sleep, even when the baby is sleeping. Excessive weight gain or loss. Loss of interest in activities you once enjoyed.

Withdrawing from social activities you. As teens develop a clearer sense of self, parents feel like they can provide more support and teens report fewer negative interactions with parents! While you can’t control the final set of “hats” your child decides fits best, what’s most important is to support the process of gaining a consistent sense of self across different settings. Sense-of-self identification is often associated with physical attributes (e.g., physical attractiveness), physical prowess (e.g., athletic accomplishments), or physical possessions during the elementary and middle school years.

We all have a sense of self-identity that has been formed by our experiences throughout our lives. This identity can change. Maybe as a child you were more of a loner, sitting in the back of the. The unfair fact remains that in the absence of secure, loving, and nurturing parental figures, one must learn to parent themselves in order to survive. Even when that person is a child.

Babies create a sense of self within loving relationships. Each baby is a unique blend of innate characteristics. Some babies are easily soothed, while others are more particular about what soothes them.

Each teacher is also unique, responding to babies with their own characteristics and experiences. 1. Boys’ sense of self is based in a radical rejection of the feminine (the mother). 2. Women’s identities are more connected to others because a girl shares gender with her mother. b. identify too strongly with a same-sex parent c. identify too strongly with an other-sex parent d. have an overly lenient superego. are threatened, criticized, and punished excessively by adults c. can lead to an exaggerated sense of self-importance that persists into adolescence d. contributes greatly to.

Private self-awareness is when kids are aware of something about themselves that other people might not be. For example, some kids get butterflies in their stomach before reading in front of the class.Knowing that means they’re nervous is private self-awareness. Our earliest sense of self is formed as a result of interactions with our family members and caregivers.

As discussed in the course on Social-Emotional Development, infants use signals such as crying, smiling, cooing, or moving their bodies to let their caregivers know their needs.

List of related literature:

The infant also begins to develop a sense of self, which includes the awareness of a separate self and the understanding of self-permanence (subjective self) and an awareness of herself as an object in the world (objective self).

“Cognitive Behavior Therapy in Clinical Social Work Practice” by Arthur Freeman, EdD, ABPP, Tammie Ronen, PhD
from Cognitive Behavior Therapy in Clinical Social Work Practice
by Arthur Freeman, EdD, ABPP, Tammie Ronen, PhD
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During later childhood, aged 3-5 years, the child develops a clear concept of itself as a ‘me’, knowing it is a person in itself, and is no longer dependent on its parents in familiar situations.

“Textbook and Color Atlas of Traumatic Injuries to the Teeth” by Jens O. Andreasen, Frances M. Andreasen, Lars Andersson
from Textbook and Color Atlas of Traumatic Injuries to the Teeth
by Jens O. Andreasen, Frances M. Andreasen, Lars Andersson
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During later childhood, aged 3–5 years, children develop a clear concept of themselves as ‘me’, knowing they are a separate person and no longer dependent on their parents in familiar situations.

“Textbook and Color Atlas of Traumatic Injuries to the Teeth” by Jens O. Andreasen, Frances M. Andreasen, Lars Andersson
from Textbook and Color Atlas of Traumatic Injuries to the Teeth
by Jens O. Andreasen, Frances M. Andreasen, Lars Andersson
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Based on interactions with those who are responsible to care for them (most often parents), children form perceptions about their identities, others, intimacy, and emotions as early as the first year of life.

“God Attachment: Why You Believe, Act, and Feel the Way You Do About God” by Tim Clinton, Joshua Straub
from God Attachment: Why You Believe, Act, and Feel the Way You Do About God
by Tim Clinton, Joshua Straub
Howard Books, 2010

Then, in the phantasmic/ emotional level (F-2), the toddler develops a sense of her emotional self: Realizing she feels different emotions than other people do, she develops a sense of emotional identity separate from them.

“Theoretical Models of Counseling and Psychotherapy” by Kevin A. Fall, Janice Miner Holden, Andre Marquis
from Theoretical Models of Counseling and Psychotherapy
by Kevin A. Fall, Janice Miner Holden, Andre Marquis
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The Child Self: The Child self is the “me”, emotional, spontaneous, intuitive, inventive soul who speaks and acts in an emotional, impulsive way.

“Human Manipulation A Handbook” by Malcolm Coxall, Guy Caswell
from Human Manipulation A Handbook
by Malcolm Coxall, Guy Caswell
Malcolm Coxall Cornelio Books, 2013

As the child develops and interacts with the environment, a portion of her total private world (perceptual field) gradually becomes recognized as “me” (differentiated as the self), and the child forms concepts about herself, about the environment, and about herself in relation to the environment.

“Play Therapy: The Art of the Relationship” by Garry L. Landreth
from Play Therapy: The Art of the Relationship
by Garry L. Landreth
Brunner-Routledge, 2002
fromm’s view also supports a view where identity formation begins prior to adolescence, when the development of a sense of self that is separate from parental figures begins and extends into adulthood, when agency and a sense of self-efficacy may be challenged with new life roles.

“Encyclopedia of Counseling” by Frederick T. Leong
from Encyclopedia of Counseling
by Frederick T. Leong
SAGE Publications, 2008

The sense of a separate self develops gradually in early childhood, within the interaction with the environment, particularly with the mother.

“The Point of Existence: Transformations of Narcissism in Self-Realization” by A. H. Almaas
from The Point of Existence: Transformations of Narcissism in Self-Realization
by A. H. Almaas
Shambhala, 2000

On the basis of this generalization, the child first develops a self-evaluation, and the child enters a new period of life in which the first instants of self-consciousness begin to be formed.

“The Collected Works of L. S. Vygotsky: Child Psychology” by Lev Semenovich Vygotskiĭ, Marie J. Hall, Robert W. Rieber, Aaron S. Carton
from The Collected Works of L. S. Vygotsky: Child Psychology
by Lev Semenovich Vygotskiĭ, Marie J. Hall, et. al.
Springer US, 1987

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  • But know this, that in the last days perilous times will come: For men will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy, unloving, unforgiving, slanderers, without self-control, brutal, despisers of good, traitors, headstrong, haughty, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God, having a form of godliness but denying its power. And from such people turn away!

