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WHEN YOU HAVE TOO MUCH MILK | Tips For Dealing With Oversupply

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How-To BOOST Your Milk Supply! Breastfeeding Education

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How to Dry Up Your Milk Supply Fast (Without Breastfeeding)

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Breastfeeding: Foods That May Help Manage Your Milk Supply

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How to increase breast milk supply10 Foods that increase breast milk supply naturally

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To build a strong supply of breast milk for your baby you should: Make sure your baby is latching on to your breast correctly. Breastfeed at least every two to three hours around the clock. Keep your little one awake and sucking at the breast. Breastfeed for at least 10 minutes on each side. Will You Make Enough Breast Milk?

Make sure your baby is latching on to your breast correctly. Breastfeed at least every two to three hours around the clock. Keep your little one awake and sucking at the breast.

Breastfeed for at least 10 minutes on each side. To manage engorgement, it is important to feed as soon as possible and frequently. By hand or with a breast pump, gently express your milk to soften your breast and encourage a better latch. A cold compress can be applied to soothe your breast after feedings.

Breast and Nipple Care. An oversupply can often result in a foremilk/hindmilk imbalance, meaning your baby could be getting lots of foremilk, and not enough of the fatty hindmilk at each feeding. Block feeding ensures that your baby is getting to the more caloric hindmilk and helps slow down your milk supply by leaving the other breast full. To maintain milk supply, it is also important to breastfeed at night during the first few weeks after birth while in the Initiation and Building Phases of lactation.

To keep your milk supply up if your healthcare provider advises you to stop nursing temporarily because you’re taking medication that might be harmful to your baby (this is rarely necessary) or if you’re hospitalized for a short time and can’t breastfeed throughout the day. Most women express their milk using an electric or manual. Adjust positioning (See “ Positioning FAQ ”) Express 1-2 minutes before bringing baby to breast to release that first strong rush of milk. Break suction as soon as baby starts to cough or struggle.

Have a towel, washcloth or bib handy to catch the milk spray. Similar to breast-feeding, pumping also gives message to your brain to keep releasing prolactin and producing more milk. Keep your breasts warm.

Wet either a wash lap or face towel with warm water and put it on your breasts. They will get your breasts to relax and thus, promote increasing production of oxytocin. As your breast milk contains something called ‘feedback inhibitor of lactation’ (FIL), the excessive fullness signals that breast to slow down milk production.

It’s your body’s way of ensuring that your breasts don’t fill up endlessly. Try this technique for 24 hours, alternating breasts every four hours. Pump more often/more frequently.

Try increasing your iron via rich leafy greens or via supplementation. (Great article to read on here ). Try using a galactagogue, like the one mentioned above by Legendairy Milk (they often run promos, and by using my link you can save at least 10%).

List of related literature:

• Maintain your milk supply by pumping your breasts on a regular schedule and discard the pumped milk.

“Understanding Pharmacology E-Book: Essentials for Medication Safety” by M. Linda Workman, Linda A. LaCharity, Susan L. Kruchko
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When you get home, you may find your milk supply somewhat diminished, but more­frequent­than­usual nursings, along with extra­special attention to diet and rest, should replenish it.

“What To Expect The 1st Year [rev Edition]” by Heidi Murkoff, Sharon Mazel
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To maximize the milk supply and milk transfer to the infant, mothers should use the electric breast pump after feedings while in the hospital and continue this process at home until the infant is able to success­fully remove milk from the breasts and until the milk supply is well established.

“Maternity and Women's Health Care E-Book” by Deitra Leonard Lowdermilk, Shannon E. Perry, Mary Catherine Cashion, Kathryn Rhodes Alden
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To keep your milk production steady over the long term, try to match it with your total number of breastfeedings plus pumpings per day.

“Breastfeeding Made Simple: Seven Natural Laws for Nursing Mothers” by Nancy Mohrbacher, Kathleen Kendall-Tackett, Jack Newman
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Use a slow flow teat, feed on demand and never encourage a baby to take more than they need.

