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Things to know about an uncircumcised penis

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Penis Care of the Uncircumcised Man

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How To: Care For a Childs Uncircumcised Penis

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Circumcised vs uncircumcised! Do girls like circumcised or not?

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How far along the penile foreskin be retracted in an uncircumcised penis? Dr. Surindher D S A

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How do you care for a baby boy who is not circumcised?

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As long as the foreskin doesn’t easily retract, only the outside needs to be cleaned. If the foreskin retracts a little, just clean the exposed area of the glans with water. Don’t use soap on this area, as it can irritate the skin. After cleaning, always gently pull the foreskin back over the glans of.

Teach your son to clean his foreskin in the following way: Step 1: Gently pull the foreskin back away from the end of the penis. Step 2: Rinse underneath the foreskin with soap and warm water. Step 3: Pull the foreskin back over the penis. In the first few years of your son’s life, while the foreskin is still attached, you can simply clean the outside of his uncircumcised penis with ordinary soap and water at bath time, or with a wipe when you change his diaper. Teach him to: Gently pull back the foreskin Clean beneath the foreskin with mild soap and water Rinse and dry beneath the foreskin thoroughly Pull the foreskin back over the head of the penis.

After the procedure, his care team covered his penis with petroleum jelly and wrapped it in gauze. Keep a covering on the area for the 48 hours following the. The beauty of stroking an uncircumcised penis is that the foreskin serves as a sleeve that will naturally glide and guide the hand up and down.

Grip firmly and really work the skin, or you can even. Circumcision rates have been on the decline for a while, so you’re likely to see more and more uncircumcised men. Here are five tips for encountering your first uncircumcised penis.

1. Learn The. Cleaning an Uncircumcised Penis 1. Choose a mild soap. Many soaps contain perfumes that may irritate sensitive skin, and some contain cleaning agents 2. Take a shower or bath. Use warm water, rather than hot water, to avoid burning or irritating your genitals and the 3. Wash the penis. Lather.

A medical professional cleans the penis and surrounding area to prevent infection. Then they apply a cream anesthetic or inject the penis with numbing medication. A surgeon removes the foreskin.

A. How do you care for an uncircumcised penis? When the foreskin can be pulled back, the area needs to be cleaned every day.

Until it can be pulled back, wash only the outside of the penis. Don’t try to force the foreskin back.

List of related literature:

Once that happens, an older boy’s uncircumcised penis can be kept clean by gently pulling back the foreskin and washing the tip with soap and water while taking a bath or shower.

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For uncircumcised boys, wash and rinse the penis with soap and warm water.

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(3) Cleanse the area around the glans penis (tip of the penis) and the urethral opening (meatus) by washing each side of the glans with a separate antiseptic wipe (Fig. 3A).

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Wash boys carefully, getting into all the creases and crevices with soap and water, but don’t try to retract the foreskin on an uncircumcised baby.

“What To Expect The 1st Year [rev Edition]” by Heidi Murkoff, Sharon Mazel
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In pediatric patients, a gentle retraction of the foreskin daily and soakin warm water to clean penis and foreskin, with a 2-month trial of antifungals may be attempted.

“Congenital Anomalies of the Penis” by Mohamed Fahmy
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Gently cleanse around the labia of girls, but do not try to retract the foreskin in an uncircumcised boy unless under the pediatrician’s specific direction.

“Broadribb's Introductory Pediatric Nursing” by Nancy T. Hatfield
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In an uncircumcised male, daily external washing and rinsing are all that is necessary.

“Foundations and Adult Health Nursing E-Book” by Kim Cooper, Kelly Gosnell
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Care of the uncircumcised penis: Rinse penis and foreskin with water and soap during bathing.

“Pediatric Physical Examination E-Book: An Illustrated Handbook” by Karen Duderstadt
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• When the infant is older and the foreskin easily retracts, gently retract the foreskin and clean around the glans with water and mild soap once a week.

“Maternity and Pediatric Nursing” by Susan Scott Ricci, Terri Kyle
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Routine washing, even without retracting the foreskin, will keep the penis clean and healthy.

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  • Cut dad of two intact teen sons. I hate the term “uncircumcised” as that normalizes “circumcised.” I really want, for my sons, for the natural/normal intact penis to be normalized in society. Foreskin Pride! It’s not “extra skin.” Be proud! You’re a lucky stiff! Plenty of us that are not happy with the fact that we were cut. Your mom is awesome. Thank you for having the bravery to speak about this. #iamnotthankful #mendocomplain

  • Ey shiets! Don’t compare your dump American circumcision rules with ours. We don’t do baby’s and the person who is going to get circumcised must agree too! And all those fakes ass video you see are facked up, circumcision actually doesn’t hurt so hurt. Stop spreading fake news, you don’t liek circumcise you shush. Or else im gonna make you become a spider. ಠ ͜ʖ ಠ

  • Safe sex practices should be a must regardless of circumcision status. The video seems to endorse unsafe sex practices if circumcised and that is is dangerous.

