How you can Rebuild or Improve Your Breast Milk Supply


How to get your milk supply back!

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How to Rebuild or Increase Your Breast Milk Supply Truths

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Ways to Boost Your Supply. Breastfeed More. To achieve the healthiest amount of breast milk possible, it is essential that you: Use a Nursing Supplementer Device. Use a Breast Pump. Use Herbs.

Use Prescription Medication. The regular and frequent use of a breast pump to remove the breast milk from your breasts can help you create, maintain, or increase your breast milk supply. Whether you’re pumping in addition to breastfeeding or exclusively, fully draining the milk from your breasts and the stimulation of the breast pump encourages your body to make more breast milk. Here are 10 tips on how to get your milk supply back up to where it once was: 1.Get lots of rest and take care of yourself.

It is so important that you’re getting enough sleep. Try to choose a sleeping arrangement that 2.Drink lots of water! I can’t stress this enough. Every time you breastfeed. Pumping to increase milk supply can be done by using your pump (hospital-grade double pumps work best) for every missed feeding or anytime baby gets a supplemental bottle of breastmilk or formula.

It’s also a good idea to express any leftover milk after each feed. Increasing Breast Milk Supply 2 • Plan to pump every time your baby would normally eat which is a minimum of 8 times every 24 hours, or every 2-3 hours. • Attempt to keep your longest stretch of sleep to one 5-hour period during your 24 hour day. Click here for more info: * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * If you have reason to think that your supply of. Do breast compressions Breast compressions push the milk out of your milk ducts, helping you get as much milk as possible out of your pumping sessions. To do them, you want to massage your breasts while you pump (basicall.

The first 11-12 weeks of breastfeeding were the hardest weeks I can remember. They’re also the most crucial. I was barely making any breast milk, couldn’t get my son to latch and I was continuously trying to figure out the big question: HOW TO BOOST YOUR BREAST MILK SUPPLY! Turns out, we had more issues than just my breast milk supply being low which you. Compress your breast during feeding and pumping.

During nursing and pumping, use your hands to compress your breasts. This will result in more milk removal, which in turn will increase your supply. Remember that the emptier your breast is, the stronger the.

The best way to increase supply is to let baby nurse directly from your breast and skin to skin. I only pump out about an ounce from each breast but my baby is way more efficient at getting milk out.

List of related literature:

• Maintain your milk supply by pumping your breasts on a regular schedule and discard the pumped milk.

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To increase the milk supply, remove milkfrom the breast morefrequently and thoroughly.

“Supporting Sucking Skills in Breastfeeding Infants” by Catherine Watson Genna
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(b) Treatment includes feeding every 1½ to 2 hours; cold applications between feedings; heat application shortly before feeding; massage to speed milk release; softening the areola by using a pump or expressing milk to begin flow or pressing gently on the areola to move swelling back.

“Study Guide for Foundations of Maternal-Newborn and Women's Health Nursing E-Book” by Sharon Smith Murray, Emily Slone McKinney
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Pump or express only enough milk to soften your breasts when they become full.

“Comprehensive Lactation Consultant Exam Review” by Smith
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• Encourage the mother to nurse frequently, every 2 to 2.5 hours, for 10 to 15 minutes on each breast to increase milk supply.

“Advanced Practice Nursing Procedures” by Margaret R Colyar
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Another weaning strategy is to stop pumping before you get as much milk as usual.

“Breastfeeding Made Simple: Seven Natural Laws for Nursing Mothers” by Nancy Mohrbacher, Kathleen Kendall-Tackett, Jack Newman
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When you get home, you may find your milk supply somewhat diminished, but more­frequent­than­usual nursings, along with extra­special attention to diet and rest, should replenish it.

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To maximize the milk supply and milk transfer to the infant, mothers should use the electric breast pump after feedings while in the hospital and continue this process at home until the infant is able to success­fully remove milk from the breasts and until the milk supply is well established.

“Maternity and Women's Health Care E-Book” by Deitra Leonard Lowdermilk, Shannon E. Perry, Mary Catherine Cashion, Kathryn Rhodes Alden
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Encourage pumping to maintain or increase milk supply.

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Use of a hospital-grade electric breast pump and double pumping for 10 to 15 minutes or until milk stops flowing helps stimulate milk production.

