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How Long Should Your Baby Use Preemie Formula? If your doctor recommends NeoSure, EnfaCare, Nutriprem 2, or human milk fortifier, it’s important to keep using them for as long as your doctor recommends. Depending on your baby’s unique needs, that may be until your original due date or until three, six, or even 12 months later.

How long should a child drink infant formula? Infant formula is generally recommended until age 1, followed by whole milk until age 2 — but talk to your child’s doctor for specific guidance. Reduced-fat or skim milk generally isn’t appropriate before age 2 because it doesn’t have enough calories or fat to promote early brain development. My 25 weeker did preemie formula for three days at home and then had stomach issues.

We went to regular formula at three weeks adjusted mixed to 24 calorie for weight gain. His doctor said regular formula was fine as long as they are gaining weight and. Some are ready at 32 weeks; others are not ready at 36 weeks. Nurses can often tell when a baby is getting close to this time by how a baby acts during a tube feeding.

Your baby’s doctors and nurses will determine when to start. At first your baby will have only one or two feeds a day that are not by tube. Use prepared infant formula within 2 hours of preparation and within one hour from when feeding begins.

If you do not start to use the prepared infant formula within 2 hours, immediately store the bottle in the fridge and use it within 24 hours. Throw out any infant formula that is. There are many infant formulas on supermarket shelves and it may leave new mothers confused about the best product for premature babies.

Choosing a formula is definitely a decision that should be made with your neonatologist or pediatrician. However, learning about the different types available can help you have an informed discussion with the doctor. To measure your premature baby’s development, use his or her corrected age — your baby’s age in weeks minus the number of weeks he or she was premature.

For example, if your baby was born eight weeks early, at age 6 months your baby’s corrected age is 4 months. You’ll always remember your baby’s time in the hospital. Continued The First 18 Months Adjusted: A Timeline. Just like with full-term babies, milestones for premature infants can vary. But Bear says some key things should happen around the following time.

You can start by offering your baby 1 to 2 ounces of infant formula every 2 to 3 hours in the first days of life if your baby is only getting infant formula and no breast milk. Give your baby more if he or she is showing signs of hunger. Most infant formula-fed newborns will feed 8 to 12 times in 24 hours. It is 12 month adjusted age for sure. If there are no weight concerns then a change can be made after that.

My daughter is underweight to this day. She was on the baby formula until she was 21 months actual age, 18 months adjusted.

List of related literature:

All infants should be fed whenever they are hungry, and for the first few weeks of life, this may be every 1 to 3 hours for breastfed infants and slightly less frequently for those receiving formula.

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Once breast-feeding is going well and the milk supply is established (usually three or four weeks after delivery), you may decide to use an occasional bottle of formula or expressed milk so you can be away during some feedings.

“Caring for Your Baby and Young Child” by Steven P. Shelov
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Infant formula is allowed until 4 hours before arrival in infants <6 months old, and until 6 hours before arrival in babies 6–12 months old.

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The normal half-time reported for infants given milk or formula varies widely in the literature, from 25 to 48 minutes with breast milk to 60 to 90 minutes with formula and bovine milk.

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If a breastfed baby is given one supplementary formula feed, they will produce a formula feeding microbiome within 24 h, which can take between 2 and 4 weeks to be reversed once the baby is exclusively breastfed again; consequently compromising the baby in the short and long term (Walker 2016).

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With babies under six months, who are mostly dependent on milk for their nourishment, each dropped breastfeeding should be replaced by formula.

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Therefore, if you plan to feed a breastfed infant breast milk or supplemental formula by bottle, it is recommended that you wait until your baby is an established feeder (generally at six weeks or so) before you start.

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These formulae include infant formula (for babies up to 6 months) and follow-on formula (for babies over 6 months), as well as formulae for infants with special nutritional requirements (including soy-based, lactose-free and low-lactose formulae), and formulae for special dietary purposes.

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Determine whether the infant is taking feedings adequately (every 2 to 3 hours if breastfed, every 3 to 4 hours if formula fed).

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At approximately 6 months of age, human milk or infant formula can no longer supply all of an infant’s nutrition requirements, and complementary foods are needed to ensure adequate nutrition and growth.

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  • can i use formula my cereal I’m always running out of milk�������� I’m going to do it anyway if a baby can drink it I can drink it������ I’m going to buy my own baby bottle too it’s going down 2018������ relax I’m a comedian and practice makes perfect so when i have my first baby ��

  • My sεlf-cοnfidεncε hαs bεεn bεttεr right αftεr lεαrning αnd prαcticing this εαrly εjαculαtiοn thεrαpy “Mαvοkοz ddα” (Gοοglε it). Fοr thε first timε in histοry, αftεr rεαding yοur bοοk, I hαd αn εxtrαvαgαnt εxpεriεncε with α wοmαn thαt I slεpt with prεviοusly.

