How you can Educate Your Son Or Daughter to wash Up


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How to Teach Your Child to Clean Up. Teach responsibility while making sure the job gets done. By.

Amanda Rock. Choose Your Words Carefully. Explain Why Cleaning Up is Necessary. Create Kid-Friendly Storage for Toys.

Pump Up the Tunes!Water plants: Watering the houseplants is a super easy way to teach your child how to take care of another living thing. Sweeping: Most toy companies sell kid-sized cleaning equipment. You can have your child use a kid-sized broom while you use a regular one and let them follow you.

Use a timer to “race” your kids in clean ups Gidican has also found that setting a timer when her son cleans effectively taps into his competitive spirit. “The idea to use a. Toddler 14 months to 2 Years: Sing a clean up song (like this one or this )this helps them learn the routine and makes it fun. Have them focus on one, 2 or 3 toys. Count with them as they do it.

As your child gets older, add more toys. You can guide them through the process as well. teach cleaning from childhood. It is important to teach from an early age you can help with the simplest chores around the house.

Ask them to clean up their toys, load the washing machine with Laundry, or put things back in their place after use. Thus, when the child grows up, he will perceive cleaning as a daily task, and not as an additional. Read: Organize your Kid’s School Papers Like a Boss Add that to all the stuff your kids leave laying in the living room or crammed onto the top of the family room game shelf and you have the makings of a meltdown. You clean it off one weekend and then a few days later the junk pile returns only this time, it’s all. Around 12 months is a good time to start tidying up toys together, says Michele Kambolis, a registered child and family therapist and founder of Harbourside Counseling Centre in Vancouver. “If your child has the motor skills to pick things up and can understand what you’re asking, the earlier she does it, the better.

Mom or Dad or both say, perhaps gently the first time, “Okay, guys. It’s time to clean up your rooms.” The kids whine, dawdle, get distracted, or outright go. Work with your child from as young as possible to clean up after himself. With a baby, have him help you clean up his toys after indpendent play. Now, obviously this is literally physically impossible until your child is able to put things back into containers, which.

Take back control and tame the technology monster while your at it! Out of neccessary wehad to develped a plan for our kids. We needed this to teach the kids to clean up after themselves, teach them responsibility, so that when they become adults, they will remember (hopefully) what we painstakingly tried to instill in them.

List of related literature:

Knowing that your child isn’t deliberately messy but simply unaware of the need to clean up after herself, teach her (the younger the better) that messes don’t disappear magically—the mess maker (with helpers) cleans them up.

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For bedroom cleaning, this last step might be having the child put the dirty clothes in the laundry after you’ve tidied the rest of the child’s room or having him put what he needs for the schoolday into his backpack after you’ve assisted him through the earlier steps of his morning routine.

“Smart but Scattered: The Revolutionary
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Provide the child with a checklist that outlines the criteria for a clean room.

“The Motivation Breakthrough: 6 Secrets to Turning On the Tuned-Out Child” by Richard Lavoie
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Keep showing her how to wipe carefully (front to back), and help your child learn how to do a thorough hand wash-up.

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First, every parent knows that it is much easier for a two-year-old to make messes than to clean them up.

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In the beginning, do the first big wipe yourself, and then invite your child to pull a hand wipe from the container and show her how to wipe her vagina and anus by gently holding her hand and guiding it through the motions.

“Potty Train Your Child in Just One Day: Proven Secrets of the Potty Pro” by Teri Crane, Philip Caravella
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As the child develops each step of toileting (discussion, undressing, going, wiping, dressing, flushing, and hand washing), he or she gains a sense of accomplishment that parents should reinforce.

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keep disposable cleaning wipes on the bathroom counters for easy, quick cleanups—train the kids to wipe the sinks and counters before leaving the room after they’ve made any mess.

“This Is Your Brain on Joy: A Revolutionary Program for Balancing Mood, Restoring Brain Health, and Nurturing Spiritual Growth” by Dr. Earl Henslin
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Some children can easily move to the sink, use a step stool, and begin to learn the steps of hand washing.

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Prompts to initiate the behavior might include helping the child clean the room, picking up one or two items to model the desired behavior, gently reminding the child, or keeping the child company while he or she cleans.

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  • I’ve tried all of this! I’ve even bribed them with toys, money, movies,trips, vegetables (they rather have veggies then candy idk why lol I eat alot of candy), new clothes, new shoes, etc! And it doesn’t work��

  • I think we’re like 70/30. I’m 70 and he’s 30. He keeps me in line and helps remember things I forget. But I definitely keep track of most. Maybe even 80/20. Great tips!!

  • I love this Kelly!!! I I just used the when/then statement on my husband and he gave me a crazy look LOL! I will try this with my children.

  • This works if you have fake kids. For those of you who have real kids in 2018 threatening to take away wifi and games while shouting expletives works just fine.

  • Love this video! Thanks for this! I am the main parent. My husband works outside the home and so I have to do all the stuff, but we share a car and I cannot wait to have my own car! Thanks, again! When I hit Silver in doTERRA, I will be getting my own car, ha ha!

