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Identical Twins: One Goes Vegan, One Does Not | The Exam Room

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Why are identical twins different? The Astrology angle!

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Why do identical twins become different people?

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Environmental Differences. While identical twins form with the same set of genes, human development is not just genetic. The environment also has an impact.

1  So, beginning in the early environment of the womb, external influences can change the appearance of twins. “We have studied identical twins who have different tolerances to pain and shown that they have different states of methylation. We have also. Other studies have shown that chemical modifications, or epigenetic effects, can change which genes are expressed over the years, one factor that renders twins not completely identical. Stil.

In a studywhere scientists looked at the sexual arousal patterns of identical twins with different sexualities—specifically, where one was gay and the other was straight—they found that gay twins demonstrated more genital arousal in response to same-sex images, whereas straight twins demonstrated more arousal in response to opposite-sex images. Even though identical twins come from the same fertilized egg, in the end each twin has slightly different DNA. ( Zappys Technology Solutions) The original fertilized egg divides one or more times before the resulting clump of cells splits into two. Each clump of cells goes on to become one of the identical twins. In very rare cases, identical twins can be different sexes. These twins begin as identical male twins.

Like all males, they both have XY sex chromosomes, instead of XX like all females do. Very. Scientists used to think that identical twins turned out differently because they were treated differently — by friends or teachers or their parents, Turkheimer says.

So. identical twins fall under the same nature/nurture that all organisms do. When the brain begins to function, it creates neurological pathways. As the organism grows and experiences different things, pathways are added, altered, or deleted.

This will bring about different thoughts as our thinking is a result of how our brain functions. Thus identical twins, though they start with the same genes, likely develop different personalities in the same environment partially based on how they interact with their environment. Identical twins Identical twins, on the other hand, form within the same egg that splits into two, which results in the two individuals having the exact same DNA.

They share many physical.

List of related literature:

Monozygotic twins ought to be identical because they originate from the same ovum fertilized by a single sperm, but separate into two zygotes during the first thirteen days, whereas fraternal (dizygotic) twins are formed when two eggs are fertilized by two sperm.

“The Big Book of Reincarnation: Examining the Evidence that We Have All Lived Before” by Roy Stemman
from The Big Book of Reincarnation: Examining the Evidence that We Have All Lived Before
by Roy Stemman
Hierophant Publishing, 2012

Identical twins have identical genes, so they should also have the same susceptibility to hereditary diseases; whereas fraternal twins (which originate from two separate, fertilized eggs) have no greater similarity in their heredity than brothers or sisters born at different times.

“Foods & Nutrition Encyclopedia, Two Volume Set” by Marion Eugene Ensminger, Audrey H. Ensminger
from Foods & Nutrition Encyclopedia, Two Volume Set
by Marion Eugene Ensminger, Audrey H. Ensminger
Taylor & Francis, 1993

Identical twins derive from the same egg and sperm (monozygotic; MZ) so they share all genes, whereas fraternal twins come from two different eggs and sperm (dizygotic; DZ) so they share, on average, half of their genes.

“Essentials of Dyslexia Assessment and Intervention” by Nancy Mather, Barbara J. Wendling
from Essentials of Dyslexia Assessment and Intervention
by Nancy Mather, Barbara J. Wendling
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Because each egg is fertilized by a different sperm, one sperm can be carrying an X chromosome while the other is carrying a Y chromosome, so fraternal twins don’t have to be the same sex.

“Child Development” by Laura E. Levine, Joyce Munsch
from Child Development
by Laura E. Levine, Joyce Munsch
SAGE Publications, 2013

Because identical twins come from the same sperm and egg, they have exactly the same chromosomes.

“Molecular & Cell Biology For Dummies” by Rene Fester Kratz
from Molecular & Cell Biology For Dummies
by Rene Fester Kratz
Wiley, 2020

The twins formed thus are called identical twins because they carry exactly same genes.

PHI Learning Pvt. Ltd., 2019

When genetic influences are entirely additive, the similarity of identical twins (raised apart) is about twice that of fraternal twins (raised apart), because identical twins have twice as many genes in common as do fraternal twins.

“Individual Differences and Personality” by Michael C. Ashton
from Individual Differences and Personality
by Michael C. Ashton
Elsevier Science, 2013

Twins reared apart tend to exhibit greater observable differences.

