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Postpartum Depression

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Although your partner may have valid frustrations with you, expressing anger toward you and pushing you away is their postpartum depression taking over here, so try not to take it personally. In general, your best bet when dealing with your spouse’s postpartum depression is to play the role of listener and “safe space.”. Seeking help is not a weakness. The treatment for postpartum depression anxiety mood disorder, depression for a man, whatever it might be, it may require medication and it may also require therapy; sometimes both. And with that, with treatment, you do have hope.

You can get through it and feel like yourself again. Support and other resources provide them with an outlet through which to better understand postpartum depression and seek help for their own struggles during this time. Postpartum Depression Education.

If your wife or partner has been diagnosed with postpartum depression, it is vital to educate yourself about the condition. The good news is that PPD will eventually pass with proper support and intervention. The bad news is that until then, you’ll need to dig deep and be the partner you signed up to be. Whether that was through a vow of sickness and health, or some spiritual oversoul bonding in the woods. Tell your doctor and other members of your care team about any family history of bipolar disorder or postpartum psychosis.

Educate your partner or other loved ones about the symptoms. Talking about your feelings with your partner will make you feel better and will shed light on how the other is feeling. Support Each Other: It is natural for people to become so focused on their own feelings that they forget about their partner feels.

Find a therapist who specializes in postpartum depression and anxiety. Make sure your wife continues treatment even when she starts to feel better. Postpartum depression and. Postpartum depression.

Your body and mind go through many changes during and after pregnancy. If you feel empty, emotionless, or sad all or most of the time for longer than 2 weeks during or after pregnancy, reach out for help. If you feel like you don’t love or care for your baby, you might have postpartum depression.

Tell her she is doing all the right things to get better ( therapy, medication, etc.). Tell her she can still be a good mother, even if she feels terrible. Tell her it’s okay to make mistakes; she.

Depression is an illness, but that doesn’t make it okay for your partner to blame you for everything or abuse you emotionally. Here’s how to set healthy boundaries with your partner to protect yourself, help your partner and (hopefully) preserve the relationship: Remind your partner that while they can’t control how depression makes them feel, they can control their actions.

List of related literature:

Therapy Postpartum depression can often be effectively managed in the primary care setting, and should begin with establishing a supportive clinician–patient relationship through frequent visits.

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Nurse home visits, parenting support groups, talk therapy, or medication can be options for treating postpartum depression.

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The best medicine I know for postpartum depression is tender loving care from the baby’s father.

“How to Win Over Depression” by Tim LaHaye
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Antidepressants (several are safe even if you’re breastfeeding), combined with counselling, can help you feel better fast.

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All health care workers should be alert to the symptoms of depression in a new mother and encourage her to get treatment as necessary.

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One of the best treatments for postpartum depression is a loving and available husband.

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If you think someone you love is suffering from postpartum depression, talk to her about seeking professional help.

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Inform the mother that many women feel depressed after childbirth and that help is available.

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Can postpartum depression be managed in

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Most treatments for depression are compatible with breastfeeding.

“Breastfeeding Made Simple: Seven Natural Laws for Nursing Mothers” by Nancy Mohrbacher, Kathleen Kendall-Tackett, Jack Newman
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  • I wish my partner could have been understanding. He became abusive unfaithful and blamed me for being depressed making it worse. I understand its a hard situation to be a man and not be able to do anything to make her all better. Just being there and letting her go through the process and be supportive is SO important.