“The Positive Birth Book: A new approach to pregnancy, birth and the early weeks” by Milli Hill
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If you notice that your milk supply is declining a few days in a row, you will need to assess the situation and make whatever adjustments are necessary.

“The Nursing Mother's Companion” by Ruth A. Lawrence, Kathleen Huggins
from The Nursing Mother’s Companion
by Ruth A. Lawrence, Kathleen Huggins
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When you’re ready to go all the way, say bye-bye to the last feeding (though if you’re both still invested in the breast, you can opt to hang on to that bedtime feed until the milk runs out or interest wanes on either side or both).

“What to Expect: The Second Year” by Heidi Murkoff
from What to Expect: The Second Year
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Pump or express only enough milk to soften your breasts when they become full.

“Comprehensive Lactation Consultant Exam Review” by Smith
from Comprehensive Lactation Consultant Exam Review
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Frequent feedings is the best way to increase your milk supply.

“Pregnancy, Childbirth, and the Newborn: The Complete Guide” by Janet Walley, Penny Simkin, Ann Keppler, Janelle Durham, April Bolding
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Have the mother breast-feed frequently (8 to 12 times/ 24 hours) to help maintain the milk supply.

“Lippincott Manual of Nursing Practice” by Sandra M. Nettina
from Lippincott Manual of Nursing Practice
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  • I’ve been watching your videos for some time now! I’m 37 weeks now and I’m so ready all cuz of you. You educated me so much on these things and you explain everything so well. Thank you for these videos. You are a life saver! Appreciate it so much. My midwive gets amazed when I talk about Labour and different medical term that you use �� She tells me that I’m so good with this considering it’s my first baby and I was like Thanks to Sarah Levone ��❤️❤️❤️ Appreciate you so much!

  • What about when milk supply decreases over time (say when you period returns at 5 months)?? I planned to BF for at least a year but now I’m worried

  • There are many factors in treating low milk yield naturally and discovered. One plan I discovered which successfully combines these is the Hartlyn Milk Plan (google it if you’re interested) it’s the most helpful resource that I have ever heard of. look at the unbelievable info.

  • What about peppermint tea?
    I’ve never had issues with supply (I have actually donated a ton of milk), but I am breastfeeding my newborn and drink peppermint tea almost daily ��

  • 28 weeks with my 1st baby & I feel nervous but super ready for my son to be here. I have years of babysitting experience 5 nephews & 2 younger brothers. But I never had to deal with breastfeeding & actually having to be a mom to someone!!!

  • I was sick my whole pregnancy, every minute I was awake. I never threw up, but it always felt like I was about to any second. I was on 2 nausea medications the whole time just to feel safe without sitting by the toilet all day and night. I thought that would go away as soon as he was born, but it didn’t.

    We tried really hard to breastfeed but my nipples just stay flat and he really struggled to latch. He had a wide open mouth and I’d get the whole areola in, and he’d start sucking but it kept slipping out of his mouth every few sucks and he’d get so mad he wouldn’t try again after several times of that. We ended up using nipple shields because it was the only way he could anything to stay in his mouth long enough to feed.

    THEN, every time he stimulated a let down, I instantly felt dizzy and like I was going to throw up. It happened every time and lasted the entire time he’d feed. And the nausea would ease off a little bit until the next feed but never go away. I had a hard time eating both during the pregnancy and while we were breastfeeding. I just couldn’t get more than a few tiny bites before it felt like it was trying to come up. After a few weeks of him feeding and still crying because I’d run out and he was still hungry, my milk finally started really coming in and giving him a full meal, and we had roughly a week and a half of things going ok. I’d been drinking a milk tea every day and taking the fenugreek supplements. I was pumping after he was done. I was massaging them in a hot shower several times a day because I read that can help milk production. I did cluster pumps twice a day. Everything I read that might help because he was starting to outgrow my production amount again.