  • Parents, caretakers, and medical personnel should never, not even gently, try to retract a boys foreskin. yes, it is going to be hard to retract the foreskin at a young age because it’s not supposed to be retracted yet..the foreskin is naturally fused to the glans for protection. It is harmful to prematurely forcefully retract young boys. Premature forced retraction is seriously harmful and can cause pain, redness, bleeding, infections and tissue damage. Only the boy himself should ever do this. The only care required for infants and toddlers is to wipe or a rinse on the outside of the penis, the same way you would clean a finger. its most common for boys to become retractable during puberty…median age being 10. This video is potentially harmful to children. Why dont you make a new video? Does your practice push and profit from this procedure when parents follow this bad advice that causes infections? if so, please have some ethics.

  • 2:30 Wish this was common knowledge when I was a kid. Had two different male pediatricians try and forcefully retract my foreskin. Most painful and traumatic thing I ever felt. Made me hate doctors and always wondered why they were trying to hurt me. The age that this happened was old enough for me to remember (5-10) and I will only see female doctors now because of it.

  • My intent was to get my son circumcised but he was born with liver problems and I could not bare to make him go back to the hospital once he finally came home. I read you weren’t suppose to touch the skin because of the natural process of separation but my sons pediatrician without warning just pulled his skin all the way back causing a tear and I cried out of shock. It felt like she de-flowered my baby! Well she explained that is what I’m suppose to do and to be cleaning it. I disagree but once she did that I had to keep at it to prevent the skin from reattaching to the head of the penis and becoming glued requiring surgery. Everyone should be entitled to their own preference but I think circumcision would have been a simpler way to go in the long run.

  • Bottom line… the head of my penis rubs and Chaffes in my pants!! All day and night and drives me crazy. If I had foreskin I could cover it. Since I was a child I would get redness rashes when at the beach and all types of discomfort from that. I wear a cover on it now. That fixes it but it still can chaffe easily. If you let it chaffe it causes the head to callus and get rough.. mine would never callus so it chaffed. Chaffing would consume my existence and make you feel so exposed.

    So to me that is more important than any other info you stated in the vid.. I don’t want to live in discomfort my entire life because I am missing the cover on my penis.

    Fuck the world!! Thank God.. the real god.. not the imaginary bs in the Old Testament.. that I can restore it atleast. Better than chafing all day and getting ED

    0 benefits to cutting.. only a lifetime of pain

  • You should never retract a boys foreskin. He will do it himself typically around puberty. Only clean what is seen until retractable by themselves. Then only warm water. No soap as it messes with the ph balance under the foreskin

  • Man I am 17 and can only pull it backwards and that won’t happen without pain..and after that I can’t retract it back at its place..what should i do?

  • No! This is not proper advice! As a nurse practitioner I want to warn parentsdo NOT retract your intact sons! The foreskin of young children is tightly adhered to the head of the penis to keep pathogens out, so there’s NO reason to try and “clean under” it, it only causes harm. The average age of retraction is 10 yearsattempting to do so before it retracts naturally cause microtearing and scarring of the foreskin. Also, there’s NO reason to ever use soap under the foreskin. The inner foreskin and the head of the penis are mucus membranes, much like the inside of your mouth or your eyelids. Using soap irritates and disrupts the normal flora. Warm water alone is all that’s needed. My intact son is 5 and has never been retracted once, and my intact husband only ever used waterno problems ever. Read more on proper intact care:

  • Not one girl said anything about the true meaning of being uncircumcised. It’s to keep the penis moist and wet when they get a Boner, Just like how a pussy gets wet. Just goes to show the sad nature of a woman’s love life

  • If you are circumcised and want your foreskin back pls Support foregen and spread the word and like this comment pls ❤️ even if you are not circumcised pls help circumcised men and spread the word and Support foregen and like this comment ❤️��

  • From what i’ve gathered uncut is better, i was considering getting it cut, but now i might not (unless it becomes necessary like for a medical reason

  • I’m currently on hydrocortisone to fix my phimosis, it’s worked pretty well so far and should be completely fixed in around a month.

  • I am uncircumcised and it’s so much better! I don’t know why Americans are circumcised well most are and I remember at the showered in college I would see other guys and it just looked so weird and it was the first time I saw it and it really looked weird and till today I think it seems weird

  • Huh… I don’t even know why this is an issue. It’s the way it’s supposed to be. I don’t recall it ever being an issue when I was growing up, I was/am uncircumcised and it’s just the way it is. There was no concerns or issues about it, what would other people think never even crossed my mind. I remember learning a few years back that a relative had married a Jewish girl and we were all horrified at the thought that he had to go mutilated. Yes, this was an actual conversation and concern.

  • Even the AAP says not to retract the foreskin and the only one to move it back should be the male himself. “Manipulating” the foreskin to see the urethra is retraction!
    “But foreskin retraction should never be forced. Until the foreskin fully separates, do not try to pull it back. Forcing the foreskin to retract before it is ready can cause severe pain, bleeding, and tears in the skin.”

  • Omg I love this and I love you! UNCUT here. Love being uncut and prefer other guys with foreskin too. You’re not weird, ur perfect. Probably 50/50 split now but uncut is getting more and more common/popular these days. My childhood best friend was cut and we used to compared penises at the bathroom urinals too except he thought he was the wierd one. Seems pretty obviously that girls don’t like or know how to handle uncut dicks when they always keep the foreskin retracted during oral in straight porn. Do you remember when you were able to fully retract your foreskin for the first time?

