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How To: PROPERLY Wash Cloth Diapers

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How to wash cloth diapers. Step 1: Remove any solid waste. If your baby is solely breastfed, their poop is water soluble and technically doesn’t require any special Step 2: Put the dirty diaper into a pail or bag, until you’re ready to wash. Washing cloth diapers. Wash dirty diapers and diaper covers in a load separate from your other laundry.

You can wash the diapers and the diaper covers together unless they have different washing instructions from their manufacturer. Don’t overload the washing machine, or the diapers won’t get as clean and the friction between them will cause pilling of the fabric. Before You Wash Cloth Diapers You don’t have to make a big effort to clean up cloth diapers before you put them in your diaper pail or wet bag. Some parents swish them in the toilet or use a sprayer hooked onto the toilet water supply to spray off the mess.

Diapers that are just wet can get tossed into the bag immediately. Step #2: Wash a Load of Cloth Diapers First, dump all the dirty diapers in the washing machine and run a cold cycle to loosen up and get all the gunk out of the diapers. Once that first cycle is done, just turn the washer back on and add detergent. Wash the diapers in a washing machine.

Use hot water, and do not add fabric softener. Fabric softener can reduce the absorbency of the diapers. Use 3/4 of a cup of vinegar, instead. It will keep your diapers soft and absorbent. Put the diapers through a hot wash cycle.

The water temperature needs to be between 110 and 140 degrees Fahrenheit. If you have used detergent. Use your washer’s highest water level. Pre-rinse with cold water and no detergent.

Use a regular warm water cycle and cloth-friendly detergent (a detergent that rinses clean and cleans well!). Dry diapers in the dryer or hang dry or a combination of both. Clean poop from diapers according to instructions mentioned above.

Do a cold water rinse Do a hot water wash with Tide + Oxi Powder (I fill the scoop to the #1 level. Depending on the hardness/softness of your water, you may need to adjust this, but start there). The basic steps to washing cloth diapers include: Remove any solid waste from the diaper, prefold, or insert by spraying the diaper down with water.

Or you can also swish the soiled diaper around. Stripping cloth diapers, which removes mineral build-up from leaky, smelly diapers, is also recommended once in a while. Stripping diapers is as simple as running them through several hot, detergent-free washes.

To remove diaper cream residue and stubborn stains, rub some dish soap onto the diapers and rinse thoroughly before washing.

List of related literature:

Wash the diapers with mild soap or mild detergent in a washing machine or washtub (dissolve the soap well first), and rinse two or three times.

“Dr. Spock's Baby and Child Care: 8th Edition” by Benjamin Spock, Robert Needlman
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Wash the diapers with mild soap or detergent in a washing machine or washtub (dissolve the soap well first), and rinse two or three times.

“Dr. Spock's Baby and Child Care, 9th Edition” by Benjamin Spock, M.D.
from Dr. Spock’s Baby and Child Care, 9th Edition
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If using cloth diapers, rinse the diaper in a vinegar-and-water solution (1/2 cup of vinegar and 1/2 cup of water) after washing.

“The Harvard Medical School Family Health Guide” by Anthony L. Komaroff, Harvard Medical School
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Any of these remedies may be used—change diapers as soon as possible when wet or soiled; wash the area gently with soap and water; avoid disposable wipes with alcohol, perfume, or preservatives; expose the area to air; apply a thin layer of petrolatum or zinc oxide cream.

“Study Guide for Foundations of Maternal-Newborn and Women's Health Nursing E-Book” by Sharon Smith Murray, Emily Slone McKinney
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• Cloth diapers should be soaked, prerinsed, washed in a mild soap, double rinsed with ¼ cup of vinegar, and dried in the sun if possible.

“Pediatric Primary Care E-Book” by Catherine E. Burns, Ardys M. Dunn, Margaret A. Brady, Nancy Barber Starr, Catherine G. Blosser, Dawn Lee Garzon Maaks
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when washing your baby’s bottom, begin by using the old nappy to wipe away any poo, then clean around his bottom and creases with wet cotton wool balls‘ Once again, dry him with cotton wool.

