Handling Eczema After and during Pregnancy


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The following treatments are generally considered safe for women to use to manage eczema during pregnancy: Emollients 5. Topical steroids (that go on the skin) Ultraviolet B light (although women who are pregnant should take extra caution with sun exposure because they can experience skin sensitivity) 6. In most cases, pregnancy-induced eczema can be controlled with moisturizers and ointments. If the eczema is severe enough, your doctor may prescribe a steroid ointment to apply to your skin. Even if eczema improves during pregnancy, some women find that their eczema flares up again after childbirth. Eczema is very common during pregnancy, but it.

In addition to eczema, several other benign skin conditions can happen during pregnancy, including stretch marks and melasma. (Both typically fade after your little one arrives.). If you have been diagnosed with eczema during pregnancy by your doctor, then getting the right advice can do wonders to improve the skin conditions without harming your baby. The initial step is to go for the treatments that are safe during and after pregnancy. Post-pregnancy eczema can be incredibly frustrating to deal with at a time when you’re already feeling overwhelmed.

Thankfully, the condition can correct itself over time, though this isn’t guaranteed. Keep your skin well moisturized, try to find any possible eczema triggers, and keep as well-rested and stress-free as is possible. Talk to your doctor. Certain topical steroids are considered safe during pregnancy but must be used in small quantities under strict medical supervision.

Antihistamines may help you cope with itchiness, but check with your practitioner before you use anything to treat your eczema. Stay away from known triggers. Supplementing with Vitamin D has been beneficial in some cases. (Ask your doctor–Vitamin D is something you don’t want If the benefits outweigh the risks (i.e., the rash is reeeeeealllly bad), you may decide to use some type of steroid Stretch the cortisone by moisturizing with coconut oil or. The SkinSight website says one in every 200 pregnant women are affected by this skin reaction that can spread to the arms, chest and legs. Thick moisturizers might ease the itching, and an over-the-counter hydrocortisone medication, as well.

When mothers took probiotics during their third trimester, they reduced their baby’s risk of eczema by 29%. Breastfeeding mothers that took probiotics reduced their baby’s risk of eczema by 40%. When infants were given probiotics directly, their risk of developing eczema was reduced by 20%.

List of related literature:

However, it can be used topically during pregnancy and may be added to sitz baths and washes to soothe eczema or PUPPP (see page 123).

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Eczema often improves considerably during pregnancy, in any case.

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The effect of pregnancy on atopic dermatitis (atopic eczema) and psoriasis is unpredictable.2 The former often improves in pregnancy but may deteriorate postnatally, due to physical factors such as breastfeeding, environmental agents such as detergents or even immune factors.

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Treatment and nursing care.Treatment of the child with infantile eczema is aimed at relieving pruritus (itching), hydrating and lubricating the skin, relieving inflammation, and preventing infection.

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Simple interventions such as restricting time in the bath or shower, bathing in cool or lukewarm water instead of hot water, and applying emollients to the skin after bathing and on a regular basis can be helpful.

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Eczema is the most common dermatosis seen in pregnancy.

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Eczema in pregnancy presents, most commonly during the 2nd trimester, as eczematous patches and plaques that can be generalized.

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  • Thanks so much for this. I’m 6 weeks PP and I just started getting this rash on my tummy and hips and it is immense the itch. But if I itch it too much it stings. I literally just googled “sudden rash on tummy after pregnancy” and that’s how I found your video. I have heard of PUPPS before but NEVER after birth. Especially 6 weeks on. Luckily I have a dr appointment Monday morning, hoping to find some relief soon! Glad that medrol is safe in nursing also!

  • I feel like as I’ve got older the ezema migrated to my face

    Edit: Okay so the thing that has helped me out massively is washing my face with and emollient as a soap substitue and moisturising with the aveeno moisturiser. I have also gone dairy free and my skin is looking great!!! Give it a go! I might make a video on it myself

  • I used it! And it worked Thank God!!!!!! I had PUPPP and used the soap 3-4 times a day for about a week and finally it worked! Be consistent and you will see results fast! I also have eczema and it helped with it that as well

  • There are a few components to treatments for eczema. One plan I discovered which successfully combines these is the Takiras magic method (check it out on google) it’s the most incredible plan i’ve seen. look at all the great information.