  • My mother had mild post partum depression but she never really got help for it and already she had mental health do to past abuse that she suffered like anxiety and ciggeret smoking addiction but it got worse over time and got together with the wrong people so ended up raising us really bad like abuse and neglect and stuff but not all people with mental disorders will abuse people just there risk that if they do have untreated mental health problems it makes it more likely that they will

  • Im having so much trouble with my wife having ppd. Especially i am not with them due to coronavirus. Im stuck here abroad and away from them, i am really out of options how i can let her calm and not affect our child during this troubled time for her. I wanted to talk to her but she keeps on telling me that i cant do anything since im not with them, i really don’t know what to do. ��

  • I realise that depression today becz my husband ignore me while taking important decision in our life.he thought no need of my presense.and he don’t want to be with me.really don’t care abt me

  • I am certain I was left with un-diagnosed PP depression when i was a teen mom. It lasted for years because of the EX husbands toxic family inability to recognize what was happening and made the situation worse from Extreme lack of support. In the end after 4 years of trying (and failing) to be a mother, I lost my son in divorce from the abusive ex, because the EX fam was able to support him where mine was not able too. Even though i have 30% custody rights, because of the lack of care for myself and my son due to PP Depression, they continue to this day deny my rights of seeing him. PP depression can be disastrous if left untreated.

  • My wife and I are going through this right now. I’m not the type to go cheating or anything. I am just concerned about certain things. I have no clue what I am doing and I started to go about this as the “knight” but I quickly noticed that did not work. It is a complicated time for both of us. She’s going through PPD and I’m scrambling to each end of the world due to my business expanding which is taking me to other new things I’ve never dealt with being a smaller company. Which makes things hard because I tell my wife everything and now I have nobody to talk to that will share that emotion of success. I know, this will pass. It’s new and definitely scary. Thank you for the video, I will try your advice!!

  • This is just superb, I been tryin to find out about “home treatment for mild depression” for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you heard people talk about Hanincoln Nanlivia Framework (do a search on google )? Ive heard some awesome things about it and my cousin got cool results with it.

  • I love TED talks. This is a really serious subject and it’s great that she’s speaking out and bringing awareness but…when white women talk like this I just can’t listen ����‍♀️

  • My son is 7 months old and I’ve been battling this for a long time now. I feel sick at the thought of telling someone, I don’t even know how to make the words come out of my mouth. I need help and I don’t know how to get it

  • I need advice. I am a realtor and a dear client of mine has just reached out to me and I am struggling on how to continue the conversation. I will call her Chris and her husband Sam for privacy reasons. Chris and Sam just went under contract on a new home and the next day Chris called me in response to a message I left for her asking if she was okay, I had noticed she was different when we all met with the builder, Chris seemed really sad and extremely quiet. Chris and Sam have a 4 year old and an 8 month old baby. Since I have a history with these clients having sold their previous home a year ago, I feel Chris is different now. Chris revealed to me in our telephone conversation that I was correct in that something was wrong, she claimed she is very confused and is having marriage problems. This is not really so uncommon however these signals did not reveal themselves last year, before the second baby was born. I am curious if she is suffering from PPD?? I am touched that Chris has untrusted in me and feel she may be, reaching out? I do not think this a typical buyers remorse scenario and want to follow my instincts regarding PPD. I invited her for coffee in the next few days to discuss and just listen to her needs. I would love to know what questions to ask her and tips on how to not offend her. Can you help?

  • Omg i feel like that too…what if he wont love me anymore. I feel like he expects a certain level of put togetherness for me…he thinks I just need to get a doctor and it’ll solve it

  • Thanks, Camille for sharing your story and raising awareness on this subject. I am sure there are a lot of new moms who need to hear your story.

  • My mom has this. It’s my fault. All my fault. If I were never born she would be fine. Should I kill myself? Would that make her depression go away?

  • I went through postpartum depression and I was finally able to make a video about my symptoms and my experience with it. It’s hard but we can over come it!! ❤️

  • I never knew maternal mental health existed at hospitals… maybe that is part of the problem. Most doctors just want to put you on pills and expect you to fix it yourself

  • Thank you Camille! Your strength means support for thousands of woman. I can’t wait to share your talk with all our Fit 4 Two mammas.

  • My baby just turned 1. I’m still fighting this difficult battle but I think us al being open about it it DOES help! Wishing all fellow new mom and dads all the best and to be in the best mental health possible.