“Your Baby Week By Week: The ultimate guide to caring for your new baby – FULLY UPDATED JUNE 2018” by Simone Cave, Caroline Fertleman
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To treat, soak baby’s bottom in warm water for five minutes; after soaking, if you detect a whiff of ammonia on baby’s diaper area, soak longer.

“The Baby Book, Revised Edition: Everything You Need to Know About Your Baby from Birth to Age Two” by Martha Sears, James Sears, William Sears, Robert W. Sears
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Dip cotton wool, a flannel or a sponge into one of the water containers to clean the top half of your baby, and then with new cotton wool, flannel or a rinsed sponge, using the other container of water to wash her bottom half.

“The Expectant Dad's Handbook: All you need to know about pregnancy, birth and beyond” by Dean Beaumont
from The Expectant Dad’s Handbook: All you need to know about pregnancy, birth and beyond
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Wash the diapers with mild soap or detergent in a washing machine or washtub (dissolve the soap well first), and

“Dr. Spock's Baby and Child Care: 9th Edition” by Benjamin Spock, Robert Needlman
from Dr. Spock’s Baby and Child Care: 9th Edition
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Do a regular wash cycle with hot water and a mild detergent or one formulated for sensitive skin or for baby’s skin; adding chlorine bleach in the quantities recommended by the manufacturer sanitizes and deodorizes.

“Laundry: The Home Comforts Book of Caring for Clothes and Linens” by Cheryl Mendelson
from Laundry: The Home Comforts Book of Caring for Clothes and Linens
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  • Thank you for the video! I’ve only used disposables with my son but I’m wondering how bulky the cloth diapers are under clothes? They look alot bigger/thicker than what I’m used to

  • Oof girl you are doing this all wrong. Nobody follow this routine. I have no idea how she doesn’t have repelling and barn yard stink, maybe she has a magical washing machine. The rashes are most likely caused by detergent build up. Seventh generation LIQUID is not recommended. Liquid detergents are best for removing oils, while powder is best for poop. I recommend switching to tide free and gentle powder (A on EWG) or seventh powder. Do the “swish test” on your diapers and see how much detergent is stuck in your diapers rubbing on your little one. You’re also not bulking the washer as it should, meaning they’re not being cleaned properly and just swishing around in way too much water.

  • I’m watching this like I’m due tomorrow. I’m only 5 weeks. But my husband and I decided a long time ago cloth diapering was the way for us. And I have a big family so baby shower will be asking for some pocket diapers, and some disposables for travel.

  • My name is Stephanie and I’m expecting my first baby in a few weeks…I feel like this video was for me haha! Thanks so much for all the information your confidence gives me confidence to tackle cloth diapers! Subscribed and will spend the rest of the day learning from you:)

  • I think you’re the only one I’ve watched who did a demo on “ how to use “ cloth diapers…. most of other videos they just “ talk “ about it. Lol thankyou for the video! I now have the idea on how to put the cloth diaper and how to dispense and clean them!

  • I’ve watched several videos tonight on how to use cloth diapers. I’m expecting and have use the disposable diapers in the past. This time around I would really like to use cloth diapers. I have to say I wasn’t confident until watching your video, thank you a bunches!! I can’t wait to start this journey ����

  • You wouldn’t have a musty smell if you washed more often, its really ideal to be every 2 or 3 days not 6 or 7. Thats why yours smell.

  • Ive been cloth diapeing for over a year and its definitely trial and error for best diapers and washing routines inserts are a whole another story I’ve discovered washing inserts and diapers separate work best also I highly recommend checking out happy beehinds or green mountain diapers they are inexpensive and work great

  • Question… If I buy 40 diapers, how many inserts do I need? Also, what kind of cloth diapers do I buy that will last from newborn til?

  • This is the best cloth diaper vid I’ve ever watched. It was so awesome!!! You did wonderful explaining everything and making it seem easy!

