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Dad’s Failed Attempt at Telling Twins Apart

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Can A Blind Person Tell Identical Twins Apart? // Dolan Twins ft Molly Burke

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With distinctive features—eye color, hair color, facial features, body size, or head shape—fraternal twins are usually pretty easy to tell apart. For boy/girl twins, that only requires a quick check of the diaper area to confirm. How to Tell a Set of Identical Twins Apart Method 1 of 3: Looking at Physical Characteristics. Look at the wardrobe.

While identical twins look alike, they often Method 2 of 3: Observing Other Differences. Assess personality. Identical twins often have different personalities. If Method 3 of.

You can tell them apart when you pay attention, and I absolutely expect teachers to do that,” Gale said. Many parents of identical twins wish that more people would make a point of noticing differences in clothing or features. “Twins do get tired of. Answered September 1, 2014.

Our identical twin boys will soon be two. When they were born, the hospital put one clamp on the umbilical cord of the first boy to be born and two on the second. This was in addition to tags on both ankles, so for a while it was really easy to tell. But if I had to confess one thing about being a mother of multiples that makes me cringe on a daily basis and sometimes keeps me up at night, it’s this: even after six years, I cannot tell my twins apart! It was around the fourth month of pregnancy that my high risk doctor confirmed that I was carrying mono-di identical twins.

The probability of the STRs all being identical in two unrelated people is less than 1 in a trillion. DNA testing became a standard legal tool for identifying criminal suspects and resolving. But there is now a test involving melting DNA that could tell identical twins apart in a matter of hours and reveal who that genetic material came from.

To find out if a suspect’s DNA matches that. For sleep deprived parents, this can pose a problem when it comes to identical twins! So here are some tips that people use to tell the darlings apart or ways to make it easier on extended family.

Dressing your twins in different clothes is my favorite method for telling newborn twins apart. We used different colors with our girls. One of them was always in warm colors like reds, pinks, and yellows. The other was always in cooler colors like blues, greens, and purples.

He also said that Olivia’s hair is a little curlier and she has birth marks on her head, which he said is the easiest way to tell them apart. Yet some fans are still confused as.

List of related literature:

Find ways to make each look slightly different so that other folks—and you—can easily tell them apart: a haircut, shoe style, or backpack color.

“The Big Book of Parenting Solutions: 101 Answers to Your Everyday Challenges and Wildest Worries” by Michele Borba
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After a while it is uncannily easy to tell identical twins apart—often without being able to say just how you do it.

“Brainchildren: Essays on Designing Minds” by Daniel Clement Dennett, Hilary Putnam, Ned Block
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Give identical twins a puzzle to solve, and they might come up with answers that are more similar than one would expect from a pair of strangers.

“Monkeyluv: And Other Essays on Our Lives as Animals” by Robert M. Sapolsky
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(Modern advances allow us to tell apart even identical twins, by using alterations to the DNA that occur after birth; see the following discussion).

“Biotechnology” by David P. Clark, Nanette J. Pazdernik
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When people learn I have a twin, the first thing they ask is whether we’re identical.

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Compare monozygotic twins.

“Mosby's Dictionary of Medicine, Nursing and Health Professions Australian & New Zealand Edition E-Book” by Peter Harris, Sue Nagy, Nicholas Vardaxis
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A common approach is to compare identical twins with fraternal twins.

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Identical multiples are genetically identical, and usually look so much alike that even parents have a hard time telling them apart.

“Midwifery and Obstetrical Nursing” by Sharma
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You can tell them apart based on the mole, and the brothers are mirror images of each other.

“Organic Chemistry as a Second Language: First Semester Topics” by David R. Klein
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DNA markers can be used to test whether twins are identical or fraternal, although, for most twin pairs, it is easy to tell because identical twins are usually much more similar physically than fraternal twins.

