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A first aid kit is on every “dorm essentials” list and we recommend packing your own for a college-bound kid rather than buying a pre-made one off the shelf. This list, from a pharmacist and. What to Pack in a First Aid Kit for a College Student. First, figure out what it is you need to pack. Start with the basics that your teen can use for a cut, scrape, or minor burn. First Aid.

a master list of first aid kit items. You or your responsible young son or daughter — will need to check the kit’s contents periodically for replenishing. Next, add supplies to your box, and label it “FIRST AID.” Then, attach an index card to the inside lid. Since I won’t be there to kiss any boo-boos when my daughter leaves to college this fall, I thought I would put together a little first aid kit for her. Okay, I admit, I haven’t kissed any boo-boos.

The best first aid kit (especially one for a college dorm room) should have just the amount of supplies needed for a very small crisis and not look like the one used at a camp site 5 miles on foot from help. Decongestant Nasal spray. 30 ml. spray. Emergen-C. Immune +. 4 packs.

Meclizine single dose packs. 5 packs. Rehydration kit. 1 pack. Antibiotic ointment.

The prepper grandmother that I am, of course, thinks she needs a first aid kit to take to school in the fall. I want her to have a few things she doesn’t have to run to the store to get if she happens to get a fever, cut, burn or a bad cough. I have the FREE printable college first aid kit. A good first aid kit never substitutes for a sympathetic parent, but when your student is on his own, he will be grateful if he has the necessary tools to help himself. Put together a first aid kit to send to college with your student.

Consider something huggable and fun – a small stuffed animal, a cozy pillow or warm blanket. Wrap items in the local comics, or use comics as fillers in the box. Your student will enjoy the wrapping as well as the contents. Mail your package early in the week so that it won’t sit in the mailroom over the weekend. First Aid Kit.

This is something that most people don’t think about. It gives your student some band-aids and other things they may need. I do this because I’m contributing to the safety of the student. Sticky notes.

These are more than necessary in college.

List of related literature:

A first aid kit is a staple on every list of dorm essentials.

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For a list of items to pack in a first-aid kit, see the sidebar.

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Any survival kit should contain a first-aid kit.

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In the front pocket of the backpack, she zipped a bottle of Dr. Brauner’s peppermint soap, a toothbrush and toothpaste, bug repellent (deet free at Dad’s insistence, despite Campbell’s recommendation), sunscreen, a Ziploc baggie full of StriDex pads, and a box of o.b. tampons.

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• Bring travel health/first aid kit.

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A relatively simple first aid box will usually include the following items:

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Box 12-1 lists supplies that are useful for first-aid kits.

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Here are suggestions for the contents of a basic first aid kit.

“Stagecraft Fundamentals: A Guide and Reference for Theatrical Production” by Rita Kogler Carver
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In addition to clothing items, I also keep a small first aid kit, basic toiletry kit, and extra towels in the bag.

“The Camera Assistant's Manual” by David E. Elkins
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• First aid kit containing an assortment of bandages, scissors, tweezers, gloves, antiseptic, antibiotic ointment, thermometer, and moistened towelettes.

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  • Don’t put a tegaderm over a burn, or any wound. You are just trapping in any germs and not letting your wounds breath! Definitely don’t leave them on for a week!

  • Also she means several 200mg ibuprofen. Don’t take several 600mgs your duodenum will bleed and you may get peptic ulcer disease or ulcerative colitis.

  • “One of the athletic trainers just texted me.” As an athletic trainer, I am guilty of accidentally texting my doctors at inopportune times lol.

  • I am not a adult but I go down to a creek with my friends we slip on rocks and I
    Have some of this stuff in it but idk what to give to a 11 year old girl or a 7 year old boy or me a 10 year old male

  • The medical version of superglue especially designed for bonding skin is better than normal superglue as the regular version gets hot when it cures and reacts to moisture by instant curing and can be painful.

    I use dermabond brand and it is purple coloured for easy identification against the area of skin it is applied to.

  • Love your videos! Watching this one made me realize I haven’t looked in my kit in a while. But right off the bat I know I have Zofran, trauma shears, kerlix guaze roll, amongst other things �� I am gonna go hiking in the Colorado wilderness soon, so gotta have my ER with me and my mates

  • Never too much because even if he don’t use everything it will carry over into his Sophomore year and you will only replace what was used up.

