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POTTY TRAINING A 3 YEAR OLD BOY | Our Potty Training Success Story | Ysis Lorenna

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How to Start Potty training in Easy steps

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3 Day Potty Training: Day 1 (w/ 2 Year Old Boy)

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When to Start Potty Training

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Allow your child to get used to the potty chair or toilet before you begin potty training. Read books or sing songs together as they sit on their chair or the toilet fully dressed. How To Potty Train A Boy Start To Finish In Seven Days — You Heard Us.

1. Buy supplies. Fancy potty chair check. Special, flushable, moist booty wiping towellettes check. Super fun reward for “making” check.

2. Get over nudity. Because chances are there will be a lot of it. #3 spent most of his. Read fun potty books, buy a potty reward for when they decide to go consistently in the potty, have a sticker chart that they can keep track on and let them pick out their own undies.

Talk it up BEFORE you actually put them on a potty so they know what to expect. Potty training can be frustrating, but both you and your son will be happy once he’s using a big boy potty. However, you need to make sure your son is ready to start potty training before you begin. When he’s ready, start by getting him used to sitting on a big boy potty.

Then, put him on a training schedule. The popular answer according to childcare experts and mothers is: SIT. Let your son master the basics of potty training first, then focus on teaching him to stand and pee. In the beginning, learning to listen to his body and being able to use the toilet independently is more important than technique.

Dress for potty training success. Get in the habit of dressing your toddler in the right potty training clothes (pants that pull up and down without any fiddling — no overalls or tricky buttons), and then practice the all-important pull-down maneuver. Ask your toddler to pull down her pants before diaper changes and then pull them back up after. Partner with your child and discover a personalized potty training program that’s as easy as 1,2,3.

Put them in Pull-Ups® Introduce your child to Pull-Ups® and start training together. Potty Training Tips. Be a positive potty model. When you go to the bathroom, use it as a chance to talk your child through the process.

Use words your child can say If you plan to start your child on a potty seat, put it in the bathroom so they get used to it. Make it a fun place your child. Most boys don’t come potty trained (unless your son is a peeing prodigy), but you can teach them the art quickly and effectively – don’t worry, you no longer need to fear the possibility of sending him to his first school dance with Pullups underneath his tuxedo. The key is consistency (and rewards – LOTS of rewards). Many parents don’t start potty training until their children are 2 1/2 to 3 years old, when daytime bladder control has become more reliable.

And some children aren’t interested in potty training until they’re closer to 3, or even 4.

List of related literature:

If you are training a boy, always have him sit on the potty to urinate.

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If he is not yet toilet trained, just knowing that his friends are all wearing big boy pants and using the potty can motivate him to join them.

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When to begin toilet training is a perennial question of parents.

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When your child can successfully control his BMs and bladder, put him in pants that he can pull down by himself.

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Let him know that you’re confident he’ll be able to use the potty when he’s ready to, and leave it at that.

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* Advise parents that: (a)2 years is the most sensible age to start training for both bladder and bowels; (b) before starting, the child should learn to sit on the toilet or potty and know the difference between being wet and dry.

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For the first few weeks, let him sit on the potty fully clothed while you tell him about the toilet, what it’s for, and when to use it.

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Take the “train” out of toileting and your little boy will proudly do it like “daddy does” at his own pace.

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The following discussion of toilet training methods includes suggestions from the child-oriented approach.

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How do you (parent) feel toilet training is progressing?

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  • I am feeling so much pressure from family members who have potty trained their little one at 1!
    Little one is 2yrs 8mon he doesn’t say at all when he’s about to poop or pea and now just does it in his underwear and on top of that screaming he wants his nappies, does this sound like I should wait? (Mind it’s only been a few days)

  • I’m in the same boat i can’t get him to go anymore regardless how much i course him to do so. He is sneaky and will actually try to hide away somewhere just so he can go -_-

  • Your video just gave me so much needed reassurance. My son just turned 3 and I’ve felt like a failure of a mother. It doesn’t help I’m a single mom and his dad yells at him so I cant expect help from him. It’s a struggle for sure with my baby as he acts like I’m killing him on a potty ��

  • This is very helpful and encouraging I’m on day three of potty training my little over two and a half year old son there has been times of just giving up but this has helped thank you!!!!

  • Thank you for your video here. Although I know everything you mentioned but listening to your experience as a mom helped me so much to get the strength to potty train my child.. I cried too much today because it is too stressful

  • Thank u so much for telling your story. I am struggling right now with my almost 3 1/2 year old son. He refuses 2 go #2 on potty and SCREAMS when I try 2 put him in underwear. Hes super attached to his pull ups and it’s been tuff…I’m trying not to press him 2 much but in hearing your story I have renewed hope…thanks again!

  • OMG… thank you so much for making this video. “Repeatedly accident” is what going on with me and my 2 year and 4 month old son �� you are very honest with every steps and details, it’s really good to hear them. ����

  • There are several components to ways to potty train. One place I found which succeeds in merging these is the Sues Trainer Tactics (google it if you’re interested) definately the most helpful resource that I’ve seen.look at all the extraordinary info.

  • But this video doesn’t have any potty training solutions for difficult kids. Your son just started going in the toilet one day within a reasonable age��

  • Thank you so much for this video, God bless you. I thought I was the only one struggling with potty training 3 year old. also there were times like giving up and I am getting morew pressure now and have got very stressed and frustrated in the past. I have other children and it’s can get very frustrating. thank yous o much again for encouraging us mothers that are struggling.