  • I’ve been having lots of anxiety about this pandemic. Now it’s been hurting my eczema. I put cream on my body almost everyday. Now it’s making me more uncomfortable I feel like being dead.

  • Oh wow! I just stumbled across this video while trying to find info on pupps. Our stories are very similar. I had an emergency c-section almost 4 weeks ago and developed pupps post pregnancy too:( I’ve had it for four weeks now and I think I will ask my doctor about the Medrol pack……this rash is just horrible! I’ve never experienced anything so itchy! Thanks for the info!! 

  • I was 37 weeks pregnant with my baby girl when I had gotten pupps and I had to be induced with her after I had her I still had the rash and it’s been 1 month already since I had my baby.im going to try the grandpas pine tar soap hopefully it works I heard great reviews on it

  • I experienced the same thing 10 days after vaginal delivery of my first child (a boy). I have a friend that also had a child a week after me and she got it post pregnancy too! Mine lasted about 2.5 weeks, the steroids didn’t really help. Lidocaine cream numbed it so that I could fall asleep. But ice packs were great relief too. The rash was worse than giving birth and all of the recovery too!

  • Does this cut down your milk supply? Thank you for your video, now I know I’m not crazy! I felt everything you did. Well I still have it ��

  • sesame seed oil is the bestest or if you can’t get a hold on sesame seed oil the you can buy black sesame seeds you have to soek them at night in a small bowl of water and then when you wake up in the morning strain the water do not drink that Seok water not….. you can eat the black seoked sesame seeds first thing you wake up

  • Cheers for the Video! Apologies for the intrusion, I would appreciate your initial thoughts. Have you ever tried Franaar Alive Skin Formula (should be on google have a look)? It is a smashing one off product for beating eczema minus the normal expense. Ive heard some decent things about it and my friend finally got astronomical success with it.

  • The puppp cleanse works. It saved my life. It provides a list of supplements, a list of foods to avoid, and things you can do to make you more comfortable like taking cool showers, using pine tar soap, and using sarna lotion. There is tons more included in the book. I stopped itching two days after following the instructions in the book.

    BTW, the book was written by someone who had puppps and found a cure for herself. I purchased it at http://www.pupppcleanse.com.

  • I currently have it on my feet, never before has this happened and the soles of my feet, especially my heels become dry and itchy and cracked. I will def try some of these remedies.

  • I needed this video, my skin has been super itchy on my wrists and hands. I’ve tried so many creams and some make my skin itchier. But going to try some you recommended.

  • Hey thank u for sharing I was wondering on what was the cause of the emergency caesarean cause I had the pupps while I was pregnant and I had to go for a emergency c section and now 12 days postpartum I’m still itching and I don’t know when is it gonna stop

  • Excellent video content! Forgive me for the intrusion, I am interested in your thoughts. Have you ever tried Franaar Alive Skin Formula (google it)? It is a smashing exclusive guide for beating eczema without the normal expense. Ive heard some amazing things about it and my m8 at last got excellent results with it.

  • I suffered with this rash still am my baby is nearly 4months and this rash is driving me crazy and the new sergery i signed up to is not doing anything for me keep calling them up and they say call next day.. im so so down..but going to speak to doctor 2morrow thanks for this info x

  • Hi.. thanks for the video… we had a baby a week ago and since then my wife is in horrible pain due to puppp itching… can u tell me the medication value for example (as in 5mg or so ) and how long did u take it? Thanks

  • https://amzn.to/3cUk2Gc I know it’s for babies but honestly my 3 months old skin was peeling off I tried everything I mean I went to Walmart and bought every product to help my little one nothing seemed to help for 2 months and half finally this mustela is honestly amazing

  • There are a few things for treating urticaria at home
    Ensure you consume plenty of fruit and vegetables.
    Take vitamin C
    make use of herbs which cleanse the liver such as burdock root
    Use herbs with infection fighting properties including myrrh and burdock and others including garlic
    (I discovered these and the reasons they work on Avyan hives plan website )

  • @T Love  Hi, i have noticed rashes beside my underarms now started on my arms this is the first time i got rashes on my body i dont know what to do please suggest. What about u r rashes they cure?