  • I am so glad more moms are now talking openly about this subject. Just knowing that you’re not alone is pretty helpful. I’m also glad that the varied stories being told are shattering the MYTH that every mom who experiences postpartum depression ALSO experiences suicidal or homicidal thoughts. Postpartum depression DOES NOT always mean that you battle urges/thoughts of harming yourself or your child. The experience can look like intense sadness, extreme fatigue, debilitating fear and anxiety, hyper-worry for the safety of your child, frustration over circumstances you can not control (i.e. the social climate, the weather, exposure to possible illness like flu season, etc.), feeling as though you’re going insane, anxiety attacks, physical pain like head/body aches, intense mood swings, hopelessness and shame and just being overwhelmed by common life occurrences. Feeling these things for a prolonged period of time during or after your pregnancy ARE symptoms of postpartum depression.

    The experiences this speaker has shared are real and brave and more common than we ever knew but they are NOT the only type of experience mom’s have with postpartum depression. Postpartum depression occurs on a spectrum. Seek help even if you do not want to harm yourself or your child because the absence of those very severe symptoms which occur at the severe end of the spectrum DO NOT mean you are not experiencing a mental illness which may require medical intervention.

  • After i gave birth to my first daughter i had postpartum depression, i hated her at first and after 3 years it moved to my husband and i wanted to divorce, after realising i cant love without him i planned to have another child so our relationship would be stronger.and now after my second daughter shes 9 months old and im suffering from anxiety.
    The problem is ive been telling everyone about it and noone cares they say im over exaggerating, and where i live all therapists just want money noone wants to actually help. I tried to reach out to them but none actually took my hand. And here i am at 4 am not able to sleep and im exhausted

  • When you talked about the inner voices saying, “They’re probably better off without you,” I completely lost it. I’m a new mom with a seven week old and I hear that voice pretty often. It’s scary! Watching this video makes me feel like I’m not insane and that I’m not alone. Thank you.

  • And yes imagine what this is like for women with large families. Especially women’s who’s cultures and religions promote and encourage large families

  • I suffered with PPD, i felt alone and worthless. My husband left me 19 days after i had my son bc he couldn’t deal with me. It was hard to go through it alone…10 months later I’m doing so much better. Doing this alone but I’m doing it.

  • Camille you are amazing mom to your kids! And I know how much they mean to you, don’t ever think bad about yourself ever again! I’m so glad that I have a chance to see your presentation on this matter, well done Camille, so proud of you! Xoxoxo Sanela��

  • “I’ve been wearing these same milk-stained clothes for 3 days…”

    I looked down just now and realized these milk stains on my shirt are also 2 days old. Time to get some help.

  • I had my daughter in October, and since the moment the nurse took her away from me I don’t know I haven’t been happy like I should. I cry constantly. Always in fact. My partner the father I don’t know if it’s a sickness that makes me distrust him or what but I’m partial to loving him too much and then not trusting him at all and I just don’t know what’s apart of this hysteria or not anymore. I now suffer with post baby weight to fasting to crying over her father not loving my body or at least I don’t think he does.. I am at a loss. I absolutely can’t help but to drown in this

  • I needed to see this. I’ve suffered from Postpartum from all my children. It’s so real! Smh talking about it working through it & figuring out what works for you is what helps

  • All mothers who suffer from postpartum depression or postpartum psychosis need helps and support from their husbands, family and community. Help them. There is hope and the postpartum depression and more severe one, called postpartum psychosis can be treated with medication. Psychiatrist can help. Reach out for help. Support group and friends can help. Moms who are struggling with the postpartum depression, you are not a failure, you are not alone, Thanks for sharing this story.

  • Timestamps:
    1:51 Tell yourself its temporary
    2:35 Don’t try to fix everything, Listen to her
    4:05 Give her some uninterupted space for herself
    4:54 Take responsibility for yourself, find support outside your partner
    6:20 Look for the lessons to continue to grow
    8:03 Summary

    Thanks Dwayne for being vulnerable and sharing your experience. A new generation of men are being raised to be multifaceted in care taking and emotional development along with providing and protecting their families. I appreciate your contributions to this transformation in myself and in the viewers of your videos.