  • All the peng chicks, typically from a cultural background, preferred uncircumcised whilst all the clapped white chicks likes it circumcised. you decide the real winner. Hoodies all day baby


  • I dont know why people go straight to circumcised penises are cleaner. This ain’t the 1800s. They’re not. Both are just as clean as long as the individual is bathing at least once a day. Only difference I would say is uncircumcised mens tip are more sensitive than circumcised mens. Other than that, it just what you like to look at.

  • It’s important for the parents with intact children who may be watching this video to understand that the ONLY person who should ever retract your son’s foreskin is your son himself. There is no specific age that a boy is “supposed” to achieve full retractibility. I couldn’t until I was 12, some boys can’t until 15, and some can as early as 3 or 4. It just depends on the individual. Once the boy can retract, there is no soap needed, contrary to popular belief. The inner foreskin is mucus membrane and is sensitive and easily irritated by soap just rinse with water and that’s it! Easy peasy!
    How do you care for an intact penis? Leave it alone! 
    There is a lot of misinformation surrounding the male foreskin in the US particularly in how to “care” for it. This video is one such example of misinformation.

  • What girls don’t get whena man masterbates an he is cut so you know the lotion an petroleum jelly they put on that thing is water proof so when they shower the water doesn’t even touch the penis it just bubbles up an anyway all I know is yup no soap or water can get to it soooo…more clean I wouldn’t say so lol

  • This is neurotic. If you don’t douche your infant daughter, you should not be forcibly retracting the foreskin of your infant son either.

  • You’re not supposed to retract and douche your sons and daughters prepuces. Her advice is kabbalh witchcraft used to cause problems with infant foreskins to trick parents into excising their child’s prepuce.

  • Please stop spreading incorrect information. NEVER retract a child’s foreskin, let him do it when he’s ready, at his own pace. Wash what you see, wipe like a finger. The intact penis is a self cleaning organ.

  • This baby circ mutilating scam has got american women like hypocrits, saying it looks better and cleaner, so perhap you girls should go and get your clit and lips trimmed for the same reasons. I have experience both cut and intact. My man has intact foreskin, I know how to use it and he knows how quick and easy it is to clean. Foreskin belongs to a boy, has its functions both ways that the circ world seem to misrecognise. For expecting parents info thanks to my mans parents for leaving him intact, he is glad as much as I am.

  • I am circumcised but to me I don’t care. It doesn’t bother me anyway. I love that you tell everything about you I am like it to I am a open book.

  • It’s shocking how many young boys (1) don’t realize that if their foreskin barely or doesn’t retract that it’s not normal (2) are afraid to talk to their father/mother because it involves their penis, so they suffer in silence. I was going to say that most boys are afraid to see a doctor, but most boys who are say 7 16 would have no idea how to get to see a doctor without a parents help.
    In my opinion, by the time a boy is 6-7 years old his father/mother should know if his foreskin retracts normally. I remember when I was very young my Mom explaining to me that I must retract my foreskin when washing to keep my penis clean. There was no embarrassment because of how young I was and she didn’t make it a big deal. My parents were from Europe and were quite open about sexual issues. When little we watched our cats have kittens…..and that explained where babies came from. Didn’t make it a big deal just the way nature made it.
    If boys could just feel ok going to their fathers (when they are alone) and saying something like “Dad, I have a problem….with my penis……” (He felt ok asking because he has a father who isn’t surprised by such a question.) “You do? OK…well lets talk then. What’s the problem?” “Well I can’t pull back the (fore)skin that covers the head of my penis. So I can’t clean properly.” (the boy has been taught to use appropriate words for body parts or reasonable alternatives.)
    It shocking that 15-18+ year old boys are asking if it’s normal that they have never seen the head of their penis.

  • I retracted my foreskin. Now how do I get it back. Will it return by it’s own because I want to retract it while I’m having sex with a girl

  • circumcised dick later gives problem in life.. like erectile dysfunction, loss of sensation in sex and not able to erect again etc etc

  • Guys I need someone to help me I’m 14 and I can pull it back where I can see a little bit of the head but it won’t go back all the way like I was looking at it and there’s like a thing attached to my skin

  • I’m 72 yrs old uncut and NEVER had a problem with my little friend lol. I was born in the “lets cut them all for the extra money USA” and was lucky to have a smart mother that knew better. We were all born with a foreskin, Get it born! So if you have to cut any body part off, you are telling me that you a boy was born with a birth defect… THINK… Use your head…. Thank you.

  • Penis hygiene is not rocket science ladies for us males. any common sense man males knows to wash there.
    also the women who said uncircumcised you know you get it why we don’t it

  • After the retraction of skin, it is not possible to even touch the penis head…..It feels very sensitive and there is little pain kind of thing. I mean it is even not possible to wear underwear after retraction of skin. Why this is happening

  • There’s nothing wrong behind uncircumcised or circumcised. Also I have a question, why do some penises look like a bandage is wrapped around the glands even thought there isn’t

  • She may be, & so am I:)
    That’s ludicrous, I do not, I just want what’s best for my boys, which is circumcision!!
    I don’t live under a rock either, as I have a nice large house, that gives me pleasure to live in.
    At least I’m real & not some no picture troll loser, as YOU ARE!!!