  • Premature babies are more smarter than normal babies.. Initially they suffer at NICU but when they grow their intelligence and smartness were at peaks.. my baby is 10 weeks preemie and just completed 4 weeks. Came to home @ 3 weeks from NICU. She is soo small and sooo cuteee. When I see her I will forget every pain and I roll on happiness.

  • I was 2 months early in 1974, I was in the hospital for 2-3 months weighing 3 pounds and 2 oz. From experience you do bond with the family’s and the nurses in the NICU. Even when you dont know the family’s you pray and hope every child gets better. You may even miss the nurse for a while after you are done at the hospital because they become like friends.

  • I was born when my mother was 5 months pregnant. Some children who are born preterm can possibly suffer from mental illness issues/learning disabilities as we get older.

  • Hi Jennifer! I’m premature as well and I was also born 6 weeks early. I’m now 12 years old (born July 10th but supposed to be born August 17th), repeated 6th grade and it really affected me so they moved me back up and it is really hard to catch up, but I’m trying! I found out I was premature about a week ago and I was scared I was going to die early. Thankfully, I’m not. I still don’t know a lot about it, and this helped! Thank you ��

  • I’m a premature baby and I was supposed to be born in March I was both in November (I’m not trying to do the math lol). I also had a twin brother and he died.

  • I have all Preemies.. Baby # 10 will be also but not all preemie babies struggle.. I had a 28 weeker come out not on air or feeding tube.. I also had 32 weekers that come home wit me wit no issues its depends how much medical intervention u get before sometimes.. I thank god I knew every female in my fam had preemies and my doctors adjusted to help prep baby early.. Yes my kids take longer to grow in the 1st 6 months or so but they caught up!! It does suck preemie clothes are hard 2 find and they cost more like to me makes not sense its smaller:(.. Thanks for sharing ur knowledge with us!!

  • Great video. Could you make a preemie must have video? Did she only take to the bottle and not the breast? I’m really hoping to make it to 36 weeks but he might come any time (I’m in the hospital on bedrest) and I know there can be significant challenges with the learning to/accept breast feeding after being bottle fed. Any insight you give could be helpful,

  • Being born premature fucken suck’s because you have a alot of problems to deal with through your life and you regret ever being born into this life like myself

  • I wanna use the parent’s choice purple labeled formula,cause,it works more than gentlease & enfimil itself.,but,I do have a question.,they don’t have parent’s choice purple labeled toddler formula.,should I use a different brand,or,should I just breastfeed my adopted kids?

  • Mixing the formula that way is going to make a lot of micro bubbles in the bottle and probably you are going to have a hard time to completely burp the baby, by holding the bottle at the neck/top and moving the bottom in circular motion to mix the formula will give you less micro bubbles.

  • Please, advise people to use hot water (over 70C but not boiling) so that the formula is sterilized from contaminants from their “clean” hands into the powder formula container. More under Cronobacter in the CDC website.

  • My precious little baby is 26 months and refuses formula she loves to be breastfed and nursed it’s a great way to bond with your baby, my little one is in my arms at this moment being gently rocked while feeding, it’s so precious to hold your baby as they grow up far to quick ����

  • Be a Americans baby and survived is really really not easy. Cuz a lot of parents doesn’t even have the commonsense to take care baby. But they think they are expert

  • And people wonder why their children have a hard time eating healthy…… well if you considered the fact that they are already introduce to artificial sugars and oils and synthetic additives through formula.. man, where’s the common sense in this world!

  • But I thought the water had to be boiled and warm before adding the formula because it can kill any bacteria in the actual formula?

  • I have both breastfed and bottle-fed and I personally would not go through all the steps that she’s doing. Yes wash your hands yes washer bottle yes use clean water and yes level the scoop out as much as you can but I don’t sterilize my bottles and my children have never been sick from that my three-year-old has barely been sick and my 4 month old has yet to have any cold I use regular tap water definitely fed him a bottle that’s been out longer than room temperature for an hour if I make an 8 oz bottle and he only drink an ounce of it I’m putting that thing back in the fridge cuz I cannot waste formula people make it sound so hard or so absolutely precise when it comes to feeding a baby formula but it’s not use some common sense and you’ll be fine

  • I think it varies as well. When I was feeding my babies, they are all adults now, we boiled the water, warmed the formula and also had it at room temperature, depending on the baby’s preference. We did sterilize the bottles, but many others just washed them thoroughly in hot water. Nipples were also sanitized. My friend didn’t really do all that and all her children were strong robust boys, now men.

