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Teaching son to shave!!! How To Shave For Beginners

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Follow these steps when teaching a boy to shave for the first time: Choose a Quality Razor. There are really only two choices here: electric or blade razors. Electric razors can be more forgiving, as your child Prepare the Face.

Perfect the Technique. Go Easy on Aftershave. Clean the Blades. Teaching your tween how to shave is best done with some firsthand experience. As with boys, the first step is to buy the right products, shaving cream and razors (although there are shaving creams available specifically marketed to women, I just swipe my husband’s).

You should start shaving when you decide that you have enough hair growth on your face to actually shave off. You’ll notice darker hairs forming on your chin and around your upper lip. Shaving Tip 2: What Type of Razor to Use. You need to find a razor that is safe and that works well for you. Get your dad, mom, or older sibling to take you to a.

Explain Proper Shaving Techniques. Your son may have to wait a few years before shaving becomes necessary, but tween girls may want to begin shaving their legs or under their arms before they hit the teen years. Nobody knows how to shave properly right from the beginning, it takes patience and practice. If your child is experiencing delayed puberty, reassure him that he will eventually catch up. 1  By contrast, if he’s an early bloomer or in the throes of a cracking voice, accentuate the positive and introduce him to things like shaving or other rituals of approaching manhood.

Although most people shave in the opposite direction from the hair growth, if you want to avoid ingrown hairs it can help to shave in the direction the hair grows. Plucking How It Works: Using tweezers, a person stretches the skin tightly, grips the hair close to the root, and pulls it. Choose the Right Time. The first key to giving your son shaving lessons is to pick the right time. Some teenagers are anxious to feel grown up, so they will want to start shaving before it’s necessary.

Others, left to their own devices, will overlook the obvious signs that it’s time to start. Tips for Teaching Your Tween Boy to Shave Safely. Medically reviewed by Lindsey Waldman, MD, RD Learn the Stages and Signs of Puberty and How Parents Can Help. Medically reviewed by Lindsey Waldman, MD, RD Helping Your Son Through the.

Though there isn’t a set age to talk to your daughter about shaving, you can look for noticeable cues it’s time to have the conversation. For instance, she may approach you about wanting to start shaving, or you may start noticing her body hair and want to start that conversation. Prepare the skin: Wet the skin thoroughly and use a gel foam or a shaving lotion to soften the hair and prepare the skin for shaving. Use an unscented or lightly scented lotion to prevent skin irritation. Rinse razors when finished and wipe them dry.

This will keep the blades clean.

List of related literature:

My son used to love to “shave” with me.

“What Babies Say Before They Can Talk: The Nine Signals Infants Use to Express Their Feelings” by Paul Holinger, Kalia Doner
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The best way to learn about shaving is to talk to a male adult in your life (or an older brother) and get him to show you how to do it.

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• Using an electric shaver—shave against the direction of hair growth.

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To avoid causing discomfort or razor cuts, gently pull the skin taut and use long, firm razor strokes in the direction the hair grows (Fig. 40.5).

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My parents taught me how to use deodorant and how to shave, though I found it very difficult and uncomfortable and let my stubble grow very long a lot of the time.

“Born On A Blue Day: Inside the Extraordinary Mind of an Autistic Savant” by Daniel Tammet
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You A. Use a safety razor B. Use an electric razor C. Let him grow a beard D. Let him choose which type of razor to use 60.

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You A. Use a safety razor B. Use an electric razor C. Let him grow a beard D. Let him choose which type of razor to use

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The first time a barber cuts your son’s hair with a razor may be scary.

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Take your son to a real hairstylist (not just a barber) to get a hairstyle that works for him with minimal care.

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As a boy ages, he is removed from his mother’s home and sent to live with his father, who teaches him techniques for magically growing his hair.

“Gender in Amazonia and Melanesia: An Exploration of the Comparative Method” by Thomas Gregor, Donald Tuzin
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  • A sister here, im gonna have to teach my brother lol do you need that brush to apply the cream or can you just do it with your hands?

  • Im too scared to use a razor because i don’t want to cut my neck or something
    And ill probably shave like hitler’s moustache and show my brother lol

  • Thx for sharing this:) needed the little tips.. Lol I’m a single mother of now a teenage boy and just now at these steps of life with him and wanted to know how I should go about this and walk him through it.. Pretty simple I got this lol lol

  • Parker 26C open comp is kind aggressive for him as a start. However, he did a great job well controlled and smooth shave with no cut.