  • so many illiterates females and manginas in the world these days. When the dick is erect the gland is exposed and the foreskin rolls back. You wouldn’t even notice if its circumcised or intact.. Only when the penis is flaccid you will notice. The foreskin is there to protect the sensitive gland and its a form of self lubrication. Of course it contains a lot of bacteria. Just like our entire body!! Wash it regularly after peeing or during shower with soap and you are good to go!

  • This woman’s advice is horrific. No-one should ever pull back the skin of a baby’s penis. Until the age of about 5, depending on the individual, the skin is normally anatomically attached to the penis head. It is not just skin that is removed in circumcision, there are blood vessels & connective tissues in every foreskin, both intact & amputated by circumcision.

    It is horrifying that an organization that purports itself as a health care organization could publicize & produce such egregious advice video. Diaper changes for natural in-tact (not circumcised) boys need no additional cleaning compared to circumcised. As they grow, boys do not need parent’s help cleaning their penis except for the parent to tell them to clean there. Sometime around the age of 4 to 5 years, the skin begins to separate from the penis head. The separation process occurs over a long period of time. All boys will become aware that the head begins to get exposed with the onset & progression of erections.

    The only thing the parent needs to do once the boy hits age of 5, while he is in the bath, is to tell the boy to pull the skin back on his penis to let the water clean it. That’s it! This is the same you would ask a child to clean under their arms, their belly button, behind the ears, the hiny, or any other body part. No adult, not even a nurse or doctor, should ever pull the skin back on a child’s penis. Many boys attending pediatrician visit have become victims of such nurse & doctor ignorance & stupidity during well baby visits ended up in emergency rooms because of pulling back prepuce on babies. Such an action is 100% perverted & unnecessary! It is so difficult to believe that such misinformation is propagated by a medical organization. IntermountainMoms should remove this video & apologize for distributing such egregious information because it is quite inaccurate & bad advice. Paren’t please don’t follow this announcer’s advice.

  • Guys does anyone know why i feel pain when i touch the head of my penis(when i pull the foreskin back) and almost cant touch it as it hurts really bad

  • Why are you dishing out dangerously incorrect advice and yet you portray to be a NURSE!? I suggest you go do some update courses on correct intact care before your shoddy advise causes injury which, heaven forbid, leads to a required circumcision. Or is that the while point?

  • Sir, I’m 20 years old.. yesterday was the 1st time I pulled my foreskin back since my birth.. my penis wasn’t erect.. and it was pretty tough to pull it back too.. once I did there was white things around the top(I guess smegma) I washed it away.. am I in any risk? Am I infected by anything? Am I safe? Because yesterday was the very 1st time I pulled my foreskin back.. I’m scared sir..

  • This is BAD and Damaging info.. you DO NOT EVER retract an infant’s or young child’s intact foreskin.. EVER! This CAUSES damage and leaves the foreskin and penis open to… INFECTION… seriously.. are WANTING babies to have to get cut? STOP promoting DAMAGING “information”! And Not ALL boys naturally retract by age 5.. that’s insane.. sometimes it does not happen until puberty.. this is NORMAL!

  • some moms of baby boy who didn’t have their son circumcised have to get it done now because a few months after they were born they got infections. I planned on getting my unborn son circumcised so I don’t have to worry and pulling his foreskin back would feel weird to me so I rather just have it taken care of already.

  • Some one tell me if retraction of foreskin upto the head of penis is enough… I can completely pull it back to expose the head but not beyond that..

  • Sir I’m 23 and I’ve never been able to retract my foreskin and i tried it once forcefully and realised my frenelum is too short. So what should i do. Also I’m facing erection issues so i want to contact u sir

  • All my sons are intact, and where I am from boys are not circumcised. My husband being American is circumcised, so for me, when we got married I wondered what happened to the rest of him. Our sons have never had a problem with growing up in the US not being circumcised, no guy has ever commented on them, nor would they. To say that they would be different in the locker room almost fascinated me, as if boys are going to comment and point out each others penises. Then, they won’t look like dad. What dad and teenage son are going to compare their penises, and when they are small they don’t look anything like an adult. One son has an Italian girlfriend, and our other son has a girlfriend from South Carolina. Our daughter’s boyfriend is also intact. Their dad is the odd one out.

  • Doing it for the boys who have been snipped
    Good job bro
    Im in the club and very proud to here this stuuf
    New subscriber so ill have to catch up
    Lov from aus, thanks becuse im pretty sure we won this one
    LT. ANDO

  • My penis is uncircumsised and i can retract the foreskin easly when my penis isn’t erected but when it is and i try to pull it back nut it just doesn’t want to amd when i try it my glans squeezes on the way of trying. Is this normal or not and do i need to retract the foreskin when my penis is not erected i feel worried.

  • Anyone help me, im 13 almost 14 and when i try to pull back my foreskin something is nky letting me like a small little thing connected to my skin or something, please help.

