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You want to show that you are still invested in your job, but just need a little more time at home. One creative way to tackle the transition back to work is to shorten your maternity leave by a week or two and then apply those 5 to 10 business days to 5 to 10 Fridays that you could take off. Some companies offer compensation for maternity leave; others allow parents to take unpaid leave up to a certain amount of time. Parents are forced to exhaust their vacation and sick days, and still struggle financially to fill in the gaps during those crucial first weeks after a baby arrives.

One way on how to prepare for the end of maternity leave is to make yourself mentally and physically ready for the future challenges you’re about to take. One way on how to prepare for the end of maternity leave is to make yourself mentally and physically ready for the future challenges you’re about to take. If your company offers six weeks of paid maternity leave, but your husband or partner is entitled to four weeks of paid parental leave on a flexible basis, you might consider going back to work after six weeks and having your husband or partner stay home with your baby for. You can use your unpaid leave in any way you want during your pregnancy or during the year after your child is born.

That means you can take it all at once — right after the birth or placement of your child, for example — or, as long as your employer agrees, you can spread it out over your child’s first year by taking it in chunks or by reducing your normal weekly or daily work schedule. Ask if FMLA leave will run concurrently with the leave your company provides. To put it simply, ask if your employer allows you to take six paid weeks first and then an additional six unpaid under FLMA. The average maternity leave in the U.S. is about 10 weeks, but about half of new moms took at least five weeks, with about a quarter taking nine weeks or more, figures showed. Paid maternity leave.

Then focus on tying up loose ends at work well in advance of your due date — baby may arrive early! Start copying coworkers on emails and keep extra notes on new projects. Now is also the time to. Yes, your spouse is also able to apply for maternity leave, they too have to go through their HR department and verify how it would work for them.

They will more than likely be given the FMLA paper work instead of the Short Term Disability paperwork. Leave the house with (and without) the baby. Maternity leave can be isolating, especially if you are recovering from a C-section and unable to lift anything heavier than a baby for six weeks.

Whether you go on a walk, take your baby to a new moms group, or wander around Target, just get out of the house.

List of related literature:

To learn more about maternity leave laws in your state, contact your local Department of Labor or check out the nonprofit A Better Balance (

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The leave request did not mention either the FMLA or pregnancy complications.

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use the maximum amount of maternity leave to which she is entitled.

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If the employee has taken more than four weeks of maternity leave, she is entitled to return to a suitable alternative position if it is not reasonably practicable for her to return to the same job she left.

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You have a legal right to return to your job once your maternity leave is finished.

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You return to work the next day and she is still in the labor room contracting.

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Take a long maternity leave.

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The employee is eligible for FMLA if she provides clarification for intermittent leave.

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It will be recalled (see para 6.27) that once the employer has received notice that she intends to take maternity leave or additional maternity leave, he must write to her within 28 days confirming the date on which she is due to return to work.

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Under the FMLA, the leave can occur for the following reasons:

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  • I have been wondering how to make it without maternity leave as well as I won’t be paid. I live in Georgia and I agree, I wish the US provided for maternity leave moms!! ��

  • Thanks a lot I really appreciate your effort but still have some questions regarding pregnancy In Netherlands. Can I have your email or other contact to discuss in detail

  • Very informative video! In Denmark we get 52 weeks of maternity leave, 14 weeks for the mom (4 weeks to be used before due date), 2 weeks for the dad (to be used right after birth) and the remaining 32 weeks to be spilt between the parents as they wish. This is financed by the state, so you will have a lower income. However some companies offer a much better deal, where you will have your full salary.

  • Are you taking the full 12 weeks off? We can use either 6 or 8 weeks of our sick time based on vaginal or c-section. Any time off after that, that is not medically necessary, will have to be personally funded. When we have a child I would love to fund my husband being off for a few weeks as well.

  • I’m from Germany where you get 1 year ‘Elterngeld’ (parental allowance) from the state. It means you get paid 67% of your former net income. But my biggest question is: Where do you leave your tiny cute little baby after 12 weeks maternal leave? In a day care? �� That is so sad. What about breast feeding than?

  • Working mama here! I delivered in the summer last year. And I had no idea our benefits for leave so I saved like crazy until I was ready to tell my employer about my pregnancy. Turns out I got paid 87% of my salary for the full 12 weeks. I was shocked. I was expecting nothing or 6 weeks of like 20% pay.