  • How cute that amanda is so excited to shave! My school tought us how to shave on balloons when I was her age lol. Sadly it becomes such a pain in the butt. I look forward to wearing pants all winter so I can shave my legs less haha!

  • I shaved with straights for about 6 years. I’m having a lot of fun with the de blades. It’s a great skill to pass along. I have 3 boys to teach.
    keep it up.

  • I did not know there was an art to shaving his face but there is. Of all the videos I watch and there was a lot this was perfect. Thank you. Not sure if I’m willing to shave his 1 Lil hair yet.

  • hey you know what I did the same which you suggested me in your video
    and it worked For me
    it gives deep shave and a smooth skin
    you are just getting better and better
    I mean more I watch your channel the more I get something to learn from you
    Thank you

  • I always use a 1930s style bar ours razor it works fine but isn’t particularly sharp anymore but ah well it will be fine for a nother 10 years hehe

  • I’ve never been so early����
    I love this family so much thank you for showing us a part of your life ❤
    Greetings from Germany❤
    (Btw I learned a lot of English from your videos����)

  • I’m 15 years old and my dad yesterday told me how to shave nad i shaved for the first time. I was shaving with a Gillette 2 and ofcourse, Gillette shaving cream and aftershave…

  • Excellent video. Keep them coming. There is a real need. I’m a white guy trying to teach a black kid to shave. Your videos have been the best of the few I’ve found. Please keep posting!

  • Stupid hipster. You’ve probably only been shaving for 2 years or so yourself. Try growing a beard and a pair of balls before telling people how to do something you are still a novice at yourself.

  • Wish I had a man to teach me. I learned the hard way when I was 16. I had an embarrassing three weeks at school and I just decided to grow a beard. A few months later, my uncle gave me some pointers on shaving and I’ve been good ever since.

  • I remember seeing one of your videos a while back and I thought you were in your early 20s. After reading the title I still thought that the kid in the video would be your little brother or something, lol. It’s cool to see you helping him out with this. He won’t forget it.

  • The disappointing part is that kid is 16 now (but 14) in this video looks like he is a 7 year old and (me) who is 14 right now with a mustache and a goatee makes me looking like a time traveler

  • I’ve got relatively sensitive skin at times, so definite advice for any beginner is to apply an aftershave moisturizer or ointment, it can really help prevent razor bumps! Great vid as usual man

  • Hello, i am new to this channel. I have a really important question. I am 16 and i still havent grown a beard. I heard people say that the more you shave the faster you ll grow it. From when i started shaving (3-4 weeks ago) i have seen a difference. More black hair started to appear. But from what i watch on yt and read on the internet shaving does nothing but cutting the hair. Whats your oppinion about this?

  • I have a doubt. Where do you dispose your hair? In the wash basin or toilet or somewhere else? I was reluctant to do it in wash basin thinking it would clog the holes. Hope someone answers me

  • Sign up for dollar shave club asap haha. Get you the executive package and order some dr carvers shave butter and you’ll be doing great. Love it. Definitely the best shaving cream/butter I’ve ever used. Along with the dollar shave club blades and handles it’s amazing and very affordable.

  • wow! i’m so proud of marla. the piano sounded truly amazing. i would love to hear marla sing while playing the piano. marla’s voice is beautiful and i love your lovely family.

  • Oh cameron   Look up   Double  Edge  blade shaving   its much better  and its getting  really popular.  Get  a  Mekur  34c  razor   its fantastic

  • This is painful to watch…don’t continue to buy those shit cartridge razors. Invest in a nice double edge safety razor and do some browsing on YouTube for how to shave with one…and how to lather!!

  • Wish I’d found this video earlier. I’m usually fairly good at shaving but today I failed. Thanks for the video, hopefully helps next time.

  • Guys, just put warm water in your sink, put shaving cream all over your face, mustache, chin, sides, kinda below your face too neck area, and warm your razor and shave away. To get rid of hairs dip your razor in your sink. Don’t be a pussy shave over your pimples and everything and boom your done. I’m 14 and have sideburns chin hairs and a mustache lmao it’s easy.

