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Point out that your child hit someone else and they wouldn’t like it if someone hit them. Even if another child did something to provoke your little one, let them know that their behavior is not acceptable. Discipline them, whether it is using a timeout or some other method. Do not, however, hit your child back as this sends a mixed message.  . How can I teach my preschooler to stop hitting his playmates and grabbing their toys?

Monitor him carefully.. If your preschooler bites, hits, scratches, or yanks another child’s hair, intervene Play games that encourage cooperation.. Pretend games, such as playing house, help teach. With young toddlers, one way to teach them not to hit is to demonstrate gentle touch. “If Sebastian wasn’t angry or upset, but just hitting to hit, we’d say, ‘Ouch, that hurt me. Can you show me a gentle touch?’” says Robson. “We’d gently stroke his head or arm or wherever he had hit us. How to Stop Toddler from Hitting Calm Their Fears.

We are hard-wired to fend off anything that’s seen as a threat. Fight-Flight-Freeze is a built-in Redirect Those Hands. Toddlers may hit as a reaction to overstimulation, or whack at another child who has hit them Model Gentle Touch. Toddlers.

Once your preschooler’s simmered down, explain what she did wrong. Start simply: “We don’t hit [or pinch or bite], because hitting hurts.” However, don’t stop at what she can’t do spell out what. Because toddler hitting occurs when a toddler has reached peak frustration, it’s smart to learn some of your toddler’s key frustration triggers, so you can help her calm down, talk through herfeelings, and help redirect her attention. Here, some smart ways to prevent toddler hitting. • Learn to sportscast. Reinforcing good behaviors with positive consequences can encourage your child to stop hitting.

For example, reward your child for using “gentle touches.”. Break the day up into several time periods where he can earn stickers or tokens for good behaviors. You can also praise your child when they use gentle touches.

Try to stay calm, and don’t draw attention to the biting or hitting. If you get angry or emotional, it doesn’t solve the problem and can actually make it worse. Reward and incentivize good. Make a special corner where your child can choose to go when they’re feeling like they need to hit.

Let them keep books, toys, or stuffed animals there. If they have a special blanket or other. To teach your child not to hit, the best response you can offer will be firm refusal to meet his demands after hitting. If he has hit another child because he wants a toy, for instance, do not give him the toy.

Use empathetic words to share in their sadness over not.

List of related literature:

If necessary, gently but firmly separate the children so the child who hit will not do it again, saying, “Hands are not for hitting.

“Hands Are Not for Hitting” by Martine Agassi, Marieka Heinlen
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You must consistently teach that hitting or pushing isn’t allowed in the family.

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Teach him to tolerate pinches and hugs and the inadvertent bangs and bumps that an uncoordinated toddler may accidentally inflict.

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After the kids get pretty good at hitting those targets, add another blocker to make the attack more difficult; or, put a player between the targets and have him attempt to dig the balls.

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When the child is aggressive, say, “no-hitting.”

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Teach alternatives to hitting, by modeling proper behavior.

“Discipline Without Distress: 135 tools for raising caring, responsible children without time-out, spanking, punishment or bribery” by Judy L Arnall
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If the toddler has learned that he can’t stop Dad from hitting, he may redirect his control needs to compulsively arrange objects.

“Toddler Adoption: The Weaver's Craft Revised Edition” by Mary Hopkins-Best
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The three-strike technique often works well for disciplining players.

“Coaching Baseball For Dummies” by The National Alliance For Youth Sports, Greg Bach
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When the toddler hits or bites another child, calmly remove the offender from the situation.

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(Keep in mind that even once your son does begin to understand that hitting is not acceptable, a lack of impulse control will occasionally compel him to throw a punch anyway.)

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  • @Anon Unknown 55 that’s what I keep trying to tell people, that if they hit my nephew, it will only make him aggressive. They tell me it’s none of my business.

  • I remember bitting my aunt all the time when she picked my up. At first, it was cause I wanted my mom, not her. After that it was for attention cause I heard them to watch out, because I bite. I guess I wanted them to associate me to biting.

  • I don’t think we have to accept these as normal behaviors. My kids never did any of them, not once. There have to be consistent consequences to stop these behaviors because they are not acceptable. Watch the Supernanny videos to see how to use the naughty corner effectively.

  • Yes it’s very simple, I raise three children and they never did any of that. Because when they did something wrong you spank their butt on there but a few swats is all it takes and they learn how to behave and they learn the authorities and their home. If you discipline your child when they’re young they will grow up to be absolutely lovely people if you do not they will grow up to be self-centered, selfish, out-of-control, very unpleasant people and/or worst of all end up in prison or in jail

  • Hi Kayla, Wonderful videos! I am an SLP from India. Kindly provide me your email id as I would like to discuss one case with you and get your expert opinion. Thank you

  • What you said about being a broken record actually makes a lot of sense now the way you put it. That is going to help me so much. Before, even thinking about that term was exhausting. Thank you for the video, look forward to trying the hands solution:)

  • Video starts out saying that it’s perfectly normal for an 8 to 18 month year old… My daughter is 5 months. AKA I’m in trouble… She thinks scratching faces is hilarious. She sure is cute though… When she’s not trying to injure me.

  • My sister’s 2 and 1/2 doesn’t like looking people in d eye,turns away and likes to play by himself. Is this a problem? He hears but is yet to say any word.

  • Sometimes stern and firm is necessary. Especially if kids misbehave knowing that I have plenty of young cousins that are like nieces and nephews that are first cousins kids. First cousins are like brothers and sisters. Especially in my family. Children especially the boys in my family are mishievious or rumbuchus. More than the girls. At most times they’re called little rascals or rascals even though they’re not in trouble.

  • My son is almost 2 years old and he goes to daycare where he either hits pushes bites or pinches the other children out of frustration. He also will hit himself. My son’s school director recommended I get a behaviorist just to help me? I don’t know what to do?

  • plz help me. my elder son was very
    much obedient, calm at the age of his first 2 yrs. but after that I become pregnant. I couldn’t give him proper time. Now he is too much stuborn, always screaming, even hitting his lil bro sometimes. what can I do? only he acts very gently if he get anyone who is at his age.

  • My son is 3 and is pretty mean to other children. He pulls hair, pinches, bites, and scratches. He’s even broken a kids glasses once. He does have a speech delay and we think this is why he is doing this. It’s not normal if your child is always doing it, regardless how many times to tell him no.

  • One of the children in my neighbours house is very aggressive He kicks other children unnecessarily. He will spit on the face of elders. He hits other children for no reason. How to control this type of child of 4yrs.

  • I have a 21 month old who communicates only with 5-6 words usually and points when he wants things. When he sees other children, his initial response is to hit them over and over. How do you handle the situation if they are too young to understand or communicate?

  • My 18 month old has become aggressive it seems almost randomly within the past month. He doesn’t get mad and hit, he just randomly hits things! Hitting The tv, throwing toys, & Dad got socked in the face last night and we knew we were in trouble LOL
    Thanks for the tips
    I’m very anti ‘spanking’ I hope it stops soon.

  • Hello… My niece is 3 year old.. And he couldnt speak anything… And he is hetting himself by his hand and sometime bang his head to wall… Please help me.. what should i do…? Maam Please give me some tips…