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Boy Girl Twins Eat Solids for the First time xSodasWorldx 4.04.14

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Baby First Time Eating Baby Food gross yucky Face! Twin Babies first solid food! Ryan’s Family Vlog

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How to start solid foods with your twins

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Twins’ First Solid Food Sweet Potatoes for the First Time!

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How to feed twins solids and formula at the same time.

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First foods are generally single grain cereals mixed with breastmilk, formula or water. Pureed vegetables or fruit usually follow. Introduce only one new food at a time, separated by a couple of days, to be sure that the babies tolerate them. Again, remember that each baby is an individual. How to Bottle Feed Twins at the Same Time.

Families who choose to use bottles for feeding their twins have the benefit of extra hands; Mom is not the only source of food, as she is when breastfeeding. Dad, grandparents, a nanny, or other helpers can participate in the feeding process. As for getting your babies to eat at the same time, that just takes some creative thinking. When you are solo with twins both of your hands -and sometimes feetmust be fully employed to feed both babies at the same time. You may bottle feed or breastfeed, or do a combination of both in the same session!

– I found it easier to feed one and then the other. They were used to the schedule (most times) so it wasn’t really an issue. ∼ MR – We used Baby Bjorn bouncer seats to bottle feed our twins at the same time. ∼ JI – I use 2 Boppy Loungers with a throw pillow under the head part to prop them up a little. ∼ TS – I used My Brest. Start feeding your twins at the same time even if one is not hungry as the other; Track your twins eating schedule to record what food you have tried.

This is helpful in case your babies show any signs of allergies. Expect mess! Lots of it. Like one baby at meal time – think double or triple mess.

How to feed twins at the same time l bottle-feeding twins at the same time. Tandem feeding babies feeding twins at the same time | feeding twins at the same time bottle | feeding twins solids | feeding twins breastfeeding | twin feeding pillowbreastfeeding twins schedulehow to feed twins by yourselffeeding newborn twinsformula feeding twinstandem bottle feeding twinshow to feed twins. The Table for Two Twins Feeding System At around 4 to 6 months your twins may be ready to start solid foods. The first to be introduced is commonly a single grain, rice cereal followed by other cereals like oatmeal or barley. After that, it’s on to vegetables, fruits, and finally meats.

First, feed them at the same time. In order to do so, you might have to feed them in their infant carseats/carriers, a bottle in each hand. One trick that worked well for me was to sit on the floor with my legs crossed (“pretzel legs” as they say in preschool). I propped a baby in the crook of each knee and fed a bottle in each hand. How do you bottle feed your twins at the same time?

My twins are 8 weeks old and right now my mom helps me with the feedings, but I need to figure out how to do it by myself for when she leaves. Any suggestions? Also, I have seen the table for two prop, but I am hesitant to purchase it since is kind.

How do you cope with feeding them both at the same time? I’ve got a twin feeding pillow which ive tried, and also propped them both up on pillows side by side. The problem is i struggle to give each one the attention he needs to be able to have a full feed and struggle to wind them (theyre 9 weeks old, but were born 9 weeks early so essentially.

List of related literature:

Twins can be fed one at a time or simultaneously.

“Leifer's Introduction to Maternity & Pediatric Nursing in Canada E-Book” by Gloria Leifer, Lisa Keenan-Lindsay
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Another option is to nurse the first two babies simultaneously and then nurse the others together afterward.

“Counseling the Nursing Mother” by Judith Lauwers, Anna Swisher
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Feeding them one after the other is another possibility, but that will significantly cut into the already tiny amount of time you’ll have for other activities.

“What To Expect The 1st Year [rev Edition]” by Heidi Murkoff, Sharon Mazel
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Feeding Simultaneously or Individually You can feed each baby separately or feed two infants at once.

“Foundations of Maternal-Newborn and Women's Health Nursing E-Book” by Sharon Smith Murray, Emily Slone McKinney
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Advice about simultaneous feeding or feeding the infants individually will need to be given.

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• Initially feed each baby separately.

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You can feed each baby separately or feed two infants at once.

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Feed them together to get their feeding patterns synchronized.