    II Timothy 3:1‭-‬5 NKJV

  • The people pleaser struck me hard. I always struggle with that. I’m afraid that if I don’t want to do something someone else wants to do or agree with them, they’ll get upset with me and not want to deal with me anymore. Especially with friends. If they have some things in mind they want to do that I’m not a big fan of, I’m afraid of saying ‘No’ to them. So I always say ‘Yes’ to keep them happy. Even when I myself am not deep down

  • Sometimes, I don’t feel like inviting my intelligent friend to my parents…because sometimes, I just feel like she is more proud at them more than me-

  • As long as I can remember I was told by my parents that I was insane whenever I told the truth. I was suffering from life threatening anxieties of getting schizophrenic for more than 10 years. Until I started therapy and realized how toxic my “so wonderful” parents have been.

    Be aware folks, this process is very demanding.

  • all 10 Signs applies to me plus physical abuse, plus I had a relationship and tried everything to make it work, but for her its never enough. I feel like my future is dark, no confidence, have learning disabilities, have little to no friends, but thankful the handful of people who have helped me. hope these miseries will end in future.

  • Most mother always show love at a young age for me I didn’t realize I was being emotionally abused until today and it’s been for a long time my mom always made me feel like I am the really bad one but I am very nice and easy to talk too I also get attached to people when I feel that we are close and good friends and whenever I hit my lowest I have emotional stuff going on

  • That’s all bullshit, that’s just his personal experience. Keeping it real is knowing objective moral values and keeping them. Therapy is stealing money, how about they pray to the real GOD JESUS about it and the barber, bartender, tattoo artist, local service person is a better therapist.

  • So let’s all spoil our children rotten and let them kick scream and bite so they grow up and grow out of it. Nah, I’ve seen spoilt brats turn into awful adults and kids with discipline grow up with respect

  • 0:49 “Number one: You reach for a sense of unhealthy perfectionism.” S… Sometimes. Maybe.:(

    1:38 “Two: You are over-competitive.”… Sometimes, it depends. Cough Like when I’m eating… cough

    2:45 “Three: You are a people pleaser.” I implore you not to call me out like that.

    3:15 “Four: You’re a little more detached from others.” Hurrmaybe.

    4:12 “Five: You have a loud inner critic.” Dude mine’s always screaming at me.

    4:54 “Number six: You get offended easily.” I’ve becoming more and more offended in several situations now, yeah…

    5:26 “And seven: You might be too self-aware.” Stop calling me out, I get it by now. I’m insecure.:(

  • Very true. Lord help us to search for the love within, and help us to truly know who we are. Know who you created us to be in every way in Jesus name. Amen.

  • I need to stop watching this stuff at two AM and realizing me and my mom need therapy for the same things. Yes, it’s 2 52 AM and I’m crying cuz my mom needs therapy, no, I will not go to sleep like a reasonable person

  • Do i hide my true self and what i’m capable of? Not really, false modesty just as bad as an over sized ego.
    I’m just… Simply not making a deal out of it. But as the world goes by, if you not put it affront of you home,
    in a huge neon sign you can add one and one? They are all think, you are nothing… Stupid MF’S!

  • I am going to recommend you to a man that can help you okay because he helped me the same way so I am sure is going to help you okay I am going to recommend you to a man that can help you okay because he helped me the same way so I am sure is going to help you okay but it we take some token +2348146352165

  • I’m a high school graduate and I want to go to a beauty college to become a hair stylist, makeup artist and a nail tech, but I can’t because my mom wants me to pursue business and I told her about this and she agreed to let me go, not before I pursue business so, I have to wait for years, until I can pursue my dream. I cry everyday, because this is not what I want my future to be.

  • These things are what we want but not what we need. Friends (end) bestfriend (end) boyfriend (end) girlfriend (end) family (ily I love you) don’t pick anyone over your family!!! If you need advice and someone to talk to then talk to God. He listens, he sees, and he knows. I love you!! God loves you!! Your parents love you!! Have a great week!

  • Something that’s been bothering me a lot lately is that I feel as though I can’t be my authentic self around my dad. If I have a different opinion then him, I don’t say it and I’m afraid of being honest with him. This bothers me a lot because your father is someone you should be very close to and feel like you can be yourself around, but I feel as though I often don’t say what I believe or get mad at someone like him when I feel that way; instead I just suck it up so that our relationship doesn’t get worse.

  • This resonates with me so much, growing up with a depressed mother and a violent abusive brother, I was never allowed to express my worries and fears and was always demanded to be good and calm, and all the attention was directed towards my brother who for 6 years abused me, those years were hell for me and yet my mother still takes his side justifing it all by him being “ill”, while I myself have depression and anxiety yet if I do the same thing she just blames me and says I’m evil

  • This is my mom:
    She’s emotionally manipulative, I didn’t know till now. I thought it was normal
    1. She guilt trips me when I say something
    2. She compares me to everything and everyone
    3. She tells me that shes loves me then screams at me
    4. She gets angry at me for random reasons
    5. She has giant expectations that I CAN’T fulfill
    6. She’s the ”Victim”
    7. She’s an angel in public
    8. I’m a trophy
    9. I want to be a lawyer but she doesn’t allow me to go that way
    10. She gaslights me

    I’m in Grade 7

  • Yo say I am positive 9/10 those things do happen…small things trigger my mom one time I left a bottle a bit elsewhere where it supposed to be she took it smashed it against the counter, it thing in it splattered and replied “you will clean this” with everything I do she always tells me “you will not have anything by this” and “it’s a result of those stupid retarded and idiotic games” constantly compares who is better…me or my step brothers….and always end up in a fight and in the end I am the one who is idiot in it and brat…..she vents on me everytime she had bad day at school…..she always acts so mean….and today I accidentally left something white on counter a small thing that isn’t hurting only mildly annoy but she picks it up and slapped me then proceed to guilt me for 2 hours…I was thinking about running away to my grandpa…..and she constantly wants to know my salary….and when I dont want to tell her she is mad……I don’t know what to do I am talking about this with my grandpa and always begging him not to tell mom….or with psychiatrist….but then the feeling that I am lying…..that they will call for my mom and invite her and she would tell that I lie…I wouldn’t have much to defend myself or else it would result in shouting back at home…

  • 1, 3, 5, 7. It’s hard not to be overly perfectionistic because romantic partners, bosses, friends, and family members, and deities require perfection from you. If you aren’t perfect, you won’t be loved by the people closest to you, and when you die, you go to Hell. That’s what I normally hear.

  • “why are you always so rude?”