“Encyclopedia of Genetics” by Eric C. R. Reeve, Isobel Black
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  • I feel so bad for molly. It seems like alot of youtubers, are using her for clout and i dont think thats nice. Its always “blind girl” does something to her. LIke Molly being blind, inst her personality

  • Our family had two sets of identical twins 4 months apart. The adults had trouble telling them apart over the years but the siblings always knew, even from a very young age. We asked how do you know that’s Jenny and he answered that’s because she has a Jenny face! Lol

  • Baby A;ayla

    Baby B;aria

    Big fan and love you all Jesus blessed you guys with the most beautiful,wonderful, and amazing twins ������❤️❤️����

  • I can’t tell them apart but Ava is one year older than an Alexis or or yeah but I could not tell them a heart the twins do you say Jersey I could tell because he’s a little boy do you have a baby brother and I cannot tell him because go to the same school I think they go to the same school Aunt yeah they’re twins all like I have a toy and a boy though normal so

  • Alonzo has ayla, because in the few videos i have seen he always has ayla she is such a little daddys girl, she is also a bit smaller then arya..

    Jessica has arya, because she is a bit thicker then her sister and is more of a mommys girl.

    Just a couple of my observations.

  • I think Basically if we didn’t see that title it would hard to tell that she is a blind person…in this vid Ethan was smart but I feel like grayson was caring to molly…he is totally a boyfriend/husband material..❤..

  • For some reason to me, every now and then it looks like she is not actually next to them, but in front of a green screen of them lol. I must be very tired.

  • I wated your tik toks (btw tik tok send here) its easy Ayla or Ayra is always moody (savage) and Ayra or Ayla is always sweet and not (savage)

  • Alonzo has ayla and jess has arya also one of them I realized has a mole on their face I think I love yall I came from tik tok and have seen everyone of your videos and liked each one

  • Omg I just thought about something do y’all know who L&S is if y’all do don’t y’all think these twins look just like L&S baby but you can see the differences but still I was thinking they could pass as triplets with L&S baby��������

  • Jersey sees them as Sissy, he perceives Ava is Alexis and Alexis is Ava to him they just ONE. Actually he is right same consciousness. He probably thinks to himself why they keep on asking him the same question.

  • I think when you are missing a sense in this case the ability to see you pick up another sense or your other sense becomes stronger like how you are able to tell the difference between you parents walking style and pattern because how long you have stayed with them I think that’s the mystery sense people be talking about I think it’s the sense of “awareness” the ability to pick part patterns vocals and etc.

  • I want to start out by saying I love your videos. I watch them everyday. I can tell the twins apart. Now to me Ava’s face is a little wider than Alesis. Keep them coming. Love you guys.

  • OMG I GOT THAT RIGHT omg I thought I was wrong and I was gonna change but then I thought about it and I just sticked with my first answerr

  • I can tell them apart because they have the same hairstyle but sometimes the wind different clothes so then in my head when you guys are making videos I remember my head which is who

  • I’m Nigerian! Im from England tho… I love how you did the Nigerian Independence Day and showed the twins the culture of their heritage!����

  • Wait wait wait….for 2.5 seconds I kinda excepted the fact as parents you didn’t know, maybe switched them a couple times and didn’t care who’s who….but had a huge smile when you guys came back and gave that smile like �� um yea right we don’t know OUR babies!!! ��������

  • Dont u guys think they look like soul mcbroom I think her name is edit: I just searched up a picture of soul and the twins they look so similar like if u agree

  • Mannn if I had identical twins I’d be like baby A is always on the left and baby b is always on the right and if that didn’t work I’d HAVE to keep a name tag������

  • This worries me too! We’ve got different coloured new born hats and blankets to try and help twin 1 has green and twin 2 has orange. But I’m not sure if that’ll be good enough ��

  • There’s obvious differences, gorgeous girls, keep going, it’s hard but it’s so worth it, you MUST get educated while you can, or it’s going to be super super hard later on, trust me… I’ve been there. If there’s one thing I’d do different,it’s get marketable skills while my babies were small

