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Since most women have two breasts, feeding twins simultaneously seems a natural choice. However, it can be a bit tricky. In the beginning, it may require an extra set of hands to maneuver infants on and off the breast, and position them correctly. The Advantages and Disadvantages of Breastfeeding Twins. How to Breastfeed Twins?

There are two types of twin breastfeeding: simultaneous and alternate. You need to choose the one that suits you more. To feed children at the same time, you will need an assistant who will bring the babies to be fed. Many mothers perfectly use special pillows for feeding twins.

They exist in different forms and models. Do you breastfeed twins separately or together? To begin with, while we were still in hospital, I fed them separately. Sebastian was in an incubator and wasn’t allowed to feed for 3 days.

So for 3 days it was just me and Celeste and she took to it like a duck to water (or a baby to a booby). I did have to wake her up every 3 hours as she was a. Double Blessings presents our newest San Diego Bebe Nursing Pillow!

This video gives you a step-by-step tutorial of how to breastfeed your twins in the most. How to set yourself up to breastfeed your twins, simultaneously, using a breastfeeding pillow, receiving blankets, and a landing station. For more informatio. Try feeding both twins together (tandem-feeding) in the first few days before your milk comes in.

It’s easier at the beginning before your breasts get really full with milk. If you are tired during the day from feeding your twins all evening (cluster-feeding), relax with a good book or film and a drink and snack while you feed them. At least you’ll be chilling out at the same time!Use rolled-up towels or a nursing pillow to support your babies. You can buy nursing pillows designed specifically for nursing twins (some nursing moms recommend the EZ-2-Nurse Twins pillow or the NurseMate pillow because they have large, firm surfaces that will support two babies at once, freeing your hands to reposition or burp each baby).

Train Your Twins Your babies will have a natural sucking response that can lead them to latch on and successfully breastfeed. However, it does require some training and practice for both mom and babies. Take advantage of the nurses and a lactation specialist in the hospital before you go home with the babies.

Breastfeeding twins one at a time. If the thought of breastfeeding twins at the same time feels daunting, let’s talk about what it’s like to do so one at a time. In the initial days, you might feel more comfortable nursing each twin individually.

You’re still gaining the confidence to nurse simultaneously, especially while supporting. Or combine the cradle hold and the football hold, again using the pillow for support. Experiment until both you and your babies are comfortable. Alternate breasts.

Remember to switch breasts for each baby at each feeding (or at least every switch sides every day) so both breasts are stimulated equally.

List of related literature:

Chapter 15 SPECIAL CIRCUMSTANCES Twins It is perfectly possible to breastfeed twins.

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Another option is to nurse the first two babies simultaneously and then nurse the others together afterward.

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Repeat the procedure on the second breast until the newborn stops nursing.

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Breastfeeding twins simultaneously can allow substantial savings of maternal time and energy.

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Repeat the procedure on the second breast until the infant stops nursing.

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Nursing the twins simultaneously should get easier as they get older and need less head support and assistance latching on.

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Many women now practice tandem feeding; the women continue to feed one infant while pregnant and will breastfeed both siblings concurrently.

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• Encourage nursing from both breasts at each feeding.

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Until lactation begins, both breasts should be used at each feeding to stimulate the secretion of milk.

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Some mothers assign each of twins a particular breast, but alternating

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  • Thank you for the video! My twins will be here in 3 weeks and I have to say breastfeeding (and sleep!) is definitely one of my biggest anxieties. I also went with the spectra pump and I hope I like it as much as you do!

  • I don’t know if the timing is good, but I have something to say and at least other moms will maybe use this information: well, when you move the thumb finger below or behind the ear of the baby while feeding, you’ll get your baby sleeping instead of sucking.
    You may not observe that, you may do it automatically or you may think that it will comfort your baby, which is true, but it’s not the best moment to do that.
    You want your baby to eat, not to sleep, do you?
    This gesture is actually used as a method to put the baby to sleep or to make him stop crying.

  • I was totally let down bythe nurses when I had my first, Nobody toldme what was happening they would just drag at my boobs whithout knowing what for, s[and my baby was not attaching and they told her she was “bad”. I wanted to do skin to skin, and was told no you are spoiling her!! Whatever I did I could not please them, it was either me or the baby! I absolutely cracked it and rejected feeding her and insisted she put on the bottle!