    “do it or else”

    “my fault? give me your phone”

    “im gonna punish you”

    “shut up trash”

    “im doing this for your own good”

    “why cant you play piano like your friend?”

    “im getting your dad”

    “you dont deserve privacy”

  • Idk if someone can help me honestly I am soooooo lost I have 2-3weeks to decide what I am going to do with my life which major I am gonna choose and I dont knowwww who I am what I wanna do I dont even have any hobbies or talent and I’m so scared

  • Actually this channel is the only channel i can relate to but sadly parents think this is normal because they are Mexican and had it “way worse”

  • Except for me my friends are my body guards and my house has high alert like 24/7 and im soo secured not even a burglar could enter my house im sooo lucky��.

  • My parents tell me what to do almost all the time. And I usually don’t have a choice or a saying. Like for example when my mom’s friend ask me if I want to come over and play with their kid, my mom would say “You don’t have too, okay?” like, dude, let me choose what i want to do.

  • What if children in some areas of the world get so used to expressing their true, not cramped self, that they stay this way, because more and more of it gives them natural joy? What if they then turn out crappy adults because of this limitless consent to be oneself, that had been given to them? Being given it then does not seem like an ideal start, does it?

  • Every thing in this video is my mom she never cares what I show her only if it’s things that make her happy and I try to tell her and she never wants to hear it

  • Thank you so much for this! I was on the verge of tears when I found this I was so happy! You explain everything so much better than my lecturer and I’m so grateful you made these videos thank you!!

  • I can relate to 1 3 6 8 and 10
    They once threatened to lock all of our electronics in a box and send them away just because of out bad attitudes

  • That point about praise is so true and I’ve never considered it. Even though I have low self esteem and have things about myself I don’t like, I still want people to enjoy the things that I do like. I want them to see my drawings and hear my jokes and be happy. But then I feel guilty because it feels to vain to think people should spend their time on me. Y’all feel?

  • I stay awake until 2am at night to please my teachers with my work, in the day I play games with my friend, because I think they would not like me if I don’t play with them. I don’t know how to refuse them. I don’t want my teachers to think I’m bad.

  • They put in my head the idea that I am a victim. Everytime I call for help, every time I explain them my situation, tell that I have depression, they say im fine and just a victim. They say im fine. F I N E.

  • Yeah, right. Let’s all just unrestrict our young and make even more narcissistic people who think they deserve to ignore others needs because they are the only one who matters. I had to stop the video because I couldn’t take any more of the bullshit it was trying to feed me. You can’t be serious! And then the people that have commented thus far… Please people, don’t believe this total crap �� psychology mumbo jumbo. As the song says, “you are what you are and you ain’t what you ain’t “. “Listen up buster and listen up good, stop looking for bad luck and knocking on wood “-signed, Dear Abby. Don’t over-complicate things, keep it simple, stupid. Yeessh!

  • I can’t be reading and listening at the same time. Multitasking means everything gets done half ass rather than focus on one thing or another.

  • What about the parent or guardian that treat you like a maid or a slave your whole life then treat you like an adult as a child and then a child as an adult?
    Then the relationship is so strained you can’t go on any further but the other person keeps pushing it forcing it to work even though it’s not what is this situation called?

  • i never had any good education back in puerto rico, i came to california by myself without anything after having to build my business by myself i lost everything after hurricane maria i feel neglected and to this day i’m still sleeping in a shelter, i don’t have a home my family cannot support financially, one thing is i don’t give up to find myself:(

  • Try not to take telling parents to back off so literally, that’s just an expression telling them that you need privacy and boundaries

  • How well do you know yourself? Let us know in the comments below and to join your fellow School of Life audience members, be sure to download our new free app:

  • Honestly I’ve been trying to figure out who I am because am someone who wants to change pple tend to isolate themselves not that I give af so everybody tends to judge you like they know or something and honestly I am tired of everybody’s shit if a person disrespects who I am old or young I ain’t taking in there shit and honestly I’ve been too nice and silent and pple still judge me.Any recommended app to help me find a travel buddy I want to travel…

  • My mom won’t back the freak off she thinks that she can control me. Huh worst mistake she ever made. I might as well go back to my dad’s house

  • This makes great sense, but how do you build, or can you ever build, a coherent sense of self if the early developmental stage is absent?

  • At 1:58 I really think you should say “if we’re lucky” not “if we’re blessed”. I’m not religious, but if you are, and you believe in being blessed, i don’t think you would believe that some people are blessed but others are not for no particular reason. The stoic philosopher Epictitus said “But he is a bad father. [Are] you naturally entitled, then, to a good father? No, only to a father.” That line really hit me and I loved that line the second i read it (#30 in the link below). I spent years being angry that my father was emotionally neglectful, never affectionate, constantly ignored me, and constantly acted like i did something wrong or spoke to me (the only time he spoke/still speaks to me, is to accuse me of doing something that i didn’t do, scold me for something he thinks i should do differently, or ask me something frivolous if i am far away, like about the weather, because that is what people ask people who are in a different place, he thinks ) with a very accusatory tone. It constantly made me for years feel like i could never do anything right, when i was a very good kid who never lied and never did anything wrong at all, but still i felt completely hated and rejected. This of course, led me to seek out relationships with the same type of person, people who didn’t really like me and didn’t treat me right or show me love, hoping to correct that rejection and disapproval of me that he had. Of course, this never works, and sets most anyone who does it, which is most everyone who had an abusive parent, into the same abusive and dysfunctional relationship you had with your parent who couldn’t love you in the way you wanted and needed, because they themselves were probably rejected by their parent who was like that from their parent’s abuse or some other adverse situation or trauma they experienced in their lives. Some of us are born to great parents who are well-adjusted and loving at the right amount, some to acceptably mediocre parents who messed us up a bit, but not horribly, and some us just got the short end of the stick, with co-dependent and domineering parents, or dismissive and neglectful or abusive parents. I got a combination of complete neglect and complete domineering both ignoring me on one end, and pulling me to close on the other. It’s sad to see so many situations like these. But there are very many people like this, and no one who had an abusive parent or a neglectful one should feel they are not blessed, or less blessed than the rest. It’s simply the luck of the draw and we are not promised a good parent, just a parent, and sometimes the parent can’t even be a parent at all. It is not your fault, or often, not even their fault, although, they had a chance as adults to know themselves and correct their own defects and exercise their own demons and did not, so for that, you can be angry. But do not let it overtake your whole life. Luckily, you are here now, online, on YouTube, learning about yourself so that you don’t continue the cycle. The trauma and dysfunction and abuse stops here. So congrats to everyone on this journey to know yourself. The way our parents treat and raise us, is often a direct reflection of how their parents treated and raised them. It’s not that some of us are blessed or not blessed, because if you believe in that, you’d believe that God loves everyone equally and looks upon everyone equally. It’s just simply the luck of the draw in what humans who we happen to be born to, and what traumas they themselves experienced or what their personality is like. Of course, we can hopefully sooner than later for most, unlike myself who didn’t learn this for half my life realize that we do not know ourselves at all, have never been in tune with ourselves or lost that tuning over years through listening to toxic people who think they will feel better about themselves by tearing you down they won’t… their anger and hate and sadness comes from within and can only be cured from within, but they don’t know this, and even if they do, are unable to change due to mental illness.. Many of us have lied to ourselves about who we are and what we really want, performing that exact juggling act shown in the video, for family, friends, and acquaintances for far too long, but we can learn and we can change things and gain an understanding of ourselves and our own minds. I believe this to be true, and i appreciate this video for showing this to the many people of the world who need it. Thanks. ‘The Enchiridion’ by Epictitus and ‘Know Thyself’ from Ancient Greece