  • Thank you so much for sharing your tips and tricks as well as what meds helped. I am miserable right now but looks like I’m headed right in to my OBs office first thing in the morning requesting medrol:) congrats on your son!!

  • I never had even one instance of this until I hit menopause. Hmmmm…Cortisone worked for my chin patch that popped up out of no where, but I guess I will try coconut oil for my eyelids.

  • Virgin coconut oil is the cure whenever I start to feel the itch/tingle/burn I put it on the irritated area Turing red and it’s normal color in about 15 mins. I use it to shave as well got skin of a new born now minus the rashes.

  • Apply aloe vera with turmeric mixture all over. Leave it for 10 mins then take bath in hot water trust me it works. Do this continuously for two weeks u can see the changes. If possible avoid using soap rather use gram flour with turmeric, it will soften your skin as well as help you out from this itching. This is the best natural remedy which worked on me and my doctor suggested this which is safe during pergnancy.

  • Very informative! It was especially helpful learning about the condition, Malassezia Dermatitis. So much information out there is geared toward childhood eczema. This video had good information for “adults” suffering from eczema on face and neck. Thank you for doing this video!

  • This is sooooo helpful thank you!!!! One time I couldn’t open my eyes for almost 2 weeks that happens when I get flair ups thanks you!!!!!

  • Has anyone used vanicream facial wash? What’s some good products to use for facial eczema it’s hard to get a dermatologist appointment

  • I wish YouTube had recommended this to me 2 months ago, when my eczema started flaring up worse than ever before and I was searching the entire app for a reliable video related to this ����….my eczema is still bad, and I learned most of the stuff he said from websites, but it would have been nice if I had seen this video when it was first posted or 2 months ago so that I could begin treatment ��. Frequent hand washing sucks for eczema patients!

  • Very good suggestions. Wet crap is better.
    I usually try HYDROGEN PEROXIDE with ICE. As for medication, I would say the TMC helps best result.

  • I have a kid with chronic eczema full body. That’s why I made a video on ‘3 things Not to Say to Someone with Eczema (Kid)’. I get really upset on people’s reactions to our rashy appearance ;(


  • I can’t sleep and I’m almost positive I have the virus I’ve had other symptoms and its 5 am and can’t sleep why??? I hate this feel like killing my self might as well do it

  • I just gave a vaginal birth 7 weeks ago. I developed a rash about a week after. I am finally starting to get some relief. The it’s is still there but not as intense. Everyone keeps telling me I’m crazy for thinking I have PUPPPS, because you can only get it while pregnant and not postpartum. Thanks for this video. How long did your rash take to completely go away?

  • I got ezcema and it will not be gone but can manage and maintain no rasher or wounds… I suffer a lot before but now all healed.. Now 2019 Im so happy to see my skin looking better.

  • I’m currently experiencing this 4 weeks postpartum. It’s absolutely miserable. I tried everything and ended up begging for steroids. How long did it take for the steroids to work for you? They are helping a great deal but I’m wondering if it’s normal that I’m STILL itchy (not nearly as bad as before) even after starting the steroids.

  • Petrolrum jelly does not work. Its effects are transient. All it does it treat the symptoms. U have to get to the root causebof eczema

  • to anyone struggling with this if you have tried everything and nothing works I’m going to give you what worked for me go to your local walmart store and buy tea trea oil AND coconut oil heat those together mixed in the microwave for 10 seconds and apply all over your pupps rash watch the magic happen! I was soo desperate for it to go away and the same day I applied it it went down and by the next days it was completely gone!

  • I don’t want a magic wand. I just don’t want to be forced to moisturize 3-4 daily in order to stop my skin from breaking. I feel like Cassandra

  • Wow the facts are very interesting! We at relieffromeczema have provided you with 7 eczema treatments for your child on our channel:)