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How to Support Your Child Through Puberty

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How Can Parents Help Their Sons Through Puberty?

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How to help teen boys and girls through puberty

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The Toddler That Went Through Puberty: Precocious Puberty | Medical Documentary | Reel Truth

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As a parent, you can help your son by: Introducing him to antiperspirant or deodorant Having him pay extra attention to the underarms and groin Ensuring that he. By answering with truthful, simple information, you can let your child know she can talk openly with you now and throughout puberty. Precocious Puberty and a Girl’s Behavior. Preparing for Your Child to Go Through Puberty More As a pediatric endocrinologist specializing in pubertal development, I am often asked for advice on how to help.

Prepare a weekly family plan, so you know what people are doing and where they need to be. Include some fun family Nurture your relationship with your partner. Remember, they’re facing many of the same challenges that you are. A Use your support networks, like grandparents, other family.

When you have your conversation, explain what changes are coming to your son’s body. Let him know that sometime between the ages of 11 to 15, boys go through a time called puberty. It’s a funny-sounding word that basically describes what happens when a. What we can do: Though there is a genetic element to acne during puberty, there are a few things that can certainly help: Teach your son to wash his face really well, and really often. Once a day isn’t enough.

Morning, after exercise, and night is best. Also, a healthy diet will help tremendously. You can help your child go through puberty by talking positively to him or her about what changes mean and what to expect. Let your child know the changes are normal. Also, offer to help your child.

Show your son or daughter how to correctly apply deodorant. Invite your daughter to go along when you buy her first bra or feminine hygiene products. Here are a few things that might help: Speak up. If you’re worried about your development, don’t keep it to yourself.

Share your worries with your parents or Get a checkup. Your doctor has seen tons of kids go through puberty. During a physical exam, your doctor can check on Ask your doctor.

Puberty is a rocky time. Here are a few tips to help your child navigate it: Reassure him that everything that’s happening is normal. His friends are going through the same changes and probably feel similar feelings, although they may not admit it.

Tips for Helping Your Child Get Through Puberty The first step to help your child through the ups and downs of puberty is to prepare him or her for the inevitable changes. 1  Your child’s sex education class will likely touch on puberty, and may even answer all of your tween’s questions.

List of related literature:

Talk to your son beforehand about the changes his body will undergo as he goes through adolescence as well as those that girls will experience.

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Boys develop more body mass, body hair, and have deeper voices.

“Manual of School Health E-Book: A Handbook for School Nurses, Educators, and Health Professionals” by Keeta DeStefano Lewis, Bonnie J. Bear
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No change in the guidelines for evaluation of precocious puberty in boys is recommended.

“Wong's Essentials of Pediatric Nursing: Second South Asian Edition” by A. Judie
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Parents consider treatment to delay son’s puberty.

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Educate the child and family about the different stages of puberty.

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For boys, precocious puberty is development occurring before 9 years in white and Hispanic boys and 8 years in black boys.

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Spermaturia in two normal boys without other signs of puberty.

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A 17-year-old boy comes to the pediatrician with an absence of signs of puberty.

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In males: • Puberty before 9 years in boys is likely to be precocious and further assessment is necessary.

“Kumar and Clark's Clinical Medicine E-Book” by Adam Feather, David Randall, Mona Waterhouse
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  • Turned 11 and going through puberty my moods are crazy!!! I get all cranky with my mom and get mad when all she does is ask a question then I’m laughing right after I screamed at her then I feel sad I hate it and bras are annoying in the heat thank god o haven’t had my period

  • So the toddler got her period at such a young age and the doctors decided an ovarium extraction surgery WITHOUT ANY HORMONE TEST DONE… Dramatic blinks at USA´s medical atention sistem.

  • Everyone goes through puberty in a different way. Some have MAJOR changes and others no obvious symptoms. Do you have a parent or adult you trust that you can discuss YOUR personal symptoms with. I know it can seem embarrassing at 1st but you will feel much better once you can understand what is normal for YOU!:)

  • I am an Indian 11 and a half year old girl I an not too fat or thin and i got my first period last month.Also one of my friends in my grade got her first period in class
    She told me and Asked for teacher if we could go to get pads.Also other girls helped us.We all got THE talk from a mothers over vacation!

  • Got my period at nearly 17 years old, yeah I was a late bloomer ahahah and to be honest, when I saw the other girls in my school going through their periods I was glad mine hadn’t started, felt like I was dodging a bullet ��

  • London, I love your hat it is so cute on you. I have 2 boys and I have been there done that with the puberty stage, and now they are 35 and 36. Thanks for sharing.

  • I’m 13 and I have mood swings and sum tins I get morning sickness and weird cravings but I’m still a virgin and I haven’t gotten my period is that normal???