  • This video was so helpful! It’s been a pleasure to watch your videos and I truly appreciate you and Brad sharing your journey! I drink Body Armor instead of Gatorade. It’s made with coconut water which I also dislike the taste of. It was a great alternative to Gatorade for me. Not sure if you have that brand in the store near you but my strategy was to go to the sports drink section and check the labels for ingredients and pick the healthiest one available. Currently 32 weeks with boy/girl twins. Please keep ur amazing videos coming!

  • Hey Rach! Do you have to use a special adapter for the pumping pal to work with the spectra? The amazon link says it doesn’t fit the spectra without an adapter but you didn’t mention one, I’m wanting to get the pumping pal but wasn’t sure if I needed something else too.

  • Rach I can’t express enough how helpful your videos have been to me. You are my new google 😉 I am now 14 weeks with my di di twins. Completely binge watching all of your videos

  • Thank you for saying what you did about formula I breastfeed my son until three months with the help of formula Cause when my son was a week old I had emergency surgery and it messed up my supply bad

  • MY twins are now 2.2, and I had breastfed them till they were 1. From time to time I come back to your video when I see questions about tandem breastfeeding, and I share it, and move on. I just wanted to say that your video helped me a lot while I breastfed I basically adopted your whole idea and setup. So thank you, and I hope all of you are healthy and happy!

  • Thanks so much for this video. I am currently breastfeeding one month old twins and I was feeling so discouraged around cluster feeding and whether or not I was providing enough for my babies.

  • Thank you so much for this video! I have a 2 yrs old that I breast fed for 8 months and I’m currently pregnant with twins. I liked hearing specific twin advice. Maybe a future one about sleep training twins, if you did that.

  • This was great, I especially love how you hold one baby with your elbow while burping the other. I’m def gonna use that idea when my twins get here!

  • My twins are 8 months old and sometimes I feel like i drink too much water and its diluting my electrolytes. We are also EBF. From my research Gatorade doesnt have much electrolytes and its the sugar (calories) thats actually helping with the increase supply some moms experience after drinking it. Im looking for some electrolyte replacements too.

  • Love the video and I have a question for you! What exercise bike do you guys use and the class you take? Sorry I’m totally off subject but I couldn’t remember which vlog you talked about it on.

  • Woo, girl, you made me tear up. I am 36 and still healing from a bilateral mastectomy. Saying how one day we will miss it is an understatement, mine are 9 and almost 8. It is crazy how fast time flies. You are doing an amazing job, momma!! Sending love, Kim

  • Okay you are totally my breastfeeding and sleep training guru so I’m sorry if I ask too many questions!! I’m just wondering if you remember how many times a day and when were the babies nursing/eating at 7 months? My daughter will be 7 months on the 12. Haha I would love to know just their full schedule at this age

  • Your babies are adorable! And thank you so much for this video! MUCH appreciated. You definitely make it look easy. I hope I can do the same when my twins arrive.

  • For coconut water if you want to try it try different brands each one is different. Also try the kind that has pineapple juice mixed in. I drank that for a while before I started liking the taste of plain coconut water. It will grow on you:)

  • Excellent video Rachel! So much of what you shared has been true for me too. I really appreciated your honesty. I did a lot of research before my twins as well and I feel like I wasn’t really prepared for how difficult cluster feeding was and how it really makes you question your supply especially with twins. Also tandem feeding is something that we have done off and on as well. You just have to do what works for you. Thank you for the encouragement!

  • Yesssss! We have been waiting for this one! Ivf pregnancy with twin boys and the hubby is worried I wont be able to tandem feed! I also want to do weighted feeds and want to buy the tub with the scale!! Thank you

  • Thanks for sharing always to new mom’s or mom’s to be. Wish I had something like this when my kids were little! I now have 5 grands! Love you guys!!

  • Hello! I have been asked to download and put this video to DVD for a local Mothers of Multiples group and a local hospital’s parent education program. May I have your permission to download, duplicate and distribute this video? Thank you.

  • Both babies gained weight at the expected and healthy rates, so I never worried about supply. Once they started sleeping through the night, I still got up at night to pump, because that was the time my body made the most milk, and then I could use that when it seemed like they needed a little extra or when I needed to be away from them.