  • Oregon just passed a paid family leave law that goes into effect in 2023, so maybe for your next baby! It will be funded by a payroll tax on both employees and employers (maximum 1%, split 60/40) and most won’t see 100% pay during the 12 weeks, but it’s pretty generous compared to the nothing that so many states offer. And, being Oregon, it’s currently the most progressive of such laws in the nation.

  • I can’t believe you don’t have any paid maternity leave?! I’m American and thought most corporate jobs offer at least a couple weeks. That’s nuts. That’d be a reason for me to not take a job honestly.

  • This may not be the right category but I think you will appreciate this video and useful for one you might want to make:

  • Maternity leave in the United States sucks! It makes the time after the baby is born a little stressful. I am 3 days into my 8 weeks maternity leave and still no baby yet, so i have been stressing about my leave dwindling down and less time with my baby. I have 12 weeks FMLA with my current job, but with my last job I took 8 weeks so I decided to do the same with this pregnancy. So I have 2 months of expenses saved for maternity leave, now I wished I would have taken the full 12 weeks. Last pregnancy, I got the itch the go back to work at 6 weeks (because I was getting bored), but these pregnancy I think I’d prefer the additional time.

  • That’s rediculus. You guys paying taxes which do nothing for you your family life… No sawing for your future.. Everybody is crazy about money, who makes more.. Its not about money in life it should be pro human and better quality.. I really wish that one day your country will change this. You work all the time and pay all your expenses your government have to look after you and pay for your maternity leave. So don’t be happy telling people how lucky you are to use up your savings because its wrong!

  • Due in April and neither of us has paid maternity. It sucks! I get STD for 6 weeks which is 70% of pay, and then the remainder will be FMLA, but I can’t stack them—I can’t begin FMLA after the STD. Trying to cushion the savings accounts now for living expenses and knowing I won’t be able to contribute toward any savings goals for a while after my son is born.

  • I mean you could theoretically use your regular PTO if you have any for those 12 weeks to replace for the FMLA but it does suck to use up those and you do kinda use an income.

  • I’m due in May 2020 and work a full time job. my job does the FMLA and I have 2 weeks of PTO considering my husband can’t afford everything on his own I will be back to work once I’m 4weeks PP

  • This was so helpful and thorough! Thanks for sharing. I can relate because we have been matched for adoption with a baby boy who is due in February. ���� Also our first child, and there is so much to learn about babies while also tying up loose ends in my business.

    I loved that you said that if you do decide to hop in your computer during the time you set aside for maternity leave, it’s not like the police are gonna come and stop ya. Haha! It’s a relief to hear you say that because I kept thinking that I would need to have a super rigid boundary and have an “all or nothing” approach when it came to taking time off (mainly because I really do love working on my business).

    Love that you moved CFC over to Kajabi…I have used Kajabi for almost 3 years now for my online classes and I LOVE it so much. If you aren’t already in the Official Kajabi User Group on Facebook, it is a great resource.

    And if you ever need inspiration on how to help your baby communicate, I have lots of videos on my channel about how i help kids learn to talk (I am a pediatric Speech Therapist).

    Or if you want to learn baby Sign Language, my online class helps babies communicate before they can speak and helps prevent a lot of meltdowns. Since you are so skilled at helping us with our words and copy on our websites, I have a feeling you will really enjoy helping your little one learn to communicate ����������

    I am really looking forward to that with our little one!

    All the best as you prep for your sweet baby!


  • Ill be 20 weeks pregnant next friday when do you think would be a good time to talk to my employer about maternity leave they know im pregnant and know they only pay up to 80% of my pay but i have been nervous to bring up maternity leave just yet

  • I am loving these videos!! I am an American living in the US. However as a child I lived in Germany for 9 years due to my dad being in the USAF. Learning about how differently this country I visited treats their employees, is neat!! I wish the US would adopt many of these laws! They are great laws for families and people in general.

  • I’m taking 12 weeks maternity leave and started saving before getting pregnant. I worked the day before I delivered which was really hard, but I wanted to have as much time with baby as possible. I’m lucky to get 4 weeks full pay and 8 weeks at 60%, but honestly wish FMLA was for a longer term so I could stay home longer and not worry about losing my job.

  • Hi Jovies! Love your channel. I’m moving to the Netherlands in 2 months, I would like to know if is possible to get a job while you are pregnant or employers don’t hire when you are pregnant. Thank you!!

  • Over here in the UK we get 9 months paid and a year off (the last 3 unpaid) and so hearing that women in the US do not get any pay is absolutely shocking! I hope it catches up with other countries soon!❤️