  • If mothers who cared, knew the truth.. I highly doubt you would advocate formula!. please educate yourself.. dont take the easy way out! You are hurting your child!

  • For mothers who really care about there babies, please watch disturbing infant formula ingredients… eduscte yourself. Dont ber defensive. I get formula feeding is easy.. too easy in fact… but its not better for them at all and you are putting your baby at risk.

  • I’m wondering about how measurements are done. Assuming my baby is 17 lbs, and a baby should have 2.5 3.0 oz of formula for every pound that they weigh, not exceeding 32 oz in 24 hours…
    So we mix 2 scopes for 4 oz of water. if you look at the bottle after it’s shaken (and the bubbles have settled— so say it settled overnight for the morning), the liquid measurement is about more like 4.25-4.50 oz. The similac container reads that 4 oz of water mixed with 2 scoops is actually only 4 oz of formula, not 4.25oz.
    So do I base my formula for the day as 32 oz (84oz bottles), is or as 34 oz (8 x 4.25oz)? It sounds really nit picky, but I was to make sure I’m not over feeding my baby ��
    We started with breast feeding and supplementing formula, but he was a preemie and my milk supply was low and then quit out when I got mastitis 6 weeks ago. Until now I’ve just been making 4oz bottles and feeding him, but now he wants more and I’m working with 5oz bottles. I just ordered some 8 today, but I also ordered a pitcher to mix multiple bottles at once. ��

  • I warmed up my babies bottle in the microwave my doctor said that it was alright. Also, they told me that I could leave a already made bottle in the fridge over night.

  • It sεεmεd οutstαnding rεαding αbοut thε rεsults οf numεrοus mεn’s εxpεriεncεs with “Mαvοkοz ddα” (gοοglε it), thε prεmαturε εjαculαtiοn guidεbοοk sοlutiοn yοu cαn lοοk up οn Gοοɢιε, nοnεthεlεss it wαs still hοping it wοuld wοrk. Right nοw, I cαn stαtε thαt I`m much bεttεr in bεd αnd my sεlf-εstεεm εnhαncεd bεcαusε οf it. I usεd tο lαst lεss thαn 5 minutεs but nοw I cοuld hαvε Twεnty minutεs with οut my strεngth fαiling.

  • Water needs to be boiled first before adding the formula to make sure any bacteria its killed. After you boiled the water, you add the formula and then wait to cool down.

  • Thanks for the info! Just to let you know Brita water is NOT sterile… it just takes out some minerals that cause water to taste bad. I live in a community where we often have issues with ecoli and the Brita will not get rid of contaminates. The only options are to boil the water, use a reverse osmosis system, or buy distilled water.

  • If you’re breastfeeding and you need to go back to work and don’t wanna pump use Similac pro advance my baby thinks enfamil taste nasty. Although every baby different.

  • Awesome, thanks for the video (but you don’t “have” to warm the bottle). There’s no benefit… and if your out and about and don’t have a way to warm it and that’s what your baby’s used to… you’re going to have a real cranky baby…

  • question, I know it’s 1scoop formula per 2 of water, if I where to drop formula first and then add maybe an extra line of water would that be a problem,mom incest it be the other way around? can somebody please help answer

  • Thank you I will be formula feeding my daughter once she’s born in Oct, this helped a lot. What about a bottle warmer, how would I use that and is it okay with formula?

  • what if I boil the water and later use it to feed the baby. will it be safer? I’m looking into cost. If ihave to buy baby water will it just be cheaper to buy ready made formula bottles?

  • I’m confused about what unpacked scoop is supposed to be. It would be nice if you had a video on that. I’m not sure if what you scooped was packed or unpacked.

  • formula is the most amazing way to feed it..less open and stuff no exposing your jugs formula is so great just wish it wasn’t so expensive

  • Helolo cloudmum would like to know one thing every night I will prepare the bottle to my 3 months. The problem is that i never finished bottle always leaves the half ia throw me makes me sad i q what I do is finish my bottle of my son! I always ended each meal every night i using the same bottle 2 ( bottle NUK ) know if something could happen? If I use a bottle of m child? Or I take the milk powder Bibes?

  • After I have my baby I think I will nurse during maternity leave and then bottle feed. Breastfeeding for longer than a month does not appeal to me and I want to go back to work without having to pump breast milk and deal with other hassles. This video is a relief to me. Thank you. 

  • Hey.. I am always worried about how warm should the milk be?!
    I warm the water first then i add the milk and give my baby.. Is that ok?!