  • Thank you for this video. I have 6 week old twins. It was so hard even just two weeks ago but its already getting better. I’m dealing with oversupply but I’m thankful it’s not undersupply. I am enjoying the bonding with my two boys and agree that it’s the hardest yet rewarding thing ever.

  • Love your vids!
    I’m first time mom
    Breastfeeding my 8 week old
    You’re so encouraging!
    You go Momma! I don’t think I’d be able to breastfeed twins You’re amazing.

  • I have 3 week old twin daughters �� your strategy is great! Edit: Wow it just occurred to me that your babies are 4th graders by now. Thanks to all 3 of you for some super helpful content, it’s aged well!

  • I loved this twin breastfeeding video! Mine was all over the place I felt lol this was so well organized and I completely agree some days are awesome, some difficult, but in the aggregate it’s been amazing and I’m also so proud that I stuck with it even though Charlotte would latch and I’d immediately have a damaged nipple etc— those newborn days were trying times. It REALLY helped me watching your videos bc u guys are a month ahead so seeing it get better for u gave me hope n motivated me so much! We are now going on 6 months and I can’t thank you enough for being an example to me n my family! With three kids under two it wasn’t easy but now it’s sooo much easier than bottle feeding etc. love u guys!

  • I find it encouraging to hear others stories but moms should really be careful not to cut other moms down who don’t or can’t breastfeed. It’s easy to judge but we don’t know everyone’s story. There are moms whose main struggle is survival and that’s way more important. Remember there are moms suffering from complications, pre eclampsia and Severe HG. It’s hard to get proper nutrition to BF when you are so sick. Formula is not terrible or the end all. Formula has helped animals survive that would have otherwise died. Not everyone lives close enough to get donor milk or wants to go that route. I ended up in casts from my daughters birth and still managed to nurse for 2 months but I just too sick to make milk. Going back to work at 2 months didn’t help at all. If you want to encourage breastfeeding maybe you should tackle the joke that maternity leave is in this country.

  • Thank you for your tips. I’m planning on getting pregnant by IUI but first I need to get rid of an ovarian cyst. I love watching your family. I’ve been taking a lot of notes from you about everything (cloth diapers, feeding, sleep time, etc)❤❤❤❤ you and Brad are awesome parents ��

  • I was wondering if you decided to follow through with replacing one bottle with formula after your prior vlog. In all honesty i think all us mom’s do this flip flop thinking because it is so hard on our bodies mentally and physically. And our spouses feel their competing at times. I love your support time and being transparent.

  • Wow… seen this while breastfeeding my 3rd baby, 2 months old, the only one who had a good latch and I dont have to pump for… its been wonderful and hard too… your words are totally right, it is a day to day game change, but wonderful in the long run.

  • Simply terrific video. Must start with your humor filled disclaimer(s) at the start, both you and hubby just GET IT on UTUBE  the best! Your honesty will help even with single births, it is so much about the LATCH. Also, as in my opinion, your honesty with how hard the entire process of breast feeding, endless changes in what is next,  goals and real life moments! Please continue sharing. Blessings to you and your family.

  • I think I watched this at least 5 times in the hospital, before I brought my girls home. Thank you so much; your system has made tandem feeding very simple, and I’ve been exclusively nursing them ever since. (They’re 6.5 months now.) very straightforward, practical advice! Awesome job

  • Ohhh my gosh!!!! I love you for making this video!!!!!! I was wondering if it was even possible to breastfeed them both at once! Im extremely excited to do this now!!!!! Thank you soooo much! You are awesome!

  • I was interested in learning more about the pumpin pal you talked about but noticed when I clicked the link you provide it specifically states in the description that the flanges don’t fit with spectra pumps. I’m confused as you said that’s the pump you use. Have you noticed this or any issues?

  • Has your menstrual cycle returned and if it has was your supply effected during your cycle? I cant believe how fast they grow, gorgeous babies and congrats on the 6 month mark!

  • Thank you for postingI’m having b/g twins in july and want to EBF them like I did for my second childI want it to be successful and dont want to have to do formula

  • I totally needed this video today! We are 5+ months into our bfing journey here and some days are just hard… and you are so honest! Lots of women won’t admit how challenging and how UNnatural it may feel at times but it is most rewarding to stick it out ��

  • Thank you Rach!!! I’m currently breastfeeding my first who is 3 months old and your video had the right words to encourage me today as he is having an off day and nursing hasn’t been enjoyable. Your journey is different than mine, but your words of encouragement are valid no matter the journey!!! PS your kids are so cute!!!!