  • What I’ve done is put a complaint to YouTube for this specific video to be removed. If a parent or medical professional follows this advice it is child endangerment, & that’s the choice I chose in filing the complaint. Please, all who view, do the same, & help get this video deleted so that no more boys are harmed from the extremely bad advice to pull back the prepuce foreskin on boys. Since MountainsideMoms has hundreds of videos, when you make the complaint, you have to scroll down a long way to find the correct video. I hope that all of you join in helping to get this video deleted. Click on the button of the 3 dots just next to the SAVE button & from that menu, click REPORT, & it will take you through the steps. I had to go through the process twice before I achieved an accepted complaint. Please have patience & follow through. Thanks.

  • I have completely been doing this wrong for 5 years!!! Cause the dr said i had to pull it back!!! And my son would get infections so it would hurt him so bad being we had to pull ot all the way back to clean it!!! Omg!!! Thanks for the info!! Wish i woulda seen this vid sooner

  • He forgot to mention that this only applies to adult males, young boys foreskins are naturally fused to the glans, and no attempt should be made to retract them until puberty.

  • Too be honest, it matters about the region you are in. So if you are african and in the middle east, it’s circumsised. The US is sllit tho.

  • Funny. I’ve never tried retracting my sons foreskin, not even a little and no infections.

    I know a mother who would pull the foreskin back as far as she could to “clean” and her son had constant infections.

    Just leave baby penis alone.

  • Hey Everyone ��️hope you enjoyed this clip! Please do connect with me��on Instagram @mylesiain and on Facebook @iain.myles.9 as I’m going to be posting some awesome content on there too ��
    Hope to hear from you soon, Iain

  • Hey there I’m also uncircumcised. For me living in NYC. It is extremely common to be uncircumcised especially if u are Latino or Asian. Growing I always remember that the white or black guys were always the circumcised guys and that the Latinos and Asians were always the uncircumcised guys. It’s is very common for Latinos to be uncut. We do have few that are cut but mostly we just dont do the surgery. I know in the Midwest and southerner states it’s like 90% of whites and blacks are cut. It depends on states and background even being born in the US. It’s just so weird to me that Americans think that the rest of the world circumcise. It’s only common with Muslims Jews and certain cultures in the world but with that said about 85% of the world’s men are uncircumcised. Your chances of meeting men that are uncut outside US are extremely high. Americans got to remember that most of the world looks at us in disgust that we cut babies. I’m glad u told your story about being uncircumcised. And that there is nothing wrong with it and that it’s normal

  • I think circumcision is a way to mark slaves, and when the foreskin is gone, the gland is exposed, making you overly sexually aroused.. They want you breeding new slaves, and stuck in their system.. Also, the foreskin has an amazing amount of fine veins in it, which in the course of ejaculation, build an electrical charge that enters the woman, and travels to the base of her brain, and creates a stronger bond and imprinting upon her, making for a stronger relationship bond.. So, circumcision may also weaken the family structure.. Also, the procedure for circumcision, among other modern hospital birthing procedure’s are very traumatizing to the baby, and create a sense of “learned helplessness”(slave mind), from the get go.. Just my Humble Opinion!!!

  • “The foreskin has two main functions. Firstly it exists to protect the glans penis. Secondly the foreskin is a primary sensory part of the penis, containing some of the most sensitive areas of the penis.” The Royal Australasian College of Physicians

  • I hate it when they say it looks cleaner. If the person showers and clean themselves then they are clean. having extra skin or hair does not mean they are dirty.

  • Never forcefully retract the foreskin it is adhered to the glans like a finger nail. There is no special care for an intact penis just include it In the child’s regular bath time routine by washing it like a finger. No need to retract it will become retractable on its own and the boy will probably be around 11 years old.

  • This is wrong. You should NEVER retract your child’s foreskin, the only person who should retract it is the child. It normally doesn’t start to retract until puberty anyway.

  • sir i have an uncircumcised penis i can pull back foreskin when penis is not enlarged and if i enlarge the penis while forcing the foreskin i can take of the penis head out but small pain in frenulum. do i need circumcision,. or sugest any other non surgical methods?

  • Never ever retract a child. The only person that should ever retract the foreskin is the person who’s penis it is. Retraction causes tearing and leads to infections which can lead to circumcision. The average age of retraction is 10, some earlier some later but infants and children’s foreskin is fused to the head of the penis, like a nail on your finger

  • I know this will go un-noticed or even get hate, but cut is best due to the fact that massive amounts of bacteria build up in the lesser Soft neviosome. Its not something you want go throguh. Get cut, And get with the program dude. THE WILDER OF AFIRCA DO IT IN A WAY. Only they use a knife that MIGHT be sharp enough. But they get it done.! They just use topical numbing solutions. Dose it feel more free? YES dose it feel better in the sex? Yes. I have heard of the hurt thing, but thats due to the fact that they have no practice nore use of it….or in your case they are afraid/ Think about it. Ive been with 200 males and females + even all those years ago when you were soup in your momas crotch, I was useing my mushroom king to pleasure my loved ones. And myself. Cut ic is clean and it the best way to go. Nothing feels beeter than PRIMAL MINDED nature at it best. That why you come so fast. TOOOOOOOOOO SENSITIVE!!!!!!!! Im half cut so think about what I had to deal with ya know lol. Not all the way over but half way. TIP: Getting cut. made me lomger. Maybe not thinker, but yes, longer…..
    Just saying/ night dude and please reconsicder

  • Uncircumcised stinks, and ladies don’t lie it does stinks and you get UTI everytime with your uncircumcised partner. Smelly smelly smelly. Bacteria clogs there in extra skin and it smells! ✌️��

  • No intact boy ever needs to have his foreskin retracted by anybody.  Leave it alone. Where on earth do people come up with this garbage.  Leave a baby boy’s penis alone.