“Book Only: Comprehensive Lactation Consultant Exam Review” by Linda Smith
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Your pediatrician can advise you on how to cope with the special parenting problems involved with twins.

“Caring for Your Baby and Young Child” by Steven P. Shelov
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Practice will allow you to feed them together evenly.

“Primitive Technology: A Book of Earth Skills” by David Wescott, Society of Primitive Technology
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  • The father is just laughing, seems too immature �� maybe just pull his zipper and didnt learn about babys.
    Just making comment and laughing.
    He can be helping with the feeding with one of the babys.

  • Well when my son was six months he didn’t eat baby food at all so when he had his doctors apointment the doctor told me was I feeding my boy and I said yes I am. So when I got home I called my mom and and I told her what the doctor said and I went out there and brought thirty dollars worth of baby food for a child that just didn’t care for it at all, so what I did I gave him the same food that I ate but I put it in a blender for him to eat. And I watched my him changed over night he was getting enough food and sleeping all night, I was shocked that he ate that much food and I was scared all at the same time because there stomach are so small if I gave him to much he would hurt him self but I could tell he had enough wow. It is taught being a first time mom. But when I took him back for his next apointment that same doctor saw him again and he said this isn’t that same baby that he saw last week wow, what are you feeding him food.

  • If your going to feed solids at least make it thinner, babies should be able to sit up and have complete control of their heads before solids. Try laying down and eating, this is also hard for a baby…they are so cute…and wanting a bottle..

  • Very cute kids! I agree they seem a little young. I’m not telling you what to do but when my daughter grabbed a carrot and ate it, I knew she was ready. Yours are darling but still clueless.

  • You people are not the children’s parents. You don’t know what their eating habits were. The Dr. must have told them it was ok. They are sweet babies. Back off

  • I am very surprised the Dr said it’s ok to feed solid food to babies that young. This is a first and as a mom I think we need to follow our instincts before any Dr.

  • Ich versteh die Eltern wirklich nicht.
    Was möchte man mit so einer Aktion beweisen??????
    Die Babys sind absolut zu jung.
    Ich versteh sowas nicht. ������������������������������������������������������������

  • Perché il padre dei due bambini invece di continuare a ridere come un imbecille, non aiuta la madre a dar da mangiare ai gemelli. Eviterebbe di far piangere il piccolo. Spero che quel padre snaturato si svegli

  • You are an awesome mom the way you take care of your babies, they look satisfied and happy,,,you are doing fine as a single mom i admire that so keep up the great work ����������❤��������

  • Something I didn’t take into consideration is that these babies were born many weeks early and even though they look like they are 1 month old, they could be 4 months or more.

  • The chunky one with the orange bib is sick as hell and you are trying to shove food in his mouth! Smdh at these idiot parents these days!!

  • For heaven’s sake the babies are fine! They are at least 8 years old now. It might surprise you, but no one needs your help to raise THEIR children. Settle down and stuff your advice unless you are asked.

  • seriously look scary the way you feed them.
    and seems like in between baby on the left kind of chocking or breathing difficulty.
    and parents just kept on feeding both poor babies.
    parents just ignore babies situation.
    that was dangerous.

  • This video is very old but wanted to comment anyway….I think there are varying opinions about when to feed based on info and dr each believe is correct. I see it as sort of a personal choice for the parent, using your child’s cues as a guide. My only question in regards to this video is why the mom times the feeding during a time one was obviously very sleepy and she began feeding the other while he actually was asleep. I do feel that is the bigger danger here.

  • Io la mattina appena sveglia do il latte e i biscotti a mio figlio.. che cosa strana ma interessante vedere altre usanze… baci dall Italia ����

  • Guess what guys…….It’s none of your business what they feed their babies…….so get the hell over it……and mind your business, their babies, their way.

  • Aww! So adorable �� Great job you are a super mommy. I could barely handle one lol! Many Blessings. I will stay tuned_ you’ve gained a new sub!! Hopefully you’ll find something of interest on my channel as well��

  • Lol ones just hanging out and the other bauls right away you can tell which ones going to be a baul baby thats just crazy the difference!!!