  • That was brilliant, thanks for sharing my twins are 3wks and I am struggling to tandem feed but I’m hoping as they get bigger it will get easier, great tips on the extra pillow, definitely going to try your tips next feed. Thanks again: )

  • It’s so easy for people’s well-intended advice/commentary on your BF progress to really undermine your confidence. Either they make you think you are starving your baby (give him formula!) or they make you feel unfit (you need to keep him awake! you need to get him to eat more at each feeding! He’s using you as a human pacifier! He’s taking advantage of you!) All of the things. Love your videos. Great to watch while breastfeeding.:) (But don’t worry, I wait till bug’s eyes are closed, lest I ignore my child…) PSyou mentioned that you weren’t sure if building a frozen supply was beneficial? Can you elaborate. I have pumped exactly once. I have one baggie in the freezer. I feel like I should pump more but I was convinced that the day I pumped, little bug couldn’t get enough milk from me after that during feedings. Thanks!!

  • I don’t have babies, and I probably wont for quite some time. But I love to watch these videos you are doing an amazing job, you have two very lucky gorgeous little babes!!

  • Hi Rach! Great info but you may want to do more research on the tummy size. Bigger babies have bigger tummies, in fact ultra sound and autopsy have shown babies tummies vary from 5 ml30 ml at birth.

  • Thanks Rach for what you said about formula feeding. So many people talk about “mommy shaming” about breastfeeding, but not as much is said about “mommy shaming” when it comes to formula. Many mothers can’t or don’t want to breast feed and that is perfectly fine. Thanks again and this and many other reasons is why I continue to watch your vlogs.

  • This was so helpful! I’m pregnant with twins due in October and trying to figure out a potential system before it’s showtime. Thank you!

  • Very helpful. I breastfed my first any time and anywhere he wanted, that’s what my boobs are for and they did a stella job sustaining him for nearly two years. Well done to all mums who either breastfeed or bottle feed.

  • The pillow I have is the ez2 nurse pillow. It’s kinda sunkin in dose that side go on your lap or is that the side u put your babies on???

  • I used this video 7 years ago to learn how to tandem nurse my twins. My couch was nursing central for months. And I ended up tandem nursing them until 16 months. I still recommend your video to expectant twin moms. So even all these years later your video is helping other moms!

  • Did you only use this breastfeeding position? And if so did you have clogged ducts because of it?��Thank You for the video ��. ��&��️

  • Had to clip their nails, breastfeeding babies scratch, so have little mittens on if baby is still painfully grabbing. They also yank on earrings and hair.

  • This is very helpful. I was thinking about how am I going to breastfeed my twins after I give birth and this one is by far, the best technique. I like it! Though, amma look for stuff like that you have coz here in the Philippines, they don’t have that. I might order online, but it’s fine, this is for my twins and I am excited. I’m due on November but I am preparing myself since I am a single mom.����

  • Great vlog. I was thinking of doing a similar vlog. A mom to 8, all singletons. I did it all, total breastfeeding. Breastfeeding and supplementing. Pumping for a preemie in the hospital and using a SNS ( Supplemental Nursing System )with him. Totally just pumping. One only formula fed baby and I breastfed my 1 adopted baby. 7 were biological, 1 adopted. My mission statement has always been. It doesn’t matter how you feed your baby, just feed your baby/ babies what ever way works out for your family. Kudos to you breastfeeding twins…

  • Thanks for all the information I am going to save your video to walk me through the process in February. I have successfully nursed 6 of my single babies. But I think twins is going to be another ball game.

  • This is a great video im due twins and I will definitely take this all on board you make it look so easy and great tips thanks for sharing

  • I’m a Midwifery student who is about to help support a new mom with twins and I’m watching your video to help me learn. Well done!!:)

  • Thank you so much! I was kind of lost with my twins and almost gave up (when they were 3 weeks old) we have to top them off with bottles after feeds so a turn of breast, bottle and then pumping (because they don’t drink effectively enough) takes a long time. Tandem nursing saves so much of my time and sanity, that I was able to keep going, thanks to your video. Now they’re 3 months old and we happily keep going.