“Counseling the Nursing Mother” by Judith Lauwers, Anna Swisher
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  • Guys!plz baby is about four month…my breast had no milk except some drops from the start…i have tried a little to increase milk but no effect…now i stopped trying for a month ago…but now i want to supply milk to my baby…if a squees some drops cm out frm one side…other has no milk drops…plz guide me how i can increase milk

  • I love youu. Huhu. Breastfeding problems esp ngayong ECQ took a huge toll on my milk supply. Super informative so far the most comprehensive BF/relactation video na nakita ko. Hoping to increase my milk supply as well ��

  • Hi mommy. Thanks for sharing…. Ngayon lang ako na educate ng ganito ��

    Ask lang po… When u feed your LO.. Did you use bottle or cup? Thanks

  • I tried “Healthy Nursing Lemon Grass” by for an increase in breast milk and found an excellent result. Now I am so relaxed with this formula and I am up to breastfeeding for whole two years.

  • Tablea is spanish word for tablet/tableta tagalog.It is round-shaped thats why it is called tablea. Hot milk would help to increse milk supply too! I observed everythinh hot would increase ur milk supply. I also took Natalac in preparation of breastfeeding. I was taking it before I gave birth kaya ng mnganak aq my milk na. I had over milk supply but I did pumping and store my milk in bags. Yes ur right coz if u have over supply of milk i experienced like i have a fever. But my mom told me to pump it to release the milk if i feel that my breasts are getting stiff.

  • I just returned to work and super stressing about getting Covid. My supply has tanked!! I’m going to try this too! Glad you guys are healthy and happy. Thanks!!��

  • Good video, but some feedback It would be better to separate your video into 2 videos with different languages. It’s hard to follow when you flip back and forth between languages.

  • Good luck with your breast feeding journey! Skyler has that little bear that Sophia was playin with it target and she loves it ��

  • Man my milk just dried up from not pumping for one whole day!? Idk what to do I’m eating lactation cookies, drink, and I’m try the pills see if it works I’m pumping every 3-4 hrs for like 10-15 mins and I’m not even getting 1oz out of it. Help!? Any recommendations

  • Hi! THIS IS SO HELPFUL!! I am actually binge watching your vlogs �� I am currently pregnant with my second child, But “feeling nanga-nganay” ako kasi 12 yrs ang age gap. And I wasn’t able to exclusively breastfeed my eldest (mix feeding with formula and breastfeed) and right now I am eager to be an exclusively breastfeeding mom on my 2nd children. Hoping to be successful just like you ❤Mommy Layy continue to create helpful contents like this ��

  • Hello mommy please notice me. Id join your instagram giveaway!! Thank you for letting us know or for sharing with us how to increase our milk supply. Godbless you. Ig: jay_ai_nah

  • Hi mommy lay I enjoy binge watching your videos. Hehe in my time I didn’t take any supplements to boost my milk supplies. Just water and more sabaw. And boom my milk supply increased that even breast pad dali kaau mapuno. Hehe ����

  • Super informative! ��
    I badly need those infos, since I am a working mom and napansin ko na mahina yung milk supply ko (that made me disappointed) Lalo na my left breast lang yung nagpoproduce ng milk co’z I had surgery bc of abscess on my other breast. Sobrang hirap but thanks to youuu! I have a lot of ideas now. ��

  • Hi I’m really curious as to how your relactation is going. I’m trying to relactate also I didnt stop on purpose and its discouraging. I hope so much that it’s going well for you really! I also only have a lansinoh manual pump cause it’s all I can afford at the moment. Honestly I’m looking for some encouragement. So uh I hope its working for u. Pls get back to me thank you tons for the video as well

  • Been direct breastfeeding my firstborn for 2.7years. Now i am tandem breastfeeding. I have a toddler and a 3month old baby. Never talaga ako nakapump for more than an ounce. Blessed talag a ako na sahm ako kasi kung hindi baka nawindang ako makagawa stash. Try ko ung ibang tips mo baka sakali makagawa ako stash para naman makapahinga hinga ako kahit 1hour hehe every moms dream. Godbless u more. Continue to inspire moms.

  • Thank you for sharing hacks like this mommy Lay malaking tulong po siya especially sa katulad ko 2months ago i gave birth sa 2nd child ko and im trying na breastfeed lang siya but then ngayung 2 months na sya feeling ko natuttuyuan na ako ng breastmilk or should i say na di na sya nakokontento sa akin napilitan na tuloy akong i mix sya with milk formula kahit na ayaw ko..
    But then thank you po sa mga tips mo

  • So, my daughter is 6 months, I breastfed for 2 and half months then stopped. I don’t leak anymore. But when I squeeze my nipple I can still get a small drop of pre breast milk. Is there still hope for me to reproduce/ bring it back again?

  • Good look chick!! my daughter (7th child) is 15 weeks old, I stopped feeding 2 weeks ago and regretted it so badly. so been pumping like crazy to get supply up again. keeps us updated. x


    Thank you so much sa dagdag kaalam.
    I wanna share also my techniques.Hopefully it also reaches momshies na may problem sa milk supply.Salamat momshies.