  • I hate poop, I hate smelling it and hell no I’m touching and washing poop diaper. I’m ok with using regular diaper dont care about the cost. It is just disgusting. I’m going to throw up just watching it yuck

  • Thank you so much! I’m going to be a first time mom and I am a little intimidated by cloth diapering. This was such a quick and comprehensive video for cloth diapers!!

  • As someone who wants to cloth diaper, but hasn’t been able to find good resources… this video is a life saver �� this is the information I needed in the way I needed it. Thank you SO much ❤

  • I don’t understand why you wash them separately, it seems like a waste of water and time moms need time haha. I do one pre-wash in cold water (your shortest cycle of at least 20 minutes) then a main wash that you bulk with clothes no larger than receiving blankets on your longest normal cycle, and then just throw everything in the dryer… I’ve diapered both kids in the same cloth diapers and they’re in great condition.

  • We love our Ubbi!��>๏    It definitley traps the smell very well and I love the fact that we can use regular trash bags. We had a small issue with ours but received great customer service! Would highly recommend!

  • So you don’t have to wash the actually diaper itself if they only pee? Just change the pad and put a new one in? Or every time they use the bathroom I have to pull out the pad and wash both diaper and pad just separately?

  • Disposable diapers take about 500 years to decompose. We should all consider using cloth diapers even just for half the day like channon does. Any step towards waste reduction is a good one

  • I’m not a parent…I’m not even expecting but here I am at 2:00 AM watching this and have now been sold on using cloth diapers for when I actually do have a child

  • What brand and type of sprayer do you have? I want to get the exact one you have, it’s heavy duty. Also does it hook up to the toilet or the tub? I know it’s clean water but I was wondering. Thank you so much I’m going to be a first time mom in December and we want to do cloth diapers.

  • I don’t use diapers. I don’t have kids. But, here I am watching this because I love Channon and could listen to her talk all-day ����

  • for the ones with the little fuzzy ball things u can buy a fabric shaver on amazon for like 20$ i use it for my leggings and my aunt uses it for her baby’s cloth diapers and it makes them look brand new ��.

  • I think I’m the only person who pre rinses the diapers before putting them in the wash!!! I literally spray the inserts into the toilet and ring out all the pee!!! Obviously the poop too but i ring out every insert like 3 different times to get most of the pee and poop out. Also ring out the diapers too. I couldn’t imagine throwing all the inserts straight into the wash soaked in urine!!!!! That’s just me though!

  • I loved this!!! Thank you so much! As a first time mommy to be, I appreciate the detailed and clear information here. Subscribed ☺️

  • What do you do with a <12 month old while you're in the bathroom spraying poopy diapers? Can you just sort of lay them in their cribs for a few minutes while you're away?

  • Thank you for your video! Great tips, resources, and instructions. Do you think cloth diapers might hold more? How many cloth diapers do you think need daily for a new born?

  • I’m 5 months pregnant and want to try cloth with this little one. Have you used flushable liners? Do you still need to rinse the diaper if they work?

  • Fyi my baby gets rashes no matter what is I use disposable wipes. I usually use bamboo mini wipes i keep in a wipe warmer with a poured over solution I make: coconut oil, some of her natural baby soap and water. Do not use any essential oils. The coconut oil cleans while I using the wipes and also protects the skin. I barely use diaper balm just by using the wipes. I throw the wipes in with the dirty diapers and wash together.

  • I want to cloth diaper so bad but I can’t get over poop diapers and washing them in the same washer as our regular clothes. I read an article that stated 60% of fecal matter stays on underwear after being washed �� How can I get over this? Any mommies have any good tips?


    If anyone needs help on how to fold your pocket diapers for sizes newborn to size large here is an instructional video that works for one size pocket diapers like Noras nursery, Alva Baby, etc.

  • So I clothed diapered my daughter from birth till she was fully potty trained at 2 year old. I also had a sprayer but I got the kind that hooked up to the shower because you can get hot/warm water. The poop comes off much easier and faster with warm water. I also did not buy a separate poop shield b/c the sprayer I got came with one that’s much smaller and attached directly to it.. I just lifted my toliet seat up and placed the diaper low in the bowl. I used the Daiper Dawgs sprayer.