  • Hey Doc, have you heard about these new “zip-tie” sutures? They’re supposedly far tighter than traditional, and you don’t need a degree in sewing to use em. They’re like $24 a piece.

  • I always keep a combat medical kit handy. Old habit. Super glue I’m familar with. Quick clot should be kept on hand. You never know when that will come in handy. Burn medicine, spray or ointment.If your in an area were there is snakes, a snake bite kit. Iodine, dehydration tablets for hot weather. Razor blades, ammonium nitrate caplets for coming around. Diarrhea meds. Preferably pill or caplet form. Scissors, Dental floss,Band Aids. The usual stuff. I also keep a tube of zinc oxide with it for skin raahes or itching. That’s just me from habit. You can adjust to suit. Of course you can buy the ready made kits for home use. Plus a small book on first aid and read it from time to time to stay familiar. Running late again.�� See you next week.

  • Enjoyed the video. Couple things that might be nice, ammonia inhalant, small scissors. And a bp cuff, if only for slowing down severe bleeding maybe. Mom had a trick for splinters. Take a small piece of raw potato and place it on the splinter overnight. Draws it right to the surface, have no idea why.

  • Allergy meds are a life long search, you try one after another until you find the right one…took me my whole childhood, but finally figured out Fexofenadine (Allegra) works best. Although I think age has helped alot as well…and you meant to say “They are very handy.” The much was too much.

  • Dr. Crystal, you talked about the ibuprofen. And about as a grown adult having to take 3 to 4 tablets. But what dose are you talking about? Here in the Netherlands we have different doses. And currently I have doses of 400mg of ibuprofen. How much should I take with this dose? I don’t use it often. Mostly I use paracetamol (I guess the Dutch / European version of Tylenol?) or for back pains naproxen. When I use ibuprofen I usually combine it with paracetamol. Is this good too?
    And as far as I know, if you take ibuprofen a lot, you’ll also need a medicine to protect your stomach. Though I don’t have to worry about this. Since I use one everyday because of all my other medications due to my chronic illnesses. But maybe a good addition to tell if you take ibuprofen for a longer time?

  • Bottle of high proof whiskey
    Sewing needle and dental floss
    Medical tape
    18g syringes
    Liquid diphenhydramine
    Scalpel or any knife
    Saline solution

  • I hope you will react to Final Destination 2 and 3 and 4 and 5 death scenes XD jk im not forcing you. I know its scary im sorry for being annoying.

  • Now i feel like teh uncool kid because i only have the good old Hansaplast Bandaids. For thsoe who dont know them. Its basically those brown ones that stick like its super glue on them.

    Heat Packs ah yes i steal…. i mean i acquire them from my workplace.

    In my “first Aid Kit” is also that Eye gel stuff, but thats because im welding at Work. Also its not in the First aid kit but in the freezer because my Eye Doctor told me i shall keep that stuff cold.
    And before i get scolded. I use them so i can sleep at night and open my eyes the next day. I ofc go see the doctor if i flash burn my eyes.
    And also while im at it. That potato trick the “old Welders” tell everyone. Doesnt work, tried it.

  • You’ve got him so prepared. He’s blessed to have you.
    Tell him to check out the infirmary when he gets a chance. They have (or used to have) lots of OTC meds free (small quantities but still free) and you’re already paying for it through your tax dollars.

  • This was so nice, to be honest i will take dollar tree stuff before the name brand it works great for me lol….tfs i want to make a little home kit like this seasons changes n money will be on bills

  • I’m also a college student 2 it’s really nice to see parents parents stuff for their kids and get them ready for college one thing I wish I had some help for my mommy 2 but she’s in Haiti so she can’t really help me with money or anything so I’m on my own. U a wonderful mother keep it up

  • I wish my mom was here with me to did these things for me I have to do all those things on my own ur son is very lucky �� I wish u were my mom

  • First of all thank you for very good and informative content. Can I consider the size and measure of medicine showed while travelling international. Is it allowed in check in or cabin or both? Thanks in advance

  • If he has a little lock box, make him keep the pill medicines locked up and not to share with any of his roommate’s because he don’t and won’t know what a person is allergic to. So tell don’t offer any type of pill form medicine just for safety reasons. That’s what I told my daughte and do not take anybody meds not even aspirin in any brand.