  • Once He Catches On He Will Be Hooked!! I’m 62 And Started 3 Years Ago!! Those cartridges In The Stores Are Junk Compared To This….. Wet Shaving Is On The Come Back Its Better For Your Skin Too Light Touch Is Very Important Weight Of Razor Only I Even Get Tempted Sometimes To Push Because it’s So Smooth It Feels Like Nothing Is Coming Off!! Pressing Is A Super NO NO You Don’t Want To Carve Your Face Up… Good Job ��

  • I purchased some of the Izzy scented shaving soap from Chalises Heavenly Inspired and Ive used it once. I’m bald so i use it on my head and The lather seemed to dry and fade away in the back while I was shaving the front. Am I lathering wrong? Do you have a video on how to lather Chalises soap? I know some soaps you need different techniques for lathering.

  • Invest in DE shaving. Check out mantic59, geofatboy, Michael Freedberg on YouTube. Go to reddit and the subreddit Wicked_edge and badgerandblade forum.

  • I know this was back in 2016 but I appreciate you video. My son is 13 and starting to get some facial hair and needing to start teaching him to shave and I know he’ll get those darn razor bumps. I’m trying to figure out if an electric razor would be a good start?

  • Actually good tips. Personally, I would splurge and get a DE razor (I love my Edwin Jagger one!) because it gives a close, smooth, irritation free shave and you can afford to change the blades with every shave. Which is important when you are dealing with infected (pimply) skin, to avoid the infection from spreading. And I would stay away from the canned foam…because they contain alcohol, which is drying and irritating to the skin.

  • Try a DE safety razor. Thanks for sharing the vid. PS: I have never been as pretty as you. Make the most of it because it won’t last forever. Enjoy your youthful face.

  • I bought expensive razor. And am the beginner I never used razor before but the problem is I get allergy type pimples everytime after the shave my skin isn’t accepting the razor. Before this I alwys used trimmer. This pimple thing stopping me from using that expensive razor I bought.

  • I don’t use a brush to put it on. I legit just smash my face into my hand and rub it around. It’s faster and convenient. HEY that’s preeeeeety good

  • Hey if anyone happends to see a short bald man with a beard plz call me because i haven’t found my dad since we were playing hide and seek 5 yrs ago

  • For any of those acually wondering how to shave properly here you go.

    1. Wet your face with warm water
    2. Put a good bit of shaving cream on your neck, chin, lip, and sides
    3. Wet your razer with the running water
    4. Slowly slide the razer down all parts of shaving cream
    5. Rinse razer off every few strokes
    6. Clean off razer and wash face off
    7. Your finished product is now shown have a nice day

  • Great video, though I think short strokes would be a better idea. At least for me, long strokes feels like it’s ripping the beard hairs off.

  • my brother saw this then started asking me if i started shaving yet and im only 10 and i have hairs on my face but its not facial hair LOL XD

  • I always go against the grain. Yes, you get razor burn. But, I personally find it more effective. I’ve been shaving for a while now. I’m almost 17.

  • first time i shaved girls started calling me hot and i got a ton of “cats” if you know what i mean.even if you have a peach fuzz…for the love of god shave it its disgusting

  • My nephew keeps saying I have a beard. It’s a weak ass partial mustache but still pretty noticable. I gotta end this shit

    I shaved before and didnt end as well as it should have

  • Ya I just shaved and I’m 13 and I got my lip.also where I shaved my lip it kinda burns like all over my lip just the upper lip it burns can eny 1 help me pl

  • I know you have a lot of other comments to read but thanks for taking the time. I am 16 and kinda have to shave but I get NASTY pimples sometimes and I am going to a formal this Saturday and if you don’t help me I am screwed so please… and yes my skin is sensitive, also I am closest to Walgreens so something from there would really help… thanks again

  • I’m sure people don’t need to know how to shave their own beard and he’s not doing it correctly anyway, he is the one that needs to learn…

  • Always an amazing vid!! Can you maybe do a vid eventually on how to style your hair the opposite way it normally sits? Like how you style it?

  • I have a question is one of your daughters 11 because I want to shave my legs and I’m 11 and I want to make sure I can shave my legs by my age thank you for your help and You have a very lovely family �� keep up the good work! ��

  • So I am 16 I have baby mustache I want shave but I am little worried about my friends because they are going keep ask me why and how I look different and I really do want any attention because I am a shy person ��

  • I’m 17.. Turned in April and I still don’t have a lot of facial hair. I have like a couple on my chin, but you can’t see it from far and I have a little side burns, but not a lot at all. It’s barely noticeable. I really want one! Haha.

