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Avoid situations in which your child can get irritable enough to bite. Make sure that all of your child’s needs including eating and nap time are taken care of before you go out to play. Respond to the child who was hurt by offering comfort through words and actions: “I’m sorry you are hurting. Let’s get some ice.” Perform first aid if necessary.

The child who did the biting can help comfort the bitten child—if both parties agree. Help the child who was hurt find something to do. Finally, talk to the child who did the biting.

In a child care environment biting is an emotional and stressful experience for both the biter and the victim and for the parents of both children. If you are advised that your child has bitten another child, or has been bitten, make sure you work with your child care provider to deal with the situation as quickly and effectively as you can. The thought of one child trying to take a bite out of another child has come to be perceived as far more distasteful than, say, hitting, pinching, pushing, kicking, shrieking or any of. The thought of one child trying to take a bite out of another child has come to be perceived as far more distasteful than, say, hitting, pinching, pushing, kicking, shrieking or any of a whole host of less-than-desirable toddler behaviors. There’s something about the discovery of a human bite mark on one’s child that parents find especially.

Offer your child a biting substitute, such as a washcloth. With gentle reminders, a child who bites will chew on his washcloth rather than his playmate or parent when he’s feeling testy or. When a child bites another child, immediately make eye contact and firmly say, “No. We do not bite.” Allow her to see you comfort and care for the child she bit and don’t allow her to play until. If your child was brandishing a loaded gun, you wouldn’t hesitate to take that weapon away.

Hitting, scratching, kicking, and biting are no different. Why Do Dogs Bite Kids? Although parents may be inclined to rehome the dog, Dr. Elmaraghy suggests taking a deeper look at what situation the pup was in when he or she lashed out. Provide some praise and positive attention when they aren’t biting and is playing nicely.

Keep to a good routine all day, including meals, naps, and playtime. Avoid asking a parent to pick up the child and sending them home after they bite, since that can reinforce biting.

List of related literature:

Bites may becaused by an adult, another child, by an animal or by the child himself.

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Adult bites raise concern for abuse.

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Most toddler bites don’t break the skin and don’t need to be seen.

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Have the child bite down, and observe the bite.

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• Contact the parent of the child who is bitten and advise her to seek medical help.

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Offer comfort to the victim as needed (and even if it isn’t needed, since this will reinforce for your toddler that biting isn’t the way to get attention).

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Toddlers and preschoolers who bite.

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Do find out how your nursery or childminder deals with biting – it may not be age-appropriate.

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Emphasize to the child that people can feel and that biting hurts and leaves an impression on the skin.

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Some parents who have been bitten by an infant or a one­year­old ask if they should bite back.

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  • How gross of human being would you have to be to have a baby bite get infected? Antibiotic for a baby bite is a bit much, but the tip on attention to the person bitten is a good one.

  • Hey.. Thank u for the video and the break down of how your strategies helped your child. My 2 1/2yr old has been a nightmare since baby brother was born, now biting and slapping him because she doesnt have my undivided attention. Its so hard. I never wanted to be the growling cross mama that smacks (not hard) her hand for really misbehaving. 1# it doesnt help or work 2# same behaviour happens 3 #makes us both feel bad. Its not the mama I want to be and am searching for ways that work for us. Pray these tools help.

  • Thank you so much it was so helpful to me I will try this strategies. I know it takes time and dedication and lots of practice. I appreciate you.

  • Thank you for this video. I’ve been having so much trouble with my 3 year old at her day care and biting. Both me and her Dad have tried telling her no biting. I’m going to try reading as I did that with potty training and it seemed to help.
    The social worker at the school suggested consequences like taking away a favorite toy but I feel that will not help at her age she is to young to understand.

  • My daughter probably bites me if she’s bored because she’s an only child also overwhelmed with me starting school soon and her going to daycare full time

  • Thank you! Very insightful, and jam packed full of information no rambling:) It couldn’t have been shorter. Grateful to have discovered this resource

  • Is it developmentally appropriate to try to get a 2.5 year old to stop throwing, my daughter throws toys as a game and I’ve tried to get her to stop and I have her clean up any messes she makes, my fiancée has started taking toys away from her when she throws but I disagree with that approach

  • Pump And put in a sippy cup so they still get the milk they don’t have to be on your boob when they get teeth they’re supposed to eat regular food

  • I came across this video while searching for a good video to help with my biting toddler. So basically my daughter is 23 months and she is a very good kid. Very loving and caring with other kids and adults. It’s just this one kid who usually comes over with his elder sister to play with my daughter that my daughter bites. They basically play in my daughter’s room with her toys and she’s had some trouble sharing which I think is normal because for the most part she shares. But she just doesn’t get along with the boy who is a year older than her but is very petite so looks much smaller than her. Today she bit him so hard and Ofcourse I intervened quickly and made her stop and immediately tend to the boy and told my daughter to stop and was firm with her. Then she hugged him and things were fine for a bit but again she wanted to bite but I stopped her before it happened. With my daughter I think she’s being territorial or possessive of her things but is there something I need to do or can do to control this behaviour?

  • Thank you so much for making this video, my son already bit two different teachers. This honesty helped a lot because my son doesn’t bite at home but he already bit two teachers at daycare and he has been getting speech therapy too and special instructions

  • My 1 year old has been biting, pulling hair, hitting, kicking, pinching, throwing things ( when he’s upset or when he’s in a playful mood ) I been struggling trying to find healthy ways to stop this. He does this to anybody, I don’t want this to continue as he gets older.