“Krause and Mahan’s Food and the Nutrition Care Process E-Book” by Janice L Raymond, Kelly Morrow
from Krause and Mahan’s Food and the Nutrition Care Process E-Book
by Janice L Raymond, Kelly Morrow
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Because they develop from the same fertilized egg, identical twins have the same genetic code.

“Anthony's Textbook of Anatomy & Physiology E-Book” by Kevin T. Patton, Gary A. Thibodeau
from Anthony’s Textbook of Anatomy & Physiology E-Book
by Kevin T. Patton, Gary A. Thibodeau
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Because monozygotic (identical) twins develop from a single fertilized ovum, they contain exactly the same genetic material and are always the same sex.

“Introduction to the Human Body” by Gerard J. Tortora, Bryan H. Derrickson
from Introduction to the Human Body
by Gerard J. Tortora, Bryan H. Derrickson
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  • What are your thoughts on Sanjay Raths twin technique where one twin uses the original lagna and the other twin uses the 3rd or 11th house as their lagna. This would be used for fraternal twins because they are as different genetically as normal siblings. I appreciate your input on this ��

  • Meat eaters are complaining of the standard American Diet because he puts sugar in his coffee??? Well one thing we know, is meat is not healthy to reverse the effects of A TABLESPOON of sugar a day. Shouldn’t that answer something for you.

  • sir i am confused, my parents says i was born on 17th july 1958 and after verifying Islamic calendar my date of birth is 7th August 1958 between 1 pm to 2 pm

  • What happens when a set of twins decide to make lots of money by going to research hospitals to take part in pointless experiments, which they can then post on Youtube, in order to make lots of money to allow them to continue in their pointless expeditions…yet another example of bored, pointless middle-class twats milking everyone around them to get out of working for a living…

  • The top killers of first world county people include cardiovascular disease (heart attaches, strokes, diabetes) and cancer. Those are all linked with animal products, meat, eggs and milk; capillaries get clogged with cholesterol (and glycation if you are a high sugar eater) and eventually your coronary arteries and blood vessels of the brain. Not only is a plant based diet a healthier choice for humans, but also for the entire planet. The carnivorous diet that is the current trend is deadly for most organisms involved.

  • you are right again sir you can you use me as a case study for this vid

    I am a identical twin am 8 mins older my asst is aries at 28.53 and my brother is torus asst at 2.38 we are totally different as are our two charts he is having a 50/50 rahu dusha more good then bad where as i am having a bad rahu dusha…… but i suspect in fact i no my jupiter dusha will be far better then his you may refer to dhilip ji vids on good and bad planets for each asst for more on this

    and i am not ashamed to say that i am a handicap person at suffer from bad health and my twin is totally fine health wise. So even the karma thing is right…. anyway way lets end this on light hearted note i am the better looking twin and my family say god gave my brother the legs and me the brains…… lol may god bless you all and remenber this is only one life time will all live 1000s births once again sir yo are doing a great job doing this type of topic… I hope my insight helped people understand more once again god bless

  • The above topic gives us an idea for the long sought question which many astrologers gave different views like for the first child we should consider starting from lagna and for the second child from Moon sign which were not satisfactory. But based on the above video now I understood the importance of looking at divisional chart for twins. Very useful one, but is there a easier way to understand divisional charts. You are very good in making complex lessons look easier hence this request to you to make us understand divisional charts:). Thanks for your guidance once more in advance. Have a good one.

  • It’s hilarious how meat eaters feel so out of control and guilty about it that they will make up whatever it takes against vegans. LOL. It truly entertains me.:-)

  • Regardless of the results this isn’t enough time to tell. Also presenting them as identical is a fallacy. Who knows what they were eating/activity level before this.

  • Looking at the picture the guy on the right is clearly vegan. I glanced at it and could tell by body composition and complexion. And how long did he even do this for? 12 weeks? �� what a joke It’s still short term and what else was the other guy eating besides meat? I’m gonna guess bread and grains too

  • Agent! Your mission is: Figure out which one is vegan now!
    Twin one: Hi nice meeting you! �� politely shakes your hand
    Twin two: Hi I’m vegan �� sensually blowing a carrot

  • The term of the study was too short. I went vegan for 15 months and then within a month my health went bad, cold all the time, no enerrgy, mood was bad. I am 5 ft 9 and lost 20 pounds, down to 145. So, then I slowly transitioned into a carnivore diet and now healthier than I’ve ever been in my life. Now I’m at 155.