  • I’m 15, still in school, not having a kid for at least 5 years, but I’m watching this because I’m stuck in my house ( on a different note… when I DO have a kid, I’ll use cloth diapers. Thank you for the information!)

  • Great video �� With pocket nappies I just put them in the cold rinse without taking the inserts out and they just fall out on their own in the wash (maybe one or two get stuck occasionally but I just check before putting on a proper wash that they’re all out.)

    Really looking forward til the Scottish weather gets better so I can get them outside to dry! ��

  • How long do you normally have to change between nappies, I have to make my little boys nappies so much more thicker with inserts just to last 2-3 hours otherwise he leaks straight through. x

  • This video is amazing! You are so fun to watch and your information is SO SO helpful! Our baby will be here in a little over a month and we stocked up in diapers then realized we had no idea what the process would be! Thank you for this amazing resource!! <3

  • Did you do the water testing to pick your detergent? I just got all of our cloth diapers and the whole hard/soft water thing is honestly stressful and scaring me off a little. ���� Also I absolutely love your new hair color! It looks so pretty! ��

  • Great video!! �� “Folding diapers: the chore you fight for!!!” ���� love it. Bless my husbands heart, he told me his hands are too big to diaper, sooooo easy win for me!! Lol

  • My sister did cloth diapers for my nephew till he was potty trained. When she started there wasn’t a lot of articles that would help her with the process. She decided to create a fb page with information and made a booklet for the seminars she did going over important information on all stuff that has to do with cloth diapers. It helped so many people. Have fun with this process. And yes every mom that does the cloth diaper process get addicted.

  • Found your videos recently and I’m so glad that I did! I’ve been on the fence to dive into the life of cloth diapering. But your videos have given me the confidence to concour this challenge. My son is a month old already and I was given some huggies at my baby shower but once I run out. I’m planning to make the switch!
    I’m in process of buying the cloth diapers. What’s a good amount of diapers to have for my stash?
    Thanks so much!

  • My fiance thinks that cloth diapers and disposables cost the same because of the laundry. Do you think your water bill has gone up significantly with cloth diapers?

  • I’m due in 2 months and I would love to do cloth diapers for her however I do not own a washing machine or a dryer we have to go to a laundry mat. I’m not sure how that would work

  • Liz, your video is amazing! I am also a nurse and just started selling my own cloth diapers. I started using cloth pads and realized that these would be an awesome diapering option! My daughter is 23 so not really an option back then. Parenting is expensive enough and disposable diapers are unbelievably expensive! Plus, I see so many babies come into the clinic with reactions to the different chemical agents in disposable diapers. Most of my customers are parents who are already cloth diapering however I recently offered a cloth diaper challenge. A complete set of cloth diapers for free so, if they are on the fence about cloth diapers, they can try them without the initial expense. Never having used cloth diapers myself, I did a ton of research but didn’t have any real-life experience to share with parents. Your video will make the transition for new parents so much easier and much less scary! I also recommended that parents wait for cloth until after the first month. Babies go through SO MANY diapers in the 1st month, way more diapers than you get hours of sleep usually…LOL Besides, usually people get so many diapers at showers, they won’t need to be any.
    So thank you for making this video!

  • Maybe With the future diapers you could try to get her some covers off of instead of the pocket ones since she’s allergic. They’re about 3 dollars each cheaper than the pockets and cheaper than amazon. And u just lay the prefolds/inserts inside how you’re doing now!:) They come without the little synthetic cloth part and just have like flaps sorta on each end to hold in the prefold or insert! Goodluck:)

  • I wanted to do cloth diapers with my first born but i ended up not doing it and now with my 2nd i kinda want to acctually do it this time but i dont really get much help so idk when i will be able to wash them and hang them up to dry and do all of that stuff but you explained it so well and you made it seeme very easy

  • I love this so much! I’ve worked at preschools/daycares for nearly a decade now but don’t have any kids of my own yet. Seeing all the waste and irritation kids can get with normal diapers has made me a hard advocate for cloth diapers when I do have kids in the future, but I always get responses from people (especially family) that I’m crazy for even thinking to try it. Thanks so much for giving me confidence in knowing it’s something that is doable!