  • i watched some of your videos and I want to tell you are awesome dude keep the good job i hope you get more subs
    don’t you think you need to start working out because I’ve been working out for a week and feel so good I’m 17 btw

  • I’m so thrilled to see an Black man actually take the time to teach his son the proper way to shave with a razor. This is exactly why I started my channel “Shaving The Way Your Father Should HAve Taught You”, for all other young men that aren’t as blessed as your son is!

  • Pero que idiota, el video termina en el minuto 1:30, video de mierda! cuando tengas algo de pelo en la cara ahi si haces un fucking video de como cortar una barba!

  • Omg that’s awesome! Hahahahaha I need to teach my 14 year old son how to shave so I decided to check out YouTube and found this. I’m not so nervous now! Thanks for posting it! I’m going to save this and show Aidan later today

  • so ive always used a electric razor and are now switching to a bladed one, but ive never used one… im a little worried about cutting myself so is there any tips for this?

  • I know you’ve posted the video long time ago but I feel I have to say something. Please don’t feel offended, I just try to help. First of all a disposable razor is ok to use. In my opinion a straight razor or de razor is much better but you have to practice a lot and really have a passion for wet shaving. So I think a disposable razor can be great too, but please buy a quality product. Regarding the lather: to get one you have to get the brush really wet and add water to the soap, not just painting dry soap on your face. Prepare your skin before putting soap on with warm water and maybe preshave if you have one. Otherwise just moisturize your face. You can create a lather either in a bowl or directly on your face. Regarding the shave please don’t shave your face in all directions. Start at your sideburn and shave down with the grain. Never use a disposable razor to shave against the grain! It will hurt and you get razorburn. One pass is enough, you don’t have to do several passes, it will irritate your skin. After shaving rinse your face with cold water and apply some aftershave. That way you will get a very comfortable shave, trust me.

  • That’s a nice Muhle brush. Time honored tradition. I let my son and daughter (8 and 6) shave with me, but I leave the blades out of the safety razors.

  • you should use one pf those gillet blades with replacable head, i use gillette mach3 Turbo it gives you more and you are less likely to cut yoir self

  • i have a question..i have shaved once my beard even against the direction…i want to know if i can do smth to stop this facial hair to be so strong.and im a teen only 17 years old

  • Hey I would just like too know if you wash your hair (shampoo included) everyday or do you just go to sleep with a hair product in your hair? Heard washing your hair everyday could be bad but wanted an opinion from you. Good channel btw keep it up.

  • +Cameron Cretney. does shaving ur facial hair cause different skin looks like the minute Hair near the cheekbones and forehead can cause uneven look??

  • the first time i shaved, i thought the razor has to be pointing up…it was a bloodbath! ps: marla & evelyn should do a yt vid where evelyn is the person in the video, and marla edits and films! it would be so coooool!! much love to your family!

  • Marla’s playing was beautiful and the name suits the song so well��

    Update: i downloaded the sheets and taught it myself and now i play it everyday:)

  • My face can actually andle shaving against the grain of hair growth contrary to what you said about shaving against the grain. I usually shave against the grain on my second lather, but it works for me and gets my face soft and smooth without irritation.

  • Dude it helped me alot…coz i was scared of my beard to cut or not to cut…but u make me easy nd i’ll be shaving my beard by tomorrow…can u please tell me that razor name? It will realky help me ��

  • I’m exactly like him, the pro of looking so young is that it’s going to take a long time to age… so when everybody’s crusty busty, I’ll be looking 20 when I’m 35 lol

  • Not much you can do to keep your beard from coming in. Try not to shave “against the direction” that will cause breakouts and skin irritation.

  • can everyone stop commenting that james looks like he’s 11, we get it okay. feel sorry for the poor guy, doubt he wanted to look so small. it’s just unnecessary. yours sincerely,
    a short 14 year old male

  • ]I know you have a lot of other comments to read but thanks for taking the time. I am 16 and kinda have to shave but I get NASTY pimples sometimes and I am going to a formal this Saturday and if you don’t help me I am screwed so please… and yes my skin is sensitive, also I am closest to Walgreens so something from there would really help… thanks again

  • Can people stop in the comment section saying “this boi looks like he’s 11 lol” Not everyone hits puberty about as hard as a semi truck on the highway! But i got to admit he looks sort of small on camera lol. But that’s not a bad thing.