  • Is there is a hidden answer in Mr Dhilipkumar`s first explanation below? I have a question. An Horoscope can be cast only with a date, time & place of birth. All these 3 relate to Mother Earth. But, the Earth itself is speeding at 1660 kms per hour which is approximately 27+ seconds per second. We relate ourselves from the moment of birth on Earth to the 7+2 Grahas. This kept in mind and even if it takes only one second for the second baby to be born, is the place of birth in relative to the Cosmos has changed, is it not? This means, practically, two human beings can never have the same horoscope if looked at minutely. Is it not?

  • Every vegan talks about hurting animals but they forget plants are living too, and plants more important and beneficial to the environment than animals.

  • ‘Hugo noticed one exception to his higher energy levels — his libido, which he said dropped off sharply.

    god damnit! that’s from the business insider article. must be lowered testosterone in his blood. so either you’re fit and balanced or you’re a cave man that wants to fuck and will die younger.

    edit: so they analysed their feces but didn’t take their blood?! suuuure. wtf is going on there?

  • I notice for me I had to go vegan because I was having constant break outs bloating and even face swelling. So even though it taste good my body was suffering and my health. Once I went vegan no more bloating or allergic reactions or face swelling

  • WE ARE IDENTICAL QUADRUPLETS who are going to do a REAL KETO vs VEGAN/VEGETARIAN diet VIDEO since we have done both of those diets!! What kind of results would you like to see? Like this if you want to see this video and reply to this comment with ideas!!!

  • In `Ramayana`, Rama`s half brother Lakshmana had a twin brother Shatruguna. They experienced totally different lives with Lakshma accompanying Rama in exile in the forest for over 14 years whereas Shatruguna remained as a Prince ruling Ayodhya along with Baratha. The world famous Siamese Twin brothers who were born with their left/right side abdomen attached by a cartilage married different women. Chang took to heavy drinking and Eng dint. They were born on 11 May 1811 but Chang died on 17 Jan 1874 and Eng died 3 hours later due to shock and heart failure. So, your post makes a lot of sense and throws the right light on the horoscopes of twins. Admiral Ackbar The word `Similarities` is different to `Same`. A correctly cast Horoscope can never be the same & so lives can never be the same. Thanks, once again, to Mr Dhilik Kumar for an interesting video on Twins.

  • Interesting idea. Vegan twin looks less robust. He is leaner. Stay vegan for another few months and the difference will be more dramatic. Contrary to what we have been told, thinner is not ‘healthier’. Strong, vital and robust is the benchmark for actual health. The non-vegan would look even better if he cuts down on sugar, i.e empty carbs. Carb sugar is all the vegan twin is allowed to eat, unfortunately.

  • I was intrigued, until I found out it wasnt vega, or carnivore. It was vegetarian vs SAD. But it is typical of what I expect of nutritionists. We cant have those pesky scientific facts getting in the way, the data isnt a lie. I ate the SAD diet for 53 years. I was awarded with severe type 2 diabetes [HBA1C of 11.7% and a BG level of 594. Basically a nap or two away from a coma].

    The twins are never to be taken serious. LOSERS they both are. Or more likely just shills to a vegan movement. Which is why they didnt actually do vegan.

    I have been ketogenic for three years. Effectively CURED my diabetes in one day. Gave up fruits and veggies and grains. I didnt know it was called carnivore diet, so be it. I’m never goiing back, and I inform people all the time that the medical establishments lied to us for 60 years. Just like they are lying to us about covid19.

    There are four reason not to wear a mask…
    1Health reasons (as in breathing difficulties)
    2Physical reasons (as in skin type, allergies, or a beard)
    3Political reasons (I refuse to be muzzled)
    4Legal reasons (with a conceal carry permit it is illegal to wear any face covering)

    Absolutely zero reasons to wear a mask, unless you are performing surgery. Going to Walmart isnt quite surgery.

  • what a fantastic article guruji!
    from what i have read.. twin birth has a time difference of minimum 15 minutes and above. i. e from the time of the first twin to the time of the second twin born. and it is very beautifully explained guruji! a 1000 likes to such an amazing informative piece of information.

  • Gains 4 lb in muscle esting meat and it vegan was able to keep up with same workout in gym? Different weights or what? He said exactly the same but doesnt seem possible.