    Please check my video:

  • Hi I’m new to your Channel! What are the supplements you took? I feel the same way girl my baby is 4 months I stopped when she was 2

  • Hi Ashley, glad to hear that you all doing well, wish all the happiness always. Sorry if im bothering you.
    My baby is 8 months old, since he started eating my milk supply gone very down ������ plus the formula ( which i really regret using it ����). I don’t wanna stop breastfeeding do u think this will help me? Plz reply me.

  • Healthy nursing tea worked great, I opted for fenugreek and the tea to see which would work best after being sick and dealing with a nursing strike my supply had dipped a little. After 3 days of drinking tea and pumping, I was much happier with my supply.

  • Thanks for sharing this mommy… ako naman sa first born ko hindi naging successful ang pagpapabreastfeed ko. Kaya dito sa second baby ko inaral ko po talaga ang tamang pag papasuso sumali din ako sa breastfeeding pinay para makakuha pa ng maraming impormasyon. At thank God dahil naging successful po ang pagpapabreastfeed ko sa bunso. 3yrs old na po sya now still sa akin parin sya dumedede…
    Malaking tulong din talaga ang mga food suplement para mas dumami ang milk. ��

  • hi! just watched ur video and thanks for the tips. just want to ask, where did you purchase ur legendairy capsule? I’m giving birth anytime, so how will I know what’s the best variant for me? thank you

  • My milk supply is decreasing and I’m way depressed about it… Baby almost 2 months and I wanted to exclusively breastfeed. I think it has to do with the fact that I’ve had to wait to pump for hours some days due to driving my husband to work and having to wait outside. But I’m legitimately panicking because I need my milk supply to go back up. Baby can’t latch well, we’re pretty sure baby is tongue tied, debating whether clipping is a good idea. Now I’m trying to pump every 4 to 6 hours but I am so scared I’m not ever engorged anymore, the milk coming in sensation is less frequent. Please help!

  • frequent pumping will certainly help, but you can also do things that can promote breast milk production. “healthy nursing tea” by is available in many flavors which has tremendous results for breast milk supply

  • OMG! I’m going to have to order these supplements ASAP! I make just enough milk to feed my little and I can MAYBE pump 5oz/day. I’m starting to let his grandparents babysit him but it takes FOREVER to to make enough to last him a day. I’m also the same about not being ready to quit nursing. My husbands grandma made a comment about me weaning my 9 month old off the breast but I’m just not ready. He’s my last baby and I just love the bond that we get from breastfeeding.

  • Thank you mommy layy, i so amazed with this video, detailed, informative, complete!! you really wanna help us 1st time moms with our struggle, i super admire you ☺️❤️i love all your videos mommy lay ❤️ Very helpful, almost done watching all ur vids!! ❤️ more power ��☺️❤️

  • Oatmel!!! Yes, super effective:) 1st months of EBF ko with lo, yan na naging merianda ko palagi, mix ko siya with mothernurture choco malunggay, para di nakakaumay. Hehe, oversupply talaga milk ko non. ❤️ thanks for sharing how to increase milk supply, momsh! Helpful siya dahil I’m planning on going back to work and build my stash from scratch:)

  • Just had my newborn im only giving 1oz through pump left breast is not producing as much. So i have to supplement But im curious once im done supplementing and pummping all this milk i dont want to use bottles. Will body know to just give all this milk?

  • Thank you soo much for sharing your story 11months ago because my son is 4months. I just had the flu and my milk supply took a big dip and I been trying to do everything possible( power pump, breast feed him every chance I get and even drinking barley water) just last night I purchased the legendiary milk bundle box… I’m waiting for it to come in now. After watching you video I’m feeling really hopeful….

  • I felt the same way! It broke my heart when I supply stopped around 4 months! I bought legendary milk supplements too, drank water like crazy and pumped like a machine lol my daughter is 9 month too and Im just not ready to stop our breastfeeding journey either. Thanks for the tip about mixing breast milk and cows milk after 12 months, I will probably do that too. glad you guys are feeling better.

  • Question po, alin po sa legendairy milk marerecommend mo po? 6mos na si baby ko and hirap pa din po ko maka 1oz. Hope you could help. Thanks!