  • We’re so excited to be having our first baby. She is due August 10, 2020!! I have decided to cloth diaper to cut expenses but was getting negative feed back form almost every person i told. “you’re gonna be so tired”, “that’s gross” etc. I was starting to doubt myself and feel a bit discouraged BUT then i came across your video!! Thank you for sharing your process and aiding in restoring my confidence <3

  • Thank you so much for showing all this! I’m expecting my first and cloth diapering is so daunting with all the choices out there. Also, throw in skeptical parents and in-laws and I just wasn’t sure we were gonna be able to pull it off! I feel so much more confident after watching this. I really appreciate you walking through each step as I’m a visual learner and many you-tubers just talk you through it.

  • Liz! You are so incredible! Thank you for your comic relief. This is by far the best video on cloth diapering I have watched and I’ve watched a frig ton. I appreciate you immensely!

  • If you use regular baby wipes when you use them what do you do after wiping? I’ve been having a hard time like what do I do with my wipes.

  • Your diaper shower/sprayer is called bidet and you can also use it, and soap, to wash your bum when you poop. Less toilet paper used, happier mother earth:)

  • In light of coronavirus I invested in cloth diapers in case disposable diapers become hard to find. This video was super helpful, because I need to learn in a hurry! While we might be able to potty train the 2.5 year old we still have a 6 month old that we will need to diaper for probably at least another 2 years!

  • Great video dear. It’s first time I am watching cloth diaper video and you have explained it very well. I am currently 26 week pregnant with my first. My only fear or hesitation here to use cloth diapering is my husband’s support to go with this as he can’t support any mild stinks in the house even. He gets annoyed with stinks very easily. I agree saves lots of money plus avoid so many waste on earth but I can’t even talk about it with him after knowing him this well.

  • I have a tip that might help you, because you have ‘all in 2’ nappies you can actually just use a few shells a day and change the inserts! That way you won’t have as much laundry! And you can probably get away with just washing the shells once!

  • ugh, THANK YOU! I was so intimated by cloth diapering. I stock piled supplies for 21 months but haven’t gotten the courage to actually do it until now. Thank you!

  • I’ve heard that the second rinse needs to be sanitizing temperature, and if you have hard water you have to use a water softener. Everything else you mentioned lines up with what I’ve heard is more about personal choice and preferences.

  • Thanks for this video. I’ve just started using pocket nappies with my 6mth old son. We had a number of leaks but your video has helped me with ensuring they’re fitted correctly now. Also the tip of how to stuff them should hopefully help.

  • I can’t believe there’s no appliance gizmo(s) for this (specifically the poopy diapers)!! Modern cloth diaper and liner/covers are such an excellent alternative to all the expense of disposables, not to mention all the environmental issues related to disposables!! If any of you ladies have a husband that likes to make things, invent, tinker in his shop, let me know.. I have an idea for a rather simple device.. There’s actually a number of good ideas that could be developed for this..

  • What are your thoughts on cloth diaper services that provide the diapers for you, pick up the dirty ones each week and wash them, and then bring you back clean ones?

  • GIRL I have scoward the internet trying to find info on WHAT TO DO WITH THE POO and you are one of TWO people I have seen cover this. THANK YOU.

  • Thank you for the video! Did you cloth diaper your newborn baby? Also if you leave the poopy diapers until laundry day but have already cleaned them, does a smell tend to linger or are they okay if you keep them in a pail/ trash can for the diapers?

  • Everyone cloth diapering needs to join the group fluff love and CD science on Facebook. It’s all about cloth diapering and it’s an extremely active group that can help you with everything from fit to wash routine.

  • Baby Snow is so precious!!! �� I love watching your cute family grow! ��

    Also the rainbow arrangement of the diapers was too cute. Love you guys ��

  • this is the most well thought out video I’ve ever watched about cloth diapering, so informative. I love everything about this video, even though i don’t have any kids at the moment, it was very knowledgeable. Wonderful video!!! thank you

  • Before I found this video I watched like 3 other moms TALK about cleaning the poop but NOT actually do it!! THANK YOU for actually demonstrating the real deal!! Super helpful!!