    Then overnight it went away. Literally had a lot come out at his 8pm feed, less at 10, less at midnight, almost nothing at 1, and by 3am nothing at all. We kept trying, and I kept pumping regularly also for another 2 weeks, but it never came back. It just turned off. And then about a week after I stopped trying the nausea cleared up completely. I read later that some people do get nausea from the hormones while breastfeeding.

    So my questions are, what is the likelihood that baby 2 and I will have the same problems? Is there a way to nurse with flat nipples without a nipple shield to get a latch? Are there foods that can help with the nausea? How common is it for milk to dry up like that? And how common is it to feel sick every time you nurse? Are there some things to do to help it?

  • breasts are not designed to express with hands, the natural way keeps the
    supply according to needs, alternate methods reduce the supply. although it
    will take a while for the baby to return to boobs but rest assured it really
    worth it, anyways there are certain things that you can do to increase the
    supply, the recommended one is to give a try to “healthy nursing tea”. its
    herbal ingredients really increase the let down. yo can get insight on

  • hey,if anyone else wants to uncover what can increase breast milk try Fezervin Breast Milk Coach (do a google search )? Ive heard some awesome things about it and my cousin got cool success with it.

  • “Healthy Nursing Tea” is a great supplement that does indeed promote the milk supply when consumed at least 3 -4 cups per day. I love drinking this without any addition or with a little bit of honey.

  • Thanks for the information. I had a hard time with my first and ended up with severe mastitis. I’m hoping to avoid it this time with your method!

  • Is it ok to still give my baby the milk that I do pump if I’m using the cabbage on my breasts in between and also the decongestant medication? Or should I just be pumping and dumping? Thanks so much in advance!

  • I started producing milk at 5 months pregnant. I breastfed for 3 months. My baby will be 2 in August and I still have breast milk. I can’t get it to dry out for the life of me. HELP ME

  • I can say only food cant help I had almost quit breastfeeding for low supply. the only thing that turned out to be helpful is an herbal formula “healthy nursing tea” by secretsoftea. it’s herbal so nothing for me to worry about. this blend of herbs was helpful to me to boost my milk production.

  • I wore a compression bra for about 4 to 5 days and my milk dried up completely. I thought pumping would drag out the process longer…cabbage leaves were amazing also! Thanks for the info!

  • Hi Sarah. Your videos were so helpful for me last year with my first baby! I am pregnant again and I stopped breast feeding two months ago. I am thinking about getting on the relactating train. What are your thoughts on relacting and is it possible?

  • Not judging one bit… But out of curiosity, why no breastmilk at all? I had a teacher that wanted to breastfeed and couldn’t because of a condition she had.

  • Do you think it will be easier for me I have only been doing it for 1 month? I want to stop cause i just feel so depressed when I pump

  • Thank you for this video! I think it’s working for me with the Sudafed, peppermint oil and the least pumping possible! I started 4 days ago and only pumped for comfort (2-4 oz a day only once!). My breasts feel much better today but there is still some milk in there, they are pretty big, however they don’t leak at all… Are they just going to shrink more as the days go by? One of my breasts has a plugged duct… Not sure what to do about that!!! On an unrelated note, Is your daughter’s name Charlotte or Charlize? I’m not sure how you’re calling her:) My daughter is Charlize:) And… did you say she started sleeping through the night at 4-5 WEEKS?.. That is pretty unusual! But if so, do you have a video about how you did it? Thank you!

  • I used Healthy Nursing Tea. I notice a difference in my supply within 24 hours of drinking 3 cups. I average an extra 3 to 4 oz per day when using this supplement.

  • Plz make video that could help us to know how to use cabbage nd ice cube.. U can make video on doll or something else to demonstrate how to use it

  • All this is nice advice and all but it doesn’t always go to plan when you have a crying baby with tongue tie. It’s so hard and stressful when you’ve given birth and you’re trying to think straight to do this.