  • A lot of people are reluctant to admit that they are suffering from depression. They do not want to look weak in other people’s eyes. They want to uphold an illusion of perfection. But inside, they are dying.

  • Thank you for talking about this subject in a personal way. I recommend new mothers to have hormone levels checked, e.g. thyroid levels, and also possible deficiency of vitamines and minerals. Distorted hormone levels and deficiencies can affect mental well-being in a profound way. Scientific research regarding these causes of postpartum depression can be found online. Just google “thyroid and postpartum” or “hormones and postpartum” if you’d like to read more. Understanding that you’re not crazy is so important when facing something difficult like postpartum.

  • Heart warming and heart-felt talk about a difficult topic. Kudos to you, Camille, for speaking out so openly about PPD. You have done a great service!

  • Thank you for sharing your story so clearly and powerfully, Camille. Your openness and honesty will help more women and families than you will ever know.

  • I am a new mom of a 1 month old and from India. I am I think suffering from PPD. I thought I was not a good mom for having such thoughts, atleast that’s what my parents said. But now that I have watched certain videos on YouTube I have a feeling that I am suffering from PPD. But unfortunately my husband also thinks that I dont handle my baby well. So support from my husband is far off the list. He is enjoying his bachelor life now and I am stuck here at my place with the baby. So I guess I will just hv to deal with the problem myself.

  • i loved a girl and we were about to get married than she changed and everything changed when we known that she start suffering from clinical DEPRESSION.. i don’t know what to do

  • Your talk gives people the courage to reach out, ask for help, be authentic and REAL.
    Life’s beautiful moments can be tough and the more we can be honest about that, the more we can heal and connect.
    Thanks for sharing your authentic message of strength Camille.

  • Do they mean what they say during the weird episodes like not caring and hating you and the mistake of u? I feel it’s truth and I don’t want to take her back anymore she done something like this with my daughter I’m lost and only want the best but the words she said are torturing my pride and soul

  • Wow, a brand new diesease! The medical companies are happy aboit it. They already opened R&D facility for new drug. Soon you get these drugs the form of pills or chewing gums. Psychologist are happy to get new customers. After listening to postpartum depression, many girls will come to psychiatric dept for furthur treatment. Gynaecologist to neonatal, then to pediatrics, then to psychiatric dept. Now-adays young mom’s and mom-to-be’s discussion is all about PPDS, not about baby or changing diapers. They are discussing about PPDS doctos and anti depressant tabs(which will have a side effect of drowsiness for both mom and baby). Listen ladies. Motherhood is all about giving birth to a baby,a new life, and that baby is going to bring happiness, not depression.

  • Thank you. I needed this, I want to support my GF 100% as best as I can. I’m actually the type to try and fix things lol. 1thing I take away from this, is not to try and fix everything, and just listen!will note for the future. ♥️��

  • P.S. I cant reach out we have no family around us when I tried to reach out to my family, they minimalize my feelings. I have also have gone to a psychologist for help on other issues at one point in time in my life and she diagnosed me with complex ptsd from childhoold traumas; codependency, secondary traumatic stress and adjustment disorder, and she never TOLD ME I had to threaten to sue her to get my records to go get other help so my faith in the psychological profressional community is slim…

  • I had it with my first born I was always scared to leave him alone or sleep or imagine things bad could happen to him I needed sleep I needed to see family until 3 or 4 weeks of my bf helping out and going over to my parents I felt extremely better ��with my second it was less than it was before.but my 2nd born has heart defect and a lot went on before and after so it ate me alive and I started having anxiety and I still do but I try my best to control my emotions lol they’re a bit older now and more manageable but I love them so much. My second was not planned very un expected I didn’t know I was pregnant until I was close to 5 months and I had 2 miscarriages before my second child and 1 before my first born

  • This is real. I am having one but I cant reach out to no one. I just dont know what to do but to just go on with my life. At the same time, there is a hug lump in my chest that I cannot do anything.. Watching and listening to this really make me cry.. At least, I am able to let out some of the lump and burden I feel inside..