  • Reading the comments I’m laughing because this was the FIRST video I picked to watch xD I never get this lucky! and like everyone else thank you!! That’s all I needed to see to get an idea what I need to do.

  • I’ve read you can’t use zinc oxide creams with cloth diapers…. buuuut the paste you recommend looks awesomeand also contains zinc oxide. You haven’t had any issues with buildup on your diapers? Thanks!

  • U can beat any build up by 1) using a natural detergent, 2) using baking soda directly in the wash (which deep cleanses and also deorderizes), and 3) vinegar in your fabric softener spot in washer. This eleminates and prevents build up and deep cleanses and vinegar is a natural fabric softner. Also this mix keeps your washer clean which is the final way u prevent build up

  • Thank you for this! I was wondering about the poop. I finally see how it’s done. I’m about to buy cloth diapers, but I didn’t know what to do with the poop. For only her wet diapers I’m planning to soak them. It rains a quite a bit. So im just going to take some rain water and soak them in there with soap and then put them in the washing machine. Thank you for showing us how you take out the poop! ��

  • I don’t know if you ever knew or tried this tip but I was told by a midwife that if your cloth diaper insert was too long, you should fold the excess in the front for boys and in the back for girls ❣ you are a great mama, good job on persevering in breastfeeding and cloth diapering �� with going back to work both of those thomas have been very hard for me

  • I’ve been cloth diapering for a couple of weeks but I’m glad I watched this video! I’ve been worried about them being too tight and now i know it’s because I’m adjusting the belly snap BEFORE the hip snap instead of after!

  • When changing a wet diaper, can you use the same pocket diaper with a clean dry insert and liner? Or do you have to change the whole thing?? I’m due September 2020 and want to be earth friendly and save money by using cloth diapers.

  • U can dry cloth diapers in the dryer but on low to medium heat. Not high. U seem to have microfibre liners and covers so they are really hardy even with elastic. Your drying cycle might be reg or longer but just keep the heat level to medium max

  • Thanks for the very informative video! It’s the most down to earth and practical video I’ve seen yet. I’ve been experimenting with cloth diapers for my 2 month old and I use them interchangeably with disposables, but I find that I can only really use them when baby is going to be awake for a while, because if I use them when he’s going to go to sleep he will almost always wake up when he wets the diaper, from the moisture next to his skin. This means shorter naps or more frequent night waking:( Have you had this problem at all. I’m just curious if there is any way to mitigate it. Thanks again. Keep up the great videos!

  • I may not get a answer here but using a pocket obviously the insert is soaked do you pop fresh inserts in a soiled cover and away you go for a couple more uses and then the cover goes in the pale too?? I’ve been trying to conceive for a few years now and every so often I dive into the cloth diaper hole, this video may have sold me on which ones to use the pocket seems so easy:) thank you sorry for the stupid question too ♡

  • Do you take your daughter to daycare and if so do you still keep her in the cloth diaper? How do they deal with the dirty diapers especially a poopy cloth diaper?

  • WhAt size trash can do I need? And some say you need airflow to keep stink down. Is that true or best to have a stainless steel one?

  • She may not be allergic per se to synthetic fibers but that microfibre wisks ALL the moisture away from baby skin causing the rashing. U can use a bamboo insert and problem will be solved. Dont put microfibre against the skin

  • Hello, I just bought my first cloth diapers today for my 8 month old but haven’t purchased inserts yet. What two inserts do you use in this video?

  • I’m wondering why it’s creating all the fuzzys. Cloth diapering Mama’s on Facebook is a great group to join. I have alava and mk and they have never done that…how annoying that would have driven me crazy too!

  • This is a very bad wash advice. You need enzymes. There’s nothing wrong with brighteners, dyes, fragrances (unless if you’re allergic) and bleach (although you don’t need it if you have a proper routine). Homemade/DIY detergent is a NO-NO.