  • Thank you so much for this! I struggled with my first baby and I hope that I can nail down breastfeeding with my second baby. Love your channel so much! ��

  • Hi! Thanks for the video! Very informative! My question is I have not pumped in 5 days, my breast don’t feel engorged anymore (I still have some pain in my breast so I will definitely try the cold cabbage) but how long did it take for your breast to stop leaking? It’s been 5 days now and I’m still leaking. I go to sleep with no bra and when I wake up in the morning my shirt is a little wet. Then I make and eat breakfast and I start leaking again but when I put my sports bra on with pads to soak up the milk, by the end of the night my pads are still dry. I’m so confused I don’t know if not wearing a bra is making me produce milk? But anyways how long did it take for you to stop leaking?
    Thank you!

  • Love this! I don’t have a pump unfortunately….iv been very engorged for about 4 days now and though it’s gotten better I am looking for some positive thoughts/ input. I don’t think I have mastitis as they are no long super warm to touch and aren’t as rock hard as they were. But they are still huge and hard and I’m just looking for some mama advice so I don’t lose my mind. I just want my boobs to be squishy again �� my OB told me to just keep using ice packs and cabbage so I have been

  • I just went through this and still am going through this a bit! And omg when I tell you the breast engorgment is the WORST! I have stopped breastfeeding, I do the cabbage and ice packs and I feel so much better! If your going through this you are not alone. If you need any more advice or just someone to talk to because I know how painful and stressful it can be especially when trying to tend to your baby and your breast.

  • subhan Allah i’v heard that the mommy milk prepared from month 4 in pregnancy we need to be a ware of nourishing our bodies so 6 months preparing.. is it true?!

  • 5 months on May 27th, my son is wearing 6 month cloths, eating mostly milk, and some fruit. I was very lucky with him, he had a strong latch from the very beginning. I try to rest oatmeal and drink mother’s milk tea everyday, and I noticed a huge difference in my supply when I also off. I also cut back on caffeine, and that has a lot. With all these combined, I can, on acreage, fill 2 8oz bottles while pumping at work. Maybe more.

  • Am I missing the links for the lactation cookies? I don’t see them?! Also don’t see the graphic on instagram for power pumping either

  • Thanks so much. My baby is 14 months old and want to stop breastfeeding him. But my breast hit is really paining me. What should I do.

  • Question, I’ve stopped breastfeeding like 4 months ago but I still have milk.. like for example today I pressed my nipple and milk came out. How do I stop that?

  • Hi dear
    What if someone has to stop breastfeeding all of sudden? Like I stopped breastfeeding a couple of days ago (means completely stopped) and I had to pump but after pumping it feels like I’m making more milk��
    Please help this poor mumma… I’m in so much pain, breasts are fully engorged… will pumping still help me to dry up breastmilk?

  • My son just turned 1 last week, and i have exclusively breastfeeding him. I am so ready to stop and be able to sleep without waking 4 or 5 times at night foe him to feed. We co-sleep so it might be a bit harder, he has his crib but never used it. I love him with me but it’s time, as selfish as it may sound I need to rest. Anyway, I’m gonna do all these things so there is no more milk for him. He did so well yesterday all day, usually he breastfeeds before his nap but i gave him almond milk and he fell asleep but at night he wasn’t having it, he wanted the breast and he didn’t sleep until i gave it to him and then he woke the same to breastfeed at night so many times. Hope these tips help ����

  • I’m gonna try this to decrease my oversupply in 1 of my boobs. I hope it works because it really hurts especially whenever i do blockfeeding.

  • Thank you for another great video!! So I have a question, I’m 35 weeks pregnant and I’ve been having menstrual cramps for 3 days straight. They’re constant and are in my back as well! They won’t let up! Are they just Braxton Hicks or something else?? I’ve been drinking so much water and taking tylenol and nothing is working. I went to labor and delivery and I wasn’t in labor, everything looked good.