  • I’m a 12 year old boy and honestly i think I might be the cleanest person in my family I love cleaning because it is so satisfying I clean my room for about 15 minutes at the end of every day and I give my bathroom a deep clean every week also i live in the UK and I know some Americans and to be honest those Americans i knew were so lazy i was disgusted.

  • Check out these blog post I made about getting your kids to help.

  • Hi I’m a coo-parent with my mom, our family consists of my mother my younger brother 5 niece’s ages 4,6,10,12,16 and 1 nephew age 8.i am definitely going to to try your technique. it’s hard some times because I’m the Uber driver in the morning for the kids 7-855am and I get myself ready and Grand to work until 8 or 9pm. By the time I get home I’m exhausted… My common phrase is clean your room and yes they shove everything under the bed in the closet and end up never having their rooms clean… I’m going to use your technique this month…. Being the main bread winner and the one that sets up all the Dr appts. Dentist eye appts and parent teacher conference….I def. Appreciate your channel because I organization in my life in our home is very much needed. I didn’t mention my kids (niece’s and nephew just came to live with us 5 years ago and not having my own children it was a huge change, a challenge, allot of happiness despite the circumstances… It’s taken the 5 years for me to just get the hang of everyone’s character, personality, their wants and needs… Than you for your ideas, tops, hacks and positive attitude…I wish you could help me get organized that would be so amazing… Thank you

  • I have 6kids its hard your so down to earth.How long do you have them clean can you do a video to balance life cleaning and playing with your kids

  • I am a single momma. So im the main parent. I have lost my marbles a few times. Now i have to write every single thing down or i forget.

  • My mom thinks I just sit around will day! SHE TELLS ME TO CLEAN MY ROOM EVERY DAY! OR MY PLAYROOM! She says she has to go to work and work all day and she is bored and i am just sitting at home but really im cleaning my room all day! When she walks in and says LUCY WHAT ARE YOU DOING does she know what cleaning my room even means??? It makes me sad.:( im border then her. She is on the computer. Im piling things to find places for them

  • I love this video. I’m so going to try this with my 6 year old. My 2 year old loves to help already. I’m the main parent and the bread winner of the house. To top it off both my two boys and I have a health issues so I have all that to keep track of in addition to normal household stuff. My health issue is Lupus and ADD so the brain fog and disorganization of having Lupus is not a friend of mine lol. I love my new app that keeps all my lists together to help keep me organized and from forgetting things it’s a lifesaver.

  • One tip that I discovered when training my kids how to clean is to teach them how to break up tasks. Yes, “Go clean your room” is too daunting for them. I got large craft sticks (like tongue depressor size) and I write on each one, 1 task. If the task is already done, then they pick a new one. Goal is to see how many they can get done. Each task is simple, pick up clothes, blankets and pillows, dolls, legos, etc. They are beginning to realize that just starting is how it gets clean. Using the sticks is one less decision for them to make.

  • I ALWAYS pretend every morning someone (we all have that someone we’d be mortified to show up at our worst) is coming to get my initial clean up done! ☺️

  • I’m a stay at home mom, but our household is definitely 50/50…I’d even have to say that my husband is often a better parent than I am He really does an Amazing job with the kids! (He can even clean the whole house faster than me) ��

  • As a new wife and a mother too a 6 yr. old (i was a singlemom from he was 10 months till he was 4½ year old), and a stay-at-home mom too… I am the main parent, housekeeper, calendar, planner and cook in this family… And i LOVE it like that! My husband takes care of the bigger and harder stuff like cutting the hedge and is the “limo-driver” and it seems to work for him like that… We moved in together in June, just after the wedding, and i am trying to get the new house organized merging two households together… OMG didn’t know we had sooo much stuff!

  • I’m lucky. My husband was a US Marine and is very very organized. He doesn’t make messes ever lol. My 9 year old daughter however is a totally different story �� he’s gone all week as a truck driver but always comes home and will clean. I wish I could keep it clean so he didn’t have to but I’m not as organized as he is. My “damn I did a good job” is still heinous to him lol

  • hi love your videos i have 10yr old and asking her to do 15mins in her room works for her she doesnt feel its never ending and is willing she uses a timer so she doesnt get cheated

  • Yes! Allow older kids to have and manage their own space!!! I love this. I am totally type A, and have nagged my kids, this is brilliant ��, I have 7 kids and although I AM like this with my teens, my 7 & 10 year olds have no reason to be harped on by me! Great reminder to back off.

  • I have 5 kids and I just yelled at them for making a gigantic mess. So came to YouTube to try and calm down. And you my friend are an angel. After watching this I have calmed down and now gonna take a deep breath and try this whole cleaning thing again. Thank you for this video! ��

  • Nice Video! Sorry for the intrusion, I would love your initial thoughts. Have you heard the talk about Rozardner Amazing Soup Reality (should be on google have a look)? It is a great exclusive guide for revealing the simple method to declutter your home without the hard work. Ive heard some interesting things about it and my friend at very last got cool results with it.

  • I know it all lol well about the kids and what’s going on and doc appointments etc. Ever forget something that you should absolutely know under pressure? I hope I’m not the only one: )

  • Ms. Angela! Thank YOU for all this information! I am blessed to have come upon your channel ��How can we set up a system for teenagers? Instead of blue ribbons?