    Prewash can be hot, it doesn’t need to be cold. It’s a myth that hot sets stains. I’ve been doing hot for years and my diapers are 100% stain free even with ebf baby.

  • I got pocket diapers and failed. They stank after barely any use. I tried stripping and everything recommended online. No idea. I just repurchased, but doing 100% cotton fitteds this time. I’ve heard microfiber can cling to scent more. I’m hoping to be successful this time. I just can’t imagine doing laundry only one a week! Doesn’t the ammonia scent get crazy inside that diaper pail?? I plan on doing diaper laundry daily. And I also read other sites saying to leave diapers almost dripping wet until they are laundered. I guess we’ll see what works! I’ve also only used the Rockin Green laundry soap. I’ll definitely try Tide if I still have issues. Thanks!

  • Pregnant with my 2nd baby. I’ve always been scared to cloth diaper because i felt like it’d be so ucky to clean the poop chunks lol. Love you

  • Amazing video! I only had one question and you may have already answered it in the comments but I couldn’t find it…
    When you’re out and about and get a ‘non water soluble’ poopy diaper do you throw the whole thing (debris and all) in the wet bag to deal with at home? Or do you try and rinse it where you changed?
    Thanks so much!!

  • I’ve been searching YT forever on HOW to actually clean it and finally found your vid! Thanks! Very helpful. Others just talked about it but you just rolled your sleeves up and weren’t scared to get your hands dirty… literally hehehe

  • I suggest not using a plant based detergent for diapers because it won’t sanitize them well enough and can end up causing issues later on. We use tide free and clear. I love the one your using, it’s what we use for our laundry, but it can also cause detergent build up which will cause them to not absorb as well over time!

  • We use the same cloth diapers and had the same lint issue! We found that after about a month or so of washing them separately I tried doing them together again and there was no lint! I think it’s just because they were still new? We always “bulk” our second wash of the diapers with kitchen rags/towels. I find the diapers are cleaner when we bulk the load more

  • Awesome you are using cloth diapers! I use them as well! I ran into a lot of similar issues when I cloth diapered my older son. This time around I haven’t had any of those issues. I watched a lot of videos from Jays nest here on YouTube and cloth diaper podcast! 2 very helpful and knowledgeable women here on YouTube!

  • I’m sorry but I don’t understand why you wash your covers an your inserts separately, and I really don’t understand why you wash it twice? Here in Switzerland and in Germany, no one does that and it works perfectly fine. Here it’s also not recomanded to tumbledry your cloth diapers, as it is even more energy your using like that. It’s such a waste of water and energy to do it the way you do… Cloth diapers could in that case even be worse for environment than conventional ones, I suppose. Wash it once with some extra water and extra rinse and hang in up in lines… That’s enough! I do it like that for 15months now and I never had any problems.

  • Strongly considering using clothe diapers for my son as we are approaching the next round of covid I’m so grossed out but gonna have to do what I gotta do. Glad to know they made stuff to help the processs

  • How did you figure out a wash routine? I am new to cloth diapering and trying to figure out how much detergent to use with our type of front loader machine. Thanks for any pointers!

  • Would you recommend the simple being brand of diapers? I know that you ordered them previously. Pregnant with number 4 and I would really like to try and cloth diaper this time around

  • This was SO Helpful. Im single and don’t have any kids however I decided to go low waste last year
    and ive always been so curious on how this works lol. Poop part looks gross but one day I’ll be embracing it with pride
    (in a few years ill rewatch your vid)

  • Thank you for actually showing the nitty, gritty of how to wash a cloth diaper. I’ve watched way too many videos that mention washing it, but I think are too hesitant to show it. Thanks ��

  • One thing I’m still not sure on is how the poop situation is different when using a disposable liner.. do you still have to rinse and wring it out or would you just discard the poopy liner in the bin and put a new, fresh liner in? Thank you! X

  • Not meaning to be rude but wouldn’t double washing everything seperate like that be a waste of water thus being bad for the environment. I’m in Australia and we have to be very water wise here, is this not the case in the US.

  • You can also do a low/no heat tumble try for the outer part of the diapers if you needed them quicker. It won’t wear out the band like a high heat regular dry would do.