  • Thank you soo much. I understood that Iwant to continue the breastfeeding I got addicted. I thought before its not impossible. My mom didnt even have milk for single babies.
    Now they are 4 months. Im going to buy this kind of pillow and breastfeed them together. Untill now i did it seperately.

  • I just want you to know how much this video helped us. I share it with all of my twin mom friends that need help. We are still nursing at 19mo and this video is one reason why. Thank you!

  • This may be a weird question, but I’ve been curious.. do you always keep one baby on the same breast? Like does Bear only nurse from one side and Lyndel on the other? Or do you mix it up each feed?

  • Awesome video, it looks so easy haha. Just getting some tips before mine are born! Also I have been reading baby whisperer and I see you used that book so I’m glad about that 

  • Love not only the daily vlogs and seeing the kids, but getting the opportunity of see you and Brad just sit down and talking about your thoughts and opinions about certain things is nice too. That way we actually get to see how you guys work through the issues and make it so that us with similar situations have an idea of what we may be in store for.

  • Thank you so so much! Seriously thank you i am sure gonna try and do what you do, my twins are 2 weeks old now and i am giving them 50/50 50% expressed breast milk and 50% formula as I’m only getting 3oz out when i pump and i feel that isnt enough for the both of them but i haven’t tried latching them both or even latching one every time they need feeding so that’s what I’m going to try and do and fingers crossed it works as i really want to just have them on breast milk

  • This was so helpful, thank you for posting! I am due in 3 months with twin boys and would love to try tandem nursing, but the logistics kind of scared me until I watched your video.

  • Thank you so much for posting this video! My twins are almost 2 years old now and I am still breastfeeding them. I watched your video before they were born and it helped me so much. I used your exact setup. I recommend your video now whenever anyone asks me about breastfeeding twins. Thanks again!

  • Great video. I tandemnurse my 1 1\2 year old and 2 1\2 year old. Ans i’m due with twins in jan 2014. So i’ll be nursing 4 kids. It’s such a gift from above. Very hard sometimes. But so worth it.

  • Rachel I am very curious to know, do you vaccinate your twins!? I am keep thinking what to do with mine, in UK first vaccine will be soon after birth, vit K. NEXT one start with week 8 and from here manyyyy. You look great in this video:)

  • I am really thankful for this video. When I was pregnant with my twins, I found this video. I couldn’t find twins breastfeeding pillow in my country, so I decided to make the pillow myself. Now my twins are 1 year old, and I just started weaning them. This pillow was my best friend for almost 4 months of exclusive breastfeeding. After that, most of the times I breastfed them seperately. They are healthy boys and nobody could believe that I never used formula in one whole year.

  • Thanks for your comment! Football hold definitely gets harder as they get older. One tip another twin mom gave me that worked for a while was to actually wrap their feet around behind me, so it was like their were in a sideways sitting position with their bums against the couch. Good luck!

  • Amazing! I have 4 month old twins that I have been nursing in tandem with the same twin pillow. But I’m finding it more and more difficult now that they are longer and their bodies don’t quite fit on the pillow….their legs get smashed into the couch behind me, and they kick and unlatch themselves more often. How did you get around this? Any ideas?

  • I’ve shared this video with dozens of twin mamas and parents to be, but never told you how I great I think it is. Thankswhen I was exhausted from pumping for first 10 weeks, this helped me figure out tandem. Even with a very rocky start, your very straightforward video helped me have what wound up being a long, extremely positive breast feeding experience with my twins. I really appreciate it, even two years after they weaned.

  • Wow! You made this look so easy. I have had so much anxiety about how I would nurse both babies when they get here. I will definitely be trying your method.

  • I have 12 week old twins that I am nursing. I have a tandem pillow but have found it very difficult to get both babies on it to nurse. I will try your way. It looks like a great way to do it!

  • What great info!!! I nursed both of my daughters over 35 years ago. Wish I had all the ‘conveniences’ & info then as you have now. It wasn’t ‘common’ at that time in my area, for Moms to nurse their babies. But I made it… I even woke my newborns up after 6 hours of sleep at nite, both my babies would have slept all night!! lol… my doctor was even shocked that I would wake them!! Well, be a nursing Mom with plenty of milk & you will… �� pumping supplies were not what you have today, for sure!! One piece of advice I have for pregnant ladies that are planning on breastfeeding… and this info was the best advice I got from an older nursing mother… No other way to say it… but… begin toughening your nipples manually at least by your 7th month of pregnancy. I never had to use any type of cream or other method for sore nipples, ever… I have heard so many experiences of moms that have tried everything on the market… every female is different, but it sure helped me. Hope to see Bear and Lyndle tomorrow!!