  • So my health visitor told me i’m doing the bottles wrong with my brita and adding some warm boiled water because it’s not hot enough and doesn’t kill the bacteria in the powder and it can harm my babies stomach. is that true? or is it safe to make formula at room temperature?

  • Hello my baby was born 10 lbs. Lol big girl..
    I want to know when I give her 3 ounces should I put one scoop in a half for 3 ounces?

  • I remember when my lil sis was born my mom bottle fed her in the morning and it was my job to clean the bottles and make the formula and make my mom’s coffee

  • I have nothing against moms who formula feed, but I am very happy and proud of my decision to breastfeed. I plan to nurse until my daughter is 1.5 years, and then give expressed breastmilk to her until she’s at least 4. Fingers crossed I make it to my goal! 

  • Melissa what is the best formula to give my baby? She is about to turn 5 weeks old and has been exclusively breast fed. I was given a sample of similac nursettes for supplementing and a tub of infant premium enfamil but I’ve heard there all types of enfamil and similacs/ formula. My sister mentioned that I should be careful because some babies get hard stools due to to much iron in formula. I want to use formula only for emergencies / conscience…. Such as if I’m in the car and can’t pull over to brestfeed, I’m somewhere where I can’t stop to feed or I’m at work and can’t pump enough milk to feed baby. Basically I want to use formula occasionally. I have also heard breast milk does not contain DHA AND VITAMIN D. Is this true? And if so that would be another reason I might want to too her off at night with some formula to ingest some extra vitamins…. And also to help her stay asleep a little longer;) please reply when u get the chance and thank u so much in advance.

  • im a boob only mum and just so every body knows babies do great on breast only for up to 2 YEARS OLD not kidding. But for obvious reasons we arnt supposed to know this because certain business like formula and baby food have a problem…and I have several rear breastfeeding conditions making it almost impossible to b/f so if I have made friends with lactation consultants been educated and am still feeding my now very healthy vegan 5 years old then if you have a breast then you have no excesses but lack of support and information. I wish happy boobie days for all Melissa.

  • Hi I Need Help My Baby Is Two Week And She Have A Lot Of Gases But I Don’t Know If The Similac Advance Formula, The One I’m Using To Feed Her Is Bad For Her?? I Give Both To Her Brest Milk And Formula.. Please Help:/

  • If you put the lid on before the nipple and collar, the born free bottles won’t leak! The lids fit over the solid white vent that goes on top of the clear vent. They never leak with the lid.  That way you don’t have to screw it on so tight.  After feeding it is very difficult to unscrew the collar if you over tighten them.

  • Powder formula is just as easy traveling as it is at home. Leaving water in the bottles to sit on the counter or in the diaper bag and add the powder as soon as baby is hungry (pre-measure powder in a container or formula despenser when traveling). The formula is freshly made and already at room temperature. No refrigerating. No waiting on bottles to heat up. No waisting milk because it was left on the counter too long. This is also great for late night feedings.

  • Thank you Jennifer!  I’m in nursing school and my classmate and I have to give an oral presentation on bottle feeding/preparing formula.  You have given us fantastic information along with how to present our speech!!  Very helpful and appreciated!

  • Thank you so much Jennifer! Sometimes I ask myself why I put myself through all the work it takes to do the videos and then I get a comment like yours and it gives me the strength and faith to go on!! Please check out my site too b/c there is alot of text content there and blogs, etc. Sending love, M

  • I just wanted to say that I love your vids. Out of all the help videos I’ve looked at today, you are the most natural speaker, like you’re actually just talking to us rather than reading from a script (and doing so very badly in most cases I’ve seen!). I like that you just talk normally and make us laugh with some of the honest things you’ve said. The videos and directions are also really clear and detailed without being complicated. So a big thank you!

  • With my son, my parents and I always reused the mixed bottles left over he didn’t finish. I never knew you had to throw them out, he did get thrush like 2 times. I wonder if this is from reusing them. I’m pregnant with my second and glad I know this and learned the formula feeding rules.

  • So glad! I think you should ideally buy sterile water from the store, I am not sure that all bottle water is sterile, can you find sterile?

  • another good formula is Gerber Good Start, I had my little man on it and he did fine, it actually helped him with his reflux and gassy issues when he was teeny tiny. It is also cheaper than the enfamil and similar

  • You shouldn’t give it to the baby, I don’t know if it would be harmful, but I don’t think that is how they should be digesting the milk…

  • This is so full of facts but so wrong on how preemies should be looked at it’s worthless. I say this from the perspective of being a 7 week preemie myself.