  • my baby girl is now 19 month but we are working on potty training but she dont give any sign everyday time is changed i dont know how i train and try to train potty in potty seat when i checked she already did it in diaper…

  • Thank you very much for this amazing video it helped me a LOT, I’m a mother of three and pregnant with baby number 4 and my youngest is 3 and I’m struggling with potty training him and as you said every child is different, my first kid was different than my my second kid, my first one gave me a hard time but my second one didn’t, now this one is giving me a harder time or maybe because I’m a little stressed and tired from my pregnancy and I’m not very into teaching him correctly so it’s more from me than him but again your right that I’m only potty training him because the pressure that comes from friends and family, but deep down I know that when it’s right and it’s time I will be like you detriment and he WILL learn.

  • I have a 3 year old boy who will wee on the potty/toilet and has done for a year or so not but point blank refuses to do a poo on it so today I brought some books for him about the toilet, a reward chart and he choose his own pants. We are almost at the end of day 1 and he’s still refusing to go for a poo and has had a few accidents but as it’s some summer holidays I’m going to really try x

  • Love your vlogs check out my channel ����

    Definitely taking those tip inmind I’m potty training my 20months old son x

  • My son is 3 yrs and 1 month old and very stubborn. My husband and I are legally separated and our divorce will finalized next month. I think if we were still together it’d be much easier for both of us to potty train him and he would be potty trained by now. We bought his potty when he was still 1.

  • Thankyou so much for this its helped a lot! When you did the sticker method, did you potty train for a few hours a day or a whole day?

  • Our son is 4 and we’ve been stuck on “day 2” for the past week and a half ��
    Update: we gave him back his pull-ups, only give him drinks with food and dry a timer for 45 mins and he hasn’t had an accident in over a week

  • My story is seriously just like yours! My son is also named James! And he is exactly 3 years and 2 months today!! My problem is still, that he just has zero interests in losing the diapers. He doesn’t care if he soils his pants. And the last round we tried potty training, he acted like going to sit on the potty was some sort of bad thing, like a punishment that interrupted his play time. And it just left me sooooooo very stressed out! I made it 1.5 weeks straight. But it was literal hell. Pee all over the house and I was so on edge!! We tried berries and sugar free chocolate for rewards, and he liked those… but still just couldn’t care less.:( That was about 1.5 months ago now. So for 1, I’m terrified to try it again. And 2, when do I try again?

  • It was easy with my boys my eldest at 2 yrs. Old and my youngest at 3 yrs. Old. in 4 days they were potty trained. But I’m very overwhelmed with my daughter she’s 3 yrs and 2 months and won’t go she’s stubborn and I feel like giving up because I’m pregnant it’s hard. Thanks for the video. I have pressure too but I’m trying.

  • So many people including doctors think all babies and children should be robots and do the same thing at the same time it’s just not reality. Thanks for sharing your story ☺️

  • Ughhh I am going through that stage where everyone is on my case about why my son is not potty trained still… I really wish people would just mind their own business. Nothing is truer than what you said at the beginning: every child reaches their milestones at their own time.

  • Hi Ysis I just have a question for how long have you used or still using travel potty? I’m thinking of buying one ur i don’t know for how long it’s useful?

  • Thank you for sharing your story, in-spite of knowing you’d receive criticism. I’m in the exactly same situation. I had a 3 week old and a 2 year old who wasn’t interested at all in potty training. He just turned 3 and we are finally feeling he’s ready. The pressure from others and the mom shaming is ridiculous. I’ve had people make comment around me, who don’t have children, how incredible another mom is because she’s on top of things with her children potty training by 2. The mother, this childless person, was referring to has girls and try to make me feel as though we were just being lazy. Not knowing we had tried but just refused to make our son and ourselves miserable trying to potty-train before he was ready. I’m so glad I found your video!! Gives me the courage to ignore the comments and start this next stage without feeling like I’m a bad mother.

  • Clicked as soon as I saw the title!!! We have been potty training our 3 year old too!! Well done on succeeding it’s so hard and I totally agree each child will do it when they are ready xxx

  • Very helpful thank you Ysis thank you so much, i am definitely feeling the pressure to start potty training with my twins, they just turned 2 a week ago and they aren’t showing any signs yet so thanks a lot for sharing your experience x

  • Thank you so much for share your story, I am in struggle time with my 3 and a half boy, he just do pipi but he don’t like to do poppy in the potty, I am very frustrated.

  • I’m so exited for you and James! My son is about to turn 3 in November and no potty training yet �� I have been trying but I have a 3 month Baby so I feel like I can’t be there for him all the time

  • Well done you and James! I wish people would just stop telling other parents what age their child should be doing this and that… it’s so not anyone’s business. Any child in their own time. ����

  • Wow! I’m so happy for you. We started potty training exactly a month ago and we have one or two accidents a day (wee) and with a poo it’s even worse only three times in a potty:( he never says he needs a potty so we just make him sit when we see signs.


  • interesting points,if anyone else wants to discover potty training toilet seat try Training Recovery Tactics ( )? Ive heard some pretty good things about it and my partner got excellent success with it.

  • This looks like an awesome method. How did you determine that he was ready? My 2.5 yr old son goes on the potty occasionally, but refuses the majority of the time.