  • dates and oatmeal both help to increase milk supply. Hopefully that helps. I heard about fenegriek tea but I don’t know the science behind it but the tast is not that bad so you can try with no harm. Good luck!

  • I never nursed tandem in public it would have been too difficult to manage without all of the pillows, etc. When we were out and about, I would nurse one at a time and do my best to keep the other baby occupied while he/she waited. I also used a nursing cover when out in public (or when guests visited the house) to maintain a little modesty.:) Good luck!

  • Hi I am having twins in a few mos and I want to get the point where I feel comfortable breastfeeding in public without accidentally exposing something!) If you have any tips pleaase share! ; ) i dont want t haveto carry formula or a pump everywhere I go. Thanks. = )

  • I did them one at a time often in the first 6 weeks while we were still working on their latches and I was getting more confident with tandem nursing. From 6 weeks to about 8 months, I always tandem nursed during the day because it saved so much time (after 8 months, it was just as quick to do them separately). If a baby would wake up at night, I would nurse him/her individually, laying down in bed. From two weeks old, we always used a schedule (I liked Baby Whisperer) it saved my sanity!

  • Wow, this gives me hope! I just weaned my 18 month old because I’m 5 months pregnant with twins. Being able to nurse them is super important to me. Did you ever nurse them one at a time? Have they always been on a schedule? And are you able to nurse laying down at night so you can sleep?

  • Too much water can actually water down your milk because it’s already 88% of water. So drinking too much water is not a good thing. But yes you need enough water to stay hydrated.

  • Thanks for sharing your breastfeeding journey! It is so hard and I am only feeding a baby girl. We are 4 months in and it is so easy now. I want to say it took close to two months for me to feel more confident about it. I started going to a mom and babies group and it helped to hear that just about everyone had the same issues and worries. Now we are having issues with our daughter taking a bottle. I think I recall you having some bottle strike issues. How did you overcome that?

  • Wow! I watched this just out of curiosity, and because I’m breastfeeding my own 7 month old. I just wanted to say that I am incredibly impressed! You are obviously a pro, and should be very proud of yourself = )

  • We did a three hour schedule from birth and then switched to a four hour schedule around four months. Each feeding during those early months was approximately 40 minutes. I assigned one baby per breast each day, and then swapped them the next day.

  • The flat side goes down on your lap, and the slightly sloped side faces up. This should help keep your babies from rolling away from you.

  • What an awesome, informative video. I wish I would have had this information 9 years ago when my twins were newborns. I successful breastfeed them until 14 months but the hospital encouraged me to supplement right at first. I didn’t know any better.

  • It is the EZ-2-Nurse pillow, which is available from several different online sources (and often available secondhand on Craigslist or via local twins clubs).

  • Congratulations on breastfeeding your twins! We did it like this up until about eight months, when the babies had become so quick it was just as easy to do them separately (I’d usually put the other baby in the exersaucer or on the floor with a pile of toys). We went through phases where it would be harder and they would bug each other or demand attention at the same time, but I’d just cope as best I could and usually we’d settle into a more comfortable rhythm again after a few days.

  • I’d like to thank you massively for this video. I bought the EZ 2 Nurse and the two boppy pillows and copied exactly what you did. I tandem nursed by myself from day one even in hospital. I could never have figured out how to do it without this video. I exclusively breastfed them for 3 months and mix fed until 5 months. I only stopped because they lost interest once the consistency of my milk changed. I am so so pleased I managed to tandem for so long though and it’s all thanks to this video.

  • Ur a super mom dealing w twins�� I’m 21 with a four month old and I felt like it was so hard with just one baby I can’t imagine how it’d be having two babies ����

  • Loved this video and seeing the boys grow and change. My son hated bath time which seemed like for a while too but eventually they do start to like it once they’re big enough to start playing with some toys. Side note but your sandwich looked really yummy and was making me hungry! ��

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