  • I had my baby at 28 weeks, 1day… would that affect my milk supply? I have been pumping since I had her, but I still can’t seem to get more milk flowing. The most I get is 15mL. I pump every 3-4 hours, but now I’m thinking I should try maybe every 2 hours instead. I went crazy with lactation supplies, but even that doesn’t seem to work.

  • I want to say thank you for adding the part about necessary supplementation. I was cringing at first about you saying remove supplementation because I was thinking how babies are going to starve from that but then I heard the rest and took a sigh of relief.

  • Thanks for the new information but I have a question please my baby is 2 months year old he became a hungry every half an hour I don’t know what to do, I ‘m afraid if he’s not getting enough milk

  • When I heard this supply and demand I was shocked ��.. just yesterday was asking my hubby about these words comparing milk supply ��

  • I pump 4 times a day and breastfeed twice at night my baby stopped breastfeeding at 2.5 months and my milk supply at pumping was 1 ounce from both breasts and I had to give her formula but I kept pumping and got my milk supply up to 5 ounces per pump but I must admit if I pump less often I get the same amount of milk as pumping every 2 hours. So it’s not always 8 times a day and more cause it’s hard to spend 4 to 5 hours a day connected to the plug.

  • I have inverted nipples and tried nipple shields but they didn’t work with my first baby so ended up just formula feeding. Do I HAVE to have baby latch on or can I exclusively pump and still make enough milk for baby?

  • Wait so, if supply and demand is how you increase your supply, will it still increase even if you don’t have that much milk? Like right after you give birth?
    40w+3 here and BF is my main goal��

  • you can check out for their impressive herbal products for increasing breast milk production. absolutely economical and impressive in order to get the supply elevated. I have been using it and can feel the improvement in my milk flow

  • This was super helpful! I’m a second time mom and still learned SO much from this! Thank you so much!! I feel like I can actually pump successfully now without worring about my supply!

  • Thank you so much for this video I’m literally doing everything you say right now.. Unfortunately after stop breastfeeding my newborn because of my health I’m not feeling well and I’m not eating at all.

  • My Baby is 2 months old and am not having enough milk.. is these steps to be followed from the time of birth or I can do start now also? Pls advise..

  • My baby stopped weaning by herself. So I am trying to dry my breast. Hope this will work.
    My doubt is, if I do this, will my milk secretion start after getting pregnant after 2 or 3 years for the 2nd baby.

  • Idk if you’ll see this, but I’m struggling because at videos are targeted to newborns. My babygirl is 4 months now and I just recently had a drop in supply. Only when pumping tho. I work so she’s latched all the time we are together and I’m pumping 3 times while at work. Would these tips still be applicable to me or is there something more you would suggest. I’m doing pretty much everything you said already and I’ve even started to add some affirmations for myself. I’m a single mom of 2 and it does get overwhelming but I REALLY REALLY want to BF my daughter for a year at least. Thanks!! Love your videos

  • My son has a horrible latch majority of the time… my nipple comes out looking like a lipstick… and he smacks with only one side of his tongue. It also feels like he’s gumming down on them hard:( I’ve come to the conclusion that is why. I’m trying not to give up though. He also doesn’t empty my breasts. My sister recommended I feed him for 10 mins each breast, then pump for 20. �� he’s 8 days old and eats more than 3 ounces.. sometimes even more than that�� is that normal? It’s kind of concerning.. lol especially because it’s breast milk

  • I have been drinking “healthy nursing tea” of to keep my breast milk supply up which helped a lot. its herbal content is amazing to elevate the supply.

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  • This is baby #2 for me. I breastfed my 1st for 18 months! Anytime my supply takes a hit, I order Legendary milk and I pump after every single feeding. I drink tons and tons of water and that’s the number one thing to do! The tea you recommended is awesome for mamas who are on food stamps because they can use their EBT card to get that tea!