  • I’m at this stage now and I’m trying hard to get help especially her in Indonesia where this kind of thing is unusual and I feel I’m getting worse:(

  • I had Post Part depression with my first child, it is very real. Luckily I didn’t get it too much with my second baby <3 but now my son is three and half and I still feel guilty for feeling the way I felt back then:(

  • It is so moving when the truth is told. Your courage to tell the truth is inspiring and potentially could save the lives of others who struggle with post partum depression. Thank you for being the light, and shining the light on this super important issue!

  • Just found this video. I’m just about 8 months pp. I didn’t start experiencing depression until at least 2 months after giving birth. It’s hard! You explained some of the things I feel down to the T. I keep trying to excuse the way I feel, I’m just tired, I’m just stressed. On my way to seek help.

  • Thank you I’m hoping when I send this video to my husband that he will understand what I’m going through our child daughter is 5 weeks old

  • wow. I’m trying to find out what’s wrong with me she explained everything that I’m feeling and going through. I’m a new mom of a three month old and i through I was going crazy with all these voices in my head yelling at me. sometimes I can hear my baby crying (screaming) but when I checked on him he’s sleeping, sometimes I feel like running away that I’m not fit to mom, now I know so I will be taking to my doctor now. thanks for this video I almost didn’t watch it.

  • Post natal depression is fake end of it’s an excuse for phsycopathic women to attempt to kill their children and get away with it and if you want to argue against it dont bother my own mum attempted to kill me as a baby twice but pulled out from doing it and shes been telling me since I was 14 years old that I was unwanted and she tried to kill me twice but also said she loves me now so that’s all that matters and the past is the past but its played on my mind ever since I dont know I’m 20 years old and it’s broken me apart from almost all my family for various reason and this is my first time telling this to anyone so if you think you want to come over and argue just dont

  • Used also in PPD. To learn about the use of electroshock/ECT see videos under youtube heading of ectjustice and that will pull up several from testing following ECT to medical malpractice claims we are working to bring in addition to product liability suit. This is used for a variety of mental health issues and involves 5 billion annually in US alone. Contact the DK law group in CA if you have had ECT. Once you have learned the truth of this procedure I hope you will speak out on public social media so others are also aware. Given Covid many will be offered this to deal with mental health issues and need the truth. Often used in suicidal patients, but there is an actual an increase in suicide following.

  • I think this is just a chemical imbalance because I went through the same. overwhelming stress and anxiety postpartum and exaggerated thoughts lead me to insomnia that lasted for about four months, an organic formula “relaxing mama tea” secrets of tea did help me getting out of that agony.

  • wish I could reach you out while struggling with this turmoil, overwhelming stress and anxiety apostpartum and exaggerated thoughts lead me to insomnia that lasted for about four months, an organic formula “relaxing mama tea” secretsoftea did help me getting out of that agony.

  • Thank you for ur wonderful speech…,im struggling ppd for almost 2 months and im taking medications right now…,like what uve said i reached out for my family, friends and even my co-workers…,and im thankful that i have a great husband who always support me and lift my morale…,and of course i always pray…,asking for god to embrace me and guide me all day…,and each passing day im always thankful to him (GOD)…,im not ashamed that i had ppd bec its treatable and im not alone…,thanks camille…,frm philippines (sorry for the wrong grammar) Godbless!!!

  • Thank you so much, this video did help a lot, here I am going crazy, thinking I might lose my family. Im trying my best to be so supportive to my wife, but every time i do or say something she brings up the past and she hates me. I’ve been look all dad for something to get an idea of what she is going through. Everything you said just matches. I used to rub her feet or head to help her sleep, but she just tells me to stop its only making her mad. Idk sorry for going all text crazy. I just want to help her… thanks again

  • Thank you so much sir! Great help for me and my wife… you are absolutely correct.. We (husband) can’t fix evertything, we just need to listen..

  • You sir honestly LOVE your wife!! Wow you are the definition of a man. It takes courage to be selfless in such a delicate time! We need more man like you in this world. We need mentors like you to teach the grown boys we have now and lead them into manhood. Please keep making more of these vids they’re very much appreciated!