  • I kinda wasn’t punished…
    When I behaved appalling, I was just sent to my room to protect the rest of the family from the toxic atmosphere I created and to reflect on the errors of my ways.
    Afterwards mother and I would “talk it through” in the kitchen.
    I sat on a chair while she stood above me. She would pick a few examples from my naughty list corresponding with the recent offence.
    Then she would repeat again and again how bad I was.
    A classic was when my brother had pulled my hair, causing me to scream.
    Mother decided he did not pull that hard. The problem was my ridiculous sore scalp. If I had a normal pain threshold it wouldn’t have hurt at all. “In other words, you allowed yourself to terrorise the entire family because of an imagined offence”
    During these talks I could fade out. So mother had to upt her game to get through to me.
    A favorite was sticking her finger down her throat and gag. “This is how people feel about you”

  • Yeah… I think I can relate myself to this, overthinking and being insecure of myself. Me being a fresh graduate, I always delay job hunting even though everything is prepared for my first interview and be accepted into a job. Though my internship left a reminder an made like a sort of… I dunno, assumptions things will be the same during internships with menial tasks while others get to enjoy and explore new office equipments.

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  • I tried to teach my mom some of this videos to softly call her out on her manipulative and toxic behaviours and she said “Gladly i don’t do any of that” what do i do when she denies to accept that she’s doing wrong

  • Video: You might be miserable because you were forced to be someone else when you were young
    The Gays: look nervously from side to side

  • Can you please do a video on the true self and the false self. I had to Google search it. I hope you decide to do a video and a discussion on this topic. I hope it’s Live Stream.

  • I have difficulty connecting with my emotions, but Im happy that I come to know myself a little better now. I’m on the process of befriending who am really am.

  • We all have moments of insecurity, whether it is caused by rejection or difficult situations. But, feeling insecure even after can take a toll on your emotional and physical well-being.

    In the long-run, personal insecurities may keep you from romantic relationships or job opportunities. They can even lower your self-esteem and devolve into anxiety.

  • I literally can’t talk to my brown parents bcs they take everything out of context and don’t believe in a word u say about common sense

  • Everything in nature os shoved by something else flowers dont grow…
    The light from the sun pulls membranes.
    And soil and variois nutrients dictate its flourishment or decay

  • Analyze your thoughts and question why you think things. Identify what is wrong and change your mindset. We all have flaws and the growth is the important part. Try to see the truth and goodness in every situation

  • Sometimes, I don’t feel like inviting my intelligent friend to my parents…because sometimes, I just feel like that they are more proud at them more than me-

  • Thank you for your words but after being a Listener for so long and being a super easy child to deal with I say you become part what is wanted and a bit what you want. What you want to be stays in the bottom it what is needed that is demanded of you many lives depends of you making right choice and greatest good for all, I can’t be that selfish.

  • I have identified my false and real self. Living a false self is very energy consuming but real self is too dangerous and unattractive. this is sad. I am almost stagnated in my life.

  • Thank you Dr Aguiyi spell caster for what you have done for me am so greatful my lover is back to me and we are now living happily together. you can get in contact with this Dr on email: via, [email protected] or whatsapp +2348151642717.
    Facebook page:

  • I was thinking of writing a bunch of questions and answering them, sort of like I’m interviewing myself. I guess that could help me understand myself more and what I want. Then I’ll have a better understanding of what I need to work towards. Ex: ” What were some things you experienced when you were younger? How do you think that effects you today?” ” What is your support system?” ” What are some toxic traits that you have? Where do you believe they come from? “

  • The title is somewhat misleading. The video talks more about the background of lack of self identity and only the last minute or so explains how to get there which is basically just saying you need to see a psychologist

  • I hate my dad, what he does is whenever hes annoyed he’ll get me into his room at 9 pm and yells at me and sometimes hits me while I have to say that I’m an idiot and I always side with my mum because it’s easy. Whenever I have money and he gets annoyed (about once every 3 days) he takes my money. for example he got pissed yesterday because ms.marvel was the main character of marvel’s avengers on steam

  • You only told what are the causes that we aren’t able to know ourselves, and the consequences of knowing/not knowing ourselves. But, you didn’t tell any methods to know yourself, seeking a psychotherapist is what everyone can do. The video is fantastic but the caption is misleading.

  • Can someone help me find the video where the narrator says: “on death beds medals aren’t given for consuming large bowl is misery”

  • Religious teachings, that we are born flawed (sinners), is the poison. Religion is for taking advantage of Illiterate People. Its a tool of Psychopaths. And lazy People like it, because they don’t want to take responsibility for their Lives. With healthy Parenting, there is no self doubt. Only a strong well structured Self Esteem.

  • I emotionally neglected my daughter, my mom emotionally neglected me, her mom emotionally neglected her and that’s as far as I know.

  • I spend alot of time alone usually go and do and see things I enjoy alone like concerts, book stores, bar etc and end up socializing and people are sometimes say I have alot of courage for going out alone but I don’t mind because it’s what I love to do!:)

  • I was just looking for something to watch while I got ready, instead I got called out T-T

    But seriously, thank you so much for these videos. They’ve helped me with some of my friends and with my own self. They really make me stop and think about things and I always feel like I’ve learned something. The animation always keeps me watching while the story/information keeps me listening.