  • The hospital gave my son formula with my first-born which complicated breastfeeding… is it a bad idea to start pumping a few days before Labor and Delivery to make sure I have the milk supply when the baby comes

  • Definitely going to try these tips. I gave birth one month ago yesterday, and I’ve only been able to sleep for 2hours at a time since so I’m trying to build up supply and hopefully be able to sleeo

  • I stop b.f before 5 month BT now I have pain and breast became hard.. And creamy texture liquid com’s out from beast while squeezing…is that milk if its milk how to stop it

  • Hi i just came home from my OB appointment she prescribed me birth control pill to take to help me slow down the milk supply. I been exclusively breastfeeding my daughter of 14 months old. I am wondering what do you have to say about me still sort of having her suck on my breast just for the comfort of it but also try all the method that u just provided??? Ive always had so much pain with the engorgment since i produce alot of milk and breastfeeding on demand…. so if i do try to do the ice packa and cabbage leaf everyday to decrease my milk supply and also breastfeed when she cries uncontrollably will it be okay? And by the way i still havent bad my period which isnt good either since we want to try again to conceive so plz help!!! Any suggestions would be good ��

  • Current breastfeeding while watching this. Normally at work I pump 16-18oz and only hardly got 14oz today. I donated 40oz of my frozen milk to another mama yesterday and told her Id pump more for her but now Im nervous I wont produce enough both.

  • You are HEAVEN SENT! & I LOVE your personality!! God bless you!! I am 34 weeks & you made me feel so much less anxious. Thank you so much!!

  • Sarah you the best nurse thanks for sharing your knowledge with us. I watched since I had to induce my pregnancy and you helped me to avoid it buy just explaining what inducement is and what happens to you body and baby ( dropping)

  • I’ve breastfeed both of my 2 kids till 18 months. I’m currently preg with 3 hoping to breastfeed till 2 1\2 3 years old my husband was the main reason we stopped with my last two. My #2 did have trouble latching because I was induced early with him and with the trama of birth made him weaker.

  • I still don’t know why people don’t speak about this more often. This is the most painful thing A woman has to go through!!i believe it’s worse then labor! I have two daughters and I’m in the process of drying out my boobs right now. It’s the worse! This is One more reason I ain’t having no more kids!

  • I know this sounds like stupid question.. but can you talk more about how to decrease your milk supply? After i had my babies, i get so much milk that i can feed 2 babies.. and if i pump it will even increase it more.. suggestions please:)

  • Should I continue to massage with a hot wet flannel? I did that for I think 10 mins too long and milk did come out but my breasts got bigger and harder after, I’m in so much agony ��

  • Thank you so much for this channel! My Little guy is 9 months old and I have been watching your videos since I first got pregnant!
    Also, your make up was in point in this video! Yeah girl!
    I’d love to know your views on pregnancy spacing as we’re contemplating baby number 2 at the moment. Thanks!

  • I would like to decrease my milk supply. My newborn is 8 days old and she is eating about 2oz every 2 hours or so.. but I have to pump bcuz my breast gets engorge. I’m not using the milk I been putting in the fridge for the past 5 days.. what do I do? Should I freeze it or just decrease my milk supply? I’m only breastfeeding.

  • are my breast going to stay hard? it’s my first day, I’ve pumped for the 2nd time today for the 5 mins. I’ve done all the steps except the ice packs. but my breast feel hard but not really pained, just tender.

  • I have twins and they have issues latching on so I pump how can I increase my milk supply I’m only pumping 2 oz every 3 hours my girls are now drinking 4 oz

  • He is 3 weeks now but his due date was yesterday, and he is just now at 6lbs. He chews instead of sucking. I have an overactive letdown and he has reflux. He is constantly throwing up. I am stressed for sure. He was 37w and he is sleeping a lot so I am missing a lot of feedings. I really want to breastfeed exclusively but should it be this hard? Do I need to wake him up to feed him? I am currently supplementing per Dr recommendation to help him gain weight. I feel absolutely helpless!

    Also: You look absolutely gorgeous!

  • You explain it so well that after watching this I feel like an expert haha. We’ll see how much information I retain when my baby is born lol.