  • @ 8:35 How do you differentiate someone who is trying to make you happy from someone who is likes playing with you?��‍♂️ I don’t blame you Jersey, they’re all “Sissy”

  • I knew alonzo had ayla bc to me she is kinda a daddy’s girl and arya is a Momma’s girl bc shes more quiet like jessica but To me tho like me if you agree a little

  • I tell them apart by their smiles and reactions. Ava takes a more methodical and logical approach to things, while Alexis is a mediator, always smiling, and great at giving off a positive aesthetic. Ava has thoughtful but not over-the-top reactions (usually) with a genuine but less present smile, as she’s more pensive and doesnt mind as much the way people view her (not as much of a natural catwalk ��). Also alexis wears a lot of pink while ava generally does nt base her wardrobe off that. I cheat with the last factoid sometimes lol

    Love binging yalls videos and being proud of myself for getting to know their uniqueness better as yalls beautiful personalities cleanse my soul. Thanks!!

    -Lauren don’t read my nickname aloud:p

  • Omd I’m actually triggered it’s so clear that she is not blind, literally looking straight into the camera and into there eyes even when they walked off ��

  • I can tell Ava and Alexis apart by their teeth because Ava has a small gap in her teeth and Alexis has a gap at the bottom of her teeth. not to be rude.

  • my parents are blind and the amount of respect in these comments is absolutely mind blowing:) this fanbase seems so sweet, thank you for being so lovely and considerate to someone with a disability, its not often this happens

  • am i the only one who can hear the difference in their voices? cuz even they can’t hear it, like have i just been watching to many videos of them or smthn

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  • ethan has like a lisp, or like a little bit of a lisp where like when he talks and says certain words his lips go together and make a th sound

  • I guessed correct!! I am so amazed by how well you two are tackling this parenting, I am super impressed and wish you all the best in life! Love from Louisville Kentucky

  • 6:25 love how grayson was fully taking advantage of her being blind and just staring at her, its so cute just the way he looks at her ��

  • this is so weird but like this is the third Dolan Twin video I’ve ever watched and I can tell their voices apart and know who they are…

  • Wooooooow! Very awesome family always letting out the good vibes no dull moment with this big blessed family thanks for always putting a smiles on our faces love y’all forever. Stayed safe. God bless us all��

  • Can people appreciate Molly for being Molly… like there is soooo much to her, seems like people are always talking about her disability. I am glad she is advocate for blind people, i mean this kindly said this i hope it doesnt come off wrong.

  • Molly: isin’t it weird to think there is a same person roming around like you
    Me: they look so different for me I mean I can tell the difference between them so much easily

  • Alonzo have Ayla and Jessica have Arya and how I no Alonzo have Ayla because in the intro Ayla have less hair and Arya have a lot of hair

  • The baby is so clever,
    And i love him ��
    The gals are cute too. And lively. Such a nice family, loved it when they asked how the baby was made ������

  • Coming from a twin mom, I still get my boys confused on passing and they are 6 years old. Obviously know them apart but like you said sometimes quickly you can mix them up.

  • Oh my goodness my name is Aidhla pronounced exactly like ur daughter Ayla. My mother said she heard the name and she spelled it the way she wanted lol. We are Puerto Rican so in Spanish the D is pronounced. But in English pretty much I-L-A is all that is pronounced. �� Ur girls are sooo beautiful

  • Guys guys I found I way to notice them teeth ������ Ava’s two teeth at the front are small and short Alexis ‘s two front teeth are big and long just look at the sketch on the wall

  • i love how they treated her like a normal person and gave her their undivided attention and didn’t pretend to listen but do other things

  • Jess has Arya and Alonzo has Ayla

    I was right

    I just guessed, i just think
    Like even though they are identical i think it kind of just made sense lol

  • I can see some differences in their faces. Like you said, one of them has bigger/brighter eyes. But also they totally look identical!! Lol. They sure are gorgeous!!!!! ��