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  • Good day Madam. If it is possible, can we see whats inside the biting story? The one that is entitled “It’s never good to bite” I think it would be a great help to us. Thank you so much.

  • i know this is an older video but i am going through this phase right now with my 9 month old. This video gives me hope & the support i was needing. Dad thinks our daughter biting while nursing is cute, funny and im just over reacting. So i am very thankful for the great ideas, motivation & words of wisdom through your own personal experiences you have always given with your videos. I really think the cold wash cloth for baby to suck on will work best for my little one, so i am excited to try that asap. Again thank you!

  • Thank you soo much for this video!! It was very informative. I loved all the solutions and resource you have provided ❤️❤️ I’m an early intervention specialist and have a couple kiddos who are bitting

  • You are the best. You are so knowledgeable about this subject. I teach special needs preschoolers and my 15 month old granddaughter is biting at daycare. I love how your video is so thorough and makes perfect sense! I really do appreciate your professionalism, too!

  • An exceptionally thorough and informative video-its length belies its pith.:) Thank you, and I look forward to watching other videos.

  • Hello! I also have twins, they are 13 months old and one tends to bite out of frustration and if his twin it’s next to him he bites him just because! How would you do it at this age? Will this behavior go away as he gets older and able to talk? I’m scared that if I don’t do something now he will get worse with time

  • Thanks a lot mellisa it was really helpful for me.I m a new mom n my 9months old boy has developed two teeth.. he bits a lot..i havve started using your NO tip it diverts him…but he smiles at it.. will he able to understand its meaning?

  • A little clap on their fat little thighs, every time they bite you, will get the message across to them, that every time they bite, they receive a little pain. It will startle them at first, but believe you me, they will get the message.

  • Thanks. Straight to the point. Good examples and strategies. Thanks for resources. I’ll recommend it to my clients’ parents to watch.

  • Hi doc, my baby is 2year 3 month old she does biting even in frustration in love also. Kindly suggest to handle her I m from india

  • Very helpful video! I have a one year old who has been biting me when he is frustrated. I have been curious to know why and this explains quite a bit. Thanks for sharing!

  • Hi…I hav 22 month old twin boys nd one of d baby keeps pushing d other one.
    Since d other one is a little overweight nd unable to maintain balance he falls down
    How can I stop or control dis

  • My son bites a lot of things but he mainly only bites me. I think it’s a mix of teething, but who should I reach out to about the biting? I am involved with the regional center.

    We’ve been at home so I haven’t been able to pin point what causes the biting. Maybe he’s bored? Could that be it? He’ll be a year and a half on September 11. We’re getting him evaluated for speech therapy very soon so hopefully it’s just a communication things and not something kore serious.

    Thanks for the video!

  • This is tricky when it comes to dealing with babies when they bite while ���� from their mothers, because it’s a painful situation that needs to resolve immediately.

  • My 5 months old baby is pulling off and biting my nipple for the past two this a sign of insufficient breast milk? And he is more comfortable with his grand parents than me.he is always crying and when I gave him to my in-laws, he stop this normal? Will it affect our bonding?he is bit colic.i am stressed as because he is not comfortable with that ok? Will he be come closer to me in future?

  • My son started biting after turning 3, from what i have seen is in self defense, and frustration. He is at Day care and Pre-school. He is not an aggressive child, and understands that bitting is not ok because as soon as he does it, he gets upset, and tells himself “no biting”. But he has not been able to replace that behavior with a favorable one.

  • My 1 year old is a very mild and sweet little dude. He loves to entertain by making doing things to illicit reaction. Waving, making faces and noises for response (“aww” “you’re so silly” “rawr! baby bear”). Recently he has been scratching and biting but it seems for my reaction. I say my reaction because he only does it to me. He giggles when I say “ouch” and goes for another chomp or hand swipe. I say things like “That really hurts, no biting. Be gentle please” and show him gentle/love touch. He doesn’t seem to understand “pain” and thinks it’s play. I’ve cried for real once which did surprise him and gave me love but on the whole he seems to think it’s play. He’s typically super super gentle (even when eating) so I’m sure he’s not intentionally hurting me but I’m covered in bruises and am dressing strategically now like a battered woman. I’m not sure what to do.

  • How gross of human being would you have to be to have a baby bite get infected? Antibiotic for a baby bite is a bit much, but the tip on attention to the person bitten is a good one.

  • Hi! If my baby has only 1 year and i already see that he bites when he dont want to do something. What can i do? I cant explain him what to do because he is very little.

  • Very informative and helpful! I’m a preschool teacher in the two year old class and this has been a problem lately. I will share your link with my parents.

  • Lisa, this video is great! Really rich information and easy to understand. It was so helpful for my assessment of Why children bite. Thanks so much and i’m looking forward to watch new ones.

  • I need some advice. I have vowed to breast feed my son from when he was born and came to learn that he would bite my nipple at each feed and not latch on correctly. He has a tongue tie so that might have a thing to do with it too. It continued till I contacted mastitis and now he’s almost 4 weeks old and I’m pumping milk and bottle feeding him because I’m terrified of an infection happening again. Could you give me some tips on what I can do to correct his latch

  • My daughter just starting doing this & I thought it was part of her teething until tonight I realized she was doing it while pushing & she just had bad gas. So maybe try a burp if your baby does this.