  • Don’t worry about your size. There is so much more to worry about than thing you can not change. You are who you are. Everyone develops at different rates and times.

  • I had only gall stones but it took over 2 years to find out. They too thought i had a nervous tummy and eating disorder. But it came because of the stones. I thought i was getting crazy. The damage throu the doctors are worse than the ones from the stones.

  • Good to see you!!!! Yea girl people are just going through it now! This is a sad time for all of us but as I stated before it has to get better I have faith in it! Amen to your husband!

  • (Last girl in viedeo) This is very scary doctors should know the diagnosis it’s their job.. what if she dont find out in the right time..

  • I am 12 and have a lot if discharge and cramps
    But have not started my period is that ok?
    Also there are a few boys who like me and this sounds CRAZY but sometimes i feel like i want to like kill them for liking me and thats weird because i have had a first kiss and a boyfriend and lots of love related things..
    But they make me feel weird!?

  • Ur sons girl looks like she might be from my country,,,,Dominican? Me and amber made a bet lol she’s very beautiful lol but ur reaction was priceless ��


  • I know, I know…It’s not easy but it is a fact of life. Talk it over with a parent or an adult that you trust and are comfortable talking to. Good luck! Thanks for watching!:)

  • I appreciate you London and your Bae for sharing your life! You have a beautiful family don’t stop don’t quit! God honors consistency and He understands all of your needs to provide ALL you need!������

  • i feel like the documentary dramatised the events quite a bit… I mean does the intense-horror styled music and flashy, quick transitions have to be used?

  • That same thing happened here in Charlotte not too long ago. It shutdown the freeway for a few hours. Luckily he didnt jump either.

  • @Angellane911 im sorry i realy don’t mean that i was just jokein i dont even know your name well actualy it’s prob angellane cause of your e-mail but yea still sorry i was just board

  • London I love watching your videos, your family is so nice.I’m glad your daughter is helping in the house too. You look good and hubby he’s always handsome lol. good for your son telling you he is dating lol he a handsome boy so those girls would be all over him so look out mom and dad.

  • A friend of mine knew a child with Precocious Maturity, similar symptoms, and she had to have injections for quite a considerable time to stop her from growing. As far as I know she is fine and is now a mother herself.

  • Puberty is a time where your body is going through a ton of changes and your hormones and emotions are all up and down. Everyone is different as they go though this. Do you have a parent or another adult that you trust that you can talk to and be honest with and share things with? That would be so helpful.

  • I am 12.5 and everybody at my all boys school is so much bigger than me ( 3-5 inches ). I USED to be tall and now I am the short kid that shouldn’t be. Hopefully in a few months I will get a growth spurt and be normal again

  • @Life With London FIRST TIME VIEWER! I saw you on another channel Haliwal something…an inter-racial couple doing a “How We Met” video.
    ��Here’s a suggestion: try to cook ahead in the morning then feed the family dinner when they get home from school. By the time it’s Practice time, their food has digested. Later after practice if they’re still hungry, they can just grab HALF a simple O&J or Cheese Sandwhich and something hot like Hot Chocolate. [OR cook several meals on the weekend and freeze them, taking them out to defrost in the fridge TWO days ahead] I was feeding a family of FIVE CHILDREN and 2 adults. Hope that helps! God Bless!

  • And here I am at 14 almost gonna be 15 and haven’t gotten my period ಥ‿ಥ
    And don’t tell that “oh be happy” No there is a chance that I might not have it at all, so yeah
    Also I’m 4’11 so I look like I’m 9,if I had pancakes, I’d pass as a kid

  • As they are blinking and closing there eyes,it feels like they r sleeping after delivering every dialogue…
    But overall the issue is really a serious issue,may Allah bless and protect us all

  • This comment section:
    95%: About the dramatic blinking ������ U��U
    4%: Pointing out that everyone comments the blinking
    1%: Actually has relevance to the content of the video

  • I’m 11 and a girl I know was my friend and aperently she has had her periods maybe before I met her. She is really Girly now and is pretending to be a tomboy with me and my best friend ( me and my bf are about the same height and weight ). I’m underweight 2. I want here to stop pretending and trying to take my bf away from me right in front of me.

  • Btw teachers don’t understand she is not our friend anymore. Only thing I’ll say about her that is personal: her name is Nicole B. I’m not giving a last name.

  • “She might have a hormonal problem caused by unnaturally high estrogen levels.”

    Father: “W-What do you mean? What is going on? What?”

    “Am I speaking Spanish?”

  • @1T2P3M4

    not everyone gets cramps, some people get backaches, head aches…so watch out for those

    wear a pantyliner so if it does take you by surprise the pantyliner can hold you out for a while! Hope I helped!