  • I’m the main parent in my household, working or not, it’s my brain and hands that everything has to pass through before actually materializing:/
    My husband was brought up very pampered by his mother and unfortunately, I continued the tradition… what the hell was I thinking!!!!!! ��
    Ladies, listen up! No matter how much in love you are when you say “I do” to your man, ALWAYS set boundaries before hand!! Men aren’t crippled, as my mother in law has instilled in her boys! They are perfectly capable of dropping their underwear and socks in the hamper, and even, YES, even doing a load of laundry from time to time. I have been re training mine, but it has taken 26 years! ��

  • My family is the same way. I’m a stay at home mom. I am the main parent too. Holy you brave lady taking on all the kids. Bet they’re having a blast

  • I also forgot my kids names many times, lol and call all of them to really mean 1 kid
    I also been the main parent and for 8 1/2 years I been a single parent, it is a lot to remember, especially when they sucked my brain power and body nutrients in the pregnancy and breast feeding. So, Cass, you are not alone. ��

  • I’m a Chilean wahm to a 1 year old. My husband is in the military and we only see him 4 days a week (if we’re lucky). We live 1200 miles away from our families so I get no help from anyone and it’s usually just the 2 of us at home. I’m of course the main parent as I take care of all home and baby related stuff. My husband is very helpful but bad things always happen when he’s not around (baby gets sick, faucet breaks, sand storm in the city, you name it). It’s been pretty overwhelming since my baby was born but I’m getting used to it and feeling much better now. Your vids are great help and very inspiring to me, thank you very much Cas!!

  • I think the children should show their parents respect in do what the parents ask as long as it’s not hurting anyone. Good parents do alot for their children Especially this day and age. We take them to dance class we take him to soccer practice basketball practice football practiced cheer we go to their games we go to their practices we support them we feed them we go to work day in and day out to provide a home for them we don’t go out and party and stay with them and protect them. The least a child could do or a teenager is become part of the team and clean up and help about around the house for all that the parents do for their children. That’s my way of thinking about it.

  • I am for sure the main parent. But I honestly prefer it because then everything is done the way I like it lol Love your tips on how to get the kids involved with cleaning and will for sure be using them on my oldest:)

  • I am definitely the main parent.  My husband works 12 hour days so with travel is gone about 13 hours a day.  He is very involved when he is home but I don’t think he can mention any of my kids’ teachers.  That being said, now that there are over 20 teachers between by 3 kids (7th, 10th and 12th grade), I don’t remember most of their names either!  LOL    I definitely have way too much on my brain and forget things ALL THE TIME!  I also work from home and tend to take on way more than I can actually handle.  I am also working towards getting rid of about 70% of our belongings and I am TRYING to remember to use my planner every day.  I love my planner, I just don’t utilize it like I should.

  • Main parent here too! It can be completely overwhelming at times, but it is a blessing too! But sometimes I feel like mama needs a break and although the hubby works outside the home, it can feel at times like my job never ends. I love my family though:)

  • I so laughed when I saw this video. Today I had my 2 daughters go from room to room to pick out 21 items we were not using that we could donate tomorrow. While most othe items the brought out were mine we ended up with the wgole backseat full of donations. Yes we will be playing this game again. They loved it.

  • I am the main parent…. it sucks sometimes, but using a calendar in the main area of the home is helpful. I also keep a notebook/calendar in my purse/workbag so I can stay on track. It works. Plus it’s pretty and I like to use it. =) I also do work full time but am able to take the kids to and from school. It’s tough, but I love these kids! They’ll take care of me one day so it’s worth it.

  • my sister inlaw would throw away anything left out by her son. When a lot of his stuff started to disappear, he got the message that he should put it away.

  • my little kids I don’t teach them too Kline the toys because if someone touch there toys and finish playing with it they say put it back where it came from

  • I call it “full time parent” or “part time parent” my husband works nights and sees the kids like 5 minutes a day until the weekend so I tell him he is a part time daddy lol

  • Thank you Cas, I just tried the ‘cleaning crew’ game with my 2 girls (4 and 7) to tackle my living room which looked like a bomb went off. It took us 2 hours but we did it! I have my living room back! I’m so happy! Now for the ‘dirtiest cloth’ challenge….. I guess I should have known I have 2 smart asses on my hands. They went straight for the fireplace, to be sure they’d win… Oh well.

  • loved this video and your ideas, i like that you said that you don’t do daycare anymore, but there are 11 kids at your house, isn’t that almost the same??

  • I’m the main parent. The kids will walk right past their dad and come to me. I also call my kids by other names too even the dogs. I once yelled at my husband and called him my son’s name. I love your extras at the ends of your videos. It makes me feel like I’m not alone on this crazy parenting journey.

  • We use a track called are tally Mark and and basically you say a Hey kids if You do this for mommy and basically they get to $1 for whatever they do for you and then you can take them to the store to buy something

  • I’m the main mom around here. I get my kids names mixed up all the time, one doesn’t even live here anymore, but the worst is calling the dogs a kid’s name. Yikes! sometimes mom needs a break.