  • My baby came 7 weeks early. I was 33 weeks 4 days when I had her and my milk supply was amazing. I was pumping 12oz ever pump session and I would pump every 2 hours. I pumped for 2 months and then when I moved my milk supply dropped because i started work again, I was in the process of moving and she came home after almost 1 month in the hospital so I was really inconsistent with my pumping because I am a single mom so I do everything on my own. My daughter just made 4 months 2 days ago and I really want my milk to flow like it was. I do skin to skin with her 4 times a day and pumping is every 3 hours but of course it’s inconsistent because of my busy schedule. What would you suggest I do to fit my pumping in with everything else

  • Glad to hear that you and your family feel better from having the flu! The stomach bug y’all had in December I am wondering if that’s what me and my family had. It lasted about two days as well and we were throwing up and we were achy/weak. We had it in the month of December as well! That’s crazy! I’ll have to try the legendary milk supplements! Thanks for sharing!

  • please tell me how to relactate quickly. my son’s 4th month has started and i m still in a fight to breastfeed my baby. plz help. I m from Pakistan.

  • I was really struggling with my supply but your video helped me a lot, the supply is good now but would mention that another thing which worked for me is an organic tea “healthy nursing tea” it is also a great source to increase the breast milk supply.

  • me i have different problem I have six months baby I was brestfeeding for 3month then unfortunately I have to six months my milk stop already but I want to have milk is this possible plz help me

  • I had no idea legendairy milk supplements were fenugreek free. I wish I had. My supply dropped recently barely getting one ounce per side. I’m devastated and looking into these products.

    WATER ( 3:36)
    MALUNGGAY ( 4:06)
    UTAN BISAYA ( 4:16)
    KINHASON ( 4:39)
    TINOLANG MANOK ( 5:00)
    NILAGA ( 5:18)
    MALUNGGAY FOOD ( 5:27)
    COCONUT WATER ( 5:51)
    OATMEAL ( 6:53)
    MILO/OVALTINE ( 7:50)
    NUTS ( 8:04)
    GATORADE ( 8:21)
    TSOKOLATE ( 9:27)
    MOTHERS’ MILK TEA ( 11:25)
    MOTHER NURTURE ( 12:58)
    FLAXSEED MEAL ( 15:24)
    BREWERS YEAST ( 15:43)
    FENUGREEK ( 16:20)
    LEGENDAIRY ( 17:42)
    DOMPERIDONE ( 20:36)
    OVERSUPPLY RISK ( 21:59)
    MASTITIS ( 22:44)
    NATURAL WAYS ( 23:47)
    SUPPORT GROUPS ( 26:37)
    PUMPING ( 27:25)
    POWER PUMP ( 28:44)
    STAYING POSTIVE ( 29:39)
    OUTRO ( 31:48)

  • This was the perfect video for me! I am in the same position now, I stopped at 4mos and he’s now 6mos and I want nothing more than to exclusively breastfeed my son again!!! 7:45 8:15 of this video had me crying so hard, just beautiful words!! I feel the same way he is my life and I love him so much, and when u said Mommy’s Milk I just broke down bcuz that’s what I call it too!! ��❤ I’m really gonna give it my best effort and try to relactate, thanks for the motivation!!!

  • Wow your baby has same name with mine. Am trying to relactate too. I stopped for two months and now she don’t even want my nipple in her mouth, she prefers the bottle now

  • Waay ta go girl!!! I’m coming back from depleted supply from a posterior tongue tie!! You can do it!!! And I nurse my babies until at least 2! My last baby we made it to 26months!! It’s awesome!!!

  • Thank you so much for sharing. I understand what you mean about missing the bond with your baby. Because I stopped for 3 weeks and I miss it so much.

  • I’m thinking about doing this. Little man will be 4 months on the 25. He will latch but not for very long. I leak so much…he gets donor milk right now. Help!!! I need tips on how often I should pump

  • Over supply, geez, do you realize how many older people could use the nutrition present in breast milk. I wish I knew you so I could talk you out of your overages.

  • i pump four oz’s on a good day but want to pump more milk cause my now two month old really wants more… im bad at pumping lol i only pump once a day but im willing to try to pump every three hours as well as put her on the breast. so i hope it helps me produce more milk..

  • Thank you! Still waiting on my electric pump…will call my my lactation specialist to make sure I get the right size…I didn’t think about that:/

  • The flu always sucks, glad to hear you guys are are feeling better.
    My milk supply didn’t last long with both of my kids, with my son I was only able to breast feed for maybe 2 months my daughter was a little longer about 5-6 months.
    Love connecting with fellow YouTube mamas, I was previously subscribed to you but the past month or so YouTube has unsubscribed me to so many channels that I’m now having to find again ��
    Glad i was able to find your channel again ��

  • I just gave birth a week ago. Super nainspire ako dto sis ksi grabe patak lng tlga ung milk ko. To the point n iyak na ng iyak baby ko at pumayat din sya:( parehas tyo ng pump spectra 9plus:) sana maachieve ko rin yan.