  • I could tell who did what before they said because the guy on the right his hair is thinning and the other looks thick & healthier same for the skin

  • The standard SAD diet is a highly packaged processed diet of sugar and fake laboratory crap foods… a diet of fresh cut meats, fruit and vegetables called keto is the closest to the human species diet then anything

  • It’s amazing how, even plants we eat, Thrive on the dead tissues of animals administered through the soil. And Carnivorous Plants are in a world all their own. I love my Meat (and my health). ��

  • Why are they calling it ”meat diet” whilst talking about how they were eating different amounts of sugar? Remove the sugar and a true meat diet gives very stable blood sugar. I lost 10 kilos in 6 month on a real meat diet without refined carbo hydrates. Gained energy and muscle mass at the same time. I had a very stable blood sugar indeed (no dips in energy or anything).

  • I think the Vegan looks smaller eyed, more manic or let’s say, less relaxed, less hair and just not as attractive. I dare say that veganism is a fantastic fast, but I wouldn’t count on it for long-
    term health or mental stability.

  • I would have liked to see a before and after of their bodies. Also they should have both been wearing the same thing with the same thickness in beards. I found the one in white looked more attractive but he was wearing a t-shirt which also made him look more masculine. They left out a ton of information. I hope to find more out about this somewhere.

  • All about balance I believe. I’ve been vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian, flexitarian, keto and Mediterranean style. Honestly felt the best doing the Mediterranean lifestyle above all but I was vain and wanted faster weight loss and went keto messed up my gut and was in pain for a bit. I’m pregnant now and I practice a more balanced diet for both the baby and myself and my health it so much better than it has been in the past. I just listen to my body now and eat what I crave. Mostly fruits and grains plus veggies lately but I crave meat like once or twice a weak so I allow it. I believe my gut is doing a lot better nowadays too so that’s good. I do agree they should have went more into the blood works and other stuff but yeah I do agree that having more plants in your diet can be very beneficial. Hopefully everyone can find what works best for them.

  • For your health -how to live to 100 -What causes blood clots and high blood pressure??

    When the blood becomes thick and the platelets, the clotting cells, tend to stick together, a blood clot forms.

    So what causes “thick” blood? Three main things:

    1) too much animal fat in the diet, dairy, fried foods, damage fats such as peanut butter, mayonnaise.(toxic)

    2) inadequate water drinking (dehydration),

    ( 3) stress, cortisol.

    (4 not enough “Magnesium”” also deficiency in vitamin C, ” Vitamin B-6″ and Folic acid,Coenzyme Q10.

    B-6 and Folic acid are very important vitamins to keep “homocysteine” low in the blood.

    High “homocysteine” in the blood causes heart disease, cancer,Parkinsons, Alzheimer’s disease.

    It’s no great secret that if one pours oil in water, the water becomes thicker.

    So, when you eat animal fat (meat, poultry, fish, eggs and dairy, such as milk, butter, yogurt, ice cream, cheese, etc.) your blood becomes thicker.

    It’s also not surprising that blood becomes thicker when one is dehydrated.

    Blood is composed of two general main components: 1) blood cells: mainly red blood cells (rbc’s), that carry oxygen around to the organs and cells, white blood cells (wbc’s) that fight disease, and platelets, that help your blood clot when you are bleeding, and 2) serum, formed primarily from water and some proteins.

    If your body is dehydrated, you may not have enough water to make enough serum. But you will still have the same volume of blood cells, therefore, your blood will be thicker! (Same volume of solids blood cells – but less fluid = thicker blood!)

    But the total volume of blood in your body will be less because you have less serum than you should. The body has a splendid detection system for total blood volume.

    When the blood volume is low because of dehydration, your body produces a substance that constricts the blood vessels so the amount of space in the blood vessels in your body will perfectly fit your total blood volume.

    If there were a discrepancy, you could have an “empty space” in your blood vessels, theoretically causing an air embolus, an air pocket that, when traveling through the heart, could cause death. So the body’s mechanism to eliminate that possibility is very efficient.

    Thick blood is also one of the main causes of high blood pressure, in addition to the animal fat deposits that cause a narrowing of the blood vessels, termed arteriosclerosis. When the heart has to pump thicker blood through narrower (constricted) blood vessels, the heart must pump at a higher pressure to push the blood through, leading to HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE!

    Obviously, high blood pressure can be reversed – contrary to the dogma of conventional medicine,

    if one just eliminates the causes as revealed here.

    -What causes dehydration?