    Sorry this is kind of a lot, had a lot to say 😉 Thanks again for these amazing videos! See ya!

  • My mom lives to play victim and make me the villain. She blames me for everything and all I do is hide away in my room 24/7 from everyone

  • I think this would be easier to understand without the accent english isn’t my first language so it’s hard for me it’s like a very deep english hard to understand

  • When I quit social media (not literally all accounts) just those things were I can see posts from anyone I know it gave me time for myself. I’m learning about something now. I’m not there yet but I’m becoming into something new. Just hold on.

  • Throughout the entire video, i kept thinking: “Is this real? Really? Wouldn’t that spoil the kid? Doesn’t spoiling the kid results in bad consequences?”

  • The thing is I act so confident and I am quite a bubbly person but I’m actually quite insecure. I relate to everything in this video

  • You don’t just wake up oneday and think “Oh I found myself I know who I am”, it’s a life-long journey, everyday as you live with yourself and you pay attention to your own thoughts and behaviors, and become more aware of all your senses, you understand yourself more and more. There’s so much depth and so many layers to us, we mightve lived a thousand lifetimes before this current incarnation. So imo it’s nearly impossible to know yourself 100% as you can’t really know all that your soul has been through and carried with it for lifetimes. That’s why it’s a journey and not something you obtain.
    Knowing yourself is seeing yourself from your lenses, your own perspective and not from others’ eyes or perception of you.
    Sometimes we just need a simple reminder that who we truly are is not just a random human born on earth just because, we’re actually spiritual beings having a human experience to fulfill a purpose.

  • i am in so much pain, i am 17, and i am such a kind highly sensitive person, i am a huge empath and very selfless, but growing up my family was very mean to me, i was not mirrored and neglected. if i fell of my bike and got hurt i’d hear “good, now shut the fuck up and go to your room” if i was sad i was told i was a burden, growing up has been so hard, i have constantly had to seek validation from others and outside of me because i hate myself so so much. i’ve set my self worth upon grades, needing to get straight a’s to feel like i’ve done anything right. last year i was in a relationship where someone truly truly loved me for me, for the first time someone mirrored me and loved me so much and i loved them so deeply. i have been abandoned several times in the past, so i slowly started to convince myself after months with them that i am not good enough and love them more than they love me because no one could ever truly love me, and that i should leave before they leave me, so i left, just like that. after we broke up they.. handled the breakup and pain by anger, they spoke so rudely to me and acted as if i was nothing ans rebounded so quickly, and i interpreted this as my proof that i am nothing and i felt so hurt because the only person who has loved me or mirrored me was being so mean to me. it has been a year since the breakup and i have completely lost all sense of self. i feel so worthless and no matter how many good things i accomplish or no matter what good things people say about me i feel like i am nothing if my ex doesnt still care about me when i am still so deeply in love w them and haven’t been able to move on. i know that i need to start loving myself but no one understands just how hard that is when my entire childhood was me being hated and neglected. i feel like i am left with this responsible to fix myself when i cannot and it is making me so deeply suicidal. i am a HSP and i have OCD severe generalized anxiety and severe depression along with panic disorder. my life feels so unbearable and for the past year everyrhing about me has surrounded around positive memories of the good things my ex said about me, i am realizing lately that it is time to let them go and i am going to send them a message explaining how i truly felt and how they had hurt me in a few day’s to finally let this go, but idek who i will be ans what i’ll be without them and their love. i don’t wanna be here anymkre

  • This animations are so cool, makes me hook into the video right away! we actually just posted a new video on our channel about How to Know Yourself. Would love to hear your thoughts since you seem to be very like minded.

  • I wasnot insecure about myself
    Some fu**ing stupid people make me to be insecure
    Now im again gaining my old confidence by ignoring this sh*ts

  • I usually love your video, but not sure about this one. Moral of the story: Go see a therapist if your parents didn’t validate your feelings when you were younger. Nah, how about meditation and listen to your inner voice to know your self? That was the key to becoming my one best friend.

  • Me tells my parents I am depressed
    My mom* gets a mental breakdown, belittle my emotions and compares my struggles to other people because my problems isn’t that bad*
    My dad*refuses to accept the fact depression exists*

  • Holy Shit, at 57 I think I’m too old to enjoy a normal life anymore. I had a BITCH of an older sister growing up who controlled my life as a child. I hate her to this day.

  • I’m sorry but your analysis of how a toddler views the World and itself within the World is false.  A child at that age interacts within the environment but does not gain an identity from it.Please read a book on self identity.  I would go further into detail but I have a class in this room with me and was going to use this video as an educational tool until I watched it.  I’m sorry

  • there’s one thing I’ve said before, I told my dad that my phone was my business and then he told me “you’re my business.” like??

  • My true and false selves, they both hollerin to meet that special person who’s gonna be my therapist in the not-so-near future. I’m gonna break your favorite vase with l o v e, baby:3

  • Any guys out here insecure about their adams apple too?
    It might sound weird but i feel like mine moves too much when swallowing and it is too obvious etc.

  • Whenever I criticize my mom for not taking care of my mental health she yells at me and says that if I think she is a bad mom I should move to my aunt’s house. She does that in public too. But I can’t do that because she lives across the country and I have a brother.

  • what about a delusional belief like i think i dont exit and i am just a 3 way opinion interaction between my step moms nephew and her sister this people r for ever in my head i feel they live in my head i know ther is no one in my head but this delusion has swallowed my whole mind i live in this lens how do i free myself?

  • My problem is that I am very emotional pearson and in the same time I care about others opinion too much. For some reason I’ve always wanted everybody to like me and that’s where I lost myself. I don’t know who I am anymore. I always try to hide my insecurity behind smile and happiness and everyone thinks that I am the happiest person in the world but the truth is I am anxious and depressed and afraid to show my real self. I also act like outgoing pearson but I get so tired every time. I just want to calm down and stop caring as I used to do two years ago when I loved myself. But I’ve never actually had real friends. Sometimes I hate everybody bcs I think they are happy and having good time. I just want to calm down and live a life. Love you all❤️

  • I don’t know who I am. When I look in the mirror I feel like I’m looking at a stranger. I feel like I’m living in a dream, like I don’t really exist, like I’m nothing.