  • I have spent months studying how to produce more milk and found a fantastic resource at Hartlyn Milk Plan (check it out on google)

  • Yes it did help I decided to breastfeed until my child didn’t want to breastfeed anymore. My child is now three and doesn’t ask me to breastfeed. Cause I breastfed using the don’t ask don’t refuse rule meaning I wouldn’t ask my child she wanted to breastfeed but I wouldn’t tell her no when she wanted to breastfeed. Now she doesn’t ask me at all. And I have lost a lot of my milk supply but I really want to keep get it back. Cause I truly believe that a mothers milk is the best for a child so I want to pump my milk out for her put it in a cup and she can drink it like that. Some people sat I’m crazy just give her cow milk but I don’t want to. Well thanks for the video

  • Thank you for sharing! Can you share me a recipe for a lactation cookies/brownies or whatever do you have. I want to try to bake fod myself lalo na ngayon na parang lalong humina supply ko

  • My baby’s a month old and I’m exclusively pumping because I’m struggling with a painful latch and also me and my baby have thrush so that makes it even more painful. My supply has been SO LOW it’s depressing. I get maybe an ounce or two per session. It’s so hard to drink and eat enough with a newborn! Also I’ve been slacking at night I often choose sleep over pumping. But the past day I have been picking it up, pumping every time my baby eats and my boyfriend feeds him while I pump. Hopefully this will help along with drinking more water. I’m tired of giving him formula.

  • Thanks for sharing! So glad you all recovered from the flu. It helps if you take ginger shots or ginger, honey and lemon daily. I haven’t had a flu shot in 4 years since I’ve been taking ginger daily and no flu. Any who I’ve ordered the legendary supplements and I’m so excited. I’ve had to supplement with formula. I was doing good at first but once the pandemic hit it took a toll on my body due to stress. Now that things have somewhat settled down I feel confident I can attempt to fully breastfeed if my milk supply allows me to do so. My son is still young only 9 weeks.

  • I was thinking about about the same thing I stopped breastfeeding when my baby was 3 months, I think I’m going to try it. I miss that as well ����

  • I had the opposite problem as far as lactation. I could not produce enough for her and she came too weeks early. She didnt gain weight after a month and was hungry all of the time. I was also in pain every feed. I wish I could try to re lactate but I tried and tried while it was there and nothing helped. She is 6 months now and we had to do formula. I agree that the bond is different now. Great video. by the way we are your new Fort Myers Target friends:) Breast feeding is a lot of work, and I give props to all moms out there for being moms.

  • Hi! How will I know which Legendairy will work for me? I’m a first time mom who’s about to give birth anytime now. I’m looking for tips that will make me produce a lot of milk for my baby.

  • I tend to pump for 5-10 minutes and that usually drains me pretty well. However when I started going back to work, I started doing it a little longer because my supply was decreasing since I wasn’t feeding my boys as much. Great tips!

  • Thank you I will share this important information with my daughters one is due in September and the other is due in November they both are breastfeeding ��

  • My 9 month baby and I just recovered from the corona virus and I breast feed the whole time. But I stopped bc I got sick but it’s been four weeks. I’m only getting out 1 a 2oz a day. Hopefully this works. I want to breast feed again ��

  • I’ve been drinking “Healthy Nursing Tea” 3 to 4 cups a day! I’ve noticed an increase in my breast milk and also I really don’t mind the taste.

  • I had an oversupply and baby was choking and gulping and having very bad reflux, so I stopped for literally only 2 weeks and now my supply is almost non-existent. Baby is only 4 weeks old and I’m trying to get back to breastfeeding after our 2 week hiatus, so fingers crossed it works! ����

  • Hello as of now, my baby girl is 1 week old and im strugling with my breasfeeding kasi until now is nag mix pa ako nang formula kasi parang hindi satisfy c baby sa breastmilk ko.. After niyang maka didi nang 2 beses both breast ko, is iiyak pa rin cya, therfore na push ko yung mag timpla ng 60ml but 40ml lang talaga na uubos niya.. Ano po maganda gawin oag iiyak cya?

  • hi mommy, did you follow the dose and frequency sa legendairy milk na 2 caps 3x daily, just bought 1 bottle of pump princess,worried lng ako sa dose maybe its too high.

  • I’m watching you and my baby’s watching your cute baby❤️
    Thank you for this video, I’m so stressed at the moment that I produce less an ounce��

  • Where you able to make enough to feed your baby? My baby is only a week old, and now I’ve decided to breast feed. But my milk has already dried up. Just wondering if I’d even make enough to make it worthwhile.