    The body loses ten glass of water every day just from the processes of daily living such as, digestion, making enzymes, etc. On hot days or when one is stressed, even more water is lost.

    If we don’t replace that water by drinking pure water, we will become dehydrated. The body is 75% water and the brain and nervous system are 85% water. Please note that the body is NOT 75% Coke, or 75% coffee, or 75% milk. It is 75% WATER!

    I am a Vegan I eat no lectins, no wheat,no beans,no tomatoes,no peanuts,no cheese, I eat no fruit, (no fructose causes cancer) I eat no fried fat,no heated oils and no animal meat….

    I eat a lectin free diet. I follow a diet in this book Called ;

    The Plant Paradox: The Hidden Dangers in Healthy Foods That Cause Disease and Weight Gain

    by Steven R. Gundry

    My homocysteines are low, my cortisol is normal, I eat only two meal a day my blood sugar is below 90..I fast two days a week…Kenogenic diet it kills the liver with all the saturated fat! and creates high homocysteines in the body causing heart disease and cancer!

    I you have heart disease you should eat a low lectin diet The best book I have read on health…EVER! Could not put it down! Yes!!!

    > The Plant Paradox: The Hidden Dangers in “Healthy” Foods That Cause Disease and Weight Gain Hardcover – April 25, 2017

    by Dr. Steven R Gundry MD (Author)-

    High protein diet will promote high homocysteines in your blood…heart disease, kidney disease and Cancer.

    Keep the homocysteine low in the blood take Vitamin B6,folic acid, and eat low animal protein ( no red meat, no egg yolks, no dairy )

    -Fat, sugar and alcohol is kidneys pancreas liver and heart’s enemy…toxic!…you eat like a pig you will have disease.

    Take magnesium 3 times a day most important mineral for the heart and for avoiding arterial plaque.

    The heart and arteries need magnesium, potassium, Coenzyme Q10, and vitamin C.

    Sulfur (MSM) Our bodies need it for multiple reasons. It is not found in the soil as much in recent times. Thousands of years ago it was far more prevalent. Sulfur is the fountain of youth.

    I take it everyday. I am 46 and people think I am 34. I take 8 grams of MSM Sulfur every day! best supplement to keep your skin young and kills fungus in the body…fungus is one of the causes of Cancer and skin disease. I love Sulfur mineral!

    For anti-aging eating a lectin free diet and eating no fruit.

    Eating a plant base diet (vegan) and taking “metformin” and fasting is what I do for myself.

  • Yes… and let’s have a look at their teeth and spine in 5, 10, 15 years’ time… while I love eating veggies and fruit all day, I have found teeth and calcium levels suffer from a 100% vegan diet.

  • Would not VEGAN vs CARNIVORE be MORE ACCURATE in terms of True opposite comparison.??? Vegan Vs. A standard diet are not EXACTLY opposite.. too many carbs in the SAD..

  • What was the point of this? Neither person shared what they were eating every day, what amounts, what they were doing for exercise, how often, what their measurements, blood work, bmi, weight loss, before/post, etc. All they talked about was when they started and how they felt during. I got no information or learned anything at all except for one thing I think they are very handsome men, so it was nice to watch them on camera.

  • Would have loved it if you shared the blood work info. Also, you have the shirtless Pic, but never stated which twin was on which diet in that Pic.

  • I’m confused, because was the non-vegan brother, Ross, eating carnivore or omnivore? Well, I just did a quick research to better see what they were eating. Ross wasn’t on a “meat” diet, he was omnivore, though his diet may have been a bit cleaner than what it was it still wasn’t a “meat” diet, maybe more like Paleo. So, this is a little bit misleading, especially without the details of what they were eating.

  • This was done before. Daniel Ate His Veggies

    Daniel might be most famous for overnighting in the lions’ den without becoming their dinner, but his diet is also noteworthy. At a time when he and his three fire-walking friends — Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego — first became Babylonian slaves, they all rejected the king’s delicacies and wine, choosing to subsist on a diet of vegetables and water instead.

    At the end of 10 days, all four youths were found to be healthier than those who had eaten the king’s food, and Daniel continued this diet during his three-year training. Today, the Bible-based Daniel Diet is used as a 21-day fast that includes not just vegetables, but legumes, fruits, nuts, grains and seeds also.