  • Babies to small this is force feeding food to thick, instead of dad doing all the talking and watch he should help more and why laugh at a choking baby

  • I found tour channel earlier this week and I’m so happy to actual clean with someone who’s actually cleaning something �� I’ve literally binge watched so many videos. Your boys are beautiful and their growth is amazing!!

  • You’re totally motivation to me. Making your baby food! The twins are absolutely adorable. My twins are 13 months old and oh man can they eat lol great video

  • Ue sao tao pequenos e ja ta dando comida? De leite pra eles eu duvido q depois desse video eles nao pediram leite.. nao ouça os outros falarem a da comida, do leite nao sustenta. Isso é historia. Bebe desse tamanho chora mesmo sentem fome de 3h 3horas leite 0 a 6 meses depois disso pode começar a dar papinha frutas aos pouco. Acho um absurdo ficarem dando comida pra bebe. O outo bebe ta numa fome ele quer leite nao comida.

  • People stop the bashing.. Unless you are perfect… teach don’t condemn…I’m pretty sure these parents want the best for their beautiful babies and they try their best doing so like you and mostly every parent…some people seem to forget that there was things you could have done better and I bet you weren’t getting bashed doing it. Remember babies don’t comes with instruction books and even if they did. You still have to learn what to do and learn what your baby’s needs and dislikes are, and if it’s your first it could be a little scary or nerve racking too.. worries about if your doing a well enough job. So the last thing you need is someone bashing you… teach dont bash….
    On the other hand aren’t those babies so cute and healthy too, and their doing well raising those beautiful babies of theirs…

  • 6 months is the youngest you should be giving your babies solid food and you need to start with very thinned out rice cereal. These people are dumb as hell! This babies are no more than 2 months old.

  • Pediatricians are recommending solids at a MUCH younger age than they used to, because they have fewer allergies and illnesses, which is the opposite of what they used to think. The parents are doing fine. But you know what? that isn’t the issue. The issue is the nosy, pushy old biddies who think they have the right to judge and criticize parents who just want to show off their adorable babies. And it’s the SAME PEOPLE. Get yourselves some torches and have a witch hunt.

  • All you people talking crap, calling the Dr illiterate saying the parents are idiots stfu! It’s not your babies, the Dr said it was ok. The babies grow up into cute healthy boys. None of you are experts! STOP JUDGING THEM

  • Sie zeigen auch noch den Saugreflex.
    Bitte das Fläschchen.
    Die Verdauung der Kleinen, verarbeitet das noch nicht.
    Die Babys werden fürchterliche Bauchschmerzen bekommen.
    Mir tun die Babys leid.


  • God bless you, Mama! Two babies at once! And with such different demeanors! So sweet! Keep up the good work! (Seinfeld would not like all my!! Lol)

  • I am a Mom to one child. For Mom’s with twins, no sharing a spoon to make it easier? Faith, you make my day when I can watch your videos.

  • I started watching you yesterday, and i watched almost all if your Videos, you inspire me, well done to you ❤ your boys will know you are the best mom they could ever had!

  • Your a rockstar at feeding them but it was driving me nuts that u place the food right in front of them so they can make a mess! That would drive me CRAZY

  • I used to use those spoons for Kai too. So convenient! And they do grow too fast �� I can already see their different personalities from just watching your videos. It’s amazing ❤️��

  • Hello love your vids. Don’t boil the spinach ;you are boiling out the nutrients. But if you must boil spinach first don’t throw away the water you use to boil it in use the same water to blend. Hope you find this helpful

  • Just love them more each time I watch your video. You have done a great job all alone quite a task with two lovely boys. Someone is saying thank you mummy. Well done mummy.

  • What the hell am I watching!? Are these people seriously feeding mf potatoes to newborns!? Way way way too young if your pediatrician seriously said it’s ok I would stop going to them immediately and complain to the board. For anyone watching and thinking this is OK please know it is definitely not recommended before 4 months anything but breastmilk or formula. After 4 months if they are sitting well and showing interest you can introduce something like baby rice cereal or oatmeal cereal. This is baby cereal found in the baby aisle (not grown up breakfast cereal). There is a known saying “Anything before 1 is just for fun” when it comes to feeding any solid foods.