  • If you are having trouble retracting, it could be on account of a bacteria buildup inside of the foreskin. So make sure you wash it out every single day. Using an antibacterial penis health creme like Man1 Man Oil helps too.. it eliminates any leftover bacteria long after you get out of the shower. It has definitely helped me. You can get it online.

  • You advising forced retraction of infants and young kids is criminally negligent. As a RN I can tell you that you never attempt to retract a child foreskin. You cause microtears to the sphincter and you rip the natural adhesions to the glans. Your advice guarantees a damaged penis for all kids subjected to your “expert advice”

  • Here’s something I’ve learned from talking to men in there forties and fifties. They say they have a burning tingling sensation on their scar line. I never put it together before but what it is they’re having neuropathy from the severed nerves.

  • I got circumcised at 17 and being uncut is sooooo much better. I’m a firm believer that cutting boys at birth is unneeded genital mutilation.

  • Circumcision is rather good for the health of the guy… also for his performances in bed. For health is good… cause the skin cells… which produce that white substance in the groove around the gland… atrophied… so, the substance is no longer produced. Usually that substance can be infected under conditions of poor hygiene. It also has a specific smell which is unpleasant. So its absence is a positive fact. For sex is good… cause the skin “there” becomes sorta unsensitive… so, his sexual excitation during fucking is slower… so, it’s easier for him… to wait for the girl… to “come”, too. 😉

  • My penis is like that, it can pull back over the head so I can clean there but I can’t pull any further because the skin is still fused to the penis. I’m only 15 though it might take time for me to fully retract.

  • @Dovid2000 It has been recently reported that a baby that was circumcised died of herpies because of the rituals preformed when a baby is circumcised. And that was not the first time. That being said it was not the actual circumsizing but the cleaning ritual that gave him the herpies and not all Jewish sects follow that ritual. This video was not meant to be offensive to any religion that believes in circumcision and I am sorry if it in any way came across that way.

  • I am from Europe< I am circumcise, I was the weird one! I was born before the internet so European guys was totally ignorant about it! I almost got beaten up by a guy rear though I was having some “ action” in the gym showers when he saw it. Fortunately the other guys he tried to rally where not so ignorant and told him that I was circumcised!

  • I have depression and anxiety because of this shit and I still worry about when I get my first girlfriend, I can kinda relate to this video.


    i read on the british nhs website that the foreskin in fused to the head of the penis until like five years old on average I think (although this may differ from boy to boy) where it takes years and years to be able to retract it

    the only person who should retract the foreskin or try to retract the foreskin is the owner of it. forceful retraction can cause the child great pain and infections to happen and damage to the penis which could result in what otherwise would have been an unnecessary circumcision

  • DON’T FORCE THE FORESKIN BACK AT ALL!!!! By the time a boy is fully retractable, no grown-up should be touching his genitals. Median age of full retractability is 11.5 years. Please educate yourself and post a video with accurate information.

  • Here in Philippines if you’re uncircumcised they will laugh at you.We call them supot in tagalog & pisot in basaya.every summer here we have doctors and nurses in every Barangay to surgery that thing.�� or if you’re rich you can easily went to your doctor.It’s a big deal here if you’re uncircumcised. In UK there’s a tv show they’re totally naked and I wash shocked because all them are uncircumcised.I have foreign friends they admit mostly of foreigners are uncircumcised.

  • barf

    All males should be circumcised!!! My opinion! Who wants a dick that resembles an earthworm�� I chose to circumcise all of my boys who wants a nasty cheesy dick��

  • I am uncircumcised,and my son too. If he wants to chop the foreskin, later, thats his choice. And guys who were circumcised at birth, can’t judge the natural penis. Because they never experienced what natural feels like

  • Uncircumcised is where it’s at cause you can always pull back the hood, then boom now it’s “circumcised” we are more versatile in that way. But of course it’s fair that women get to have preferences cause men breakdown woman into body parts too!

  • boys leave your forskins along just make sure that you cleen verry carelfuly under and outside your forskin becaous you end up with stots or bolls if its lift dirty down there

  • What is auto circumcision…. Is this healthy practice to get foreskin retracted all the time… As I have heard in many countries people do this..

  • It’s fun if you are or Aren’t but it’s strange how people cu there children’s off when there’s really no reason to.
    Edit: ofc I know about the very few people that actually need it done

  • This is wrong information. You should NEVER retract a 1-2 yr old… Not even slightly. The correct way to care for a intact penis is to NOT touch it at all. There is no reason to EVER touch or pull back a baby’s foreskin. Seperation happens between age 5 and puberty and they don’t clean it they RINSE it with water

  • Don’t force it ever! The parent should never pull the foreskin back. At 2 years old, you son has more than likely already discovered his penis and it’s so easy to clean he can do it himself.