  • So why didn’t they teach us men about this stuff in school? Ah I know, to keep us divided. Society is setup to make us fail.. unless you do your homework which is why I’m here.

    Great video brother. I wish more men would push away ego and share their experiences.

  • I’m 7 months into having ppd and it isn’t easy. I’m angry at all times, sad and depressed. I feel like I’m lonely and can’t handle anything anymore. My husband tries but the more he does the more angry I get. Why? I know and see he is trying but I just feel myself close off from him and push him away and also get extremely angry towards him. I feel like I’m going crazy not being able to understand it myself or how to make it go away. Any suggestions on how to help? I’m going to therapy but feel like it isn’t helping

  • I’m pretty sure I have post natal depression. My baby is 5 months old now, I actually thought PN depression was just sadness, which I don’t have. I have extreme anxiety, mood swings, frustration and the point where I feel I’ve given up with a what’s the point attitude. It’s gotten to the point where I’m struggling to leave the house, to drive, to clean, to even brush my hair and shower. I’m going to the dr today to see if I can get a diagnosis and some much needed medication. Here’s to new beginings, I hope my life improves.

  • I’m a year late but I’m so glad I found this. I suffered from PPD for months after I had my second baby. It’s started about 3 months postpartum. I felt alone, isolated, and extremely irritable…like a rage. Eventually I started having suicidal thoughts It was awful. I stood in my closet with my husbands gun to my head. I was going to do it, but I heard my son coming up the stairs calling for me. Thank God! My husband tried everything to get me help, but I was so scared they would take my kids. These feelings progressed and I began cutting myself. I also began having terrible thoughts toward my daughter. Tears are rolling down my face as I write this. Eventually I saw my GP and he was incredible. He hugged me and told me I wasn’t alone. I was placed on a low dose medication and it worked! I began to see a psychiatrist and talk therapist monthly and it helped me immensely. It’s been almost 2 years since and thinking back on that time brings such guilt and shame but I know I made it. My kids have their mama and my husband has his wife. Ladies, please don’t suffer, there is help out there!❤️

  • The thing you said about asking if she needs someone to talk to or if she needed you to fix something is genius. I didn’t even realize I was doing the fix everything behavior til you mentioned that. Thanks that is great advice.

  • Camille, You are a Rockstar Mom! Important subject people need to reach ‘out’ and ‘in’ for support. Too many women are completely alone in those early years.

  • Man thank you I’m a husband and I have literally broke down my wife has said I’m not doing anything right. Then they just told her that she might have cervical cancer and that’s taking a toll on us

  • This is so touching and devastating. I’m trying to become a psychotherapist to help ppl struggling with depression and ESPECIALLY those who struggle with PPD.

  • My wife and I have a 17 month old daughter and she’s been suffering from ppd for over a year now. She refuses to get help because she’s in the army and doesn’t want this to be docked in her file. she’s been suffering for over a year and making us suffer as well.

  • I wish I would of watched this sooner. Unfortunately my wife and I are at the point where we’re getting a divorce. My daughter and I are going our own way.

  • Thank you so much for sharing this it has truly helped me realize what my husband went through during my time dealing with PPD. Did you feel like either now you have depression or had depression after she healed?

  • Thanks for your vulnerability Camille and for sharing the reality for many moms, breaking the silence, guilt and shame. Your solution is powerful.

  • hi i tried talking to my partner about how im feeling and this is my 2nd baba and ive got no bound wat so ever ive have had help but hes not making it easy for me. i tryed to talk to him bout it coming back and saya its all in my head dont be silly. im really feeling coming bk.he does care for baba at night time all the time but unfortunately he has ago at me coz im not doing the mummy thing. i literally do everything all day clean cook pik my older child up from school and im not really feeling the spark any atarting to hate him now as he iant even trying to help me. he juat sits there on his fone. i said can we have a cuddle but no he has other plans his fone again. i think i need to get help again and kick him out for my own sake. thank u for advise il try pass it on to him but most prob call me ailly again x

  • “relaxing mama prenatal” by secretsoftea a natural cure to get over postpartum depression, this an herbal tea for moms struggling with postpartum depression. Having a cup before meal is the trick to overcome the symptoms.