  • If u didn’t find any therapist, just kidnaped one people from ur neighbour, easily beat their head and put them in your car, then u can sing, cry, angry, and doing things to him/her

  • No wonder………. I am speechless right now
    /D Painful feelings… for me
    ( Double the pain to stop…
    \D It stops and It will be back soon….

  • I think I’m pretty blessed for knowing who I am and appreciating myself in a society where I see most of my peers being the complete opposite

  • Man. I just realized in insecure.

    1. I think I need to do everything perfectly because if I don’t I’ll get yelled at
    2. I an a huge people pleaser
    3. I don’t really trust people due to some fake friends and my parents divorce
    4. Loud inner critic (sometimes around math test and I think in doing good but then my inner critic says I probably got everything wrong(
    5. I’m used to bullying I just don’t listen to it and ignore it sooo

  • I wanna try stand my ground but.. Ill get beaten the crap out of me if i doT-T and my mom compares me to my older sister SO MUCH, even this literall genius girl that i was in class with once.. My mom: WHY ARENT YOU LIKE HER!? SHE GOT INTO THAT HIGHSCHOOL AND YOU DIDNT! YOU WERE BOTH IN THE SAME CLASS SO HOW COME YOU DIDNT GET IN!? CUZ YOUR LAZY, YOUR ALREADY 11! YOUR NOT A CHILD ANYMORE! GROW UP FOR GOD’S SAKE

  • Some of this is really bullshit. My parents always said I was feeling the opposite of what I was really feeling and put me down, but I’m more connected to my emotions than anyone around me. I also still have righteous indignation and feel like if anything is true at all its my own feelings:/

  • I fake my personality in everything religon, love,smile, friendship, my dreams and ect……………….
    I don’t know what too do.
    I feel hurt.
    I want to know who I am
    I hope I can be myself In the future.

  • I think I got insecurity from others, I’m still too young and if I say things like “I might have anxiety or insecurities” people won’t believe me and just make fun of it, but something that my whole family agrees on is that I’m insecure, not many try to make me feel accepted to how I am, and most just make fun of me and shame me for it
    Ever since I got to elementary school, the kids h a t e d me, I never understood why honestly, I tried my best to make friends, though getting to third grade, that’s when one of my parents decided to start shaming me and comparing me to others
    I was yelled at for not being like other kids, why I was shy, why I had trouble making friends, why my grades were never enough, why my body wasn’t good enough, why I was fat, why I was like this and the other kids were completely normal, what went wrong with me that made a disgrace, and a lot more

    I knew that I was a disgrace to the family and a disappointment since I was 9, never getting good enough, but I didn’t mind it, it only started effecting me when I turned 11
    That’s when I started to become insecure, well, I was always shy due to not being allowed to get outside at all as a kid, the first time I got outside on my own when I was 11, and that’s when I found out that I was insecure and couldn’t even decide what to do, I even decided to go to self harm to try to fix it
    (edit: it’s really regrettable, please don’t ever do this, it’s been years since I did it and the marks are still there, every time I see them they remind me of how shameful I am, they can make you feel like there’s nothing wrong for the time being but later on whenever you look at them you remember what made you do them, except worse. Please don’t do it and stay safe)

    Until now my parent keeps shaming me for being different and having no personality and how they’re ashamed to have a child like me, I’ve been trying to tell myself that I’m fine and that I’m not like that but I just fail at everything and I can’t fool myself anymore, I’m having to deal with those thoughts 24/7 without a break, though it only gets extreme when my parent/uncles/aunts start shaming me again, I’ve honestly been avoiding all of them and trying ny best to not talk to them but my self image is destroyed
    I wanna talk about it but of course since I’m not in college yet, no one believes me and assume that I’m just being edgy or trying to seek for attention

    I know that I won’t be noticed but I really love these videos, I’ve been following this channel since 2018 and admired how much knowledge it gives about mental health, I love these videos and admire the people who make them ❤️

  • Wait did you guys install cameras in my home? ���� This is so me, I can‘t. And lately I have been feeling even worse about myself and my mental health is going down the hill… Thanks so much for these lovely made and informative videos though ❤️

  • Wow I feel really sorry for the parents that listen to this and think it’s true.
    They’re really going to have fun when their child has a temper tantrum in the middle of the grocery store because it’s being its true self.

  • I have a really hard time telling my friends about I’m insecure about my body because to them I look perfect and I say to them I feel like I’m fat but the only thing they say is “People dont understand what hating your body is and what the meaning of fat is”. And it just breaks my heart.. But I’m still trying to find a way to explain to them.

  • my dad said I’m not capable for living and finding a job… that’s the second evilest things after he said few years ago that I do not deserve anyone to love me

  • People have very often misinterpreted me for example I had to go to the bathroom in first grade and my teacher thought that I was asking to go so I could hang out with my friend but I didn’t even know she was in the bathroom the teachers didn’t let me go and I Peed my pants another instance was my friend showed me how getting a paper towel wet would have it stick to the wall… I didn’t really think it was cool and I didn’t like how it made a mess but I figured we’d clean it up after we were done and it would just be fun so I threw one and a little while later a teacher came in and saw us and she said that she expected it from me but she didn’t expect it from my friend but my friend was the one that showed me and she didn’t give a crap and I did and just throughout my life everybody just expected me to do some thing bad when I never showed anyone that I was this person… like I am one of the people that puts my cart back at the grocery store.. in my adulthood I always fFeel like people think I’m not telling the truth and I don’t know how to not feel that right at the moment I’m sure I’ll figure it out… but seriously why does that happen… I was a very confident kid I was Goofy and silly and hyper but also intelligent Quick thinking a born leader and the only thing that was a big problem was that I was dyslexic and I think my dyslexia combined with my hyperactivity nothing else was taken into consideration not the fact that I was very Honest and intelligent the minute you are labeled a jokester people don’t see you as anything else which is very ignorant on their part

  • 6:35 I am not so sure that all humans categorize. We know that some autistic individuals are really good at “neutrally” seeing things less personal/empathetic, less anthropocentric and, in a way, less holistically. They seem to view more detail instead of using this system1 kind of gut feeling about the social world. The idea is that they get overwhelmed by information because they cant chunk information in the same way that others do by categorization.