  • I did a surgery one year ago where i like slit my foreskin because it was to tight… but they messed up. Now i dont know what to do…should i get circumsised or not����Where i live its not normal to get circumsised, and im really scared. Does enyone have any tips?�� do actually girls care? (Sorry for my bad English)

  • You have no reason what so ever to retract the foreskin at any age up to puberty.
    You would not break a girls hymen so you could clean inside the vagina would you.
    As for circumcission well thats just mutilation

  • I do not have a problem with any man having a uncircumcised penis, I enjoy it better the way it reacts to my body and mouth is such a turn on, instead of being used to being rubbed around in your pants and what not. But that just my opinion, Oh and another thing just wondering can you explain how this causes STD’S because i better take precautions with my husband and explain this to my son. Don’t want him giving girls STD’S when he is older just because he is uncircumcised

  • Until Medical schools in the US start teaching Intact care instead of forced retractions and circumcision, misinformed nurses like this will continue to lead lead parents down the circumcision path. An entire koch isn’t a birth defect.

  • Honestly, growing up, I thought my junk was going to be “circumcised” by going through a transformation, like a painful one because I was never told I was uncircumcised and I uncovered the truth when I first discover the p word that rhymes with corn.

  • The parent should have simple instructions in how to clean the foreskin. “Don’t force it too hard” this lady is saying.and there should Not be any retractions of the foreskin at all. The parent shouldn’t have to be playing with that foreskin just clean the tip THAT IS IT!!

  • As a “cut” gay male, I prefer other “cut” cocks. I have no “trauma” or memory of my circumcision, but there are a lot of skanky uncut guys out there. Peace and love to all of your judgements though, and to all humans xxooxx

  • Thank you so much for this video! Very informative. I’ve been doing my homework since we are expecting 2 boys this upcoming February. We have no intention of circumcising. It’s amazing how many pediatricians do not know how to care for an uncircumcised penis. Shocking actually. It’s nice to know I’m not alone in my decision. Thank you again.

  • I decided to be circumcised 2 year ago so at the age of 21 and i dont regret it:) i had a short frenulum and i had problem with it… so now i endjoy how i am now:) (im french canadian sorry for my english)

  • i want to send pics of my 8 months old baby. he was circumcised at age of 8 weeks. His penis completely hides inside most of the time. it shows only when he pee or during erection

  • If
    you still have a foreskin and you suffer from hygiene problems, I would suggest
    purchasing a penis health creme so that your penis is hydrated with essential
    nutrients and ingredients that really help fortify and strengthen your penis. I
    use one called Man1 Man Oil. All it takes is applying it after you shower, and
    you’ll see results quickly. So much softer, smoother, healthier and better
    all-around. Try it out!

  • You claim that circumcised and uncircumcised function the same way. That’s incorrect circumcision removes 1/2 of the penile shaft skin and 20000 fine touch meissner’s corpuscles. There are long-term consequences of middle stenosis and keratinization drying of the glands. Circumcised men are four and a half times more likely to suffer erectile dysfunction.

  • Did you know that Circumcision amputates about 20,000 sex nerve endings. The foreskin is the most sensitive erogenous part of the natural penis. Watch this link to an anatomical study of the nerve structure within the foreskin Circumcision harm’s genital sensitivity and the natural lubricated gliding sleeve action of foreskin and is done deliberately by religions and cultures that embrace genital reduction surgery to numb the full sexual experience and theoretically reduce the sins of the flesh. Circumcision is forced on prepubescent boys before they are old enough to discover the pleasures of masturbation with their self lubricating gliding sleeve action foreskin. They will also have a lifetime of reduced quality orgasm because most of the nerves connected to the pleasure centre of the brain are amputated. Imagine removing half the instruments from an orchestra and you can still hear the tune but you cannot enjoy the full orchestral experience. Only circumcised societies believe that circumcision is more hygienic or has health benefits and many false myths are propagated by these pro circumcision people who are ignorant of the basic principles that form follows function and amputating genital parts is always about attempts to harm sexual pleasure.

  • iam 18 and i never tried pulling my skin back before but now when i pull it and touch inside it pains so.. Is it normal in the beginning? And how do i take my foreskin back pls help..

  • Yo… i wish i had seen this video when i was 17…. cause i feel pain too cause i’m uncircumsized and i felt embarassed about it thefirst times i had sx….. now i’m more used to it…. i think it’s ok like this……. alrite.. peace, man!.. safe

  • i was circumcised as a baby, however my boyfriend is actually uncircumcised and is really sensitive down there so it makes it really easy to do stuff to him and he love it!!:P sometimes i wish i was uncircumcised too cause i find it actually kinda hot. Love ur vids, i relate to a lot!

  • A bunch of brainless girls that probably has some kind of plastic surgery.Sadly for them,the only thing they would need is a brain one.