  • This is powerful. When you pointed to the “death threats” my hairs stood on end. This talk is so brave and so needed. Thanks Camille!

  • Speaking from your own experience is the best way to teach others. That’s because you have lived it and it came from the heat and that truly makes a difference.

  • Thank you for these videos. Im doing everything i can to help my wife through this. Unfortunately, I’m not able to take off work to stay home with her as I’m the only one that works. I get 4 or 5 calls from my wife a day sobbing over the phone. I have no clue what to do, I’m just listening and doing the best I can. I’m in week 2 of dealing with this and its definitely not easy.

  • Thank you for this Video! My wife had it for about 16 months when we had our first child, I didn’t know what it was, I thought in my ignorance that motherhood changed her for good in a PPD kind of way, I believed it was for the stress and lack of rest that comes with the baby so I helped out as much as I could around the house and taking care of the baby and eventually she came out of it and became her own self again. Now we had our second child 11 months ago and we are back at it again. this time is even worst because our baby doesn’t sleep well and neither of us gets enough rest. She has given up on herself, she has enough energy to function at work but once she gets home she goes into her own world, she has this up moments that give me hope things are getting better and then we hit the lows that are totally demoralizing. I just saw this video and most of the things you said I am doing (I need to work on not trying to fix everything) but sometimes feels like she doesnt want to get better.
    All I can do is be there for here, create her the spaces she needs to get better (even if she doesnt take them) and support her for as long as I can, my love for my family has to be what get us through.

  • My wife and I had three children. I think she had significant depression after our third was born. He wasn’t a planned baby and my wife was discovered to have colon cancer 8 months into her pregnancy after a bleed ing incident that scared the both of us. After the birth she was due to have a Major operation to remove and examine the colon cancer. At three months after the birth she had an operation to remove much of her small and all but a small portion of her colon. She was in bed for all of this and her recovery. She had a friend that we asked to come live with us to help her thru all this.
    If anyone ever had a reason for despair after birth and worries about our families’ future she qualified. After moving her friend into our spare bedroom she was in much better spirits. If you have someone like this who can be there to help, make every effort to include them in your wife’s recovery
    My wife was in bed for most of two years but after moving her friend in she was strong and happy doing what she could for the kids and helping herself. I will be eternally grateful.

  • Hey I’m glad I saw this video my girl has told me she has anxiety she don’t fell her self she fells so frustuaded and we don’t live together so yesterday she broke up with me and says she dosent fell anything she dosent fell her self and just fells so could and answers for me???

  • My wife would have good days and bad. On her bad she would just to give up and just set her family free by just wanting us to leave her while she is getting treatment. I know that this isn’t her and I do my very best to stay strong and carry on to maintaining the family while she’s away. My question though is do I take what she says seriously during her bad days? She is dealing with ppd and anxiety.

  • my question is how long is temporary my youngest is almost a year an a half i dont understand when I’m treated like shit but she seems normal around others. at this point i don’t know if she’s still dealing with the depression or if she is done with me

  • I am crying as I watch this video because I was dying for my husband to be this understanding. Unfortunately, when I was 7 months into postpartum depression, he told me that he do not need me in his life anymore.

  • THANK YOU!!!! I needed this. It definitely put me in an elevated mindset to help my family. My wife instantly appreciated my efforts after I explained what I now understood was wrong and what I was going to do differently. Thanks again.

  • Dwayne,This is a great video. Thanks! My wife believes she has postpartum depression. She believes she has had it now for 1.5-2 years and that it was originally undiagnosed. I concur with her assessment since she has been having most of the symptoms since around our first child was born 2 years back. The biggest challenge I am facing is that she is procrastinating over getting help. Just as you experienced, this situation has been a significant challenege for our relationship. Any tips on how best to encourage her to get help?