  • When in the UK, it’s a great time to get some over the counter medications because the generic supermarket brand are soo cheap and they have the same active ingredients, they just taste worse so just have them with water

  • I am taking your stuff on my 3 month Africa trip, thank you, if something happen to me and I don’t have it, then it is your fault ����

  • Great video on an important topic… everyone should have a medical kit with them when they travel or ready in case of emergencies. I made a similar video on my channel geared towards international travelers… please check it out and comment if I left anything out! A few items I would add to upgrade your kit include: extra latex gloves, a few packs of oral rehydration salts (ORS), at least 2 CAT tourniquets, a few N95 respirator masks, and an emergency SAM splint. If you want to learn how to use a tourniquet, you can take a free course called “Stop the bleed” (check their official website for nearby classes).

  • Charcoal tablets, great for any illness that’s coming on and hangovers. For ladies, yeast infection pill b/c when you take an antibiotic that can happen. Probiotics are great too especially when taking antibiotics. Oh and tree tea oil good too get rid of mold on your clothes and even heal wounds and more:)

  • I’d add some bandage in case I, god forbid, sprain my ankle or any other limb to keep it fixed. And knowing myself and the ways I may get ill if i catch some infection that may lead to fever I take some antibiotics of wide spectrum. In my country they are less strict with selling some medicine without prescription.

  • Thank you!! I will bring these on my 2 week Euro trip. Have you ever had an issue at customs/border patrol with drugs not in original packaging?

  • I take the empty Tylenol travel bottles, take off the labels {put on prescription labels, diarrhea meds, OTC antiacid, Excedrin migraine label} a small bottle of witch hazel & aloe vera for burns, moleskin, medical wrap as I’m allergic to medical tape & band aids.

  • I am concerned about all of the pastes/gels (such as the triple antibiotic ointment) in the first aid kit. Since they’re not in the designated bag for liquids, would they be confiscated by TSA? Shouldn’t they be in the designated bag with other liquids?
    Edit: What is a good way of going around that with a carry-on?

  • Most of those items are necessary in a first aid kit, but I noticed that you had some in your’s which pertain to you and that is good. I have a survival kit in my backpack and also have one in my vehicles as well just in case they are needed.

  • In a pinch, if someone suffers a deep cut my friend says you could use a sanitary pad (new of course) as a temporary gauze to keep the cut from becoming infected with anything, use tape or a piece of cloth to tie and keep in place.

  • I also take Plaquenil which is an Anti-Malarial drug…does that mean that I am set on the malarial drugs? LOL j/k…I’ll ask my doctor.

  • Tegaderm is used to cover IVs in hospitals. I don’t believe it’s the same “brand” but it is the same “stuff”. I used to have to use Fentanyl patches and those suckers just wouldn’t stay on. With the help of my pharmacist, he recommended these Tegaderms to help cover the patches and they stayed on through showers and everything!! Warning check to see if your patch (nicotine or otherwise, needs ventilation before using!!)

  • I think you should try out the swedish Alvedon! They are extremely good if you have an headache that don’t goes over. Trust me, I’m so glad I have them!

  • When she said sunburn I’m like….I’d rather stay inside and sleep. Imma couch potato. I got sunburn once and I had blisters on my shoulders….and don’t get me started on the itching. I had to take pills to get it to stop

  • + sterile sutures and syringes if visiting a third world county. Many hospitals in less developed parts of the world reuse needles. its a good idea to bring your own.

  • Have you ever had some troubles with the airport and security for taking pills? Just asking, is there any like “rule” when it comes to pills and drugs (medicine)?

