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How to Change a Baby Diaper

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How to Change a Diaper

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BLOG: Watch for how to change a baby’s diaper and some of my diaper changing tips! You also might like: • How Chux Pads Saved Me http://w. Once you’re ready, here’s how to change your baby’s diaper in a few easy steps: Lay your baby down on her back and remove the used diaper. Wrap it up and stick the tapes down to seal the bundle.

Toss Gently clean your baby’s diaper area, taking care to clean between the folds of. Place the baby on their back on the changing surface. Unfasten the diaper tabs. Raise your child’s bottom off of the diaper by gently grasping their ankles and lifting.

If there is a lot of poop present, you can use the upper half of the diaper to gently sweep it toward the lower half of the diaper. To change your baby, follow the steps below: 1. Lay your baby on his back. Remove any clothing that inhibits access to the diaper. At this age, rompers are popular 2. Remove the soiled diaper. For disposable diapers, pull up the sticky tabs.

For reusable cloth diapers, remove the 3. Lift your. How to Change a Diaper Method 1 of 4: Removing the Diaper and Cleaning the Baby. Wash your hands.

Before you change the baby’s diaper, wash Method 2 of 4: Putting on the Clean Disposable Diaper. Lay the clean diaper under the baby. Grab the opened clean diaper. Apply any lotion, baby powder, or diaper rash cream as directed by your baby’s healthcare provider. Pull the front of the diaper through your baby’s legs and use one hand to gently hold it against the baby’s stomach.

With the other hand un-tape one side and secure it to the front of the diaper. Repeat with the other side. How to change a diaper like a pro. Tip #1: Gather your supplies. Soft wipes, fresh diaper, plastic bag.

Tip #2: Roll baby’s hands in her shirt to keep baby’s hands clean. Tip #3: Put a fresh diaper under baby before removing the soiled one. Tip #4: Use the front half of the diaper to wipe your baby’s bottom if there’s poop. Wash and dry your hands, or clean them with hand sanitizer or a baby wipe.

Set up a warm, clean area to change your baby. If you’re not using a changing table, consider laying a blanket, towel, or changing mat on the floor or bed. Grab your supplies, including a clean diaper and plenty of wipes or wet cloths. Lift your baby’s legs, and slide the dirty diaper out. Hold his legs to keep him from touching the messy diaper.

Slide a clean diaper underneath him. On a disposable diaper, the adhesive tabs go in. Place the baby on her back, but never turn yours, even with using safety straps. Unfold the new diaper.

With one hand, gently but firmly lift your baby’s ankles, using the other to ease the fresh.

List of related literature:

• Change diapers before and after every feeding, expose the infant’s buttocks to the air and light several times a day for about 20 minutes to treat diaper rash, apply ointment to minimize contact with urine and feces.

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Helpful tips to parents include—use disposable nappies if possible: • If you use cloth nappies, use nappy liners to keep the skin dry and make sure the nappies are rinsed and dried well after washing • Change the nappies frequently—do not leave your baby in a wet or dirty nappy • Wash the baby’s bottom at every change.

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Change cloth according to infant’s health condition Talk to the infant gently and wipe the face and hands when feeding, before and after the meal, and after changing the unclean diaper Hold the infant with a standing position; make the infant flex and crawl.

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For nappy changes when the infant has had a bowel movement, wash skin thoroughly (for about thirty seconds to one minute) with warm water and cottonwool balls instead of nappy wipes.

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At each diaper change, the parents should wash the skin with clear water or with a commercial alcohol-free diaper wipe (and perfume-free if an infant has sensitive skin), then pat or allow to air dry.

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Before putting on a new diaper, wait a few minutes to allow your baby’s clean bare skin to air-dry (or blow-dry the diaper area with a hair dryer set on low or no heat).

“Pregnancy, Childbirth, and the Newborn: The Complete Guide” by Janet Walley, Penny Simkin, Ann Keppler, Janelle Durham, April Bolding
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Change diaper immediately after each bowel movement, wash skin with mild soap and pat dry, apply “barrier” ointment (e.g., A & D), and avoid using commercial baby wipes.

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Each change of diapers requires that the parent obtain a fresh diaper, remove the wet diaper, wash or wipe off or powder the child, put on a fresh diaper and dispose of the wet diaper, and clean up any floor stains.

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Parents can place a soft, dry paper towel, tissue, or square of toilet paper inside the diaper with each change to more easily tell when the diaper is wet.

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Change the outside (larger) diaper when the child is wet; change both diapers when the child has a bowel movement.

“Maternity and Pediatric Nursing” by Susan Scott Ricci, Terri Kyle
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  • Thank you for this. I’m going to be a new mommy in June and I’ve changed diapers here and there before but it’s been years. I am sure it won’t take but a couple of times to have it down. Lol there will be lots of practice that’s for sure!!

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