  • Lol, I am well aware that my parents are toxic, I just have to deal with it until I’m old enough to make money and move out, I’m still hoping I can at least make some money out of my youtube channel. ;-; Anyways they do everything for me, I don’t even have chores and when I try to help when I’m not playing games, they’re like “Oh I don’t need help” then like hours later, “Why don’t you help us, you’re so lazy and too addicted to games” like no, I’m not gonna fall for their tricks I am well aware and I work really hard just to move out.

  • I believe a patient, aware friend can do something similar to a therapist. If there is an agreement….They can listen to ranting, allow immaturity, etc. And you can feel very accepted and validated.

  • It weighs on me that we are moral being. I yearn to whatever I want without feeling bad or guilty. The life I chose is really exhausting��.

  • Things parents do I hate:
    Compare us
    Say they don’t care about our friends
    We open up and they put us down
    No privacy ‘because they pay for everything’
    We don’t do anything around the house
    (I think this is just me but) I get terrified every time they enter the room
    Telling us depression is just hormones
    Dig through our stuff
    (Like they said in the video) they keep showing us off like a trophy child then yell at us for not being social enough

  • Hey guys.
    Comparing or asking people of today to compare themselves to an old man who was “thinking” in the 60’s, is, FUCKED!!!
    What did he think about being told he has a “nice dick” on tinder, at the same time being told that “it is wrong wrong to send out pictures of your penis, for all the world to see?
    I’ll tell you…..
    He wasn’t. And no amount of “condescending brutish accent” will change that!
    Ps love the show and go fuck yourself.
    In the good way. Or the bad way.
    I’m sure you’ll do a podcast that will “clear it up” and, all so “fuck our brains so we feel stupid enough to end it all”
    Just so you know….Not going to end it all…Gonna be a stuck up cunt forever!

  • My dad ALWAYS compares me to others. When i was in cheer/volleyball in High School, he tried to get me to do basketball bc that’s what my god sister did. Now hes trying to get me to go to college in texas because my cousin goes there. He also blows up on me and abuses me when he finds out i lied to him. But i always have to lie to him. He doesn’t accept that i am bisexual. He says he doesn’t want a gay daughter. And he doesn’t agree with me smoking weed which is medicinal for me. Yet he wants me to tell him that i’m straight and i hate weed just to please him, when really hes damaging my mental health because i feel like i shouldnt have the things i want because it’s “not right”.

  • My parents usually just say, “We have high expectations for you”
    my good sir you just said, “B’s are unacceptable.”
    Jeez reading these comments make me feel like I’m not alone.
    Thank you for making these videos!

  • Did acid and moved to college in a different state and now I have no idea who I am and i’ve lost all identity. Everyday is a fog, I don’t enjoy talking to anyone or doing anything, and nothing feels real. Wooo

  • I always come here for taking a break from life and hear the voice and listen to these videos, they always give me great advice while I have a cup of tea….

  • Also self concept comes in stages with one stage the development of language which gives us memory m a traditional type of memory. This is from stages of development from Erick Erickson and peatcha

  • Im always feeling insecure everytime… I always give hints to my parents about that though when they finally come up to me I thought they got the point, but they said that I always act weird everywhere… And ever since then I shut myself because theres no hope for them to know their own child… Even if I said I was just insecure they wont believe me but they believe in other people besides my siblings and other relatives.

  • My mom doesn’t trust me and she always snoops in on my things. When I’m not around and she’s alone she looks through my phone because she makes the passwords. I want to change it but my mom would get mad and she would just take away my phone.

  • This screaming, deeply unhappy self shouldn’t need to be there much because parents should be looking after their child well enough so that it doesn’t get so distressed. Sometimes children have tantrums and ideally parents should be patient during them. However if kids are having lots of tantrums, then I think it’s probably because the children are getting too tired or being fed lots of sugary food or given tasks which are too complex for them.

  • This sounds fairytale idyllic in theory, but if practiced, all hell would break loose! The outcome would be narcissistic mini-monsters impossible to control, so as long as the world isn’t granted unlimited access to clone Super-Nanny Frost, messing up our kids by making them behave from the start is required in order for the adult population to survive

  • Regarding social identity people with well developed senses of self-concept don’t identify with one group such as a faith based fringe group, but they are very well socialized and mix with many personalities and groups, nor can they due to their well developed self-worth be intimidated or look to join one dominant group to feel a sense of belonging and self-worth as they feel very content with whom they are, and an internal sense of belonging within themselves, with feelings of wholeness and complete.

  • everysingle one of these is my fucking parents I wanna kill myself alredy I can’t take it anymore my parents and other people are ruining my life

  • Sometimes, I don’t feel like inviting my intelligent friend to my parents…because sometimes, I just feel like she is more proud at them more than me-

  • I am very secure of myself. I do everything alone because I know I can do everything alone. I do things most would require help to do or hire, “professionals,” to do for them. However, being sure and secure does not mean I am perfect. I am sure I am ugly, frightened of interpersonal social interactions in a face to face with just one other person. Just because I do not like to be social does not mean I am insecure about myself. I am just afraid people are always up do evil to me so I stay away from humans as much as I can. One can be secure of theirselves and still be antisocial, introverted, and reclusive.

  • I’m actually like….emotionally effed up rn that my parent does almost ALL of this…wtf wtf wondering why I’m depressed half the time I’m 19 and it still happens omg

  • The deeper you search for a “self” the more clear it will be that all “you” are is what you experience. “Finding” self is through liberating the very concept of poor little you

  • Kind of hard to move out of your toxic environment when the parent you live with makes sure you don’t get a job at the places you apply at just so they can keep complaining about you not having a job

  • Long story short: Someone will always be better than you, someone will always suck more than you, and in the end who cares if you are good or bad everybody will die at some point, so just have fun, make mistakes and live your life without taking it too seriously, because in the end everything people do doesn’t matter <3

  • The negative side effect of creating falsities in 3D around me has negatively impacted the dating process. After setting me up with a couple of fake dates, now I think everyone I meet could be fake… what you have done is both illegal and immoral. you need to separate real life from acting. I hope you get this mental model down.