  • Hi. Thanks for a great video. I did some research on first aid kits before creating my own. Just wanted to share the contents in case you find them useful.
    General: Crape bandage, 2 inch gauze, Gauze square dressing, Needles, Tweezers, Scissors, Blade, Dental floss, Cotton, Safety Pins, Duct Tape, Suture
    Disinfectants: Savalon, Spirit, Alcohol Swabs
    Adhesives and tapes: J&J medical tape, Band aids, Butterfly strips (for deep cuts)
    Electrolytes: Electral powder, sugar, salt (also for saline water to clean wounds)
    Tablets: Brufen (Pain), Paracetamol (Fever), Lomotil (Diarrhoea), Stomach infection (Entroquinol, Camphor, Pudin hara), Domstal (Nausea), Spasmodil (Stomach ache, monthly cramps), Buscopan (Stomach ache), Cetrazine and Avomine (Cold, Allergy)
    Ointments: Betadine (10%) for cuts and wounds, Silverex (Burns, cuts), Soframycin (antibiotic), Neosporin (cuts, wounds, antibiotic), Odomos, Smyle (mouth sores)

  • Any laddies with bigger legs like me, anti chafe cream is a life saver!! If you are traveling and it gets hot and youre walking around and sweating a tad (i know its gross but its life) then youll probably chafe and it is veeery uncomfortable. I use monistat chafing relief powder gel and it works wonders! (especially in southeast asia!) Its like $6 at target if youre in north america like me. Safe, fun and comfortable travels everyone! (:

  • I’ve been binge watching your videos since yesterday. Love your channel and all the tips! I’ve been traveling quite a lot lately and modifying my traveling habits as I go along. But there is always some tip or hack that you explain that I wasn’t aware of, and now I’ll be doing that too! Thanks!!

  • You should add superglue. There have been times when my family will get really bad cuts and after 6 packs of gauze just close it up with some glue and bandage it.

  • Zofran: anti-nausea medication but you need a prescription for it. Not for like seasickness/carsick nausea, although you can use it for that. More for the other reasons you get nauseous.

  • first aid kit
    1) insect bites
    2) antibiotic cream for wounds
    3) blister cushions
    4) rubbing alcohol
    5) diarrhea pills
    6) cold medications
    7) strepsils for sore throat
    8) thylanols for headaches
    9) benadrils for allergies
    10) constipation pills
    11) enzymes for digestions
    12) iron pills for energy
    13) advils are ibuprofens for pain
    14) mini flashlight
    15) oral electrolites
    16) moleskin for blisters
    17) sewing kit
    18) alcohol swabs for cleaning wounds
    19) iodine wound cleaning soloution heavy duty
    20) antiseptics
    21) band aids
    22) calcium carbonate tablets anti acids for heartburn
    23) lactaids
    24) tegraderm band aids
    25) waterproof band aid
    26) gauze pads for big wounds
    27) medical tape for gauze
    28) second skin burn pads
    29) malaria tablets
    30) emergency survival blanket

  • Super informative! I love the tip that you only need to bring enough supplies to last you until you get to a proper pharmacy. We’re planning a two month trip to Southeast Asia and I’ve thought I needed to bring EVERYTHING in our bags. Ha!

  • Hey, Nadine! LOVE your videos! I have to be at least 20 years older than you, but your advice (and bubbly attitude) has been a God-send! I am traveling with my husband and my 15 year old son for three weeks in Europe. I have forgotten nearly all my travel hacks… and I freaking LIVED in Italy for four years! Yikes! Thanks… keep those videos coming!

  • Oh goodness. Iron pills are NOT ‘holy grails of energy’ please don’t spread nonsense. Iron pills only help people that have an iron deficiency and only work if you take them for months on end religiously. Only then you slowly build up the level and you will feel better and less tired. They DO NOT work for people who are ‘just a little tired after a long flight’.You will just pee or poop out the excess of iron that your body does not need. In saying this, it is not dangerous to take them if you’re not iron deficient but you should never just take some pills because they might have added some things in there to digest the iron easier or caffeine to actually give you that boost you’re talking about.

  • You should not be using iodine on cuts!!!!! Iodine is for killing bacteria on the surface of your skin, it’s never supposed to go in your body as iodine is also hazardous to us.

  • Amazing video, however I would be careful when using alcohol pads to clean wounds, this can actually destroy good skin cells. Usually rinsing it with sterile water and then applying an anti-bacterial cream is the best first aid for a wound

  • am I gonna get questioned by customs for taking heaps of pills in my bag? I’m planning to stock up on a shit load of sea legs because I get sick on hills and boats lol