  • My baby is 2 months and your video has helped me especially in my third trimester helping me be in that good mental state when giving birth..thank you! Nurul from Singapore

  • There are several tips for increasing amount of milk naturally and found

    increase the number of times your baby feeds

    Use fenugreek or other herbs

    Use a breast pump

    (I learned these and why they work on Hartlyn Milk Plan website )

  • Hey Sarah. I’m really interested in knowing that how to deal with post parting depression during this ongoing pandemic depression?? I so want to hit my baby girl all the time when she cries ��

  • First of all, thank you soo much Sarah to be there for every moms to be.
    Could you make videos about massaging the newborns please! Thank you

  • here’s a few tips for increasing amount of milk quickly and discovered
    increase the number of times your baby feeds
    fenugreek or other herbs
    a breast pump
    (I discovered these and why they work on Hartlyn milk plan site )

  • My babe is 7 months and my milk supply was going down and I couldn’t figure out why… I stopped drinking caffeine and suddenly I had lots of milk! And my letdown was almost instant instead of 5 minutes.

    Also, my period definitely affects my supply for a few days before and during the start of my period. Then it goes back to normal!

  • Would love for you to take about oversupply!! Even just in a coffee and questions. FTM and I didn’t know it existed and really struggled with it, and not a lot of people talk about it! Didn’t even know it existed

  • Would love for you to take about oversupply!! Even just in a coffee and questions. FTM and I didn’t know it existed and really struggled with it, and not a lot of people talk about it! Didn’t even know it existed

  • Thankfully I have a lot of milk. It has slowed down a little but I still have a lot. My baby would choke because of how much of a supply I have. My baby is 2 months old and she has gained a lot. She was 8 ibs and 9 oz when she was born and now she weighs 13 ibs 9 oz. I go back to work in 2 weeks weeks and I’m worried about my milk supply dropping. I plan on pumping every 2-3 hrs because that’s how much she eats. When I notice that my milk supply is less I’ll feed her every hour for a day or 2 and then my supply will pick up to back to normal.

  • OMG!!! That was too funny!!!���� I had to pause the video to type this comment, on the part where you are describing how the baby should latch on to breast….I needed that laugh. Okay I’m calm now. About to rewind and watch that part again ��

  • Let me know if you’ve ever tried this method out and how it worked out for you. Also, remember to hit that �� button and SUBSCRIBE for more videos! ��

  • I had a breast reduction 12 years ago. When my son was born (4 months ago) I wanted desperately to breastfeed but after six weeks of constant nursing, pumping, appointments with lactation consultants, warm compresses, supplements, meditation, lactation cookies…etc. I was only ever able to get 10 mils from BOTH breasts at a time. I had to give my baby formula before the end of the first week because he kept losing weight (but I always had him nurse first.) As soon as he realized how much harder he had to work to get sooooo much less from the breast he started refusing to nurse. I gave up completely at the 2 month mark. I don’t think my breast are capable of breastfeeding anymore no matter how hard I tried. ��

    Do you have any ideas how I can fix this before I have my second (and likely last) baby?

  • I wish your videos were around 5 years ago when I had my first child. I felt like such a failure because I couldn’t breastfeed. My baby had a hard time latching, my milk wasn’t coming in and I was worried about my baby starving. I had felt like such a failure of a mom. But now I am pregnant with baby #2 & I feel so prepared this time around! Thank you for all these videos!

  • I wish I could give milk to someone who is having a hard time with milk supply…. Me on the other hand I have an OVER SUPPLY! I hate it so much!

  • I wish you deliver my baby the one I got was a mean one..I didn’t like her at all! But you know what we all pay in this life time.

  • 10 months tomorrow exclusively breastfeeding! I’m so happy and proud of myself and my baby girl! I’ve commented this on your IG before, but you videos coupled with my medical care and lactation consultants helped me so much from pregnancy to birth to breastfeeding in those first couple of months. Thank you!