  • Hi i m 21,i can pull my foreskin back to expose the head in flaccid state but when it is erect I can hardly pull the foreskin back. Will stretching exercises help me?

  • When are you going to take down this incorrect and harmful video? People in the comments section have been decrying this lousy advice for years, yet the video stays. “it’s pretty hard to retract the foreskin back so don’t force it too hard” Stop right there, just no…. babies are born with the prepuce fused to the glans by virtue of the balanopreputial lamnia, so this advice to pull on his foreskin is deleterious. If it’s fused, don’t fuck with it, not even a little. Everyone say the little slogan along with me now, “If intact, don’t retract / wipe like a finger / clean only what is seen.”

  • This is stupid question 70% of all men population on the world are uncircumcised so women will get more uncircumcised then circumcised penis. In Europe 85% of men are uncircumcised.

  • They are only unhygienic if you don’t take care of yourself. It’s just like everything else on your body OF COURSE if you do not wash it right then it’s going to be dirty. You don’t go cutting off peoples feet cause they don’t take care of or treat hygienic problems or stink do you, and that unlike your penis can be spread just from sharing shower at pools ect…..

  • wow my sons doctor told me that I should pull the skin back a little an I always felt uncomfortable doing that because I thought it would hurt him but it doesn’t. we have had no problems with his area at all and it’s fine. long as you take care of your son and listen to what the doctors say things will be fine. your video was great it help me get informed more thank you.

  • My mom didn’t didnt circumcise me because someone told her babies can die from the surgery lol.. always grew up thinking what a girl was going to think about me but it turned out ok

  • Our baby boy is 18 monts old. We noticed under the skin just behind glans or head of the penis like white something. What is that?

  • my son was retractable at 4. when he was having a bath he told me he broke his peepee n showed me he can pull the foreskin back. when he is retractable never clean with soap it drys out the antibacterial mucus the foreskin makes n can cause infection. a foreskin should only b cleaned with water or water n soap free shower wash.

  • Hi guys!!!!!
    I retracted the foreskin all the way back and now the head of the penis is visible but there’s this huge sensation in it…i feel it everytime under my pants…
    I cant walk properly nor sit its bothering all the time��
    Is this normal?..
    How long is this sensitivity going to last?
    Pls do reply��

  • By 2040 (possibly sooner) intact men in the US will be equal to or outnumber the number of mutilated men. So glad my parents hopped on the bodily integrity train back in 1983…

  • Male Circumcision has health benefits, including:

    A decreased risk of urinary tract infections.
    A reduced risk of some sexually transmitted diseases.
    Protection against penile cancer.
    Prevention of balanitis (inflammation of the glans) and balanoposthitis (inflammation of the glans and foreskin).
    Prevention of phimosis (the inability to retract the foreskin) and paraphimosis (the inability to return the foreskin to its original location).

  • Please delete this video & make an updated one that actually follows proper intact care guidelines. As a family practice nurse myself, it’s disappointing to see bad care advise being given under the guise of a nursing professional. You NEVER retract a baby or child’s foreskin or use soaps/cleansers on the penis or beneath the foreskin. Doing so can cause microtearing, infection & scar tissue formation. You wouldn’t tell people to clean up in the vagina a little & the same goes for a mucous membrane like the inner foreskin. Please remove this misinformation & make an updated video if you must with correct care information!

  • So if anyone wants to retract their penis I have a few tips but the good news is that they will hurt a little but the aftermath will hurt a lot.

    When you’re pulling down the foreskin keep doing that until it hurts, if it hurts than stop and leave it until you’re used to it, then keep doing the situation it hurts less as you keep doing it.

    But find something calming for the aftermath cause that’s the part where it actually hurts.

  • As pediatrician Paul Fleiss says in his wonderful book, there are only 3 things parents need to know about how to care for a baby boy’s natural penis. 1. Leave it alone, 2. Leave it alone, and 3. Leave it alone. NEVER use harsh soap and NEVER break the seal by retracting the foreskin. Nature has created a perfect design that takes care of itself.

  • @ramonswife It is very sad when any child suffers. It can and does happen on both ends of the spectrum that is why I made this video. I hope to spread the word on proper care of the uncircumcised, not to tell anyone whether or not they should.

  • IntermountainMoms: This video is dangerous. You should never recommend anyone pull back a boys prepuce foreskin. When it is ready, he will do it himself because he will notice the change upon observing an erection that shows some portion of the glans. Nurse Dani’s advice in the video is wrong & hurts IntermountainMoms credibility. Why hasn’t this bad advice video been deleted?

  • sir I also have problem with it give me solution
    after getting erection I m not able to pull foreskin back
    it become very tight
    it makes ring when I pull foreskin behind the glan penis and get erection
    please help sir

  • Man im tired of people in the u.s. making fun of us. Since i live in the u.s., they call it dirty and it makes me feel so upset about myself

  • This is such a coincidence cause just last week there was this big debate where 3 of my friends were circumcised and I’m not and they were shocked and Lowkey disgusted which was weird for me cause I’m from Barbados and that’s not a common thing there. But In Canada especially with Africans and Arabs which is the majority in my school it’s very common so����‍♂️ idk I always thought being circumcised was uncommon �� and slightly odd