    Gang stalking is real Gang stalkers are terrorists. HELP ME STOP THEM

    Watch: JOSE DELGADO’S PROFESSOR CREATES REMOTE CONTROL PEOPLE; organized stalking and harassment—OSI; organized stalking what you need to know—OSI;

    EBAY 6 executives— Cbs Boston;
    Gang record brain frequencies for with electronic and acoustic weapons— skizit;
    MONARCH: the new Phoenix program

    GOOGLE: psycho electronic weapon effects and total individual control technology

    Watch: voice of god weapon, synthetic telepathy,cybernetic hivemind, MKULTRA

  • If anyone wants more insight I have a podcast that is on the Best Sellers Podcast called Broken Rhythm I touch on topics such as self love and loneliness and how to become more in tune with yourself❤️ It’s “Broken Rhythm with Martha Gatwech”

  • What if we are our true selves and no one likes us for who we are?
    I mean I told my aunt I don’t enjoy the idea of dating someone ugly and she said I should not be like that. Also, I have a big issue. I’m stingy at core. She didn’t like this either.
    So every time we are true to others, we are blamed for who we are.

  • One big question on my mind is whether or not one should pursue personal development and stick to the relationship or if one should swap partners. This is a big question that has no ultimate answer, but I find it a very interesting. I myself carry all the failed relationships on my back because I belive in working through the problems, so much so that I still think I can fix relationships from 4-5 years ago because I have now figured who I was in relation to this person and that I’ve grown out of it. Maybe I am a special case because I never really pursued relationships before the age of 30 when I felt the time was right. It was a big shock for me in how I failed in so many ways and I have gone through a huge leap in personal development in the past 6 years as a result of this.

  • This is just brilliant. Has given me a totally different outlook on my children’s behaviours and more importantly my reactions. Considering the prefrontal cortex doesn’t fully develop until we are 25, it’s staggering to think we put so much pressure on our children to behave / fit in with what is deemed socially acceptable etc. There is a time and a place for discipline and there is a way to do it.

    I was told throughout my whole childhood / teenage years (and still to this day!) that crying / showing emotions was weak. It is with much joy to report I have grown to be the most emotionally overt person I can muster! �� In fact. I’ve done everything I could do defy my mum. This has gone hand in hand with doing everything I could to get her approval. Realising neither of these methods works I’ve reverted to just doing what the hell I like for me! Because I’m the only person I can actually satisfy.

    Work in progress but baby steps right?!

    I love these videos. Not everyone will understand them or value them but they have been very informative for me as I transition through the winding path of life!

  • BRILLIANT MESSAGE!! Not having any space where we can be ourselves can make life at work even more miserable, way more miserable than it already is. I noticed how I started to have a more successful professional life after going to therapy. Even if I was doing the same kind of job. Sorry if you’re tired of hearing it all comes down to your childhood but mainly it does!!!!

  • “Persuing a carrier you’re uncertain of” Yes my mother is exactly doing that. Can someone tell me how to heal with it ‘cuz she’s threatening me that she’d ruin the carrier of my choice (she behaves like a toxic, demanding, spoiled brat who’ll do anything it’s wish isn’t granted smh)

  • Maybe I’m just mad about myself for not taking action but may I ask how this video will help me deal with my insecurity? Like knowing the name of my problems don’t solve them.

  • Why do you make more of negative videos? I understand you are trying to bring self awareness but psychology can also be inspiring. No offence just my opinion I love this channel ❤️


  • The true self is scared to be, the false self protects it. It is only when the true self understands that it is ok, that it becomes what it is intended to be, what it always has been, and now free.

  • I never had people to interact with. My mother was on drugs and my father was distant, angry, uninvolved. Recently I started AA and moved into a sober house. While I don’t have a therapist, the work is extremely therapeutic. I believe I over-promise myself emotionally in some situations. While I can be very kind, and give people who need it really intense and intimate attention, I naturally find that I have my limits, and because I am unacustomed to taking my own space I find that when I need to close down I can snap shut and become mean or socially disoriented in other ways. I need to step back and really assess how much I can give, and also how I truly feel about how I’m being treated in the moment because I find that sometimes I actually feel disrespected, even if slightly, but respond by laughing or some form of approval. In trying to assess how I “truly” feel so that I can bring that to every conversation, I’m allowing myself to sulk, overreact, not care and just feel whatever those feelings are. This however does make me think of my deeper moments of meditation where I felt like I wanted to cocoon, to hold myself after sitting in the awareness of my fears. I might really allow myself to do that next time.

  • This is one thing that I can praise my mother for, she always let me be who I wanted to be. She let me explore activities like karate football track weightlifting etc but was also so happy when I found my love for videogames. I was always a pretty good kid but I think its because she would tell me everyday that she loved me and heavens missing an angel and i was it. We had our problems but I was always loved to a galactic degree and because of that I can be myself and actually be content with who I am. School of Life is Legendary ��.

  • Is there a theory that would argue that our actions within a category precede our self-identification? The video states that we begin to act like a student if we categorize ourselves as a student, but is there an idea that because we do things like go to class, we identify ourselves as a student?

  • My reactions:
    1. They do that all the time…(sometimes compares my sisters too).
    2. They don’t even let me change appearance…
    3. They ignore me alot…
    4. They want me to do things I don’t want too…
    5. My mom ignores me when I want to say something…
    6. It’s true…with me though
    7. It happens to me…
    8. Sometimes I feel like I am a sad excuse of life
    9. I get into another room for space,but they disturb me alot
    10. I learned how to do gacha life editing but they don’t appreciate it…

  • What do you think of the relationship between the true and the false self? Let us know in the comments or we have a discussion going on right now our app available free here:

  • My parents: compared me to my classmates, sibling, relatives and etc…. They don’t even care about my happiness…..

    Me: telling my feelings

    My parents:turned the conversation about my classmates and sibling

  • Yes i need help…i need councellor…i need someone with whom i can be free…all points mentioned are being practiced here daily…i need help…i wish no one gets parents like i have been gifted….its so hard to breath inside home theres no freedom of my choices they would be happy when i do as it is they want…in return things hurt me and i dont feel comfortable walking on there decisions….plz help me…

  • Watching these videos can be unbearable at times. The abusive ones who truly need this would never look for it or even acknowledge their fault.

  • Raise your Frequency and open your Heart with empathy and compassion..
    And self Love will flow to you as long as you Allow yourself to recieve it..
    This is how I manifested loving myself ��
    Watch my 5 steps to raise your frequency video to learn How ��
    AHIMSA ��

  • Thank you for your video. I was raised with most, if not all, of the issues that you talked about. I’m gonna be 44 and my life is still a mess even with 5 years of psychologists, therapy and 12 step work. How can I heal?