    Although the most recent study specific to the Daniel Diet was completed in 2010, subsequent studies have duplicated the results that certain cardiovascular risks, such as overall cholesterol, are reduced when a whole food diet that includes natural foods found on the Daniel Diet is followed. Reduction in total caloric intake is a crucial factor in the study results, whether or not meat is included in the menu.

  • Oh, this is Dr. Neal Barnard’s outfit!! I get it. No bias here, folks! Vegan vs SAD for a whole 12 weeks? How convincing! Let’s all go vegan! I did that and lost my health, just like all vegans eventually do even with their nasty supplements.
    For your next experiment, try Vegan VS Paleo, Keto or Carnivore instead of SAD and conduct the experiment for one year. Never mind, I wouldn’t trust you to be honest about the results anyway.
    P.S. Pushing some cholesterol myths too?

  • If you are in INDIA, and if you want to buy DIPA Astro Diary 2016. Happy New Year 2016 The Diary is available on FLIPKART

  • I think this is not really a fair comparison as the twin on the regular diet was also eating sugars and carbohydrates which cause lots of energy fluctuations but I suppose what is really telling is that the twin eating protein gained muscle mass and the twin eating vegan didn’t… also the experiment really wasn’t long enough to see any long term affects of both diets… ideally a minimum of 6 months to 12 months would give you a very clear indication of long term health…

  • Well thanks for wasting 15 minutes of my life. Interesting subject but smacks of bait-and-switch when you’re really only showing selected bits of an interview and NOT sharing the info everyone actually tuned in for. You could have at least shared the stats pinned at the top. Not surprisingly, I won’t be hitting the subscribe button.

  • you couldnt pay me to be vegan..maybe it works for 100% white people &/or hybrids/humanoids (mixed with Alien blood), but it sure didnt work for me..these 2 look at least 10 years older than 31 i looked 41 people still thought i was in my 20’s & even until about 5 years ago peeps always thought i was 15-20 years younger..dont believe the hype’s all about quality NOT some new crackpot idea on how to eat.. REAL humans are supposed to eat RAW organ meat, blood, egg yolks plus bone broth..sick of hearing about this crap..grains rot the brains & feed pathogens..especially if theyre not properly prepared & laden with fake ingredients like that fake meat shit..wake up ya dopes

  • How about doing a true test of competing diets? Both go back to a SAD diet for a a few months before you start the test, then have your blood work and whatever other labwork you need done an MRI to show how much visceral fat you have and the condition of your vital organs, bone density etc, a calcium score would be good for older people doing such a test to see how clear your arteries are, and maybe look at the brain as well, and do all this BEFORE you start the new diets and then again AFTER. One of you should eat ONLY VEGETABLES, grains, nuts, seeds and whatever non-animal fats typically recommended on a clean VEGAN diet. The other twin should try CARNIVORE eating fatty meats and offal only, or KETO eating fatty meats, eggs, dairy and the low carb vegetables recommended. Wean off caffeine and alcohol in the final weeks of the SAD diet before you start the new diets as well as both of those will change the results. Do it for 12 weeks and then do your blood tests again. Also do a bit of research about what lab results are important and which are now in question cholesterol for one is in question. We are no longer sure if high cholesterol matters as much as we’ve been told when you look at all cause mortality and cholesterol levels. But inflammation levels (hs-CRP) is a really important one as inflammation seems to be the base of all chronic disease. So whichever diet manages to lower inflammation the most is probably the most beneficial. I’d love to see a video on that! Thumbs me up if you’d like to see this as well!

  • This is bad science. Eating meat along with sugar and carbs is asking to be unhealthy. This would have been a great experiment if it was vegan VS a low carb diet. I eat red meat, bacon, eggs, pork, and low carb veggies and lost 60 lbs. The pasta and sugar is killing us. I’m 6′ 3 and 180lbs now.