  • What happened to all your other cloth diapers? I remember seeing a few videos a while back on cloth diapering and you had a ton of other cloth diapers…

  • Some skin friendly natural liners can be hemp (which are hardcore for preventing leaks and usually good for overnight) bamboo and charcoal. I combine a thick hemp in the pocket and a thick overnight bamboo against her skin for overnight. Can keep her for over 13 hrs of sleep. Is too big for a newborn though.

  • I am about to have my 4th child in a couple weeks. I’ve always used disposable diapers. I really want to clothe diaper this baby, so I’ve watched a ton of videos and honestly have got discouraged and confused as to what to do. This video was perfect, everything was thoroughly explained, all bases covered, I am not longer discouraged & excited to cloth diaper now.

  • Love these videos! Do you have a link for the cart you use to hold your diapers and supplies? Also, where do you get the hemp inserts? Looking for the most cost effective website! Thank you:)

  • haha I like how you think of folding the diapers as netflix time. I guess that could work with any laundry. But I don’t have a partner, so I’m doing all the diaper laundry myself anyways:P

  • You should try putting the microfiber liner in the pocket and a flat over top to help with absorbency and leaks. Imagine brand flats are very good as well.

  • Finally found your video.
    You gave me so much information about cloth diapers.
    My baby will come in 3 months but the idea for cloth diaper made me so confuse before this.
    Thanks a lot. You are my saviour ��
    Anyway your baby so cute ��

  • That diaper sprayer is called a bidget and we Indians use it in the place of toilet papers, because hygiene! Every time we pee & poo our external genitals and the anal region gets a mini bath!

  • I really fail to see how an enzyme free detergent cleans poop. I’ve seen videos (most videos) where people talk about stains and show the “stains” and to me they aren’t stains its dirt, they look like they’ve merely been rinsed. There needs to be more accurate info out there on what a stain is vs straight up still dirty. Baking soda and vinegar have been proven to have a more negative effect than enzymes.

  • So I cloth diapered 10 yrs ago yet I forgot how to clean the poopy diaper! Thank you for reminding me and actually showing the real deal ����

  • My Daughter couldn’t wear any name brand diaper without breaking out really badly. We nearly gave up but tried the no name generic brands and she never got a rash again.

  • Alvas are surprisingly more durable than you would expect. Especially once you get a full stash of 35-40.I’ve been using the same set that I purchased three years ago. I’ve used them on three, soon to be four kids with minimal incident. My BumGenius pockets bit the dust long long before any of my alvas did. But the prefolds and flats as inserts instead of the traditional microfiber or bamboo inserts is literally the best advice I’ve seen. I tell everyone to throw away the inserts that come with the diapers and just use prefolds. They are so much easier to clean, and absorb so much better, and they’re natural easily renewed fibers. Pulling in the inside is totally normal just because of the type of stay dry fabric they are.

  • What kind of milk do you give snow? I just weaned my daughter at 19 months and she’s drinking the rest of the frozen milk in our freezer but once we run out I’m not sure what to give her!

  • Deff Check our mama koala. They are the same price range and no peeling for us so far!:) I joined a few Facebook groups and they have helped a lot!

  • You are probably getting lint from the natural fibers breaking down in the wash. That happened with my son and by the time we were done cloth diapering at potty training the prefolds were completely shredded! ��

  • Do you keep your pail or wet bag in your bathroom. I think that the changing station would be ideal but in reality I don’t want to run around with sopping wet diapers

  • hey Channon, just a tip with washing the diapers. You’d want to rinse the diapers in cold first to get all the pee and poop residue out of them and then do the normal long hit wash:)

  • I never thought I would enjoy watching a cloth diapering video so much. lol It was straight to the point, informational, and entertaining! ��

  • I always washed my son’s butt and private area with water and a splash of soap every time i changed his diaper and every time he pooped. We hardly used wipes. I found that if his skin is 100% clean and dry, and not baby wiped, he was golden, and didn’t get a rash. It wasn’t necessarily the “diaper brand” ❤️❤️