    Why this is a bad idea is 1. immature digestive systems, 2. Choking hazards, 3. Babies receive their hydration and calories from milk/formula. If they are eating calorie dense food they will not have the space or desire to drink the milk so they risk dehydration. Holy shit people please don’t don’t don’t do this.

  • You got lovely babies…..bless you… with lots of love❤❤❤❤…. i feel it’s better to feed them in a single bowl with two separate spoons, so that they won’t spill the food too much while u feed the other baby and it won’t be wasted.

  • Hi Friends! Thank you for all of the friendly advice on here. =) I’m happy to report that our twins are still alive eight (nearly nine!) years later and extremely healthy young men. They actually have fairly refined palates and eat well balanced meals daily and almost never complain when I put a new meal in front of them Their current favorite is chicken tikka! Take care and again, thanks for all the pro-tips! 😉

  • I think if I was going to try solids based on the Dr.’s opinion. I would have tried baby cereal, or apple sauce instead. Smaller bites to.

    I’ve known lots of people who have started babies on cereal in a bottle at this age and the kids did just fine with not problems from it.

    I also say cereal or apple sauce because you introduce one food at a time to make sure they don’t have any reaction to it before you try another. At least that’s how it use to be. Lots have changed since my kids was babies. I think mine was around 6 months and sitting up when the Dr said I could give them solids.

    Cute babies and they seem very healthy.

  • lolol gimme those sweet potatoes, gimme that milk…. oh boy, they keep you on your toes, lololol, these are the best of times, lolol, lolol they are discovering how good that other kind of food is, time to give them the spoon, and see where it goes, lolol…. they’ll be cooking as soon as they can see over the stove. taught my son to cook burgers and now, at 35, he;s a excellent cook. You are an AWESOME mom…….

  • My baby is 4.5 months so she will be starting solids soon but I would have never thought to mix spinach and bananas. Was that a recipe in the Baby Bullet book?

  • Awwww! You must stay so busy. They’re really adorable babies, those cheeks kill me! New sub, I look forward to seeing more of them (and you, too)!

  • My son is 2 now. I breastfed until he stopped a little before his second birthday. We baby lead weaned so around 7 or 8 months or so I would give him fruits and veggies or small portions of things I was eating (which forced me to change my diet to a much better one).
    I always always said I would make him the mashed fruits. I even got the pouches to put them in… And I’ve only ever done it once and he didn’t like it… ����

  • I started solids at the age of one month,because i had a hungry baby,and she is fine today,and did the same with her baby.These babies are getting into the swing of things,so they will enjoy nextime arround

  • Omg twins!! They are sooo cute.. I wish my kids slept in till 9. You should make a video about how you keep your supply high enough for twins to feed. Your house is beautiful. Omg that is such a cool way to feed them. I wish I’d heard of these when my kids where smaller lol. The kids already give themselves a bottle!! Soooo smart!! I love your healthy food choices.. sooo inspired…

  • Aww little chatterbox! So sweet!
    Those spoon/bottles are super interestingI’ve never seen them before.
    Kids do grow up way too fast! Milestones are always so fun to see but yes sometimes it makes you want to slow down time!

  • Wie kann man nur so blöd sein.
    Die Babys brauchen die Milchflasche.
    Was wollen die Eltern damit beweisen.
    Der Darm kann das gar nicht richtig vertragen. Sie werden fürchterliche Bauchschmerzen und Blähungen bekommen.
    Mir fehlen die Worte ������������

  • They are beautiful and they were just fine then and I’m sure they are just fine now. Keyboard parents think they know everything and no child will survive without their input

  • Oh my goodness, this is the cutest video ever!!! I love that you make their foods!!! They are the cutest holding their own bottles!! Yes, cherish every moment bc they do grow up so fast!! My first born is almost 21!! What sweet baby boys!! ❤

  • Hey wow kudos to you for the babies really healthy, home made food. I kind of envy you because looking back I could have done better when it comes to my children’s first solid food.