  • There’s no reason why on a vegan diet you can’t put on muscle. Food doesn’t build muscle, muscle-building exercise does. As long as you’re getting enough calories and protein (and we only need about 2 1/2% of our calories to come from protein-the average vegan gets significantly more protein than they need-actually too much animal protein is linked to increases in heart disease and cancer and too much of any kind of protein puts stress on the kidneys and liver), you can gain like all the vegan, vegetarian, vegan-since-birth…body builders. I’m not sure what was off, but a very possible reason: You did lose fat, which suggests you may have been operating on a calorie deficit. Even though you were taking in as many calories as your omni brother, the additional fiber on the plant-based diet may have prevented the body from actually using all of those calories. It’s one of the reasons people can eat an ad libidum (at one’s pleasure, no calorie restriction) whole-food, low fat vegan diet and incidentally keep losing weight: the fiber and nutrients fill you before you can eat too many calories and some of the calories stay locked up in the fiber (unless you’re eating a lot of fruit which is more easily absorbable since we’re frugivores, not herbivores-though a herbivorous diet is still much healthier for us since it more closely matches the foods and macros we are meant to consume-and even on a frugivorous diet, you’re going to get and stay slim). Wanted to mention this so no one gets the idea that you can’t put on muscle without harming animals and in case you were disappointed at the prospect of not being able to go fully vegan. I think it’s great that you’re increasing plant consumption. The rest of us also need to reduce or eliminate animal products if we want to conserve this planet which offers us so much beauty and adventure, as well as being rather necessary for our continued existence. The philosophy of veganism is to avoid the exploitation of animals as much as is possible and practicable. If, on your adventures, you have to eat them or their products to survive, it would not necessarily preclude you from being vegan. As long as you’re doing as much as you can, and not inflicting needless suffering according to your current awareness, ability and situation.

  • The Christian theologian Augustine in ‘City of God,’ Book 5, uses the ‘twin argument’ to claim that since twins are different it means that astrology is absurd.   I’m glad to see that you answer this so thoroughly!

  • I’ve been vegan for three years now. I’ll be honest, I did it 100% because I love animals and felt it was wrong to eat them. But man….the changes in my body have been incredible. An injury I’ve had for six years magically cured itself. The soreness after I workout has been dramatically reduced. I have to really just kill it in the gym to get sore now. And sexually, it’s been amazing as well. Men really don’t know what they’re missing.

  • The one eating meat was also eating carbs/sugar thus the highs and lows of energy. The one eating meat, though, is way more ripped!

  • Weston Price in the early 1930’s examined many native cultures that had never eaten a Western diet of processed food, and found no evidence of cancer, heart disease, diabetes, crooked or missing teeth. He wrote a book called Nutrition and Physical Degeneration He also found that there is no history of any culture that survived on a vegan or vegetarian diet. ALL cultures ate animal products.

  • It would be interesting to see what kind of diets they led. Eating vegan or omnivore doesn’t mean healthy, so there is a significant discrepancy there.
    Also, how did they perform in the gym before they took on this experiment?

  • if the meat eater also eats vegetables and grains they will reduce his absorption of the meat nutrients making the meat eating less effective than it otherwise would be; a better study would be a full carnivore vs a full vegan

    additionally, if you do a long term study your results will be more accurate because, in the short term, the vegans body survives by eating itself

  • Vegan diets work for a few years and then people go downhill fast. Well documented.
    I’ll point out ‘Game Changers’ has been debunked as containing so much pseudoscience and fake news that from Vegan/Vegetarian/Decades-Long Dieticians all called it out.
    Healthy, clean, balanced and restrictive has the long term best outcome.
    India which is mostly vegetarian has a 1 in 3 diabetes rates by aged 47. Not healthy long term.

  • this is so stupid. what does vegan mean? what does non vegan mean? there are vegans who are healthy and eat healthy and look great. there are vegans who eat trash and look like aids patients. there are non vegans who are healthy and eat clean, grass fed meat, pastured eggs, organs meats and look flawless, have massive levels of energy and vigor and then there are non vegans who eat processed foods and look awful.

  • 7:43 i could tell who’s the vegan the one with bad teeth, looks gaunt, and overly expresses himself by showing more than half his eyeballs while talking.

  • My granddaughters are twins with a difference of 8 minutes. I am observing they are different in nature. I could not earlier understand. Now the puzzle is solved. Thanks.

  • The average meat eater has atleast 80% cards in their diet. Veganism isn’t the solution, this man was lucky he had plenty of animal stores. This diet is banned in countries because its killing children and bringing back rickets!

  • What about intermittent fasting 16:8, 20:4 low carb, high fat diet? Let’s see that “keto” diet put up against the vegan diet in the long run (10 yrs beyond)?

  • You took way to long to get to the point. Even on 1.5X playback speed I found it sooooo slow. They did not even show the pics properly. Click bait.

  • veganism is a complete mental illness.
    Its totally unnatural in every way and its shrouded by the false argument that its somehow “natural” to consume nothing but sugar and man made “vegetables”.